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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ love burns brighter than sunshine ♪ ♪ it's brighter than sunshine ♪ ♪ let the rain fall i don't care ♪ ♪ i'm yours and suddenly you're mine ♪ ♪ suddenly you're mine ♪ ♪ and it's brighter than sunshine ♪ mountain view, a baby boy found dead outside a home and the newborn's mother is suspected in the death. would be an understatement to say that this was just any other case for all of the staff worked here. it's been at the top of mind for everybody here, police say that infant was just a few hours old. hello, everyone. i'm heather holmes in tonight for
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julie and i'm frank somerville officers responded to the home after the mother's friend called police. ktvu is hasn smith is at police headquarters in mountain view tonight with the latest on what happened? as smith. well frank, the mother's friend, told authorities was alive at birth and died of significant injuries. 31 year old jennifer topper is accused of killing her newborn son and discarding the body outside her mountain view home. all life is significant and important and valuable and sacred. and so the loss of a child is heartbreaking. megan cole saw the massive police and fire response on leghorn street monday afternoon, police received a call from tucker's friend of a stillborn baby. she got that funny feeling that people get when she wasn't getting full information, and so she made a call to the countycations. police
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found the baby deceased and interviewed the mother. she made varying statements that were somewhat consistent with what she told or the friend told us, but also there were several inconsistencies as well. an autopsy revealed the boy close to full term had died of trauma after birth. police believe tupper gave birth on the property and acted alone. she faces charges of murder and child abuse, resulting in great bodily injury or death, the police chief says homicides are rare in mountain view, especially of a baby. we all know that just how vulnerable babies are and how innocent they are, so it hits home on a lot of different fronts for a lot of us, tupper divorced and healed from one washington. according to her facebook page. she was once a salon manager there. police are not disclosing the address of her home. leghorn street is a mix of residential and commercial buildings at a christian church, the director their wishes she had sought help. i mean, i wish that she would have had a community of support that could have supported her intervened
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encouraged her to seek the help she needed. please want to remind anyone unable to care for an infant. they can safely surrender a baby at fire stations and hot hospitals. this could have been a lot different if you know the baby was turned over to at the fire department, um, to just think about the what could have been as hard to bear as well. and police are not aware the mother has any other children. police would not reveal any information about the mother's mental health or prior criminal history, and they are still trying to gather more information about the baby's father, frank, so azenith smith with all that other help, that's out there where you can take your baby to the fire department where you can go to a hospital. at this point, they have no clue why she didn't do any of those things. correct as you heard from the police sergeant when they had asked her about the baby's death, she had inconsistencies about what
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she said. so a mode of a reason has not been revealed. all right, as a smith and mountain view tonight, force thank you, azenith smith 10. a car crashed into a home and tiburon this afternoon, causing a fire and major damage. it happened about four o'clock on miraflores lane, fire officials say an elderly woman got disoriented after noticing smoking. in her car. she then drove off the road and right into a home. the woman had to be pulled out of the car by two police officers. she was taken to the hospital, but is expected to recover. fire officials say the homeowners are a couple who just moved into their home three days ago, now to plumas county, where tonight the sheriff said that four people are unaccounted for in the monster dixie fire. it has now grown to become the sixth largest in state history, burning more than 500. 64 square miles in plumas and view counties, more homes have been lost to this huge, stubborn wildfire. we'll show you now
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video from the tiny town of canyon dam, which is at the southern end of lake almond war. that's just north of greenville, another small town that was gutted by the fire. just last night, the plumas county sheriff was among those who lost their homes. he has a lifelong resident of greenville. we're seeing more of the damage to that historic gold rush town. katie's tom vacar tells us it took a devastating toll on a community that has rebuilt from tragedy before. hell came to greenville and historic plumas county gold rush era town 80 miles northeast of paradise. we lost greenville tonight, and. there's this not words for hope person government haven't been able to get the job doing. this is not the first time it has had to rise from its ashes. fire destroyed much of the town in 18 81 140 years ago but was quickly rebuilt with 500 people living there a year later
