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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 10, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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good. some city leaders in oakland calling for the state of california to step in after a string of violent crimes in their city. also the best way i can help now. is if i step aside and let government get back to governing my mind and an abrupt resignation. andrew cuomo, one of the most powerful democratic governor, steps down amid those sexual harassment allegations from ktvu fox. two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex savage, and i'm heather holmes and we begin this afternoon in. the east bay where we're following that developing news happening at the chevron refinery, their enrichment and here's what we know so far. the chevron refinery started flaring from two stacks as you can see at around 2 30 this afternoon and that you could see the towering
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flames coming out of those refinery stacks and the huge plume of smoke earlier this afternoon. now flaring happens when the refinery needs to burn off gases during a malfunction. fortunately no word of any injuries there. chevron says this smoke was blowing toward solano county, and that there is no protective order in place for residents. it's hazmat teams, though, are monitoring the situation. the bay area air quality management district says its inspectors are also there on the scene, checking for any potential air quality violations. let's give you a live look now at the activity at the chevron refinery in richmond. these are live pictures from our fixed camera pointed toward the refinery. and as of about 30 minutes ago, the flaring appeared to be over there we are not seeing anymore. that thick black smoke coming from the refinery now it was just over seven months ago when chevron agreed to pay 147 to the bay area air quality management district to settle more than two dozen air quality violations at the richmond
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facility. the settlement addressed violations between 2016 and 2018, including flaring and chevron, said at the time that those violations were corrected. joining us now to talk more about the flaring we saw this afternoon is contra costa county supervisor john gioia joining us by phone supervisor joy we appreciate your time here this afternoon. obviously a lot of people caught off guard by that huge plume of black smoke in the richmond area this afternoon, the flaring due to some sort of an unplanned issue at the refinery itself. what more have you learned about what led to this major flaring that we saw today? so thanks for having me and unfortunately another flaring incident at chevron. there's been a number over the last number of months and last year um i did see the flaring start in richmond as an air district board member. i have been in contact with the barrier district and our own. contra costa has met unit and
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what we know so far is that this is a major flaring up. event that started around 2 30, yet the it appears that the flaring has recently ended, but that the smoke is still dissipating. there's still smoke there. i think it's important to know that when there is flaring like this, it means that something went wrong in a process unit. and it is. what's most important is under is not just stopping the flaring but understanding and investigating what went wrong that caused the need to flare. people should think of it as flares, releasing pressure and something worse would happen if his flaring didn't happen. i you know, i live in richmond. i'm very concerned about the a significant increase in flaring at that facility and it is under investigation already by the air district. there are inspectors from contra costa
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hazmat in the air district out there now they're taking air monitoring. measurement it appears that. most of the plume is going up in the air. um that doesn't mean that there's not health issues in that area supervisor joy what was their supervisor? let me ask you was there any advanced warning that that went out to people in that surrounding area, warning them about this plume of smoke? no i checked in with the health department and the health department did not issue a shelter in place because they felt that the ground level measurement. weren't substantial enough to warrant a shelter in place. those determinations are made by the health department. um again, does it mean that there's not? you know the cumulative impact of breathing? over time. many different, um, events like this has impacts on people. but in this case, they felt that the
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ground level monitors weren't significant enough to warrant a shelter in place. alright, supervisor will wrap up here in a moment. but before i let you go, i want to ask you about the next steps here in the process. you talked about the air district being on hand for its investigation, what other investigations happen here to figure out exactly what went wrong and whether there were any violations at the refinery. yeah, well, there. obviously there will be some type of violations. the nature of them is going to be investigated. chevron's required to file a 72 hour report with the county where county has that will know more. what was released and what went on. importantly i asked a few months ago for a listing of all of chevron's flaring over the last few years, so there could be a greater review of that, in addition to the fines and penalties you mentioned, um and any any kind of corrective action that chevron would need to take to fix the underlying problems that resulted in their need to flare. all right. that is contra costa county supervisor
