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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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putting feet on the furniture, and begging girls to kiss each other. yes! all the things that you should have been doing! yeah, all those things are fine. go. have fun and go crazy. but he's gonna ruin my party. two birds with one bullet. of the things that happens in this state as we, um prioritize resources. we will pull what we need to make sure we can contain this fire in initial attack, if at all possible tonight, yet another fire burning in northern california this time it's the fast moving bridge fire in plaster county. good evening, everyone. i'm
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frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. fire officials have asked hundreds of people to evacuate because of the bridge fire. the fire started burning today on the auburn side of the forest hill bridge in plaster county. ktvu is elissa harrington has been following the spread of this fast moving fire, and she joins us now from the newsroom with what firefighters are telling us, alyssa. well, julie frank cal fire said. this has the potential to be another major fire. so the main priority is to use all the resources they can to get it under control during this initial attack. an aggressive air attack on the bridge, fire burning and plaster county just the latest in a series of wildfires in the state that have tested firefighters and their resources. well cal fire i mean, when it comes to those critical resources like aircraft helicopters, initial attack resource is new fires always take precedence. it's because we don't want you know another large fire. flames were
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first spotted under the forest hill bridge on the auburn side, officials say this area is extremely high risk because of the elevation, the wind conditions and the amount of dry fuel. what we're trying to do is contain the fire. um at forest hill road and old forest hill road and keep it from progressing any further to the east. we've had a tremendous commitment of aerial resources and. ground resources winds pushed the fire, creating smaller spot fires on both sides of forced hill road. several 100 people were evacuated from lake clementine and the auburn state recreation area. people who live in the area and near parts of the american river. we're told to be prepared to leave. so far, the bridge fire has burned more than 200 acres. the clippers. gap areas under an evacuation warning and at the time the town of auburn is not under any sort of order or warning.
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reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. alright alyssa. thank you now to south lake tahoe, where people are beginning to return to their homes after evacuation orders were downgraded this afternoon to warn it. at the same time, crews are still working hard to battle the kaldor fire, which is now 44% contained. erin heft continues our wildfire coverage tonight. strike teams from across the region, but specifically the sacramento area getting up here in the last several days, helping put containment on the cowl door fire strange, just unreal. he's timber fires can just go, but i believe you were talking about switch united states. huge strides in the last day fire lines barely growing strike teams like this one, making it possible travel pin on this and gaining another 6% on containment in just the last 24
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hours, teams from across the greater sacramento area, creating what they call rainbow strike teams. it's been a phenomenal effort, both locally, regionally and statewide. to provide the highest level of fire protection to this to this incident, sacramento metro's parker wilburn working with cal fire's incident team, watching the lines of the last two days, there's been so much progress made. talk to me about the progress right, so we've taken advantage of really good weather. other crews from sac metro sacramento city can some nous, fulsome roseville and more working ahead of what the cal door fires been able to reach? breathing in the stilt like dirt with each step on the watch for danger ahead. see the smoldering, uh, might be the trees already burned up. so now it's just the routes that it's finishing off, so we'll come dig him up a little bit and get some water on it. these holes a huge problem, crews say, even when they look like this, they can be anywhere from 3 to 400 degrees. as you walk up, you know he might step in a soft
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spot. sink in, so i kind of got a tread lightly, hosing down hotspots every stride a step closer to more containment on a fire that for the moment has seen too slow. so we're creating massive containment lines to keep this fire in check at rights lake erin have. to crews are also still working to contain the massive dixie fire in northern california. the fire started july 14th and is now 56% contained more than 898th acres have burned so far in butte to hamma, plumas, shasta and lassen counties. that makes this the second largest wildfire in california history. we're also learning more about the firefighter who died at the dixie fire last week. he's been identified as marcus pacheco. he was an assistant fire engine operator with 30 years of experience,
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but chico was said to have died from some kind of an illness to stay up to date on the wildfires burning throughout california i just head to the ktvu news app and our website ktvu .com/ wildfires. wildfire smoke and ozone levels have prompted air quality officials to issue a spare the air alert for tomorrow. labor day this afternoon, our cameras captured what it looked like in oakland, you can see the hazy skies out there, meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with an early look at the holiday forecast. mark. either julie yeah, the crystal clear blue skies kind of being kind of covered up with some of that haze over the past few days, so when no big changes for tomorrow, the air quality advisory continues to spare the air. alert continues as well as we take a look at the sensors right now we are basically showing you a bunch of yet a bunch of yellow sensors here in the bay area, indicating moderate level so that will be the case for tomorrow. there's the chance we could approach unhealthy for sensitive groups as we kind of creep up into that orange range, so the air
