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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 3, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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people won't step up and do the right thing. masks are once again required in seven bay area counties and the city of berkley, as covid cases continue to rise, people here in the bay area say about this new mandate and the big announcement today surrounding vaccine requirements in new york city, plus another shooting on highway four in contra costa county. the new information we just learned on this latest case and how many shootings there have been in recent months than an investigation into the cause of the fly. fire y p g in the equipment could be to blame the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm clotting. wang infer mike mibach seven bay area counties and the city of berkley now require masks indoors. the order applies to everyone, regardless of the vaccination status. the counties our alameda contra costa more in san francisco, san mateo, santa
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clara and sonoma along with the city of berkley, which has its own health department for the counties are seeing high rates of transmission, and some businesses like jim's had to make some adjustments to follow these new guidelines. ktvu s elissa harrington joining us live from the 24 hour fitness and el cerrito with more on how they are enforcing these new rules. alyssa. that's right. you know if you're going to work out at an indoor gym like 24 hour fitness. don't forget your mask. you need to wear one during your workout. what's happening at 24 hour? fitness is they do have extra masks. if you forget them, they have out signage to let you know about the new mandate. they're keeping people physically distanced and people i talked to who went in for workout, said even though they're disappointed they're willing to make the sacrifice. i'm so frustrated gym members at 24 hour fitness and pleasant unmasked up for their tuesday morning workouts. face coverings required once again
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indoors in most bay area counties. everyone's done now we're going to before it says it's nothing new. it just sucks out to come back. you got the taste of i overdone. this is to bring it back to kind of shots of the game. it's a little discouraging just because i kind of thought we were out of the woods. um it's obviously nice to be able to work out and breathe hard not to worry about it being on your face. um, but i also understand you know, numbers are going up again, so make sense and it's got to do what you gotta do. i guess the new mask mandate comes only weeks after the state fully reopened back on june 15th. since then, california has seen a rise in cases of covid, 19 and health. officers are concerned about the contagious delta variant, even those vaccinated must comply with this mandate. it's really nothing new, and i think it's uh, i think it's very essential for us to wear it because, um, i just feel like there's people that are not immune to it yet, and this is mostly for them. it feels weird, so i actually moved here from the south. i moved from tennessee, where
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it's been open used to wearing it, and i understand why at 24 hour fit. this. there's markers on the floor to keep people distanced bottles of hand sanitizer and signage to tell people about the mask rules, a person is allowed to remove a face covering to complete an exercise if the mask causes breathing difficulties, roxanne joy and dea is a health care worker. she said she would support even more restrictions to keep people safe. i have no problem with it. i mean, i'm used to work, um. wearing a mask all day every day as a health care worker. um i still think everyone should be taking the right precautions, especially with hygiene. um and social distancing. i do think that maybe we should go back to lower capacity with james and doing appointments again, as we did have in the beginning of the pandemic. because that really helped, right there. you're looking at the entrance to 24 hour fitness. you can see that large sign letting people know that masks are required. that means whether you are vaccinated or not now, another thing that gym member told me
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today is that their physical and mental health has been extremely important to them, especially during the pandemic, and that's what brought them back to the gym today. reporting live in el cerrito, i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news, alyssa thank you now to new york city, which is implementing new restrictions for some indoor settings that are tighter than what we have here in the bay area. new york's mayor mill, de blasio, announced a mandate requiring that people show proof of vaccination. they want to participate in most public indoor activities such as eating at a restaurant or exercising at a gym. this requirement is similar to mandates in some european countries, but it's believed to be the first of its kind here in the united states and now to florida, where the number of people hospitalized for covid 19 in that state rose to an all time high of 11,600 in a single day. 2400 of those patients are in the eu, according to the u. s. department of health and human services. hospitals around the state are running out of room and report having
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to put emergency room visitors in beds in hallways, public health records show. the bay area has been averaging more than 1400 covid-19 cases a day within the past week, that figure surpasses last year's summer time surge, which took place in mid august. however covid deaths in the bay area peaked at about 20 a day at the end of last summer surge. the bay area is averaging about five deaths a day. now vaccinations had not yet begun a year ago, but last year, the bay area was still under a strict covid lockdown. and just days after welcoming students back to the classroom, the brentwood district schools are reporting more than a dozen covid-19 cases among students and staff, according to the bay area news group. 13 of the cases are in elementary schools and 10 more were reported in the high schools more than 50 people who came into contact with those individuals are now being quarantined and investigation is now underway to see where those cases were contracted. contra costa county officials say the community of brentwood has seen 205 positive
