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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  September 9, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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county. that happened last night. meantime and lassen county some evacuation orders east of highway 3 95 today were lifted or reduced to warnings right now the fire is 59% contained, but whether conditions carry the threat of lightning. and erratic winds. our chief meteorologist bill martin, has more now on this new weather system bill that could affect the firefight. yes absolutely. i mean, this is the summer of fire and drought. i mean, we've got a couple years of drought go. we've had plenty of fire activity and anything that resembles a lightning strike is going to get a headline right? and that's where we are tonight. we've got a couple of things going on. you've got some tropical moisture. not all that unusual for this time of year becoming up around this high, and then you've got this low pressure. second draw kind of the jet stream in here, and there's that low, which is that the loop i just drew, and that's kind of more of a fall winter kind of a thing, so that's an upper level dynamic that's going to merge or phase with this moisture. and if it phases
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right over you, you're probably going to see a thunder shower at least some showers. we already are seeing some showers in parts of the area down around just south of monterrey. we've seen a few sprinkles showing up this morning, i got reports of sprinkles in san francisco. here's a here's a schematic of the layout. right, so there's the low. there's the high monsoonal moisture comes around the high, so it's exactly what i just drew and where they meet. where that dynamic of this kind of more fall like weather system meets this monsoonal moisture. that's where you're gonna get something. and so the model, let's take a look at the model. i think it's always helps. so here's what the model does now. these are tough forecast to make. so you're hearing that all day long. this is nothing. nothing nothing like last year's event in terms of the amount of potential energy that is coming our way terms of the tropical moisture, but here's what here's what the model does. okay so we're looking forward thunderstorms and showers here we are at 11 o'clock tonight, so it looks like for the most part. the strongest activity starts after midnight. you can see it up around you, kaya in santa rosa.
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you see that? that's probably a thunderstorm up around you, kaaya. and then you see it kind of right just north of santa rosa. that could be windsor. and then you see, as we get into tomorrow morning, it kind of moves off. now. there are showers just south of our area now that are moving into the monterey area that could easily bring some light. scattered showers within the next few hours. but again, the main dynamics showed you at the model says the main dynamics look like they're going to skip to the north and the east. that would be thunderstorms. a few showers certainly possible and again a thunderstorm not out of the question tonight. with that red flag warning. it stays in effect through tomorrow morning. evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted. and plus her county tonight where the bridge fire is now 65% contained at 411 acres. cal fire says crews are busy mopping up hot spots. the auburn recreation area along the north fork of the american river remains closed. the fire started on sunday. the cause is under investigation, and cal fire says containment has increased to 53% on the
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calle door fire burning in el dorado county. footage released by cal fire shows orange smoke in the air as 4500 firefighters worked to get a line around the fire today, some evacuation orders were lifted for myers, which is north of highway 50. more than 778 homes have been destroyed since the fire began 25 days ago and reminder you can get updates on the northern california wildfires at any time on our website. just go to ktvu dot com slash wildfires. well there is another flex alert in effect right now from california energy regulators, people are being asked to avoid using large appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines until nine o'clock tonight because of high demand for electricity. they're also asking california's to turn up. there must ats to 78 degrees. well it is not just power that we are now being asked to concern. yes, california's drought appears to be getting worse. and everyone in
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california is being asked to conserve water, but the state will need more than that to go forward. ktvu is tom vacar is at the lafayette reservoir with some really depressing information tonight, tom about the state's drought. well it just simply proves how serious this whole matter is. and it also proves you have to now start treating water as if it were gold. because if we don't this continues in the next year, it's going to think every time that you use water that you're paying for goal. california's really big reservoirs are way below where their levels should be this time of year. shasta the biggest reservoir by far is only a quarter fool. oroville less than a quarter full trinity a third four new melanie's just over a third san louis reservoir 13 poultry percent. heather cooley is water research expert at the pacific institute. this is a tremendously severe drought. i mean, it's on the tail of
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another previously very severe drought. california's drought is getting worse and worse threatening people, farms, businesses, wildlife plant life, commerce, the environment, everything one of the things in particular that i have found surprising is how bad things have gotten, how quickly things have gotten this bad 100% of the state. is at the very least in moderate drought, but 94% is in severe drought 88% in extreme drought where water is inadequate for agriculture, wildlife and urban needs almost half in the worst level of all exceptional drought where food can not grow. crop yields are low orchards fail or are removed. wetlands dry up. tree death accelerates survival of native plants is low and much wildlife, dies. professor daniel sumner is an agricultural economist at uc davis. it is dire, um. i never