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nowadays in this video shot before the fire about 800 people. called greenville home, but much of it now gone, people are worried about their pets because they had to flee without them, and they're worried about their homes. jessica popping housing state as long as she could. they need gas and food, propane. that's why we're staying and we want to keep our business hopes. hopefully it won't burn underneath the white clouds this noah satellite video shows the flames and the light gray smoke. belching from the epic fire. wildfire has been a plague on this region. we've been through too much of this with the bear fire last year, lled berry creek and forms town. and obviously before in t. 90% of the town of paradise destroyed car, fire up and ready. there's this fire after fired. maybe theresa clark, who shot this video was just commenting or maybe talking to mother nature herself about
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mountain. this angry, angry, angry our town's going going on. everyone works so hard for anything they had. on it's apartment two and the. fire season have only just begun. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. and coming up tonight at 10 30. we'll get a live update on the dixie fire from the cal fire base camp will tell you about the challenges the crews are facing to build and strengthen those containment lines. napa county has now changed course and is now going to require everyone to our masks indoors, regardless of their vaccination status. a mask mandate went into fact on tuesday in seven bay area counties and now napa county has joined them all and requiring masks in all public settings that are indoors. county health officials originally said they didn't want to issue a mask mandate because they thought it might discourage people from getting
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vaccinated. the order takes effect that 12 01 tomorrow morning, solano county is now the only bay area county that is not requiring people to wear masks indoors. california's health care and long term care workers are now being ordered to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. last month, governor newsom said that he would require the states healthcare workers to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. but this new order issued today by the state health department does not give healthcare workers a choice. it says all of the roughly 2.2 million workers must be fully vaccinated by the end of september. only workers who were granted a religious or medical exemption will have the option to get tested twice a week. the number of people getting vaccinated here in california continues to go up more than 44 million doses of covid-19 vaccines have now been administered statewide, according to the latest data, there are now an average of more than 71,000 shots a day
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being given across the state. that's more than a 40% increase in vaccinations over the last two weeks. 63% of californians age 12, but up are now fully vaccinated. and over 9.5% war have received. at least one does. many other places are also seeing a surgeon. vaccinations due in part to concerns about the delta variant. the white house says that the u. s had its highest daily number of vaccinations since july, 3rd with over 864 shots going out. officials say that big employers who are mandating the vaccines for their workers are helping to speed up the process. 70% of american adults have now had at least one dose of vaccine today. the white house weighed in on the debate over booster shots of the coronavirus vaccine, dr anthony fauci you said that people with compromised immune systems such as those with
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cancer or hiv, or auto immune disorders, will likely need a third dose of the vaccine. he said that their bodies aren't able to produce an adequate immune response. even after getting a full. dose of the vaccine. the white house says they're working as quickly as possible to authorize booster shots for that population. i know if they restaurant group has come up with its own contest to try to get more employees vaccinated more than $20,000 is now up for grabs. new attend tonight. ktvu deborah villalon is live in santa rosa with the reasons behind this lotto. deb heather, we hear a lot about mandates. but the starks, who owns seven restaurants in sonoma county are using the carrot, not the stick. approach you do. sonoma county restaurants owned by marc and teri stark are serving up something new. the bucket.
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the names in the bucket. yes in a few weeks, drawing names among vaccinated employees. and giving each winner $1000. i've never done this before. never thought i would have to do this three names drawn from each of seven restaurants in the group already about 85% of almost 500 employees are vaccinated. but in the current surge, the couple is pushing for 100% we can't go back. i mean, our businesses won't survive another shutdown, awarding $21,000. making sure staff knows where clinics are and on top of the contest, making the shot easy, drive them to their appointments. make appointments. um anything it takes to get them. their reaction, a mix. some employees still want nothing to do with vaccines, somebody that they trust has told them don't get the vaccine and that's hard to hard to battle, but most are receptive.
