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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  September 3, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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latest henry well, andre chp officers thought they were responding to a crash on the side of 2 80, but it turns out that crash happened only after the victims came under fire. it's happened again, shots fired on the freeway. the latest shooting happened at about 1 30 friday morning on interstate 2 80 in daly city. six people were in this gmc yukon heading south on 2 80 when someone in another car opened fire near east more avenue. it was shot out by an unidentified vehicle. it had multiple bullet strikes on its left side. chp officer edgar vegas says the suv then crashed into a concrete wall on the side of the freeway. everyone inside was hurt. there was a total of six victims, two of them sustained non life threatening gunshot wound injuries and the other four sustained minor injuries from the crash as firefighters and paramedics tended to the victims. chp officers shut down part of the freeway looking for evidence, including shell casings. officers also scoured the bullet riddled uconn for clues. it's critical to move
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with great speed law enforcement has to really move quickly because the scene is so fluid, d'amato county d a. steve wagstaffe says freeway shooting scenes can be complicated casings from a gun can get kicked all over crushed, kicked elsewhere. you don't have a static scene, witnesses witnesses it go by and see. the whole thing happened. they're gone. you may never see them again. the motive in the daily city shooting is under investigation. but the d a says previous for the way shootings in the county have usually fallen into two categories. number one, um, gang shootings number two road rage. well, it goes without saying that road rage and guns can be a volatile mix. law enforcement officials say, no matter what happens on the road, keep your cool. keep your emotions in check. let things slide because you never know if the other driver is armed, reporting live in san francisco, henry lee ktvu box to niki advice to remember henry, think better weather is helping firefighters get more of a handle on the cow door fire. cal fire posted this
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video of firefighters working in the fire lines overnight just south of christmas valley, where they have been able to protect homes from those flames. crews say they did not see any significant fire activity overnight, which obviously is a good thing. gamble winds are also allowing ground crews to strengthen containment lines on the north side of the fire near lake tahoe and a clear vegetation that could fuel spot fires. when you have massive fuel loads, you're feeding the fire, and so it's getting bigger and more intense. so if you can take away that intensity, you could bring the fire down to a manageable level. cal door fire is now 29% contained and good news for many residents, more evacuation orders are being downgraded to warnings. there are reports. sadly though a price gouging in and around the fire zone. some evacuees say that rideshare companies were charging about $1500 to get from the tahoe area to the reno airport. that's eight times the normal rate, and at least one hotel on the nevada side of the lake raised its room rates to $450 a
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night about four times the normal price. california law forbids price gouging during emergencies. a similar law in nevada won't go into effect until october. well the massive dixie fires 55% contained but the fire continues to spread and limits and lassen counties, the five dot ranch posted video audience to graham. they say winds pushed the fire into their cattle grazing land near lake davis. fortunately most of their cattle safe new evacuation orders were issued in lassen county this week, even as others are finally allowed to return home in green. will. that's a historic gold rush town that was devastated by the fire last month, and you can get updates on california's historic wildfire season anytime on our website, ktvu dot com just click on the wildfires tab. smoke from the wildfires expected to impact the bay area through labor day. let's take a live look. mount diablo right now, air quality managers say poor air quality will continue
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to cause hazy and smoky skies across the bay area through monday, higher concentrations of smoke may intermittently mix to the surface at times, but pollution levels are not expected to exceed federal health standards. and no spare the air alert is in effect. well, today marks the beginning of labor day weekend and, of course, the symbolic end of summer but with natural disasters and a pandemic, many people are carefully considering their plan. ktvu rob roth joins us from san francisco international airport where he spoke with travelers about this robin andre has been pretty quiet here at sfo, at least since we've been on the scene now the three major airports say this weekend will be busier than last year at this time at san francisco. go international airport, there wasn't exactly a stampede of passengers come here going friday, but sfo says it is busier than a typical weekend. this woman was part of a group headed to southern california. i sister it's her 30th birthday.
