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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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force jet as people ran onto the runway and tried to climb aboard president biden said he would take the criticism rather than leave the decision on withdrawal for yet another administration after 20 years of conflict. our mission in afghanistan was never supposed to have been nation building. it was never supposed to be created a unified, centralized democracy are only vital national interest in afghanistan remains today. what has always been preventing and a terrorist attack on american homeland. have argued for many years. the president also warned the taliban that the us will respond with quote devastating force to protect us personnel evacuating the country. the pentagon has ordered another 1000 troops to be sent to afghanistan's capital to help restore order at the airport. ktvu is an ruben has been following the latest developments for us. she joins us now live with more on this humanitarian crisis. an.
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yeah, the scene at the kabul airport has been especially devastating as people pleaded and push trying to get onto those departing planes. there was panic in the streets of kabul monday as the taliban moved in thousands, including diplomats, translators and journalists attempted to get out. civilians tried to withdraw savings from the bank. tried to climb the fence at the airport, and some even tried hanging off military planes as they took off, seven people reportedly have died. president joe biden, speaking to the american people, admits the switch fall of the government took his administration by surprise. the truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated after 20 years of us support, and nearly a trillion dollars spent. biden said he expected the afghan military to stay in fight not to flee. but he says he stands by his decision to pull americans out. here's what i believe to my core. it is wrong
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to order american troops to step up in afghanistan's own armed forces would not in the bay area, the local afghan community is saddened by what's happened. are you sure? what hobbies the first afghan american elected to public office in the u. s. i think that the president biden is being very honest when he stated that the withdrawal had to happen. however the execution of the withdrawal was a disaster to say the least. well hobbs says she fears for those left behind, especially women and religious and ethnic minorities. she says the fact that some would cling to the outside of a plane rather than stay speaks volumes. they would prefer that. over staying with the taliban government. that sense of desperation is something that no american will truly understand. wahab says that the local afghan community has already started petitioning elected officials in the hopes
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that more emergency visas would be granted. julie and ruben reporting live for us tonight and thank you and political reaction to the violence is pouring in senator dianne feinstein responded on twitter, saying, quote. extraordinarily rapid fall of afghan forces has placed countless lives in jeopardy to taliban violence as retaliation for their work to improve their nation. we must act now to save as many of those lives as possible as the situation deteriorates in afghanistan. lawmakers in washington, d c and across the country. are watching very closely to see what happens next. california senator alex padilla serves on the homeland security and governmental affairs committee. he says his office is ready to help anyone who may have family members stranded in afghanistan. he also said that he has heard from members of the military who have mixed feelings about the situation in afghanistan. lot of people who after 20
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years of service and sacrifice more than 2000 fatalities more than 20,000, who sustained injuries, at least physical injuries. the mental health toll is even greater. there's a lot of service members who are saying finally, you know what was our mission there to begin with. anyway what was that again? remind me why we're still there two decades later. and those, of course, who who did serve men who sacrificed who who thought this is not how we wanted to leave. senator padilla made those comments during pulse of the people. that's a special town hall hosted by ktvu and fox 11 in l. a our political reporter greg lee co hosted the hour long special, you can see it in its entirety. right here on ktvu at seven o'clock tonight. today, san jose's mayor took an unusual, if not unprecedented, step calling for the resignation. nation of his county sheriff ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us mayor liccardo says there are serious problems in the sheriff's management of the county jail. thanks everybody.