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quality advisories kind of linked to the wildfire smoke, which has been drifting overhead, and then the spare the air alert, mostly linked to the ozone, because if you imagine the basically a big lid on top of the bay area skies right now, trapping the pollute. and that is what's happening. here is a smoke forecast models you can see. this is tomorrow morning and throughout the weekend. this has kind of been showing the higher concentrations of smoke up to the north and to the east, and that is expected to be the case for tomorrow as we head into your monday afternoon, but still some haze across the bay area's guys for tomorrow and possibly longer than that, we're still talking about a warm to hot pattern that will stick around that will include your labor day forecast, and we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. all right. we'll see you, then. mark. thank you. well, we have an update now to a story we brought you earlier tonight at six. investigators have now identified the driver involved in a crash that killed two young pedestrians in east contra costa county. they suspect that colby sharper was drunk when he hit and killed an 18 year old and a 16 year old
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on byron highway in nytsyn ktvu is greg liggins talked to friends of the victims today who showed up at the crash scene. pain and anguish were evident as many young people visited a roadside memorial along byron highway near delta road in nights in the spot in east contra costa county, where two teenage pedestrians were killed saturday night. once you get them, they were dead, a friend who wishes to remain unidentified tells us the two victims were leaving akin to an era at a home on byron highway around 11 pm when the pair were struck and killed along the roadside. the chp has arrested an 18 year old from nytsyn who was behind the wheel of a subaru. they've charged the drug. however, with felony d u i friends of the victims say the terrible news was circulating throughout the night. i was somewhere else and they call me we came as far as we could in her body was laying right that he's referring to one victim, an 18 year old woman from pittsburgh, whose identity has not yet been released. the other victim, a
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16, year old boy from oakley, ktvu is withholding his identity pending an official id from the corner. a young woman who didn't give her name described the teen at. as an avid horse lover and compassionate friend. he was always carrying and he was literally like one of my biggest supporters, and he would always make sure that we were happy and always always made sure that we were just doing good and well, he was he had such a big heart is them, amelia as people gathered at the roadside memorial, some friends played music to console their grief. one song was called cm break lava in parallel with this real life tragedy. the song is about the death of a young man who loved horses was beloved by friends and family and sadly dies at the age of 16, where the #### i am me the names of all involved are expected to be released in coming days. greg liggins ktvu fox two news mhm. miner was
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killed in four other people were badly injured in a head on collision on highway 84 near sonoma all this morning. the chp says that for some unknown reason, an suv crossed the center divider and slammed head on into a dodge charger. the four people who are hurt were all taken to the hospital. the chp says. it does not appear that alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. way. 84 was closed for several hours, but has since reopened. the chp is still investigating what happened. chp officers are out in force for this long holiday weekend, looking for impaired drivers or drivers who aren't following the rules of the road, the maximum enforcement period runs through tomorrow night. the chp says they're on the lookout for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but they're also patrol in for aggressive driving, road rage and unsafe merging last year over the labor day weekend, the chp arrested more than 900
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will be closed to traffic. starting tomorrow night, the road will once again re opened two cars, the section from bertel avenue to del valle had closed on the weekends to help restaurants during the pandemic. ktvu is azenith smith is unpleasant. and tonight now azenith smith lot of people sad to see the area returning to normal. yes frank. some russia aren't owners, in fact, questioned the timing, since many people still want to eat outside and the weather is good. the city. tells us it is looking out for the interests of all its downtown merchants, music, food and drinks. many families marking the unofficial end of summer soaking up the sun in downtown pleasanton sunday, this four year old getting a kick out of riding his bike freely down an open main streets. we wanted to again bring the kids let them kind of ride their bikes around. enjoy the beautiful weather and kind of get in while it's still open. this father brought his two young. kids knowing the
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half mile stretch of main street won't be open to pedestrians for long on labor day, the street closure that allowed restaurants to expand business outdoors during the pandemic is coming to an end. i think it's a shame i didn't i wasn't aware. i think it's really a shame. i think that it's been a really, um, an attraction for people to spend more time down here and enjoy the town. this is all broken down the owner of oil restaurant benefited greatly now all these outdoor tables must go. we're gonna lose 30 tables. um and we are so planning to cut staff. um effective at the end of the end of tonight. all his owner, says 15 staff members will be out of a job. the city is opening the street back up to traffic over concerns with parking and access and visibility of retailers don't think main street can survive on restaurants alone. we've really worked hard to have a diverse mix of businesses on main street. so we have to take into account that needs to follow them the wine, stewart says.