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used the word crisis, so i won't now, but it's close. sumner says agriculture has been efficient and resilient in keeping the most profitable crops. and leaving lesser crops to others. we know none of that can continue year after year, but it's sort of when something hits just scramble and keep it going working with the oakland based pacific institute, just released study shows that we must become far more water efficient than we are now. and conserve more now or face releasing even more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. why 1/5 of the state's energy is used to pump process and treat water for homes, businesses and agriculture. most of that energy comes from fossil fuels. in the next few years, we're going to see a significant increase. the amount of natural gas use the amount of diesel used. we're going to see greenhouse gas emissions go up significantly. thank you might
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notice lafayette roosevelt here is pretty full and actually has recreation going on. the reason for that is that this is an emergency reservoir. it's reserved for emergencies like earthquakes and other disasters, and that's why it remains full. but that is a far far cry from most other reservoirs throughout the state reporting live tom vacar ktvu fox to tom. i'm wondering at some point if the drought continues like it is, would they start pulling water from the lafayette reservoir? no probably not because it's not a very big reservoir. but in a real real mind bender situation it is conceivable, more likely what they would do would be to start importing water in a number of different ways. a lot of it would be trucked in especially agricultural interests and things like that. but some of the other rosa vars might be run down much more than they want them to re run down because they have to keep the
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water at the bottom of the reservoir cold because that's released to keep the salmon and other wildlife. in good shape. now, that might be a sacrifice that they have to make. but that is very much in the realm of possibility. especially if this goes on for another year. yes so many factors at play here, tom. thank you. excessive water use could lead to new penalties in marin county. the water district there is considering the proposal to charge a fee for people who exceed caps on water usage during the ongoing drought. those caps would vary depending on the summer and winter building periods. the amount of the penalty has not yet been determined. the board of directors for the water district is set to vote on the proposal later on this month. if approved, the plan would go into effect in december. we're following some breaking news right now in san francisco. all cable cars are now out of service for the rest of the day following a smoke alarm. transportation officials say that alarm went off because an electrical panel at the cable car barn was putting out smoke. that building was evacuated and
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firefighters responded and shut off that electrical panel as we mentioned, though, the power will be out for the rest of the day, so transportation officials are recommending that people take mew knee instead. alright now we go to lafayette, where people are calling a school crossing guard who was hit and killed a real hero. witnesses say the man acted immediately when an suv came barreling down the street pushing students right out of the way. get rouz. henry lee spoke today with that man's mother, henry. we'll head to the crossing guard mother is absolutely heartbroken, but at the same time proud that her son gave up his life so that the children could live. there's. from what i understand from the community that he died, a hero gloria diaz says her son, ashley, was serving as a crossing guard in lafayette when he saw students in harm's way and made the ultimate sacrifice. it was a cost feeding and you push the kids out of the way, but the cost but and went over him and
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dragged him. it happened just before three wednesday afternoon outside stanley middle school, the same school diaz had attended as a child. ideas in a student were hit by a gmc suburban police and citizens pulled diaz out from under the suv and gave him cpr, but he died at john muir medical center in walnut creek. the students suffered minor injuries. the father of a girl who was saved happens to be a doctor at the hospital. he came to see me and he says, i know your son is dead, but thanks to him. my daughter's alive me thinks very proud but that doesn't bring my son back. ashley diaz worked as a clinical research associate, he was a foodie who enjoyed play. manning vacations. the driver of the suburban cooperated with lafayette police. i reached out to the registered owner but have not heard back. a growing memorial sits outside the school where parents paid their respects in lafayette police officer doubled as a crossing guard. all right, go ahead and cross guys. thank you. it's obviously the idea that could have been any of the kids, including our kids. our close
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friends kids is, um um it's heartbreaking. lafayette school superintendent richard whitmore also helped kids cross is the street. he says the crash appears to be an accident. we will take this experience double down with the city and try to understand what we can do better to prevent this kind of incident. so the crossing guards mother was back at the hospital today because her husband, the victim's father suffered a mini stroke this morning. so heather, it's clearly been a very difficult and challenging time for this family. it certainly has been, henry. what are police saying about this crash? they're not saying anything about the investigation, but they are saying that the driver of this gmc suburban is cooperating and again. i reached out but have not heard back so this investigation is ongoing. alright, are henry lee reporting live for us there in lafayette? thank you. meantime san francisco police say that a hit and run crash left a scooter rider with life threatening injuries last night.