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those undecided or procrastinating are. now motivated. it made a difference. definitely i would like to win the money. we can push those on the fence over. the lottery also conveys how important vaccination is to the company has kind of been a fun way for the entire staff to kind of get involved and get vaccinated and have something to talk about the prizes. staying safe in keeping everyone else safe, and i think that this is just an added bonus to that. the starts have been fortunate over the course of the pandemic. fewer than a dozen staff infected none catching or spreading covid at work. we will thank you very much after the giveaway. they haven't decided how to handle remaining holdout, but they want their team to know this isn't personal well to me myself, and i doesn't work right now. it's for the public health and safety and we're just trying to do our part. the starks admit this idea was inspired by the state lotteries
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in june. those gave more than $100 million to vaccinated californians. the company drawing is september 1st reporting live in santa rosa deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. coming up tonight. unprecedented drought impacts where low water levels have now prompted water officials. to shut down a power plant. hey significant cool down today, second day in a row temperatures really heat up again tomorrow i'll have the five day forecast and we look at the weekend as well. we'll see you back here, in san francisco's great highway will soon be partially open the vehicle traffic reaction from divided neighbors.
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highway along ocean beach. it's been closed the car since last april, a closure that's pitted neighbors against neighbors. but now there's a plan to reopen it to cars, but only during the week. ktvu is amber leaders in the city tonight with how that compromises sitting with locals, amber frank, we're on the great highway at lincoln, the northern end of the closure. city leaders say this new plan
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is the path forward with balance, news that the great highway in san francisco will soon be partially open to vehicle traffic. brought this couple here for what they describe as a stress free bike ride. it hurts a little bit because we've gotten so used to being empty since april of last year, the great highway has been closed to car traffic between lincoln way and slope boulevard as part of the city's response to the pandemic and to provide a safe outdoor space for people to enjoy. well, you're always worried about you know, somebody behind me. is somebody in front of me something to stop? i'm not gonna get doored. the great highway became the great walkway to those who wanted it closed to vehicle traffic. polarizing the outer sunset neighborhood. you just want a personal playground out their neighbors who live on what's known as the lower great highway, the street that parallels the great highway. say the closure caused traffic to clog the residential streets. you'll see people run stop. scientists indiscriminately drive 40 50 miles an hour down the street. just stay here for an hour and
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you'll see it. the city announced that starting august 16th. the great highway will reopen to car traffic monday through friday, but on weekends from fridays at noon until mondays at six a.m. it will only be open to pedestrians and bicyclists. personally i walk on it every day. i've enjoyed it. i think it's a great asset, a great public space. neighborhood watch captain tells me residents and businesses have experienced backlash over their positions. now a compromise seen as a win win to some coming together and finding a medium where we all get something that resonates with me. i think it's a pretty good compromise. at this point. i'm happy with it decided on holidays. the great highway will also be open only to pedestrians and bicyclists. this configuration will be in place until city leaders come up with a long term plan that may or may not be the same. the mayor's office says. this change was made to line with schools reopening and the city emerging from the pandemic,
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frank amberleigh in the city tonight, amber thank you. a c transit is expanding their bus service. a c transit says that started on sunday they'll start offering more rides as more kids start going back to school. they also say that weekday, right leadership has increased from 59,000 people per day back in march two more than 70,000 per day recently as a result, transit says, they'll gradually increased service over the next 18 months to see a full list of the changes, go to ktvu .com and click on web links. a new poll finds that most bay area companies are now leaning toward a hybrid model as offices reopened, the bay area council pulled 205 companies and found just 19% are requiring employees to be in the office five days a week, while 40% plan to require three days and only 1% plan to be fully remote. researchers say this could lead to a million
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fewer commuters and a potential negative impact on public transit. amazon has pushed back its return to office date, the company says workers will not be required to return until january. employees were originally scheduled to go back to the office on september so haven't but amazon, says the nationwide surgeon coronavirus cases a bended its plans. the company will not require employees to be vaccinated but unvaccinated people must wear a mask in the office. several other tech companies have pushed back a return to the office, including google, twitter and left. i already checking in on the weather temperatures dropped off today. it was very noticeable last two days, temperatures have come down and so we saw cooler inland numbers instead of in the mid nineties, and even upper nineties we were in the mid eighties upper eighties in the warmer spots. so there's some smoke back in the forecast. i saw a little bit off to the east this evening. this is the smoke model. these things are not super tuned in, but it's
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pretty close and watch as we go into the bullseye there. the contours that you obviously you see it right, so see a little smoke. that's high elevation. smoke comes in about seven a.m. tomorrow morning. and then watch. see how the main contours the real bad smoke that that's all going to be central valley east side of the valley and then watch what happens here after lunch time, it just rejects so even if we do get smoke in the morning for those of you who are worried about it because of asthma and things like that. it's not going to last very long. it's going to be kicked out within an hour, so i think it's a nonevent truthfully, and i'm hoping it is. and right now, the air quality sensors are showing all the poor air quality to the east. this is high end stuff like maybe moderate in all day. area counties. i don't even think that's going to happen. truthfully small is gonna be a warmer day, though. temperatures heat up. i'll see you back here with that forecast in a few minutes. all right, bill. thank you. california says that they've turned off one of lake or aviles hydro electric plants because of low water levels.