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that party is among the 120,000 passengers. sfo is expecting here over labor day weekend. that's about three times the number of passengers as last year, but still about half of what it was pre covid, oakland international and mineta san jose airports. report. similar numbers, but covid is still top of mind. it's concerning, but i think we have to just be safe, even vigilant, you know, not let your guard down and still live our lives with wildfires at lake tahoe, flooding on the east coast and the delta varian everywhere the decision to take our holiday getaway perhaps to come. we're soul searching than usual. this passenger is off to minneapolis. i'm very concerned and will probably quarantine when we get home for a while. and this woman is meeting family in las vegas. we have friends who and family who live out there and they're telling me about all the precautions that a lot of the casinos of made as far as, like plexi glass, and like, really cleaning things down the centers for disease control and
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prevention is asking people who are unvaccinated for covid-19 not to travel during the holiday. it also said the fully vaccinated can travel but advised taking precautions such as wearing a mask, even if you're vaccinated, u c san francisco infectious disease specialist dr. peter chin, hong says he's almost certain what to expect with covid cases. days from now, after everyone returns from their travel, the question is not whether or not we'll see a bump. the question is by how much at the how much part depends on each of our own behaviors. and health experts advise people to get tested when they return home, whether they have been vaccinated or not, heather, i'll take it from here, robin. we see those breakthrough cases happening more and more appreciated. now, experts say gas prices should start leveling off soon travelers this labor day weekend may be paying more or about 3 to 5 cents more per gallon, according to triple a compared to last week, but after this upcoming weekend, the national average is
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expected to drop. experts warn the dip is dependent on the record. every efforts following hurricane ida nearly 900,000 customers are still without in louisiana now, and they could potentially put a halt by the way on any drop in fuel prices and napa valley's bottle rock kicked off today. and if you are heading to that music festival later this weekend will make sure you bring your vaccine card. katie's elissa harrington joins us now live with more on this year's changes amid covid alyssa. well whether it's already starting to get really busy, and you can hear music coming from one of the four stages in side of the festival grounds. anybody who has a ticket to bottle rock this year should know that they must bring proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test. plus i'd before you're allowed to enter before the town of napa. this event is a much needed boost for the local economy. doing bottle rock is back after a one year hiatus and music lovers could not be
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more excited. okay. and what are you most excited about? whom you most excited about seeing, um so like middle school means so excited for miley cyrus. so i cannot wait. the pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 wine and music festival this year, guests can expect some safety changes in line with guidance from the california department of public health upon entry ticket holders must provide proof. vaccination or proof of a negative covid test within the past 72 hours. i think it adds an extra layer of security to know that like everybody is either vaccinated or negative. i feel good about it. i mean, i'm vaccinated, so you know, makes me feel safer about all the above. but still, it's still a thing. you know that happens. we have to be conscious about to craig smith, the executive director of the downtown napa association, said hotels are full. the town is bustling, and he said 2020. one is actually shaping up to be an even better year than 2019. it
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feels fantastic to have this back. it feels like where it may be the new normal, but we're getting back to some sort of normalcy. there's no doubt that last year was the toughest year that hopefully anybody of us any of us will ever experience. this year's lineup includes guns and roses, foo fighters and making the stallion. tonight's headline are actually did have to cancel that's country music star chris stapleton. he was scheduled to perform tonight but said that he had to cancel it for non covid related issues. but it does have to do with an illness reporting live in napa. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. yeah he was a big draw tonight, hoping that he is okay. alright, alyssa. thank you. giants fans. on a mission coming up. they're getting ready for battle for first place in their teams, division and rideshare companies now jumping into the debate over that new and controversial abortion law in texas. plus where you really get 20 to build back those rooms, but not
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the same roof roof that is more resistant, higher winds. president biden makes promises during a visit to areas hit by ida, and i'm giving a i on our air quality as we head into our holiday weekend and tell you what we california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today.
