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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 13, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the coronavirus as cases surge across the country. the new vaccine recommendations from the cdc and the fda plus preparing for students to return to the classroom, but the san francisco unified school district is doing to make sure their first day on monday go smoothly and the efforts to recall governor newsom heat up place hitting the campaign trail. what the governor himself is now doing as he kicks off his own statewide tour. the news. at noon starts. now this is ktvu fox two news at noon and good afternoon. i'm jana katsuyama. mike and garcia have the afternoon off, a cdc advisory panel says they will recommend a third covid vaccine shot for people who were vaccinated with the two dose moderna or fighter shots. for now. this will only be offered to those with weakened immune systems. ktvu james torres is live in the newsroom. now, after listening in on the panel's discussion in james.
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how soon are they saying that these shots will be available? well jen as soon as the cdc formally accepts the recommendation, these booster shots can be made and administered immediately, and it's something with great interest among americans, according to the cdc, the agency says about one million people have already gone to get at the time. unauthorized third shots of the mrna vaccines in today's news would only affect about 3% of the american population. but these immuno compromised people make up for about 44% of hot. hospitalized breakthrough cases nationwide again, according to the cdc. the panel, which includes a doctor from stanford university, voted unanimously saying the pros outweigh the cons. even during the panel's public comments. each person spoke in favor of the booster shot. one of those speakers is from san mateo county. i am also over 65 with several risk factors. severe covid if infected, i've been fully vaccinated for 153 days, so we need to find shoes.
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our efforts to increase vaccine. this vote comes after the fda moved to recommend these boosters overnight. there was also talk about whether a supplement shot for those with johnson and johnson vaccines right now, the cdc's says they are still looking at data to see if there's enough evidence to support that san francisco and sf general. if you remember have been offering those supplemental shots for about a week. i reached out to their health offices this morning. about today's cdc vote, and they are still waiting for more specific guidance. the question now is who was actually eligible for the shot? it's for anyone with weakened immune systems who are older than 12 years for pfizer in 18 years for moderna, but the cdc still needs to define exactly who qualifies as immuno compromise. they'll also need to figure out how long after the first two doses, will it make sense to get a third live in the newsroom. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. thanks so
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much, james. well doctor anthony fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, is predicting that a surgeon covid cases among children could happen because of the delta variant. the only thing we know for sure is that more infections mean more children will be in the hospital. dr fauci statements come the same day palm beach, florida asked 440 students to quarantine just two days into the school year because dozens of staff and students tested positive for the coronavirus new at noon. preparations are underway here for a safe return to school for more than 50,000 students in the san francisco unified school district. campuses are set to reopen on monday for full in person learning. in just a few minutes ago school district and city officials came together to talk about public health requirements, transportation and other support services that will be in place for students. mew knee is saying it plans to resume service for routes that serve schools on monday and provide
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free rides for students. masks will be required on all campuses both indoors and outdoors. we have made our schools safe. and i, uh, we know that the best place for our students is in schools. we know that the effects of isolation what that has on students. we know that the their inability to socialized has an impact on them. so we believe the best place is for them in our schools, and then we need to do our part by making sure that we are surrounding them with people who are vaccinated. online learning is allowed for just a limited number of students who are unable to receive the covid vaccine and who have a medical condition. high school students opting for online study would be assigned to an independent study program and with various students going back to schools were in person learning. ktvu talked to the chief medical officer with marin health about how schools are making health
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and safety on campus is a priority. we think that the schools have taken extraordinary precautions to keep students safe. we think that masking combined with social distancing and hand washing as long as the vaccine as well as the vaccine requirements for teachers are a fabulous step to keeping students safe. dr shavelson that you heard just now says that students will have an additional protection against covid-19 because teachers and staff are required to be fully vaccinated or tested for the coronavirus every week under a state order. well, berkeley is taking steps to become the latest bay area city to require its workers get vaccinated for covid-19. city leaders are now meeting with labor groups to discuss a mandate that would require all city workers to be fully vaccinated by october. 15th the city is also urging employers in berkeley to take steps to increase vaccinations among their workers in the
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private sector. berkeley is implementing its own teacher, vaccination or testing mandate six weeks before the state requirement takes effect, according to berkeley side the school district will require all teachers and staff to either get tested for covid 19 every week or present proof of vaccination beginning september 3rd. the school board made the decision on wednesday. after weeks of planning berkeley unified first day of school will be on monday. and we are about one month away from california's gubernatorial recall election. governor gavin newsom is touring the state in the next few days to convince voters that he should keep his job. the governor's first stop in san francisco ktvu elissa harrington joins us live now with details on the day's event, and also how newsom's opponents are preparing. alyssa. well, danny, you know we're down to the last few weeks, so things are certainly heating up. this was just one stop on newsom's four day swing. the governor, gavin newsom was joined by other elected o san francisco mr
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london breed was there and district attorney chase a boudin. the tone of today's event was serious, newsom said. boehner turnout is crucial. he also took direct aim at his biggest recall competitor, conservative talk show host larry elder newsom said all the hard work and values of california are at risk of being derailed if elder takes his place. he's to the right of donald trump to the right of donald trump. h. that's what's at stake in this election. and don't think for a second. you can't do damage in that role. i think about the judges see the point. who would he have appointed to replace kamala harris? um usm? elder held his own webinar today trying to also engage voters, he said he got into this race because he was concerned about the way new. some shut down the state during the pandemic and the impact it had on so many small businesses and residents.