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the department of water resources said on twitter that the hyatt power plant in butte county is now offline. you'll recall that lake oroville is the state's second largest reservoir. but as we told you last night water levels at the dam have now fallen to just 642 ft. that is a new low, the last record low was back in 1977 when the reservoir was at 654 ft of water. we're coming up tonight, a bay area firefighter arrested on charges of child sex abuse plus. businesses evacuated in the east bay after a suspicious package is reported in a parking garage and wildfires born in around northern california, creating smoky skies here in the bay area later tonight, the air quality advisory that was issued for tomorrow. evacuated sn
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jacqueline square today after getting a call about a possible bomb, police say just before three this afternoon, an anonymous caller claimed that a bomb was placed inside a building on a market arrow, the alameda county bomb squad responded and found that the package was not a bomb. a large portion of the area was closed for several hours. nearby businesses were also evacuated and amtrak service was stopped during today's investigation. a firefighter on the peninsula is behind bars tonight after being accused of sex crimes against teenage girls. ktvu is jesse gary tells us that the allegations date back to the early two thousands 52 year old simon mayer faces multiple charges of sexually abusing girls over two decades. the most recent incident happened during a barbecue and pool party at his livermore home in late june, a parent wishing to remain anonymous, says mayer hit a cell phone in a bathroom then directed to teenage girls to change clothes in that bag. bathroom girls found the phone
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apparent confronted. meyer was later arrested at his house and several days later. additional charges were filed in july for alleged crimes dating back to 2000 and two a niece who is now 29 says mayer touched her private parts on multiple occasions from 02 to 2006. and in february 2020, a 17 year old girl says he rubbed his fingers against her bare breasts while showing her a puppy. meyer now faces a total of five counts for crimes. including lewd acts with a child sexual battery and child molestation. we are aware of the charges that were brought against mr meyer. um we, uh you know, we're saddened by them. meyer is a 22 year veteran firefighter for the san matteo consolidated fire department. the department says he's on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of their own independent investigation. that's pretty standard if somebody is accused of a crime. um, you know, we'll do our own our own background on what's going on, and we take
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the responsibility to the public very seriously. i talked to simon myers, father in law off camera. he tells me the family believes the charges are quoting here, bull meyer will be back in court september 15th for hearing in dublin, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. coming up much more on the devastating dixie fire that's still completely out of control in northern california. we hear from cal fire about whether they're making any progress in what is now the sixth largest wildfire in california history, also an ambitious plan from president biden to make 50% of cars electric. in less than 10 years, coming up later in sports, a special weekend a really special weekend for 49 years, general manager john lynch, our sports director. market baniyas will explain the significance and the senate preparing for a final vote on
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the infrastructure bill as a new report shows just how much it would add to the federal deficit.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. the blaze tore through the small town of greenville. more homes have now just been lost north in canyon dam dash cam video shows the destruction in the dark, smoky skies there. the dixie fire has now burned more than 360,000 acres and containment has not changed for several days standing at just 35% joining us once again tonight by phone for an update is rick karr hard with cal fire? thank you so much for being here when i talk. with you last night. you said today was going to be tough and that you were concerned about the winds. it really seems like the winds are coming in at all directions right now. yeah
10:30 pm
that's correct. the wind has shifted from where it was yesterday. so that now the fires starting to burn in a different direction, which is presenting another challenge. on a for our firefighters out there and down in the valley where i was most of the day we had some very, very impressive and scary looking, um, of that pyro cumulus that so many people have been talking about now build up throughout the day. it was it was pretty impressive and pretty amazing to see. um that actually sort of two different ones from the chester cited from the grease. those has the fire. this is a monster fire as we have been report. has been raging now for more than three weeks. i mean, how do you go about trying to contain it? well we, uh, just go basically through our process, which is, you know, are our priorities when it comes to fighting fire, as always, our life safety and