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cases in just the last 14 days, so it is to be expected that the schools in that area will also have cases on monday, august 16th. thousands of students will return to the san francisco unified school district. many after having been away for more than a year. this morning on the nine i hope you're with us when we spoke live with san francisco school superintendent dr vincent matthews. he says he does not expect schools to return to distance learning. despite the surge in covid cases due to the delta variant, he stressed the importance of in person learning. we have working hand in hand with are the san francisco department of public health and we are confident that we will be able to safely bring students back to in person learning as we did in the spring without any cases of transmission in san francisco, unified masks will be required on campus. there is a small online learning program available, but space is limited. there were 50,000 students in the san francisco unified school district. there
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are new efforts to get teachers another school staff vaccinated before students return to campus this fall, state senator josh becker says it's even more important now, with the rise of the highly contagious delta burien. he's calling for school districts to require vaccinations for all staff or require testing regularly for covid-19. in order to reopen schools safely the way to do that right now is to form a wall safety and security around our kids by getting vaccinated all over educators all of our school staff to get vaccinated. if we lose another year of in person learning it will be 100% on us as adults. health experts warn that positive cases should be expected in schools reflective of the positivity rate of the cities and communities there in several bay area school districts want to outsource their online classes for students who aren't ready to go back to the classroom this year, ktvu zan
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rubin says those students may end up with different teachers and different coursework than their fellow students on campus. the los altos school district was ready for kids to return to campus. what they weren't ready for a mandate from the governor in july, requiring they offer an online option two we got notification of it just, you know, three weeks ago or so, and you know the expectation to implement that it's difficult, and so what they did was outsource it. using a company called stride, which will provide the courses and the teachers at a cost of about $3000 a student and they're not alone. the palo alto unified school district is using stride to the fremont union high school district and the mountain view, los altos union high school district are using a company called edge annuity. they say it's a better option than having their own teachers split focus like last year. then they were looking on the screen and looking in the classroom, but that definitely takes away from the experience. to being in the classroom and
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concentrated on the students in front of you. this is not distance learning. they're calling it independent study and the california teachers association has concerns. released a statement saying outsourcing was never the intent of the law, adding quote any contract service must be bargained with the local teachers union. we are concerned that students will be short changed and feel further removed from their school community. you're certainly not going to get the same level of adult interaction and teacher interaction right on a daily basis, both los altos and voila plan to have liaisons. making sure independent study students don't fall behind. we're hoping that this is the bridge for most, and that they will be able to come back, um, vaccinated, masked and ready to learn. and with the start of the school year fast approaching, these districts are trying to determine exactly how many students will participate in the independent study programs and also what a transition might look like if
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they decided to go back to in person learning during the course of the year in los altos and ruben katie. the u. fox two news, a police officer is now dead in connection with the stabbing and shooting outside the pentagon. we had this for he was breaking news this morning at a bus stop near the main doors to the pentagon. the entire building went into immediate lockdown that was lifted about an hour later, an officer with the pentagon force protection agency, which is responsible for security in and around the complex, was stabbed and killed. suspected attacker was shot and killed by another officer and did not get into side, the pentagon. one other officer was hurt. the identity of the attacker has not been released by authorities. his motive is not yet known. here at home. we're learning new information about a shooting on highway forward in eastern contra costa county. the chp closed all the eastbound lanes between summers, bill road and hillcrest avenue in antioch for several hours last night. to investigate this latest freeway shooting in the area just a
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short time ago. today we learned this was a deadly shooting, the coroner's office has confirmed a 26 year old man from stockton died. the shooting happened around seven o'clock last night. contra costa county fire had initially responded to a possible traffic collision. this is the latest in a string of shootings on that highway and your willow passed during the past year. last month, the 24 year old mother died on another highway four shooting near concord to other people, including a two year old were hurt in that shooting. officers say they don't know yet if the cases are connected still to come at noon, a big step for kaiser hospital, the health care provider now making it mandatory for workers to get the covid vaccine. how they say that decision is key to helping prevent the spread of the virus. and what other businesses are now doing plus extremely dangerous and you cringe the entire time, hoping that they don't hit somebody. a man leads authorities on a dangerous chase across several bay area freeways will tell you what we're learning about the driver and his history with
