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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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to rage out of control up north, taking out the small town of greenville yesterday and burning through the town of canyon dam today, this firefight is far from over. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. the dixie fire has now grown to the sixth largest wildfire in california history. and tonight four people are unaccounted for. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm heather holmes in tonight again for julie. just one day after that blaze tore through greenville. more homes have been lost just north and canyon dam that fire has burned more than 564 square miles. in both flummox and view counties. authorities say four people are now missing and that more homes have been lost to this huge and stubborn fire. this video comes from the tiny town of canyon dam, which is at the southern end of lake al manure that's
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just north of greenville, another small town that was gutted by the fire just last night. the wind has shifted from where it was yesterday. so that now the fires starting to burn in a different direction, which is presenting another challenge for our firefighters out there and. down in the valley, where i was most of the day we had some very, very impressive been scary looking about pira cumulus that so many people have been talking about now. a fire destroyed much of greenville back in 18 81, but was quickly rebuilt with 500 people living there a year later, now about 800 people call greenville home, but much of it as we mentioned is now gone. people are worried about their pets because they had to flee without them, and they're worried about their homes. the noah satellite video shows the flames in the light grey smoke coming from the dixie fire. it is now burned more than 360,000
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and containment has not changed for several days, standing at just 35% the dixie fire isn't the only fire authorities are worried about. there's also the river fire, and tonight crews have 15% containment around that fire, which is burning in the sierra foothills. cal fire says the fire is damaged or destroyed. and 400 structures close to 40 homes have also been lost. today firefighters were out hosing down hotspots in the town of chicago park in nevada county. the fire started yesterday and then spread quickly because of red flag conditions. the river fire has now burned 2600 acres. at about 6000 people and plosser and nevada counties are under evacuation orders. a reminder here that you can get the latest updates anytime on the wildfires that are burning around california. just go to ktvu .com slash wildfires now
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to the latest on the coronavirus and new numbers, show cases continue to increase up and down the state. in the last 24 hours more than 9500 do. covid cases were reported statewide. that's up. almost 1000 from the day before 56 more people have died, two more than the previous day, and the number of people hospitalizes now under 5500. that's an increase of nearly 269 cases from yesterday and test positivity ticked up to 7.1% san francisco's positivity rate is up to 5.8% that is the highest since april of 2020. at a restaurant group in the north bay is now putting up more than $20,000. all in an effort to try to get 100% of its employees vaccinated. getting his deputy alone joins us now live from santa rosa and deb, is this lottery working? well, it seems to be heather ever since the contest was announced, employees at stark restaurants are showing more interest in a shot. the idea is inspired by
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the big lotteries the state held in june. okay sonoma county restaurants owned by marc and teri stark are serving up something new. the bucket. the names in the bucket. yes in a few weeks, drawing names among vaccinated employees. and giving each winner $1000. i've never done this before. never thought i would have to do this. three names drawn from each of seven restaurants in the group already about 85% of almost 500 employees are vaccinated. but in the current surge, the couple is pushing for 100% we can't go back. i mean, our businesses won't survive another shutdown, awarding $21,000. making sure staff knows where clinics are and on top of the contest, making the shot easy, drive them to their appointments. make appointments.