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third of all small businesses are gone forever. many of those businesses are owned by racial minorities, and he did this against science. he was sitting at that famous french laundry restaurant with the very same people that drafted the mandates, and he was not wearing masks. he was not socially distancing. governor gavin newsom plans to travel up and down the state over the next few days, including stops in los angeles and san diego. reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news and a new survey shows larry elder at 27% support and democratic candidate kevin path. roth with 23% support leading among the candidates who want to replace gavin newsom. if the governor is recalled republican john cox trailed with 10% and a. 11% said they would leave the question blank on their ballot. moving on to wildfires. now cal fire says this weekend's weather conditions will continue to make it difficult in battling the dixie fire, but crews are slowing down the
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spread of the flames. the wildfire grew about 3.5 square miles overnight. the dixie fire is at 809 square miles. containment did not change this morning. it remains at 31% so far. 1100 homes, businesses and other structures have been destroyed. the numbers could go up as damage inspection teams are getting a better view by . some evacuees of the destroyed town of greenville went back to get whatever belongings they could find. after the dixie fired, devastated that area last week, homes, businesses, libraries and schools are now reduced to ashes. but some people say they still plan to rebuild. but it has to be okay, because what's the alternative? i mean, sure, i got to cry. sure sure. i mean, i'm heartbroken. yeah, but you know that's not going to that's not going to rebuild greenville. back in 18 81 much of greenville was destroyed by fire, but it was quickly
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rebuilt and had 500 people living there a year later in air quality advisory is being extended through sunday in the bay area. winds will continue to bring in smoke from wildfires in southern oregon and northern california. there's no spare the air alert, but anyone who smell smoke is encouraged to stay inside. with windows and doors, closed. air conditioning units should be set to recirculate to prevent any smoky air from getting in buildings or cars. wildfires near the california nevada border are affecting ta, who's normally crisp, clean air. sierra residents and visitors are dealing with unhealthy, smoky air. people are advised if they can to limit their outdoor activities and to set their a c units to recirculate. one tourist says she's trying to make the most of her vacation. despite all this. milk. this is the first time i'm bringing my husband and my three boys to tahoe and we're so excited. it's a little bit sad that it's so hazy, but we did have to clear days, so they
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did get to see the mountains now they're a little bit missing. nevada will use a half million dollar grant from the u. s environmental protection agency on installing about 60 smart technology sensors to better monitor air quality from wildfire smoke in rural parts of the state. san francisco's new vaccine mandate for most indoor activities begins next week, and it's drawing both praise and criticism like city leaders are stressing the importance of the new mandate plus a tense situation unfolding in afghanistan. the taliban claiming more territories as the u. s since 3000 troops to help with evacuations. i'm all the rivera in washington with a closer look at the response and a burial, whether some hazy skies for your friday afternoon and a lot happening. we're tracking some showers offshore and also another heat up as we head into the weekend will have in washingn
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lockdown due to an active threat of a potential gunman on the base. it happened after local police said shots were heard on streets near joint base. anacostia bolling and a gunman ran onto the grounds. people in the area are being urged to be on the lookout, an alert posted to the basis.