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police. you know, the clouds are clearing from around the bay area. temperatures are beginning to warm, although running a little bit cool. for some, i'll have a look at the current conditions what you can expect for the rest of today and the week ahead, coming up. ca
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wild police chase over the weekend. the driver led
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authorities through the leo and at times when the wrong way on the freeway heading into oncoming traffic before trying to carjack to people in contra costa county. authorities told ktvu crime reporter henry lee that the driver has a history of trying to get away from police were back on columbus approaching greenmount now speeds of 90, a wild vallejo police chase, caught on video from a chp helicopter. it began at about 9 30 saturday night. things soon got even more dangerous when the suspect began going westbound on the eastbound lanes of interstate 7 80. hey sorry to this pursuits now wrong way again extremely dangerous. and you cringe the entire time, hoping that they don't hit somebody. chp officer sean bowyer's with the chp golden gate divisions. air operations. fortunately our helicopter was in the area was able to see the suspect vehicle. go in the wrong way was able to follow it. the suspect continued south on 6 80 in past highway four into contra costa county, sparks began to fly. all right. looks like we're gonna be coming to a stop here. okay trying to turn around. he lost another tire. now the suspect ignore the
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vallejo police car and headed north in the south bound lanes of 6 80 back toward highway four. he came face to face with oncoming traffic. looks like they're trying to carjack a pickup truck. the pickup driver wasn't having it and took off. they tried to carjack a second driver. the vallejo officers on the ground, intercepted them and arrested them. the suspects hopped out of the vehicle and attempted to carjack two separate vehicles. luckily, the vallejo police department was close enough. were they able to detain both individuals? filenko police did cancel their pursuit a couple of times because the suspect went the wrong way. but the chp helicopter, the eye in the sky stayed overhead when a suspect goes the wrong way on the freeway. that doesn't mean they're going to get away, often. one of our helicopters overhead or airplane. what does follow until they come to a stop and arrest him at the same point, the driver 28 year old scott babbitt, junior is a parolee. he and his passenger 30 year old serial atoms were arrested on a number of felony charges and warrants. the suspect behind the wheel was also arrested for driving without a license. he's being held without bail because of
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her parole violation. henry lee ktvu fox studios. will the dixie fire continues to grow in butte and plumas county is forcing a new round of evacuations. cal fires as the fire jumped the containment lines last night, and it is now threatening the community of greenville in the plumas national forest. the dixie fire has burned nearly 395 square miles. it is 35% contained, those flames have destroyed 45 homes and businesses and is still threatening more than 3100 homes. pg and e. says it is working with the forest service to investigate whether a tree leaning on one of the utilities power lines sparked the so called fly fire. it eventually merged with the dixie fire in plumas counties. the genie said sensors detected an issue with a particular circuit on july 22nd 11 minutes after those alarms went off wildfire cameras recorded smoke coming from the area where that tree and the line were located. let's talk about what's happening here in the bay area, you can see sun behind us along the oakland estuary, but we're
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not getting any of that good rain. we were hoping for mary, and you're right. still going to be very dry out there moving forward into the days ahead pleasant weather when it comes to the temperatures. morning clouds the afternoon sun and a live look here towards san francisco. you can see the marine layer there on the backdrop, iq. so contrast compared to the blue sky. very cool shot for you. we've got san francisco. partly cloudy. but you can see from this vantage point that that coastline there right behind it is mostly cloudy at this time temperatures are running a few degrees cooler in some spots, a few degrees warmer and others 67 right now in the north bay of napa we have 82 reported in brentwood. has 64 oakland 58 in the city of san francisco and low seventies over san jose. so around the bay temperatures are down by five degrees in oakland. we're down by six in the north. they have napa santa rosa reporting four degrees warmer at this time, and the winds do remain onshore, fairly weak, but they're fairfield reporting. 13 mph, okla. reporting in
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northwest sprees at 10. napa reporting a southwest wind at nine. we are going to continue with the clouds along the coastline for today. a partly cloudy to mostly clear for the rest of us and temperatures right about where they should be. the future cast model shows you the cloud cover they're getting through the afternoon. it does begin across the bay once again a little bit closer to sunset, perhaps the east based shore with partly cloudy skies and inside the bay. little bit of blue there indicating we could have a little bit of patchy drizzle as well right along the coastline, temperature wise 88 degrees expected for santa ros it today we'll go 65 in san francisco low seventies for oakland low nineties and livermore in san jose. 80 degrees so very similar to where we again should be for this time of year. i better look at some of these numbers 77 along the peninsula and cemetery for the inner east based some of the warm response for today. 94 expected in antioch. and in the south bay will go 88 for morgan hill. temperatures will cool just a little bit getting into the bay area wednesday, then