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monday san jose mayor sam liccardo did something seldom, if ever seen time for concern is long past, sheriff smith must resign. the mayor of the largest south based city seeks the ouster of one of the state's longest current tenured sheriff's this following a myriad of missteps and in custody death and at least one criminal investigation into bribery. i think it's probably not a bad idea, um, frankly, for the u. s attorney, take a look. smith, a six term incumbent has been besieged by criticism following the beating death of inmate michael tyree by three sheriff's deputies in 2015 and a recently disclosed settlement to the family of andrew hogan for $10 million. he suffered a brain injury in 2018 after hitting his head against the transport van wall while in transit in any civil society, the safety of inmates themselves must also be protected it and they must. not to be condemned some dystopian
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tenure hunger games, undersheriff smith's leadership, the sheriff's office is engaged extensive efforts to conceal the facts around these and other incidents. santa clara county taxpayers could be on the hook for more multi million dollar settlements. sheriff's office is also under criminal investigation by the county d a for alleged bribery payments tied dismiss re election in 2018 unless leadership changes there's not going to be a change in the jails last week to county board of supervisors called for the state attorney general to investigate the sheriff's office. this has to stop and it's only going to stop if we can get some help from other agencies. liccardo is so far the first politician to demand smith's resignation. i've not seen, uh. mayor call in the sheriff to step down before when you see a series of people starting to call for this. that's when that's when the moment of gathers we could all save a lot of time. we
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simply had sheriff resign. the sheriff declined to comment on the mayor's request, but says she'll speak tuesday just before the board of supervisors is set to meet in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. now the latest on the coronavirus. the delta variant is now causing a surge in the number of cases in at least 40 states across the country. the new cases mostly involved the unvaccinated in florida, the seven day average for new daily cases is over 21,000. a man for getting tested for the coronavirus is skyrocketing in florida, and people are now having trouble finding places to get tested when and i sat for three hours. before i could even get a test. we're just seeing more sick people coming in. unfortunately we're seeing a lot of our own staff gets sick now, too. um and so we don't always have the manpower. four other states, along with florida also broke records for the average number of daily new coronavirus cases over the
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weekend. they are louisiana, hawaii, oregon and mississippi. here in california. the number of coronavirus cases also continues to increase with the surge of the delta variant. the number of new cases is up over 11,000 statewide in just the last 24 hours. there have now been over four million confirmed coronavirus cases here in california since the beginning of the pandemic and more than 64,000 deaths. the number of hospitalizations due to the coronavirus statewide is now over 7500. that's an increase of over 240 from yesterday. students in san francisco are back in school full time for the first time in more than a year. ktvu is christian captain is in the city and christian health experts are telling you that despite the recent surge with the delta variant. schools are still the safest place for kids right now. yes, that's right,
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frank. that's exactly what they're saying. and we're trying to reach out to the district to find out how attendance looks today. so far, no answer on exactly how many kids in san francisco attended public school today. we're looking to get that information for a little bit later on, the kids seem to really enjoy their first day back. and as you said health experts agree that the schools are safe. it was all smiles at peabody elementary school for pick up after school students saying they were happy to be back in class. that's fun, because, um, i my best friend hasn't met at the same classrooms with me for the whole time i met at the school and now he finally is, which is super excited. san francisco families will have a lot to discuss over the dinner table as the overwhelming majority of the districts more than 50,000 students were back for in person instruction parents saying they were happy with the return of a school routine. we were not worried at all our super excited to have kids back in school out, peabody has done a fantastic job of keeping the
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parents informed and making sure everybody is safe and couldn't be more pleased to have him back in the classroom. superintendent of public instruction dr vincent matthews was on hand at george washington elementary school to welcome the students back for the first day of class, the superintendent saying. school is where kids belong. we know that the best place for students is in person. we know that the impacts that isolation has had on our students. school is definitely the safest place for kids to be a doctor peter chen hong from ucsf says doctors have a lot of data on which to base that opinion. he also says the recent surge of the delta variant is showing signs of slowing and that as of monday, there are only two pediatric coach. but cases at ucsf a sign that with precautions in place in person instruction presents a very low risk for me, the main, uh, sort of like reason why we're seeing such low rates and kids being hospitalized in the area. is