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facebook page advised people who might encounter the gunman to run. hide and prepare to fight. no injuries have been reported a developing situation in afghanistan. now the u. n chief is urging the taliban to immediately halt their afghan offensive and to negotiate in good faith to avert prolonged civil war. this comes as 3000 us troops have been called into the region to help evacuate americans from the u. s embassy in kabul as the taliban takes over three additional cities. we have noted, and we have noted with great concern the speed with which they have been moving and the, um in the lack of resistance that they have faced, and we have been nothing but honest about that, taliban fighters have been advancing and as foxes madeline rivera reports, military analysts and lawmakers are monitoring the response from the biden administration. seen here claimw territory in afghanistan after
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local officials in the city surrendered control to them. the insurgents latest advances further tightening their grip on the country, weeks before the u. s is scheduled to withdraw its troops to mark the end of its two decade war. afghan leaders have to come together. we lost. thousands have lost death and injury. thousands of american personnel, southern and western afghanistan are firmly in the hands of the taliban. they control at least 12 of the nation's 34 provinces. insurgents now encircle kabul, the capital, as some criticize the biden administrations process of pulling back the taliban pack up their bags and go to afghan go to pakistan during the winter. so why are we doing a withdrawal right in the middle? the fighting season as the security situation gets worse, the biden team is defending its decision to send 3000 us troops back to afghanistan, calling it a temporary mission to help evacuate the u. s embassy.
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they'll be there to provide safety and secure in a secure movement of the reduction of civilian personnel. canada and britain are also sending troops in a short term basis to help citizens of their country's evacuate and washington mala rivera ktvu fault. two news and now it's time for a check of the weather with ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo markets kind of, you know, somewhat clear here with some some small clouds, but i know it's going to start heating up a little bit later on. yeah, that'll be the case as we head into the weekend, especially janna. the heat makes a comeback. but yeah, you're right. we have some interesting kind of cloud formations out there. we have the typical fog and then we have the haze with the air quality, and we also have some tropical clouds moving in from the south, and we have been monitoring the chance of some showers with thunderstorms will talk about that coming up in just a little bit far as the air quality quality advisory is in place for today extended into the weekend. the projections for today we are expecting moderate levels across the region. in
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fact, the current air quality sensors showing you the unhealthy arab to our north and also out to our east, but these could be changing around a bit. and once again, most of the smoke that moves in could be mainly confined into the upper levels of the atmosphere. there's a chance that could fall closer to the surface, so about to keep an eye on the sensors and also just the overall sky condition not only for today, but into the weekend. now it's interesting here. you can see some clouds offshore. so we have the typical fog because see some showers just offshore in this sub, this cloud cover this moisture linked up to what was once a tropical storm. tropical storm kevin from a few days ago, so that's always bears watching because this could generate some thunderstorms across parts of the state, including here in the bay area. it looks like the main action, though, thankfully remains offshore. so it's just a slight chance of a thunderstorm for i'm really tonight into what? your saturday current numbers out there. san francisco 63 degrees. we have some seventies and eighties for the warm spots for concord, 80 to san jose 76 some seventies up in the north bay
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here. you can't see some of the fog from earlier today. try to clear out still kind of hanging out near portions of the coast and right around the west marin. live camera kind of tells the story where we have the low clouds and fog here and then a nice divide her wisdom high clouds moving in from the south. you'll definitely notice he probably knows the cloud cover yesterday. it's probably the same deal once again with the possibility but very nice sunset later on today, now we're kind of skip and had a little bit here. this area of high pressure is building in. this will be definitely the source of some heat this weekend, especially england by tomorrow, the hottest locations will be close to 100 degrees, but also so with that circulation around that hides bringing in that monsoonal moisture and monsoonal is just basically refers to a change in the wind direction, and that is bringing some some tropical moisture closer to the bay area. and that is that thunderstorm threat. thankfully it's a slight chance in the bulk of the activity remains offshore, but still close enough for us to watch as we head into the weekend for today, though, you will notice an increase in the