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back up for the start of the weekend. better details in the extended forecast coming up. new york governor andrew cuomo, under fire. the damaging findings from a 168 page report examining sexual harassment
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women and then retaliated against a former employee. the 168 page report accuses him of inappropriately touching numerous women, including staffers and a state trooper on his protective detail. cuomo spoke out this morning and said the facts are much different than what has been portrayed. i want you to know directly from me that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. i am 63. the independent investigators interviewed 179 people and reviewed 74,000 pieces of evidence. they say cuomo violated both federal and state laws and says that his office tried to intimidate people and created a hostile work environment and a southern california man is now in custody in connection with the january 6th. u. s capitol. riot prosecutors say glenallen brooks of huntington beach texted a picture of himself to members of his church group. one of those members, then contacted the fbi. in the
12:24 pm
photo. brooks can be seeing a mom seen among the mob. he's wearing that white beard and red jacket officials say the 61 year old entered the capital by climbing through a broken window. he is accused of unlawful entry and disorderly conduct on restricted grounds. in this criminal complaint that was filed july 27th. and we are now hearing that two more washington d. c. police officers who responded to the january 6th insurrection at the capitol have died by suicide officer gunther rasheeda was found dead in his home. on thursday, he joined the d. c police department back in 2000 and three officer kyle jeffrey tag was found dead on july 10th. he'd been with the department since 2016 their deaths mark four known suicides by officers who responded to the capital during the attack. two other officers killed themselves. a month after the insurrection, walnut creek is considering stepping up the police presence at the nordstrom store on broadway plaza after a series of grab
12:25 pm
and run thefts, the walnut creek city council said to consider this proposal today, the city says the vehicles belonging to organized groups targeting high end stores across the bay area have been captured on video casing broadway plaza. the city council has to sign off on the plan because of the police overtime cost nordstrom would fully reimburse the city for the overtime. u s senate could vote as soon as thursday on a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. last night, the senate began voting on amendments to the bill with their august recess just days away, senate majority leader chuck schumer promised republicans that the parties will work together to go through that massive 2700 page bill. it was finalized after weeks of negotiations with the white house. to provide billions in new spending on roads, bridges, broadband and the electric grid. let's start voting on amendments, the longer it takes to finish the bill, the longer will be here are full consideration of thisill must not be choked off by any artificial timetable that our
12:26 pm
democratic colleagues may have penciled out for political purposes. the bill could also face a rocky road in the house, where some progressive democrats want to see more of their priorities in the bill because of the august break, the house won't take up the measure until september. here at home. a new study exposes alarming health impacts from leaded aviation fuel on children near san jose's reid hillview airport. the study was released just this morning by santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez. the study finds children who live and go to school near reid hillview are exposed to high amounts of lead. there were 21 schools and childcare centre surrounding the airport supervisor. chavez says the report is proof that the county has a crisis on its hands. children living one half mile from retail view consistently had a higher lead levels than lows, living further away, and during the pandemic when there was less air traffic at reid hillview, the study also shows the blood
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lead level concentrations dropped. the lead study used 17,000 blood samples collected from children living near the airport over a nine year time period. well maybe one of the first public health departments to do it. what we are learning about a supplemental vaccine for people who received the johnson and johnson's shot in san francisco. plus the virus has changed. we now know that even vaccinated people who are infected with the delta variant. can transmit it to other people taking steps to protect the bay area from the delta variant, the new mask mandate that is now in effect in several bay area
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12:31 pm
winter, our hospitals in the bay area where perilously close to full this week seven bay area county health officials officially announced a rig instated mask mandate if you're in doors. you must wear a mask in contra costa county were alarmed at the rate at which covid patients are filling our community hospital debts. this graph shows data from contra costa county hospitalizations due to covid 19 are up 400% in the last month. those numbers, officials from marin and contra costa say, will need to go down to end the mandate. i think we're going to be looking more at our hospitalization rates and the behavior of the virus and trends, um in the number of case says, rather than, uh, and a, um, vaccination rate that's hitting the mark. we have a vaccine that can keep most people out of the hospital if we can get our hospitalization rates down to where they were, you know, in mid june, um then then we can start thinking about using off on some of
12:32 pm