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the south with destruction spanning across eight states. we're showing you now some video of grand isle in louisiana, the state's last remaining inhabited barry island on the gulf of mexico. i'd have wiped out many of the buildings there, as you can see here. fox news brian dennis has more now on the recovery efforts following hurricane ida. but institutions cleanup
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efforts ramp up across the northeast after ida slam the region with heavy rainfall and devastating flash flooding in new york city, 3 to 5 inches of rain fell in several hours, leaving motorists stranded and turning major highways into rivers. the heavy rainfall also bringing mass transit to a complete halt. and it may take days until service is fully restored. officials say. the time is now to address the effects of climate change. we have no choice. my friends the future we spoke about in dire terms. that future is now it's happening. we're losing life lives were losing property, and we cannot continue on this path. we have to change what we do across the board. we have to change our entire mindset. more than 60 people have been killed after ida battered the northeast and the gulf coast. among the dead a family of three, including a two year old boy who became trapped after water began to flood their home in queens, new york, there's no way for them to get out because there's already water here. you
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can't really mess at the door. meanwhile here in new jersey fires rocked the community of manville already devastated by itis flooding. the national weather service also confirming seven tornadoes touched down in new jersey and neighboring pennsylvania. we're slowly moving from response to recovery mode. that's going to look different in each community, depending on the damage from the storm. firefighters continue to douse the flames and burned buildings here in manville, new jersey, the cause of these fires is unknown but flooded roadways made it very difficult for firefighters to reach these buildings and manville, new jersey, brian dennis fox news. and president biden got a firsthand look at the devastation today that hurricane i'd have left behind all along the gulf coast. he toured a small town about 35 miles west of new orleans. the storm left that area swamped by floodwaters and destroyed so many homes and businesses. they're one of the things that again about resilience. we're
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going to get the funding bill back those rooms but not the same roof. a roof that is more resistant. higher winds more resistance to hurricanes. so it's not just building back to what the real cause before and build back better idea is being blamed for at least nine deaths in louisiana alone right now, about a million people in that state still without electricity and water. yeah and you know, i was just doing some reading about the flooding that happened in and around new york state, and some of those rivers still cresting right, so it will be until monday before they start to see some relief there and that starts to pull back. we are seeing a little bit of relief for the air quality in and around where the fires are right now, if you take your eye kind of the right side of the screen, you see this orange dots. those were read earlier today, so that's actually some decent news for those who are in and around the cal door fire for us here in the bay. we've been pretty consistent with their air quality. it is moderate. so we have the yellow dots that are out there and that's where we will stay as we work our way through the holiday weekend, which means a little bit of
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haze out there. these numbers are set to go up a little bit tomorrow. so as you can see, you know 74 in central bay, 90 in the easter zone, 84 the santa clar valley, so it could be that we see a little more hayes on our saturday live. look outside. right now. it's storm tracker to we've had the marine layer kind of hanging out and it is pushing in right now as we speak, so some of those clouds kind of rolling into san francisco. they pulled away just briefly, and they're back again. we've got a little breeze out there too. it is kind of that afternoon airflow that we get from the ocean that's coming in. you can see oakland about 16 mph. nothing too extreme, but sfo little breezy there at about 21 mph at this hour. also there is the marine layer and a little bit of haze. so it's a mix. this is not all smoke. it's not all marine layer. it's a little bit of both currently right now in san francisco, 60 degrees 75 in santa rosa, where they've got lots of sunshine in the north bay 66 in oakland, livermore, also in full sun right now, already up to 87 degrees. and san jose about 75. so this is the difference in temperatures between 24 hours ago and now so
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you can see the warm up. i'm talking about that's going to mostly affect inland communities. they're already up there, right. so if you are in livermore were 11 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday, 12 in fairfield. different story to sfo, where we're 1 degrees cooler. that's that micro climate. that's the marine layer that is making that difference there. so to take that live look outside again in san francisco. that's kind of shrouded in some of the clouds there. we will have hazy skies tonight. we will have a little bit of fog as well. it will be in our valley's and also along the coast tomorrow, we're going to see some warming so inland we will see some nineties. that is the beginning, though of this run of heat that we're looking out for the peak of this will be sunday into monday, so we're going to kind of ease into that, as we work our way through tonight. our lows will be similar to what they were last night. we could see a degree or two warmer if you wanted the end. and valleys, but up in the north bay looks like santa rosa will get down into those upper forties and we'll search see fifties mostly around the bay and clicking at an overnight low of 60 and one of the spots. it's going to start to warm up tomorrow. as
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you can see, we're talking 70 at the coast and then we'll see some nice eighties around the bay and as we head inland, particularly the east bay, that's we're going to get up into those nineties tomorrow, but that's just the beginning. as i mentioned, we'll see some triple digit heat in spots like an eod conquered livermore, so i'll talk a little bit more about that. when i come back in just a little bit with your extended forecast, but for dallas, end it back to the desk. thank you. uber lift both announced today they will cover all legal fees for any driver sued because of the new restrictive abortion law in texas. the law bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy and let's private citizens sue anyone who helps someone get an abortion, and that includes anyone from doctors to write your drivers who provided a ride to the clinic lifts says it's also donating $1 million to planned parenthood. well, the sound of celebratory gunfire now filling the air around kabul, afghanistan today as rumors circulate that the taliban now have captured the pants your valley. that area