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because of high vaccination rates in the people in the kid's lives. some parents at drop off for the first day of class said they were cautiously optimistic about the return of in person instruction, but want the schools to proceed with caution. i just hope that the teachers and everybody, they just, you know, they stick to the plan that they have to keep everybody safe and that we just, you know, go accordingly. from there. it's like a day by day thing. so i mean, but i'm like i said, like i'm open to her being here. as we've seen with schools around the bay area students are required to wear masks and educators will have to disclose their vaccination status or undergo regular covid testing. and since we started this report, i have received a text from san francisco unified schools. they say that they're still working to compile those first day attendance numbers. we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. students are back full time in
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school five days a week for the first time since the start of this pandemic in the west contra costa unified school district, all of the districts 54 schools have now reopened. all students and staff will be required to wear masks both indoors and outside with the exception of when they're eating lunch, and teachers and staff must now show proof of vaccination by september 7th or be willing to take weekly covid tests. we spoke with parents today and found a mixture of excitement and concern. he is vaccinated. and of course i'm worried about it. but, you know, i'm hoping, um, i'm looking for the positive outcome to everything. i am so willing to let them try to see what can happen. i'm getting back in the swing of life, you know, they need alive and being outside and in school and being around other kids. i think it's very well needed. the district is also offering rapid covid testing for students if requested by a parent still to come basic needs like food and
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medicine, finally reaching haiti days after a horrible earthquake, the latest on recovery efforts and the storm that many are worried could make the situ situation even worse. also ahead, pg and e. says be ready for public safety power shutoffs this week coming up look at the county's most likely to be affected. and temperatures on a cool down as we head into tomorrow. a big drop following a powerful earthqe
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is underway across a large part of the country, at least 1400 people have been killed in the earthquake. fox news phil keating tells us to search for survivors is being hindered by
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an approaching tropical storm. tropical depression, grace's sets its sights on haiti this as search teams work around the clock to find survivors following a massive 7.2 magnitude quake over the weekend, the national hurricane center forecast up 12 ft of rain as it tracks over cities impacted by the earthquake. wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour will also create a challenge for rescue workers on the ground, haitian officials and first responders are now pleading for foreign assistance. there have been two aftershocks following the earthquake. there are many injured. a lot of medicine is needed assistance from the authorities and help from the international community. meanwhile back at home, haitian americans are doing what they can to help. a number of non province are sending containers filled with food, essential goods and medical equipment to haiti. these goods are expected to arrive at the earthquake ravaged nation over the next few days. we've got to get the food down there, we got to set
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up the kitchens and that's what's on this plane right right now. we have medical providers that are already in route in the haitian capital. private planes have arrived to rush injured people from overfilled hospitals in like a supporter, prince reports of widespread gang activity and security concerns are also preventing assistance from reaching civilians who are in need. the u. n is working with local officials to better coordinate relief efforts at haitian prime minister ariel henry has declared a one month state of emergency for the country, freeing up aid. for those affected in miami. phil keating, fox news. authorities in susan ville in lassen county have told residents to be prepared to leave as the massive dixie fire continues to grow. that blaze has now spread to more than 569,000 acres. still only 31% contained more than 6500. firefighters are battling the fire in red flag conditions, while no formal evacuation warning has been
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issued, susan ville residents have been urged to be on alert and case, the fire threatens the city. the dixie fire is already destroyed, almost 1200 structures, including some 600 homes, mandatory evacuation orders are in effect right now, for residents living near the calder fire in el dorado county. that fire is burning near grizzly flat right now, the fire has burned more than 750 acres with zero containment. it started yesterday, but smoky conditions prevented significant aerial support. today, fire crews are also challenged by the rugged terrain there. no word yet on what started this fire, pg and e has issued a public safety power shut off alert to 39,000 customers that they may lose their power tomorrow night into wednesday, this latest outage watch includes 16, northern california counties, including sonoma lake, napa and solano. ktvu is rob roth went to napa counted to see how folks there are getting ready for the possibility of losing their
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power. at this hardware store in this small napa county town of angwin, because this isn't our first rodeo. many of those who hadn't brought backup power generators the past few years are buying them now that in other items they may need ifpi. jeannie actually does shut off power tuesday night into wednesday as part of the public safety power shut off wildfire protection program. most of the time, the first things that go or flashlights and batteries and coolers an ice because more people are worried about not being in the dark. the entire time. pg send 48 hour advance notice is sunday evening to residents since 16 northern california counties, including about 1800 customers in certain areas of napa, sonoma and solano counties that it may shut off power. the idea is to reduce the risk of wildfire from energized power lines. pgd neurologists are expecting wing us 2030 mph and then isolated wind gusts up to 50 mph and
