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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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confirmed case yesterday on a strike team of engines. and they were demobilized from the assignments, another another one of the risks that we're dealing with in our world right now. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four a strike team of 16 firefighters now sidelined as a precaution, all due to that one confirmed case of covid-19 welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. despite the latest complications from covid 19 firefighters have made some progress. so far, the cal door fire has not made that big push into the tahoe basin that many had feared. thousands of people, though, have been evacuated from the south lake tahoe area, and many are holding their breath, hoping those 4000 firefighters can keep the flames out of their communities up until the red flag conditions ease up tomorrow. now governor newsom today visited the fire lines as containment rises on this fire
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up to 20% want to show you now the latest cal fire map of the cal door fire, it has burned nearly three 120 square miles and 729 structures have now been destroyed. 544 of those are homes you can see here, though the leading edge of the fire on the east side is south of lake tahoe and heading toward the state line. heavenly ski resort is just one of the many businesses along with thousands of homes that are currently in the path of those flames. we have live team coverage where you once again on the calle door fire. our meteorologist, mark tamayo has been they're tracking the wind conditions, but first, let's get over to ktvu is asking the smith with the latest on the firefight. well, alex. firefighters are hoping critical weather conditions will continue to be in their favor throughout the rest of the day. the fire continues to slowly progressed northeast towards south lake tahoe crews are hoping the winds don't pick up. this video posted from the reno fire department shows what
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firefighters are up against. a fast moving intense flames, fire personnel doing all they can to protect structures here at the echo summit lodge. firefighters battling the kaldor fire lucked out with improving weather conditions on wednesday, but those winds dying down it kind of let that inversion layers settle a bit on us, which slowed our fire activity. which allowed him to get some more protection line in on the south side of south lake tahoe, the pioneer trail area calmer winds overnight. help firefighters make progress, keeping the fire away from lake tahoe crews are facing low humidity and 30 mile per hour. southwesterly winds perfect conditions for the fire to spread. the fire actually goes from the treetop to treetop when it does that those member cast that it throws out are going over a mile in distance. see, with this red flag warning and some extreme fire. behavior we've seen in the past two days. we want to make sure those citizens are safe and our crews are safe. firefighters are
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facing another battle covid-19 and are being warned to follow safety protocols after a firefighter tested positive for covid an entire strike team of 16 firefighters and five engines now quarantined for two weeks. no word yet on where that team was stationed. if they were all together. traveling together then, um, working together then so since there was one incident, we just demobilized the entire strike team 50,000 people are still under a mandatory evacuation order. some residents remain. i promised my kid i'd be out of here as soon as i saw any for claims anywhere. the north lake tahoe fire protection district says residents are leaving irrigation garden hoses and sprinklers running as they evacuate. firefighters are asking them not to do that to preserve want. a lot of the water. we're getting up in the tahoe basin, at least is off of city waters, and the area is normally packed with tourists. the lake tahoe visitors authority put out a statement for tourists stay away for the foreseeable future. the
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authority telling me today it is a waiting game to see when tourists when anyone can return. yes it could be a long, tough fight. no doubt about it. azenith smith reporting live for us as an thank you. and cal fire and l toronto county have put out this interactive map of the damage that's been caused by the calendar or fire. it shows homes that have been destroyed or partially damaged. it also has a linked to a photo of the damage that officials found on each piece of property. we posted a link to this website on our website ktvu dot com. you can find it there under the web link section. okay, we've been talking about the challenging weather for fire crews. let's get an update now on the current weather conditions there in the tahoe area with our meteorologist mark. tamayo mark. hi there, heather. yeah, we have the gusty winds here in the bay area. they have the gusty winds in the sierra as well. it's all connected with the same weather pattern. it's going to step back a little bit. and look at the fire perimeter. it's kind of the sometimes we zoom in so much in these maps. sometimes it's nice to step back and just give you a better idea of just
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how big this fire is. you can see out toward plaster villain along highway. 50 of course, is not didn't start in plaster ville, but just outside and you can see that big run approaching south lake tahoe and this is the current perimeter map. as you can see, it looks like it's to the south of the south lake tahoe right now, as far as the called or fire as you have been hearing that will check this out as far as the size over 204,000 acres, containment 20% the red flag warning continues decreasing wind tomorrow, so that is a step in the right direction. it's not going to be perfect, but at least we will have a weaker winds in the forecast in the thursday outlook right now, as we check out some of the current observations, myers, south lake tahoe south like to hope that's augusta 18. miles an hour chair six at kirkwood. that's over 9000 ft. that's a wind gust of up to 28 miles an hour. some stronger winds just like yesterday at the higher elevations today, just not as windy as yesterday. so here is the details. here are the details in the red flag morning
