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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 27, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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suicide bomber not to 13 u. s service members were killed here 11 marines a navy sailor and an army still. at least 169 afghans died. funerals have begun in kabul for some of the afghans killed in the blasts at the same time, the injured have been pouring into kabul's hospital along with the family members hoping to find their loved ones there today some gates at the kabul airport are closed and there are tighter restrictions at taliban checkpoints. u. s officials say more than 100,000 people have now been evacuated so far about 5400 evacuees meantime are waiting for flights inside the airport foxes lauren blanchard with the concerns in washington tonight about meeting that upcoming august 31st deadline. my heart goes out our hearts go out to all those who we've lost more attacks are likely that was the message to president biden from his national security team we will complete
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the mission. we're monitoring these threats very, very specifically virtually in real time. now flags flying at half staff for the 13 service members killed thursday outside the kabul airport gates by a suicide bomber. nearly 200 afghans also died friday families waited outside local hospitals hundreds were injured in the blast despite the danger people desperate to leave the country were once again near airport gates. the pentagon says they are working to improve security while still evacuating thousands before tuesday's deadline to withdraw you'll see us adjust as necessary to make sure that we're achieving that proper balance, but we will be. able to fly out evacuees right up until the last moment the president's critics say the deadline should be extended it is very complicated now because of all the resources we pulled out of afghanistan that's just a flat truth of it and say by dealing with the taliban the president has opened america to future possible terror attacks
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in order to continue to evacuate any american citizen who was not yet prepared to leave who wants to leave third country nationals and afghans with visas we will need to coordinate with the taliban what we will be looking for our dietz. not words the white house press secretary says president biden doesn't want those responsible for the attack to live on this earth any longer in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. and coming up. we'll have the story of a bay area man who went to afghanistan weeks ago to try to get his wife out of the country and now friends here in the us believe that the couple both need rescuing we'll have that story coming up at 5 30. and then east bay family received some very sad news today about relatives who were hoping to be evacuated from afghanistan. we brought you the story of kim a dune sophie's earlier this week after narrowly escaping kabul he was left worried about his family still waiting to get out of afghanistan he's now learned his family is among the casualties of the suicide bombing attack near the kabul airport. abbey gate. his cousin
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among those who died in several other family members are being treated at a hospital. mm well, the man convicted of assassinating senator robert f. kennedy in 1968 has been granted parole 77 year old serhane serhane has spent the last 53 years in prison douglas kennedy who was just a toddler when his father was killed said that he was moved to tears by sir hans remorse and that he should be released if he is found not to be a threat to others. today's decision by it. two person panel is still subject to further review and final approval by governor newsom. that process could take up to 120 days or none of the caldera fire where crews are ready to take a stand that echo summit to keep the fire from pushing into south lake tahoe the fire has been burning for almost two weeks now it remains 12% contained steep terrain and extremely dry conditions are posing a huge challenge for nearly 3000 firefighters on the front lines it has now burned
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more than 143,000. and acres or about 224 square miles kevin cooper, who lives in meyers on the east side of that fire told us he and his family are preparing for possible evacuation orders. it's a slow fire. it moved very fast. at one point last tuesday, but now it's just kind of that ominous weighting factor. are we going to have to evacuate or are we not? cal fire has dozens of resources on standby in the community of strawberry along highway 50 the virus currently a mile or two away from their crews are trying to stop the fire from pushing into strawberry and then on to south lake tahoe we'll smoke from the wildfires across our region prompted air quality managers to issue spare the air alerts for today and tomorrow officials say pollution levels from the wildfires are worse than previously anticipated when they spare the air alerts are in effect wood burning is banned both indoors and out. anyone with respiratory issues should stay inside with windows and doors closed and said air conditioning and car vent
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systems to recirculate well, that bad unhealthy air is giving a lot of people here in the bay area, another reason to wear protective masks ktvu jesse gary is live now in san jose, with more on the hazy conditions out there, jesse heather air quality here in the south bay has continued to deteriorate as the day has moved along started out around 199 or so then it shot up to about one time. want to eat about an hour or two ago, and now it stands in the one fifties health experts say a particular matter being spewed into the air from all the fires that are burning can cause health problems for decades northern californians joked. this is what southern california looks like not anymore not since the advent of the 12 months fire season yeah, you can definitely see it up there and smell a little bit. seems like it's coming down a little bit down to the surface area here. 13 major wildfires that are in the states landscape are also tainting the air with a brownish hue you