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business ticked on the weekends. the wine shop wished the street closure ended sooner. we are overjoyed. this has cost us innumerable business. october is also the start of the holiday shopping season. restaurants can keep park let's in parking spaces until the end of the year. many residents say it is not the same. seems like there could be some solution that would allow this to continue. i was hoping that i can start. and another reason to end the street closure concerts in the park returns next sunday for the next six weeks, and that brings even more traffic to downtown main street will reopen to cars tomorrow night at eight o'clock, frank azenith smith live for us tonight as a thank you bill to help restaurants recover from economic losses during the pandemic is on its way to the governor's desk. the measure would give restaurants that have set up outdoor dining during the coronavirus a year to apply for a permanent expansion permit. state senator scott wiener authored the bill,
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he says it will make it easier for restaurants to continue operations on streets and sidewalks and in parking lots and alleys. the bill passed both the assembly and the senate with unanimous votes nationwide. more than seven million people who are out of work will lose unemployment benefits beginning tomorrow and more than three and others will lose a $300 weekly boost to their state jobless benefits. experts say. the losses are among the largest and most abrupt end to government aid in u. s history. jobless claims are currently at their lowest level since march of 2020 and as the economy continues to rebuild, president biden said in june, it makes sense for the aid programs to stop, but with the delta variant spreading, some people worry the virus may throw another wrench into the economic recovery. the end of jobless benefits isn't the only change. change on the way california's eviction moratorium ends at the end of this month. renters can still receive limited protections by applying for state assistance through march of next year. california housing officials
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have reached request for received rather request for $1.4 billion since this program began in march, about a third of that money has already been paid out. some people looking for work. find that they're getting something they didn't expect from employers working in a minimum wage job is just not that attractive right now, and that's why we're seeing a number of incentives offered by employers. later in this newscast, what some employers are doing to sweeten the pot if you will and land new hires. food service workers at san francisco's oracle park said today they plan to go back to the negotiating table this week after voting to authorize a strike yesterday. nearly 90% 97% of the workers approved the strike this after negotiations with the bona petite management companies stalled. food service workers one at least $3 more per hour for covid-19 hazard pay and safer working
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conditions at the giants ballpark during the pandemic, a union official says at least 20 workers have had coronavirus since the stadium reopened this season. the concession workers did agree to work today is sold out game against the dodgers, and again they plan to return to negotiations this week while the giants are on a road trip. so right now, no word on when or if they might walk off the job. well so far this holiday weekend, most of northern california at least a good portion dealing with some hot conditions and some dry conditions. and of course, that's impacting the fire. danger just want to update you on the new fire today with the bridge fire to the north of auburn as far as the current conditions, the current weather conditions right now a couple sensors showing still it is warm out there during the 10 o'clock our temperatures in the upper seven these winds around 4 to 8 miles an hour but still pretty dry with that relative humidity right around 18 to 21% and it looks like we're still
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dealing with the hot pattern, especially for the interior as we as we head into your monday forecast highs from this afternoon, some triple digits out toward livermore in antioch oakland, 78 degrees san francisco 68. had some nineties up in the north bay san jose in the upper eighties. here's the breakdown for your labor day forecast some patchy morning fog but hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours. most areas should be a little bit warmer compared to it today. that means inland, hot spots will be quite hot, close to 100 degrees by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon, so we have some patchy fog coast side. also a few high clouds. you probably noticed a nice sunsets earlier this evening, with those high clouds moving in and current numbers for the 10 o'clock our san france. cisco 57 san jose 68. so the seventies? well, england, here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco, where we had some patchy fog in this picture, but at least right now, from this vantage point, we have mostly clear skies and playing on some warm to hot temperatures for tomorrow. not so much for the beaches the temperatures for
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the coast upper sixties to right around 70 degrees, but more triple digits. pleasanton livermore, morgan hill and gilroy and it looks like this hot weather pattern inland sticks around. we'll have more on that with your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. i really don't think it is anywhere else where you find anything like it, you know hurricane ida victims turn to each other for help coming up, see how neighbors are helping each other along the gulf coast. coming up later in sports, the aids look to avoid a three game sweep as they take on the blue jays in toronto. and how a house fire in the east bay launched a drug investigation.
