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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 1, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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weather and we're seeing fire behavior that most could agree with me. we may never see again in our whole lives. the caldera fire continues to move towards south lake tahoe. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed. thousands are still threatened. we'll have the latest on efforts on the front lines. also high school is closed today. napa toss after a 17 year old student dies after being stabbed on campus what we're learning about the two people taken into custody, then. just days away from a long holiday weekend. the warning from the cbc when it comes to traveling this weekend, as the delta variant continues to spread the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach dangerous conditions out there on the front lines as firefighters raced to bring the cal door fire under control. mm hmm. that happened right near
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highway 50 and echo summit around eight o'clock this morning, a tree came down due to the flames and strong winds. the cow door fire has now burned 319 square miles. containment grew slightly overnight from 18 to 20% 544 homes have been destroyed. 12 commercial properties also destroyed more than 34,000. other buildings remain threatened and more than 59,000 people have been forced to evacuate, including the entire city of south lake tahoe, katie views ali rasmus has been monitoring the latest developments. she joins us live, ali. well, mike, according to the latest update from cal fire. this fire is still moving in a northeasterly direction. right now it's burning about a mile away from homes on the southern outskirts of south lake tahoe and on the ridge west of kirkwood. firefighters are battling 35 mile an hour wind gusts. that's their biggest challenge today. but in the past 12 hours of this firefight, there is some positive news to report. we've heard a great news about structure protection and the christmas valley area. we are unaware of any structures lost
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down there. cruz went in ahead of time and the structure prep and then worked throughout the night as the fire back through and chase spot fires and did amazing work in there protecting homes. there is still work to be done, though in other parts of the caldera fire, there's still a lot of work on pioneer trail hand crews in there prepping and bulldozers doing containment lines. to protect those, you know, neighborhoods as well. cal fire public information officer jason hunter says aircraft may be able to fly over the southeast part of the fire today near parts of highway 88. but in the northeast section, the smoke is still too thick and visibility too poor for an air attack ski resorts in the fire's path. heavenly and kirk would have been using snow cannons to soak their grounds and keep the fire at bay. as of this morning, the fire was burning on the ridge west of kirkwood. the wind is pushing from the southwest to the northeast, and both of those areas are north and east of the fire. kirkwood's about due east, so a lot of structure protection work is being done
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in there. we are doing everything we can to prevent it from getting in there. now what happens with this wind and weather with this fire in the next 24 hours will be critical. there is a red flag warning in effect for today, but that's expected to expire by 11 o'clock tonight and if it does, and conditions improve, firefighters may be able to get more of a handle on the kaldor fire in the coming days. we're gonna have another update on the conditions and the firefight ahead. coming up at 12 30 live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu fox two news, ali. thank you. it's time now to check in with ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. with the weather conditions crews are facing today. mark. either gaussian yeah. still some gusty winds throughout the day and unfortunately you know the red flag fire warning as you've been hearing expires tonight, but it's not going to be great at least that the conditions will not be great. we're still going to have some very dry conditions and still some breezy winds as well. but at least things will gradually improve to help the fire crews try to get a better handle on this on this huge fire, showing
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you the maps as we take a look at the maps here, we're showing you the contour. of the fire zone. you can see that that spread at least close to kirkwood and then making that run closer to south lake tahoe. this is today's imagery as we come in closer right now, show you some of the winds gust the gusts right now around 5 to 7 miles an hour closer to lake level as you go up in elevation that chair of six kirkwood observation that's a wind gust of 18 miles an hour that is over 9000 ft. the red flag warning, as you have been hearing still continues for today. until 11 o'clock this evening. very dry. we talked about the win so much, but the relative humidity the measure of how much moisture in the air is very low, so that means anything that burns can burn rapidly. unfortunately that has been a reality. here's the fire detection satellite, the orange and basically the red boxes, indicating some new fire activity over the past 12 hours ourselves becoming closer right now, as you can see is making that run essentially to the south of south lake tahoe is becoming closer. we're kind of