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with low humidity level. these are all criteria that pg looks at pg and e says it's equipment may have caused the mammoth dixie fire the second largest wildfire in california history, people here in england population about 3000 have lived through evacuations in previous power shutoffs before i'm tired of it. it's a real hassle to continue to buy gas continue to keep going with the generators, but for a long time resident myrna flores, the power outages are more than annoyances. my dad needs to have his oxygen and his. um, his, um, a face mask for his sleep apnea, and so this affects him directly. every time it gets shut off. i hate to have my power go away, but i've got to believe that it's for a good thing. pgd expects the high winds to past wednesday. but it isn't saying when power would be restored. we can't re energize alliance until debris is removed. damages fixed that there any trees on the line those have to
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be removed, and then we turn the power back on. beginning this year. pg and e is now considering whether there are trees tall enough to strike power lines when determining whether ps ps isn't necessary in napa county, rob roth, ktvu fox two news. all right. you're looking back into the air quality. today. it was, uh, in some cases a little worse than it was yesterday. these reds up here, so there's the scale up here, right? so when you see the red, you're getting into the hazardous area purple is real bad. we are mostly in the yellows. today we did see some oranges, lots of yellows in the central valley and then leaking into the east bay counties as well. so yellow is being kind of less than desirable, but not as bad as. obviously red and purple. we're gonna get a break from the smoke. we talked about it last night. it's part of the reason they're going to see those higher winds up in the napa valley and up in the north bay hills in the south bay hills in east bay hills as well. but here's the model and you can see where we are. i think, right, you can see that clear area and watch those things just blow out. that's a weak trough. and if you look, you
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can kind of see the rotation around the service, southwest flow and then that kind of clears out and get a little wrap around. moisture on wednesday are tomorrow morning, see that red around bay area and then little bit more comes back in so that that gets pretty busy back on wednesday back into the smoke for the bay area, so we get a break tomorrow tuesday, most of the day night and then by wednesday, we're back into evening smoke in the bay area and back up in the lake tahoe area is kind of wrapping around that low and at the same time we're going to have that fire. weather watch in effect for parts of the bay area. we'll get to that in the next hit, but if you look at this live camera shot, you can see obviously the you can see the smoke and haze. you're looking back on the bay, but you can see that some okay? and the hes not as bad around the bay area. we have had incredible air quality compared to everybody else, so we've been very fortunate that way. but as we go into tomorrow, better air quality, and as we're going to wednesday, the air quality kind of gets more like what we're looking at right now. so i hope that helps. and if you do have issues with air quality, all you gotta do is just you know, dr west get
5:23 pm
out to the coast if you can, because the winds are generally westerly in the lower layers are being cleaned by the fog and the moisture with that onshore flow, so i know a lot of folks have allergies and hay fever, not hay fever, but respiratory things. current temperatures in the upper nineties not as hot tomorrow 10 degrees cooler is that trough moves in. i'll see you back here with complete details. we'll see in a little bit, bill. thank you. is it a cold or the coronavirus coming up as kids return to the classroom? the advice from doctors about how to know which is which, and the steps you should take. and coming up on ktvu. channel two news at six at least two coronavirus outbreaks at oakland public schools following the first four weeks back in the classroom, what we're learning about the number of students and staff members who tested positive plus new data shows. renters are flooding back to san francisco after moving out of the city a year ago due to the pandemic,
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parents that the symptoms of a common cold allergies, flu or the coronavirus can sometimes overlap. so how do you tell and when is it time for you to get your child tested for the coronavirus for more? we're joined by dr sunitha kaiser from ucsf bending off children's hospital. first of all, thank you for joining us. let's start with the basic question. how can you tell the difference between the coronavirus? the cold? the flu or every allergies, thank you for the for the opportunity to share with parents and as you said. unfortunately the symptoms are basically identical for the common cold flu, allergies and coronavirus. we find that most children that test positive for coronavirus have cough congestion fever. there's again which we can see in any of these conditions. so
5:27 pm
there's no way to tell outside of testing. um so as we had back to school and the and the delta variant is in the community, it's really important to help keep all children safe. that parents if their children have any of these symptoms, they see a doctor. stay home or get tested for their schools, guidelines and you know, as a mom of two young children, i realize how difficult that is. but when i'm in the position myself, i just think about you know if i was another parent, i wouldn't want them sending their potentially ill child home to school, you know, i'm to school and infecting. others including my own, and i think, putting myself in other people's shoes often helps put that in perspective and renew my commitment to keep them home and figure things out. so, doctor. what about those home tests that you can buy at cvs and walgreens and whatnot? um are those accurate in your opinion, and if so, how often