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feed the people who are here in town in our area. it's just kind of, uh, kind of what we do. yes, absolutely. we did it then, um, you know, for every
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storm that's come ever since then. neighbor helping neighbor in the gulf coast following hurricane ida from sending meals to neighbors to checking in on their friends' homes. they say that helping is vital as large scale recovery efforts take shape. fox news brian yannis tells us there is growing concern that ida may be to blame for an environmental problem in the gulf. new environmental concerns about the damage caused by ida, the coast guard says a private dive team went out sunday to try to locate the source of an oil spill just off the louisiana coast. one of several potential hazards authorities are responding to across the gulf coast in new orleans. authorities hope to fully restore power by wednesday. the rest of the state may take a lot longer, possibly up to a month or more after i direct power lines and critical infrastructure that will take a long time to fix. devastation like a bomb went off in the northeast. the cleanup effort
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is still in its early stages. the roads here littered with trash, belongings and ruined vehicles, residents are going through waterlogged homes to salvage anything they can. many are unsure of where they'll go next. you think we can get an apartment? really? i don't know if that's than the message remains to be seen. the rainfall coming in a downpour that shattered records and did not let up for hours, the sudden deluge overwhelmed sewer systems, causing floodwaters to rise rapidly. and then it got here. here. here here, um and my kids were screaming. we have to leave the house, but i looked out. there's probably 12 cars floating in the street. damage assessments are still ongoing. a disaster declaration approved by president biden should free of federal funding to help speed up the recovery efforts. president biden will be visiting new jersey and new york city on tuesday to assess the damage, which in some cases is catastrophic. and mullick a hill, new jersey, brian jenesse. fox news. firefighters
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discovered more than flames when they arrived at a house fire in pittsburgh. coming up why the fire now involves a drug investigation. also we'll check in with our political analyst for perspective on the state of california's recall election. we have a little more than a week to go before election day, and lake tahoe businesses look forward to the return of evacuees ahead. they take a hit on (vo) try bush's sweet heat baked beans, with that pop of jalapeño heat, and boooom! your regular ol' thursday night is a jalabeaño night. bush's makes any night beautiful... (duke) ...and spicy!
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(vo) behold as the harmonious dance of savory burgers and sweet baked beans takes burger night to delicious new heights. mmm...burger and baked bean harmony. bush's makes burger night... (duke) ...beautiful. this week to support governor newsom in the recall election. harris is scheduled to appear with newsome here in the bay area. on wednesday. senators elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar are also campaigning for newsome this weekend in southern california. joining us now is our political expert brian sobel. brian the latest
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polls all have newsome winning by more than 50% but just a couple of weeks ago, the race was too close to call. so what happened? what happened, frank, is that the spending for the no on recall really ramped up and television buys were occurring and are occurring all over the state of california. utilizing people like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and others to state the case for gavin newsom and money talks in politics and the news. some campaign may end up spending 70 or $80 million on this campaign to defeat the recall. do you think that the recall will humble the governor in any way. i think any time a recall is successful in getting to the ballot has to give you pause. there's been a lot of charges that this is a trump backed recall that it's a republican backed recall. but the fact is the governor have had a rough
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year and you know, with the wildfires with. rising crime with covid west. uh times when he looked like he wanted people to do what he said, and not how he was going to act. and so that has fueled a lot of people's anger, and we'll see where this all turns out that you're right about the polling, frank. it has. it has now broaden for a while. it was very, very close. it's now extended. yes it looks like it's going to be a landslide. alright brian, let's talk now about president biden. this was definitely his worst month as president. his approval ratings continue to go down two part question here. what does he have to do to right the ship, so to speak, and how could all of this affect the upcoming midterm elections, which are crucial. the second part of the question is the key one. frank how this affects the midterms in the in the short term, the curative as time it just and
10:30 pm
the hurricane didn't help and. fema response. and that sort of thing doesn't help, but i think time will be, uh, something that is helpful to, uh to president biden, but the midterms is where he may feel the effect because historically, uh, the house are the majority that's in office with the president at at the time of the midterms. it is turned over, and there's some projections here, frank that the dumps if you were looking at polling, another things today could lose 37 seats up to 37 seats in the house that would change the balance of the house. so the midterms are really critical and again. history is never on the side of the president who's in office and enjoys a majority in the house of representatives. and finally, brian. i'm wondering, does it seem to you like we are seeing and hearing less and less from kamala harris? she was pretty much everywhere when the president first took office, but now you barely ever see or