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john joy. i really appreciate you taking the time this afternoon to let us know more information about the major flaring we saw unfold at the chevron refinery in richmond. today it is flaring activity that has since wrapped up supervisor gioia always appreciate your time. thank you. thank you. thank you. to oakland now and a desperate call for a state of emergency. it comes after a rash of violent crime in chinatown and across oakland would know went inside our crime reporter henry lee is live now in the newsroom with why some officials henry, now one, governor newsom to step in, well, heather chinatown leaders already have the backing of the us attorney. alameda county da's office, atf and fbi as far as a crime crackdown is concerned now they just want to add the chp and the governor to the mix. governor newsom, we want you to do this. declare the state of emergency for see the bookman. karl chan, president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce, says crime in chinatown and across the city
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is out of control and that the governor needs to send more law enforcement to oakland. we want you to bring in california highway patrol. i'm not only asking you to patrolling chinatown more areas, we need your help chan flanked by members of the so called blue angels citizen patrol, read part of letter he wrote to the governor. citizens sleep in a state of continuous fear for our safety, well being, livelihoods and future. this latest chinatown news conference comes after man was shot and wounded while trying to stop robbers targeting two women at nathan franklin on saturday. a good samaritan who wanted to be identified only as mr li told me. he knew he had to help really wanted to draw attention away. comes out, maybe, you know, given a distraction, saying, know your processes known, you know that your command kind of the good samaritan. obviously we appreciate his efforts to assisted on mornings onto the oakland police chief laurent armstrong urged citizens to be good witnesses, but i think it's important that they
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observe and report that they provide that information to the police department so that we can respond and handle the situation. there is fear there is pain that needs to be addressed. city council member lauren taylor says he's not yet ready to commit to see hp resources but agrees more needs to be done. our community was under attack, and i say our community because we are one oakland when one of us is attacked, all of us are attacked. now reach out to the governor's office and the chp about him yet to hear back reporting live in the newsroom, henry lee ktvu fox two news. yeah we'll have to wait and see if state officials answer this desperate call. all right, henry. thank you. now we turn to the coronavirus pandemic and the san francisco unified school district. now will require teachers to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. that decision comes less than a week before the first day of school. there are about 10,000 employees in the district district officials say they will have until the end of this month to submit their vaccination status. the mandate
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will take effect as of september. 7th officials say it does not apply to students. well today, administrators and staff of the san ramon valley unified school district welcome almost all students were in person learning since the outbreak of covid-19. katie was jesse gary live force this afternoon in danville, with more on how the first day turned out and jesse. there was some talk about protesting over the mask rules, but did that actually materialize? heather no, not that we have seen or heard. it was pretty much a traditional first day of school in a long time. although all students and staff teachers after wear face coverings here. tuesday afternoon, a slow walk away from a successful first day of school for parents and students and the san ramon valley unified school district second grader wesley rudic. what do you like best? um probably seeing my friend again in recess. district officials
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say this school year face coverings are mandatory for their 30,000 members. student body our kids were excited and nervous to be back. our staff was really, really excited to embrace and welcome our students, and there was just a great energy masks are required indoors for all persons, regardless of vaccination status. there was a different kind of energy at a district school board meeting august 3rd, a small but vocal number of parents object to the districts mask mandate. i think that this school district should be a sanctuary school district as it relates to mask mandates left. let us parents and our children choose for themselves. district superintendent dr john malloy says approximately 800 students are using virtual academies or independent study programs. we must listen to the experts and they say masks are required, so