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high clouds and the humid conditions as that moisture kind of feels like a tropical system. you call him notice those characteristics for today and into the weekend. here's the forecast model deathly bringing on board those clouds later on this afternoon. here we are tonight and then even into saturday, we could still track some clouds across the region and then you'll notice we have some other club. um some more cloud areas here coming in from the sierra. that could be later saturday and into sunday. for today. partly cloudy skies. coastal fog temperatures, not incredibly hot. in fact, today, one of the cooler days you can seize santa rosa, mid eighties nineties out toward livermore in antioch. san jose 83 degrees. and here is a look ahead. it is hot inland for your saturday, still fairly hot in his sunday, i think we'll probably have a few neighborhoods right around 100 degrees. if you want the relief in the cool down that comes our way as well. that could be as we head into early next week. jenna, i think we want the relief. okay. thank you, mark. well still to come at noon. calls for reform at a south bay
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jail the allegations of mistreatment that have cost the
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are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating, gas, or abdominal discomfort? taking align can help. align contains a quality probiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health. suspend the impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo once he steps down. cuomo announced its resignation on tuesday after sexual harassment allegations just days after he faced increasing pressure to resign or face the possibility of being ousted by
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the democratic controlled legislature through the impeachment process. he said at the time that it would not take effect for 14 days, the state attorney general last week released an independent investigation that found. almost sexually harassed at least 11 women in santa clara county. two supervisors are demanding an investigation into the county's jails. after what they call a pattern of problems and a lack of transparency, ktvu as an rubin says that they're pointing to the death of one inmate in 2015 and injuries to two others in 2018 and 2019. andrew hogan was in santa clara county custody and in the throes of a mental health crisis when he started banging his head against a jail transport van the damage he caused his guards looked on was permanent. but were those guards disciplined following the 2018 incident, santa clara county supervisors have no idea. i mean, a man's life has been ruined, and we've paid $10 million to settle the claim, and the answers to those questions are still not there.
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and so supervisors joe samedi in an auto lee or demand action. they want records and video of the incident released. they also want a civil grand jury and the attorney general to intervene. any attempt to get the kind of information which headlight has been rebuffed repeatedly. jail reform was supposed to have been a priority. the death of a mentally ill inmate, michael tyree, back in 2015 resulted in the conviction of three guards and the formation of a blue ribbon commission. they made hundreds of recommendations, but say real oversight never happened. everyone is frustrated after we've made all these recommendations and put in all this time unless leadership changes, there's not going to be a change in the jails. sheriff laurie smith declined to be interviewed, but it's previously spoken about the difficulties in having the jail deal with mental health crises that something attorney paula can. he wants to emphasize she represented both the tyrion hogan families in terms of more transparency and the like. of course, we all want more transparency, but i
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also want to be clear that. it's not the sheriff's department in a vacuum and with a third claim from another allegedly injured inmate in the works supervisor submit, ian says enough is enough. the short version is this has to stop and it's only going to stop if we can get some help from other agencies, and if the public is fully informed about what's been going on, and at what cost both in human life and in public funds, the sheriff's office released a statement saying quote these incidents were tragic and the impact to them and their families cannot be understated. both were in custody for minor charges and should have been placed in treatment facilities, not a jail. the sheriff's office says. they are proud of the extensive reforms that they've made. however they say they are still short staffed. the santa clara county supervisors will be taking up this topic at tuesday's meeting in santa clara county and ruben ktvu, fox two news. well to come. firefighters continue to
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battle the dixie fire, and while they are working to save thousands of homes were learning about a few firefighters on the front lines who have lost their own homes and a fellow firefighter living next door to me married with three little kids. he lost his home as well. how the community is coming together to help those families. plus, if you remove san jose pd from our campus, i will feel extremely uncomfortable and unsafe. a heated debate in the south bay over police on school campuses what san jose's largest school district decided advisers recommd
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covid vaccine shot for those with compromised immune systems. it comes just one day after the fda authorized the third doses as the delta variant spreads quickly throughout the country. jonathan serrie has the latest now from atlanta, including the new concern about coronavirus spreading among children. how do you feel that it's good news for immuno compromised people? the fda approving covid vaccine boosters for those with cancer, organ transplants or other conditions that weaken their immune systems, saying the benefits of a third dose far outweigh the risks. but the booster still are not approved for the general public. only the high risk group and doctors