5:28 pm
should you test your kids once a week more less? great questions. so that at home tests, each one is a little bit different and what is called its sensitivity to detect a positive covid result. so our schools are really partnering with parents to guide them in the case of symptoms exactly what they should do. they should be able to tell you if they only accept pcr based test which are normally done through a lab or through your doctor's office, or if there are home test that they would accept in certain cases before kids come back to school, and what brand um, so again, i would look to the schools who are using guidance from our california department of health as to what exact test to use, okay, so you say that you have two young kids. is there anything specific that you would tell them as a parent? or that you would encourage other parents
5:29 pm
to tell their kids about what they should or shouldn't be doing at school and i'm talking about things like don't trade sandwiches with your friends, which we used to do all the time when i was a kid. it. don't take food off of other students trace things like that. yeah i think it's important to recognize that kids feel our anxiety about the return to school as well. and we also don't want to, you know, overwhelmed them. so i think we really have to anchor on what we know are the most important strategies to prevent risk of covid for children, so we know that vaccination is our best tool, and most kids are not getting cold. it in school, but rather at home and in the community, so having as many eligible people being vaccinated continues to be our greatest source of protecting kids. next is masking and in our recommending universal masking in schools, so the main thing i remind my own children each day is to keep their masks on indoors. and if they're
5:30 pm
eating or drinking to put their masks back on right away. the so that helps me prioritized discussions with them and reassure them, um but absolutely other things like avoiding sharing food washing hands frequently and again staying home if they're sick, um are are the other really key strategies, doctor kaiser. we so appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. thank you so much. thank you. coming up the san francisco district attorney's office has filed hate crime charges in connection to a string of crimes targeting chinese own businesses, plus a public protest in oakland with the family of a man who died during a traffic stop opposing the city's plan to bring
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do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ standoff with police at a napa apartment complex sky. foxx was overhead this morning as officers surrounded the building on pueblo avenue. police say the man was armed with a knife and threatening his family members inside. they all managed to escape. but the man stayed inside and refused to leave. police tried to negotiate with him over a loudspeaker. about four hours later, officers reportedly fired less lethal rounds at the man, and he appeared to be okay as he was escorted to a waiting police vehicles anger today over plans to bring in the chp
5:34 pm
to help enforce traffic laws on streets in oakland. leading the fight is the family of a man who was shot and killed by chp officers last year. our crime reporter henry lee is here now with what they're saying, henry. well frank, they say bringing in more law enforcement only endangers the lives of citizens who might be pulled over and they point to this deadly shooting as an example of what potentially could happen. so we're here today to say no to chp in oakland. it was a clear message from the family and supporters of erick salgado at the spot where he was shot and killed by california highway patrol officers in east oakland last year. we don't want more police. we don't want more law enforcement. we want real solutions. they lashed out at a plan to half chp officers converge on oakland's city streets to enforce traffic laws. this is not about safety. this is not about increasing the safety of oakland or oakland ders. this is about the manipulation of the fear. and the pain of communities of color. salgado sister amanda blanco says the chp does not
5:35 pm
belong in oakland. i'm confused on why the request was for more chp presence with blood already on their hands in june 2022 plainclothes chp officers and a sergeant fired more than 40 rounds from their rifles, killing salgado near 96th and cherry in east oakland. authorities said salgado was a stolen car suspect who rammed unmarked chp cars. his pregnant girlfriend was shot and wounded. she lost their unborn child. last week, governor newsom agree descendants, chp officers to oakland after a good samaritan was shot and wounded trying to stop a robbery in chinatown, it was the latest in a spree of violent crimes targeting victims of asian descent in the city. at a news conference last week, karl chan, president of the oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce, single out chp officers as ones who could chase down suspects. many of our police officers cannot do a high speed chase. and then he had they made across another city. but guess what? highway patrol they had the jurisdiction and they can do
5:36 pm
that. we are responding to the demands from our residents for more law enforcement safety, but oakland police and city officials have not specify whether the chp will be subjected to oakland police policies for me any officers that come have to comply with our standards of policing. now details of exactly how many when and where seeds the officers will be deployed in oakland still have to be worked out now. historically the chp has generally abided by its own policies, no matter where they are, and that includes chases on city streets reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news, henry. thank you. the san francisco d. a is now charging a man with hate crimes in connection with the crimes targeting chinese owned businesses. derek barreto was set to be arraigned in court today. prosecutors say beretta road on a scooter and used a slingshot pipe or hammer to break the windows of some 20 stores between april and august.
