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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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rob roth reports tonight. the president hopes that it will make way for more vaccinations. today. uh we've hit another milestone that milestone came with the announcement monday that the food and drug administration for the first time is granted full approval to fighters covid vaccine for those 16 years of age and older prior to that, the fda is given the vaccine emergency use status the fda approval is the gold standard, and as i just said, now, it has been granted fda officials said in a briefing that while the review is relatively fast, it was also. thorough their efforts to move as quickly as possible have in no way sacrifice scientific standards or the integrity of our process president joe biden said he hopes the fda approval will help give confidence those who are hesitant about getting the vaccine the kaiser family foundation released a survey that found about a third of the unvaccinated say they would be more likely to get vaccinated with full fda approval those
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have been waiting for full approval. should go get your shot. now vaccination is free it's easy. it's safe and it's effective but president biden also had an appeal to employers to make vaccines mandatory for their workers. if your business leader, a nonprofit leader, the state or local labor, who has been waiting for full fda approval to require vaccinations i calling you now to do that ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hong says the fda approval will resonate. beyond the u. s is going to have a sea change in the rest of the world also because many countries actually looked to the u. s. fda for legitimacy fighter is marketing the vaccine under the new trade name community as for vaccinations for children between the ages of 12 to 15 12 to 15 can still get it not a problem. it's just on the emergency use authorization. until there's more data. to
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satisfy the fda moderna is expected to get its full fda approval in a few weeks at johnson and johnson before the end of the year. rob roth ktvu fox two news. the pentagon says is preparing to make the vaccine mandatory for the u s. military officials say it's an effort to ensure the health and safety of troops who often live in close quarters the defense department says guidance of the vaccines being developed and a timeline will be announced in the coming dares right now, the pentagon says about one million out of 1.4 million active duty military are fully vaccinated with the visor vaccine receiving fda approval today. the clock is now ticking for san francisco city workers to get their shots or lose their jobs as katie's christien kafton reports tonight this is part of the policy that the city announced back in june requiring all city workers to be vaccinated in just a matter of months. all
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city workers in san francisco will be vaccinated or risk losing their jobs the city announced in late june it would require all city workers to be vaccinated 10 weeks after the food and drug administration gives final authorization to a covid-19 vax. seen the announcement from the fda that the pfizer vaccine you received that approval started the countdown with the approval of the pfizer vaccine the clock starts ticking today we're very confident that we will have all city employees vaccinated by the deadline which will be november 1st san francisco's director of human resources says the city is well within its rights as an employer to set minimum terms of employment including vaccinations she says the final fda approval means nothing should be. in the way of employees getting vaccinated at this point, we've had some outbreaks in city employment and i think that really highlights that this is the step that. we need to take as on large employer and i think
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all employers need to take san francisco city workers unions confirmed they are currently negotiating with the city on how the vaccine mandate will unfold it was already pushed back from more than a dozen city employees over san francisco's requirement for workers to disclose their vaccination status by the end of july. some of the biggest city unions saying they want workers to be safe but they also want to be sure they're not being targeted. the firefighters union releasing us earlier this month reading in part quote our firefighters have been working hard to follow all public health guidelines to keep our cities safe and local 798 has been encouraging our members to get the vaccine however we are strongly opposed to a policy that threatens employees with discipline and potential termination well san francisco was the first to issue a mandate the city employees get vaccinated it is not alone. new york los angeles in st louis have all announced similar policies. and just today, chicago announced that it will be issuing its formal announcement in the next few days requiring all city employees there to be
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vaccinated as well in san francisco, christian captain ktvu fox two news in the south bay, thousands of san jose city workers now required to show proof of vaccination or undergo weekly testing for coronavirus. the city order went into effect today and applies to police firefighters emergency dispatchers librarians and city hall workers including the mayor there are exceptions though for medical and religious reasons anyone else who does not have proof of vaccination and refuses to be tested will be put on unpaid leave and tomorrow the san jose city council is set to consider a measure to require proof of vaccination at events with 50, or more people held at city. own facilities that includes the s a peace center, the mchenry convention center and the san jose center for performing arts, a negative coronavirus test will not serve as a substitute for vaccination. earlier on
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mornings on to mayor sam liccardo said this is the most effective way for the city to return to a new normal obviously we know those indoor events can be very risky if we're not doing all we can to make people safe. and so we've been talking with the operators i think they understand the importance of this. and so we just want to give them time to implement that, and then we're going to be looking at what else we might need to do. mayor liccardo also says he'll watch how san francisco's vaccine mandate is working before determining if san jose should require proof of full vaccination for entering restaurants bars gyms and movie theaters in the city of richmond is also requiring all city workers to be vaccinated in that city under the new band date. it's up to department directors to make sure that everyone complies city officials say workers interns volunteers and on site contractors must show proof of at least partial vaccination by september 15th and full