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probably woke up to, uh hes this morning. and if it's not hasn't reached you yet it's probably headed that way air quality readings ranged from moderate to unhealthy to hazardous the town of pollock pines near south lake tahoe registered in a q i off the charge it measures about 10 times worse than the average bay area reading by some sensor systems. experts say it's a problem for those near pollock pines and beyond the fine particles in the smoke travel long distances dr john bombs is a pulmonary and critical care specialist at ucsf he says, fine particular matter 30 times smaller than a strand of hair can make its way into the lungs allergies and asthma are worsened and the impact of a covid infection can be more severe. those particles can uh, increased risk for lower aspire to attract tract infections like covid led to increased risk of both infection and more
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severe outcomes from covid in the east bay administrators at the orender union school district friday cancelled outdoor lunch and recess due to unhealthy air readings. air quality protocol, so when it reaches a certain uh low air quality number we go indoors where we have filters with more of 13 filters. we have hepa filters, so it's safer to keep the students inside in an age where fire season doesn't take a break the new reality is a blanket of haze that experts say threatens everyone's health. very visible it's covering up seems to be coming in early this morning kind of hanging around. bay area air quality management district is expanding its clean air filtration program all bay area county if you don't have a air filtration system advise you stay inside where a mask or some kind of covering or cloth on your face as much as possible until the air quality improves. we're live in san jose this evening yes diggory
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ktvu fox two news we'll head back to you. yeah, i meant that the conditions really noticeable out there today. and as you mentioned, jesse only getting worse. thank you so more now on that spare the air alert in effect for today and tomorrow. ktvu meteorologists rose earlier rusko has been tracking the air quality issues for us and rosemary will be dealing with for a little bit longer. yes at least for about saturday before we begin to see our pattern change once again that pattern change that came in this morning. really began to push that smokin by late morning early afternoon most people could see the difference giving you a live look here over san francisco where it is hazy out there very unfortunate because san francisco enjoying about 77 degrees this afternoon but who wants to be outside when it looks that bad, giving you a look here at some of the air quality readings in and around the inner east bay we've got unhealthy air reported that means the acu is above 1 50 last check. it was about 1 53 we are healthy for sensitive groups if you have asthma, respirator. tory issues the santa clara valley areas near like the southern edge of the
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pub peninsula palo alto area in the east based shore and then over towards santa rosa we are also in the orange, where moderate right now over san francisco as well as the marin area and this is going to be with us through not only today but into saturday a spare the air has been issued for tomorrow one came into the afternoon today. it wasn't issued this morning but due to the changes that we began to see spare the air came in this afternoon will again be therefore tomorrow unhealthy for sensitive groups for the inner north bay, the inner east bay as well as the santa clara valley. i'll explain the pattern that's in place so when i do expect it to change once again and the other headline today has been the heat we'll check on the numbers and what you can expect for tomorrow coming up. thanks rosemary into alameda county at least 14 homes have been destroyed now. the washington fire those homes were in the gold rush era town of james talent at least 500 people in the area are under mandatory evacuation orders others are under evacuation
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warnings in the historic city of sonora power is also cut in the area and a section of highway 101 is closed one away. excuse me is closed the fire burned about 80 acres and is just 10% contained. dixie fire is now 46% contained in the last check was just over 750,000 acres it's now affecting shasta county in addition to butte plumas to hama and lasting counties gal fire says it's seeing calmer winds though, but that the temperatures could reach triple digits there this weekend senator alex padilla met with local leaders today in santa rosa to discuss wildfire prevention response and recovery efforts this month the senator introduced the wildfire resilient communities act and. smoke ready communities act aimed at battling wildfires protecting workers and helping combat the effects of wildfire smoke but he a has been traveling to different communities gathering information about how to best help local communities prepare for respond to and rebuild after wildfires when it comes
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to wildfires between a visitor quincy in the front lines last week for me, i wanted to come to santa rosa and the surrounding communities to again learn from the experience that joe have been through. and what we should take away as we craft policy and set budget priorities with our colleagues in congress no. just yesterday the white house approved governor gavin newsom requests for a major disaster declaration for california it's in response to a series of devastating wildfires which senator padilla advocated for in a letter sent to president biden earlier this week. as a result california is set to receive billions in funding to help prevent wildfires. men. vegetation and rehabilitate burned areas you'll find more on the wildfire statewide posted on our website just go to ktvu .com slash wildfires powerful storm is churning in the gulf and heading right towards louisiana coming up how people are preparing for
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hurricane ida, plus vaccination rates are up, but so are hospitalizations as the new covid surge grinds on. i'm jonathan syrian