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until 11 o'clock tonight. still some breezy conditions, relative humidity. we've been talking so much about the wind, but the moisture is key, because if we could add some more moisture increases values that would be a good that would be a good sign, but unfortunately it is still a very dry pattern. not it won't be changing too much in the forecast for tomorrow. here's the fire detection as we check out the maps here, i want to keep an eye on the orange boxes and the red boxes indicating recent fire activity. you and you can't see that run up to the out to the east, and in fact, it's becoming closer. looks like in the hillsides of the mountains south of south lake tahoe. in fact, it looks like that big that big mountain poking out to that is the heavenly mountain closer to state line. also also we're watching the activity closer to a kirkwood and of course, fire crews in that area, trying to keep that fire out of the resort so that that's the latest on the fire detection as far as the weather conditions right now, temperatures in the seventies winds least on these panels around 11 to 17 miles an
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hour stronger in the higher elevations and the humidity. that is key right now it's still very dry around 13 to 15 to 20% what's interesting overnight. typically we see that moisture level the relative you made. the values go up and that will happen in the valleys but not so much in the higher elevations. so with that we could actually see some more fire activity because as you go up in elevation that those moisture levels are not surging up some more reports for you closer to kirkwood. you could see temperature is the conditions changing around quite a bit on these panels right now. in fact, that's a recent observation for chair six ridge to kirkwood. that's augusta 37. miles an hours you get the idea winds at the surface breezy but definitely stronger in the higher ellen. nations as far as the wind forecast, molly, you can see what happens this evening. this is seven o'clock wins back off tomorrow morning and then a good news. at least the winds tomorrow will not be as strong as today. so we're not talking about red flag fire conditions. still some breezy conditions, though in the thursday forecast,
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yes, it is certainly good to see those conditions. easy uh, coming up a deadly stabbing at a school in the santa cruz area. we'll have more on the victim and the two teenage suspects now under arrest. the most restrictive abortion law in the country went into effect today. what the texas abortion ban means for abortion rights in the rest of the country in colorn
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the death of a man who was placed in a chokehold and also injected with a sedative during an arrest 23 year old elijah mcclain was walking home from a convenience store in aurora back in 2019 when someone called 911 to report a suspicious person wearing a ski mask and mask and acting strangely, a grand jury today returned to 32 count indictment against the officers and paramedics involved in mcclain's death, and those charges include manslaughter.
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as well as criminally negligent homicide. we're here today because elijah mcclain is not here and he should be. he was his son, a nephew, a brother and a friend. when he died. he was only 23 years old. he had his whole life ahead of him and his family and his friends must now go on. and live without it. there is also an ongoing investigation into the aurora police and fire departments for possible civil rights violations. demonstrators gathered today outside the texas state capitol to protest a new law that bans most abortions in that state. i want what i believe that we will win. the texas ban is the nation's strictest anti abortion law since the landmark roe v. wade decision, it takes effect immediately because the u. s. supreme court did not act on an emergency petition to put the
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law on hold. it bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is usually around six weeks and before most women even know they're pregnant. you see hastings law professor david levine says this could. have an impact on abortion rights nationwide. if your supporter robinson's weighed this non ruling was not a good sign. now one reason is that the supreme court has on its docket for this fall on case from mississippi, which is another vehicle to challenge roe versus wade. it's not quite as diabolical as the texas statute, but it definitely would have the effect of overruling roe versus wade and the mississippi government officials who are defending the law are asking the supreme court to do that. so if we see this non just. division in texas as a harbinger of what's to come. uh it is quite likely that at the end of june next year, we may see a ruling that will either kill roe versus wade or come awfully close to doing that. texas law does not
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make an exception for survivors of rape or incest to become pregnant. it only allows exceptions for medical emergencies. it also allows individual people, even those who are not directly connected to any patient to sue abortion providers. a student was shot and killed at a high school in north carolina today, and the suspected killer is now under arrest. now tabor high school in winston salem, north carolina, was locked down after gunfire was heard just after noon local time. authorities identified the victim as william miller jr. but they have not given out his age or said his year in the high school. the suspect, who is also believed to be a student, was arrested hours after running from that scene. this is the second school shooting in north carolina. just this week, a 15 year old was charged after a student was shot and wounded during the fight on monday, sheriff's investigators in santa cruz county are searching for a motive and a stabbing at aptos high school that left a 17 year olds to