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then property and then we'll go and fight the fire. and so first priority is to make sure that everybody, uh firefighters and civilians, residents, um as well are are safe and getting people out of the area if they're in the way of the fire and then protecting property as much as we can, which. we have a large presence of, uh um those those sort of bigger type one type fire engines. that are that are not necessarily going to go off road looking for fire to put out. but a lot of those are doing structure protection, so they're in those areas where we have, um, populated areas and looking just to protect the structures in there, and so, you know, we're deploying resources everywhere we can with a lot of different missions. but you know, overall, it's to protect the people and to protect the structures as much as we can. yes, we're looking at dash cam video, and we all know that firefighting
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is so difficult, but when you look at the conditions right now, it almost seems as if it's if it's unbearable. i don't even know how crews can get in there. it's so smoky, so dark, so hazy, and we also know that that has limited your aerial firefighting support as well. that is correct. there have been, uh. for a long time on the fire. we were able to use their resources at least every day somewhere on the fire because if there was a place where it was too smoky on one side of the fire nation, we could do it. on the other side of the fire over the past few days have not necessarily been the case. although every sources were available today. um i know on at least some parts of the fire as well. so we've we've been managing. other ways as well. so we have actually taken the retardant that we normally loaded the airplanes. we have loaded that into water tenders and had the water tenders driving down the road and spraying the retardant
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out. just like the aircraft would if they could get in there. so we're you know, using the resources that we can as best we can, but again, we're not going to put our firefighters in danger. so you know if they if there's an area where they're working, and all of a sudden conditions become too bad. we are going to pull them out and. bring them to a place where they're going to be safe because we're not going to put our firefighters in danger or in harmful. a sure no. no one wants that rick carhartt really appreciate your time. once again tonight, again, telling us about the dixie fire, which unfortunately continues to burn out of control, rick. thank you. thank you very much. smoke from the dixie wildfire and other wildfires that are burning in california. that smoke is now drifting into the bay area and now an air quality advisory has been issued for both today and tomorrow. ktvu is andre senior with more on
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what bay area air quality management district is saying. the river complex fire continues to consume land in the claim of national forced nearly 17,000 acres. no containment. it's one of three, triggering a new move by the bay area air quality management district on thursday, the other two in trinity county, the mcfarland and monument fires, both consuming nearly 25,000 acres each. and while the closest is 250 miles away the bay area feeling the impact, says bay area air quality management district spokesman walter wallace. we always let people know. you know, if you can smell smoking, you are being affected the unwelcome yet familiar visitor, smokey and hazy skies possible for thursday and friday, the district issuing an air quality advisory, likely feeling the effect the east bay and north bay, particularly in napa, sonoma and solano counties. we want to make sure that individuals with asthma, bronchitis, lung disease, the elderly and the younger people
10:35 pm
in that within our jurisdiction are taking care of themselves and taking the preventative measures to protect themselves. but don't expect that. anything like the bay area experienced nearly a year ago. the orange glow thanks to several wildfires burning along the west coast for the current air quality advisory. wallace says the smoke is not expected to be unhealthy right now, but because of the fires burning to our north, things could change. so in this case. there are going to be some smoke impacts, but they're all a lot. a lot of them are actually a lot and they're not affecting the, uh, affecting individuals at the ground level as much. wallace says that in the coming day or so that the smoke is gonna be pretty high up in the air to be of any real health consequence, not air quality management. district officials say they're going to be watching and looking over the air quality over the next coming day or so, but they do also say that if you're sensitive to smoke, and you smell it to stay inside, if possible, i'm andre senior ktvu fox two news. president biden today signed an ambitious executive order that aims to