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um anything it takes to get them. their reaction, a mix. some employees still want nothing to do with vaccines, somebody that they trust has told them don't get the vaccine and that's hard to hard to battle, but most are receptive. those undecided or procrastinating are. now motivated. it made a difference. definitely i would like to win the money. we can push those on the fence over. the lottery also conveys how important vaccination is to the company has kind of been a fun way for the entire staff to kind of get involved and get vaccinated and have something to talk about the prizes. staying safe and keeping everyone else safe. and i think that this is just an added bonus to that. after the giveaway, they haven't decided how to handle remaining holdout., but me myself and i doesn't work right now. it's
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for the public health and safety and we're just trying to do our part. the starks feel they've been fortunate over the course of the pandemic. fewer than a dozen staff have been infected and none caught or spread covid while at work. whether the company drawing will be held on september 1st. yep cash, often a good way, an incentive kind of nudge people in that direction. we'll see if it works. thanks so much. appreciate it. well, yelp has added a new tool to let businesses share their vaccine policies today, yelp introduced two new profile attributes. businesses can now have a proof of vaccination required. and staff fully vaccinated added to their online profiles. users can also search for restaurants with those filters. yelp says it will monitor reviews on the site to make sure that customers are not attacking businesses for their vaccine requirements. tonight people gathered at grace cathedral in san francisco for a remarkable
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project to honor each person who has died from the coronavirus. people are drawing gold circles on paper and then the name of each person who. has died will be written inside those circles the name of the project project is requiem, the artist who got who organized the project said that she felt a need to recognize all of the individual lives that have been lost all four million people who have passed they have lives that have meaning. they have family. they had aspirations. they had dreams that came true dreams they were still working on and i don't want i'm just to disappear into this abstract number that we can't physically understand when the project is completed. it will take up about 2000 sheets of paper. the work in progress will be on display in new york in november, but the artist says it will actually take many years before it's finished. the great
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highway in san francisco has been closed for 16 months, all due to the pandemic. it's been an issue that has pitted neighbors against neighbors. but the mayor's office announced today a new plan that's seen as a compromise. kate fuse amberleigh tonight with the details, do use that the great highway in san francisco will soon be partially open to vehicle traffic brought this couple here for what they described as a stress free bike ride. it hurts a little bit because we've gotten so used to being empty since april of last year, the great highway has been closed to car traffic between lincoln way and slope boulevard. as part of the city's response to the pandemic and to provide a safe outdoor space for people to enjoy. well, you're always worried about you know, there's somebody behind me as somebody in front of me. is something gonna stop? i'm not gonna get doored. the great highway became the great walkway to those who wanted it closed to vehicle traffic, polarizing the outer sunset neighborhood. they just want a personal playground out their neighbors who live on what's known as the lower grade
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highway, the street that parallels the great highway. say the closure caused traffic to clog the residential streets. you'll see people run stop. scientists indiscriminately drive 40 50 miles an hour down the street. just stay here for an hour and you'll see it. the city announced that starting august 16th. the great highway will reopen to car traffic monday through friday, but on weekends from fridays at noon until mondays at six a.m, it will only be open to pedestrians and bicyclists. personally i walk on it every day. i've enjoyed it. i think it's a great asset, a great public space. neighborhood watch captain tells me residents and businesses have experienced backlash over their positions. now a compromise seen as a win win to some coming together and finding a medium where we all get something that resonates with me. i think it's a pretty good compromise. at this point. i'm happy with it on holidays. the great highway will also be open only to pedestrians and bicyclists. this configuration will be in place until city
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leaders come up with a long term plan that may or may not be the same, the mayor's office says. this change was made to align with schools reopening and the city emerging from the pandemic in san francisco, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. about 30. gunshots were fired off at a party in san leandro this morning. what we're learning about the three people who were hurt. also mills college in oakland was planning to merge with another university coming up. the decision from a judge putting that plan on hold.
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(music) at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids.
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usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. alumni group trying to keep the historic women's college from closing or merging with another school in alameda county judge today issuing a temporary restraining order preventing mills from taking any action relating to the college, including a potential partnership with northeastern university. the mills association filed that motion last week. a hearing is set for august 16th on their request for financial documents. the group says that mills has the resources to stay open. new students and remain a women's liberal arts college. now the president of mills college responded to the decision, saying, quote at a time when the college needs to focus on the path forward. we sincerely hope the alumni association of
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mills college will stop its divisive efforts targeting individual trustees and officers of the college and will instead to vote its resources to partnering with us. in creating a future of opportunity. we now go to mountain view where police are investigating horrific finding katie views azenith smith tells us that a woman there is under arrest. police say she suspected of killing her newborn baby. 31 year old jennifer topper is accused of killing her newborn son and discarding the body outside her mountain view home. all life is significant and important and valuable and sacred. and so the loss of a child is heartbreaking. megan cole saw the massive police and fire response on leghorn street monday afternoon, police received a call from tucker's friend of a stillborn baby. police found the baby deceased and interviewed the mother. she made varying statements that were somewhat consistent with what. you told what the friend told us. but also there were several inconsistencies as well.