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vaccination by october 18th people who have had an objection who have an objection to the vaccine to religious beliefs disability or other condition can submit a request for exemption good. new at six. the berkeley unified school district is set to discuss possible possibly requiring vaccinations for students who take part in sports and other extracurricular activities at their meeting on wednesday the district is currently requiring weekly testing for all students and berkeley high athletes must be tested twice a week. the district is already urging anyone who is eligible for vaccines to get them. a new poll by the associated. shows the majority of americans support mask mandates at schools although opinions are sharply divided along political lines overall though 60% of respondents say students and teachers should be required to wear face masks while in the
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classroom the poll found roughly 80% of democrats favor the mask mandate while only 30% of republicans say the same. entire elementary school classrooms in parts of the bay area are in lockdown due to exposure to the coronavirus ktvu xem, agus tells us with more parents no longer working from home juggling the demands of a 10 day lockdown is going to be difficult for many of them. yeah, thank caravan of cars carrying young kids rolled through this covid testing site monday at the san mateo mariott seven year old second grader of foster city elementary and they just recently had several outbreaks in the school, but in particular one outbreak in her classroom no quarantining for his daughter's classroom but the school's fifth graders are all under lockdown due to three students who tested positive for covid 19 last week 1/4 grade classroom at montclair elementary oakland went into a mandatory 10 day quarantine
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after just one day of school for full time working parents many who are back in the office that quarantine period would be tough to juggle. it's hugely challenging but honestly we have to balance that with the risk of how how hard would it be to actually you know, unfortunately have a have a child who's ill this mother of two says she can apply for covid paid time off to take her kids to get tested like she did on monday, and if need be to use if they needed to quarantine but still very stressful because i have a full time job to struggle. i have to talk to my supervisor and allocate my case load my works with them. so it is very stressful exhausted as a working mom, stephanie shiner and her husband and third grade son in alameda went into 10 days of lockdown a few weeks ago just before school started because eight year old desmond tested positive for covid 19 it was a scramble it impacts a lot of things, jobs specifically jobs importantly, she took a few days off from her job as a university administrator and
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her husband, who works in catering and events did too. but those days off are finite now they're budgeting them should desmond's classroom need to quarantine the ripple effect was even for someone who i feel like we've been pretty cautious the amount of the ripple effect was was, um. was overwhelming many parents don't have the flexibility of taking paid time off to get their kids tested or to quarantine and they're now navigating how to make time to get weekly covid tests that's required by many schools and after school programs reporting in san mateo, emma goss ktvu fox two news on the number of coronavirus cases here in california continues to increase with the surge of the delta variant new cases are now up more than 10,000 statewide in the last 24 hours there have now been more than four million confirmed. cases here in california since the pandemic began and more than 64,000 deaths more than 8400 are hospitalized that's an increase of about 180 from yesterday
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well, there is new evidence the first covid related deaths in our state in other parts of the country happened back in january of 2020 several weeks earlier the first thought and long before most medical experts in the u s. were aware of the coronavirus could create a global pandemic the bay area news group examined medical records. from january of 2020 from california and five other states and that research found that covid-19 was likely a factor in at least a half dozen deaths during that month. civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson and his wife are responding positively to treatment after being hospitalized with the coronavirus doctors at northwestern memorial hospital in chicago are carefully monitoring the 79 year old jackson and his wife jacqueline, who is 77, they say? that due to their ages the two were hospitalized on saturday mr jackson was fully vaccinated but his wife had not had her shots the reverend jackson has encouraged others,
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particularly black people to get a coronavirus shot. black people have received fewer vaccinations compared to their share of cases. there could be a number of reasons to that tied to that, perhaps a lack of trust in the government and also a lack of vaccine hubs in minority communities. coming up tonight. we're continuing to track the latest on the cowl door fire which cal fire officials called the number one priority in the nation as it continues to threaten the tahoe basin it is at the door and knocking on the door to the lake tahoe basin. we have all efforts in place to keep it out of the basin but we do need to also be aware that that is a possibility based on the way the fires have been burning and we'll take a look at that smoke. the forecast where it's going to go and then the cooler weather we're experiencing it's going to start to warm up. i'll talk about that. we see you back here in a few minutes, plus the evacuation efforts in
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afghanistan are speeding up, but some american allies want to extend the deadline into september we'll have the latest still ahead and taking a live look now the conditions on interstate 80 through berkeley and taking a look at these live pictures it is slow going in the commute direction but not too bad ktvu news at six will be right back.
