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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 17, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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wildfires during the hot, dry weather. in the bay area. people may lose power starting as early as six o'clock tonight in parts of alameda, contra costa, napa, solano and sonoma counties. the warnings sent some people to their local hardware stores today to stock up on flashlights, batteries at ice chest today, pg and e expanded the scope of the ps ps warning. this map shows the 18 northern california counties impacted 47,000 customers are expected to be. affected up at redwood regional park in oakland signs reminded hikers about the high fire danger and you can see the winds are already starting to kick up there. our chief meteorologist bill martin, here now with a closer look at what we can expect tonight. yes the winds are going to kick up. mainly this is a north bay event far north bay in far northern california. but p. jr as we know, being extra cautious as these winds come in late tonight, early tomorrow morning, it's a short lived red flag
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event, and it's going to be mainly for the hills of the north bank. this area, right in here will be the hardest hit. why because that's where the dixie fire is. that's where the called row fire is. we've got the two major fires burned. those are the big stories because this wind is going to come in today. it's going to go southwest is going to blow the fire one way and then tonight at about four am, the winds are going to start coming from another direction and start blowing to the south from the north to the south. that's why pollock pines was evacuated today if you saw me that video earlier support points pretty good sized town and pluck point is just to the south of the latest. plaster county fire, so the red flag warning will go into a factor is in effect. it will stay in effect goes into effect tonight. 11 stays in effect through tomorrow afternoon, but i'm telling you, this is all going to go down somewhere between 3456 in the morning tomorrow morning in terms of the strongest winds for us the real story here, the big story here is going to be up in the fire zones of dixie and up in plaster county. so let me show you the wind model. okay and watch for the contours.
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now the contrast the reds and blues represent the strongest winds. this is all pretty normal stuff right here now we're into tonight. now see those oranges showing up in the central valley up by reading. that's the wind event right there. i'll see you watch what happens about three a.m. for and watch calistoga. cousteau goes from two miles an hour to 30 miles an hour quickly. that's an elevation and then it looks like right about here is the peak wednesday morning, and you see words that where's the red contour? it's that's where the heart strongest winds will be. do you see those over your house in your neighborhood? most of us don't most of us will be not impacted by this that is the hope the other thing is going to happen as this thing moves in as this wind moves in tomorrow, it's going to recirculate that smoke that pretty much blew out of the area today, and it's going to bring a massive amount of smoke back into our zone, creating poor air quality. hence the air quality alerts, so there's a lot going on. but again, really the big story here will be the dixie fire and the fires up and out of sacramento because those wind shifts are really playing havoc on these poor firefighters without any rain to work with.
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so when i come back, we'll look at all the forecast and get you going from there. all right, bill seeing a bit. thank you. as we mentioned some of those public safety power shutoffs are expected to go into effect now in less than an hour, joining us for more on all of this is a p g spokesperson tomorrow, sarkeesian. tomorrow. parts of alameda contra costa napa, solano and sonoma counties could all be affected. what do people living in those areas need to know? we want to make sure that those customers know first and foremost that this is for the safety of our customers and for the safety of our communities. we know how difficult this is, but we want our customers to be prepared. so that means having flashlights with fresh batteries instead of using candles, charge things from now, if you have. your cell phone or devices or even medical equipment that needs to be charged. even electric vehicles. this would be the time to do it. we want our customers to know that they can
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go to pg .com to get updates to get information, um and just to be prepared, um. for this past for this, uh, public safety power shut off! what factors go into making the call to issue a psp s for a certain region. we're really looking at a number of factors, so those factors include humidity levels wind levels. red flag warnings, among other items that we're looking at, so it's very specific were really, um you know, we're not going to call a p s. p s. if it's not necessary, if all those. factors have not been met. but when you have all those different factors coming together, really creating that possibility for wildfire, that's what we call ps ps events yet tomorrow people hear this, and they just even though you have warning you just go. you know it is an inconvenience for so many people if the power is shut off in certain areas,
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what has to happen before it is restored. in other words, how long should people plan to be without power? well, once the weather has subsided, were able to go out and start inspecting our lines. it is a process we do have to go through and make sure none of our lines have debris or vegetation on them. um, but it is an all hands on deck process so that it can move quickly and smoothly for our customers. so once we get that all here on the weather, we expect for it to take between 24 hours or 12 daylight hours for us to be able to turn the power back on these type of events just started a couple of years ago, but this is the earliest in the year that a ps ps has been called moving forward. can we expect to see these earlier and earlier? it's really going to depend on the trends in the weather. so. if we do see high winds like this, and this drought, continuing,
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um and getting earlier and earlier that is a possibility we're going to have to do whatever is going to keep our communities safe. but we are doing a lot to try and keep these, um keep the scope small, so that means things like system hardening were hardening our system to be able to withstand. um wildfires. microgrids to help narrow this. scope and also sectional izing devices. so with those things included, we are really hoping to make the scope of a p s ps smaller and much more defined the areas that are at the highest risk. alright, well. if they do have to happen. we all hope that they can happen as quickly as possible and safely as possible. tamar sarkeesian with pg and e thanks so much for being with us tonight. we appreciate it. thank you. more now on the fire situation. the calder fire in el dorado county. it exploded in size overnight.