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looks like we're showing you they have only mountain range here near state line and looks like that activity. at least they're not spreading out toward this portion of the lake. right now. temperatures as we take a look at some of these sensors in the seventies and the winds not too bad around 4 to 14 miles an hour, checking out closer to kirkwood, there's that chair, six ridge observation. that's a that's an update right now gusting to 28 miles an hour. here's the forecast throughout the day. we'll pick it up at two o'clock this afternoon, and throughout the day, those winds will continue to pick up here we are at four o'clock temperatures close to 70 degrees, but the winds will continue to be the big problem out of the southwest at about 20 to 25 miles an hour and then gradually backing off decreasing tonight into it tomorrow morning, so that will be at least a step in the right direction later on tonight into tomorrow morning, we'll continue to keep in mind the conditions. we'll have another update coming up in a little bit. mark thank you or learning the largest fire burning in the country once again grew in size
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overnight. red flag conditions caused the dixie fire to grow to 1300 square miles. that's up from 1200. just yesterday. cal fire says containment is up to now. 52% so crews are slowly making progress. this fire has been burning east of chico and up north into lassen national forest. for seven weeks now almost 1300 buildings, homes and other structures have been destroyed by the dixie fire classes were cancelled today at aptos high school after a 17 year old student was stabbed to death on campus as ktvu christian captain reports investigators have to juvenile suspects now in custody. santa cruz. deputies responded to aptos high school at around 2 20 yesterday afternoon after reports of a stabbing on campus investigators found a 17 year old boy, a senior at aptos high near the schools, swimming pools suffering from stab wounds. first responders, administered first aid and then airlifted the victim to an area hospital. but authorities say
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that victim died from his injuries. the school went into lockdown as investigators looked for suspects, investigators. now confirmed they've arrested two students, a 17, year old senior and a 14 year old freshman in connection with that stabbing, the sheriff characterized the incident as bold, saying the assailants stabbed the victim on school property during seventh period in front of witnesses, the sheriff also saying one or more of those witnesses may be able to provide critical evidence. we heard from several students that there may have been one or two students who had videotaped the fight or the altercation. investigators say they haven't heard yet from students who may have video of the incident. the sheriff is hoping they come forward. at this point. investigators are still searching for a motive. they say they're looking to see if the stabbing may have been gang related. the sheriff telling us this morning that investigators were able to gather a significant amount of evidence that led them to the suspects now. in custody. we did find
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some critical evidence out there that work processing we believe we found the murder weapon. and so we'll be working with that and our forensics team will be processing that, but, uh right now we're still within 24 hours of the incident, so we're really in the early stages of this investigation. investigators book the two suspects into juvenile hall. they are facing homicide charges, and the sheriff tells me that changes to how juvenile cases are handled means his investigators. cannot interview those suspects, they will likely be formally charged in the next day or two. meanwhile aptos high school will be closed until friday in aptos, christian captain ktvu fox two news, the city c is urging americans to reconsider their labor day travel plans, especially if they are not fully vaccinated. the director has issued recommendations for those who have been vaccinated but says everyone should take the current surge into consideration. we have actually articulated that people who are
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fully vaccinated. um and who are wearing masks can travel although given where we are with disease transmission right now, um, we would say that people need to take their own these risks into their own consideration as they think about traveling first and foremost, if you are unvaccinated, we would recommend not traveling. the city sees travel recommendations do apply to both domestic and international trips. below is now the second city. in solano county to bring back a mask mandate. last night, the value city council voted unanimously to require people they just for enough to wear a mask indoors, regardless of their vaccination status. this comes a week after venetia became the first city in the county to reimpose the policy. diblasio's mandates stays in place now for at least six weeks. it's in response to an increase in covid cases. several people we spoke with said they're happy with the council's decision. it's like an extra layer of protection for you. but it also extra layer of protection people around you from you. in case
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you're asymptomatic. so you know, i think it's a good idea. they should wear a mask because protection, uh, covid is still there. folios. mayor says 52% of eligible residents in the county are fully vaccinated, he'd consider dropping the mandate as soon as they reach 85% solano county, by the way, the only barrier county without a mask mandate in place still to come in noon, taking a closer look at the effect wildfire smoke is having on lake tahoe's crystal clear water what a new study is showing as ash and soot cover the lake's surface plus power returns to parts of louisiana as residents seek out food and gas. i'm at la riviera in new orleans, and i'll have the
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united states supreme court did not act on an emergency petition to put the law on hold. this law requires a doctor to see if the embryo has a detectable heartbeat of a fetal heartbeat can be heard. the abortion cannot be legally perform. there is no medical definition of when a heartbeat can be heard, but it's generally. between five and six weeks after conception many women do not even know they are pregnant at that stage. we believe that elective abortion represents an act of violence.