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now across the country following the recent surge of the delta vary but as foxes jonathan serrie tells us hospitalizations are still skyrocketing. the new covid surge could be flattening out we're now averaging about 142,000 cases every day in the u. s that's up just 3% from last week as more containment efforts go into place, but hospitalizations are still significantly elevated. there are more than 100,000 americans
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being treated in hospitals for covid-19 level we have not seen since january and health care centers in covid hotspots are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with some. forced to shut down emergency rooms due to a lack of space you've got a lot of patient hours that need to be. accounted for with nursing staff with rooms available across the country. vaccination rates are ticking up especially among young people more than half of 12 to 17 year olds are now at least partially vaccinated with the white house, pushing mandates as the best way to get shots in arms but there is a growing backlash, especially among teachers. in big school districts like new york. i'm a centuries i like liberty, and i would prefer to die of free man. federal health officials are also gearing up to start promoting vaccine booster shots the white house would like to begin providing the shots to the general public as early as september 20 question raise
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this shouldn't be shorter than eight months shouldn't be almost five months now that's being discussed doctors are also advising folks to get seasonal flu shots as early as possible. warning flu and covid could produce a twin endemic this fall in atlanta too often, seri ktvu fox two news well, according to a new u c san francisco study waning immunity and vaccine resistant variants are fueling a surge in breakthrough covid-19 cases among vaccinated people. researchers analyzed nearly 1400 bay area cases and they found that 78% of infections and fully vaccinated people were caused by their reince with antibody resistant mutations now that's compared to 48% of the cases among unvaccinated people however the study confirmed that vaccinated people are still much more protected from serious illness, hospitalization and death than those who were unvaccinated. the u. s. supreme court has ruled that evictions can resume
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across the united states. the decision issued last night blocks the biden administration from the forcing a temporary ban that was put in place to protect renters during the pandemic the supreme court ruled. the cdc did not have the legal authority to re impose a moratorium earlier this month now california's eviction moratorium will stay in effect until the end of september. well bart is set to receive more than $330 million in federal funding to help the transit agency recover from the pandemic that money is intended to keep up staffing and service levels ridership is slowly returning to pre pandemic levels but bart says a full return might not happen until 2030 bart is also expected to receive federal funding from the bipartisan infrastructure bill that congress has been considering. around the bay area this afternoon we saw changes come our way today bringing the haze, the smoke and the heat meanwhile on the other side of the country already beginning to see bands
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of rain move ashore from hurricane ida, here's a look at the hurricane right now currently over cuba category one. the problem with this is that it is expected to continue to strengthen in the next couple of days and right now the target looks to be louisiana so here's a look at the path expected for saturday it will increase the winds expected to reach about 120 mph. and then it will uh we'll have to see how it goes on sunday through monday whether or not continues to strengthen or to weaken. at one point it looked like it could be category three and that was just earlier today so it is going to continue to fluctuate in any event they have the hurricane watches the warnings along the gulf coast already with several inches of rainfall expected and very rough surf of course and the wind here's a look at what's happening for us here at home very dismal view here of san francisco where we do have a lot of haze out there, especially from this vantage point. we're gonna continue with this pattern that north and northeast wind and flow, bringing with it the
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smoke from those fires burning to the north of us. we are seeing a bit of an onshore breeze that developed late this afternoon nevada reporting 10 mph. they're filled reporting a conquered reporting 10 but not doing as much good as we talked we talked about at the top of the hour. air quality is already very poor out there in some spots. temperature wise we are 99 degrees this afternoon in concord, 96 in santa rosa a nice, mild 74 in san francisco so a nice one for you there, temperature wise 82 in oakland near 90 degrees in san jose san jose is six degrees warmer right now than yesterday six in concord eight in napa so temperatures continuing to be on the warmed a hot side as we get into your bay area saturday a look at the air quality here moderate for some unhealthy for sensitive groups in other areas, the inner east bay. we've got unhealthy air quality here and you take a look at lake tahoe where day after day we have seen unhealthy to even hazardous air quality there temperatures tomorrow morning
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upper fifties in santa rosa to upper sixties in antioch i'll have a look at the afternoon highs talk more about the spared the air in place for tomorrow and when the powder is going to change we're going to cool things down once again coming up all right, rosemary. thank you for coming up you might have heard how bots stir up trouble on the internet but one man is using the sometimes sketchy software. program to turn the tables on california employment development department and then coming up in six find out what's being done about the discovery mosquitoes carrying a dangerous disease in the majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california.