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are urging folks to keep distancing until the outbreak is fully energy to deal with. it's not just get your third dose and you're good to go. i mean, it's just it's just not that simple. the fda announcement comes as a new study from the mayo clinic finds the delta variant significantly reduce the vaccine's effectiveness over a six month period, with moderna's declining from 86% to 76% and fighters going from 76 to 42% the fast spread of delta is prompting more covid restrictions. on thursday, san francisco became the first city to mandate full vac. nations for indoor activities. the goal is to not cite people or to find people or what have you is to just make sure that people are in compliance. meanwhile hospitalizations are soaring more than 62,000 in the u. s. a 36% systems in hotspots now say they're running short
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and personnel. this is not an uptick. this is a third major surge. it's not going away. we're also seeing more children hospitalized with covid the pediatric rate doubling this week now accounting for 3.5% of all hospitalizations in atlanta, jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. the number of vaccinated people here in california is going up statewide about 76,000 vaccine doses are being administered every day. that's an increase of 4600 per day. compared to this time last week, statewide, more than 45 million vaccine doses have been administered. 64% of eligible californians. 12 years old and older are now fully vaccinated and another 10% have had at least one dose and we're getting more reaction to mayor. london breeds announcement about a vaccine mandate for many indoor activities in san francisco has drawn both praise from business owners and locals, as well as criticism from customers and tourists. i don't
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understand how they can make it mandatory when even the vaccinated people can get it and spread it. these people were messing up our livelihoods. they're putting everybody else in danger. although san francisco is already 78% vaccinated, the delta variant continues to spread through the city. one business owner says the timing of the policy does not seem to be coincidental. labor day is coming up. there's going to be a lot of group gatherings, and at least we can get one job in an arm there. just thinking how can we get more people vaccinated and if you make it as inconvenient as possible to live in san francisco, being unvaccinated, that's a driver to see the entirety of the new rules and when they go into place, go to ktvu .com. we have created a very convenient link for you to follow so you can get that information. new at noon as schools prepare to open for in person learning state school superintendent tony thurman is urging parents to get their children vaccinated
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against covid-19. thurman held a news briefing this morning as he steps up his effort to reach parents of unvaccinated students. her ages 12 and older, he's reminding them that it's not too late to get the shots and that vaccines are key to helping to keep the schools open. we have to acknowledge that there are some challenges presented by the delta variant and that we've seen an increase in cases, especially for those who are not vaccinated. and for those reasons we have been leaning in as hard as we can. to a message of getting young people about getting all people who were eligible to have a vaccine getting them vaccinated. superintendent thurman also says his office will be sending letters to families urging vaccinations for students and their parents. san jose's largest school district voted to keep its agreement with san jose police and allow officers on campus for after school activities. it came after heated debate. ktvu azenith smith was at the board meeting and has more on the decision. u three voted no to
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protecting our children. why outrage thursday night directed at san jose unified school board over a decision to remove san jose police officers on campus during the school day. i find it ironic that you have security here tonight to protect all of us if you remove san jose pd from our campus, i will feel extremely uncomfortable and unsafe, controversial move the school board made six weeks ago to end its school resource officer per program after mounting pressure from community members to reimagine school safety, some families demanding the program be reinstated. that wasn't the case. the issue thursday night whether to have san jose police for school related events. football season is around the corner. we thought it was going to be no police on campus or nothing as of june 24 crystal calhoun is part of the san jose unified equity coalition, a grassroots group made of parents and educators, many of whom spoke and held science
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advocating for campuses. to be police free all hours of the day. parents calling for change, claiming police officers on campus traumatizing for students. my um eldest son was first interrogated by the police in sixth grade. they urged the board to hire unarmed private security, not cops. someone asked me why not just have security guards and nothing against security guards, but my understanding is they don't have the training. they don't have the experience. they don't have the knowledge. in the end, the school board voted to keep its agreement with san jose pulley. until december. 31st officers can be hired to help for special school events. only that did not sit well with everyone about a top. let's talk about the student azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. police in richmond are investigating a shooting that injured a one year old baby. authorities say someone fired shots at a car on shame drive at about five o'clock yesterday afternoon, wounding the child.