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door from more and from overhead could see tearing through dry four this cal says fire now knocking the door tahoe after jumped highway near kippers the weekend the gout fire now over acres about 166 miles and is just contained we'll officials that fire as the number one incident in the. as as the urgent for ktvu bay
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reporter gary us governor newsom is asking president biden. to that fire major rarely so much california fire such a large and at same time the across the state already extensive to residents infrastructure at a mid briefing state federal explaining complicated of moves to stay of flames currently major are burning california and 13,000 fire. from corner of the and deployed to stop the relentless march of flames. the conditions definitely it challenging get on these fires of them are moving to eight miles day that's just that's going be really hard build, lying and get resources cal fire say the weekend gusty winds the door fire highway 50 new spot near kippers are in
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remote additional resources been deployed make sure they don't and make the situation we many large damaged damaged. that ongoing particularly the north of the state and they're going to continue to grow and get bigger. but it allow for to resources to resources the south of the state the national guard utilizing military and upwards eight tankers to give crews the ground chance to dig lines. the use of aircraft fire that can get on the ground put those fires the plans hinge the mercurial nature the effects ongoing that's leading a new for fire season. mother nature is. control and we are everything can save your and property cal officials so far three times the acreage of the states. five year have for that they're all californians to
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have provisions bags and at ready in case wildfire to california and in case an earthquake top the wildfires and san jesse ktvu. two, the air quality for has been extended tomorrow well, taking live look this evening from camera walnut creek toward mount diablo. you can understand why. the air is issued because the smoke the wildfires is likely create hazy skies but air is expected to be in the good to moderate range. so that is to know perspective bring in now chief meteorologist bill martin a little more that lingering in our area hard get it all out here. you know like, if um it's it just um into these little and crannies it's hard blow out. especially the so like out by mount diablo, that shot we just showed you. that that just settles the central valley
6:19 pm
tahoe. it's a so that in late night morning it's cooler the air down we're in the bay area we have this of quasi onshore they continue to kind keep keep going the right moving smoke away and you can see right. improved air quality fog the coast winds is that low has been kind of. brushing things of here for once low we are to see temperatures to warm, but the are trending clearing which they been for a little because the flow is good that's going the way. but in the and the and such it gets in places he just doesn't all blown at once look the central still look southern california we're into into so of gets going the problem we're is that these fires like the called or the dixie. giant they're continuing burn. and by the way, they're not going to put these out completely. probably until first just so
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know so we're to have this constant smoke the probably the end september longer if we get some rain so prepare get used to it i think we we've fortunate we are getting worst it. the worst it is up around like to looks better with yellows, but were really last week then you see bay area barrier lake tahoe and how bad that air quote. it's really up so things are going the right for us it's to be a slow, slow removal. i'll see you back here with the five day. mhm the pace of out afghanistan picking with over week until the 31st date for military from fox mike emanuel has our report tonight. over weekend busloads afghan refugees in virginia little than clothes their back they
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managed escape an increasingly situation the ground kabul's where on monday gunman at afghan forces the gate one died us were the violence new into efforts and we have very that we are leaving who want to return home. we are going to bring them home. the one has a target of 31st the is calling that date a red line. so pace is picking the administration at least 28 carrying more 10,000 took off the most but a spokesman does not or say how many americans have be flown out think just going leave it at several right now, and us are about citizens pushing for u. s military into september. we're in touch with the taliban. daily we're in touch with allies partners the president will his own members congress have of their
6:22 pm
questions the decision process say raised concerns the administration they first the plan. i can tell you the members were as just vigorous the members opposing and will start some when key of the administration classified for relevant this week at the state department, mike emanuel fox. still tonight warning police in east bay they investigate death of a year who have died from accidental what police that community know plus innocent who was sitting his car and killed a police over the weekend santa barbara what we're about incident the investigation.