5:37 pm
all of those doors were primarily chinese owned businesses along ocean avenue and in the mission district. he allegedly then took cash and other items after entering through the broken windows, barreto is now facing 27 felony counts of vandalism and four felony counts of burglary and all are accompanied by a hate crime enhancement. in berkeley police are investigating the death of a local rapper after a physical altercation at a hospital, friends say rapper steven gaines, who went by the name of baba zumbi, died at al debates medical center early friday morning. they say that he was at the hospital because he had asthma and was recovering from coronavirus. police told ktvu that a patient had attacked nurses and security at the hospital and that security guards pinned him down. officers arrived and realized that the patient needed immediate medical assistance. the man was pronounced dead. his death is
5:38 pm
under investigation by police and the d a s office. police tell us officers did not use any force on the patient as recall mailing ballots began arriving in mailboxes. governor newsom is in the bay area today, urging voters to keep him in office, the governor rallied supporters this morning in san jose. he was joined by mayor sam liccardo congresswoman. so lofgren and santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez. newsome urged voters to mail in their no votes, and he emphasized the importance of this election to the future of california. this was governor newsom spinal stop of a campaign tour that started friday in san francisco. recent polls show an almost 50 50 split on the recall election. the fate of president biden's bipartisan infrastructure bill could lie with democrats as the party's progressives and moderates remain at odds. fox news mike emanuel is in washington tonight with the latest on where the deal stands. key budget votes on infrastructure and the proposed $3.5 trillion budget resolution
5:39 pm
are expected in just another week, but democrats remain divided over how to move forward. progressives insists the robust budget reconciliation bill. must be included to earn their support. but in a letter to the speaker friday, the leader of nine moderate democrats called for a vote on infrastructure to come. first writing quote, we simply can't afford months of unnecessary delays. what we fear is, if we wait months, this will never get done sunday, speaker pelosi worked to unify her colleagues, reiterating a vote on the bipartisan bill will come the week of august 23rd, followed by the budget resolution, whatever it is at the end of the day. it will be one of the biggest initiatives that any of us has ever participated. in meantime, some republicans say both proposals are too expensive, particularly as the u. s works to combat rising inflation amid an ongoing pandemic. we are hopeful that this is going to be somewhat derailed in the
5:40 pm
house. this is too expensive to afford. the american people do not want to see it. even if speaker pelosi is able to bring moderates and progressives together in the house that $3.5 trillion budget resolution could run into roadblocks in the senate, where moderate democrats say they're concerned it is too expensive in washington, mike emanuel fox news coming up a nationwide frozen shrimp recall has now been expanded over salmonella concerns. more than two dozen brands are involved. plus tesla autopilot system is under the microscope following nearly a dozen crashes. what safety regulators
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recall includes certain sizes of frozen cooked and peeled shrimp. they were distributed from november 2022 may of 2021. the company says products may be contaminated with salmonella, whole foods and target are among the companies selling the shrimp but under different brand names, apple has been ordered to pay $300 million over a patent dispute. a jury found that technology and iphones, ipads and apple watches infringed on a patent owned by optimists. wireless optics was initially awarded more than $500 million last year, but a judge issued a new trial because the first jury i wasn't allowed to consider whether the amount was fair. apple says they plan to appeal the decision. the national highway traffic safety administration is opening an investigation into tesla crashes that happened while the vehicles were on autopilot. ktvu is alex savage joins us now live in the newsroom with more on the story, alex. well
5:44 pm
julia, the national highway traffic safety administration, says tesla's on autopilot have crashed into stopped emergency vehicles at least 11 times since 20. 18 and now investigators are trying to figure out why the car seemingly has trouble spotting police cars and fire trucks with their lights on the probe will focus on 765 u. s vehicles with autopilot that have been built since 2014. there have been a number of cases across the country, including here in the bay area when tesla vehicles on autopilot. did not sense a stopped vehicle until it was too late to avoid a crash. the bay area based electric carmaker continues to say it's much safer for drivers to use. the autopilot feature compared to driving without the advanced cruise control technology. earlier today, we talked with some tesla owners about how the autopilot feature works for them. i like it a lot. it what it does is that relieves the pressure of stuff around you. you can concentrate
5:45 pm
and relax. and when you drive like i drive 2.5 hours to get here, very comfortable. i used to be here nervous when i got here. the tesla owners we talked with today say the autopilot feature doesn't mean you can check out behind the wheel. they say it just makes it something that makes driving a little bit less stressful for them now test the shares did closed down today. 4.3% on news of this investigation into the autopilot feature. tesla did not immediately respond to our request for a comment. chief executive elon musk, though, has repeatedly defended autopilot, and in april he tweeted quote tesla with autopilot engaged now approaching 10 times lower chance of accident than average vehicle. that's the latest from here in the newsroom. i'm alex savage. ktvu. fox two news, julie back to you. alex. thank you, great highway in san francisco is back open to traffic, but not everyone is happy about it up next. the
5:46 pm
calls to keep that roadway permanently closed to cars, and we're going to take a look at the smoke that's still around the bay area and a big cool down a significant cool down coming our way. plus some fire danger comes in as well.