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it's now burned 8000 acres and, unfortunately is only 0% contained and that's led to governor newsom declaring a state of emergency for that area. ktvu is andre senior is here now, with the latest on that fire and the other fires the other major fires burning around northern california, andre. good evening to you, frank. we are getting reports that two people were injured in the calle door fire. both incidents happened in the grizzly flats area, and both victims suffered would have been called serious injuries from a fire that is raging tonight. the raw power of a yet to be controlled wildfire in el dorado county is turning the lush greenery near the communities of omo ranch and grizzly flats into charred land. it's one of those thoughts that you see him on. see it on tv. the other communities have to deal with it. you go. that sucks. and now the same thing has come to the front door of wilburn. the calgary fire, forcing him to evacuate with some clothes and a few valuable tools. he says he hopes he doesn't have to use
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pressure washer jane sauce my tools. it's the most important thing, because if i have to go back and you know, rebuild my house, i don't have insurance on it fear over the possibility of losing more homes and grizzly flats, a town of a population of 1200 is real. in fact, few homes are left standing now, time lapse video shows the intensity of the flames, which started on saturday night. in the area of ranch about 60 miles from sacramento, burnt said he'd been checking in on the flames since they started saturday night, describing them as not being that big. but by the next morning that had changed spread went across the middle fork up towards more ranch and started running up the side of the canyon. and then we thought, well, they should be responding. nothing happened. he says. he didn't see fire crews on the scene until around 11 30 sunday morning. by tuesday evening, the cow door fire had consumed a 8000 acres and spurred what cal fire called extreme fire behavior overnight. evacuation
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orders were soon issued this satellite image from space shows the pressure that firefighters are currently facing. it shows the morgan monument mcfarlane cow door and the largest dixie fire, which has burned more than 600,000 acres and destroyed more than 600 homes. those forced to evacuate because of the latest fire are turning to their faith to help cope. i'm christian, and we need to pray in god's in charge. we're not. that's my final. you know. final word. in addition to opposing risk to communities, cal fire reports to kildare fire is likely to impact interstate traffic. it is burning not far away from highway 88 just over 2000 structures are threatened at this point, because i'll be too injuries we told you about earlier, cal fire's urging people in the fire danger zone to heat evacuation orders related to this fire, frank back over to you, andre, senior. in our newsroom tonight, andre. thank you. smoke from the wildfires burning in northern california created this scene in lake tahoe. today you can see a massive smoke cloud in
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the sky. look at the color of that. ktvu is frank mallicoat captured this video this morning. he says he's been saying ash falling from the sky all day and you can stay up to date on the wildfires burning around northern california. and those public safety power shutoffs by logging on to our website. it's all at ktvu .com. now to the desperate situation in afghanistan, where us troops are on the ground assistant with the evacuation of thousands of u. s and afghan citizens, a spokesperson for the taliban is promising safe passage to civilians. trying to escape from that country, fox news trading next with the latest on the humanitarian crisis. after taking control of afghanistan. the taliban is showing the world it's in charge, declaring amnesty across the country, vowing to respect women's rights and encouraging them to work with the government. all that remains to be seen and now a spokesperson is calling on
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world leaders to help pay for reconstruction. they should respect. the, uh, aspiration and will of the people of afghanistan, but there are signs of brutality in the streets. cellphone video showing an alleged taliban fighter punching someone. an afghan who worked as a state department contractor, told fox news the taliban have established checkpoints throughout the capital city, and the pentagon admits they're working with the taliban to ensure operations at the airport remains safe and there have been discussions. there is communication between them and us and i would just let the results speak for themselves. on monday, u. s troops managed to evacuate more than 700 people, including 150, americans, hundreds of afghans packed inside a c 17 desperate to get out, u. s officials believe once the speed of evacuations picks up, they'll be able to get 5000 to 9000 people out per day. this is a dynamic it's a fluid security environment if we're if we're in a position to do more, i can
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guarantee you we will do as much as we can. as rescue flights continue. officials believe three us military bases will be used to house up to 22,000 people in the coming days in jerusalem, tray angst, fox news. any immigration attorneys are now busy trying to help people in danger. get out of afghanistan. ktvu is rob ross spoke with one immigration attorney and pleasant in today, and he joins us now live with more on what he had to say. rob julie, it could be a matter of life and death in afghanistan. that's what one immigration attorney told us as she tries to help get people to safety. from her law office in pleasant and immigration attorneys spokesman asiri is desperately trying to get clients out of afghanistan, people who may be in danger from the taliban. i just heard from a client right now, who got an email from the u. s embassy in kabul, saying come to the airport and he was physically beaten. missouri was born in afghanistan and came to