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it happened around 11 a few minutes after 11 o'clock at mission street and st mary's avenue in bernal heights. police say it appears that the hit and run driver was in some kind of a sedan and flood that scene. ecology has agreed to pay a $36 million fine for its role in a corruption scandal involving a former san francisco city official. in a plea agreement with federal prosecutors announced today, rick ology admits to paying $150,000 a year in bribes from 2016 to 2019. they were paid to a non profit organization controlled by former public works director mohamed nauru in exchange for favored treatment and doing business with the city ecology also agreed to cooperate fully in the ongoing investigations into new rouz alleged illegal activities. neuro was arrested last year on bribery charges in oakland. police are investigating an early morning homicide in the san antonio neighborhood. it happened around 6 45 this morning near 16th avenue in
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morocco. street officers responded to reports of an unidentified man with severe injuries to his head and face. he died there at the scene. this was oakland's 89 homicides so far of the year now investigators there in oakland are looking into the possibility that that death is linked to a shooting that happened about two hours later, a man was shot twice in the head around 4 30 this morning on 19th avenue near commerce way. he is in critical condition tonight. police haven't made any arrests in either case and continue to investigate a motive. it's just been a lot more difficult and challenging to take care of these families coming up. doctors open up about how a surge of covid cases is impacting. i see use also see how police officers saved the life of a baby in mountain view. i had a combination of wildfires and the pandemic, really taking a toll on the really taking a toll on the health of firefighters you know when you're at ross, ooh!
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ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! to require all students, 12 and older to get the coronavirus vaccine there would be allowances for approved exemptions, though staff and teacher are already teachers rather are already under a vaccine mandate, new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are going down in l. a county, but health officials say the rate of transmission remains high. because of the delta variant. more and more patients are ending up in hospital intensive care units across the country, and doctors say in most cases, it's preventable. okay, who's rock rock joins us now from the newsroom we'll put doctors are seeing in the icu these days
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and what some patients were telling them wrong. well heather we heard from two doctors who work in northern california hospital intensive care units. they say the overwhelming majority of covid patients who end up there are unvaccinated. oh position. doctors working in northern california intensive care units say there's been a recurring theme. too many of their covid patients. we're hearing so many people filled with regret at not getting the vaccine. um many of them are even asking for the vaccine on arrival. they're feeling so sick, but by then, she says, it's too late to get vaccinated. walker was one of two icu doctors from center health thursday to share their recent experiences treating covid patients, they say, well, breakthrough infections do happen to vaccinated patients. there is a difference in the severity of the illnesses between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. those that are unvaccinated tend to be more severely ill, according to california public
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health records. as of last week, they area i see us were ranging from marin county is 53% capacity. to napa county's high of 96% the rest fell well, in between. it's just been a lot more difficult and challenging to take care of these families, not just from, you know a medical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint, it's taking on our staff, but someday area icu user accepting covid patients from the central valley where hospitals there have been overrun at times. doctors say that delta varian is the reason for the surge in cases and at the biggest difference between most of the covid patients they're seeing now. and the ones in the first few waves. are their ages. this time, uh, the with adult a variant. uh the patients tend to be somewhat younger last year, we would rarely see somebody in their forties or thirties in the intensive care unit. now it's a common occurrence. it's really really challenging to see these patients with young families at home. face timing with them
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with their children while they're struggling to breathe. the doctors say it's important for people to get vaccinated, especially with flu season just around the corner. they say an already bad situation could get much worse. heather yeah, that's something no, no one wants. all right. our rob roth reporting live for us tonight, rob. thank you. so you may not remember where you were one year ago today until you see this video this was last september, the ninth people woke up to find the sky bright orange. it was the glow of the sun, reflecting off of all the smoke from the wildfires burning in northern california. it literally looked at night looked like night during the day. k two b viewers sent us these pictures showing their neighborhoods from all over the bay area. people said it kind of felt like the apocalypse or waking up on mars. already checking in on your weather. we