5:47 pm
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last night. it happened just after 11 30 last night on solano avenue near ninth street, not far from vallejo police headquarters. police have not released in many details. other than the victim was a 46 year old man. he died at the scene. there is no word yet whether any arrests have been made a suspected drunk driver is in jail after police say he hit and killed a person. was walking inside a crosswalk near downtown san jose. he then drove off. the crash happened near all madden avenue and willow street saturday night. police arrested ishmael gonzalez on suspicion of drunk driving and hit and run. police
5:49 pm
say he ran a red light while speeding in a pickup truck. the name of the person killed hasn't been released. this was the 38th deadly crash in san jose this year. vehicles are now back on san francisco's great highway for the first time in more than a year. that roadway was shut down in the early days of the pandemic to give people more space for recreation while social distancing. it has become a popular area to walk and bicycle. some neighbors are calling it for it to be closed again seven days a week, and they have support from some elected leaders like state senator scott wiener. this was 11 point along the path and i know we're going to get there, and we're going to have a seven day a week permanent gray walkway for people of fabrics and stuff. the great highway is now open four vehicle traffic from six am on mondays until noon on fridays. then on the weekends, only bicycles and people walking will be allowed on the roadway. alright i hope
5:50 pm
you had a nice day out there today. the weather a lot like yesterday we had some heat again. 100 nanny och 98 in fairfield, some areas a couple degrees cooler than yesterday, but most areas about the same, although santa rosa came way up, send roses up about 10 degrees from where they were yesterday. so. just a very hot day in the inland valleys mild to warm around the bay. that changes tomorrow. with this trough. it comes in blows out the air quality makes it better but brings an onshore flow brings a little more fog further inland and cools us off. and so here's the fog model and you'll see the fog sweeping away from the bay area by tomorrow morning, then tomorrow afternoon. look what happened. you get little blob of it just offshore. there are just up in the back of ill area and then by wednesday, watch this next blob come down wednesday morning. wednesday around 78 a m. look at that. so it looks like wednesday afternoon. we're going to be back into the smoke again, unfortunately, just wraps right around the back side of that low, um so air quality going to be an issue and you can see out there now. it's not horrible in
5:51 pm
the bay area at all. we've had some of the best air quality in the western united states over this whole event because of our sea breeze, which is what makes this place such a nice place to live as you get really, really clean error in this area. there's some of the best area any urban center in the world this big there's not many places that have, you know, 7000 miles of specific ocean to wash the air as it comes in our westerly direction. here are the current temperatures there. look at santa rosa 17 warmer. let's go back santa rosa 19. nine today. 17 degrees warmer than where it was yesterday. so pretty darn warm, pretty mahad. i would call that and then the ridge of high pressure is breaking down this area coming in. that's the low. it's nondescript, other than it doesn't show up well on the satellite map, other than it's enough that it's going to just bust up the inversion, push foggin and cool things down and increase winds and the fire zones and that's why we're concerned about the potential for fire. there's a red fire weather watch goes into effect. on tuesday night into wednesday
5:52 pm
morning for the hills of the north and the east bay. they're set map tomorrow as you go through the micro climates. not too bad, right? it's seventies around the bay, and for a while there we were hitting nineties out in love yet, but we're in the mid eighties low eighties and where there were 108 and yesterday reading 1 18 tomorrow. maybe i don't think we hit 94 next problem. 90 to 91. so there are the forecast colours for tomorrow, and you can see the orange is there it is. fog goes away. that's interesting, huh? forecast highs and look how much cooler that is. wow so that's going to help a lot. i hope you looking forward to that. there's the five day forecast to pop the weekend in here so you can see what we got, and you can see just kind of a mild pattern. except we get that fire. weather watch that's tuesday night into wednesday morning. going above and beyond. coming at the unique technique employed by one lodi crossing guard to keep kids safe as they return to school and coming up on ktvu. channel two news at six dozens of students and staff have now tested positive
5:53 pm
for the coronavirus following oakland public schools first full week of in person classes. plus, we are continuing to follow the very latest on the situation in afghanistan. we will be joined by our ktvu political and