these restrictions. napa and solano counties are the only two in the bay area, opting not to reinstate a mandate. solano counties, health officials say most cases come from big parties giving this statement to ktvu, adding restrictions on businesses does not align with our data since the virus spread is predominantly happening at home and in private social settings and not in businesses. napa county officials tell ktvu a mandate may discourage people from getting vaccinated and vaccines are what all counties want to see. more of. we know that was vaccinated individuals, um. while they can get infected. most of the cases are are mild or even asymptomatic, but it's the hospitalizations that we're we're really worried about in contra costa county. i'm james torrez, ktvu. fox two news. we're learning. the san francisco department of public health is now accommodating special requests from people who received the single dose johnson and johnson covid vaccine. and are looking for
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more protection against the delta variant in a statement from san francisco general those who have consulted with their doctors and wish to receive a supplemental dose of either the fighter all moderna vaccine can now do so more companies are pushing for employees to be vaccinated. ktvu is azenith smith tells us how kaiser permanente is issuing a mandate to its thousands of employees and physicians. kaiser permanente, the nation's largest nonprofit healthcare organization, is now requiring all staff to be vaccinated. this is the next step in fighting the pandemic. when we look at our current conditions with the delta variant and our current state of our hospitals, we are approaching 1/4 surge. nearly 70% of kaiser permanent employees and 95% of medical group positions are fully vaccinated. and while those numbers are high, kaiser wants its entire workforce vaccinated by september, 30th. majority of our nurses have been vaccinated
12:34 pm
and for those of our nurses to have religious reasons or medical reasons that accommodation is in place. the move comes as new data from the cdc shows in long term care facilities. 46% of nursing aides and 57% of nurses are fully vaccinated compared to 75% of physicians to me. that's a no brainer. the idea that a patient would go into a hospital and there'll be some chance they would get infected from their nurse or from their doctor is unconscionable. dr bob walked her from ucsf says vaccination rates in the country need to be hired to get out of the pandemic. education and incentives aren't working. i think vaccine mandates are going to become more and more common. as it takes less courage for a political and a business leader to enact it. employers including disney, facebook, google and wal mart, all mandating many employees to be vaccinated, as well as federal and state government employees. if we can get.
12:35 pm
everyone vaccinated. we can be out of this in a matter of weeks, and kids can go to school. you know, parents can send their kids to school with compass with the school year approaching san jose unified as requiring all staff to be vaccinated or be subjected to frequent testing. state senator josh becker is pushing all school districts in the state to do the same if we lose more time if we lose another year. that's on us. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. well, some restaurants in the los angeles area are going beyond just requiring people to wear masks. some are now requiring proof of vaccination. others require everyone even if they're vaccinated to provide a recent negative covid test, or they have to take a rapid test at the door and reaction from customers is mixed, and honestly probably refer that to be honest, i have been vaccinated, but that doesn't mean that i want to share the information with anybody or that i should have to just to go out and eat. the restaurants
12:36 pm
that are now requiring proof of vaccinations say their customers. tell them that they do feel more comfortable going out to eat. knowing everyone in the restaurant is vaccinated. there's a growing demand for medical staff right now as more people want to be tested for the coronavirus. many clinics had been winding down their testing operations in san francisco early last month, the number of tests dropped to 2400 day. now it's nearly doubled after the delta. very it became more common and people became more concerned about getting infected. several bay area counties are now talking about resuming weekend testing and having labs process tests seven days a week. united states finally hit the milestone. president biden set for july 4th 70% of adults have now received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. ktvu political reporter greg lee says this milestone comes as communities across the country are battling a surge in cases as coronavirus cases surge across the country. the white house covid-19 response team continue to point to the efficacy of vaccines even against the delta variant. more
12:37 pm
cases seem to be driving more shots and arms, especially in southern states hardest hit by new infections in the last seven days alone, three million americans have gotten their first shot. that's the highest seven day total since july, 4th. and just today we hit 70% of adults with at least one shot. that's a gold president biden hope to hit back on july 4th. the team reiterated biden's new vaccination rules for federal workers and contractors and applauded local governments and members of the private sector. doing the same. the cdc's recommendations have led to several states and counties reinstating masking recommendations and mandates in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status. this in response to new data about how much more contagious dealt it is even amongst fully vaccinated people if you get sick with the alpha variant you could infect about two other unvaccinated people. if you get sick with the delta variant, we estimate that you
12:38 pm
could infect about five other unvaccinated people. however cdc director dr rochelle walensky again called this a pandemic of the unvaccinated, dr anthony fauci said. vaccines are doing what they're supposed to do. protecting people from serious disease and death and breakthrough cases. rare as of july 26. the cdc received 6500 reports of breakthrough infections that resulted in hospitalization or death. among 163 fully vaccinated million people. that is a percentage of 0.0 or less. the task force said. it's working with states, especially those with low vaccination rates to remove any barriers, even offering vaccines at schools. and while progress has been made, the experts acknowledge there's much more work to do. there are still about 90 million eligible americans who are unvaccinated.