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was considered a final holdout against taliban forces. local reports say the fighting has been intense that fighters on both sides have died. the rapid pops of gunfire could be heard throughout afghanistan's capital city, for about 15 minutes. at one point, the soldiers were told to stop wasting their ammunition. well joe biden administration is helping the tens of thousands of afghan evacuees resettle here in the u. s and an effort called operation allies. welcome homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas told reporters today that 40,000 of the 120,000 people evacuated from afghanistan after the fall of kabul have been admitted into the u. s. mayorkas said the efforts will continue in the coming weeks and months as the federal government focuses. on the screening and vetting of those individuals. the federal government has been focused on the screening and vetting of individuals evacuated from afghanistan, the department of homeland security remains ever
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vigilant against attempts. by foreign adversaries to exploit vulnerable populations as a means of gaining access to the u. s for nefarious purposes. new york is set of the 40,000 people who have arrived here in the u. s from that airlift about 20% are us citizens or permanent residents and approximately 79% are special immigrant visa holders or special immigrant visa applicants, while others are vulnerable afghan nationals. a new variant of coronavirus. maybe vaccine an antibody resistant coming up next we're going to talk live with the infectious disease specialists to learn more about the new strength and coming up on ktvu news at six students, staff members going on strike at stanford university, like dozens of resident assistance say they have no other option except refusing to work. plus no tourists in tahoe for the holiday weekend. we'll tell you about the financial hit tahoe is expected to take all because
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of the cow door translate, also e
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que adan shaman pleaded guilty today to charges related to the january 6th attack at the u. s. capitol he was seen in the senate chamber as you may remember during that attack, dressed like a viking and also carrying a spear today, he pled guilty to one felony count of obstructing an official proceeding. he is expected to be sentenced in november to at least 3.5 years in prison. a tracking america's recovery, an economist and the white house today, both hoping for strong numbers from the labor department today. instead, they got disappointing report on hiring as lauren blanchard tells us, the report shows that delta brady in search may be hurting the economy. no question. the della variant is why today's job report isn't stronger. a weak jobs report from the labor department. i was hoping for a higher number on friday, the unemployment rate fell slightly to 5.2% and
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far below expectations. just 235,000 jobs were added in august in july, that number was over a million and i would not calculate this as the or describe this as the economy slowing down, i would describe as that we continue being consistently moving forward fears over the delta variant, maybe keeping some from jobs where they have to come in contact with others. hospitality jobs remained unchanged and retail jobs declined. i think the delta variant really did kind of slow some of the momentum in the economy, no question about it, hiring picked up in transportation, manufacturing, education and health, but despite a demand for new homes, drop in construction companies are in hiring mode they want to hire they cannot find workers, the president and democrats say trillions in congressional spending is needed to help keep the economy moving forward. it's about investing in america's future. not about short term stimulus. this goes the wrong direction for the problems we have, and it would fuel further inflation. why do
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it holiday for many monday is also when for 7.5 million people, the extra $300 in federal unemployment will run out in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news, there are new guidelines for youth that play sports and contra costa county. the county will now follow state guidelines. which include masks for all students, coaches and spectators for indoor games. it also recommended that mask being worn for outdoor games. everyone is also encouraged to be vaccinated against covid-19, but not required, these changes will go into effect immediately. car park here inside of my lobby, a bunch of shattered glass from the windows that i have repaired four times already from being on this corner. people at san jose vent frustration after another fatal hit and run crash in their community. also we're going to talk with an infectious disease expert about a new strain of covid 19, the variant. may be able to fight vaccines in antibodies, and the
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nine will one outage in san francisco coming up how emergency calls were handled
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police are looking for the driver of this bmw who they say ran a red light ran into two vehicles, then ran from the scene. it happened at the corner of 10th in santa clara. this young man helped pull three people from the wreckage of fourth was already dead. he was just leaving a couple minutes ago. now he's dead on the ground. that death marks the 42nd traffic fatality in san jose this year. at this time last year, there had only been 29. police say hit and run numbers are way up to the total hit and run numbers for 2021 is currently at 12. as of last night, the total number of hit and runs that occurred last year in 2020 was nine. obviously this is an alarming rate difference as we haven't even finished the year out. the pandemic did look we're numbers in 2020 with fewer people on the roads, but city officials say not by much, and so they're taking this seriously there in the middle of a city wide crash review where they're assessing problem areas. they also have increased funding to put toward intersection, modifications and
5:30 pm