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we will do it. many parents agree, adding the most important aspect of attending school is actually being inside a school. i'm just happy kids are back, so i don't understand the people that are fighting the masks as long as they're in school, where the mask. the superintendent, says those students who are up for virtual academy or independent study programs will be allowed back to school in person should they wish to return, however, they cannot guaranteed that they will get their home school that may have to attend school elsewhere, but the superintendent says they will try to be very accommodating. we're live in danville this afternoon. jesse garrett ktvu fox two news, we'll head back to you. all right, jesse. thank you. new york governor andrew cuomo resigning but still defiant. i'm brian dennis in albany, new york, i'll have that story coming up. employers are now requiring that their workers be vaccinated coming up
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this afternoon at 4 30 a look at exemptions that allow employees to circumvent those mandates. and a barrier weather some warming today and it looks like warm to hot pattern all week long, especially inland
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sexual harassment scandal. foxes brian yannis is outside the state capitol in albany, new york, with more. i think that given the circumstances the best way i can help now, is if i step aside and let government get back to governing embattled new york governor andrew cuomo resigning a week after the state attorney general's office released a report finding the governor's sexually harassed at least 11 women, the 63 year old democrat on tuesday, addressing some of these allegations while still defending his actions, saying he never intentionally disrespected any of his
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accusers. take full responsibility for my actions. i have been too familiar with people in my mind. i've never crossed the line with anyone. but i didn't realize the extent. to which the line has been redrawn. the three term democratic governor maintains the most serious claims against him have quote no credible factual basis, his resignation, sparking widespread reaction, including from accuser, lindsey, boiling, tweeting quote from the beginning. i simply asked, the governor stopped his abusive behavior. it became abundantly clear he was unable to do that, instead attacking and blaming victims until the end and president biden says. i respect the governor's decision. and uh, i respected surgeon, the five month long independent investigation into the governor alleges a disturbing pattern of
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behavior, including inappropriate kisses, touching and sexual remarks despite his resignation, some victims and lawmakers still calling for cuomo's impeachment to move forward to prevent him from running for office again and hold him accountable for the allegations against him. cuomo will be stepping down in 14 days, lieutenant governor kathy hoco will fill the role she will become the first female governor of new york in albany, new york, brian yannis fox news, all right, for more now on governor cuomo's decision to step down we're joined by political analyst brian sobel. brian great to have you on today. here i'm curious. what surprises you more that that someone known as a political fighter like governor, cuomo is residing in this situation or the fact that it took him this long in the face of such intense political and public pressure. alex. the ladder, i think is this story went on and it became like an avalanche. and you just wondered what would tip the governor over the top to say enough is enough. and. i think he did a
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calculation on the legislature in new york and new he couldn't survive impeachment and that this was going to drag out and it was time to pull the plug. we did not get a full throated apology whatsoever from governor cuomo as he announced his resignation, he essentially said if he did cross the line with women, it was only because he didn't know exactly where the line was in this day and age. why remained so defiant as you resigned. well, andrew cuomo has been since the beginning of his career, a fight and you'll recall alex that at the height of the covid pandemic, he was on television every day and to show you how somebody can go from the head house to the outhouse. that's the political story of cuomo and. so i just think he can't turn off that fighting style of
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his and eventually it catches up to you and when he talked today in his speech about how the line had moved he hadn't he hadn't done anything different, but the lines had moved. i thought, boy, that's a reach. it sounded actually very much like the initial defense put forth by, uh, president clinton with respect to monica lewinsky. yeah. i mean, cuomo also went on to say that in essence, you know part of his rationale. it was that he didn't want to stay in office because to fight these allegations, which he said he wanted to do would really sort of tie up the government there in new york with impeachment proceedings, it would cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. what do you make of the way he sort of tried to frame things as he walks out the door? well this was a total defense. it started with a 45 minute. talk. by his a, explaining linene. whe anything wrong, and it ended up with cuomo essentially saying the same thing. but people have