10:31 pm
hear from her. am i reading too much into this? or are you noticing the same type of thing? oh i think everybody is noticing it. who watches this closely and this isn't a typical of what happens. when a president comes in the presidential, uh folks that are that are in the white house have no interest in sharing the limelight with the vice president. this is rather historical. you go back to harry truman. harry truman was the vice president franklin delano roosevelt and didn't even know we had an atomic bomb. so you know, all through the years, vice presidents have been shunted aside to some extent. and so we're seeing, uh, this with kamala harris as well. i don't see a lot of power sharing, which is what was talked about on the campaign trail. it seems to be now going down and work traditional course where vice presidents are somewhat isolated. their staffs often don't get along. and that seems
10:32 pm
to be the case with kamala harris at this time, but brian, i would have thought if the conventional wisdom is that joe biden would only be a one term president that he would want to hopefully set up kamala harris to become the next president of the united states. does it seem to you like perhaps he's lost a little faith in her? i don't think it's sad, frank. i think it's just more about his plate is very fault. there's only so much the white house's willing to turn over to the vice president's office on these very key issues. people don't want to hear as an example regarding afghanistan from kamala harris they want to hear from the president, united states and there's time. uh there's a number of number of years before the presidency changes again. and you know, there's this old saying about vice presidents that they are nothing until they are something, and that's where it is with kamala harris right now. brian, we're going to leave it at that. we appreciate
10:33 pm
you taking the time to talk with us. thank you so much. my pleasure. police in pittsburgh, say a fire at a house led to the discovery of marijuana and grow equipment worth $80,000. authorities say the fire started at about seven o'clock last night at home on san anders drive. no one was home at the time, and no one was hurt. authorities say the operators of the grow house we're stealing electricity from the grid to power the equipment used to grow marijuana. it's still not clear exactly what caused that fire. in florida. former marine killed four people at random today, including a mother, who was holding her three month old baby in her arms, the suspected killer told deputies that the victims begged for their lives, and he killed him anyway. authorities have identified the suspect as 33 year old brian reilly. they say he was suffering from mental health issues and had repeatedly told his girlfriend that he could communicate directly with god. shooting happened at a property outside of lakeland, florida
10:34 pm
authorities say that when deputies arrived, riley began a gun battle with them over 100 shots were fired before he surrendered. he was shot once and taken to a hospital. authorities say he then tried to take a gun away from another officer. he had. everything down to blood stop kits. first aid kits and he was ready for battle. those who were killed include, as we mentioned a young mother still holding her three month old baby also the baby 62 year old grandmother and a man who was outside mowing his lawn. an 11 year old girl was also shot several times. fortunately she's expected to survive. investigators looking into the mysterious deaths of a family of three who recently moved from san francisco to mariposa. county have a new theory. last month, the bodies of john garish ellen chong and their one year old daughter were
10:35 pm
found in a remote area of the sierra national forest along with their dog. the new york times reports. investigators are now trying to determine if lightning strikes may have caused their deaths. they're also checking to see if they die due to high levels of toxic algae in the merced said river. a texas congressman says americans are sitting on board half a dozen planes in afghanistan waiting to be flown out of the country. those planes, however, are not being allowed to depart. fox news david spun has more. an alarming allegation from republican texas congressman michael mccaul, who says americans are sitting on six planes at the mazar e sharif airport. some 265 miles north of kabul. they are not clearing the airplanes to depart. they've set sat at the airport for the last couple of days. these planes and they're not allowed to leave. uh. we know the reason why is because the taliban wants something in exchange. this is really
10:36 pm
christer ning into a hostage situation where they're not going to allow american citizens to leave until they get full recognition from the united states of america. this is a satellite image from a company called max are from two days ago of mazar e sharif airport. you can see six planes in the satellite photograph. fox news cannot say with certainty. these are the six planes that congressman mccaul mentioned to chris wallace. but. we're showing you that there are six planes, afghan officials told the associated press. there are many afghans also on board. a senior us official confirms to fox news work is being done right now to identify those on board. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin traveled exclusively to ramstein air base in germany with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley. millie met with several evacuees, one that even served as his interpreter more than a decade ago, jennifer asked general milly if he believes u. s troops will eventually have to go back into afghanistan. i