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. come in from frustrated people who cannot reach anyone for help at the employment development department but some people are trying a unique way to get through to someone kdp's rob roth is here and robbie spoke with the man who hired a phone but service yeah andre for many people calling the california department of. economic development is needed.
5:23 pm
i'm sorry that calling the art productive development. it's just so hard to get through to someone so there's a man who is trying a blot. uh for software to get someone on the line or many people calling the california employment development department or e d d for help they don't get much further than this thank you for calling the employment development department unemployment insurance customer service. center. at least you just frustrated cause you can't get ahold of anybody. desmond silva of tracy still hasn't received his benefits from when he was furloughed from tesla more than a year ago and he says he also hasn't received his unemployment benefits from when his job ended in june you see the fraudulent claims that are throughout any day anything like the criminals got paid while the people that really needed are really sitting in limbo now. where it seems like the criminals got off with the fraud and it just seems like the people that really needed are really struggling now, silva says he called the e d d
5:24 pm
constantly records show the edie was getting 2.1 million calls a week last month. no luck at all. that's why i decided to call. give the body try the but it's a service that enlists an automated artificially intelligent web robot for $50 it relentlessly called the e d. d for two days 50 bucks is nothing if i get ahold of somebody and it got hold of somebody on the second day, unfortunately silva was told he needed a different department and is now getting help with his claim but if it wasn't for the body wouldn't have known where to go reflects the, um. um, great overloaded the system and the desperation of people michael bernick is the former head of the e d d and now at employment and labour lawyer in san francisco for each individual. it makes sense to make as many calls or hire people to make calls um collectively it leads to a system that just is overloaded with calls and means that nobody is able to get through
5:25 pm
easily the e d. d provided a statement to ktvu pointing out. it has a callback system for those who leave their number quote we never encourage folks to pay for services they can get for free. we understand how challenging it can be to get through to the call center and we're working hard to pay claims resolve issues and enhance our ability to serve our claimants things will only begin to change when the unemployment rate goes down, and the number of new claims goes down. and, um that may happen after september 4th. yes september 4th is when the $300 a week federal supplement that unemployed workers have been receiving gets cut off along with extended unemployment benefits that could be more people getting back to work. andre still resorting to a i just to get through the dd. that's something else, rob. thank you so much. appreciate it. the federal reserve could start scaling back at stimulus this year. fed chair jerome powell said it is due to improvement in the u s economy since their last meeting. the
5:26 pm
intervening month has brought more progress in the form of a strong employment report for july but also the further spread of the delta variant. we will be carefully assessing incoming data and the evolving risks. the fed has been purchasing $120 billion a month in bonds in an effort to lower long term interest rates. powell also said that a slowing of the fed's bond purchases does not mean short term rates will be going up investors sent stocks rallying to new record highs on wall street today the dow was up 242 points the nasdaq was up 183 and the s and p gained 39 investors were encouraged that the fed will keep interest rates at record lows. and that the feds prediction that inflation will be temporary, are still to come a man who went to afghanistan to rescue his life may now be a need of rescuing himself why french think he needs the help and a potentially dangerous
5:27 pm
situation in the south bay will tell you how just one person managed to jam the signals for first responders leaving them unable to communicate and how one unvaccinated teacher in marin county went on to spread covid to more than two dozen others.