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wouldn't dead there. ktvu south reporter jesse gary live now force at the sheriff's office in santa cruz, with details on the arrest of two students. in this case, jesse heather, sheriff's investigators say two suspects as you said to students, both of whom are minors, and both could be arraigned as soon as tomorrow on murder charges. meanwhile, the aptos school community trying to make sense of this very disturbing crime, wednesday afternoon, aptos high soft more kayla had lynn collected her backpack and other belongings at the school's front gate. the items and others have been held by police following a fatal stabbing on campus. it felt like like at that moment, everything became like real, and i find finally realized that this is like a serious thing. santa cruz county sheriff's investigators say around 2 30 tuesday, deputies responded to reports of a stabbing. 17 year old student was found stabbed near the school's pool and was rushed to
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an area hospital. but he died from his injuries. kenny sheriff jim hart says some students may have evidence on their electronic devices. anybody who view that view that this this horrible event is strictly a witness, and we just want their their statement in any data that they might have. actos high is closed for two days while school district officials try to guide students through a difficult time, investigators. say two fellow students, a 14, year old freshman and the 17 year old senior have been booked into juvenile hall and are charged in the fatal stabbing. the kid was in there for about like 40 minutes sitting with us, and then they handcuffed him, and that's when it kind of started to feel real because we were actually like close to one of the suspects. the bihar oh valley unified school district sent the letter wednesday to its community, saying, in part the death of our student that aptos high school is a loss that impacts each of us profoundly. our district is mobilizing extensive re sources and services to support and care for our community. this is
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probably something that's going to need to be looked at in an ongoing way that sometimes these stresses and traumas kind of linger on for kayla had land the first few weeks after her transfer from private school to public school have been memorable in ways few have experienced or want. school district is holding a community forum tomorrow at 7 30 in the evening. they'll say more information will provide. as well as information about what's going to happen, moving forward that community forum will be virtual. we will provide you with a link. just go to our website ktvu dot com. we're live in santa cruz, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you. i'm sure a lot of parents and students will have many questions, jesse. thank you. how well barry weather a bit of a cool down. in fact, he probably knows temperatures dropping today. so whenever the heat from last weekend today one of the cooler days of the week we will eventually turn up the heat, especially by the weekend
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in terms of fire danger a few more hours with this red flag fire warning in place. not here in the bay area, but of course, out toward the sierra out toward the tahoe region. if you take a look at the maps, the red flag morning expire is set to expire. 11 o'clock this evening with the fire danger. at least it's not going to its not going to go away or vanish in terms of fire, danger budgets and improvement in the wind. here's the satellite up close here. you can see all of the activity with the called or firing that big smoke plume. you can see that the effects of the southwest wind moving the smoke from the southwest to the north and to the east. back here in the bay area, we do have this. the low clouds and fog stubborn near portions of the coastline right around san francisco. so a cool day out for the beaches and even right around the bay, san francisco, checking in 62, oakland six c nine. we have some seventies for livermore. freemont san jose, checking in 76 degrees. as far as those winds you probably notice the winds picking up in your neighborhood. and right now that's fairfield gusting to 32 miles an hour so most areas experiencing winds least the
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gusts around 15 to 20 miles an hour. you can see some more panels here with san jose winds at about 14 miles an hour. we showed you the cloud cover on the satellite. here is the real thing looking out toward sfo with. some blue sky directly up above, d deck. the low clouds hanging tough near near the coast and your portions of the bay shoreline overnight going to start out with cloudy skies thursday morning, maybe a little bit of some drizzle, and then into the afternoon hours, clouds will clear back to near the coastline tomorrow could be a little bit warmer than today, but these are just some minor changes in the short term with your with your thursday forecast some morning cloud cover partly sunny skies, a few neighborhoods approaching the lower eighties eventually we were talking about some mid nineties we'll have more on that could impact your weekend outlook will have the full update coming up in a little bit. alright mark. thank you. well back now to the cal door fire and ask that blaze continues to push towards south lake tahoe. tens of thousands of structures are threatened and evacuations remain in place.