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have a few sprinkles report in petaluma, now up towards santa rosa and rohnert park as well. light sprinkles showers, unfortunately, not a lot be nice to get a bunch, but it's not really enough to really you know, and the drought certainly, but it's an indication. of what's coming. is this instability and this is why we're seeing this red flag warning. for areas in red, mainly the north and east bay hills. it lasted tomorrow morning. we are seeing the showers now, but the showers are really just at this point sort of instability, showers, but when we get into the evening hours, the dynamics get there. the dynamics being that that trough that i showed you that cut out that low pressure, which is more reminiscent of a fall like system, so it's going to have some lift in the upper atmosphere. this moisture is going to come in and we have the potential for some thundershowers. so let's look at this is the radar. this isn't the model. this is the radar right now and we come in real close. here's what's going non and petaluma. you can see. well, there's yeah rohnert park and kind of see that area by santa rosa. now i suspect. most of this is not hitting the ground because the atmosphere is so dry. but those yellows imagine are distributing some
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drops out there. let's put this in the loop on this real quick and you'll see the motion of it kind of coming from the west to the east. so here goes one more time. so there's those showers of trans petaluma that is to be expected really throughout the evening hours, and then again later on tonight is when the dynamics the strongest dynamic skid here, which would indicate the chance of a thunderstorm. we have some activity down around gilroy and hollister. i haven't seen um, showers yet from the, uh, reports many showers. but all of that activity is going to work its way north so that's in the next few hours. san jose eastern livermore, you might get a few scattered showers kind of like petaluma did. but again, the dynamics that thunderstorm concern is more after midnight 11 to 11 to 1 a.m. in the morning and mainly in the north bay. you worry about these right because if you're going to get dry thunderstorms, which is the atmosphere is so dry, so a lot of this rain may hit the ground up in the mountains but down at sea level or lower elevations. it dries out and the lightning hits and it could start. the fire. and as you know, i mean anything. i mean
5:22 pm
anything that has anything that resembles a spark is with this tender drive. year of a major drought. um it's pretty sketchy. okay, so this is the model just a different look at it. and you can see here we go into thursday evening. this is tonight. see the clouds picking up and then look at the showers way up there by clear lake. those are probably thunderstorms. those are the that's the dynamics. that's where the main dynamics are going to be. and then you see as we get into two a.m. and then it kind of migrates. now let's hope that's the case for us anyway. but lots could happen. but right now that's how it looks and again last year we had that big event. this is. is nothing like that. so don't get too fired up, but it could definitely produce a few thunderstorms. hence the red flag warning. i'll see you back in a little bit. all right, bill. thank you. well the mountain view police officer is credited with saving the life of an infant who was choking officer dan garcia just happened to be across the street. when that report came in on monday about the little boy garcia ran over to find the baby was not breathing. he
5:23 pm
performed infant cpr for several minutes until that baby began to breathe. once again, mts took the little boy to the hospital. he has been released and as. now back home with his family, the mountain view, police chief saying, quote. i'm so proud of the quick actions that were taken to help this little list. mountain view, resident good work. some republicans in the recall election are in southern california. campaigning coming up will break down how both parties are working in these last few days before election day and coming up on ktvu news at six supporting california bars and restaurants by extending the temporary allowance of two go cocktails. the action taken today by state lawmakers, plus new renderings of the oakland a's proposed stadium at howard terminal as we learn more details about the development plans around the ballpark. and now there are concerns about building height limits texas abortion law is facg
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challenges from the justice department. fox news mike emanuel shows us that the u. s attorney general is suing the state, saying that the new abortion law is unconstitutional. the act is clearly unconstitutional under longstanding supreme court precedent, the justice department is challenging texas's new abortion law, filing a lawsuit against the state on thursday this kind of scheme to nullify the constitution of the united states is one that all americans. whatever their politics or party should fear, attorney general merrick garland announced earlier this week his office had been looking for ways to challenge what's known as the heartbeat bill this after the supreme court declined to request by clinics to prevent the law from going into effect, the justice department asked the department of health and human services to urgently take any steps to look into what steps they have the