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the united states when she was five years old, but she's concerned with relatives still in afghanistan, especially a cousin who worked as a translator for the u. s. military and now worries about the taliban. finding him. the fear is that if they found out they were allies with the united states, then there's a potential for harm, particularly death. the syria is a member of the american immigration lawyers association, which is urging the state department and lawmakers to help those in danger. get out of afghanistan. many of them are afghan human rights advocates now hiding in their homes, afraid to go out, particularly women. minorities those who are allies with the us military individuals that have put their lives at risk and have relied on the u. s for support are now stranded and left to fetch for themselves, nasiri says. the state department has the ability to grand people in potential danger, temporary protective status and humanitarian paroles to bring them to the u. s. it's just a matter of logistics. it's a matter of coordinating.
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it's a matter of manpower. it's a matter of how do you go and get that individual from their home to bypass the taliban checkpoint to get here? and she has these words for those in jeopardy in afghanistan? we are doing everything we can. we are thinking of you. we are praying for you. we are hoping for you so we can all we can do is be optimistic. congressman eric swalwell from the east bay has put out the word that any afghans who need help filling out refugee visa applications to call his office julie rob roth reporting live for us tonight in pleasanton, rob. thank you coming up developing news out of the east bay, where police are now searching for a homicide suspect how it's affecting students at a nearby middle school, one of the california governor recall candidates is dropping out of the race coming up the health. reasons that prompted his decision and the governor of texas has now tested positive for covid 19 story in the east b,
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san ramon police say there is still no sign of a homicide suspect who ran from officers in the area of bollinger canyon road and breyer oaks drive this afternoon, a shelter in place order has now been lifted for that area, and students at nearby gail ranch middle school were allowed to go home. they were kept in their classrooms for a time as a precaution. san ramon. police say 22 year old ronaldo, john shan't john sanchez is wanted for murder out of florida, texas governor greg abbott has tested positive for the coronavirus. his office says he's fully vaccinated and it's not showing any symptoms.
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abbott will now isolate in the governor's mansion and continue to test daily. the governor is receiving regeneron's antibody treatment. abbott is an outspoken opponent of mask mandates. in july, he issued an executive order bannon, local governments and school districts from acquiring masks and finding those who failed to comply. $1000. another east bay city announced it is putting a vaccine mandate in place for city employees. ktvu christian captain live now in walnut creek, where the mayor there and in antioch are challenging other various cities to follow in their footsteps. christian yes, we are here in walnut creek, where the city already enacted its city worker vaccination program yesterday say they're already starting to see more people getting those vaccinations. now antioch is saying they're going to be following suit and the mayors of both city these are asking other cities around the bay area to join in when it comes
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to vaccinations, antioch mayor lamar thorpe says his community is lagging and creating a potential hotspot for covid in antioch. the current vaccination rate is 62% in the last 14 days alone, 804. antioch residents have tested positive for covid back for covid-19. this is the highest case of rates throughout the county, the mayor saying he's following the footsteps of walnut creek mayor kevin wilke, walnut creek, putting a city employee vaccine mandate in place monday. the mayor, they're saying the city is already seeing results since that announcement was made, we've seen an uptick of 5% of vaccinations just within the city employees in walnut creek now, annie. ox mayor says he's drafting a similar plan for city workers in his city. therefore, i will be advancing a measure that aligns with the city of walnut creek in mandating covid-19 vaccinations or weekly testing for city employees, contractors and
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volunteers. jeff friedman, who has lived in antioch for eight years, says with vaccine mandates elsewhere requiring city employees to vaccinate or submit to regular testing isn't a big ask. well vaccination. you're you're looking at polio and smallpox. things like that chicken pox. we've been doing this for years. we've eradicated it kind of similar vaccine requirements are going into place in other bay area cities, including san francisco, san jose and berkeley. now antioch's mayor, is joining with walnut creek's mayor, encouraging other cities to enact similar measures. in addition, i stand with mayor will i'm calling out all bay area city mayors to advance similar measures that mandate vaccination for city employees in an expeditious manner. all representative from the city of antioch confirms that the mayor's plan for a city employee vaccinations will go to the city council next tuesday. if the council approves it. it could be in place as soon as next wednesday, reporting live christian captain ktvu, fox. two news.