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while hope lies with the hardworking fire crews to stop the flames from approaching for more now on the situation in the south like tahoe area, we're joined this afternoon by sergeant eric palm berg of the eldorado can only sheriff's office. thank you. i know that your department is very busy, so we certainly appreciate you taking the time to update us. what are the biggest safety issues in that area right now? well, i think any time you have a wildfire, obviously the main central concern would be being in the path of that fire. we've conducted evacuations all throughout the south lake tahoe basin, with the assistance of multiple allied agencies self like talk. this department and as well as law enforcement agencies across the border into nevada. in regards to those evacuations, it seems as though most people heeded the warning. i mean, boy, it was a big effort. yes, absolutely. we really appreciate the cooperation from are the citizens all of the visitors citizens down in that area. everybody was very, very
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responsive. they took it seriously. they got out and that really helps. you know, having the roadways free and the people out so that the fire in law enforcement personnel can focus on the efforts to, uh, keep people safe and get this fire put out. obviously one of the big concerns is the fire approaching homes. but another big concern is the fire weakened trees that are beginning to fall. we already saw that happened today. this of course, is yet another major issue. yes. absolutely i'm not. i'm not on the fire side, but i do know that they have been mentioning these sort of hazards and briefing every day. there's a lot of equipment up there working on the fire lines. they're they're bulldozing and you know, laying down line to try and stop this fire redirected. i do know that there are many trees you know that are susceptible to falling as well as rocks on the roadway. things like that. yes, and all all of those things will become factors as we hopefully the fire moves on and you're able to get people back into their homes. yes
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absolutely. and what? that's what? when we begin, repopulation, we are definitely going to be telling people you know, to kind of be aware of their surroundings and, you know, know what went around in the neighborhoods on the roadways around their homes. and to report anything anything suspicious, any sort of hazards that basically we're in the path of created by the path of this fire. you know, sergeant. sadly, sometimes we see areas that have been evacuated to become targets of looters. are you seeing any of that? they're in the south lake tahoe area. have as of now it's only been a little over a day now. i have not received any reports of looting in south lake tahoe, the sheriff's office as well as the jurisdiction of self liked opd. and multitude of allied agencies have a really significant amount of officers in that area, conducting security patrols. i'm ensuring that when these people are able to come back to their homes they can do so. in the same conditions when they left, sergeant, if i can get a little personal here, obviously you live in that area. how are you
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and everyone else in the department doing? i'm doing great. you know, it's just we're all committed to this. you know, we're working around the clock trying to get you know everything we can you know, for enforcement and security and obviously working with our firefighter partners to try and. the train, you know, resolve this this issue and just keep our community safe. we do at the sheriff's office as well as other fire personnel forestry service, cal fire people, allied agencies. a lot of people actually reside in the path of this fire, and they have been evacuated as well. many people from from our my own department so it is having an impact on our entire community. we are. we are one community from all of us, and we're just gonna get through this and i know we're going to succeed. all right. well, we appreciate all of the work you're doing. sergeant eric paul berg of the el dorado county sheriff's office. thanks again for taking the time. thank you. bye. bye coming up here on the four day three of trying to restore power to the state of louisiana as the cleanup after hurricane ida
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today. three days after hurricane ida knocked out power to the entire city efforts, though, still are underway to try to restore electricity to almost one million homes that are still without power across louisiana, and now the remnants of this storm or hitting the northeast and the mid atlantic foxes. caroline shadley, joining us now live from new orleans, with the latest on this recovery. carolina hi there, alex literally. thousands of linemen are all over the city, trying to get the power back up about 11,000 folks had more power today than they had yesterday. out of a million. that's a tiny little piece, but these linemen are working all over the city. if you do not have power or water or food, they are inviting you to come to rec centers all across the city today to take a rest to get a bite to eat to get some water. it is incredibly needed in the wake
4:26 pm
of hurricane ida. hundreds of thousands of customers in louisiana are still without electricity after ida tore through the state down to trees and power lines remain across roadways, creating further challenges for utility companies looking to restore power. neighboring states like mississippi are pitching in to help with recovery efforts. we are coordinating with our partners in louisiana, with the american red cross as to what our. plan should be to house in shelters. any louisiana residents that that needed i'd have moved on to the mid atlantic and northeast after decimating the gulf coast in virginia governor ralph northam issued a state of emergency after the system produced heavy rainfall and triggered mudslides. several states pleaded with their citizens to prepare. yesterday i signed a disaster emergency proclamation to help free of resources. to help the commonwealth. prepare for the storm. be aware that you can suddenly end up in the situation where a lot of water
4:27 pm
has pulled up and that can be surprisingly dangerous. back here in louisiana, people are focused on clean up throwing up belongings destroyed during the devastating category four hurricane never hurt like #### more power within the rain. i mean, powerful, you hear the train? president biden wants to get a firsthand look at the damage and the recovery effort. he is set to arrive here on friday. alex back to you, caroline. there have been reports that a lot of people who are running their generators inside their homes have been either seriously hurt or, in some cases killed by those carbon monoxide fumes. how often our first responders responding to those types of calls here, the aftermath of the storm. it is a huge problem, alex here there was one incident. this morning, 27 people had to be taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. for that very reason. i think about five of those were children. it's a problem. the generators are huge people it for sweltering. all right.