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um, an act of injustice, some people will be able to travel out of state. most people will be forced to continue the and some people will take matters into their own hands. the law also allows individuals even those who are not directly connected to any patient to sue abortion providers. president biden is traveling to new orleans on friday to survey the damage from hurricane ida. this as power returns to parts of louisiana, while thousands of people remain in the dark. much of the region is also facing a shortage of fuel, leading to long lines at gas stations and the nfl says the new orleans saints will host the packers in jacksonville, september 12th after being displaced by the storm. madeline rivera has the latest. louisiana residents are scrambling for food and fuel after ida as the cleanup process continues a glimmer of hope in the aftermath of hurricane ida power returned today for part of eastern new orleans after the entire city was left without electricity, but thousands in louisiana
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remain at the dark and could remain in the dark for several weeks noticed, though, if not coming on without power. picking up the remote to turn the t v on it's like you just forgetting that this that this not here there's an urgent need for power as new orleans and the surrounding region remain under a heat advisory long lines formed at distribution centers and gas stations on tuesday as people saw that water, food and fuel the demand for gas, leaving some gas stations waiting as well. the ability for us to refuel is very difficult here, whether that's generators, cars or anything else. clean up now, beginning for many people who left town ahead of ida for some in mississippi and alabama. the process won't be as daunting. got some sand on the road, little water, but it's not the case for people living on louisiana's grand isle, officials say the barrier island is uninhabitable with damage to every structure. many buildings are missing roofs, while others are now a pile of rubble in my neighborhood. i lost my home. grandson lost his
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home. i have a deputy lost his home. ida now brings the threat of flooding and tornadoes to the northeast before moving off the coast later this week in new orleans, mother of eric ktvu, fox two news, new test show, smoke and ash coming from the caldera fire near lake tahoe, are already clouding the lakes iconic, clear blue waters. researchers tell the bay area news group lake tahoe's clarity could be affected for several years. normally at this time of year, you can see 65 ft down into the water right now. that depth is about 50 ft. ash and soot on the lake's surface can also cause more algae to grow near the surface and blocks sunlight, which could disrupt the lake's ecosystem. scientists say. they worry the extreme wildfire seasons could potentially caused long term damage. sad sight right there. sad to hear 15 ft. that's a big difference as we check back in with meteorologist mark tamayo and mark last hit, you were saying the winds still guesting up there? yes still gusting throughout the day. in fact,
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i'm liking gaussian, but we are expecting things to gradually back off least the winds. needs later on tonight into it tomorrow morning is primarily for the higher elevation spots up above 7000 of above 8000 ft. in the sierra seen winds going up about 25 30 miles an hour, and that's why we still have this a red flag fire warning as we do, take a look at the maps right now. all the areas in red still, including lake tahoe until 11 o'clock this evening kind of a stepping back here showing you the bigger picture with the wind. it's basically southwest flow. you probably noticed the wind in your neighborhood this afternoon, so we're all linked. breezy to windy here. it's also windy up in the sierra forecast models showing you those brighter colors indicating the stronger wind speeds and also the projected to values later on this afternoon, you can see what happens, though, into tomorrow morning, definitely a drop off in the wind speeds for thursday. the winds will pick up into the afternoon hours. just not as strong as today, so this won't be an instant improvement for tomorrow, but a step in the right direction as we scale back on those wind
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speeds. here's a satellite that we still have this low clouds and fog.immediate coastline ando right around portions of the bay. that's having a big impact on temperatures right now, you can see lots of sixties and some seventies today, one of the cooler days of the week that santa rosa site is missing right now, that's the sonoma county airport, but i saw a few temperatures there. the lower sixties around 61 62 degrees up in the santa rosa area. we'll check out some of the current wind speeds. look at fairfield. that's a gust of 35 miles an hour napa gusting to 21 miles an hour, so definitely the winds are back with us. there's sf was southerly wind at about 15 miles an hour. here's our live camera checking out while the creek and mount diablo is still a bit of some haze, but overall with this weather pattern air quality around here has been improving, pushing the smoke to the east of the bay area. but of course, that windy pattern has been at the big challenge to the fire crews in the mountains. why so, wendy? well, it's this area of low pressure. it's been settling in. so a cooler day for today, today, one of the cooler days of the week and then it looks
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like we're gonna be warming up those numbers by the weekend. we're talking about lisa mid nineties and lend by, especially as we had in his sunday and it looks like into monday as well forecast highs for this afternoon under partly sunny skies and some breezy conditions, warm spots not incredibly hot just in the upper seventies out towards concord and livermore in antioch. lots of sixties right around the bank, grab the sweater or the jacket for the coast, with temperatures only in the lower sixties. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast. you will notice this temperature is still not moving around too much for thursday, but then we're talking about some more 90. and linda should also mention as we scale back on the wind speeds in the sierra. that's a good thing. the heat could be a more of a challenge for the fire crews. so that's something we'll be watching closely is that weather pattern begins to change around by saturday and sunday. mark thank you still become a noon is the program that offers free early childhood education and family services to low income families in oakland, but now it's facing major cuts. the proposal by some city leaders