5:27 pm
authority to take to protect women's access to health care. the heartbeat bill is considered the nation's most restrictive abortion law bans abortions once a heartbeat is detected. typically around six weeks, enforcement is essentially left up to private citizens through civil lawsuits. the vitamin immigration faced growing pressure to take action after the supreme court's 54 decision, the majority writing that the clinics had not quote. met their burden to prevail in an injunction or stay application once they get into that abortion clinic state law controls and that's the texas heartbeat law. the supreme court will take up the abortion issue. in a separate case this fall. mississippi law seeks to ban abortions after 15 weeks in washington mike emanuel fox news. i do know people that have committed suicide in the fire service. firefighters working under tremendous stress these days coming up how the
5:28 pm
grueling work impacts their physical and mental health. an audit sheds light on the situation that led up to sexual misconduct and extortion charges for a san jose code enforcement worker and we're counting down to election day ahead what republicans think will push governor newsom out of office
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enforcement officer was charged with sexual misconduct and extortion and audit is attempting to shed light on the system that allowed his actions to go undetected. ktvu zan reuben is live now. outside city hall work committee heard that report today and yet among the fighting's that at least four complaints had been filed about about that officer but because they were anonymous, they were not investigated. it also shows that san jose officials are still reeling from the arrest of a code enforcement officer. late last year. william jerry was charged with more than a dozen crimes from sexual assault to extortion to bribery. authorities say he preyed on women at the massage parlors he inspected. he targeted some of the most vulnerable people in our community. people who don't necessarily trust law enforcement who don't know how the system works, who feel compelled to submit to authority. but how did this alleged behavior go undetected for years. the city council
5:32 pm
wanted answers. now, a new 90 page audit seemingly explains why among the findings the program lacked oversight had few defined objectives and ignored repeated allegations of misconduct because of them the anonymous nature of the allegations the city was unable to investigate. as there was no way to contact the complainants. and what's more, there seemed to be lacks documentation of the businesses themselves. as of april, only 15 had massage permits, while more than 200 businesses list massage on their tax documents, the audit suggested big changes, like better defining procedures and adding layers of supervision, including sending inspectors out in teams of two partners. the bodywork camera pilot, these are all trying to get at that question of. protecting individuals in the community and these vulnerable populations. william jerry's case is still working its way through the courts. city officials just wish protections had been in place sooner. it's
5:33 pm
not reflective of our workforce. this was an unethical individual who was a straight out. criminal he was a criminal. the audit will be presented to the full city council at their meeting on october 5th. however city officials say some of the measures outlined in the audit are already being implemented. heather alright and ruben reporting for us live tonight and thank you. well now we move on to the california wildfires and that new weather system bringing increased fire danger. crews continue to battle several large fires as that red flag warning is being issued. joining us now is j. smith of cal. fire j. thank you so much for being here. how worried? are you about the weather conditions? uh you know what it's concerning with the red flag warnings. this will definitely be a turning point for the fire. and it's going to test our fire lines. yes so what adjustments will be made j when you are staring at a weather system like this. uh
5:34 pm
you know, when the red flag warnings come in, it's a perfect recipe for fire activity, so we have a decrease in our relative humidities. i would have an increase in temperature and winds, so we're prepared for it. and um, i want to see what mother nature throws at us. yeah we we've got the winds that you know to potentially contend with him and also lightning, and we know how dangerous. that lightning can be. yes lightning is a very dangerous and you know, very unpredictable, but we do have crews out there and we do have contingency plans in place. okay you are making significant progress on a number of these fires. i want to start with the dixie fire. a new evacuation orders have been issued. others though, were reduced or lifted. what are the areas of biggest concern right now in regards to that fire, you know, unfortunately, don't have the information for the dixie fire. i'm assuming i'm assigned to the calendar or fire so i'll. i can give you any information on that that you like. okay well, then let's go ahead and talk
5:35 pm