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well, obviously we're taking some hits there with caroline signal. but you get the idea that the recovery effort is ongoing. there in the city of new orleans and throughout louisiana. thousands of people are out of their homes, all because of the cow door fire as we've been telling you about coming up next, we're going to hear from a red cross volunteer who has been working with fire evacuees one day after president biden declared the end of america's longest war, a success, pentagon and state department officials way in hamm, lorne blanchard in washington, with the lates
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firefighters are keeping the flames from burning into the town of south lake tahoe, and they're facing red flag conditions. this fire has now burned 319 square miles in el dorado and amador county's containment, though, is up to 20% from 16% yesterday more than 34,000 buildings are threatened as more than 59,000 people have been forced to evacuate because of the fire, and many of those evacuees are staying at one of several red cross shelters. that have been set up near lake tahoe for more on the help that's being offered to those evacuees. we're joined now by barbara wood from the red cross. barbara thank you for taking the time today. we saw earlier this week. those long lines of cars evacuees who were leaving the south lake tahoe area. what can you tell us about how full your shelters are in that area right now? you know, actually,
4:32 pm
i have been working with the shelters in el dorado county. and so i am not up on how foal the shelters are in that area. i do know that we're opening a very large or we have opened a very large shelter in reno and that we're going to be able to handle anybody who needs our help. if we run out of room we opened another shelter, and we start to open it long before we run out of room. yes, i was going to ask you. you have the ability to very quickly get another shelter up and running if the need does arise, we do. yeah, we have supplies stashed. we have volunteers on standby. i've watched the red cross set up a shelter from nothing to housing hundreds of people in just a matter of hours. it's really very impressive. all right, obviously right now we have the kaldor fire, which is the big threat to south lake tahoe in that region, but you still have several large fires as you know, burning across
4:33 pm
northern california here that that means that you have had some evacuees who have been in red cross shelters now for weeks, as these fires have burned, has the intensity and the duration of these large fires in our state kind of change the way you provide support to evacuate and the length of time you offer those services. well, you know, i mean, there are certain types of shell. um uh, disasters where people end up having to be evacuated for a long time. generally fires aren't that way. but we are able to adapt and help people and yes, i arrived on sunday and since then i've been visiting three shelters that we have open in el dorado county. and most of the people staying there have been there for more than two weeks and are still unable to go back home. wow what are the most important things that people want that people need? when they show up to one of these shelters, they've been forced to leave their home in a hurry and pack up whatever they could in a short amount of
4:34 pm
time. what one of the things that they look at you and say that they need. well, you know, i think we're giving them a lot of things that they need. we're giving them a safe place to stay. they have food, and they have emotional support. um we have a group of people called spiritual care who can offer support to people. we have disaster. mental health. people who can offer counseling and help people with their stress. we've got medical people there, but basically, i think we make people feel good because they know that there's someone there who cares about them. that's it. they just want someone to listen to them in many cases, but it is it is important to point out here that the assistance provided by the red cross. it goes beyond just a bad place to lay your head and meals. but you also provide the mental health counseling as you alluded to there when you are, you know, are in these shelters. how much of a difference can that make for an evacuee? who's going through this? this kind
4:35 pm
of incredible trauma being forced to leave during a disaster? well you know what has impressed me this week when i've talked to all these people who have been there for two weeks is how cheerful and call most of them are one man. i just had to take his picture because he had the biggest grin on his face, and i said, you know, how come you're so happy? and he just said, well, they're taking good care of me here and so i feel okay. today i talked to a woman who's a single mother of six, ranging in the age from not quite 2 to 15 and, um she's been in this. she's been evacuated from her home, and for more than two weeks they slept in their suburban for two nights, which i cannot figure out how how seven people could do that, until they found the shelter that was available and they've been there ever since. and she's very happy because there is word that it's possible. if the weather cooperates, they can be back in their homes, maybe in a few
4:36 pm
days. yeah, i would imagine a lot of folks with their fingers crossed at the shelters, hoping, obviously their homes are still standing and hoping they can return as soon as possible. finally here, barbara, we're almost out of time, but i know phe bay area. i know people want to know how they can help. to help these evacuees? what's the what's the easiest way to do it? well, there's two things we would really love people to volunteer. and if you're want to do that, you can go online to red cross dot org backslash volunteer. the other thing is you can go to red cross dot org and you can make a donation. you can also call 1 800 red cross and make a donation that way and you can even do it on your cell phone. by texting the word red cross to 9099, and that would make a $10 donation. so that's a really easy thing to do. that sounds great. all