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an autopsy revealed the boy close to full term had died of trauma after birth. police believe tupper gave birth on the property and acted alone. she faces charges of murder and child abuse, resulting in great bodily injury or death. the police chief says homicides are rare in mountain view, especially of a baby. we all know that just how vulnerable babies are and how innocent they are, so yeah. it's home on a lot of different fronts for a lot of us. tupper divorced and hailed from washington. according to her facebook page. she was once a salon manager there. police are not disclosing the address of her home. leghorn street is a mix of residential and commercial buildings at a christian church, the director their wishes she had sought help. i mean, i wish that she would have had a community of support that could have supported her intervened encouraged her to seek that helps you need to add. please want to remind anyone unable to care for an infant. they can safely surrender a baby at fire stations and hospitals. this
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could have been a lot different if you know that the baby was turned over to at the fire department. um to just think about the what could have been is hard to bear as well. police are not aware of the mother has any other children. they would not reveal details about the mother's mental health or prior criminal history, and they are still trying to gather information about the baby's father. in mountain view. i'm azenith smith ktvu fox. two news, those were all gunshots from a shooting that happened during a party in san leandro early this morning. three people were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries, police responded to 911 calls about two this morning. of the gunshots at a banquet hall on the sparing in boulevard, they
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found a lot of shell casings there at the scene from two different weapons. police have not given a possible motive for the shooting, and no arrests have been made. getting ready for the beginning of the school year. how oakland how the oakland school district is gearing up, plus the high school that's finally ready to reopen after seven years, and we're back here. with the forecast for friday. temperatures cool today, but it's heating up significantly tomorrow. back here with that, at first, the new details about a large coronavirus outbreak at kaiser last christmas that was initially believed to have been spread from an employee wearing an inflata
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a covid-19 outbreak at its hospital in san jose over the
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christmas holiday, now, originally, officials presumed that a kaiser staffer who came into the emergency room wearing an inflatable tree costume was responsible for the outbreak in the emergency department killed one receptionist and also sick and at least 100 patients and employees today, though, kaiser told katie view that other lapses may have led to the outbreak, including employees eating and talking without masks in a break room. and an open ventilation system. they say several investigations did not identify any single employee linked to the majority of the cases. school starts on monday for students in oakland and ktvu as rob roth tells us that after seven years of renovations high school in east oakland is finally set to reopen. oakland public schools reopened monday in this superintendent says the school district is prepared even as cases of the delta very and continues to grow. part of preparation is being prepared
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for uncertainty. all of our protocols and processes are in alignment with our county guidance and state guidance that means students, teachers and staff must wear masks indoortwo weeks. more if necess, but okay. is not making vaccinations mandatory. i imagine there may be some changes with county guidance and state guidance. and when that happens, we will then take the protocols that we have in place and refined them formal helped inaugurate the completion of the massive makeover of fremont high school in east oakland. the project took seven years to complete. the assistant principal at fremont recalled being a student there. frankly, most of my peers and i regarded this school as as a prison. and there were chain link fences and locks, right, um, our sweatshirts literally said sentence completed 2000 and three when i graduated from fremont school, many say, had
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often been neglected. fremont high now has a new academic building with state of the art science labs and career and technical education labs for multimedia broadcasting and architecture. it also has a construction program along with a new football field in gymnasium complex with the wellness. center that includes medical and dental facilities. some students came by thursday to have a look. it's more spaces. i feel safer every child deserves the best facilities we should not see differences between private schools between suburban campuses and what we have right here, perhaps the biggest change from last year. is this only about 800 students have opted for distance learning the rest all say they're coming to class. us beginning monday in oakland, rob roth ktvu fox two news, alright getting ready for your friday. the weather looks pretty good. it's going to heat up today. cool down yesterday
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was cool, too. and then tomorrow temperatures on friday go back into the mid nineties. you'll see that that's kind of the roller coaster graphic i've got here warmed up a bunch on tuesday drop down wednesday and thursday and then warms up big time on friday and then cools back down. it's going to keep going that way. we got that low offshore. there's going to continue to kind of moderate our temperatures. these are the highs from today and we're fortunate that we have that low. i'll show it to your coming up in a minute, but it's definitely keeping the fog around. it's keeping the fuel moistures a little higher. it's just very helpful, at least in terms of air quality and fire concerns in the bay area proper. not so for the rest of the state. but for us, it's pretty good. there's the low there. um and it's balancing out against that high, right. so the two of them get going at it. and tomorrow the high is going to win. and today, the low one, and that's why the red flag warning came from because we're getting some southwest winds up on the fires up around, dixie up around, uh, greenville. pardon me. um and then you see that high build in on friday and on friday, it's going to be
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a warmer day. and then on saturday, i guess what the low comes back and does its deal, so we're sort of going back and forth, which is fine. we last thing we need is an extended, heatwave. right which we all we've seen him. but this is the first summer i can remember. we haven't seen a lot of big, you know, heat even at out of the coast. we had a couple days, but not not like it can be well into august now, so this is kind of a good news thing. there is the fog for the morning hours. this is the model and you can see there's not a lot of push on the fog at all. it's just going to burn off quick and that boom temperatures warm up. that's because the low that that one of the low i showed you as it leaves the highest going to jump in real quick and it's going to have this pop of heat. that's where the purples are coming from the one hundred's up in sacramento, down in stockton in antioch will be closed will be 97 97 in fairfield, so that five day forecast you can see it here. we've got the warmest day friday and then temperatures cool down nicely. saturday sunday, monday and tuesday. so i'll see you all back here on sunday night. hope you have a good weekend. bill thank you.