about the cal door fire, but because you two are making some substantial gains in that firefight. correct so the caliber fire as it stands right now is 217,946 acres with 53% containment. um, you know, we have a lot of boots on the ground. right now that are working tirelessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week to, uh, get more containment line so we can get the residents home, so we're making a real good progress and some pretty extreme conditions and weather do you anticipate lifting additional evacuation orders or perhaps reducing some of the orders to warnings? uh we hope so. you know, we're cautiously optimistic. that that will come sooner than later. but i don't. i can't give a time or speculation when that would happen. what is the biggest challenge when it comes to finding the cal door fire? i think people might look at this firefight and say, gosh, it's been going on for quite some time. well it's a mixture of things that you know that's
5:36 pm
pornography is really steep. we've been dealing with. you know, hot weather and a lot of winds. and there's not a lot of fire history. um where this fire is burning, so there is a pretty good amount of fuel for the fire to consume. yes and then also, you know the challenges that when you have another fire pop up you've got to move resources. we saw that happen when the bridge fire erupted. that's obviously got to put some stress on cruise and then also how you attack an ongoing fire like the coward or fire. it is, but we try to do it seamlessly. you know, uh, cal fire we try to keep 95% of our wildfires to 10 acres or less. so if we have to move some resources to make that happen, and that's what we'll do. yeah, you are the experts. you guys definitely know what you're doing. we appreciate the hard work thanks again for the update on the cowl door fire and fingers crossed that this weather system doesn't cause any additional problems. really appreciate your time. j thank you. thank you. speaking of firefighters last year over 100
5:37 pm
firefighters committed suicide, and that number is probably just a fraction of the actual number. their job is so stressful. they're exposed to harsh conditions, and every day they put their lives on the line. our investigative reporter brooks jarocz looks at how a nearly year long wildfire season and the coronavirus pandemic have affected their daily lives. well, frank, it's simply compounds the risks that have long existed, studies show. all firefighters are more likely to have health issues. developed cancer or even as you mentioned die by suicide. in fact, doctors say suicide is a top cause of firefighter deaths. fighting fire takes a toll on even the toughest with some shifts going for 24 hours away from their homes and families at times for weeks. i definitely have had you know, stress and anxiety that doesn't turn off when i go home, deputy berkeley fire chief david spriggs says his department recognized five years ago. the
5:38 pm
growing problems his comrade's face. even now, we have firefighters that have substance abuse problems that have. chronic depression. um ptsd, we have a large number of firefighters that are engage, actively engaged in managing those things by talking to counselors and peer counseling in it, so it's very prevalent in our department. but talking about it is part of a change in culture now, beginning in the academy, a wellness program aimed at managing stress. our mission is to help protect those who protect us doctors. singers schweig developed the lessons now taught at several west coast fire departments, he says. step one is recognition because repeated trauma anxiety and ptsd is part of the job that can build up, so the goal is to kind of have a safety valve on that and to be releasing the pressure on that. system and to be vulnerable and to talk with each other. and to seek care from a therapist or
5:39 pm
to call a national hotline. suicide among firefighters is high nationally, 119 suicides in a single year, but that's considered a vast undercount because only 40% are actually reported the suspected number near 300 deaths a year. i do know people that have committed suicide in the fire service. in our department. i know people that have come close. but have you got the help they needed? luckily by having that lifeline, a good support system, the training and tools to boost emotional fitness. firefighters can take control of their mental health, but it can't stop there. physically the job takes a toll, too, with little or no sleep and backbreaking work. hard attacks are the number one killer of on duty. firefighters data shows more than half and with repeated exposures to toxic smoky air cancer risk is on the rise, double the general population. evidence protocols have to change and safety measures put in place. they understand the
5:40 pm
risks of what they're putting themselves into, and it just makes sense to try and provide this to all of them, schweig says. that also means caring for the body healthy eating on and off the job and constantly hydrating. these graphs show the positive results, improvements in sleep less signs of stress and reduce psychiatric problems, and we have the opportunity as a society. to support them. and to lower the risk of death, starting with awareness and then taking action. i've seen a lot of people really struggle in this job, and i'm i'm just so happy that people are learning the tools to deal with it better than i did in my career. a program like this does come into cost up to $2500 per firefighter, berkeley fire hopes to expand its program beyond cadets to the entire department. dr swag is trying to get grants to offer this to more departments at a low cost and expand research in the
5:41 pm
