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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 6, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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third largest wildfire in california history just how much the dixie fire grew overnight and the devastation the fire has already caused to several communities. plus the sky may look hazy today in parts of the bay area how wildfires in northern california are impacting the air. we breathe and san francisco is taking a rare step in the fight against covid-19 the supplemental vaccine that's being offered to those who received the johnson and johnson shot if their doctors feel. patients need more protection. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon and good afternoon. i'm jana katsuyama, mike and garcia have the afternoon off the dixie fire officially became the third largest wildfire in california t exploded in size overnight. now, too small towns have been destroyed. ktvu jesse gary has the latest on the fire and the efforts to contain. paint it.
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friday the dixie fire swelled in size growing more than 71,000 acres overnight and now stands at over 432,008. that's more than half the size of the state of rhode island. part of that was driven by the fuel and the topography. but the most the most, uh, impressive changes because of the weather conditions. captain mitch matt lowe says high winds and pyro cumulus clouds combined to cause erratic and unpredictable fire behavior. thursday the small town of kenyan near the south end of lake alma, nor was reduced to ash and earlier in the week, greenville saw history repeated. gold rush town burned 140 years ago and went up in flames again. we lost greenville there's. just not words for
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help. us and government haven't been able to get the job doing cal fire officials say 5200 firefighters have been able to gain 35% containment of the dixie fire, more resources, people and equipment arrived friday. throughout the day. we do have some new technologies of. available infrared imaging is being used on this fire, and it has been used successfully, firefighters say, ground level smoke, less wind and higher humidity levels are aiding the fight. today, they're going to work to establish lines in areas where the fire pushed out yesterday, they're going to work to strengthen the lines in areas where the fire has already been, officials say smoke from the dixie fire will make its way to the bay area and fire this large so early. in the fire season, an indication will get more of the same this fall. their urge everyone to prepare for the worst end if ordered to evacuate. leave. in the newsroom. jesse gary ktvu, fox
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two news. meantime the river fire in the sierra foothills is now 30% contained. cal fire says it's cruz made good progress overnight, at least 2600 acres have burned since the fire started on wednesday and quickly spread forcing about 6000 people across plaster in nevada counties to evacuate. dozens of homes have already been damaged or destroyed. an air quality advisory is in effect today for the bay area because of smoke from some of those northern california wildfires, you may see a hazy sky, especially if you live in either the east or north base, the bay area air quality management district says the smoke is a loft. that means officials do not expect unhealthy air to reach down to the ground levels and harm people. but they do want residents to be aware, especially those who are most at risk. want to make sure that individuals with asthma, bronchitis, lung disease, the elderly and the younger people in that within our jurisdiction are taking care of themselves and taking the preventative measures to protect themselves.
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if you do smell smoke, you are advised to stay indoors this week, san francisco general hospital gave out hundreds of pfizer and moderna shots to people who received the johnson and johnson vaccine. ktv is james torres reports on why the hospital is taking an extra step beyond actions by either the state federal agencies or. the world health organization. it's not just here at the hospital, but for the city of san francisco's public health department as well. they are also accommodating requests from j and j recipients to get an m r and a vaccine. those health officials say people are questioning the efficacy of j and j with the rising threat of the delta area. they have consulted with doctors then put in a request with either the city or sf general. according to the chronicle. the hospital gave out more than 400 shots, and it's dropping. inside this week, right now, no major health agency is recommending any mix of vaccines north, supplemental or booster shots. in fact, the world health organizationasking to hold
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off on boosters to have enough for other white house says. booster or not, the u. s should no longer have any supply issues. we also in this country have enough supply to ensure that every american has access to a vaccine. we will have enough supply to ensure if the fda decides that booster are recommended for a portion of the population to provide those as well. we believe we can do both, and we don't need to make that choice again. no one is recommending a booster is needed. in fact, even the city is not making its marin a j and j combo, an official recommendation. they say they are just accommodating a swarm of requests from individuals if you are a j and j recipient, these health leaders say that you need to consult with your doctor first to see if something like this makes sense for you. if they approve. you can get one of these supplement vaccines at any city run vaccine site in san francisco. i'm james torres ktvu, fox two
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news and the san francisco department of public health does add that you must prove that you got your johnson and johnson vaccine shot in san francisco in order to get that supplemental shot. you also will need to make an appointment. meantime, napa county will now require everyone to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. napa joined seven other barrier counties that implemented the indoor mask mandate. on tuesday, napa held off on the mandate over concerns that it might discourage people from getting vaccinated, but then made that change. solano county is now the only bay area county without a mask mandate right now, governor newsom is at an elementary school in southern california to talk about the reopening of schools for in person instruction. the governor talked about the california comeback plan that includes 123.9. million dollars for schools in the state. ktvu james torres will have more on what the governor discussed coming up at 12 30, the first day of public school in oakland
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is just days away, and ktvu is rob ross says. school officials say covid protocols are in place and they're ready for the unexpected. oakland public schools reopened monday in this superintendent says the school district is prepared even as cases of the delta variant continues to grow. part of preparation is being prepared for uncertainty all of our protocols and processes are in alignment with our county guidance and state guidance that means students, teachers and staff must wear masks indoors. teachers will be tested for covid at least every two weeks more if necessary, but oakland is. not making vaccinations mandatory. i imagine there may be some changes with county guidance and state guidance. and when that happens, we will then take the protocols that we have in place and refined them. travel helped inaugurate the completion of the massive makeover of fremont high school in east oakland. the project took seven years to complete.