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armed men scaled the wall of his family home. ktvu san reuben is live this evening in morgan hill and no one has heard from him since. that's right. and when sean called you phoned tuesday his bosses said they could hear the fear in his voice and that's why they started recording every word of that call sean called g. a u. s. citizen went to kabul three weeks ago to rescue his wife. now his bosses believe he, too needs rescuing they last spoke to him tuesday night. everything unraveled right then and there. on the telephone so they began recording this is what sean said i don't know what's going on. but they've surrounded the house. now they're going to take me sean didn't know who his abductors were, whether they were isis taliban or something else completely but he said he was followed back from the airport after a failed attempt to get through a checkpoint. we fear the worst. hope for the best but we are also very fearful for his wife his wife who we are not identifying for her safety has gone into hiding
5:31 pm
she's an afghan citizen who's been awaiting a visa for two years sean and the man doesn't matter through the top of the. but if my daughter in law such by those. animals it will be we lose all other and if they take sean grew up in union city and was employed by a communications company that did work in afghanistan his bosses and his family have been calling politicians the state department and contacts on the ground hoping to arrange a rescue but they say it's futile how do i get him on that list? i don't even know where he's act. yeah so that's the problem and they say the clock is ticking with the u. s planning to end evacuations on the 31st they're afraid they're running out of time to find their friend an unfortunately if you're not out of there, and you're not on a plane, you're you're in deep trouble. at this point loved ones say they're doing their best to stay positive but they feel like they're running out of people to call for help heather
5:32 pm
alright and hopefully they will hear something soon and ruben reporting live for us tonight. thank you. well, the situation in afghanistan remains very fluid and you can stay up to date by logging onto our website ktvu .com. our investigation is underway in morgan hill where police and emergency radio suddenly went dark as crime reporter henry lee explains it turns out someone had been using signal jammers to disrupt communications. this quiet morgan hill neighborhood the unlikely source of a service blackout for laypeople and law enforcement knocking out just about all types of communication. they were affecting the neighbor's wifi was affecting the neighbors. cell phone. it was except affecting individual satellite as well as their satellite radios and then again our radio system morgan hill police captain mario ramirez says emergency officials noticed interference on their frequencies for the past six months. things got worse this week officials use radio frequency testing equipment which led them to a home near
5:33 pm
yeah, august, ron and chris have drive. police got a search warrant on making entry to the house our officers lost complete radio communication all take. other and, um, there were able to locate to, uh, signal jammers within the residents technicians turn off the devices which are illegal to operate as soon as the jammers were shut off signal was regain to their officers radios as well as to their cell phones. the resident wasn't home during the raid. no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing as to why he was jamming signals and putting the community at risk that's one of the first things that go through my mind is our citizens can't call 911 in the case of emergency, and there's no morning morgan hill mayor rich constantine is a retired sounds a firefighter i can't imagine a you know, joe blow citizen having that equipment to be used for anything other than a malicious intent. neighbors we talked to were shocked by the disruption. i do notice that my cellphone will actually uh service will cut out in one certain area neighbor john marmie said he doesn't know if faulty cell towers or signal jamming is to
5:34 pm
blame. first wondered why what is so critical around this area that he would have to, you know jam signals it's surprising that somebody would have that i'm assuming it's not for a good purpose i'm glad they found him. i'm glad they turned them off. police are analyzing the signal jammers. the resident could face charges of preventing others from calling 911 or disrupting public safety radio frequencies at the morgan hill police department henry lee ktvu fox two news, uh coronavirus outbreak and maureen kelly county l. elementary school is being blamed on an unvaccinated teacher according to the cdc that outbreak back in may lead to 27 cases five adults, including the teacher in 22 students and siblings all of the students are too young to be eligible for vaccination the cdc says. the marin county outbreak highlights just how contagious that delta variant is all rights of the mount diablo unified school district having to take some teachers out of the classroom and assign them to online learning the district says it's because more parents have pulled their
5:35 pm
children out of last room as ktvu easily rasmus reports the district superintendent says there is no other choice before the start of the school day at walnut acres elementary all 22 teachers stood in solidarity to express their disappointment and frustration at least 12 teachers district wide will be reassigned to teach online instead of in the classroom some volunteered for the switch about half were involuntarily assigned the change in the mount diablo unified school district goes into effect tuesday. we. try really hard to build a class community right from the get go and this is going to be devastating for our community for our teachers and for the students the change means some students will have a new teacher next week new classmates less than two weeks into the new school year some classes will have more students in the district says some classes may need to be combined across different grades they're finally back in school so it's we're very disappointed with