12:39 pm
and we need them to do their part. roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. in san francisco, a new effort to try to prevent deadly overdoses that have soared to record numbers. the special street overdose response team comes as drug abuse in the city has taken a devastating toll. last year, there were 710 overdose deaths and, according to the city medical examiner, 344 drug users died between january and june of this year as ktvu is christian captain reports. city leaders hope this new program will reduce the skyrocketing numbers. san francisco police regularly patrol the city streets, but now teams looking to prevent overdose deaths will be joining them. the number of overdose deaths in the homeless community has doubled in the last year, according to the mayor's office. those on the streets near u. n plaza say they know getting high can be dangerous, even deadly. whenever you're getting high with somebody, assuming you're with somebody, which is probably the better way to do it anyway. you don't know if
12:40 pm
that person is going to be overdosing. and if they don't have like that, not count or whatever. then they just take back your bad news. you know what i mean? all right. very good. thank you, sir. now the city is rolling out a new street overdose response team made up of firefighter, paramedics and public health workers. paramedic michael mason says one of the best predictors for someone who may have a deadly overdose is someone who survives an overdose. but not only are we responding directly to folks that have survived a non lethal overdose, just the act of finding out who they are. we are adding them to a high risk registry. they're being flagged for follow up care. aim for follow up care is preventing another possibly fatal overdose. healthcare experts say the shock of a near deadly overdose may provide a unique opportunity to reach someone in crisis. the aim is basically to meet people where they are immediately after an overdose to try to engage him into care, try to start the about medications to help with their attributed to help to save their lives. the street overdose response teams are
12:41 pm
part of a broader 13.2 million effort aimed at trying to reduce fatal overdoses on the streets of san francisco and effort that includes more treatment centers, more treatment programs and the distribution of opioid inhibitors like this one, which if administered in time can prevent a fatal overdose in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news will become at noon. traffic is ramping up here in the bay area, but not going back to the pre pandemic routine. what a new report says about when the most people are on the road. outside our doors of this afternoon. very pleasant weather, with only minor changes coming our way for the days ahead. better you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year,
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...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, bender. ktvu is amber lee spoke with the suspect who says the allegations are unfounded. um huh. yeah shamir simmons says mountain view. police officers handcuffed him sunday around noon. he's accused of driving under the influence, hit and run battery and a hate crime following a collision with a couple in a van simmons suspects the situation escalateds responding officers. they look like a swat team was here, simmons at the corner of a street and chiquita avenue. he says he was backing into a parking space when he struck a van that had pulled up behind him. i said i'm so sorry. i don't see any damage on your vehicle. can i give you some
12:45 pm
money for the inconvenience? just so my insurance doesn't spike simmons says. there may have been a language barrier with the hispanic couple in the van, but police say that driver called and reported a different scenario. quote according to the caller, the other driver involved in the collision have become agitated. it and after the collision physically assaulted both him and his wife, who was a passenger in the vehicle. the caller stayed at the other driver had also made racially charged statements at them before running away from the scene on foot. i did not put my hands on him in any way. um i didn't threaten him, and i didn't say anything racially to their simmons says he walked to his home nearby and was confronted by police as he was returning to the scene. police released this mug shot, saying quote simmons threatened to kill our officers, wife and chilled. as a result, he was also subsequently also arrested on suspicion of threatening an officer. i was very nervous, and so did i threaten officer. no, i did not. simmons says. he worked for the mountain view wissmann school district for
12:46 pm
more than 11 years. he's a supervisor with at risk kids. at theory, cough elementary 75% of them is of the latin community. so to put that label on me, it's very disheartening. simmons tells me he's worried about losing his job. he's scheduled to be in court september 30th. i've also reached out to the couple in the van through the police department but have not heard back in mountain view. amberleigh ktvu fox two news, a large brush fire is still burning on bradford island in eastern contra costa county. it started early yesterday morning on the island, about nine miles northeast of antioch. firefighters say the flames have now burned through more than 200 acres, and at least two structures have burned so far. there are no reports of any injuries. fire crews are letting the flames burned because the fire surrounded by water on all sides. no word yet on how this fire started. fremont police officers will be back on high school campuses when the new school year begins later this month. the free month unified school district