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alright, christian. thank you, the oakland unified school district will be switching over to a fleet of electric school buses. it will be one of the first districts in the country to get them in an effort to deliver thousands of new electric school buses nationwide. at a news conference earlier today, california senator alex padilla said the plan is to eliminate polluting diesel powered buses by replacing them with zero emission fleets. more than 96% of school buses across america are diesel, so partnering with school districts to transition. from high concentrations of diesel school buses and the exhaust that they admit to zero emission school buses is going to make a tremendous impact. the new electric school buses will be paid for with funds from the recently passed federal infrastructure investment and jobs act. okay now to our weather and another air quality advisory was issued today due to wildfire smoke. this is a live look at our
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camera pointed toward. mount diablo. and actually, gosh, the conditions look great. looking out toward bounty outflow. ktvu chief neurologist bill martin here now with a look. another look at the conditions. does that surprise you seeing how great it looks that i did you know, frank between i don't think it looked that great. not like smoke. yeah, maybe your monitors a little goofy. okay well, i contacts may be needed to be updated. look great. half full kind of thing. yeah i do always have the glass half full, but i don't know. let's. look at that picture again. frank take a look at this. you'll see the smoke hanging out if you guys can do in the room, but yeah, we've got some smoke it right. the top monitor. my bottom monitor looks a little hazier, but there's certainly out there definitely hazy and it's bad in the central valley, and frank's got a point there because we did have a wind come through today. that kind of cleared things out for a while and tonight's going to be some of the better air quality. we see. but then it goes back into a bad air quality scenario. here's the story on the computer model this year is the wind direction and i want to take you through
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tonight. now look at the contours because they represents. this is about the wind or this is about the smoke, and this is about the fire concerns and they're both connected. so as we push forward here, you can see we're getting into tonight. tomorrow morning. there's a controversy up around east of calistoga and west of fairfield. that bullseye that's the wind. that's the wind field coming in off that high somewhere around six a.m. you notice calistoga gusting to 34 miles an hour. you see where the strongest winds are, don't you? that's where the strongest one that's what the models saying, and i'm feeling pretty good about that. so where you live in san francisco halfway bay, oakland, there'll be some breezy conditions up in the hill, but the main wins the 25 to 35 mile an hour winds appear to be staying up college toga and north that that can change. certainly, that's why p genius talk to us about the power just now. what's the smoke going to do? well as we push forward here, you can see the wind direction beginning to shift a little bit right like there and you're going to see you can't really see it here, but the smoke wraps back around on top of us, so what i'll do. i think i got another model here lined
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up for you. that was kind of confused. using their okay, here's the smoke model. let's take a peek at this now. here's here we are now. here's see the smoke coming in. now, this is tonight 11 o'clock that comes in on that north wind with those strong winds that we're talking about with the fire, danger concerns and it keeps blowing in from the north sea. the smoke fill filling up tomorrow morning and then hanging out all through the day on wednesday. doesn't look good at all for smoke, and then it starts to break off a little bit thursday morning, but you see, i think we're in for some smoke. i know it's a drag. and so we've got two big fires burning the real story here with the winds in the smoke, and everything is going to the dixie fire in the cold air fire in that up around placerville and pollock pines, which they have been evacuating because those fires are going to get a big wind push on them. they're going to get two directions, one coming out of the southwest, and they're going another wind direction shift later on in the morning, that's going to come more northerly, so that's going cause firefighters significant problems. this is huge. actually, these two fires the wind potential for tonight. it's a short lived event. for
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us. it's going to last a little bit longer up there and there's lots going to happen. so i know cal fire has got their work cut out for him tonight. i'll see you back here with the rest of our forecast, which seems like not such a big deal compared to what's going on up in the north northeast. americans could soon roll up their sleeves for another shot of coronavirus vaccine soon be lining up for a d
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covid-19 shot. the white house covid response team is set to discuss the possibility a booster shots as the delta variant spreads. fox news. jonathan serrie has more. another covid-19 shot is likely on the way for millions of americans. the biden administration is expected to recommend booster doses for most vaccinated people. eight months after their second shot, nursing home residents and health care workers are likely to be first in line, but the shots would not be widely distributed until the fda