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freshman who may have overdosed over the weekend. the mount diablo unified school district sent a message to parents saying counselors are available at concord middle school. excuse me. concord high school to help students the team was found dead at home on saturday the cause of death is not yet known police though say there are quote indications that the death may have been an accidental overdose after the ingestion of a pill like this one shown here. police are reminding everyone in the community that they should only take pills prescribed by their
6:26 pm
doctor. san jose man is under arrest for allegedly raping a teenage hitchhiker 44 year old edison garcia guzman was taken into custody on friday investigators say that a self happened back on may 30th the 16 year old told deputies that she was hitchhiking and was picked up by a man who gave her alcohol. she was physically and sexually assaulted and then left stranded on the side. and b road the sheriff's office says. the suspect reportedly admits meeting the girl the night of the assault a group of san francisco artists working to combat anti asian hate is receiving a $1 million grant state senator scott wiener announced the state grant today it's going to the anti hate a p i artist program the group's mission is to stand against and raise awareness about anti ap i hate. anything we can do to bring attention and focus and energy to the fight against anti ap and violence is
6:27 pm
incredibly important and i'm proud to stand with the community and moving that effort forward but there's also some really additional great benefits for the community. the asian american and pacific islander program raising awareness about anti ap i hate will be at the chinese culture centre of san francisco preparations are now underway for the biggest fundraiser for the national first responders fund its annual san francisco stair climb and that is set to take place and just three weeks on september 11th the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks participants race up several flights of stairs at 555 california to honor those who died on 9 11 and to help address mental health issues among first responders such as depression and post traumatic stress earlier today on the four i spoke with joe liotta baron a c. he's the executive director of the national first responders fund, and he says the money raised from the stair climb is critical to getting
6:28 pm
first responders much needed support. if you think about the 13,000 firefighters that are actively working on those fires in california that's uh and you can imagine the things that they see when those fires rushed through homes and take lives. it's uh it's pretty it's pretty not only exhausting but very traumatic and it can affect them at the moment, or it can affect them 20 years later and so this organization is here for them and the money that we raise is critical to getting them to support in the training that they need. now there is still time for you to register to participate in the san francisco stair climb. you can sign up on the national first responders fund website we've also put a link to that website on ktvu .com. coming up on ktvu ktvu channel two news at 6 30 of violent weekend in vallejo claims the life of two men and leaves one woman injured, all in separate shootings will have the latest
6:29 pm
on the investigations and coming up a little later in sports are joe fonzi we'll have an update on injured a pitcher chris bassett, remember he was hit in the
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officially approving fighters coronavirus vaccine for anyone aged 16 years and older about 12,000 vaccine recipients were followed for about six months. the fda says the shot is about
6:32 pm
91% effective scientists now hope that this will be the push for skeptics to get vaccinated san francisco city workers risk losing their jobs if they don't get a covid vaccination. officials saying today that employees now have no excuse for not getting a shot because the pfizer vaccine is now fully approved by the fda officials say the city is well within its rights as an employer to require vaccinations cal fire is calling the cow door fire in eldorado county the top priority incident in the country right now that fire john highway 50 over the weekend crews are battling to stop it from moving into more populated areas. the california national guard is sending 11 military helicopters and eight air tankers to give crews there on the ground a chance to cut containment lines you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 it was a violent weekend in vallejo where two men were shot dead and a woman was injured in a freeway shooting escape. tv
6:33 pm
crime reporter henry lee explains to law enforcement agencies are now trying to find the people responsible. the vallejo police department is investigating to shooting deaths since friday it's very unfortunate very tragic but the most recent shooting in vallejo happened late sunday night on interstate 80 a woman driving this infiniti m 35 was hurt when someone opened fire on her car she was travelling west on i 80 near the redwood street exit unknown amount of shots were fired victim got hit and was transported to the hospital everything is still under investigation her car was pepper with gunfire she pulled over and got help from passing drivers and the siege. p. he was talking responsive when she got transport to the hospital. the chp only has a vague description of the vehicle tied to the shooting unknown suspect vehicle at this time, just a dark colored sedan opened fire on the suspect or the victim vehicle the chp and milenko police say there's no apparent connection between the freeway shooting and two deadly shootings on city streets. preliminary details. would