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the assistant principal at fremont recalled being a student there, frankly, most of my peers and i regarded this school as as a prison. there were chain link fences and locks, right, um our sweatshirts literally said sentence completed 2000 and three when i graduated from fremont, the school, many say, had often been neglected. fremont high now has a new academic building with state of the art science labs and career and technical education labs for multimedia broadcasting and architecture. it also has a construction program along with a new football field in gymnasium complex with the wellness center that includes medical and dental facilities. some students came by thursday to have a look. it's more spaces. i feel safer, every child observes the best facilities. we should not see differences between private schools between suburban campuses and what we have right
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here. perhaps the biggest change from last year. is this only about 800 students have opted for distance learning the rest all say they're coming to class. beginning monday in oakland, rob roth ktvu fox two news, there's another delay in the reopening of the vta light rail line, vita officials announced last night that the rail line impacted by the tragic mass shooting will not be restarting this month, according to the bay area news group vita ceo told the board that he's not setting a date at this time and that they are trying to reopen in a manner that's sensitive to employees. the agency first plan to reopen light rail service in late two lie. then mid august, writers will need to continue using the bus service in place of the light rail, his new information regarding sexual harassment allegations against new york governor andrew cuomo. what we're learning about a criminal complaint that was filed by one of his accusers, plus encouraging numbers from the labor department home, lauren
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filed a criminal complaint against him. it was filed with the albany county sheriff's office yesterday. cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by many women, but this complaint is the first known instance where a woman has made an official report with a law enforcement agency over alleged misconduct by cuomo. the sheriff told the new york post that it is possible the democratic governor could be arrested if investigators determined he committed a crime. the july jobs numbers are out today and it shows the economy is recovering. the white house is encouraged by this better than expected news, but warned that the spread of covid cases could impact gains. foxes. lauren blanchard has the latest from washington. biden plan is working. the biden plan produces results on the biden plan is moving the country forward a big july jobs report out of the labor department, the latest numbers show 943 jobs were added last month, beating expectations that the unemployment rate down by half a percent. 5.4 assigned the
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economy is recovering, very encouraging numbers, so hopefully that trend will continue the biggest job gains in leisure and hospitality and local government with construction numbers also up labor force. participation is at 61.7% still 8.7 million people remain unemployed. i predict we're going to continue to see more people enter the workforce because that's the biggest problem right now. economists are concerned the rise in the delta variant could slow what has been months of promising growth. this is something that we haven't experienced in this country in 100 years. it's this is not a normal recession. this is not something that's predictable. the report also shows inflation is rising faster than hourly wages. it's a silent text you make a 5% increase in your wage. but you're losing, you know a percent because inflation is going up at 6% republicans say massive spending bills in congress will cut into recent gains, as the administration says the money is necessary to
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continue growth. if we've got an economy that's in really a full full scale recovery right now, why in the world is the federal government talking about spending $4 trillion? it's the dumbest thing. the unemployment rate is 2% higher. with two million more people still unemployed, then before the pandemic showing there is more recovery to go in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. one of the hydro electric plants at lake orville has been shut down for the first time in the reservoirs, history. water levels at lake oroville have reached a new low, just 642 ft. above mean sea level. the plant can produce enough power for 80,000 homes and businesses. but right now there just isn't enough. water. authorities say the shutdown was expected and plans are in place to try and deal with the lost power. drought conditions are getting worse in other parts of the western us the water levels at lake powell in utah and arizona have also reached historic