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to know that he isn't resigning. today he's resigning in two weeks, which i thought was an interesting thing. you could have resigned today and turned it over to kathy ho. call the lieutenant governor there, so you know, kind of fighting and. and going out on his own terms. that's what it looks like to me. yes speaking of the lieutenant governor, kathy hopeful she will be the first woman to hold that post in the state of new york. obviously very significant there, but how big is the challenge for her taking over in this role given what has taken place. new york's a huge stage comes from the buffalo area. she was in the house of representatives. she is a moderate democrat. um and she is going to have a huge challenge. um governing the state of new york with new york city there, we have watched for the longest time. the arguments between the new york city and the state of new york. new york
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city is almost a nation state itself, and it's very similar to what you see in california and some of the challenges that governor newsom has, uh, with governing a state that includes. los angeles and san francisco, and it's a very hard place to govern overall. yeah, no doubt about it very challenging to govern these large states like new york and california for that matter, all right. we appreciate you coming on to give us your insight here. political analyst brian sobel thank you for doing it. have a good evening, alex. you too. take care. 00 barrier, whether some warming today and that will be the theme all week long. but of course, so we are tracking the window, at least the wind conditions right around the richmond refinery with that flare up earlier this afternoon as we take a look at the map, so we are showing you this the location. of course. we're kind of showing you in general, the wind direction so the wind is coming in from the west or southwest. and as you can see here that would be transported that smoke closer to a hercules. and closer to
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solano county as well so as far as the wind reports. it's a couple sites right now actually showing you a southerly wind from around 10 to 15 miles an hour, so we'll keep an eye on the conditions for this portion of the bay area as he backed the maps out right now we are showing you the a satellite and we do have the low clouds and fog right near the immediate coastline, so there's the low cloud decks. the clouds clearing back to adjust offshore and looks like that the fog trying to regroup near portions of the coastline this afternoon. the current numbers out there as we check in on the four o'clock numbers we have conquered 97 livermore 98 degrees san jose 86, oakland in the seventies and some eighties up in the north, except nevado climbing into the nineties. here's a live camera, the fog not completely clearing out just yet, in fact, trying to crawl back into the obey this afternoon, so we'll wake up to with some areas of fog first thing tomorrow morning, but the headline is this. it is a warm to hot week, especially england temperatures easily back up into the upper nineties could
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be right about 100 degrees not only for tomorrow, but also as we head into, as we head into thursday, friday and into the weekend. here's the plan tomorrow, though patchy fog out there temperatures in the fifties and the sixties clouds will clear back to near the coastline and temperature as we had that big summertime range with temperatures from the sixties, all the way to the upper nineties. so warmer forecast for you wednesday. it looks like this hot pattern sticks around england this week. we'll have more on that with your full forecast in your five day coming up in just a few minutes. mark. thank you a record 10 million jobs up for grabs all across the country. that's more job openings than the number of people unemployed. coming up a closer look at what this
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that's up from 9.5 open jobs in may, and it is the highest level recorded in the last two decades that the agency has been tracking the data. so let's discuss this first with jim wilcox u c. berkeley haas school of business professor. thank you so much for being here. so what do these numbers? what does this report say about the country's economic recovery from the pandemic? well in many ways, it indicates that the economy is still in a very strong growth path. it's a really good sign that you've got this many millions of job openings in the sense that businesses really are ready and willing to hire more people. certainly we know that the economy has been in a great deal of flux ever since covid began to ravage the country. and so what we're seeing is partly a case of consumers demands coming back much faster than businesses
4:27 pm
to adjust to it, but adjust they are, yeah, jim, this is the third straight month that we have seen these record breaking openings. there is a bit of a mismatch here. between worker demand and supply. yes there is a bit of a mismatch and it's partly because we as consumers have shifted the kinds of things that we've decided to buy. a lot of things have shifted away from certain kinds of services toward other services towards different kinds of goods, such as home improvement goods and away from others. and it's also the case that some of us have shifted where we live. where where we've decided we're willing to work and where we shop and so these kinds of shifts, inevitably mean that there's going to be some mismatches of various kinds, whether their geographic or skills or any other kind. yeah that's
4:28 pm