4:37 pm
right, keep up the great work. you and your colleagues appreciate you taking the time barbara wood from the red cross up there near lake tahoe. thanks for doing what you do. we appreciate it. thank you might be safe and you can stay with ktvu for the latest on the kaldor fire, evacuations and the firefight. we also have updates on our website ktvu .com and developing news right now marin county, where crews are fighting a fire in san rafel. it was reported at around 2 30 this afternoon. now it's burning near mount last and drive the lucas valley area and we are told that there are some evacuations in this area. san rafael fire says that the flyer has now grown to about 20 acres. but that the flames are burning uphill and away from homes sky. foxx was above the area and saw aircraft dropping retardant again. a fire right now in lucas valley. some evacuations have been ordered will continue to stay on top of this one and bring you any additional information. as soon as we get it, we'll critics are calling for more scrutiny of president biden's decision to
4:38 pm
withdraw troops from afghanistan and the handling of the evacuation. boxes lauren blanchard tells us the defense department is promising a full review as the white house moves on to other diplomatic issues. to an honor and a pleasure to welcome prison cell. inskeep president biden shifting his foreign policy focus to the baltics wednesday, meeting with the president of ukraine in the oval office in the united states remains firmly committed to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. but afghanistan remains foremost on the minds of most in washington, has calls to investigate the president's decision to withdraw were louder on capitol hill for the president to go on tv last night and to call this an extraordinary success, which. shameful in kabul wednesday. economic turmoil has afghans under a new central bank directive struggle to withdraw cash amid warnings of a food crisis at the pentagon, u. s officials saying their evacuation effort was historic. despite concerns with how it all played out as we always do,
4:39 pm
this department will look back clearly and professionally and learn every lesson that we can. that's our way. and as to whether the u. s would work with the taliban moving forward. this is a ruthless group from the past and whether or not they change remains to be seen at the state department. questions continue over diplomatic efforts to get remaining americans out. we are looking. at all possible options, air routes, land routes to continue to find ways for them to help evacuate and to support them. as for those afghans who fought alongside our troops, the state department has yet to release any numbers on how many got out or how many still remain in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. a california city declares the spread of covid 19 misinformation. a public health crisis coming up, we'll talk live with one of the leaders in san diego about what this declaration needs and a barrier
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mask mandate. last night, the valeo city council voted unanimously to require people ages four and up to wear a mask indoors regardless of their vaccination status. this comes a week after banish a became the first city in that county to reimpose the policy. vellios mandate will stay in place for at least six weeks in response to an increase in covid 19 cases. solano county is the only bay area county without a mask mandate in place. san diego county became the very first municipality in the country to declare covid misinformation, a public health crisis. the board of supervisors making that decision during last night's meeting that included 15 hours
4:43 pm
of heated debate. nathan fletcher is chair of the san diego county board of supervisors. this was your proposal. the vote was close. 3 to 2. why is this necessary? thank you, heather. for having me join you. look, the anti vaccine, the anti science movement that was once relegated to kind of the fringes of our society is clearly grown. uh it has been emboldened, and the reality is we are not going to defeat covid-19 if we don't defeat misinformation, and i think this is a fight that we have to lean into folks know the vaccine is available. they know it's free. what is fueling the hesitancy as people who have been misinformed or told things that we heard 15 hours of demonstrating why we need to do this last night? and i think this is an important fight that we have to lean into. because if we don't. when this we're not going to defeat covid-19 and be able to move forward. okay, so supervisor what are the specifics here? what does this declaration do? well, this is a national problem, and we
4:44 pm
took our recommendations directly from the surgeon general's report. the surgeon general outline a really substantive report around the dangers of misinformation along with what local governments can do. and locally we're all going to have to step up and do our part. and so it's not only symbolically declaring a public health crisis, but it is putting to work our county government to implement and utilize those things. it's not enough to just promote science. you have to intentionally and aggressively paul out misinformation and provide people better information. you've got to engage community group. we saw tremendous success here. engaging communities on the front end of vaccine hesitancy. now we've got to go back and take that same boots on the ground, working with trusted messengers to call out specifically, this is what you may be hearing and this is what your doctors and medical professionals tell you, and you've got to not just do a door to door and with messengers, you've got to engage digitally because so much of this is being spread. via social media and the forces that are against science and against what are doctors are telling us have figured out how to master and manipulate these platforms and we have to engage