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lows. lake powell is the second largest reservoir in the united states. boat ramps have been closed and houseboat rental companies have canceled bookings through the rest of this month. well now it's time to check in with ktvu meteorologist kyla grogan about the temperatures we've been seeing some pretty cloudy skies around the bay area. kyla yeah, dana kind of an interesting day because we actually had the marine layer retreat a little bit earlier. today was a little bit of a compressed marine layer. however we do have smoke up in the upper levels of the atmosphere that's traveled our way because of a northerly wind. and that is why we got hazy skies live. look outside right now at sandra fell the north bay certainly a spot where this morning they're waking up to kind of that odd orange glow a little bit right? not terribly pronounced. but it was certainly there and it is as i mentioned up in the upper levels and the chance of it. mixing down today is the problem. we're gonna talk about that in a second, but also we're going to be pretty warm day out their current temperatures right now, you can see 70 degrees already in san francisco. we are in the eighties already in walnut
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creek and conquered. and this is the difference in temperatures between now and 24 hours ago. so you know if you're up in santa rosa, it's already 14 degrees. warmer conquered 11 degrees warmer. you get the idea. it's going to be a warmer day today because high pressure is kind of rolled in and pumping those temperatures up. now we do have just slight wind out there and again. it's not really the surface wind that's causing the haze to come our way. it's the upper level wind. it is a northerly flow, and that's what's driving. all of that. come smoky air our way. now the good news is right now, air quality is looking pretty good. you see all of the green dots here in and around the bay. that means that right now we're doing fine. however, as we look at the smoke forecast, this is the problem. take a look at this. it's future chasm to take you into tonight. you start to see some of that smoke rolling down and it gets a little bit worse before it will get better. so this is your saturday morning, but by saturday evening into sunday morning now we're starting to see that unsure flow happened, and that should allow us to see some improvement. but for the next 24 to 36 hours, i think
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we're going to have to contend with this and hopefully won't see it. mixing down too far down to the surface. this is what we're looking at for our heights. today as you can see, it's going to be pretty warm one out there and conquered. we're talking upper nineties up in the bay of in the north bay, they could see also some low nineties. any other day, right? if we didn't have the smoke to contend with, we'd be talking about what a nice day it is and ho the marine layer kind of gave us a break, and that is courtesy of high pressure that is kind of nudging in from the four corners and that's why today we're going to see those warmer temperatures with unfortunately the side of hazy skies, but as we head into the weekend and into next week, another low pressure system that's currently up in the gulf of alaska will ultimately start to track through and that will give us some cooler temperatures. let's put it all together here and you can see again. it's going to be a warm one today, particularly and we will see a little relief on saturday, and then we're going to get back to kind of, you know more normal temperatures as we head into sunday, monday and tuesday, and hopefully our air quality will hold or at least it will certainly start to improve as we head into the latter part of the weekend as well. janet back to you. okay, thanks so much, kyler. has been
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pandemic, but now there's a plan to reopen it to cars. the reopening will only be during weekdays, ktvu is amber lee explains the city's plan and has reaction from people who live nearby and how the
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controversy over reopening has divided the neighborhood. do use that the great highway in san francisco will soon be partially open to vehicle traffic brought this couple here for what they described as a stress free bike ride. it hurts a little bit because we've gotten so used to being empty since april of last year, the great highway has been closed to car traffic between lincoln way and slope boulevard as part of the city's response to the pandemic and to provide a safe outdoor space for people to enjoy. well, you're always worried about you know, there's somebody behind me as somebody friend of me. is something gonna stop? i'm not gonna get doored. the great highway became the great walkway to those who wanted it closed to vehicle traffic, polarizing the outer sunset neighborhood. they just want a personal playground out their neighbors who live on what's known as the lower grade highway, the street that parallels the great highway say the closure caused traffic to clog the residential streets. you'll see people run stop science just indiscriminately drive 40 50 miles an hour down
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the street. just stay here for an hour and you'll see it. the city announced that starting august 16th. the great highway will reopen to car traffic monday through friday, but on weekends from fridays at noon until mondays at six a.m. it will only be open to pedestrians and bicyclists. personally i walk on it every day. i've enjoyed it. i think it's a great asset, a great public space. the neighborhood watch captain tells me. residents and businesses have experienced backlash over their positions. now a compromise seen as a win win to some. coming together and finding a medium where we all get something that that resonates with me. i think it's a pretty good compromise. at this point. i'm happy with it on holidays. the great highway will also be open only to pedestrians and bicyclists. this configuration will be in place until city leaders come up with a long term plan that may or may not be the same. the mayor's office says. this change was made to align with schools reopening and the city emerging from the pandemic in san francisco amberleigh. hey, ktvu, fox two