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coming up here, the giants pull off a rare feat today in arizona are sports director mark obonyo is up next i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right:
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that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. i got to tell you if you're listening to the giants game or watching it on tv wouldn't have blamed you. if you turned it off i made it was kind of let's just say dull going into the ninth inning. i mean, be realistic even against the last place diamondbacks. you're down for nothing. you've had only three hits all day. you're thinking okay, well, they blew it. they split the series with arizona, but it didn't work out that way. with brandon belt up the injured list. the good luck kid in the stands hick from the giants at the top of the ninth inning. brandon crawford our
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rope into right center field that's going to score the first one, and i have to admit at the time i was thinking of cat. at least they didn't get shut out. brandon. well as we mentioned back and healthy, nice stroke, clean, single to right. that's going to score. alex dickerson with the second run, and then against interesting giants able to load the bases at 32 count to lamont, wait, fouled up a couple pitches and he strokes to right field, two run single. crawford and stephen dugger are in. we got a 44 gaming from then good luck family. it's all in chris bryant best game as a giant. three hits. this one, cracks it down the left field line. fair ball around comes tommy la stella. game decider right there. jake mcgee locked it down in the bottom of the 10th inning. 24 saves for him and the giant slide that lead up to four games over the dodgers. well, there's so many rumors swirling around the
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golden state warriors. first of all, what were they going to do on draft day and maybe a sign and trade with kelly? you braid junior? i guess you can get that out of your thoughts. because kelly you braid jr was a one year term with the golden state warriors. he is very close to signing a deal with charlotte tonight, final negotiations. reportedly it's going to be two years were 26 million. no sign and trade no return to the bay area. kelly oubre jr soon to be a hornet and in the that's about time category, tom flores is going into the hall of fame. great raider coach and before that, a quarterback and our course. john lynch of the san francisco 49 ers. he was a great safety in the nfl, as you probably know for many years, and tom flores will be joined by, of course, peyton manning. charles woodson. what a class this year. jimmy johnson, the cowboys coach and calvin megatron johnson also goes to
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the hall. the speeches on sunday. meanwhile the hall of fame game steelers took care of the cowboys. big bay area news, the debut of a reax najee harris and getting his nfl feet wet. seven carries 21 yards and you can expect big things from him. as the number one pick for the steelers, making his unofficial nfl debut in a preseason game. football fans just happy ins here even though they game with kind of a dog. we got some time. and so it is that time to check this out, not many games in the major leagues tonight. not all that many fans that didn't look like in yankee stadium, but those that were there will remember this day for them here had to show you this again as you're not much beer. they're probably cost in these days at yankee stadium, blam right in the middle between those two fans, just like it was planned. you pay that much for a brew. you're gonna not losing it
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whether or not there's a ball in it or not. that's the sporting life back to you guys. all right. see you later born. all right. see you later born. goodnight goodnight. (ducks chirping) come on. why aren't they transferring to me? i look just like you. maybe i don't have the scent right. a few weeks ago, i found a nest of duck eggs. i, uh... i lovingly nursed them, and then, uh, by some...sick fluke, claire was the only one there when the ducks were born, so they imprinted on her. (telephone rings) who's calling at this hour? hello? yes? luke's been arrested! ♪ (birds chirping) well, good morning, leonard. leonar-- i know it's not my well-behaved son, luke,


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