certainly what we're seeing. okay, so how did these latest job opening numbers compare? the number of people who are unemployed in the country. well we have seen just recently. uh the two lines have crossed in that now there are more openings. then there are people who are we count as unemployed. but remember back in 2018 and 2019 for at least two years. we had vastly greater excesses of openings than we had unemployed people. um and it wasn't regarded as a very large problem and it didn't cause a lot of disruptions, actually, and so i think in some ways, though, it's a striking set of numbers. we should also remember that this economy business it rapidly. we did add more than we added nearly a million employees during june, and there were over six million people. that were hired during
4:29 pm
that month. so in fact, i think in many ways, uh what these data really suggest is that the economy is actually at a very, very solid footing. and once schools really can have students in them once daycare centers can have children in them, it will make it all that much easier for many other potential employees to get back in the game, okay, final question for you. we talked about the number of job openings now soaring above 10 million. i think it's about 8.7 million people who right now are unemployed. so obviously. you know, job seekers do have a little bit of an advantage here. how are they trying to use that to benefit themselves? well they are very sensibly trying to use it, uh, the way we would have taught them to in econ one or if they're sure on the other foot that is, i think
4:30 pm
many of them are, for example, pressing for the ability to work more from home remotely. some are no doubt reminding their be able to make more money elsewhere, and therefore we have seen, for example, in hospitalitme notable wage and sy increases in that sector. no, they have not been widespread across the economy as a whole. these are exactly the sorts of economic forces and adjustments that we would expect and would really applaud. it's i think were a little impatient about expecting. how quickly all of these business sectors and workers can really realign themselves. um, it's not an easy thing, but it is getting done and it's being done really quite rapidly under the circumstances. all right, jim wilcox. always a pleasure to
4:31 pm
talk with you. thanks so much for coming on today. thank you for your interest, well, madonna versus pfizer up next, which one is more effective against the delta variant, according to a new study, also with more employers now requiring vaccines. we're going to hear from a legal expert about what you have to prove california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today.
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large study of 50,000 patients found the effectiveness of moderna's vaccine fell from 86% early this year to 76% last month when delta was prevalent, but pfizer's vaccine dropped to 42% effective. moderna says it is testing three booster shot candidates right now, all are showing a promising immune response against the delta variant. san francisco is requiring all 35,000 city workers in san francisco will be required to get vaccinated once those vaccines get full fda approval, however, a small number of employees already are resisting. the city says it's received nearly 200 identical letters from workers, mostly in the fire and sheriff's department, who say they will only get the shots if the city meets specific requirements. those include what the letters call disclosures about the vaccines. health official will say the demands are quote, absurd and misleading, officials in the city say 80%
4:35 pm
of city workers have already received at least one vaccine dose from local governments to school districts to large companies. a growing number of employers are putting covid vaccine mandates in place. however workers can claim either a medical or religious exemption to those requirements. i talked earlier with dorit reiss, a professor at uc hastings college of law about what employees have to prove. in order to be granted such an exemption. sometimes the employer requires is marking a form saying that you have a religious objection more commonly, employers expect some kind of description and then employees write a letter detailing why they have religious objection and explaining what their position is. and the employer gets to save. the letter makes a case for sincere religious objection. and if the employer except the exemption to land there if the employer decides to deny the exemption, some employees go on to soup. mhm and so the
4:36 pm
employees making this decision and what what factors is an employer going to take into account when trying to figure out if, in fact somebody has these firmly held beliefs that won't allow them to get the shot so that the their tooth parts to this standard one it has to be religious and two? it has to be sincere. so on the first part, not every belief the religious belief. if you think vaccines are bad for you, that's not religion by itself, but there's some areas that are more borderline. so, for example, if you're vegan, and don't believe in using anything from animal product is that a religious belief courts have been split on that. generally a courts are looking for a belief that about fundamental issues. fundamental questions of right and wrong. that is part of a comprehensive belief system, not just picking up one viable verse and sometimes it helps. if you have examples of rituals or physical appearance that suggests we just believe, but
4:37 pm