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make half of all new cars sold in 2030 electric. the question is whether will lead or fall behind in the race for the future. well the president has support from some of the biggest u. s automakers. the plan also includes higher mileage standards for gas cars and lower tailpipe emissions between now and model year. 2026 the president also urged that batteries, semiconductors and other components need to build electric vehicles that are made in the u. s. california is going to start paying thousands of dollars to some people to get rid of their older cars. the clean cars for all program was recently awarded 8.4 million from the state. people who qualify will get $9500 for their old, high polluting cars to replace them with a newer, cleaner car or they can get a 75 $100 prepaid card to use for public transit or e bikes earlier. tonight we
10:37 pm
talked with the director of the climate program at cows center for law, energy and environment. who says programs like these are beneficial. these grants are really key, because often at lower income people are sort of forced to drive vehicles that are often some of the dirtiest on the roads because they tend to be older and less fuel efficient. the clean cars for all program began back in 2019 and gets a reboot with this new funding more and more empty storefronts around the bay area. the new report showing the areas struggling to fill space. we had that big cool down today, but tomorrow friday, it's really going to heat up temperatures back into the mid nineties. all have the specifics when i return er and a 16 year old shot and killed in san francisco, her kill. or still hasn't been found at 10 45 what her family said today that took a lot of courage and
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incredible compassion, no hating, no brothers. no one is perfect, and we wan
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call or go online today to learn more. east bay are struggling to fill empty storefronts. a new report from john come bullish, and associates finds that the east bay accounts for 49% of the bay area's vacant shopping center space with more than 500,000 square feet available. that's an all time high for the east bay. researchers say. the pandemic is the largest contributing factor. some of the centers with the highest vacancy rates in include allah meters south shore shopping centre hacienda crossings in
10:41 pm
dublin and downtown pleasant hill, the labor department today released its weekly jobless claims report, and it shows that claims dipped last week as expected. initial jobless claims total 300 excuse me 385,000 for the week that ended july 31st continuing claims declined to 2.9 million. that is the lowest total since the week of march. 14th of 2020 u. s stocks rose to record highs today after ending mixed yesterday, the dow rose 271 points the nasdaq was up 114 points and the s and p gained 26 all eyes are now on the july jobs report, expected to be released tomorrow. a new report has found that the $1 trillion infrastructure bill would put the us further into debt. the congressional budget office estimates that the bill would add $256 billion. to the federal deficit over the next decade. the estimate does not
10:42 pm
include potential economic growth through investments. the release of the cbc report is one of the last key steps before the senate holds a final vote on the bill. you recall that democrats had said that the infrastructure bill would essentially be paid for by tightening tax loopholes. president biden today paid tribute to the police officers who defended the u. s capitol during the january. sixth attack, the president offered his profound gratitude as he signed legislation to honor officers with congressional gold medals. that medal is the highest honor congress can bestow. president bided along with vice president harris officers and their families were all at the signing ceremony in the white house rose garden. there are no words really. express our gratitude coming up the emotional display of grief and gratitude from the family of a man who was missing for three weeks after going on
10:43 pm
a run in the east back, and hayes is headed our way to meteorologist bill martin has th peace for those that knew her.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
they could tell you she had no hate nor held any graduates towards anyone. the parents of
10:46 pm
a 16 year old girl shot and killed in san francisco, giving an emotional news conference today to remember their daughter. they are the community to come together to curb gun violence as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us, her family says they already forgive the shooter. no hate no grudges. no one is perfect, and we want you to know and we forgive you, the father of a 16 year old girl shot and killed in san francisco spoke outside city hall and had a message for whoever was responsible. i don't know why. and i don't know what you're going through. but know this. we wish no harm. her family didn't want her name or photo released but said they're in mourning over the loss of a girl who loved to dance, sing and play the piano. my daughter was a very loving girl who embrace whoever she came across with a smile and a huge hug. the teenager was killed and her 45 year old aunt was wounded when shots rang out on birth. elaine near hudson in the baby you at about 6 45
10:47 pm