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news. united airlines announced today it will require all of its employees to be vaccinated for covid-19 united as the first u. s airline to require vaccinations among its workforce. the airline 67,000 employees at s. f l and its other hubs will have until november 1st to get the vaccine, the company's ceo told employees in a letter this morning. quote everyone is safer. when everyone is vaccinated community members in east san jose are calling for the immediate closure of reid hillview airport after a study showed that airborne lead exposure was increased in children in the area. the study commissioned by the santa clara county board of supervisors found that the use of aviation fuel containing lead is leading to an alarming health impacts for children in those surrounding neighborhoods. researchers found that in some cases that increases in blood to those seen in the water crisis in flint, mich. again, thousands of miles are between
12:25 pm
san jose and flint. but our struggles are the same. the real need to protect our communities from lead exposure, which is could be extremely poisonous is the same activists called on community members to come out to a board of supervisors meeting later this month to join in their demand to shut down the airport. in a statement issued to ktvu, the deputy county executive who coordinated the least, live the lead study. rather said quote we understand and recognize the public's anguish. the county administration is working hard on a set of recommendations to respond to the findings of the airborne lead study officials say they'll be ready to issue the recommendations at the end of next week. the u. s senate is trying to finalize a $1 trillion infrastructure bill this weekend, and senators say they will meet tomorrow for a very rare saturday session. they're scheduled to hold a procedural vote to cut off debate and move towards passing the legend. inflation it would launch new construction
12:26 pm
projects for roads, highways, bridges, airports and other public works. hours of closed door negotiations so far have failed to reach an agreement on new amendments to the bill, including more money for defense projects. infrastructure investment jobs act isn't perfect. no bill ever is, but it makes historic investments and assets that will benefit every american for many, many years. now is not the time to double down on out of control spending for a non emergency matter. this infrastructure bill would be partly funded by tightening the tax reporting of cryptocurrency investments. the crypto industry says the provision is too broad and penalizes third party groups that are sellers or buyers still to come at noon, some school districts in the bay area head back to the classroom next week. the update we just received from governor newsom when it comes to protecting students for in
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person learning. plus, we can't go back. i mean, our businesses won't serve. five. another shutdown. getting creative to protect workers from the coronavirus. what one restaurant owner in sonoma county is doing as an incentive for his employees to get the shot this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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california history, and it is growing so quickly. now it is on pace to become the sites second largest fire on record by this evening. so far, the dixie fire has burned 675 square miles. that's almost the size of contra costa county. firefighters are having difficulty making progress. containment did not change overnight, it remains at 35% the fire first level the community of greenville on wednesday and then left the town of canyon dam. plumas county in ashes as well. the river fire in the sierra foothills is now 30% contained. cal fire says it's cruz made good progress overnight. at least 2600 acres have burned since the fire started on wednesday and quickly spread forcing about 6000 people across plaster in nevada counties to evacuate. residents are still not being allowed to return home. dozens of homes have already been damaged or destroyed. firefighters have
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been keeping an eye on hotspots in the town of chicago park in. nevada county and happening right now, governor gavin newsom is detailing his california comeback plan for schools. it's an education package that's worth 123 billion ktvu. james torres is following the governor's comments. he joins us live now from the newsroom with the details. james janet, the governor, still speaking right now from the san bernardino city unified school district, he local and state education leaders spoke much. about the mental health to kids. faced over the last year, the governor made it very clear he wants students back in the classroom. that $123 billion package addresses some of that mental health in a number of different ways. $1 billion going toward adding more counselors on campus for teachers and students. 1.5 billion for special education. another 4.3 billion for behavioral health, the governor says the funding is unprecedented and necessary to prevent another year of distance learning. we talk