6:34 pm
indicate that none of them are related however we want to bring justice in these cases and we need the public's help a 21 year old man was shot and killed behind a market on fairgrounds dr near gateway at about 1 15 friday morning a 56 year old homeless man was found shot behind cvs pharmacy on sonoma boulevard police say there's a homeless encampment in the area near the drugstore officers did attempt life saving measures in that incident and of little fire personnel declared the victim deceased at the scene. there have been 10 homicides in vallejo so far this year that does not include the suspicious death of a 78 year old woman in her home earlier this month. that investigation is also ongoing henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the mayor of antioch plans to introduce new legislation tomorrow bannon potentially deadly police holds mayor lamar thorpe says he's taking action following a recent in custody death our
6:35 pm
investigative reporter evan sernoffsky talked to the mayor this afternoon about the plan. we should always look at ways to preserve life. antioch mayor lamar thorpe is putting forward new legislation that would ban police techniques that could cause a person to his fix e eight such cases became a national issue following the death of george floyd last year this is a national conversation we're having around police reform and so we're doing our part i think, as local leaders the bay area has seen numerous positional lists fix cia cases. it often happens when a person is restrained in a prone position like on their stomach of your police officer, and you have both your hands on somebody's back. and you're applying all of your weight. your body weight on that individual you can cause positional xxi ation antioch and its police force have been under recent scrutiny following the december death of angelo king toe. officers responded to a call of a mental health crisis and restrained quinto on his stomach. for several minutes, he fell unconscious and was pronounced dead at a
6:36 pm
hospital. the coroner's office on friday ruled that quinto died from excited delirium a controversial theory recently opposed by the american medical association junk science civil rights attorney john burris's representing pinto's family and rejected the coroner's findings last week we do still believe this would restrain affix ea shin. there was nothing that was given today to suggest otherwise the mayor's proposed law mirrors a statewide bill that's currently in the legislature if passed 84 90 with similarly. band techniques that could risk causing positional asphyxia we should always wait for state action to tell us what to do to tell us to do the right thing now, the city council still has to vote on the mayor's resolution and the law would have to go through a meet and confer process with the city's police union in the newsroom evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. authorities in santa barbara say an innocent bystander was shot and killed by police over the weekend it happened on saturday night in
6:37 pm
the town of guadalupe the sheriff's office says a police officer was aiming at a suspect with a felony warrant but shot and killed a 59 year old man who was sitting inside his car that man has been identified as one louise calvera, prissy otto, california law requires now that the state attorney general's office investigate the shooting since it involved an officer and the death of an unarmed civilian new at 6 30 outgoing new york governor andrew cuomo has reportedly granted clemency to david gilbert he happens to be the father of san francisco district attorney chase a boudin the chronicle says that gilbert who is 76 years old will now be eligible for parole he was sentenced to 75 years to life for his part in the robbery of an armored truck in new york in 1981. it left a guard and two police officers dead. he and boudin's mother were the getaway drivers
6:38 pm
boudin's parents were members of the radical group the weather underground his mother kathy boudin, was paroled in 2003 coming up. california's recall election is now just a little over three weeks away and that means more big names are expected to begin campaigning for governor newsom this week plus says the ballots begin arriving in mailboxes across the state. one california counties effort to save taxpayers money could have potentia
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in the recall election against governor newsom. a complaint against elder was filed by the california democratic party claiming that he didn't properly disclosed his income sources in the paperwork submitted to run in the recall election elders campaign says he immediately corrected and re filed his statement of economic interests the very next day they went on to say that quote we made a simple mistake and we fix it as soon as possible. these investigations are very common in campaign world the fair political practices commission says no decision has been made about the allegations vice president kamala harris is scheduled to return to california this week to campaign for governor newsom the vice president is traveling to southeast asia right now, but is expected to fly to the bay area for a rally this friday in support of the
6:42 pm
governor details of the when and where that rally might be taking place have not been. released yet voters in one california county are now getting their sample ballots and official ballots for the recall all in the same mailer k receipt tells us why and also clears up another common question about the upcoming recall election. this is what voters in san joaquin county should have received in the mail for this upcoming gubernatorial recall election voters guide an official ballot and a sample ballot with the word official printed on top, which may have caused some to raise their eyebrows because i never saw it like that before so i was kind of mm. kind of confusing but voter robert hall says he quickly figured out we didn't find it very difficult austin erdmann says the sample an official ballots were mailed out together in an effort to save taxpayers money it's a cost saving measure and also because of the size of the vote by mail. we're trying to save trees if it's saving money, so