newsroom. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news brooks you kind of touched on this, but i'm just wondering. i remember talking to a firefighter once, and he said that one of the things that you never do as you never admit. that you were afraid or that you're having trouble because of what? you've seen that if you talk about it, if you say that you need to talk about it, you're kind of. for lack of a better word, a sissy and that you don't want to do that. is that one of the problems that firefighters are facing, doctors say that's the number one problem in several firefighters say that is still ingrained in the culture, and it's going to take many years for that to change, but it can start with these wellness programs and getting it out there that talking about your feelings can relieve some of that pressure and stress and ultimately have better health outcomes. alright. brooks jarocz live for us tonight, brooks. thank you. mission colleges. first firefighter academy is underway in santa clara is a state fire marshal accredited program where 30 students are learning
5:42 pm
fire protection technology. they're working with the colleges new fire vent trailer, which helps them learn to fight fires and properly event burning buildings. there's also a three story fire tower to learn on as well. we talked with female students who are encouraging other women to join. you're going to have to work hard, but a lot of people are really encouraging. and speaking with women who are already in the fire service, they have been great mentors to me and really helped me out, so it's totally doable, although a challenge. the fire tech program will go on for 16 weeks of the white house rolls out today a new national plan to fight the coronavirus. the new mandates that president biden believes will slow the spread. let me see your hands up up tense moments of a drug bust caught on camera coming up. the
5:43 pm
bust keeps enough fentanyl to kill hundreds of thousands of people your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on, on the inside. it's true, if you have diabetes, you know high blood sugar is the root of the problem. but that excess sugar can cause the blood vessels to be seriously damaged. and when that happens, this could happen, vision loss or even blindness.
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election. governor newsom and several of his challengers are hoping to energize voters. former san diego mayor republican kevin faulkner, campaigning today in los angeles. california's from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. i've got to know that they have a governor that has their back a governor who is going to be a champion for safe neighborhoods very simply and very directly. i am going to put victims first. and criminals in jail. the republican frontrunner, larry elder, is set to participate tonight in a town hall, which is going to be hosted by the national hispanic christian leadership conference. former
5:46 pm
president barack obama is now publicly supporting governor newsom ahead of next week's recall election. protect california by voting no on the republican recall. hello california. the new obama ad made its debut yesterday, just hours after vice president kamala harris spoke at a newsome rally in the east bay. we now know more about president biden's plans to campaign for governor newsom the white house says he's going to fly here to california next week he's scheduled to attend a rally in long beach on monday. newsom told reporters that he is humbled that the president will come and campaign with him to try to defeat the recall. election day is next tuesday, september the 14th. we'll have details here on ktvu, fox two, and you'll be able to watch the returns as they come in on ktvu dot com, now to the latest on the coronavirus and president biden today, laying out a six pronged plan that he says will
5:47 pm
stop the spread of the delta variant, and it comes with new vaccine mandates for millions of americans. fox news, lauren blanchard tells us who will be required to get the shots we can and we will turn the tide and covid-19 thursday, the president unveiling his latest plan to fight the coronavirus, we're in the tough stretch. and it could last for a while. this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. it's a six point approach with vaccine requirements and booster shots, increased testing and mask mandates, especially to help keep kids in classrooms is the risk of covid to the children. worth the risk of the vaccine. the risk of a vaccine is exceedingly low, according to a study by the american academy of pediatrics and children's hospital association. there have been more than five million cases of children with covid-19. the white house hopes their plan will help boost sluggish hiring numbers. plus,
5:48 pm
the president will now mandate millions of federal workers and contractors be vaccinated, with only a few exceptions. meanwhile thursday, the los angeles school district meeting to become the first with a vaccine mandate for all students in the classroom. 12 years and up while in florida, the governor is in a legal battle to keep masks from being required of kids. the data has never supported that schools are driving community spread of this. dr fauci says data on those under 12 with the pfizer or moderna vaccine could be ready in the next month or so. and pfizer could be ready for emergency use authorization in kids by early winter in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. police officers think that a drug bust in florida save lives coming up. they seize an extraordinary amount of fentanyl and tracking some rain drops a little bit of wet on the ground in petaluma and
5:49 pm
rohnert park showers falling out of the sky. good stuff. we'll talk about that red flag warning and what you can expect in the five day forecast coming in the five day forecast coming up. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need.