12:32 pm
about social, emotional learning, uh, that has no substitute. you can't get that respectfully on zoom school. every one of these kids raised their hand. we asked what they preferred. districts in california are getting ready to reopen. the governor's office wants all parents to know about this map on your screen. here. it's a state schools reopening map, and it tells you exactly each re opening plan broken up by each individual district. the governor did mention his mask mandate for students, which will be enforced by individual school district. he's facing a lawsuit out of orange county on the matter, he says, if everyone got vaccinated, we would not have to talk about masks again. live in the newsroom. i'm james tour. as ktvu fox two news. thank you, james again that state schools map very helpful as so many districts have different jurisdictions and different rules. well, schoolchildren in the east bay can get vaccinated as they head back to school. kaiser is partnering with oakland tech
12:33 pm
high school for the pop up clinic for anyone 12 and older at the school between 3 30 this afternoon until six o'clock tonight, you do not need an appointment, but anyone 17 years old or younger, does. need to get permission from their parents or guardian, california's health care and long term care workers are now being ordered to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. last month, governor newsom said he would require the states healthcare workers to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. but this new order issued yesterday by the state health department does not give them a choice. it says all of the roughly 2.2 million healthcare workers must be fully vaccinated by the end of september. only workers who are grand did a religious or medical exemption will have the option of getting that test twice a week. the biden administration continues its major push to get people vaccinated and as foxes griff jenkins reports, the white house is also considering withholding federal funding for states to get the job done. the
12:34 pm
new covid surges accelerating as the debate over mandates heats up. we're now averaging almost 90,000 new cases every day up 33% from last week as the delta variants spreads quickly, the white house now making a big push towards vaccine mandates, but they're not commenting on a washington post report that the president is considering withholding federal funds for states and institutions that don't require shots for their employees. the report comes as the white house struggles to get governors in covid hotspots to implode. it. new restrictions were focused on providing public health data to make sure they understand what steps they should be taking, even if those are not steps taken at the top of the leadership in that state, about a third of all new covid cases are in florida in texas, but governors in both of those states are firmly against new mitigation measures, including masks in schools, saying the cdc isn't following the science and parents are in the best position to decide whether their kids need masks. as a parent. you know, i would like that choice. i particularly for
12:35 pm
young kids. many of these kids, by the way, have recovered from covid. the administration claims that stance. what's politics ahead of public health and on friday, education secretary miguel cardona suggested the white house would support vaccine mandates for teachers and students once they're approved by the fda in those places where we see community spread is really high, we need to make sure we're following the mitigation strategies. that protects students and a new report shows covid cases are surging among children nationwide up 84% in the past week at the white house, griff jenkins, ktvu fox two news here in the bay area, north bay restaurant group has come up with its own contest to get more employees vaccinated. ktv is deborah villalon tells us about the $20,000 that are up for grabs. okay do sonoma county restaurants owned by marc and teri stark are serving
12:36 pm
up something new. the bucket. the names in the bucket. yes in a few weeks, drawing names among vaccinated employees and giving each winner $1000. i've never done this before. i never thought i would have to do this. three names drawn from each of seven restaurants in the group already about 85. percent of almost 500 employees are vaccinated. but in the current surge, the couple is pushing for 100% we can't go back. i mean, our businesses won't survive another shutdown, awarding $21,000 making sure staff knows where clinics are and on top of the contest, making the shot easy drive them to their appointments. make appointments. um anything it takes to get them their reaction, a mix. some employees still want. nothing to do with vaccines, somebody that they trust has told them don't get the vaccine, and that's hard to
12:37 pm
hard to battle, but most are receptive those undecided or procrastinating are now motivated. it made a difference. definitely i would like to win the money, we can push those on the fence over the lottery also conveys how important vaccination is to the company has kind of been a fun way for the entire staff to kind. get involved and get vaccinated and have something to talk about the prizes, staying safe and keeping everyone else safe. and i think that this is just an added bonus to that. the starks have been fortunate over the course of the pandemic. fewer than a dozen staff infected none catching or spreading covid at work. we will thank you very much after the giveaway. they haven't decided how to handle remaining holdout, but they want their team to know this isn't personal. well, that me myself and i. it doesn't work right now. it's for the public health and safety and we're just trying to do our part. the starks admit