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that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. have to coordinate with the taliban on any future counterterrorism strikes in afghanistan against islamic state militants or others. he spoke this morning just two days after the final u. s troops left afghanistan reporter lauren blanchard as the latest on the criticism. the biden administration continues to face mm. a
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across the country for the 13 service members killed in kabul by a suicide bomber less than a week ago. some republicans want whistleblowers to come forward with more on what led to the deadly chaos in the weeks leading up to the end of the war in afghanistan. biden will create the worst possible mess and then act like like he's a hero. president biden called the airlift of more than 120,000 out of afghanistan, an extraordinary. success however, more than 100 americans and thousands of at risk allies were left behind for those remaining americans. there is no deadline. we remain committed to get them out if they want to come out, president biden also said the u. s will continue to fight terrorism. the white house has not said if they will recognize the taliban as a legitimate government. it would depend on the conditions, but there's no rush to recognition coming from any aspect of this government or from the international community. others say how the evacuation was handled has left
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america less safe. this is a witch's brew of evil in afghanistan. the vacuum created by this stupid withdrawal has put us at risk for the 13 service members killed more than 150. lawmakers introduced a bill to posthumously award them. congressional gold medal in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. north carolina high school was placed on lockdown after one student was shot on campus. this happened at mount tabor high school, and winston salem, north carolina. the school has more than 1500 students. the sheriff's department there says one person was hurt. all other students are safe, but it did send many parents in a panic as they waited to find out if their children were indeed. okay. the search continues for the gunman to fire at an apartment in valeo sent one man to the hospital with significant injuries. the fire was reported around 6 30 this morning on main street, a neighbor called 911 when she smelled smoke. i thought it was
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coming from my house because i was cooking breakfast for my daughter. so i was like, did i leave something on and then i just felt looked out the window, my kitchen window and i seen all the foot smoke. the resident was occupied by two people. one was completely uninjured. one was transported to the hospital with significant injuries. the injured man reportedly suffered burns to his arms. investigators are looking into the cause of this fire. firing fremont is being investigated. this one broke out just before eight o'clock this morning at a two story for plex on royal and common when crews arrived, they found two people with burns. the cause is being investigated. the oakland city council is holding a special meeting today to try to prevent cuts to the head start program. head start workers and some city leaders are demanding there be no cuts, layoffs or closures for the program. head start offers free early child. education and family services to low income families. this fiscal year's budget reduced the program's funding by more than $5 million. the city originally proposed closing three head start locations in east oakland and laying off staff council
12:26 pm
members have proposed diverting $1.8 million to keep those locations open. they have closed. four hits start fights in oakland in oakland, right you know and head start has always been that bridge to other resources in oakland. all of these head starts are in zip codes with at least 20% of children under five living in poverty, and that's why we must save them. these are life saving services for our community. today's special city council meeting starts at 2 30 this afternoon. we. continue to follow the latest developments surrounding to tell door fire the continued threat to south lake tahoe as crews are working to bring flames under control. plus have a right to work where you want to work, but also your boss has the right to make the rules. more vaccine mandates could be coming to businesses across the bay area. the new recommendation by the bay area council
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed.
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keep it out of the tahoe basin. this fire has now burned 319 square miles in eldorado and amador county's containment is up to 20% compared to 16% yesterday. 729 structures, including homes and businesses
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have been destroyed or damaged more than 34,000. other buildings are still threatened. more than 59,000 people have been forced to evacuate, including the entire city of south lake tahoe. ktvu erasmus again live in the newsroom here with the latest on efforts to bring this fire under control, and also ellie what officials have to say about the evacuation efforts this week. well, garcia agency officials, firefighters, even the mayor of south lake tahoe have all applauded the evacuation efforts about 60,000 people fled the area calmly and safely ahead of the caldera fire. but there is a new problem. we're learning about the water districts around lake tahoe or have reported a dramatic drop in their water levels, and they believe that's because many residents turned on. their sprinklers and water hoses and left them running before they evacuated that could impact the supply of water needed to continue fighting the keldorf fire. it's still moving in a northeasterly direction right now it's about a mile away from homes on the southernmost side of south lake tahoe and on the ridge, west of kirkwood. firefighters are battling 35
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mile an hour wind guests. i spoke with a cal fire public information officer a short time ago, he says. there is a sense among firefighters that the next 24 hours will be critical and that maybe they'll be able to get a better handle on this fire once the red flag warning expires. currently it's projected to expired 11 pm tonight, so if there is a silver lining, that's what we're looking at those winds dying down, which should decrease the fire activity and give us a chance to get in and do more direct attack. now there is some positive news to report with this firefight just in the last 12 hours, according to cal fire, it appears that no homes or structures were lost overnight in christmas valley, the christmas valley neighborhood of the tahoe region. firefighters had worked to make sure structures were protected there, as they are doing with all other parts of this fire. there's a lot of work going on right now. according to cal fire along pioneer trail, using bulldozers and other equipment to create new fire lines there and in other spots of this 300 square mile fire live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news.