12:47 pm
board has voted to allow school police patrols to continue after laying out specific rules designed to make sure police respectively interact with the teenage students last year, a fremont school board task force voted to suspend those police patrols, citing the disproportionately high rests of black and latino students. the latest data shows bay area traffic is returning, but not how some would expect, the chronicle analyzed information that was compiled by the navigation tech company tom tom, and it shows that weekday traffic both during the morning, and the evening commute is still below pre pandemic levels. however weekend traffic that is back to normal and at times it's even busier than before. possible reasons include people who are tired of staying indoors, and so they're driving to parks, restaurants and other outdoor venues. see what's happening outside. we know that there is no rain, rosemary, but at least you can maybe help us plan the rest of our day or week. yes, we've got some great weather for being outdoors, gaussian cladding and hello to all of you. we've got temperatures in
12:48 pm
the upper eighties to low nineties for today, slightly cooler for tomorrow and then back up. as we start the weekend. i'll detail that for you coming up in just a little bit. let's take a look at what is happening right now view there of san francisco and wow, take a look at that marine layer on the back side. it's just so beautiful the way you can see. it's like you can cut it with a knife. we will continue to have the onshore breeze and the low clouds with us as we are just kind of nestled between low off the coast and high pressure to the east of us temperatures are very seasonal for this time of year, and we are going to remain that way moving forward. so a bit of that coastal cloud remaining along the coastline and as we get into the evening hours, i think it will cross the bay. once again. i'll show you that in the extended forecast outside of that only minor changes coming our way. as we get in through the rest of the business week and toward the weekend. here's a view of storm tracker to where again there it is. the cloud cover along the coast for the rest of us. it's a mostly sunny one at this time, and if i pull back
12:49 pm
just a little bit, you can see evse thunderstorms firing off over the sierra even had flash flood watches at times. not the case for today. that's some good news. here's a look at the future cast when it comes to the fog cover as we get in a little bit closer to sunset right about 8 20 or so it's already back across the bay and along the east based shore, patchy drizzle will be a possibility as we move into tonight as well as tomorrow morning, but the temperatures in and around the bay area just very nice 65 degrees today for san francisco will go 80 in redwood city for the inner east bay. low nineties and conquered and for the north bay, 84 sandra fell as well as napa. if you're going to see the ace play a little bit later today, taking on the padres will be a partly cloudy 64 degrees with the west priest about 10 mph so, so fairly nice, but it will continue to cool office. we get into the evening hours, so always a good idea to bring a jacket. there's a look at your extended forecast temperatures. well cool off just slightly wednesday. right now, it looks
12:50 pm
like thursday is going to be the coolest day low sixties at the coast seventy's around the bay low to mid eighties expected inland and then into the weekend. wetoo extreme. we't temperatures near 80 degrees for our bayside communities low nineties inland slightly cooler on sunday back to you, rosemary. thank you, some popular parts of lake tahoe's south shore will be closed at least until friday after some chipmunks tested positive for the bubonic plague. to who daily tribune reports the taylor creek visitor center and keep a beach and their parking areas will be closed until at least saturday morning. the national forest service will be removing the chipmunks help reduce the risk of spreading the plague, which is often found in the tahoe basin. more americans are traveling. we're going to take a look at the new record for air travel and why it might not be the best news
12:51 pm
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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back on schedule, and that's after two straight days of cancellations and delays, which the budget airline blames on bad weather and other issues. nationwide spirit airlines cancelled 277 flights on monday. that's after cancelling 165 flights on sunday, and there have been long lines of frustrated passengers at airports across the country. this line started back there last night at midnight. i got to the front at nine a.m. this morning. so you're on the line for nine hours. nine hours. i'm about to cry here in the bay area. spirit offers flights from oakland international and anyone who has a ticket for spirit airlines and a flight today is being urged to contact the airline before you head to the airport. kiesa is reporting a new pandemic record for air travel more than 2.2 million passengers flew on sunday. that's the highest number we've seen since february of 2020. but as more americans take to the sky, several airlines are having a difficult time managing the surge, pandemic
12:55 pm