10:37 pm
think there will be a very difficult policy choice. um i wouldn't say yes or no to anything. actually i think those are. it's too early to say anything like that. at this point right now we need to continue to monitor the intelligence situation. we need to continue to see if these terrorist organization threaten the united states going to develop or not, state department officials estimate there are around 100, americans still remaining in afghanistan in wilmington, delaware, traveling with the president david. spun fox news. the trial for 20 people accused of a deadly terrorist attack in paris six years ago will finally get underway this week in november of 15 2130 people died and almost 500. others were injured when suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the bataclan music hall, a sports stadium and surrounding cafes and bars, the islamic state claimed responsibility for that attack. and the french president declared a state of emergency that lasted two years. the trial is set to start on wednesday and is expected to last nine months. the 20th
10:38 pm
anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks his next saturday. the white house says president biden plans to pay as we pay his respects to the victims by going to all three memorial sites. next saturday. the president and first lady are set to go to ground zero in new york city first. from there, they'll go to the pentagon and following that they'll go to shanksville, pennsylvania. that's where united flight 93 from boston to san francisco crashed when passengers tried to retake the plan, vice president kamala harris and her husband will travel to shanksville for a separate event before joining the president at the pentagon, lake tahoe business owners understand the cal door fire will force them to miss out on millions of dollars ahead, they get ready for a comeback, despite the challenge. add a burial. whether looks like our warming trend will continue as we head into your labor day. in fact, inland spots close to 100 degrees. we'll have more on
10:39 pm
your forecast coming up, and we'll show you how some business owners are trying to convince people to come wrapped ,
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village people and megan. the stallion will all perform tonight. they needed to finish by 10 o'clock this evening in accordance with festival rules last night rock band guns and roses was forced to stop in the middle of their performance when they broke the curfew rule. the millbrae art and wine festival returned to downtown millbrae this weekend after being counseled last year due to the pandemic, the millbrae chamber of commerce hosted the event to celebrate their 50th year. the festivities included gourmet food, live music, a car show and handcrafted works for sale by 300 artists and
10:42 pm
artisans. people who attended the event said it was great to be back. well, we haven't been to a festival in about, you know, a year and a half two years just staying at home and just being out with everybody again and connecting with everybody and buying from local artists, which you don't normally have a chance to do like you do here in the bay area, so nice to have that back, organizers said in an effort to keep people safe facemash were required for events staff volunteers, artists, sponsors and vendors. labor day weekend is usually a big moneymaker for lake tahoe. but this year the cal door fire is keeping tourists and many residents away from that destination town. ktvu is james torrez talked to the chamber of commerce today. they say the region is likely missing out on millions of dollars in revenue. the cattle door. fire continues to burn and grow, but firefighters are now beginning to make major progress. it was a miracle, just a miracle from hard work
10:43 pm
and good good. ah winds that we saved our town. dwayne wallace is the president of the south tahoe chamber of commerce. he himself had to evacuate his home and even struggled for a few days to find a place to stay. we found out. place in truckee for three days and then because the holiday weekend is still going on in north shore and truckee and reno and carson, a lot of us who had been relocated. well, then say told to leave. because the reservations that they'd had for months. came back in, he says he's grateful for the evacuations. air quality now is too dangerous to breathe and keeping tourists away created an opportunity to handle an emergency easier. but one downside, labor day weekend is the city's third busiest holiday weekend for businesses and in a city where 60% of its revenue comes from tourism. that's a hard hit. maybe. 10 $2050 million a day in day a
10:44 pm
day is what our economy could be suffering, wallace says. asking tourists to keep away is not something he wants to do. but he knows is important to keep everyone as safe as possible. but he does want the public to know and rest assured, tahoe is coming back as soon as possible. thank god we don't have to rebuild our houses. all we have to do is rebuild our economy. i'm james torres, ktvu fox. two news. many employers are starting to offer special incentives for people looking for jobs coming up what business owners are doing to try to lure new hires, and meteorologist mark tamayo will be here with a look at what we can expect from the weather on labor day. let's just s (vo) try bush's sweet heat baked beans, with that pop of jalapeño heat, and boooom! your regular ol' thursday night is a jalabeaño night. bush's makes any night beautiful... (duke) ...and spicy!