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formally approves covid-19 vaccine boosters. last week, health officials recommended boosters for some people with weakened immune systems. if you're receiving medicines that hold your immune system down, then you're not going to get the benefit from those vaccines or it's just not going to last as long, state and local leaders are still in a race to get people vaccinated as the delta variant spreads in new york city and indoor covid vaccine mandates started today for entertainment venues, gyms and restaurants, mayor bill de blasio says people will have to show proof they've received at least one vaccine does. this is the way we all keep moving. forward together. this is the way we stay healthy is the way we bring back our city fully. meanwhile, states with low vaccination rates are seeing a spike in infections among children last week, children accounted for about 18% of new cases nationwide, and health experts fear the surge could worsen as a new school year begins. i am extremely fearful
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of what's to come. the way he kids safest through vaccination and the kids that are eligible for vaccinated should get vaccinated. public health officials say children are still less likely to develop severe symptoms from covid-19 in atlanta. johnson siri fox news. the government of new zealand is putting the entire country back on lockdown after just one case of the coronavirus was detected. the infected man lives in the northern half of new zealand. that area will go on a full seven day lockdown with health experts investigate. excuse me, while health experts investigate how he became infected. the prime minister says the rest of the country will go on lockdown for the next three days. people are being asked to remain at home and avoid others. new zealand has only reported 26 deaths from the coronavirus, the last coronavirus outbreak, if you will in new zealand was all the
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way back in february, coming up, the santa clara county sheriff has her say today after the mayor of san jose called for her to step down, plus a vt. eight employees. who reached out to comfort the mass shooting victims has become its latest casualty and there you have it— -woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow! -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just $30 bucks. sweet, but mine has 5g included. relax people, my wireless is crushing it.
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yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. this isn't our first flip. and sure, some renovations can require a bit of compromis. but, there's no settling here. at floor & decor, she gets to fulfill her vision while i get in-stock products at budget-friendly prices. all in one trip. plus, we get the installation materials we need to get it done right and right on time. it's a win-win. now that's shopping like a pro. explore floor & decor, in person or online at her management of the county's's jails. the sheriff fired back
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at her critics and is also rebuffing calls for her resignation. ktvu is jesse gary live now at the sheriff's office with the details, jesse guys, the sheriff, laurie smith says she is not going anywhere. she is staying. she touts her ongoing efforts to reform the jails, the sheriff's department people and procedures within and she has a message for mayor sam liccardo. just yesterday called on the sheriff to resign. mayor liccardo needs to focus on what it is he's doing instead of being a mouthpiece for the mercury news, seldom has santa clara county sheriff laurie smith spoken so long and so pointedly in an hour long news conference, smith produced poster boards and people defending her handling of the county jails. it's somewhat remarkable to me to find myself in this position. usually attorney paula canny represents the families of andrew hogan and michael tyree. both men had mental health crisis. that led
5:34 pm
to their arrests. hogan in 2018 suffered a permanent brain injury while being transported in a sheriff's van in 2015 3. deputies beat michael tyree to death in his jail cell. all three were later convicted of second degree murder. we have a fundamentally broken system, and that system is broken because we criminalize. mental illness, police and jails do not have the facilities or the resources to handle. uh those types of cases shortly after the sheriff's news conference, the county board of supervisors began debating the release of a confidential 19 page report related to the hogan case. the county settled a lawsuit with his family for $10 million in the case of andrew hogan. raises questions about the apparent lack of accountability. we might draw ah. more meaningful conclusions
5:35 pm
about what has or hasn't happened if we had more transparency, smith says she's already signed a consent form and cautions against the report's release, citing concern for the victim's family. it really is important to have experts provide an in depth review of some of the things that have been stated most of the public speakers at the border supervisors meeting called for her ouster. am formally asking that should be fired immediately should be removed from office and her pensions stripped from her. this is a criminal that is running these jails. how much more money? are you expecting the taxpayers in this county just spend. with regards to jail issues under the leadership of laurie smith, the operation of the jails has gotten worse. the sheriff continues to believe she's the best person to lead a beleaguered agency into its next chapter. it's taken many years for the jails to get where they are. changes incrementally slow. we've got a lot of work to do. i understand
5:36 pm
the process. i know we have the best command staff, and i know that we can make positive change. the board did vote unanimously to release the confidential 19 page report that must occur by their september 14th meeting. they're also calling for investigations by the state attorney general and the u. s attorney's office. sheriff smith is calling for an fbi investigation of her department department, citing concerns she's committed civil rights violations. we're live outside the sheriff's office here in santa clara county, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to ukraine, jesse i'm one could she be recalled? could she be fired? and if so, by whom? and could she, uh, just be ousted from office in the next election? well she is up for election. i believe in a couple of years, so obviously somebody could run against her and win and she'd be out that way. although six term incumbent so it's difficult for an incumbent to