4:45 pm
and get in the fight. i don't want anyone to die, and i definitely don't want people to die because they believe they lie. and so it is us more assertively engaging in this fight. okay, so there in san diego county. what are the consequences for someone who was spreading coronavirus misinformation? well, we have to call him outlook free speech enables people to say whatever it is, they would like to say, even if it is untrue and ally and nothing in our measure is going to impede people's ability to exercise their first amendment rights. what we have to do is more aggressively and more intentionally call out those lies and then provide not what i say is best. but what our medical community and what our doctors and our public health agencies. believe is the best advice and guidance that that we can give to folks and so we will be investing more resources. we will be investing more communication strategies. um and we will be leaning into this effort more to try and better inform the public about the dangers of so much of what we heard on display last night. everything from the mask is
4:46 pm
dangerous. do they say more people died from the vaccine and then covid, uh, two people coming down multiple speakers coming down, advocating people take a horse d warming medicine, and that's what they ought to take. but the reality is, people are believing this and when they believe it, and they don't get vaccinated and not only impacts them and their family, but it fills up our hospital. cancer patients have their procedures delayed and the choices people were making on lives or having an impact on our entire community. you mentioned some of the people who spoke out against the motion last night. you were there was a long night for you. a lot of people arguing, though, that this declaration would in fact, curb free speech. so how do you respond to the claims that this measure is indeed a form of censorship? well we passed it in the early morning hours after midnight when the sun came up this morning in san diego, everyone still had the same ability to speak out and say whatever it is they want to want to say, but we as a public health agency have an obligation to confront those
4:47 pm
things when they are objectively false, and we're not talking about differences of ideas where values of perspective. we're talking about people who repeat things that are simply untrue and unproven. um and so this this will just be us using our free speech to go out and call things out that are a lie and improvement and give people the information and you know when you hear from these icu doctors about the patients that are on the table about to be hooked to a ventilator who said i didn't get the vaccine because someone on facebook told me something that's not true. it breaks your heart, and we have to better inform and engage in this effort. that our residents have more access to the truth supervisor. we're just about out of time. do you think other california counties should take similar action? i hope so. i mean counties across california. many of yours in your area have been leaders in fighting covid. i think this is another tool. we've worked with the experts at johns hopkins with the surgeon general's office and others. there is a road map laid out in extensive studies on misinformation about what
4:48 pm
local governments can do. it is a national problem, but i think of local solutions and local jurisdictions engaging is going to be key to trying to win this battle. alright nathan fletcher really appreciate you coming on chair of the san diego county board of supervisors. thank you. thank you. well burial. why? there are cool and breezy day. in fact, today, one of the cooler days of the week and you heard about the breaking news of the grass fire up at the north bay marine county for lucas valley. obviously if you've been in marin all day long, you know, the winds have been a bit of factors that could be impacting the fire fact likely impacting this of fire zone as we take a look at just i just plotted one sensor within the past few minutes. you can see the wind conditions out toward big rock 21 miles an hour. thankfully, the moisture levels are not incredibly low we're talking about 54% relative humidity, but it is a breezy afternoons that will be a challenge for the fire crews up in the north bay. also checking out this world court been following a cow door fire up in the sierra, especially
4:49 pm
over the past few days as it's made that big push toward the tahoe basin that big red contour that is the wildfire perimeter over the past couple weeks, and we've been talking so much about the wind because the wind has been a big factor, but the red flag fire warning expires, too. 9 11 o'clock, but also it's really important is the relative humidity, the amount of moisture in the air. the projection closer the valleys we could be talking about a relative humidity close to 70% but it's interesting as you go up in elevation. things were drier and possibly only down in 19% up as you go up in elevation, so that's typically where you have more fire activity overnight. they typically count on the moisture levels to recover. unfortunately that won't be happening for the higher elevations around the fire zone of the outdoor fire. here's the satellite showing you that big smoke plume once again that defined southwest flow, pushing that smoke plume to the north and to the east closer to nevada. for us, we have the low clouds and fog hanging out near portions of the coastline.