friday night. her aunt is expected to be okay. a motive isn't known from what we know of right now. this just came out. nowhere sfpd homicide lieutenant mike philpott says police have obtained surveillance video from at least three sources were still in the process of going through everything and a case like this, it's you know, we're dependent upon video, but also the communities help. this is senseless, and this has to stop. james caldwell is with mayor london breeds office of criminal justice and public safety. we need to all come together all racists that live in san francisco need to understand that we will not tolerate this type of violence. anymore. we miss our daughter physically, but we find comfort in north. her spirit resides in a greater place. the father says he knows that there are different views of justice. what it should look like what it entails. but he says for him and his family, the justice they want is peace. henry lee ktvu fox studios, these kids. wow the family of a man who's
10:48 pm
been missing or rather, who had beeneeks, spoke for the first time today since volunteers search crews located a body matching his description. life is truly fragile and delicate and the past three i was four weeks. um show me that crystal clear. i like to imagine him setting off on this final hike with joy. embracing the outdoors. running free as the wind. philip kray check went on iran at pleasant and regional park back on july. 10th on tuesday of this week, a volunteer searcher found body believed to be his authorities and search crews had spent countless hours looking for crazy chick and his family says they're grateful for the community's help. how alrighty then let's take a look at these
10:49 pm
temperatures. these were today's numbers, which dropped off pretty significantly today. 88 fairfield 82 in vallejo, the last couple of days. we've dropped good 15 degrees in some places as we head into tomorrow we go the other way. we warm right up. temperatures are going to get back into the middle upper nineties whenever one day heat up if you will, and then temperatures start to cool against an interesting pattern. little smoke may come in tomorrow and be from those northern fires. we you see a little smoke this afternoon this evening, but again, i think it's high level stuff. so if you're worried about your asthma or respiratory issues, i don't think it is. the gentleman said an earlier piece vickers tom baker's piece if you can smell the smoke, then it is a problem. you know you're breathing. you're probably breathing some particular but it can't smell it. which i don't suspect. you will. i think we'll be okay. this low pressure center is the reason that we've got all the fog. it's the reason we cooled off today. it's the reason the fire the dixie fire, especially and even the grown a bit because they're getting a lot of south wind pumped into its
10:50 pm
southwest wind in that southwest wind is also bringing smoke down from some fires up in dill north county into our areas. that's where the smoke would come from. so we'll look for that tomorrow and then after that, it's going to kick out pretty quick. i think i showed you the model earlier. the smoke is going to kick out like if it shows up by noon. two o'clock, the smoke's gone the way the way that we in direction is it's going to shift real quickly and move right off, so it's not going to be a long term thing. if you do smell smoke, it shouldn't be around, but a couple hours, so i don't think it's a game a game changer at all fog and low clouds tomorrow morning. you knew that was coming, but then it burns off more quickly and then temperatures warm because as that low leaves. high jumps in and the air starts to sink and warm and so we're going to get like a quick warm up, so it's going to go from the eighties today, mid eighties to mid nineties tomorrow, we've got a nice onshore flow about where it should be. everything's doing what it's supposed to do. the forecast model you see a little bit of fog tomorrow morning, not a ton of coverage. and then because of that temperatures warm up,
10:51 pm
quick that high fills in and you see the purple showing up in the central value, so we'll see low low one hundreds out there. um for most of us around the bay area, the hotspots will be like 97. and the ac 97 in fairfield, then 77 in oakland, which is pleasant 79 hayward, 82 down towards the san jose area. the five day forecast is i like it. how cal fire likes it too, quite frankly, for the bay area in terms of this because we're looking at a heat up tomorrow, but then it cools down quite rapidly as we head into the weekend and early next week. coming up. the giants did something today. they haven't done in 80 years in our sports director marco baniyas has the story that's coming up next in sports and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news, a massive project to pay tribute to those covid-19, who died. how artists in san francisco are honoring
10:52 pm
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for details. tonight. june of 1941. that's the last time the giants came from a four nothing deficit in the ninth inning to eventually win the game. wow it's just been that kind of season every day. it seems like an eye popper of some sort. today they get off the injured list. brandon bell left, and he would contribute another kind of rough start for alex would against the last place d'backs, who get off to a quick lead in the first inning. as a matter of fact, bases loaded pavin smith base hit going to score a couple and corey payment. yeah pavin, smith's death was his agent. that's why they named him pavement trivia there for you and the good luck family is back. ninth inning, the giants had been shut out. only three hits. brandon crawford gets it, going runners at 1st and 3rd. that's going to be a two base