5:36 pm
the boards. decision. why is this happening the mount diablo unified school district says this is because of a spike in families pulling their kids out of class and enrolling in the district virtual learning independent study program. we're in the middle of a pandemic we're doing the best we can at the start of the school year 150 kids were enrolled in the independent study program but as fears about the delta variant have grown, there are now 500 students enrolled the district is moving teachers to accommodate those students online these are students within our district and our teachers are responsible for teaching our kids and so whether it's independent study or whether it's in person it's all the same there are students who need to be served by our teachers i respect every single families decision. for what's best for them. what i don't respect is the board's decision to pull from the resource is within and disrupt hundreds of students and all these teachers who have worked tirelessly to make life better for our kids in a time that has been so difficult and the superintendent says the reshuffling could continue
5:37 pm
throughout the school year under state law when a student doing online learning wants to come back to the classroom the district has to find a spot for them in a class within five days and conquered ali rasmus key. ktvu fox two news well and illegal defeat for the newsome recall campaign we're going to tell you about that in just a moment. i'll tell you about the ruling today from a federal judge and up next hurricane ida is barreling toward the northern gulf coast we will take a look at the preparations underway right
5:38 pm
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outside the new orleans livery system is being told to evacuate before the powerful category three hurricane hits on sunday and it's boxes and elder rapolas reports president biden has approved an emergency declaration for louisiana. have
5:40 pm
to take the boat home to the this morning. come back after lunch tomorrow morning take the camp on people along the louisiana coast cutting their vacations short as ida barrels toward the state the storm gaining strength in the caribbean sea on friday, soaking parts of jamaica, the cayman islands and cuba. forecasters expect ida to intensify even further. and slam into louisiana on sunday as a strong category three hurricane the first effects of this will be happening saturday night. there was not a lot of time uh generally where you on saturday night is where you have to hunker down and stay, the national hurricane center says the gulf coast area may see life threatening storm surge high winds and heavy flooding ida could dump up to 16 inches of rain from southeast louisiana to coastal mississippi and alabama. through monday morning and around 20 inches could fall in other isolated areas this
5:41 pm
remains a very fluid situation as most of these do but very fluid but we must and we will start seeing winds as i'm told as early as tomorrow night louisiana's governor has issued an emergency declaration for the state while mandatory evacuations are in effect for communities along the coast they better get out of here because it's not going. be good. ida will hit louisiana just one year after hurricane laura. the category four storm was considered one of the costliest in state history anna iliopoulos fox news. now to the upcoming recall election here in california and with mail in voting already underway candidate john cox brought his campaign for governor to the bay area today. he made a stop this morning in san jose to discuss his plan for education cox says if he is elected he would create a school choice program that would give students voucher so they could choose to go to a public or private school his plan also calls for more parental power
5:42 pm
and less teacher union and political involvement and making decisions about education. we got to put the parents back in charge we discovered during this pandemic how little control parents have of their child's education many parents wanted their children to be taught in the classroom with a teacher, and they weren't able to in. the schools weren't open it was the union bosses that made those decision cox says he also wants to rescind mask mandates and vaccine and testing requirements for teachers critics argue that would lead to more covid cases in schools and the return. the distance learning. meantime a federal judge has rejected a challenge to the recall election and says it can proceed the lawsuit claimed it was unconstitutional the plaintiff argued that california's recall election laws violate the one person one vote constitutional standard according to the law if newsome gets 49% of the vote to remain in office, he would be replaced
5:43 pm
by the leading recall candidate if that candidate received 20% or less of the. statewide total, but the u. s district judge said the state's laws are valid and that the suit had no merit the plaintiff can appeal the ruling to the ninth u. s circuit court of appeals. to us. it's our duty to make sure this family has at least one burden taken away, coming up details on an organization offering life changing gifts to the families of first responders killed in the line of duty, plus a unique partnership between a california state prison and a professional soccer team. hot, hazy pattern settled into the bay area today and going to last at least for part of the weekend we'll take a look at the current conditions and show you what you can expect in the extended forecast and there you have it— -woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow! -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just $30 bucks. sweet, but mine has 5g included.