5:37 pm
lose, um, could she be fired? no, because she's an elected a fish. show because should be ousted. um if public official were criminally charged and convicted, maybe that way, but there's we're not even close to that right now. there is just a criminal investigation into bribery charges in her department, but she hasn't been named in that she used pleaded taking her fifth amendment rights and i will say that we asked her about that today, and she said that she is glad that she exercise her fifth amendment rights because she was not informed. of the nature of the investigation when she was questioned by the grand jury, so she felt it was better to invoke her rights as opposed to just blindly answer questions. frank jesse gary live force in the south bay tonight, jesse. thank you. haiti is now in the middle of back to back disasters, the number of dead from last weekend's powerful earthquake is now more than 1900. quake has also left tens of thousands of people without homes and his
5:38 pm
fox news, anna iliopoulos tells us people there are also struggling with complications from tropical storm grace. haitians left homeless after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the country now facing the effects of tropical storm grace families forced to take shelter in makeshift tents attempting to take cover from the heavy rains and winds. flooding from the storm is complicating search and rescue efforts as crews continue to come through mounds of debris more than 10,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed, including several major hospitals, leaving those that are still standing. overwhelmed right now we're continuing to operate will continue to operate and remain as flexible as possible. more than 1400. people are confirmed dead with at least 6000 more injured. many of those injuries requiring patients to be evacuated to more specialized facilities. we're talking about orthopedic patients and surgical trauma bishop so they had to be addressed emergent
5:39 pm
lee urgently this disaster coming just over a month after the country's president was assassinated and 11 year. years after another earthquake claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people. meanwhile violent gangs in the country have had roadblocks set up for months in the hardest hit areas, making the delivery of aid more difficult. we are really advocating, uh for, uh armed groups to allow, uh, this humanitarian aid to act to reach. that the people as soon as possible, in addition to ongoing assistance from the u. s. coast guard the u. s, also announcing tuesday that they will be sending a joint task force to haiti to assist with humanitarian efforts, anna iliopoulos fox news. v to employees who are still dealing with a massacre in a light rail station in light rail yard. excuse me in san jose, are now mourning the death of another coworker. ktvu reporter henry
5:40 pm
lee is in the newsroom. now with more on the loss of a respected veta employee, henry. well franklin away, henry gonzalez is now the 10th victim of this veta tragedy. now, after a coworker shot and killed nine others, gonzales was the one who tried to comfort victims, families and now police believe he took his own life. actually. veteran veta worker, henry gonzales survived the massacre at the light rail yard in san jose back in may. but gonzalez seen here in a photo posted by a relative on facebook is now the latest casualty. san jose police are investigating his death as an apparent suicide. gonzales a married father of four, who helped co workers cope after the mass shooting, was found dead on monday, his first day back at work. those who knew him said the pain to you endured was too much to bear. he was a rock for the for the local everybody admired him. john cost a international president of the amalgamated transit union met gonzalez after the mass shooting. gonzales had reached out to families of shooting victims. he was one that went out and met. many of the members and
5:41 pm
satin, their living rooms and try to explain and help them get through this unknown of why this happened. gonzales served on the executive board of 80 local to 65. he was a 10 year veta veteran who worked as a paint and body worker at the light rail yard, costas said vita hasn't done enough to support victims. families in the wake of the tragedy. in the statement, v to express its condolences and said in part this is a very difficult time for vita employees and their families. and we really u s privacy as we grieve the loss of henry while continuing to grapple with the loss of nine other co workers who were tragically killed in may, people might jump on it, you know, to try to help people during the first few weeks, but then they kind of drift away. thomas plant, a psychology professor at santa clara university, says caregiver should be prepared for trauma to last for months or years, especially on anniversaries. and here it is a couple of months later, and that might be when people really need the
5:42 pm
help. so you know, you have to kind of watch folks and try to be available to help them. now vita says it has reached out to workers and families with counseling and trauma resources, an encouragement to seek help if needed, the agency says the health and well being of its employees remains a priority and that it's focused on healing live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news got a sad story just gets even sadder. all right. thank you, henry, the golden gate bridge district is investigating after flyers were discovered, threatening to exterminate certain golden gate transit bus drivers. those flat. there's were posted at the sandra fell transit center early monday morning, the notes call on union members to target at least 10 drivers who the flyers say refused to pay dues to the bus operators union, the union president, told the newspaper he condemns the threats and does not condone the action. new details are emerging about one of northern california's