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10:46 pm
(vo) behold as the harmonious dance of savory burgers and sweet baked beans takes burger night to delicious new heights. mmm...burger and baked bean harmony. bush's makes burger night... (duke) ...beautiful. hard time filling positions as
10:47 pm
the u. s economy continues its recovery from the pandemic. that's why some businesses now are offering signing bonuses. it's becoming increasingly common, especially for everyday jobs more now from reporter andrea jackson signing bonuses, they're not just for wall street execs tra top athletes anymore nowadays, cash bonuses are being offered for everyday jobs, job searches for hiring incentives has spiked. it's up 134 compared to this january, nearly 20% of all jobs posted on sites like indeed in zip recruiter offers some great incentives. amazon at 1000 bucks to join their warehouse team shake shack $500 for entry level cooks hd supply $1000 to join their team carmax offered up to $6500 for bilingual new hires at their call center in arizona. working in a minimum wage job is just not that attractive right now, and that's why we're seeing a
10:48 pm
number of incentives offered by employers. georgia based piedmont healthcare offered a $30,000 signing bonus for new nurses so long as they stay for two years. advent health orlando offered new eligible nursing candidates 15 grand to sign on, plus a $3000 relocation fee. some job seekers right able to shop around a little bit. they don't have to. maybe take that first opera. opportunity that they see each deal is different. many companies offer a bonus with the stipulation. maybe it's paid in installments or after you've worked for a certain amount of time. either way, it's an employee kind of market. then and again that was andrea jackson reporting. there are signs that the prevalence of those signing bonuses may be temporary, according to a survey by salary .com 50% of employers are currently offering signing bonuses, but only 20% expect to be doing so by the end of the year. oh well
10:49 pm
barrier weather temperatures have been shredding up all weekend long. you probably noticed that change, especially for the inland spots. i'm going to hold on to this warm to hot pattern for tomorrow and even beyond. this is primarily away from the coastline. take a look at the forecast for tomorrow. hot england close to 100 degrees. the bayside locations in the eighties, and the beach is not warming up much with this go around mainly in the upper sixties to right around 70 degrees and the spare. the air alert continues and also the air quality advisory. over the next few days, we're talking about some england heat. in fact, hot enough a heat advisory out toward the central valley, and this doesn't include portions of a solano county so that by tuesday afternoon, this heat advisory re issued for portions of the portions of the state. here's a satellite where we have some patchy fog near the coastline. also a batch of high clouds kind of rotating into the region from the south, so we're still tracking some high cloud cover as we at least for tonight and into tomorrow. current numbers, it is still war amount toward concord 75.
10:50 pm
degrees right now, san jose 68 san francisco in the upper fifties and the north bay bunch of fifties for santa rosa and nevado. here's a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. san francisco where we do us and patchy fog trying to regroup near the immediate coastline, and there is the chance that we could be, uh, tracking some drizzle first thing tomorrow morning, right near the immediate coastline to that chance is added to the forecast out toward half moon bay pacifica, maybe ocean beach. here's the plan tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours. you can see those bright colors, making a big comeback, indicating that warm up inland. still we could have some patchy fog for the beaches and then still warming up around the bay temperatures out toward cocker and living. more antioch fairfield, the usual hotspots close to 100 degrees. so for most of this week, we'll be talking about this big area of high pressure. that means a hot stretch inland that will translate to temperature is at least in the mid to upper nineties and at least for tomorrow's of warm to hot labor day. patchy fog over the
10:51 pm
beaches of you're expecting are really hot day for the coast. probably not the case, but temperatures could be in the upper sixties to right around 70 degrees for tomorrow. air quality advisory continues so we could have some of hes kind of in the bay area skydived unfortunate. it's kind of been the repeating theme over the past few days. san francisco downtown 73. you could see some nineties up in the north bay and as we take a look at some more locations for fremont 86. san jose 90.5 moon bay in the upper sixties, actually, just shown you duplicated that forecast high graphic for tomorrow for your monday here's a graphic. i was looking forward. here's the five day forecast. you will notice temperature is that operate here for the inland spots quite hot from monday, tuesday and wednesday, and then we will gradually bringing some relief later in the week and that relief that cool down will continue into the upcoming weekend. so it looks like we'll be dealing with, uh, some pretty hot temperatures away from the coastline. not only for tomorrow, but right on through. through midweek. yeah flicks warm out there. all right, mark. thank you does
10:52 pm
coming up in sports? the giants look to take a two game division lead over the dodgers. joe fonzi is up next with all the highlights nobody don't go, go, go! go then at 11 will show you how evacuees returning to south lake tahoe are finally getting a chance evening everyons
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
happening tonight in sports. however, the national league west is ultimately settled. it won't be in a head to head game between the giants and dodgers in the regular season. those two teams concluded their season series today with the giants back in sole possession of first place, big name showing up for tonight's series finale. that's not tom watson and the masters hat, but i want to know li san francisco resident klay thompson. giants haven't had much success with l.