it's not required. the other party sincerity and employers are looking at whether at indications of lack of concern, t let me move on and ask you about the medical exemption here. seems a little bit more straightforward here. what sort of documentation does an employee need to provide to their employer to claim a medical exemption to one of these vaccine requirements? generally you have to being evidence from your doctor and a letter the details why this person is exempt. how closely the employer is going to redo it. various by employers, some employers would just accepted either from a doctor. someone have especially if they're hospital or somewhere. the peasants. yeah, existent doctor might have another review by another doctor. and may push back if the claim is unconvincing. oh well, we obviously the expectation is we're going to start to see more and more legal challenges to these vaccine requirements because we have more and more, um employers and government agencies and so forth who are
4:38 pm
putting these requirements in place? we're gonna start to see more legal challenges. we have already seen a few, um do you feel like that these employers are on firm legal footing here with the covid-19 vaccine at this stage in the game, only being authorized for emergency use. i think we have more and more evidence that marketing these vaccines even under emergency use authorization is legal and valid. it's still somewhat of an open question. we don't have a lot of cases because emergency use authorization for the entire population for vaccine is completely new. we haven't done this before. but we have, for example, one decision in it. federal district record in texas. we just versus houston, miss at this hospital found that the employment that is legal. other decisions haven't gone very far yet, except for one that was rejected on other grounds in los angeles united school district that was rejected because they're not mandating yet. but we have more and more indications that yes, you can mandate ever seen on
4:39 pm
anyway. sure sounds like we are likely to see even more legal challenges to these vaccine requirements in the workplace that was doordash rice, professor at uc hastings college of law in san francisco. california but firefighters are making progress more on. the fire fight coming up. and a burial weather temperatures warming up today, this warm pattern sticks around even a hot pattern are mae
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
dixie fire. it's now 25% contained. excuse me, although it has grown nearly 40 square miles in just the last day foxes jeff baldo tells us that warmer weather threatens to fuel the flames, which have
4:42 pm
already learned 760 square miles. crews battling the fast moving dixie fire now getting much needed help from the sky. thick smoke cleared for several hours on monday, allowing for aircraft to rejoin the fight and improving conditions for ground crews. officials say firefighters were able to cut thousands of acres of fire lines in an effort to protect rural communities. it was in the dark, and they did so much work. it was amazing, but warm weather threatens to derail some of that progress. temperatures are expected to hit triple digits in parts of the western us this week. there's also the potential for a strong winds and thunderstorms conditions that helped fuel the dixie fire when it broke out last month, expecting temperatures to be around 100 degrees with excessive heat. watch out through in the mid week wednesday into thursday, the fire is now the largest single wildfire in california's history, scorching almost
4:43 pm
500,000 acres and forcing thousands to evacuate this year's fire season. is now on track to surpass last year's the worst in the state's recent history, red cross officials say with each passing fire season, they're seeing the same communities evacuated. we've seen some folks who have come to a shelter for just a few days to return home to come back again because of those evacuation warnings. the cause of the dixie fire ease under investigation, but pacific gas and electric says it may have been sparked when a tree fell on a power line in los angeles. jeff paul fox news. new program is now operating here in the bay area aimed at protecting people from wildfire smoke. the bay area air quality management district today launched its new home air filtration program, the program will provide 2000 air filtration units to low income people who suffer from asthma. while wildfire smoke is unhealthy for everyone, it's particularly harmful for people
4:44 pm
with asthma, which disproportionately impacts low income communities and communities of color. for example, in california, african americans are five times more likely to go to the emergency department and four times more likely to be hospitalized for asthma. the air filtration units are available to low income people diagnosed with poorly controlled asthma and are enrolled in the state's asthma mitigation project. how well just a simple change in the wind direction going to have a huge impact on the smoke. and of course, all that wildfire smoke from the past few days has been drifting out, drifting out to the east of the bay area toward nevada, so i'll lease in terms of air quality. with the smoke. things have been improving a bit showing you this. the fire zone forecast right around the dixie fired as you heard the previous story, and we've been talking about the heat will be a big issue once again over the next few days. here we are tomorrow morning around the fire zone, a few sampled sites. you could see those moisture levels are
4:45 pm