12:38 pm
this idea was inspired by state lotteries in june that gave more than $100 million to vaccinated californians. the company drawing is september 1st in santa rosa deborah villalon ktvu fox two news now to mountain view where police are investigating a tragic finding, police found the body of a newborn child. ktvu 1000 smith tells us that the woman under arrest now is suspected of killing her baby 31 year old jennifer topper is accused of killing her newborn son and discarding the body outside her mountain view home. all life is significant and important and valuable and sacred. and so the loss of a child is heartbreaking. megan cole saw the massive police and fire response on leghorn street monday afternoon, police received a call from tucker's friend of a stillborn baby police for on the baby deceased and interviewed the mother. she made varying statements that were somewhat consistent with what she told what the friend
12:39 pm
told us. but also there were several inconsistencies as well. an autopsy revealed the boy close to full term had died of trauma after birth. police believe tupper gave birth on the property and acted alone. she faces charges of murder and child abuse, resulting in great bodily injury or death. the police chief says homicides are rare in mountain view, especially of a baby. we all know that just how vulnerable babies are and how innocent they are. so it hits home on a lot of different fronts for a lot of us. tupper divorced and hailed from washington. according to her facebook page. she was once a salon manager there. police are not disclosing the address of her home. leghorn street two is a mix of residential and commercial buildings. at a christian church, the director their wishes she had sought help. i mean, i wish that she would have had a community of support that could have supported her intervened encouraged her to seek that helps you need add. please want to remind anyone unable to care for an infant. they can safely
12:40 pm
surrender a baby at fire stations and hospitals. this could have been a lot different if you know that the baby was turned over to at the fire department, um, to just think about the what could have been as hard to bear as well. police are not aware the mother has any other children. they would not reveal details about the mother's mental health or prior criminal history, and they are still trying to gather information about the baby's father. in mountain view. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. the defense team for the man accused in the killing of kristin smart, is hoping to call convicted killer scott peterson to the stand to testify. paul flores isn't on trial for smart murder, but his defense lawyer is calling on peterson to testify as defense witness because he and smart knew each other while they both attended cal poly floors is defense attorney has made arrangements to transport peterson from san quentin state prison to san luis obispo to testify. it's not clear what he would be testifying on peterson
12:41 pm
was sentenced in 2000 and five for murdering his wife, lacey and their unborn child. kristin smart, disappeared 25 years ago. coming up a massive project to pay tribute to the victims of the coronavirus pandemic. how artists in san francisco are honoring the four million people who have lost their lives. and i'm keeping an eye on temperatures that are warming up already, and we also have air quality issues. we'll talk about that. your what makes febreze air effects different? while cheaper aerosols rely on artificial propellants... febreze uses a 100% natural propellant.
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insurrection at the u. s capitol building have now been awarded the highest civilian honor from congress. they represented with the congressional gold medal, and president biden offered his gratitude as he signed the legislation making the honor official. four medals will be placed at the us capitol, the capitol police headquarters, the metro police building and the smithsonian. i wasn't descent. it wasn't debate. it wasn't democracy. he was insurrection. it was right in mayhem. it was radical and chaotic, and it was unconstitutional and maybe most important was fundamentally on america. the congressional gold medal comes after two more of the d c officers who responded
12:45 pm
to the violence at the capitol that day have died by suicide. a total of four officers have died by suicide. an artist is using his abilities to pay tribute to all the lives claimed by covid-19 worldwide. people who wanted to help with the memorial project gathered at grace cathedral in san francisco. and they drew gold circles. on paper, the hope is to have the name of each covid victim written inside each of the circles. this project is titled requiem. all four million people who have passed they have lives that have meaning. they have family. they had aspirations. they had dreams that came true dreams they were still working on. and i don't want them just to disappear into this abstract number that we can't physically understand what it's estimated that this project will take about 2000 sheets of paper. the work in progress will be on display in new york in november.