5:43 pm
wildfires and how pg and he may have played a role and a dramatic rescue after an elderly man drove his car into a backyard swimming
5:44 pm
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backyard swimming pool was saved today by a walnut creek police officer. officer michael sees arrived first on the scene and saw that ford explorer sinking quickly in that pool, and the driver was unable to get out. officials say officer sees did not hesitate, jumped into the pool and pulled the driver from the vehicle. he then perform life saving measures on the driver before an ambulance arrived and took the man to the hospital. police say that elderly man suffered a major medical emergency. which led to the accident. former congressman doug ose, he says he's dropping out of the california recall election after suffering a heart attack
5:46 pm
over the weekend. in a statement, oc said in part quote while i'm told i should expect a full recovery, additional procedures and potentially surgery are required, and it has become clear that i must now focus my attention on rehabilitation and healing. okay served several terms in congress representing the sacramento. before joining the field of republicans looking to replace governor newsom, three of the candidates in the race to recall the governor and elect a replacement will square off tonight. the recall election is september 14th. 45 candidates are on the ballot to take over for newsom if he's recalled tonight, the sacramento press club will host an in person debate among three of the top challengers. they are businessman john cox, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer and assembly member kevin kiley. the debate is from 6 to 7 tonight live at the guild theater in sacramento. it will
5:47 pm
be broadcast on npr stations throughout california. coming up. why? airbnb says it is taking legal action against user who rented a south bay home and we're learning more about how one of the wildfires burning in northern california may have started and the role that pg need may have played in some serious fire conditions tonight, mainly for the big fires in the northern east part of california, but we've got some red flag warnings in the north bay as well, so we'll
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
who held a party at a sunnyvale rental home that ended in a deadly shooting. the company announced today that its notified the guests who made the booking that it plans to pursue legal claims and damages. an 18 year old woman was killed. another person injured in the shooting on august 7th airbnb extends its ban on all parties and events
5:50 pm
at homes booked through the site last year. remnants of tropical storm fred moved through the north today, producing heavy rains and tornadoes across two states. this comes after the storm made landfall yesterday on the florida panhandle with 65 mile an hour winds. dozens of tornado warnings were issued and at least 10 tornado reports were received by the national weather service today in georgia and north carolina. i've lived here 44 years, so. this was a small one. i'm more worried about the next 14 say the storm is expected to continue to weekend but could still bring several inches of rain to the mid atlantic and the northeast later this week. pg and e inspected power lines, employments county two weeks before the fly fire started in that area late last month, but court records show cruz never documented a white fir tree that later toppled onto power lines in the area. investigators are looking into whether or not the tree ignited
5:51 pm
the flames that merged with the dixie fire. pg and e. says equipment problems may be to blame for both fires that became the largest single wildfire in california history, all right, and we're talking about fire and smoke. as we have been pretty much it feels like all summer. you know, we had the smoke returning last night, a little bit of clearing today in the smoke's coming back tomorrow. let's look at a required itty stuff real quick. you see the yellows and the reds. i think we're going to see a lot more yellows as we head into the bay area tomorrow. we're going to see more smoke and these red areas are going to continue in that format. i want to show you a couple of things. those are fires. this is satellite imagery, but it's picking up the fires because it's so they're so big, but i want to see. so this is the called or fire here. this is the dixie fire here. the big concerns. you have to do this. hang on a second. no, i didn't want to do that. i want to do this. okay well, i was going to show you i was going to show you the directions of those smoke plumes, because what's going to happen is they're going to get blown one direction. then
5:52 pm
they're gonna get blown back another direction and that is going to cause firefighters fits as they go into tonight and tomorrow morning. so as you look at those fires, just recognize the smoke is going have the opportunity to go west. then it's going to go kind of south and west and then it's going to go south and then it's going to go west again. it's going to be moving around over the next 24 hours as we get a kind of a wind shift as a system moves through the bay area, and that's why i want to point out. so the big story here in my mind are these fires. this is sort of unprecedented to have two giant fires like that, of course, smoke in the bay area is never great, but to have two giant fires like that number one number two in the state right there, both burning simultaneously. now the called our fire is huge. they're doing evacuations up there and they're going to get hit with some significant winds. are we going to get hit with significant winds, some areas above you know 1000 ft in the north bay, certainly, but i think this is really going to be about those zones and that's my big for worry, because again, the fires are burning and they're burning in rough terrain, and they're going to get hit with some significant winds. we cooled off today.