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all right, ali, thank you for that. the bay area council of business association, comprised of a number of companies is now recommending that businesses require employees to be vaccinated against covid-19 ktvu is amber lee reports. united airlines, google and facebook are among the large private companies to put a vaccine requirements on their workforce. facebook says quote as our offices reopen we will be requiring anyone coming to work at any of our u. s campuses to be vaccinated, a step that the bay area council says all employers need to adopt. clearly we're facing a crisis with the delta area of covid-19, the council ceo jim wonderman says the surge threatens public safety and the future of the economy. he's urging every employer to adopt a policy that requires the vaccine whether it is mandatory or one that says those who are not vaccinated will have to work from home. i suspect that
12:33 pm
amongst you know our members and the greater business community. there's reluctance from companies who were afraid they're going to lose people in alameda people we spoke with were largely supportive of employees putting in place vaccine requirements who have a right to work where you want to work. but also your boss has the right to make the rules. personal choice, you know, should be factored in, i think really, the only way to get on top of this of the whole covid pandemic is to put more stricter rules, your choice to not be vaccinated affects those around. you are not. mukherjee is chair of public health at cal state east bank. every individual that has, um, confusion or apprehension about a vaccine is going to have to make a decision about whether or not their individual beliefs interrupt their ability to function in society if we need to reach herd immunity. there's also a herd mentality and i think organizations are more comfortable when they know that what they're doing is in line
12:34 pm
with what others are doing, the bay area council says it plans to survey its members to see how many businesses will implement a vaccine requirement in oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news, new cdc data shows nearly a million americans have now received a covid-19 booster shot since it was authorized less than three weeks ago. on august 12 people with weakened immune systems were authorized to receive the extra shot of pfizer or moderna. booster shots are expected to be available to everyone. the week of september 20th. vaccinated americans can get that booster shot eight months after they received the last dose. we're now inside of two weeks to go before before california's recall election, and a new poll may give governor newsom's campaign some relief. 51% of those asked by survey usa say they want to keep governor newsom in office. 43% want to recall him. this is a sizable shift from survey usa last poll a couple of weeks ago in which the numbers were
12:35 pm
essentially flipped that second question about who should replace the governor, larry elder continues to lead the pack at 27% support. john cox and democrat kevin path rat. they're tied at second with 6% 14% say they're still undecided. ktvu political reporter greg lee examines who's behind the millions of ballots that have already been returned. with exactly two weeks to go. more than four million belts have been returned in the california recall election of governor newsom. that's according to political data inks, ballot tracker democrats represent 54% of the returns, outpacing republicans and independents at 24 22% respectively. it looks as though we've stuck with these. cycles of democrats voting earlier. republicans voting later, um and we just have to see whether those republican ballots come in at the end, pd vice president paul mitchell says the early numbers follow partisan patterns from the 2020 presidential election driven by former president trump's rhetoric on the
12:36 pm
practice of voting by mail. what strikes mitchell is the huge gap in turnout by age. more than a third of people 65 over have voted people 18 to 35 or at less than 10% particularly those democrats in that young person pool. if they don't turn out and vote, then it's going to be hard for democrats to get the same kind of overall overall turnout they need, mitchell says. turnout amongst latinos will also be a major factor in this race. so far, the numbers show returns at 11. recent polls show latino voters split on whether or not to recall the last thing we need is to have some right wing republican governor in california, perhaps in a nod to latinos and young voters, newsom's campaign launched a new ad with bernie sanders. the vermont senator carried support from both groups by a wide margin in last year's primary at an event in oakland tuesday, governor newsom said he's encouraged by early returns. people are very active, very
12:37 pm