5:54 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
5:55 pm
but it will help you and your family stay safe bart tells the chronicle that workers will get two extra paid holidays if they get vaccinated by september 15th. so far, bart isn't requiring employees to get the shots, but some members of the bart board say that they favour a mandate, bart says so far at least 77% of their employees have gotten vaccinated. as gym's closed
5:56 pm
down because of covid. many people turn to home workouts to get exercise now is restrictions have started to ease. some people are now heading back to their local gyms today on before we spoke with the ceo of in shape health club, she told us fitness centers have been seeing a surge of new members and gyms in california are taking a lot of safety precautions. we are encouraging vaccinations. many of us are promoting vaccinations in the club, several less bad pop up centres to encourage vaccination because we know that how critical that that is many people, depending on what county obviously we are following mass protocols by county by county, but some people choose to wear a mass regardless, and that's okay. along with encouraging vaccines, gyms are continuing to follow safety protocols that include cleaning, ventilation and social distancing the pastor of a sacramento area churches given his members so called religious exemption letters. so they don't have to get a
5:57 pm
coronavirus vaccine for work. greg farrington leads destiny christian church in rockland. he posted a message on social media, saying hundreds of church members have come to him asking for exemption letters for their employees. barrington is the same pastor who kept destiny church open, define state coronavirus restrictions about indoor gatherings in december of last year. several church members ended up testing positive for coronavirus. kids are heading back to school campuses, and so are the crossing. guards reporter. kay received introduces us to one crossing guard from lodi. keeps things interesting while keeping kids safe. hi guys. when it comes to children, you guys ready for school, the stakes can be high. come on, guys. this is why yudina pena is a mom. hi, baby. on the move, it actually feel happy it makes i don't know. i just get this energy my heart fills up with warrants. i love it a costume
5:58 pm
crossing guard voluntarily patrolling garfield and took a streets and lodi as hurried happy kids. so why isn't you vigilant pair? it's i think it's good cause. she catches people's attention. you're welcome and careful mothers. thank you walk to heritage elementary. i feel proud that she's actually standing up for something that she believes in. yeah, you don't see that every day. good morning, pena. dawn the inflatable cow last week after seeing what she says were too many close calls. i've been without a job for a year. i want to get back to it. but with this chaos, i don't i'm scared for my kids high, most pedestrians and drivers. sapina has made them smile. i'm having way too much fun. she's had days like seeing her exciting gets me excited, subpoena says there have also been critics. i have somebody say you just want it for attention, and i said, yeah, i do attention for the kids. her efforts have begun to pay off one of the #### l. a unified school district spokesperson says the heritage elementary school
5:59 pm
administration asked for more money for a crossing guard. it was approved. pena says she hopes other parents will help her. maybe it takes a herd of cows and i'm ready for it. heard of pain. good morning. good morning. have a good dad school who are utterly determined to keep kids safe. i really want our community to know that we got each other's back. this is ktvu fox two news at six. the desperation and chaos at the airport in kabul. now some of the most defining images of the taliban's takeover of afghanistan as president biden today defended his decision. i stand squarely behind my decision after 20 years, i've learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw us forces. president biden addressed the nation and the world this
6:00 pm
afternoon, saying that the u. s interest in afghanistan has always been to prevent a terrorist attack on american soil. and he says that mission has been met. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. but tonight, uncertainty and fear are gripping afghanistan is afghans desperately tried to escape. ktvu and ruben has the latest now on the afghanistan crisis. there was panic in the streets of kabul monday as the taliban moved in thousands, including diplomats, translators and journalists attempted to get out. civilians tried to withdraw savings from the bank tried to climb the fence at the airport, and some even tried hanging off military planes as they took off. seven people reportedly have died. president joe biden, speaking to the american people, admits the swift fall of the government took his administration by surprise. the truth is this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated
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