10:55 pm
hit an rb. suddenly it's 4 to 1. you're thinking, okay, at least they're not going to get shut out. no problem. here's brandon belt looking good, swinging nice in his first game back, clean base hit to right on a hop. that's going to score. al. dickerson and with two outs. this is the at bat of the game, lamonte wade jr. how many big hits has this guy came through 3 to 10 32 pitch after fouling off a couple laced it in the right field. crawford is going to score stephen duggar right behind him. all of a sudden, it's a four game and, you know, make them a permanent part of the traveling party for the giants, kris bryant had his best game has a giant eddie's. smokes that one down the left field line fair ball. he had three hits incomes. what was to be the game deciding run tommy la stella is in jake mcgee, the save his 24th the giants just like that come back to the wind had to be the best one of the
10:56 pm
year. but we've said that many times, and they lead the dodgers by 44 game. it is. hall of fame week in the nfl and kind of like, uh, it's about time on two things. tom flores. he's been long overdue to get to the hall and then john lynch with the san francisco 49 ers. he of course, is their team president, as many of you know, but. some of the younger fans not aware of the fact that this guy was one of the toughest hard nose players actually came to stanford as a quarterback bill walsh, somen said. now this guy needs to be in the defensive backfield and he can lay. some would always said i'd love to see ronnie lott, john lynch in the same defensive backfield. this sunday he'll make his speech will mr lynch and he's all geared up for it already. it will be emotional, because i know even when i'm just practicing my speech when i'm talking about my wife when i'm talking about my parents, my kids, um you know, i'll get
10:57 pm
emotional. and i think in this instance that's okay. there's a lot of people who were integral in helping me. um. that i wouldn't be in canton without along with john lynch introduced at the hall of fame game tonight. tom flores was also there. peyton manning. they're going in the great charles woodson and jimmy johnson, cowboys coach and calvin johnson megatron. also great class. this year, the steelers beat the cowboys. no problem, but. big story for us big bay area news. the pride of najee harris, the pride of area jack and running back top choice of the steelers. got his feet wet in the nfl seven carries 21 yards and the write home about but i guarantee you that guy is going to be an nfl start. najee harris out of antioch. if you know your baseball and you go back away. certainly you know, the name of j. r. richard one of the
10:58 pm
absolute flamethrowers in baseball history if they had the radar guns back when he was starring. in the seventies and eighties. i'll tell you what you might have set an all time record six ft eight inch flamethrower made his debut actually in the major leagues against the giants, and he has died today at the age of 71. his career was cut short with a stroke in 1980, he said. health issues since then. j. r richard, one of the all time great hall of famer houston astros, is where he made his claim to fame dead at the age of 71. all right, we've got a little extra time, so why not? check this out. you go to yankee stadium. i think you're probably paying about upwards of 15 20 bucks for a beer and these two gentlemen, protect the beer and the foul ball lands right in the beer. but you know what? you pay that much for a beer, and this happens to you? uh i
10:59 pm
don't know. i call tech stick around and take another sip of that beer. no problem. absolutely yeah. can't blame check this out. this is a great story. this is noah tingle. 17 year old older brother of max, who is 12 years old. max has a serious illness and every day when he comes home from school, big brother dresses up in a costume. that's sweet. it makes his younger brother smile and the neighborhood got so into it. they started donating different costumes for big brother. death. louisiana to greet his brother with and uh and that that is something else right there. great story. noah tingle. best big brother of all time. absolutely really sweet. that's the sporting life. get it back to you, frank and heather. thanks mark coming up next here at 11. we're worried about the town of west would, uh, just above greenville in little ways, you know, so there's so much that's going on
11:00 pm
the huge dixie fire continues to rage out of control up north, taking out the small town of greenville yesterday and burning through the town of canyon dam today, this firefight is far from over. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. the dixie fire has now grown to the sixth largest wildfire in california history. and tonight four people are unaccounted for. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm heather holmes in tonight again for julie. just one day after that blaze tore through greenville. more homes have been lost just north and canyon dam that fire has burned more than 564 square miles. in both flummox and view counties. authorities say four people are now missing and that more homes have been lost to this huge and stubborn fire. this video comes from the tiny town of canyon dam, which is at the southern end of lake al man


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