up. so an opportunity for fire crews tonight into tomorrow morning, but dad throughout the day tomorrow it is heating up temperatures mid to upper nineties pretty small print here, but that rh number very low single digits in a few spots so hot and dry, and that's not the combination of fire crews want to see in the forecast. unfortunately that'll be the reality. not only for tomorrow but also into thursday friday, even into the weekend. in fact, it is a warm to hot week not across the entire bay area beaches only in the sixties around the bay upper seventies to the eighties, inland hotspots will be pretty constant, and the amid to upper nineties could be right around 100 degrees over the next few days. in fact, take a look here at a profile conquered in the upper nineties for tomorrow and then slightly cooler, not a dramatic drop in the numbers by thursday, and then it could be heating up once again by the weekend by saturday and into sunday. once again, we're checking out the wind reports right around the richmond area with that with the refinery. fire and earlier today winds right now around 10 to 15 miles
4:46 pm
an hour as we check out the satellite, and we do have this we do have the low clouds and fog kind of trying to pull back just offshore and then right now, pushing back leaf drifting closer to our shoreline right now, as we check out some of the current numbers, it is a warm to hot afternoon inland, conquered. 97 san jose 86, oakland, 74 in san francisco in the upper sixties, and that's our live camera right now, checking out the view up above san francisco, and there's not tam in the distance. and the fog kind of crawling back into the bay. it's a shallow marine layer, so as result where it's foggy, the visibility could be could be coming down quite a bit, especially near the coast overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning in the fifties and the sixties, and here's this big area of high pressure. it's interesting position, this will actually heat up the pacific northwest once again, not like a month or so ago, but still, temperatures could be topping 100 degrees for a place like portland heating up and land for us as we're trying to get ready for that, and the key, interesting. pattern changes this we're now some moisture. some monsoonal air
4:47 pm
moving in from via south, and with that that could trigger some instability. there is a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. that could be wednesday night into thursday morning. unfortunately need any thunderstorms could lead to possibly some fire starts. thankfully it's a slight chance, but something will have to watch closely as we head into wednesday night and into thursday morning. here's the plan tomorrow, keeping it cool for the coast sixties warming up around the bay getting hot inland. back up into the mid to upper nineties for tomorrow afternoon. a few spots could be close to 100 degrees, so warmer in your wednesday forecast, and here's a look ahead your five day i wish we could have a sharp drop off the numbers not happening too much a little bit of a cool down on a thursday and friday, then we could be talking about temperatures heating up as we head toward the weekend, so the heat looks like it wants to be part of our forecast each and every day in this five day forecast. i thanks mark coming up in today's giving day drive a look at how one non profit aims to bring teen mentors together
4:48 pm
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diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. the 49 year old actress made that announcement on twitter, saying that it has been a tough road who also had e disease. m s affects the central nervous system and often results in progressive, physical and cognitive decline. back in 2000 and eight. applegate was also diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. as part of our giving day drive. we're highlighting the nonprofit community reading buddies for 26 years, the group has been mobilizing bay area high school students to help younger children develop a passion for reading our own south. castaneda spoke with the director rtv a berry to find out how it all works. you know, we bring the kids together now because of covid. we have to do this now on zoom and we were really worried because it's one thing to get teenagers and kids
4:51 pm
together on the playground and then read some stories. right. so there's that personal touch. but even one zoom the little really, really respond well to teenagers, and unfortunately, teenagers sometimes have a negative narrative about who they are, because they're kind of in that developmental stage or they're becoming, but i'll tell you this year i had over 300 students raise their hands to be mentors to the littles. and the littles love them. i mean, i have a little kid. that's oh, my god. his mentors name is victor, and he came into the session. he didn't know if victor was going to return for the summer and when he heard victor was coming back, he was like victor's my best friend needs a superhero. he tells the best stories and they do they have a connection that. it's very difficult to explain and even over zoom, you can see the magic happening between the kids. you just mentioned that the teenagers get something out of it to what kind of growth have you seen on that side? it's been amazing. we have mentors who come into
4:52 pm
the program. they've never volunteered before. maybe they've never spoken in front of people before. so, so they're very shy and reserved and you know, in our program, we provide them training how to use the zoom technology, of course. but separately communication skills how to communicate with littles and being encouraging and be a positive role model. and so you'll have a kid who may start as a mentor in our program really soft spoken and shot and by the end of the program, they're giving you a presentation. and they're saying this is what happened with my buddy and i, i've grown so their confidence is growing. their desire to serve the community is a significant growth point, which is really important as we're navigating a pandemic. we really need to all lean in together to help each other, and we're seeing are teenagers really step up to the plate and again? i had far more teenagers than i had littles and i felt horrible because i