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the driver took the child to kaiser hospital in richmond. officers say the child is expected to survive. so far, they do not have any information about a suspect at this time. saturday police continue to search for suspects in the deadly shooting of a 13 year old boy. it happened wednesday afternoon in east san jose on little wood lane. police say two groups fired shots at each other and shattered the windows of some homes in the neighborhood. the exchange of gunfire happened between the people who arrived at the residence and the people who lived at that residence on little wood lane. police have not released any suspect information or revealed any possible motive so far in this case, a young man is being held without bail, and alameda county accused of a frightening hit and run that was captured on video 19 year old danny juan was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. authorities say he deliberately he drove a car towards three people in a
12:38 pm
road rage incident in the oakland hills. one man was hit by the car and says he fractured his tailbone. his pregnant girlfriend and her sister were almost hit as well. we're obviously very relieved, and we're really grateful that. you know, everyone was able to kind of come through and help us fire and this guy. the victim said when they initially told one to slow down, he threatened to kill them. the m v records show one has a valid license and a clean driving record. wildfires continue to devastate the western united states and weather conditions fueling the flames remain in the forecast. the dixie fire has now grown to more than 809 square miles. marianne rafferty has the latest. more than 100. wildfires continue to rage across the western united states, fueled by high temperatures and dry conditions. extreme drought, leaving trees, grass and brush completely dry and right for ignition. several 1000 people under evacuation
12:39 pm
orders in montana as the richard spring fire advances toward the northern cheyenne indian reservation hundreds more and surrounding towns also given orders to leave after the fire expanded more than 200 square miles. miles crossing roads, creeks and fire lines. it's just been closing in quicker and quicker every day. meanwhile the dixie fire in california continues to threaten dozens of communities. the fire is currently the largest burning in the nation. everything that i own is now ashes or twisted metal. it's just all it is. you want to see people rebuild. um but the you know the style of the homes and the community and the ability of people to be able to come back and do that to have the resources to rebuild the way it was, um it's daunting. i mean, sure, i gotta cry. sure, i sure i mean, i'm heartbroken. yeah, but you know, that's not gonna that's not going to rebuild greenville. wildfires have burned more than 900,000 acres so far this year in california,
12:40 pm
making it the worst year on record in los angeles. marianne rafferty, ktvu fox two news. four firefighters in greenville are among those who lost their homes and other property in the dixie fire. george wally has lived in greenville for the past five years. now he's one of the four members of the indian valley fire and rescue department who need a new home. he lost his house while trying to save the town. he says greenville is a close knit community but now many who lived in the town are struggling. i had a fellow firefighter living next door to me married with three little kids. he lost his home as well. another one lost his business. another one lost his car. he parked his car at the station that go fight fires and. he has car got destroyed. despite this tragedy while he returned to the front lines to fight the dixie fire, and he says he's confident greenville will be able to rebuild go fund me page is to help those four
12:41 pm
firefighters who lost their homes have been set up. new report shows another increasing crimes against asian americans the help headed to oakland's chinatown and why local leaders say that might not be enough. and a very weather. we're tracking a lot for today into the weekend. some fog, some higher clouds and also a bit of some hes already settling in across portions of the south bay. now heat up headed our way as well. we'll have more on as well. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less.