participatory in this election, and we're seeing that gap in terms of knowledge of what is it steak? close very, very rapidly. republicans maintain their voters are energized and say they will close the gap leading up to and on september 14th, but for california to true, we have changed. we need to recall this governor and i am confident that the voters are going to go out there. they're going to turn out and they're going to say let's do something different so we can have a better california greg lee ktvu, fox two news recall candidate john cox is back in the bay area campaigning today. he made a stop this morning just outside pga headquarters in san francisco to talk about his public safety plan. it covers both law enforcement and wildfire prevention, their democratic when i'm the governor of the state, we will do something about wildfires. first of all will make sure that we get rid of dead trees and other tinder that would go up and flanks will also make
12:38 pm
sure we do fire breaks and prescribed burns. we also need to make sure that we respect the police that we punish people who resist arrest and we give the police every tool to do their job. cox also says if elected, he'll oppose early release for violent criminals and stop decriminalization measures. recall candidate larry elder held a virtual news conference this morning with some of his political supporters. they included former lieutenant governor abel maldonado. auto and former state senator gloria romero, a democrat. romero says she supports elder because she believes he offers the best chance at public school reform. the conservative talk radio host is currently the republican front runner in the recall election. santa clara county supervisors have unanimously given a vote of no confidence for sheriff laurie smith. ktvu jesse gary tells us what led to the vote and how the sheriff responds. will you please take a roll call of never before has the santa clara county board of supervisors taken this step
12:39 pm
supervisor chavez? yes, supervisor. some media. yes, tuesday one by one. each of the five agreeing they have no faith in the leadership of sheriff laurie smith. there is a parade of horribles that has been marching, marching marching. and we have to call it out and say, put an end to this resolution sponsors supervisors submit ian and ellen berg calling out the six term incumbent sheriff for multiple missteps in office the past few years, among them the jail beating death of inmate michael tyree. permanent injuries suffered by andy hogan while being transported in a sheriff's vehicle and her refusal to cooperate with a criminal grand jury investigation. into allegations of bribery within her office. i think three of you know what's happening in the real world, those that listen to people on the streets the others want to place blame for a problem that they are not addressing during a 10 minute response to the board. smith blamed a ballooning mental health crisis
12:40 pm
that has jails serving as care centers for people in need of treatment, not incarceration. i'm a law enforcement officer, not a trained psychiatrist, our staff does an exceptional job. not only in the jail, but on the streets. the sheriff asked the board to take the hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked to build a new jail and spend that money to build a new psychiatric hospital, adding she embraces reforms. but some experts say the tide has already turned. things are moving very rapidly in a bad direction for the sheriff. but the board itself can't directly remove her. the sheriff's ouster could come by ballot, but it's unclear if there's support for another recall election. the sheriff's term ends next year. but in the meantime, she and the board of supervisors weight results of ongoing state and federal investigations in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news still to come taking a closer look at tesla's autopilot system. the information the national highway traffic safety administration is re question
12:41 pm
from the company. plus, we continue to monitor the weather conditions here in the bay area as well as up at lake tahoe. we'll check in with meteorologist mark two mile for the tahoe, the usually packed
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
beaches and casinos are empty and all state parks in the tahoe basin are now closed. reporter william la jeunesse has more on what will be an unusually quiet labor day weekend on the south shore
12:44 pm
crews here in northern california are scrambling to get a handle on the calle door fire. this is only the second fire in history to cross the sierra nevada mountains and is now threatening more than 34,000 structures after burning through hundreds of homes. we're in there actively fire fighting and defending the structures that are in there. the fire burn through their extremely fast, extremely hot and we did the best that we could, but the weather is just not cooperating. forecasters say extremely low humidity and winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour are expected through wednesday. perfect conditions for the fire to keep spreading. it created what's called a active crown fire run where the fire actually goes from the treetop to treetop when it does that those member cast that it throws out are going over a mile in distance. mandatory evacuations are now in effect for more than 50,000 residents. this is an area usually packed with tourists this time of year.