5:53 pm
this cool off is part of the reason that they're going to see winds because the low is going through heidi's going to jump right in behind it. this is an early fall kind of pattern. temperatures today dropped a good 10 degrees. temperatures tomorrow stay where they were today. so where there were 105 106 the other day. now we're going to see operators low nineties like we did today. just give me another cool day tomorrow. smoke back in the forecast when i come back at sex, which i hope they let me come back when they come back at six. i want to show that smoking because i think that's the big story here, too, the way those fires are going to get pushed around, and i'll figure out how to do that, without without booting out of the computer. i'll see you back here a little bit, bill. thank you. we'll see you. then california's drought is now threatening the state's almond production. almonds are a $6 billion industry here in california, about 80% of the world's crop is grown in the state. but after years of surging sales production will drop in prices will go up. almond orchards need water year round but years of drought two years of drought is forcing some hours to stop irrigating
5:54 pm
their fields. as you can see, uh, is one orchard here that's drying up because they just didn't have the money to buy the water. almonds are california's top agricultural export. there is high demand in areas including india, east asia and the european union, california was projected to produce a record £3.2 billion of almonds this year, but estimates were scaled back. estimates were scaled back to two. 0.8 billion because of the severe drought back to school. shopping is never cheap. coming up how much the average family will likely spend
5:55 pm
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now and how much money experts predict americans will spend this season had a potentially avoid paying more than you have to. if you're getting ready to do some back to school shopping buyer beware. it'll cost you, the national retail federation says the average household will spend roughly $850 on supplies this year alone, but it doesn't mean folks are getting more bang for their buck. american families purchasing bauer has shrunk, so right now our prices arising twice as fast. as paychecks. rising inflation is having a serious impact on the price of many goods. this become number one worry of families, but of small, uh, mainstream businesses as well. and while americans are expected to spend a collected $37 billion this school season, researchers say, laptops, clothes and shoes are the big hot ticket items, but with the
5:58 pm
pandemic impacting manufacturing centers, certain goods, maybe in limited supply, experts say, if you turn to online shopping. watch out for price gouging. this is where the scammers are finding the opportunity. how can i make the most money off of this situation? where people are at a disadvantage. meanwhile, psychologists say, be on the lookout for signs your child may be exhibiting symptoms of anxiety, adding it could be difficult for young kids to readjust to in person classes after learning remotely for so long. these kids have not been around other kids. it's almost like when a new child goes to daycare for the first time, and when getting kids re acclimated to crowds, experts say, start small by going to a restaurant or perhaps taking them back to school shopping with you. jackie ibanez, fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. a state of emergency now declared in el dorado county, as the
5:59 pm
calder fire continues to rage out of control tonight, triggering new evacuation warnings. scared frightening didn't know if we were going to come back to you just ashes or what? so we grabbed what we thought we could that we care about everything else could be replaced. tonight fire danger is top of mind in the bay area as we get ready for the winds to shift and that is what's sparking officials across the state and the bay area to take action. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener and i'm frank somerville beginning tonight at 11 o'clock. a red flag warning is set to go into effect for the north and east bay hills. want to show you a live look at mount diablo right now. the air quality doesn't seem. horrible but it's not that great either, but it's expected to change when the winds shift and push wildfire smoke into the area, and that's why an air quality advisory has been issued for tomorrow. the city of concord announced the closures of several open spaces
6:00 pm
today because of the red flag warning and as you can see from this video taken in oakland signs were out at redwood regional park to remind hikers about the heightened fire danger. and concern over the wind is also causing preemptive power shutoffs by pg any, you can see the areas affected on this. pg and e map noted by the yellow. it impacts about 51,000 customers in 18 counties, including alameda contra costa, napa, solano and sonoma. many of those are just beginning to happen right now and could last until sometime tomorrow. so to better understand the system that is moving through the region and bringing all this win, let's go to our chief meteorologist bill. martin for the latest on what to expect, bill? yes well, we've got that red flag warning. first of all, and that's really this. this whole event is really a lot to do with the dixie fire in the call door fire in northern california for us, you can see the areas in red. we definitely have concerns up in marin are in sonoma county, marine county parts of the east bay.


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