12:46 pm
the artist says it will take years to finish, according to a new poll. most bay area companies are leaning toward a hybrid model as offices reopen the bay area council pulled 205 companies and found that just 19% are requiring employees to be in the office five days a week. 40% are planning to require three days only 1% plan to be fully remote. researchers say this could lead to one million fewer commuters and a potential negative impact on public transit. meantime, amazon has pushed back its return to office date to january. employees were originally scheduled to go back to the office on september 7th executive say that the nationwide surge in corona virus cases, though, upended their plans. several other tech companies have pushed back of return to the office, including google, twitter and lift and now it's time to check in with ktvu meteorologist kylo grogan, kyla. it's kind of been this, you know, warm, warm inside
12:47 pm
cool by this the coast. you really have a little bit of everything, don't you? yeah true. but today, janna even san francisco supposed to get into the low seventies, so it's gonna be a little warmer out there for everybody, but i think what's on everyone's mind. and is the fact that we've got smoke that has been coming into the upper levels of the air in the bay area now, thankfully, as we take a look at the air quality back right now, you can see we have green dots all across the bay. so that's good news. that means our air quality is holding. and that's because. the problem is in the upper levels. it hasn't really mixed down to the surface. now, if you are up at one of the peaks, if you are up in the hills, you might be seeing a little bit of that. hes certainly the north bay was seeing a little bit of it this morning. you start to get a little bit that orange glow right when the sun was coming up, and this is a live look at sandra fell where you can see it, as you know, a little hazy out there, so certainly some spots are hazy. i want to show cast. we're going to talk about the fact that t has been drivine our way. and look what happens over the next 24 hours. so as we go into tonight, it's going to get a little bit worse.
12:48 pm
unfortunately before it gets better there is your saturday morning saturday evening into sunday. now we start to get our onshore flow back, and that should help us a bunch with air quality. so again, it is up at the upper level, not at the surface. the surface here you can see you know, windows light and varied. but if you look at those wind barbs, right, those arrows that you see there. that's the more upper level level flow and that's from the north right now, and that's the part. that's kind of bringing all that smoke our way. current temperatures right now san francisco sitting at 69 degrees 77 in santa rosa, but check out wanna creek where it's already 86 at this hour 80 degrees in fremont about 77 right now in san jose. this is the difference in temperatures between 24 hours ago and now so again, you know, conquered up about 11 degrees. same story in livermore. nevado, santa rosa. wow up 14. and up 12 at sfo, so we're going to see some inland heat today. no doubt about it conquered. we're talking 97 degrees low seventies in san francisco low nineties up in the north bay. we could also see some of those nineties down
12:49 pm
in san jose spots like morgan hill around the bay, looking at seventies and eighties should be pretty pleasant out there on any other day we'd be talking about how the you know the marine layer compressed a little this morning and we got a lot of sunshine in there. so still some sunshine out there, but unfortunately. hayes is with us. the warmth is due to high pressure in the four quarters. it's kind of nudging in. it's going to warm us up a little bit, but it is short lived will really be today and tomorrow that will feel those warmer temperatures. there's another low pressure system up in the gulf of alaska. ultimately that will knock us back down kind of two more seasonal temperatures where we should be. but today and tomorrow if you're inland, we're talking nineties and we'll get back into the eighties as we get into sunday and monday, so a little hazy out there today, make sure if you do have any respiratory issues. you're taking good care of yourself. and that's all i've got for the weather. i'll send it back to janna. alright thanks, kyla. well republican candidates vying for governor newsome spot are fighting for an official gop endorsement. four candidates are competing for the california republican party endorsement. larry elder
12:50 pm
kevin faulkner, kevin kiley and doug oc. delegates will vote for a candidate during a virtual meeting tomorrow. the winner will receive campaign cash and other party resources for the final weeks of the race. the recall election is set for september. 14th what was a victory for a mills college alumni group trying to prevent the historic women's college from closing down the four? the women yesterday asked in alameda county judge and the judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing mills college from taking any action relating to the college mills and its alumni association will appear at a hearing on august 16th after a request for financial documents. and the president of mills college, responded to the court decision and had some criticism of the association saying quote at a time when the college needs to focus on the path forward. we sincerely hope the amc will stop its divisive efforts targeting individual trustees and officers of the college and will instead devote
12:51 pm
its resources to partnering with us in creating a future of opportunity. still to come here on the noon serving up a sweet treat on the peninsula up next we'll take you to the it's ice cream company historic and show you its deep roots here in the bay area.