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...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, in oakland's chinatown following a troubling new report about crimes against the asian american community. but as ktvu is andre senior reports many in the community say more help is still needed. many, it's become increasingly clear that tackling crime in oakland and attacks on asian americans is going to take some help. this is a life and death situation. we cannot wait any longer. carl chan with the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, hopes he is witnessing a change in tide telling us he spoke with mayor libby, chef about governor gavin newsom approving chp officers to join opd patrolling high crime areas. i think there is a postal called there will be some procedures, uh, as well as you know how they be deploying this hp. i know it's at the work. the important the most important thing is like we have it and they are here and they will be doing the job as well. along with opd, chp set
12:45 pm
to help enforce traffic laws, especially in major commercial corridors along international boulevard, freeing up opd officers to focus on suppressing crime. we wanted to know when chp patrols would start, but the mayor's office told us details are still being worked out. that cannot come soon enough for some in light of thursday's new stop a p i hate numbers 4540 hate incidents reported in 2020 this year. it's already 4500. 15 incident difference. it's set to trounce last year's number. i'm alarmed at the things that we've seen in chinatown. the videos that i watch when good samaritans are attempting to step up and they're being shot. it really says that there is a need for greater presence and stronger levels of accountability. the city of oakland opd chief laurent armstrong announcing a new crime fighting strategy, dipping into overtime funding and putting desk duty officers on the streets and we're going to ask that they come out a couple hours, students shift and actually support our patrol division. answer calls for service help identify those
12:46 pm
that are driving crime in our community. chan with the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, welcoming assistance while still casting a wider net for more help. in addition, i'm all switching out to the fbi and the a t f and the federal what? we have those resources as well. chance says he's also reached out to california attorney general rob vontaze office. he is open. the attorney general can send more investigative services to help opd solve crimes in the newsroom. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. new figures from the census bureau show. the u. s has become more diverse and more urban. over the past 10 years, the white population dropped from 63% to 57% that's the lowest on record but continues to be the most prevalent racial group nationwide in california. the latino population grew from 37 to 39% over the past 10 years and now has become the largest racial or ethnic group in the state. the census bureau's data also shows that much of the fastest growing population
12:47 pm
areas occurred in the nation's largest cities and suburbs. the findings likely will reshape us househe next 10 years. the sensitive information will serve as the building block for redistricting, which must be completed in most states, including022 elections. parents across the country are receiving their second monthly child tax credit payments starting today, more than $15 billion. will be paid out to families of about 61 million children. eligible families are getting up to $300 a month for each child five and under and up to $250 a month for children ages 6 to 17. the payment stem from the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that was passed by congress in march. most families are getting their payments by direct deposit. the rest will get checks in the mail. and now it's time to go back with ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo with
12:48 pm
another look at the weather conditions and also the air quality high. mark hi there. jenna. yeah air quality once again, as you reported earlier, their quality advisory has been extended into the weekend. thankfully with the with kind of the sequence of these advisory days, most of the smoke has been elevated. but of course last week some of that the smoke was falling closer to the surface. but still the advisory in place for today and into right on through sunday. we are expecting moderate levels today, in fact, to take a look at the sensors right now we're actually showing you good air quality at the surface. looks like we have some moderate levels in the south bay for san jose. smoke forecast is interesting because the upper level wind pattern that's the wind and the arrows were showing you right now changing a bit as we head into the weekend, so there is the chance if we do, pick up any smoke or haze with that easterly flow that could bring in some smoker haze from the sierra and then you can see into was sunday. we still have that hes sticking around. but we also have this a lot of tropical clouds approaching our coastline you can see offshore in the pacific, and it's hard to ignore all that green showed
12:49 pm
up. now that is some shower activity. the bulk of the shower activity activity if not all, the activity should remain out here in the pacific, but it's close enough. we do have to bring in that slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm near the coast associate with the north beds only a tiny chance for tonight and into saturday current numbers san francis go right now. 63 degrees some seventies up in the north bank conquered 82 at san jose, checking in 76. we still have some of the fog, which has been kind of hanging out near the coast of the north bay. here's a live camera looking out toward sfo right now, with some haze up above and still some lingering fog here out toward the coastal hills. now you've been hearing part about the heat up in the pacific northwest salt link to this big area of high pressure. this will really settle in for us this weekend, so this will be the source of that warm up inland. close to 100 degrees from saturday and into sunday. we're thinki watching this as wd you on the satellites of moisture moving in from the south. in fact, this was once
12:50 pm