community outreach. but no matter how quick we build these projects or how convincing our outreach and education programs are a lot of it boils down to personal accountability at the braided up salon. they'd like to see someone held accountable. the crash sent a car through their window. the green mailbox was inside of my lobby. um, car parts were inside my lobby, a bunch of shattered glass from the windows that i have repaired four times already from being on this corner. yes, they say this intersection is definitely a problem. too many speeders, too many drag racers and too many red light runners. yes cameras would be nice on this intersection as well. authorities spent part of the day looking for evidence and looking for video of this crash. anyone with him? information on the crash or on the missing driver should contact police in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news, san francisco's 911 call center is back in operation after a network outage. an investigation fact is underway
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to find out what happened. the emergency services center went down around seven o'clock this morning, dispatchers were told switch to manual mode, not 11 and 311. calls were restricted. the average lasted until just after 10 a.m, the police and fire. to prepare for incidents like this and say they were ready to respond if needed. we went right into what we call battalion control to ensure that our resources were all still good to go and we had proper communication. so as always, the fire department stands ready. what we want to assure the public is when these outages and things of this nature happen, that we still will be there when we get calls for emergency services. the 911 calls were answered. um, although there. were some delays with that. the emergency services department says every call that came into the 911 center during the outage was tracked, and the calls were returned by 911 operators. students at aptos high school in santa cruz county. we're back in class today for the
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first time since this week's deadly account. deadly attack. excuse me there on campus, a 17 year old student was killed on tuesday. deputies say he was stabbed several times near the schools, swimming pool, a 14, year old freshman and a 17 year olds. senior have been booked into juvenile hall and charged with that killing this morning, members of the school community gathered outside of the campus to show support for those returning to class. we just really wanted to be here to support them to know that they are loved and cared for because this is a really hard time and as a community we need to come together and care for one another, and this is how we get to do it and just a really, really small way. co funding page started to help the victims family and it's already raised $44,000. there's still no word on a possible motive for that stabbing attack. the alameda unified school district is going to start routine covid-19 testing for all unvaccinated students. testing will be on campuses district wide at least twice a month. school officials say they want to make sure the schools are
5:33 pm
containing and preventing any spread of covid parents. we spoke with about the new regular tests are okay with it. there's been a case in his class, not his classroom, but have been his grade and he's already been tested twice getting tested again today and i think you know, it's just to reduce the spreading of it, and we want our kids back here, socializing and being with the teachers, the school district plans to hire seven people and a director to help with this new effort, students and staff will also be required to wear masks indoors and outdoors, regardless of vaccination status. well san francisco school soup the attendant says the majority of district's employees are vaccinated of the 7500 employees who reported their vaccination status. 96% say they have had their shots. all district staff must be vaccinated by this coming tuesday or undergo weekly covid testing. a total of 10,000 people work for the school district. well the world health organization is now keeping an
5:34 pm
eye on a new variant of the coronavirus called mew. it could be resistant to vaccines, and that is causing some concern. dr. peter chin ho long as an infectious disease specialist at u c s f dr. thank you once again for joining us. so what do we know about this particular variant? well what we know heather is that it was first described in january of this year, so relatively recent in, um, you know, in south america in colombia, and it's now calling for about 40% of their cases there. and about 30% in ecuador, but hasn't really reached too much outside of that into the proportion in us. we have it in california, florida, texas and new york, california about 350 cases, but really crowded, i'll buy delta, which is about 99% of cases, okay, because i think, doctor when a lot of people here knew their aunt, they immediately go to the delta variant, and you know the issues. the problems. the search. that it's caused. is this variant on the same
5:35 pm
level? well the difference between mu and delta is that mew is a little bit more vaccine evasive and therapy evasive, and that's because this spike protein looks a little bit different. it's almost like the beta vary interest described in south africa. so when you have differences in this. the way this looks, the antibodies developed against the ovarian may not work quite as well and i think that's what people are worried about. but again, probably in the playing field of variance. delta is much more bullish. it's going to probably at this time crowd out the other variants, but it's a variant of interest, not concern and not in the us yet just. designated by a w h o something definitely to look after something that everyone is keeping their eye on. but doctor i want to go back to this idea of variance because we expected this to happen. yes. every two weeks, says a variant occurring a new one. only some of them rise to the
5:36 pm
level of the rogue's gallery of variance. this is one of them. you've been here. you're going to be hearing about other greek letters we've heard about lambda. there's already eater and iota and, um you know copper, so these are other greek letters. at some point, we're going to run out of the greek alphabet letters because there's ongoing transmission still. okay, so what does this mean for folks at home who still might be on the fence of getting a vaccine when they hear of yet another variant, the sooner we all get vaccinated, you know, we are going to cut the ability of the virus to really make new variants because it can't infect other people as easily so that's really the only means solution. until then, i think we're going to be hearing these reports about new variants being described at some 0.1 is going to come over and the word sen delta, okay, and then in regards to the vaccine, and this view variant, you say that it may be evasive, but the vaccine still work right now.