4:53 pm
couldn't match them all. but the demand was far it far exceeded anything we've ever seen in the past. okay we a donation to community reading buddies. how is that going to help? this program continues. thank you, sal for asking, and i will tell you the demand for this program. it's far beyond what we could ever reach again because of covid kids and families and even educators are now looking for additional support. we have interest from everywhere from west contra costa. oakland san jose, it only cost $300 a pair to run this program for 8 to 10 weeks and littles are growing by third of a year, just from eight weeks of coaching with the with the teenagers, so you know, supports our program will help us to meet the demand. we're currently working with about 200 to 250 youth mentor buddy pairs. we'd love to be able to grow that to 1000 and again at $300 a pair. it's probably the most cost
4:54 pm
effective program out there. octavia this is such good work. i really think that the teenagers can break through where adults can and i thank you for joining us. are you doing good work, and you did a good job of explaining it as well. so thanks again. you are to be a barry is the director of community reading buddies. thank you for joining us. thank you, sal. and to show your support for community reading buddies. you can scan the qr code. that's right there on your screen or go to ktvu .com/ giving day. all right, a video showing a southern california deputy collapsing after being exposed to fentanyl. it was released to the public to call attention to the dangers of that drug. but some medical experts s a showing body cam vida
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
san diego county sheriff's deputy collapsing moments after being exposed to fentanyl on the job is now getting some criticism. some medical experts are saying the risk of passive exposure to synthetic opioids is overblown and could be creating unnecessary fear among first responders. foxes. chelsea edwards has the story. i'm deputy david. five i and i almost died of fentanyl over us. this video from the san diego county sheriff's department aims to warn the public about the dangers of fentanyl. my trainee was exposed to fentanyl and nearly died. it was our first radio call of the day and this was deputy five ice radio call. he found a white substance that he suspected was trucks. i don't know. it's a powder, cocaine or fighting, although it tested positive for that stuff is no joke to the super dangerous. the video,
4:58 pm
then shows trainee deputy david 58 collapsing. i ran over and i grabbed him and he was odeen one nasal spray in one nostril. open the other one another nasal spray and the other one. i remember just not feeling right and i fall back, and, uh. i just say, i don't remember anything after that, but the video has sparked some backlash, with some people suggesting that it might scare first responders from dealing with overdose cases. the ems personnel with martin has made a huge difference. in terms of saving lives. uh and i would not want the law enforcement or first responders to step back from that because of this episode, i think that in general. it is very safe to be dealing with people with overdose and delivering the american can save people who can then change their lives. dignity helps, dr todd larson
4:59 pm
says. it's not uncommon to see multiple overdose cases in a single shift, so most first responders are usually well prepared in dealing with fentanyl. um s wise. we're not concerned about it be for this is a daily. saying that we deal with. um i know that law enforcement may not deal as often, but oftentimes they're actually the first person on scene and giving the internet's lamar can that save these people's lives. you're okay. don't be sorry. there's nothing sorry about i got you okay. i'm not gonna let you die. the video ends with a clear message. the dangers of fentanyl are real. and this drug is killing our communities. ktvu fox two news at five starts now we're following developing news out of the east bay, where a huge plume of black smoke could be seen coming from the chevron refinery in richmond. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener more now on that developing story in richmond. chevron is calling this afternoon's flaring a level one
5:00 pm
incident that is the lowest level with no response from the richmond fire department. earlier this afternoon. you can see huge flames coming out of those refinery stacks along with a dark plume of smoke at the chevron refinery. fortunately there's no word of any injuries. they say that the safety flare was activated due to a process upset that was quickly corrected. the bay area air quality management district says their inspectors are on the scene tonight in richmond. checking for any potential air quality violations. however chevron told us the smoke was blowing towards solano county. and there there was no protective order to keep residents in place. now to san jose, where a man is behind bars after being accused of sexually assaulting an eight year old child. police say the assault happened at the child's home. ktvu is andre senior joins us now live outside san jose police headquarters with more on what happened, andre? well julie, authorit


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