4:50 pm
stubborn cloud cover and a breezy afternoon and lots of overcast for san francisco, the coast out towards southern marin as well. current number of san francisco 60 to a bunch of seventies out toward concord and livermore san jose 76 today another windy day. look at that fairfield got list of up to 32 miles an hour. most areas reporting winds around 15 to 20 miles an hour were to stick with the breezy conditions in your forecast for tomorrow. here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco are from san francisco, where we have some of the low cloud cover still in place. it's going to be around when you wake up first thing tomorrow morning temperatures to start out your thursday another cool start. it feels like fall temperatures in the forties to the fifties and then into the afternoon hours, maybe just a little bit warmer but not have not a drug. dramatic departure from today's highs cooling down because this guy this area of low pressure really brings setting those temperatures down. also setting up the wind event in the sierra. it begins to move out in this area of high pressure builds in and this will be the source of some
4:51 pm
warming this weekend. it looks like the hotspots will be approaching the mid nineties for tomorrow as i mentioned a little bit warmer than today, some cloud cover to start things off partly sunny skies into the afternoon hours, and you can see what we do with temperature as we warm things up a little bit of friday more warming into the week. weekend. it could be hot england as we head towards sunday, mark, thank you after stepping down amid sexual assault allegations, former windsor mayor dominic for poli is now planning to run for his old job again. the paperwork he filed and another day, another chance. make the most of it with the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. and get the advanced cybersecurity solutions you need with comcast business securityedge. ask how to get comcast business securityedge
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windsor, who stepped down earlier this year amid sexual assault allegations, has now filed paperwork to run for mayor next year. the town of windsor received a candidate intention statement from 39 year old dominic for polio yesterday for poli resigned back in may after nine women accused him of sexual misconduct. he has denied those
4:54 pm
allegations. but poli is also facing two state investigations over allegations of violations of state campaign and political ethics. laws filing paperwork to run for mayor in november. 2022 means a candidate can open a campaign committee and begin accepting campaign contributions. it is not a guarantee the candidate will in fact, run for office. several 1000 people have apparently headed to black rock desert in nevada to try to celebrate the burning man festival, even though it is officially cancelled. a livestream of the event is airing on youtube and you can see a circle of harvey's and campers there. at the side. organizers scrub the. art and music festival for the second year in a row. i'll due to the pandemic instead, they invited people to go online for a virtual burning man experience. but as you can see here, some people headed to the side anyway. more vaccine mandates could be coming to the bay area. the new recommendations by a number of recommendations by a number of local businesses attention, california.
4:55 pm
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business group is pushing to expand vaccine requirements. ktvu s amberleigh reports. united airlines, google and facebook are among the large private companies to put a vaccine requirements on their workforce. facebook says quote as our offices reopen we will be requiring anyone coming to work at any of our u. s campuses to be vaccinated, a step that the bay area council says all employers need to adopt. clearly we're facing a crisis with the delta variant of covid-19, the council ceo jim wonderman, says the search threat public safety and the future of the economy. he's urging every employer to adopt a policy that requires the vaccine whether it is mandatory or one that says those who are
4:58 pm
not vaccinated will have to work from home. i suspect that amongst you know our members and the greater business community, there's reluctance from companies who were afraid they're going to lose people in alameda people we spoke with were largely supportive of employees putting in place vaccine requirements who have a right to work. where you want to work. but also your boss has the right to make the rules. personal choice, you know, should be factored in. i think really, the only way to get on top of this of the whole covid pandemic is to put some more stricter rules. your choice to not be vaccinated affects those around. you are not recur. gee is chair of public health at cal state east bank. every individual that has confusion or apprehension about a vaccine is going to have to make it as. decision about whether or not their individual beliefs interrupt their ability to function in society if we need to reach herd immunity, there's also herd mentality and. and i
4:59 pm
think organizations are more comfortable when they know that what they're doing is in line with what others are doing. the bay area council says it plans to survey its members to see how many businesses will implement a vaccine requirement in oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now. the fire actually goes from the treetop to treetop when it does that those member cast that it throws out or going over a mile in distance gal fire crews working around the clock battle in the calle door fire as they focus on putting out spot fires that can quickly grow out of control. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. those fires are still firefighters rather are still dealing with red flag conditions with hot, dry, windy weather. here's the latest cal fire map. of the cal. you can see the leading edge of the fire on the east side. it is burning just south of lake
5:00 pm
tahoe and heading toward the state line. heavenly ski resort is among many businesses along with thousands of homes in the path of the flames. firefighters say the kaldor fire has not made the big push into south lake tahoe that everyone was worried about. but even so, it's still only a few miles away. more than 4000. fire crews are on the lines tonight under red flag can do. since the calendar fire so far has burned 319 square miles in eldorado and amador county's containment is up from 12 to 20% from 16% yesterday more than 34,000 buildings are threatened and more than 59,000 people are currently under evacuation. we have live team coverage tonight, our chief meteorologist bill martin, is here. he's monitoring the weather conditions, but first we begin with ktvu azenith smith and the latest on firefight as it well, julie within the last hour. cal fire s


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