5:37 pm
we think the vaccines will still look at its very closely linked to the south african or beta their end. we know that the vaccines are still working there. but again we're not really 100% sure, because we're still studying. mew got it. all right. always appreciate your insight. dr. peterson hung. it seems like every day there's something new when it comes to covid. thanks again for coming on this afternoon. always a pleasure. you have a great weekend. thanks, heather you to alaska airlines is giving a bonus to each unvaccinated employee, the seattle based airline says employees who show proof of vaccination will get $200.03 of the airlines 20,000 employees are vaccinated so far, alaska air will also stop paying sick time to unvaccinated employees for covid exposure or infection, and any new hires will have to be vaccinated. it's a requirement to work for delta. all right. i think just about
5:38 pm
every baseball fan in the bay area, focusing right now on oracle park tonight. that's where the giants and dodgers battle for first place in their division market. oh i cannot wait. you know, ball players tend to downplay these things. no no, no, there's no discounting this. we've got the giants and dodgers in san francisco tonight, tied dead even for first place you're gonna hear from gabe kapler, the giants manager about the giants approach to this crucial three. game series next, uh, and an emotional reunion in thailand coming up held an elderly man survived being lost in a jungle for days. why apple is putting all plants to scan iphones for photos
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tonight. first place in the division is up for grabs. giants fans want to see their team pull out a win against the dodgers tonight. marco baniyas joins us life with more on the build up to the game, mark. well andre, heather, you guys know i freak out over the giants and baseball particular and this is it. this is what all fans just live for. there's no getting around it. they never like to use the words crucial an absolute must and all those things, but you know what? they're going at it tied for first place. it's a three game series and keep this in mind. this is the last time the giants and dodgers will play each other this weekend. it's a three game series the giants have won 85 lost 49, same as l, a. and tonight for the dodgers. they'll have carry cannibal on the mound. david price will follow kind of a bullpen game for them. anthony the sclafani will throw for san francisco. he has had a terrible wreck.
5:42 pm
occurred against the dodgers this season. he's coming off an ankle injury, so that's going to be problematic for the dodgers, and you know what a couple of health updates for giants as well. they will help tommy la stella available their second basements on the injured list. he'll be back in evan sernoffsky, too, will be off the injured list, so that's good for them. meanwhile the cool, calm and collected manager gave kapler who's undoubtedly going to be your national league manager of the year. describes the mindset of his team and their approach to this three game series. i think we're calm. um not not going to get to higher too low. i think we've been kind of talking about that for the better part of the season. i've never been important games, an important series and important moments throughout and we've talked about those prior to those moments, and i think with that we've we've learned that it's really important to just kind of stay even and it's kind the
5:43 pm
character and, uh, um, kind of the personality of this club. it's so cool, you know, there's so many subplots to this series. first of all, they had the same record right going into the game. they have split 16 games. they're eight and eight against each other. the dodgers are the defending world champions. they were favored the giants of the up. stop the underdog, and, uh, mad. who knows what will happen over the weekend, but i think it's going to pretend to what we're going to see the rest of the year of the giants can pull out two out of three gonna give him a boost and some confidence and maybe they can't pull off this. miracle finished what's already been an incredible year. andre really shows just the you know the animosity between both teams wanting to beat each other, you know, it's just a fantastic rival. or isn't it more? yeah, i think it's the best baseball rivalry definitely better than the yankees. red sox man. does they say these two teams don't like each other? don't that's good?
5:44 pm
i think it's i. i know the fans. don't andre, that's good for us. so it's good entertainment to watch teams go at it on the field market baniyas thank you so much for your inside into the big game tonight. appreciate it. i got it. i just admire the work. these people are doing it even makes crash. doing a good job. a man lost in a jungle for days offering that tearful thank you to his rescuers plan on hold apple, putting off scanning phones to search for proof of child abuse. what's behind the change coming up and get ready for a warm labor day weekend, i will tell you who will see triple digit heat as we head across the next few days. your weather is next.
5:45 pm
california, did you know our homes share power?