6:43 pm
yeah, i don't have no problem with that. in a recall, erdmann says you can vote for either or both parts in the ballot. if you vote no to the recall you may still vote for a candidate even if you vote no, your vote still counts for who you vote for on the ballot. the interim registrar ads you may vote early, either in person by mail or drop off, hall says he handed his ballot today before the september 14th recall to avoid the potential crowds that was kind of expecting. uh. do we get it and do it quick in stockton k recede. okay we're looking at the weather and it's going to be a little bit less smoky tomorrow i'll have the details coming up right now we go to ktvu salix savage with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus. frank. thank you. they are
6:44 pm
arriving with nothing more than the clothes on their back coming up tonight at seven. our coverage continues all the afghanistan evacuation and the refugees who have now arrived here on american soil will tell you what the biden administration is doing to help them now also the parents of golden state warriors star stephon curry are going their separate ways tmz tells us what they're learning tonight. about the couple's divorce. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus all right, alex we'll see you, then thank you, but first coming up after the break, a desperate search continues in tennessee for people missing after the historic flooding there
6:45 pm
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responsible for more than 20 deaths and that includes seven month old twins who were swept right out of the arms of their father fox news, charles watson tells us the search is underway for nearly a dozen people missing in the floodwaters. rescue crews are frantically searching through debris here in central tennessee looking for adults and children missing after the weekend's record breaking rain the storm dropped up to 17 inches of rain and less than 24 hours more than triple what forecasters had predicted floodwaters surged through neighborhoods killing more than 20 people including twin babies we've been affected from city limits the city limit and it's been a huge impact of this small community. uh. talent of where these scars for many decades officials say many of those missing lived in areas where the water quickly rules in humphreys county, the historic flooding washed out broods and knocked over power
6:48 pm
lines leaving thousands of people without electricity streets in the town of waverly here turned into rivers within hours the water quickly taking over homes and businesses forcing some structures off their foundations residents say they were caught off guard by how quickly the rain fell. i jumped out of driver tonight big thing you know, he's gone he's going down the greek president biden has pledged the federal government's full support and recovery efforts and many home and business owners say they are eager to rebuild i'm going to open again if i have to go in there and pull everything out and redo it again myself the national weather service says no significant rainfall is expected in tennessee over the next several days and waverly, tennessee charles watson fox news. alrighty then we'll take a look at the smoke forecast i think that's what a lot of people are thinking about we had a pretty good day today especially right around the bay. we had lots of greens which is good air quality but inland some of the areas we're still we're still sporting the yellows which is moderate not
6:49 pm
great what you don't want to see, certainly as oranges and reds and purples so here's the forecast model i'm running it through time here's midnight six am seven am tomorrow morning it looks like it's going the right way. but there's so much of it there's just so much smoke and the wind see the winds are concerned. out of the southwest that's good, but it takes a while. the clear the smoke and as i said earlier, these fires are you know, specifically the dixie and a call door. these fires are still burning and so as they burn right, they're going to continue to put up smoke. so this doesn't go away. we're going to be talking about smoke for a while for a while like probably into september um, some days will be better some days will be worse and hopefully we have a good prevailing wind condition i know that's not what you wanted to hear but that's i think the reality of this there are the. current temperatures and you can see there's the sea breeze the nice green representing an onshore flow cooler today than yesterday and then by seven degrees and conquered four degrees in napa, so it's been a mild week for us really are
6:50 pm
thus far the last three or four days have been pretty mild which temperature is not in the nineties are in the hundreds but in the in the eighties tomorrow is going to be very similar and then, as we head into thursday it'll start to warm up. and then friday and saturday and sunday temperatures back into the upper nineties, but that's typical. that's more what you expect so we're kind of below average right now, with hazy conditions fog at the coast, a mild pattern that the fog and we are going to be heading into a more typical pattern, which is going to be thursday and friday and saturday so here's the forecast model for tomorrow, which will be a date tomorrow like the day we had today and the day we had yesterday too, so yeah and the smokes it smokes tough man. you look at the tahoe pictures today is bad like if i lived in lake tahoe especially truckee or the north shore there with like, i don't think i would even go out. i don't think i go outside i don't think i'd go outside 74 in vallejo 82 conquer tomorrow they're going to have a lot of smoke up there again tomorrow and just get used to looking at the air quality we have an honor our ktvu .com weather on the website you can see a require