12:45 pm
now just a handful remain in south lake tahoe, anxiously awaiting to see where the fire goes. i'm just trying to pick up a few things that i. really cherish. but and that's it. so i promised my kid i'd be out of here as soon as i saw that any flames anywhere so red flag warnings remain in effect through wednesday night, possibly longer as dry and windy conditions are expected throughout the weekend in south lake tahoe. we margin s ktvu fox two news. a new report from the united nations says whether disasters are happening more often, and they're becoming more costly. the world meteorological organization looked at more than 11,000 weather disasters over the past 50 years, the report found. weather disasters are happening 4 to 5 times more frequently than they did 50 years ago. they also cost seven times as much, even when adjusted for inflation. however the report also found each disaster kills fewer people, on average compared to 50 years ago. new research shows taking some simple steps. on smokey days
12:46 pm
can reduce exposure to harmful particles in the air. researchers at u. c berkeley looked at data from indoor and outdoor sensors from the purple air network of air centers in the bay area and los angeles. i found people could cut the amount of particulate matter in the air in half by closing up their homes and using air filters inside. they also found newer homes were significantly better at keeping the smoke out, and we know about the smoke of the lake tahoe. but mark looking outside and i could see a nice little fog bank across san francisco bay here, yeah, we are lucky to have that fog bank on nearby. in fact, it's kind of linked with our cooler pattern, but it's that change in the wind direction that kind of pushed the smoke out of the bay area, but it's that same way. a pattern that has been the big challenge the fire crews this week up in the sierra battling the called or fire, taking a look at the mapping system. right now we're showing you the wildfire perimeter is kind of stepping back here. you can see the red of the red to lie there, indicating the fire zone boundary. and last july, i was
12:47 pm
up in the plaster bill for a couple nights and then eventually went to a south lake% tahoe and you could see just the plaster built the bottom left portion of your screen. could not imagine a fire, starting off remotely not area and then making that push toward the south lake tahoe, and unfortunately that is the reality we are dealing with right now because of the extreme drought, the dry conditions and also the windy conditions as well. the chair six kirkwood cited stronger up when there that's up above 9000 ft. wind gusting up to 28 miles an hour, the red flag fire warning continues until 11 o'clock tonight. so winds still the concern gusting to 40 miles an hour over the ridge. is that the sort surface could be maybe approaching 20 miles an hour and still incredibly dry. we're talking so much about the winds, but also the humidity a key factor with this fire growth because if you had a higher moisture levels, that would be a good thing, but it's a really dry pattern. setting up here is the fire activity. all the boxes and red indicate new activity. of course, we're watching kirkwood closely there, as you can see, with at least the satellite detection and
12:48 pm
also you can see the action just to the south of south lake tahoe along that to ridge there as we check out the current conditions right now we have temperatures in the seventies winds around 6 to 15 miles an hour and there you can't see the stronger winds, especially for that chair, six ridge observation site closer to kirkwood. in fact, that crook would this afternoon back in the bay area. here we go. we had the low clouds and fog near the coastline also right around portions of the bay current numbers out there today, one of the cooler days of the week. we're just talking about some sixties and seventies. santa rosa right now reporting 62 degrees and the winds up there as well. there's fairfield gusting to 35. so more sites for you with sfo 15 15 miles an hour so breezy afternoon breezy to windy pattern once again and once that is actually linked to the sierra, windy pattern as well. it's all kind of connected. here's the plan tomorrow morning starting out the day we're kind of skipping ahead a day in the thursday but you can see the low clouds and fog. the fact that we're just showing you this graphic to talk about the thursday outlook
12:49 pm
with temperatures in the seventies. and the eighties so cooler cooler day for today, and then not much change for tomorrow. but then as we head towards the weekend, we will gradually warm up those numbers. at least the clouds are helping us out. we're talking about san francisco. we're actually skipping ahead. this graphic kind of snuck in, but we're showing you the cloud cover once again tomorrow. kind of just like today. take a look at the forecast ties for your wednesday afternoon. no. one nineties, not much in the way eighties, just san francisco 64 from seventies out toward concord and fairfield. it is breezy for tomorrow, but still nice and friday and then we'll gradually warm up those numbers into the weekend. so with this warming pattern, of course fire danger on the increase, not because of the wind, but because the heat and the heat makes a comeback this weekend. thank you. mark jury selection continues today in the high profile trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes in san jose. she's accused of defrauding investors out of more than $700 million in her blood testing company. holmes said that her technology the edison machine, could conduct
12:50 pm
complex test with just a few drops of blood. whistle blowers came forward to the wall street journal in 2015, revealing the technology was bogus. in 2018, the department of justice brought criminal charges against homes, the national highway traffic safety administration wants detailed information on how tesla autopilot system detects and responds to emergency vehicles parked on highways. the agency wants to know how tesla's detect a crash scene and how the autopilot system warns drivers. it is investigating tesla's driver assist system after a series of collisions with emergency vehicles since 2018 that killed one person and injured 17 others. santa clara county supervisors approved the establishment of a first of its kind trauma recovery center, the senate would be for survivors of violent crimes and other traumatic events such as wildfires and floods. the proposal comes after a deadly vita, mass shooting in san jose and may. county supervisors will review the proposal and report back with recommendations at a board meeting in two weeks. many college students back on campus but they may not be back in the
12:51 pm
classroom still to come. the frustration from families that some courses are still
12:52 pm
welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits. homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires.