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but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. prevent side shells. the department says it will once again have extra staffing on the streets and in the air officers are also teaming up with other police departments
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to crack down on the side shows and take enforcement action by issuing citations, making arrests and towing cars. apple is indefinitely delaying its plants to scan iphones and ipads in the u. s. for images of child sex abuse. this move comes after backlash from some customers and privacy rights advocates. so, apple says. based on that feedback, it has decided to take additional time to collect input and make improvements before releasing the child safety features. it has. he has said, how long this delay will happen. two cosmonauts spent time outside the international space station today, outfitting the laboratory module, they connected power in ethernet cables to the new module installed handrails on the exterior for future spacewalks. two american astronauts are set to take a spacewalk outside the module next friday. can you even imagine what that must feel like? i cannot. i've even visited the space that are down in in houston. yep visited all that. it's fascinating stuff to
5:48 pm
see. but i don't think i'm that brave. not for me. hey, everybody. we're getting ready to head into our labor day weekend, and we're going to see some hazy skies but also some heat, especially. if you are inland, so these are the temperatures were looking at over the next few days. now what that means is here at the coast. or maybe you're in san francisco. it's going to be pretty nice, right upper sixties low seventies that's a pretty nice day out at the coast around the base of eighties and then if you had inland, particularly sunday and monday, we're talking mid to upper nineties, even a few triple digit spots are going to be out there and those warmest temperatures by the way. inner east bay. so kind of the usual suspects conquered livermore, antioch. let's see walnut creek, i think is in them also, though, if you go further north cloverdale looks like you'll get up there to very close to it, so we have been kind of below average this past week because we've been under the influence of low pressure, right? that's what happens. it helps to drive our marine layer in and keeps us nice and cool. the pattern change that's happening here is the desert southwest. you can see high pressures kind of retro grading right into california when that
5:49 pm
bumps into our weather, it heats us up, and now it mostly heats us up inland because the coast still has that marine influence. so that's why we'll see kind of nice, you know, low seventies out at the coast and we'll see nineties even up to 101. oh, 1102, as we had. finland so today we're not there yet. obviously we've had a pretty nice day out there. although you do see a little bit of haze, right, that's there. we do have moderate air quality. today we do have a little smoke in the air, and we certainly have had the marine layer influence. this is our current air quality. right now. it's been holding steady all day with the yellow dot of course we'd love to see the green. but no such luck. today we are in that moderate air quality zone, and that is because we do have some of that smoke that's in the air now. it's not deep done healthy when it is the yellow dot orange starts to be more unhealthy. so obviously we're doing okay. but we are still under an air quality advisory today, and that extends into tomorrow. so notice the numbers here also going up a little, particularly for the east bay tomorrow. looking at 90 the orange level
5:50 pm
the next level, which would be unhealthy for sensitive groups, those with asthma and respiratory issues. that would be a 100. so be a little close to it tomorrow. so just be mindful of that. if you fall into that category, make sure you're taking care of yourself current temporary just out there 60 degrees in san francisco, but we've got some nice seventies up in the north bay. we've got some sixties rolling around the bay right now, because we do have marine layer coming in. and as you move inland, you can see that he's still hanging on concord right now. at 85 degrees wanna creek about 87 same story in livermore. so here is storm tracker too. you can see we have that marine layer presence tonight. we're going to actually see that start to compress a little bit won't be extreme. tonight. we'll still have some fogs. we wake up tomorrow, but we get that warm air and it does start to influence that and give us a more shallow marine layers that we get a little less fog in the morning, and i do think by the time we get to sunday, we will see less fog, but tonight we're going to call it partly cloudy. we will have some areas of fog out there. we've had some chilly mornings and some of our valleys last couple of days, and we'll still see that in santa rosa tonight, looking at a low 48 degrees with 54 in san
5:51 pm
francisco. pretty comfortable fifties around the bay noticed annie a kind of hanging onto that he's a little bit your low tonight will be just 60 degrees and tomorrow some clouds and then some sunshine little fog in the morning and a little bit of a coastal breeze. temperatures starting to warm up so not anything too extreme tomorrow, but certainly getting up there. if you are inland, so conquered, looking out for 98 degrees you can see about 82 in hayward 73 in san francisco is that typical micro climate kind of a day, right where you've got 70 degrees out in pacific and then the temperatures kind of role as you go inland into those warmer temperatures, but it is sunday into monday, they will start to see this heat peak. so on sunday, we're talking temperatures out of pacifica about 72 degrees oakland looking out for about 80 c. san jose about 89. and then these are the numbers that are really going to pop up there. so walnut creek about 12 you can see about 100 in antioch 99 in morgan hill. take it. look at your extended forecast so you can see the whole picture together shows you that the warm up begins tomorrow. it increases a little bit on sunday into monday,
5:52 pm