related staffing shortages are forcing some airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. spirit airlines says both bad weather and operational problems caused it to cancel some 300 flights on sunday. forcing countless passengers to wait hours in line to just get home. the c d. c is added 16 destinations to its very high covid risk level. some of those destinations include greece, ireland and the u. s. virgin islands. agency is very high risk category means the destination has had more than 500 cases per 100,000 people in the past 28 days, the cdc recommends you avoid traveling to those locations and if you need to travel internationally, it is advised that you are fully vaccinated. here at home, a popular program with mill valley restaurants and their customers will continue, at least in the middle of next year. mill valley city council extended an emergency measure to next june, allowing temporary outdoor dining. the resolution was first adopted in june of 2020, so businesses, namely
12:56 pm
restaurants could set up tables and serve patrons outside at a time when indoor activities were not allowed. the city also waived permits and fees. i think it's a natural progression of things and we should betdoors in the open air than the indoors. some businesses that aren't restaurants say outdoor dining takes away parking spot. the council wants to revisit the issue when the pandemic is over and will consider more long term ramifications, too big jim's will require customers and employees to prove that they are vaccinated. equinox and soul cycle are issuing those mandates, and those will take effect in new york city in early september. and from there, it will eventually cover all of the chains locations around the world. equinox says it will work with customers and employees who are not getting the vaccine for medical or religious reasons. however the company says an internal survey shows 96% of members and 89% of employees are already vaccinated. and u. s gymnast
12:57 pm
simone biles returned to competition at the tokyo olympics and won a bronze medal on the balance beam. this was the first time that biles competed since withdrawing from the team competition to focus on her mental health last week. in a u. s track and field a thing mo won a gold medal in the women's 800. m and that set a new american record, right. benjamin scored a silver medal in the men's 400 m hurdle and the u. s men's basketball team will move on to the semi finals after beating spain in a 95 to 81 victory, and officials in poland said they have granted a humanitarian visa to a sprinter from belarus who says she's in fear for her life if she returns home now it all began after the olympian christina tim scott. i criticized team management for putting her on a relay was short notice. team representatives then reportedly rushed her off to the airport to board a flight to istanbul. but instead she sought protectionroarus sports officials say she was sent home due to her quote, emotional and psychological state. good folks
12:58 pm
to we have known her for a long time. there was something strange in her behavior. she was getting away. sometimes sometimes she didn't want to talk to the sprinter plans to leave for poland in the coming days where officials say she is welcome to continue her sport. preparations are underway for the 2022 tournament of roses parade in southern california. over the weekend. several floats were given a test run in irwindale in san gabriel valley fiesta parade floats, which designs and builds floats. parade officials check out each of the designs. this was a big day for the company, it was forced to lay off 30 employees during the pandemic, the ceo says more than half of the staff is now back at work. he is thrilled his business has survived. i'm just one story of the hundreds of thousands stories in the united states, but i mean, i lost 100% of my income for a whole year, so it's been, um, real tough. the 2021 rose parade was cancelled due to the pandemic. organizers
12:59 pm
say that next year's parade will move forward as it has since 18 90 on new year's day. restaurant tour. michael mina is closing one restaurant but opening another in san francisco tells the chronicle that he's closing his michelin star namesake restaurant on california street and will open an upscale greek seafood restaurant next month in its place. it will have a new name. it will be patterned after another one of his greek restaurants in miami, mean is expected to keep his other bay area restaurants, including his barbecue collaboration with aisha curry. some students in the south bay now have a news have new school supplies just in time for the upcoming school year. a drive through back to school supply distribution event took place in the sunnyvale community services parking lot yesterday. their goal was to write 1600 deserving children with school supply boxes, along with gift cards for school shoes and. i love that new crayon smell back to school. here we come. here we come. certainly thank you for joining us today. good to have you clotting to get the
1:00 pm
deer again tomorrow or next newscast is coming up at four. the fog is creeping into the city. dr. oz is next. car seat. a baby bear in the front yard.. a shocking look inside america's obsession with owning wild animals. why? and the harsh reality of illegal trade supporting it. >> anybody who is breed, dealing these animals is extremely reckless. dr. oz: then -- did you get a pandemic puppy? dog whisperer caesar milan on preparing your pet for the return to normal. that's coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. whether it's


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