6:51 pm
it. you can also go to, um, about various sources on the air. just look for a require lippy and pay attention to what's going on in your region an act accordingly because it once you get past the yellows, the oranges and the reds heather we're just talking about your stair thing you're going to do you don't want to be doing that. when the when the air quality is up in the 250 parts per million yeah i had to do my workouts on the treadmill a few days last week because of the smoking conditions alright oakland a's managers are making another visit to las vegas to scout potential bar park sites. the team confirmed that officials are headed to southern nevada this week they have been looking at areas including the festival grounds near circus circus at the north end of the strip this comes as negotiations continue for possible new ballpark. at howard terminal here in oakland. last night 49ers head coach kyle shanahan wouldn't comment on who is going to be his starting quarterbacks joe fonzi is up next with the latest on the battle between
6:52 pm
jimmy garoppolo evening, everyons
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
happening tonight in sports. the regular season opener is a little less than three weeks away from the 49ers and the
6:55 pm
identity of the starting quarterback for that game is increasingly a topic of conversation even though the team brass has repeatedly said jimmy garoppolo is number one on the depth chart. the guy that is, of course clouding the issue as rookie trey lance in yesterday's 15 10 win over the chargers garoppolo played one series that ended in an interception and that's also the way lance's second series ended. the ball. he put a little too much steam on intended for mohammed sanu that was intercepted by cavon campbell but before his day was over lance had completed 8 14 passes to for touchdowns nate said. feld took over late in the third quarter and mopped up the rest of the way kyle shanahan again today not letting himself get cornered when it comes to his quarterbacks. we put the. i think we have two quarterbacks so we can i think we have three quarterbacks taken, um when you're being ready to starts about getting a guy a game plan that gives you a chance to win, and i think all our guys are capable of that. so but he wanted me to make a big announcement last night but
6:56 pm
much advantage in us making an announcement so there or any position so that's kind of the reason why we do that. giants have a break today before in eastern swing this week that takes them to new york and atlanta it's fellive been playing playoff games for about a month. now the weekend series with the a's a perfect example between two teams trying to win a division championship donovan solano to run pinch hit homer yesterday gave the giants to win one day after lamonte wade did the same thing in both games jake mcgee shot oakland down in the ninth for the saved yesterday's was his 28th as chad pinder will go down soon. the giants no, there's no margin for error with the dodgers just 2.5 games back. it's been really exciting, like let's talk to buster off the game. it feels like pretty much like a playoff series um, it's like sold out crowd. everyone's into it and then have it. pinch it late homers back to back nights and price to win both those games is huge, so. the a's begin the
6:57 pm
day 3.5 games behind the division leading astros and tonight are hosting the mariners. the recent bad breaks for the age well documented including this terrible moment last week when pitcher chris bassett was struck in the face by a line drive in chicago it was announced today that basket will undergo reconstructive surgery tomorrow he's expected to stay in chicago three or four days after the surgery his manager bob melvin, said last week. the team has to plan for the expectation that basset will not play again this year. but at this point all scenarios are possible well they got golfs rain delayed northern trust tournament finished today in new jersey but it took an extra hole tony see now was three strokes off the lead when you ran off a birdie eagle birdie stretch to close with a round of 65 this is his shot in the par 5/13 as he sticks the landing and sets himself up for a short eagle putt cameron smith shot a final round 67 the two ended regulation in the thai but on the first playoff will smith took all the
6:58 pm
pressure off female for had down the middle of the fairway smith tee shot one over the retaining wall that separates the golf course from the hudson river his second shot, not much better that allowed fee now to put it away with the par putt for his second career pga championship the first one came five years ago when 142 tournaments ago. and when books being out at the top of the fedex tough standing big one tonight for the age, you guys right now they are on the outside looking in on the wild card spot depending on what they do tonight against the mariners yeah, pretty incredible. so much at stake this late in the season i like it for both teams all right, all right. thanks so much really appreciate it. the big bang theory is coming up next here on ktvu and our live news continues over on ktvu plus, you have a great night, everyone and we. we'll see you your mom's plane get in?
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