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[sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods?
12:54 pm
members is moving forward. organizers behind the recall effort say they've collected 70,000 signatures more than enough to qualify for the ballot. backers say their frustration started with what they call a botched effort to return students to school for in person instruction. they add that an expected annual budget crisis is also reason for change. with the number of students who have left the city and the school district. it looks like the enrollments going to be down and we may be looking at $180 million annual deficit next year, and the board has no plan to address it. supporters say they plan to submit the signatures on tuesday if approved, san franciscans could be voting on whether or not to remove the school board members in
12:55 pm
february. many called students in the bay area have returned to campus. yet some parents are questioning whether or not their children are getting the quality education that they are paying for. ktvu is azenith smith has the story. at san jose state signs of college life students walking on campus clubs mingling a welcome sight last year, the campus was virtually empty. i didn't want to have to be in zoom all the time. this freshman from huntington beach, considers himself lucky. he spent his senior year of high school remote learning all his classes this year are in person they like just staying in your dorm room for the whole time being in a zoom meeting. it's just not as fun as like going in person and seeing a lot of people around. it's not completely back to normal. many universities include i mean the uc and csu systems require students and staff to wear masks indoors and be vaccinated or get tested. classes are also online hybrid and in person. i'd like to have the opportunity to choose which classes i want to do in person. some classes i feel are easier online and some classes. i feel
12:56 pm
like i need to be present. i think the statistic was 68% will be in person. um so why so few classes were in person. lisa ekstrom son is a sophomore at u c. santa cruz, paying for him to live in a dorm. with only one class in person, vastly different college experience from her other son, who's at the university of utah, also a sophomore. his classes are in person with no vaccine mandate. why u c santa cruz? not as in person as other schools are or as it could be, especially given the vaccination requirements. um, asking requirements why you would sit in a dorm and do zoom classes. that's very sort of spring 2020 dr monica gandhi of ucsf says schools should prioritize in person learning if protective measures are in place, including proper ventilation. i'm pretty concerned about the delta strain because i am one of the breakthrough cases. a senior at san jose state, got covid last month before school started,
12:57 pm
but she was living on campus she described as an intense cold. she's unsure how she got it pretty nervous, but i know the school is pretty fast on contacting people if they've been exposed azenith smith ktvu fox two news. apple has banned a company slack channel that is dedicated to talking about pay equity. the verge is reporting that apple's human resources departments of the channel violates apple's requirements that slack channels are for work related content. only. however employees say that rule isn't enforced that the company has a slack channel for dogs, bad jokes and even foosball tournaments. google is once again postponed his return to work date, and company now says that most workers will not return to the office until mid january of next year. google is also requiring all of its employees to be vaccinated once its campuses fully reopen. many companies have delayed or canceled return to office plans because of a recent spike in covid 19 cases starting today, college athletes in california can now profit from their name,
12:58 pm
image and likeness. governor gavin newsom signed the legislation yesterday. the bill was set to take effect in january but was moved up to today so students could benefit for this fall sports season starting today, california student athletes will be allowed to get paid for activities such as endorsement deals, influential associate media presence, signing autographs and making personal appearances. 49ers foundational host its fourth annual players for a purpose kickoff event ahead of the 2021 season, eventually in person at levi stadium, with 49ers players, coaches in front office personnel, this will be the first community event hosted at the stadium in more than a year. it was a virtual event last year, while proceeds go toward the 49ers foundation's mission to educate and empower bay area youth. event runs from 4 to 8 p.m. you can buy tickets there on the 49ers website. the 49ers foundation is also holding a ribbon cutting for a outdoor community fitness zone in east palo alto. the new public space joel davis park features fitness equipment for people of all ages as well as
12:59 pm
wheelchair accessible machines. yesterday's event provided young people with a free flag football camp and a chance to interact with 49ers alumni. this was the team's first in person community event of the year. an architect in arizona has built a treehouse unlike any other, justin martinez says he did not lead and abnormally shaped lot, an irrigation ditch or a giant tree stand in the way of building his dream home. he designed a home to fit around a 70 year old cottonwood in tempe. the floor plan is inverted so that the kitchen and living room are upstairs while the bedrooms are downstairs and shaded. by the tree took builders about three years to finish and did require special attention so as to not damage the trees. roots beautiful. you've got to let nature be right. okay. live there in a heartbeat. thank you. so much for joining us at noontime today. our next newscast, of course, before you'll see us right here on ktvu fox two we have you covered on the ktvu zapping ktvu. com have a great afternoon. thanks for joining us. mhm. loves
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