12:52 pm
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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jason, did you know geico could save ywhole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it.
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♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. iguodala is back, iguodala tells new york times sports that he will return to the dubs to finish out his career. he'll find a one year deal after playing with the miami heat this past season, it would allah says he just couldn't pass up the opportunity to return. he was part of three warriors, nba championship teams and says he wants to go for one more nba championship. he calls his relationship with the bay area and fans,
12:55 pm
something special. well, there were. more problems for spirit airlines and its passengers. the airline cancelled 400 additional flights yesterday. that's nearly half of the airlines daily schedule so far this week, the airline has cancelled 1300 flights, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded since sunday. the airline says short staffing and technical issues are to blame. well this morning we took our nine o'clock show on the road for our third zip trip of the summer, and today we visited the peninsula ktvu claudine wang found a very sweet treat and when it comes to one with deep barrier routes, you can look no further than its it. please strawberries group 31. minute. to have when it comes to it's it ice cream sandwiches. there are just two questions. you need to ask yourself how many and which flavors cappuccino and punkin. that's the one but i have to watch
12:56 pm
what i get because i will eat them all. no matter what you pick, you get a piece of san francisco history with and it's it, whether it's started in 1928 at play land by the beach, and it was there for many years in 1970 71. when they throw down the beach, and we were the trade. my good, it's it and we started making our own cookies dot own formulas. we get them in from the local farms. we process it here and we'll get the whole thing together. the ice cream cookies and the childhood and becomes the good ole. that's it. company president charles shamir says. it's it is all about. family where is a family company, and it's owned by three families. basically we're going to keep doing what we're doing and everyone get along. oh, yeah, definitely. what for? over 50 years? yeah and when it comes to how and it's it is made well, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke. don't fix it. we have corner that we haven't
12:57 pm
changed since we started so if you start eating and it's like a year ago, 10 years ago or in the next few years, nothing's gonna change. we use the best product. going to have to use preservative because we make the cookies ourselves and it gets frozen within 3 to 4 days from being made. but just because you have the right formula doesn't mean you can't mix it up with new products like the nuggets and the it's it minis and don't forget those new flavors. now the classic vanilla it's it is making some room in the freezer for mint and cappuccino, and, more recently, strawberry green tea and pumpkin. well, you know, it's like you. on kids. you've got to like all of them, but my favorite three days still living l a and the cappuccino is second in the last decade, the company also opened up its factory store. a lot of people know the factory is here, and they feel they drove past it on the one who won for years and years. the shop is alone. newest and not everyone knows it's here, but it's definitely
12:58 pm
worth taking the exit from the freeway and coming to find us. we have to fill the freezer here about once or twice a week, and that fits about 3.5 1000 days believe so we go through it. definitely go through it. this has become a favorite stop because while it's it is popular in stores all across california, it's only in a handful of states west of the rockies and pass that well, and it's it is tough to find. and if you want to find the newest flavors, this is the place to get them. the strawberries a little rarer. the cappuccino i know is off the shelves quickly. people buy a lot of those those are really good. my favorites. the pumpkin, bowie will always recommend that one. whatever you pick. is bound to get you a few brownie points. i do it every summer for the camp counselors. my kids be very popular today, so, yeah, they'll get they'll take the credit for my expense. right to go, dad. exactly which brings us back to the only questions that really seem to matter how many and which flavors and how long will this
12:59 pm
box laugh? it will last. thus. uh couple weeks, maybe longer and for good. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. well, today is the start of a nationwide project to make sure kids have school supplies as classes resume for the fall, the salvation army is teaming up with walmart for campaign called stuff the bus shoppers can buy school supplies and then donate them to local families for convenience. there will be collection bins, inside stores and about a dozen walmart stores in the north and south bay's are participating in this particular school supply drive. you can see them there in fremont martinez napa, fairfield, vacaville and rohnert park, among others. and ktvu is partnering with supply. bank dot com dot org rather for our annual back to school drive, you can scan the qr code right there that you see on your screen if you'd like to donate or you can go to ktvu dot com slash school. thank you so much for joining us today on ktvu fox two news at noon. our news
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