probably lose the fog little there sunday to monday. labor day is our monday and then by tuesday, we start to cool back down and temperatures getting into kind of an average nice space as we head into midweek next week, so i'm thinking, you guys head to the city or the coast this weekend. it's going be pretty nice. okay sounds good. we'll do. thanks kyla carnival cruise lines announcing the next step in its post pandemic, restart. a cruise liners are already out at sea and now carnival says six more cruise ships will be setting sail between now in january. the cruise line has also announced that even fully vaccinated passengers will need to be tested for covid 19 2 days before their cruise begins. people who are not vaccinated will undergo routine testing during the cruise and won't be allowed off the ship. at ports of call. costco is bringing back temporary purchase limits on some of its store items in response to a new wave of panic buying. the company did not specify which items would be affected, but shoppers have reported shortages of toilet paper paper towels,
5:53 pm
disinfectants and bottled water. those same items were in short supply during the early days of the pandemic, this new round of panic buying is believed to be tied to the surge of new coronavirus cases tied to the delta variant. well, it was say, joyous reunion between a husband and wife after her husband was lost for three days in a jungle in thailand. some local residents spotted 72 year old barry well or in a remote part of the forest in northeastern thailand. he said he had gone for a motorbike ride, decided to park his bike and go for a walk and then got lost. he lost his shoes and was only wearing his shirt, socks and short. he said he survived by eating fruit and drinking rainwater. yes, i'm wonderfully happy. i've never been so happy in my life like you feel somehow my feet are sore. otherwise i'm happy hot, but
5:54 pm
thank you. yeah yeah. i just admire the work. these people are doing. it makes me cry. mm. doing a good job. well, it was taken to the hospital to be checked out before going back home. well, some people find horses helped them maintain good mental health. during the stress of the pandemic, they explain why it helps coming up. also coming up on ktvu news at six, declassifying the records involving the investigation into the september 11th attacks will tell you about the action by president biden today. was an injured adult black player named tenderfoot spotted near the calle door fire, and tonight we have a set updat
5:55 pm
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qualities for years, and now some people are tapping into even more because of the pandemic. ashley devore can visited one of these kinds of programs for a look at how it works. one way people are seeking to help take care of their mental health right now is to get outside and ride. this is when a lot of, um emotions come out at the equine leadership program into panga canyon, california offering a healing experience became even more of a focus during the panda. i thought, you know what? i'm going to be helping some people and i hope i will help a lot of people to find to themselves that through inside the individualized method matches people and horses and focuses on that connection. the work is used to help with depression, anxiety and trauma and in other ways as well. there is ceos that have a problem getting across to their team members. um. composers
5:58 pm
that have a problem concentrating on the music or an actress and actresses that lost the confidence in front of camera. we met a participant who signed up to help with the skin condition. i wasn't even really going outside. um i was kind of afraid of everything. water dust, you know, because of my skin. and on the first day, um i felt more present more grounded more connected to my inner voice. now make a sharp right turn. what is this? this healing quality that they have. it's their incredible development of their census. do you see an overall growing trend? in this type of work? i can speak from my own situation? yes lots of responses. interest we do podcasts now, and it's beautiful to see the reactions of people. um i think that, um they touched to nature is another symbol that this horse reflects. that brings them to me. and now in deserves, what does he deserve a big set. thank you. yes ashley kevork in
5:59 pm
fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six right now, nearly 40,000. people are gathering at the napa valley expo as the first day of bottle rock winding music festival kicks off, bringing with it a much anticipated boon for the city. 2021 is shaping up to be a better year. even the 2019, but come on down to napa and enjoy yourself. organizers say hotels are sold out and they are excited to welcome back the bottle rock crowds following last year's coronavirus hiatus. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina, of course, even though the event is held outdoors across four stages, there are still new safety measures in place to try to give everyone healthy. ktvu elissa harrington has the details and talk to fans who are just glad to be back. i do it. bottle rock is back after a one year hiatus and music
6:00 pm
lovers could not be more excited. okay and what are you most excited about? who you most excited about seeing, um. so like middle school me is so excited for miley cyrus. so i cannot wait. the pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 wine and music festival this year, guests can expect some safety changes in line with guidance from the california department of public health upon entry ticket holders must provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test. within the past 72 hours. i think it adds an extra layer of security to know that like everybody is either vaccinated or. negative. i feel good about it. i mean, i'm vaccinated. so you know, it makes me feel safer about all of the above. but still, it's still i think you know that happens. we have to be conscious about to craig smith, the executive director of the downtown napa association, said hotels are full, the town is bustling, and he said 2021 is actually shaping up to be an even better year than 2019. it


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