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attacks 20 years ago, continues
5:46 pm
to help first responders including those right here in the bay area ktvu christian captain tonight with more on tunnel to towers and its impact on the family of the san francisco firefighter care last year. the loss of san francisco firefighter jason cortez is still washing over his wife and two young sons okay, yeah, cortez died in october 2020 when he fell in a training exercise now tunnel to towers a nonprofit established to honor a firefighter who gave his life in new york on 9 11 is looking to relieve one burden for the cortez family anyone familiar with bay area real estate knows just how expensive a home can be a tunnel to towers. has stepped forward paying off the mortgage on the house that cortez shared with his family this is formally presenting you with a lot of it signifies the mortgage on the home has been completely satisfied andrew mcclure from tunnel to towers says it was his honor to offer some peace of mind for a family
5:47 pm
that has sacrificed so much to us. it's our duty to make sure this family has at least one burden taken away so we're taking away. uh, pretty much the biggest one you have each month the mortgage payment on the house. the loss for patty cortez is still painful she says she's grateful to tunnel to towers for allowing her to focus on family not finances it's a relief um that we can just focus on our healing um and it's so nice to know that. there are people out there that um are so kind to keep supporting us. even people we don't know what jason cortese's death also devastated his fellow firefighters who continue to stand by the cortez family and draw inspiration from the way jason lived his life. it's been really hard to carry on without you, i'm gonna continue to try and do it like you always did with that big, goofy smile. infectious laugh
5:48 pm
and all that love tunnel to, towers says while its origins lie in 9 11 it's mission has grown the organization says in the 20 years since it was founded, it estimates by the end of this year, it will have provided $250 million in funds to provide 450 homes to the families of first responders and military members its mission is really simple while we're here let us do good, and we're doing good for others, whether it's fallen first responders and their their families. catastrophically injured service members gold star widows 9 11 related illness deaths so uh if something is bad is out there. we're gonna try to do right by it. tunnel to towers says in an ideal world they would be put out of business with no need for their services but they said they know the reality is we don't live in that ideal world until that time, they say they have pledged to continue helping those in need if you'd like to help out the tunnel to towers foundation we have a link on our web page ktvu. dot
5:49 pm
com in castro valley christian captain ktvu fox two news and the tunnel to towers foundation is set to hold his annual run in new york city coming up next month. and we hope that you will join us as we honor the participants and the organization for its ongoing great work that special is set to air right here on ktvu fox two on friday october 1st at seven. p.m. well cases of the covid-19 delta very inter surging in hawaii, prompting officials there to consider implementing another lockdown community leaders are urging people to get vaccinated in hopes of slowing down the spike in cases yesterday the state recorded more than 800 new coronavirus cases leaders say if more vaccinations do not happen more deaths are likely. native hawaiians represent the largest percentage of infections in this wave and if we don't take action now we will represent the largest percentage of deaths we cannot allow that to happen. hawaii
5:50 pm
has had nearly 16,000 new infections in august i'm going to spike of cases that has repeatedly broken state records, the ironman world championship that is slated to be held in kylo akona in october has been postponed more postponements cancellations and restrictions may soon follow all around the bay area this afternoon a very hazy one, a hot one for inland cities some spots reaching the r 100 degrees fairfield reported 15 this afternoon. and the heat will continue getting into your bay area saturday as well as the smoke and haze giving you a live look there over san francisco san francisco right now. 74 degrees we have low eighties in oakland. for the inner east bay. take a look at livermore 98 degrees right now. livermore hit the century mark you want a little bit above today? san jose 89 96 right now in santa rosa. so a late summertime heat up underway and again going to last at least, are part of the weekend storm tracker to here showing you we are pretty much fog less along
5:51 pm
the coastline there, you have to get all the way down to santa barbara county area los angeles county area to see some of that fog but for us we have a lot of clear sky out there, of course, relative speaking, relatively speaking with the smoke and the haze. giving you a view here of a little bit of a late day onshore push fairfield it's very weak. eight mph there nevado coming in from the north still about 16 mph, oakland northwest wind reported at about 13 very typical for this type of pattern to kind of a variable wind out there, but we typically get a little bit of a localized onshore breeze so late in the day, and we're seeing some of that out there. oakland north reporting of south breeze at nine oakland south reporting and onshore breeze at about 13 in any event not really helping a salad when it comes to the smoke in the hayes. this is going to continue these numbers are actually from our earlier today those are not updated we do have moderate to slightly unhealthy air across the region, the inner east bay dealing with unhealthy air right now, and you can see from this future cast model we're
5:52 pm