linked up to tropical storm tropical storm kevin. so whenever you have that remnant moisture from a tropical system approaching our coastlines, kind of awarding like hey, just being a lookout. there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm. but thankfully, it looks like the forecast models keeping those showers offshore, but close enough. be watching out for that, especially for tonight and into saturday. here's the forecast models you can pick out here by four o'clock would definitely bringing the high clouds. it could feel a bit humid out there once again and then into saturday. you can see we'll have partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours. interesting here if you remember that rotation around that area of high pressure that rotation could actually bring in some clouds from the sierra throughout the day throughout the weekend forecast highs for tomorrow, actually, for this afternoon, actually, not too bad sixties seventies eighties. and nineties but tomorrow definitely warming up that 94 daniel could be turning in to 101 degrees for tomorrow. san jose 83 degrees, so most of the intense heating happening inland. in fact, it probably round up those saturday sunday
12:51 pm
numbers close to 100 degrees and that will gradually cool things off will be nice. welcome change as we head into early next week, janna all right, good to know. thank you, mark. the 40. niners preseason kicks off tomorrow and today we take you inside the 49 years museum at levi stadium with some 49ers legends. you talk about, you know the team and kind of what it means to the bay area, and i think it's about this is the championships coming up. sal castaneda gives you a look at the history of the team and the interactive experiences the museum has to offer. show on the road to the sh
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
bay for the final zip trip of the summer. one of the highlights levi stadium, home to the san francisco 40 niners tomorrow. the 49 years will play in their first preseason game against the chiefs and
12:55 pm
ktvu sal castaneda went to the interactive museum at levi stadium to learn about the team's history. the signs are up, heralding the reopening of the 49ers museum for the first time since it closed for the pandemic. i had the chance to explore this museum at levi stadium in santa clara with two 49ers legends dennis brown and steve bono. fans will remember steve bono as backup quarterback to joe montana and steve young, when both montana and young got hurt in 1991. bono went five and one as the starter and endeared himself to the faithful. oh, no, still has fond memories of that era. it was a special place. i was here for five years won one super bowl won a super bowl on each end of me being here and went to the nfc championship game four times in the five years that i was here, so that's some pretty good teams. dennis brown played defensive end for the niners from 1990 to 1996. brown was an imposing figure playing
12:56 pm
with a very good 49ers defense. i specifically remember brown, making the life of opposing quarterbacks miserable. i was lucky i came in with a very good defensive line, and i was able to learn a lot from these guys and guys in here, charles haley. you know ronnie lott. you know these guys, guys like this. it just made it really easy for me to be an nfl defensive lineman. here's a good friend of yours. you might know this guy. it was an obvious point of pride for bono and browned to show me the team's heritage as represented by this breathtaking collection everywhere you look there is 49ers history from all eras from the beginning to the present. it's only fitting that here in the silicon valley, the museum takes advantage. of the latest technology. this is the all time roster. so anybody you're looking for? you can come in here. you just type in their name, and that person comes up. let's get bone up here. look at that young cat. oh my god, steve. my hair was all black at that time, too, bro in the museum. they have set up coach. bill washes office, complete with the
12:57 pm
actual desk. he used my favorite photo in this section is that photo of their of mike white. bill and #### for me, all the photo below. it is the same three guys when they were all together at stanford in the sixties walsh, including the film projector and the old school three ring binder playbooks. we just have to carry around binders like that. we used to have camp in rockland. around another corner is the room with all the memorabilia. here. you see classic jerseys, many of them signed. there are the famous gold jackets, helmets and more looking looking and remember the catch. it's perhaps the most well known play in 49ers history. when joe montana found dwight clark in the final minutes of the nfc championship game in 1982. the ball from that legendary play lives here for all to see. perhaps the most awe inspiring thing i saw at the museum is when i walked
12:58 pm
into the room where they keep the five super bowl trophies. oh my goodness! you talk about you know the team and kind of what it means to the bay area, and i think it's about it's about this is the championships on steve. this is what it's all about right here. you can also see the super bowl rings just like the ones the players received after winning it all. if you're a big 49ers stand, you should definitely consider making the trip to this museum at levi stadium in santa clara sal castaneda ktvu fox two news. great history. there were major league baseball says it will return to iowa next year for another field of dreams. game, last night movie star kevin costner first came out to a standing ovation and then like his film field of dreams, players started walking out of the corn field. as for the game, it was an ending befitting a hollywood film. new york yankees came from behind and
12:59 pm
took the lead with clutch homers in the top of the ninth inning and then with a runner on first chicago white sox shortstop him. anderson gave fans something to remember. anderson back at the wall of the white sox? yes the white sox won the game in a walk off 9 to 8 kostner described the playing conditions as memorable and perfect. well happening today. the pleasant and harvest festival returns to the alameda county fairgrounds. it's one of the west coast largest arts and crafts shows. the three day festival runs today until five o'clock and then continues through the weekend for 10 to 5 p.m. tomorrow and on sunday 10 to 4 p.m. tickets are $9 for adults $4 for children and kids under 12 are free. well thank you so much for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download the ktvu app and we'll see you again at
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