10:55 pm
a starter walker buehler, but tonight was an exception. brandon belt got one in his happen. spot off bueller in the first inning. that's number 21 on the air for belt, the only john on the current roster has hit a homer off bueller, josh dodgers, even the game with the run in the second, but the giants got to build her for more in the bottom of the inning. giant runners at 2nd and 3rd is stephen duggar rips one down the line and into the right field corner. brandon crawford and mike yastrzemski both come home. duggar hustles to third with a triple 321 giants giants got three in the second, two more in the third. but the ninth wasn't without drama 62 with austin. barnes at first courtesy of an heroine, pinch hitter albert pujols did what he had done, 677 previous times number. 6 78 got the dodgers within two, but jake mcgee regrouped with justin turner representing the tying run at the plate. mcgee got turner to hit a high fouled on the right field line. jastremski negotiates the net out there makes the catch before making contact with the net. they reviewed the play. it was determined that the ball
10:56 pm
was firmly in your strips. keys glove before he made contact with the net, said. before the final is, the giants had a major league best 87 50 or back up one full game over l a well, the fast fade for the a's continued today as they are not only tumbling out of the american league west race but also the wildcard last year. at this time, these guys were teammates, the a's chris davis and the blue jays. marcus simeon. here's an indication of the kind of day it would be for the asian toronto charlene marty. it's a shot through the gap in right center, random. which it runs the ball down and somehow makes a catch. with the slide on the warning track, even market has to concede that that was a great place cole urban got on the first inning unscathed, but things didn't go so well in the second lord is gloria. i'll rides one the opposite way that chad pinder can't catch up to fender pays the price against the wall. two runs score. gourriel goes to third with a triple pinder shaken up, but he stayed in the game. the blue jays got one
10:57 pm
more in the inning, and the game only got more out of hand as it wore on, sammy. and led off the third. and this is the guy the age let loose during the off season. that's the 35th time. he's gone deep this year, the jays go on to win eight to nothing to sweep this series there now, even with the a's four games out of the last american league wild card spot, seattle has moved in front of both teams three games back, just a few. this is what they're playing for in today's finals of golf's fedex cup, along with $15 million. patrick can't lay understandings lead as the week began. he stays in the driver's seat with this approach shot on the par 4/13. can we actually to put it from there for a poor but maintained a one stroke lead over john rahm? the two man valeron still chasing on the final hole, his second shot on the par five is on the money actually grazes the flagstick, but the shot then rolled off the putting service. rahm made birdie to keep the heat on. cantlie can't lay up to the challenge. you got this close with his third shot, which meant that happened was for birdie and a one
10:58 pm
stroke. win for the overall title after surviving a six hole playoff last week. can't lay holds on for the biggest of his career. and yes, that $15 million payday, u. s soccer trying to qualify for the next world cup in the game tonight in nashville against canada before 40,000 plus, they stayed scoreless until the 55th minute. a nice sequence by the us here, anthony robinson makes a perfect pass to brendan aaronson, who hits the canadian net. one. nothing lead, but that lead lasted only. for seven minutes. canada has something going here. alphonso davies sprints down the field assist to cyle larin. they're tied 11, and that's how it ended. this was just game two of 14 game qualifying tournament for the 2022 cup and a controversy of the highest order today in world cup qualifying as well high profile match between lionel messi of argentina and neymar and brazil. it was suspended when four
10:59 pm
argentinian. players were fined and deported for allegedly not following brazil's covid protocols. the game was scoreless and just underway when officials came under the field and stop play. argentina then walked off. the dispute was over four players who are part of the english premier league and did not quarantine according to brazil's covid policies. and next sunday. at this time, we'll be talking about how the 49ers did in their season opener today, they strengthened the position considered to be a thin spot on the defense 33 year old josh norman of pro bowl and all pro cornerback in 2015 has signed a one year contract. norman it's once considered one of the league's best shutdown corners. he comes with great credentials but hasn't played a full season in three years. you guys next week at this time, the nfl big going full blast, man, i can't wait. it was great to see college football this weekend as well. all right, joe. thank you coming up next at 11. that's one of the things that happens in this state as we, um.
11:00 pm
prioritize resources. we will pull what we need to make sure we can contain this fire an initial attack if it all possible tonight yet another fire burning in northern california this time is the fast moving bridge fire in plaster county, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm frank somerville. the fire started burning this afternoon on the auburn side of the forest hill bridge in plaster county. ktvu is, elissa harrington tells us that cal fire says this new fire has the potential to be. a major one. in aggressive air attack on the bridge, fire burning and plaster county just the latest in a series of wildfires in the state that have tested firefighters and their resources. well, cal fire i mean, when it comes to those critical resources like aircraft helicopters, initial at


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