not going to see much change going into the next 24 to 36 hours. here's a look at. tomorrow morning. we still have it over the bay area and widespread over the state and then as we get into saturday night, sunday morning we begin to see a little bit of a push and we are expecting the onshore breeze to return by sunday and helped to start improving our air quality for tomorrow morning temperatures are going to be very mild upper fifties to upper sixties to start your day 57 san francisco 62 conquered mid sixties and livermore and then as we get into the afternoon. another round of heat. 5 10 15 degrees above the seasonal average here's a better look at some of those afternoon highs 91 expected for redwood city for the inner east bay low one hundred's conquered livermore and antioch in the north bay will go 92 degrees from napa. extended forecast here. temperatures do begin to drop still very warm, though especially inland on sunday, but improving air quality with the onshore breeze returning and then we will continue in a good direction when it comes to the numbers by tuesday mid
5:53 pm
eighties inland and low seventies around the base sixties at the coast back to you, thanks for rosemary oroczo. poorer fires is. now available to all bay area counties the clean air filtration program provides portable air filtration units to homeless and low income residents, as well as to emergency and cooling centers. the program has been expanded to marin napa and solano counties to provide some 3000 at risk individuals with clean air. it's a pretty magical experience because you don't know what to expect right well coming up. we'll show you what happened when a professional soccer team decided to have their practice at folsom state prison and then coming up at six o'clock, a south bay pest control workers taking action to try to limit the number of mosquitoes carrying a dangerous disease and the makers of driverless cars shift into overdrive to make their vehicles go
5:54 pm
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an injunction to stop the college from finalizing its merger with northeastern university in a court filing yesterday the alumni association asked for a 60 day extension mills college though, calls the request quote continued gamesmanship by the association to derail the proposed merger with northeastern last week, a judge extended a previous order preventing mills administrators from voting or signing any merger agreement until september 3rd. well, it is not something that you see very often. in a professional sports team training inside prison walls and interacting with the inmates. but that's what a sacramento professional soccer
5:57 pm
team did this week at folsom state prison foxes. mark demszky tells us both the players and inmates say was a fulfilling experience it's a pretty magical experience because you don't know what to expect right for most of us being inside a state prisons surrounded by armed guards, the prison walls. and the inmates is not something experienced firsthand but when you roll out the ball, you kind of forget about all that. you forget about where you are and you have fun. and um and you compete and you play and you shake hands afterwards state prison man this week the republic fc held a training session inside the prison something they hadn't done in nearly two years because of the pandemic the coolest thing was, you know, these guys are all fans of ours they were talking about they watch all their games so they get a chance to watch and they're supporting us. there's a huge game. and take. we come in here and you know, we want to show some compassion some humanity let these guys know that people care about him about 125
5:58 pm
inmates were allowed to watch today's workout for the republic fc, and for them, it was quite the experience i think they're doing a good job for our community for us to get back to our communities out there. he breaks the monotony. you know, just little things they do how they are going to warm up nine. i even hit the ball a little things like that. it's amazing to me like how much they know about the team. how much they know about uh our tactics our players so it's their funds and it's important. we acknowledge friends, is a little bit of banter between us and them. so, um to get that going, it's like it's like regular fans. when we get a little bit of the chirping and stuff and we get some energy coming from those guys that definitely turns it up a little bit. so that was a cool experience. a big part of uh the department of corrections is rehabilitation, and that's what one that we are providing here uh, having them be a part of a productive game and being a part of that community gives him a sense of that the community isn't forgotten about
5:59 pm
them. these are ultimately going to be our neighbors again, and we want to show them that that there's a good pathway back and just to come in and honestly roll the ball out. that makes all the difference for fox news. i'm mark demszky this is ktvu fox two news at six. it's covering up seems to be coming in early this morning. kind of hanging around a lot of people can't escape all that haze in the air tonight. enough wildfire smoked er. prompt to spare the air alert good evening. once again. i'm heather holmes. i'm andre senior we begin with a look at how northern california wildfires will affect us over the next 24 hours. just take a look at the sky right now. you can see how wildfire smoke is leaving a haze over much of the bay area that has really started to settle in around noon today yeah the cow door fire there in el dorado county is just one of the many wildfire sending all of that smoke this way. firefighters
6:00 pm
are working denied to keep flames from that fire from pushing into strawberry and then on to south lake tahoe more than 15,000 firefighters out there right now working the front lines more than a doesn't active wildfires across our state. hazy conditions brought on by wildfire smoke prompted some schools here in the bay area to take action today. ktvu south reporter jesse gary shows us how people across the bay area are managing this bad air for decades northern californians joked this is what southern california looks like not anymore not since the advent of the 12 month fire season. yeah you can definitely see it up there and smell a little bit seems like it's coming down a little bit down to the surface area here. 13 major wildfires. burning the state's landscape are also tainting the air with a brownish hue you probably woke up to, uh hes this morning and if it's not hasn't reached yet it's probably headed that way air quality readings ranged from moderate to unhealthy


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