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i'm just glad i can help. moisture. look at it. look at the green lit up. you've got thunderstorms out around mammoth mountain out by bishop! you've got showers showing up in south lake tahoe. you've got showers showing up in petaluma. this is the, uh, priming the pump, if you will, is the dynamics out in the pacific closer to this moisture, the dynamics are still a few hours away, and when that emerges or phases in with the moisture, we're going to have the chance of a thunderstorm right now. it's just showers this the last hour, the rohnert park santa rosa, that was it through winter. you guys got rained. i mean, i think probably measurable to haven't seen the numbers yet, but the ground looked pretty well. we're obvious looking at. so that's i wish it rained on my yard for sure. so petaluma your dry right now, most of that's not hitting the ground certainly, and then down around gilroy
5:52 pm
moving north up into the eastern livermore valley towards tracy, and then you also see this area right here, uh, of santa cruz mountains up by boulder creek, then not sure that's hitting the ground but just gives an indication of the instability of the atmosphere and what's what's going on. so oh, good stuff in terms of just getting a little rain in here. here's what the model wants to do. i'm going to push it into this is the. future of essentially right, so they're at about 10 o'clock. see what happens not much. what happens at midnight? so you see the showers? this is when the thunderstorm chances become more prominent, and then they're right around there about 12 a.m. that's our best shot, at least according to this model, and you see it kick out, so we'll see how that goes. but just to take your mind off the concern of, you know, massive thunderstorm outbreak. it looks as though we're going to, you know. b to the north and the east with those thunderstorms. hopefully that's fog. as you look from future tower and you can see it's just kind of working its way in and that's independent of what's going up on a loft. right so you got high pressure that's what's unique about these
5:53 pm
systems is so tropical moisture comes in over the top of this high pressure, which is typically a fair weather pattern, right, which is when you see fog. it's pretty fair weather, but just two different deals. 15 degrees cooler and fairfield 13 degrees cooler and cochran is cool today. temperatures tomorrow are going to be mild again. you see some fog and clouds in the morning burns back and temperatures tomorrow look a bit more like what we saw today. maybe a little about the same maybe a little cooler. 87 1st antioch tomorrow 88 fairfield. yeah maybe a little warmer in those areas and along the coast you're in the low sixties to the five day forecast that really. there's the ball side here on this weather system. the red flag warning thursday night tonight into friday morning, the bullseye that really narrowing it down. that is about, uh, 1 to 2 a.m. mainly in the north bay, and that's how it looks like it's going to go, but i do think the scattered showers around the bay area real possibility for the next five or six hours. until that, uh, the strongest dynamic skid here, which would.
5:54 pm
lead to the chance of a thunderstorm up north towards windsor, healdsburg. so certainly clear lake and lake lake county area always a chance in our area. but right now it looks like it wants to say a little bit north and east. so we've got our fingers cross course i'll be back at six. and then we're back tonight at 10 2, and we can track and probably live at that point. i'll see you back here in a little bit. bill. thank you. we have breaking news involving the criminal trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes. the first witnesses showed up in court this week. court was not set to be in session today. but now we're told that it won't be in session until next tuesday. it's been postponed until next tuesday because a juror may have been in contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. homes as you know, is charged with fraud. god for, uh. uh essentially bilking people out of 2 $700 million. if convicted, she
5:55 pm
could face up to 20 years in jail again. elizabeth holmes trial has been postponed until next tuesday because of juror may have been exposed to the coronavirus. more americans get out of afghanistan today, just as the taliban is asking afghans who left california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today.
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only at metro. florida sees nearly a kilo of fentanyl during a big drug bust. let me see your hands up last week been reporting fentanyl is a powerful and deadly opioid.
5:58 pm
now the d e a says that they confiscated enough of the drug during this bust to kill close to 500,000 people. authorities are looking into whether the drugs are tied to a cartel in mexico well and. of americans want to fly it out of afghanistan today, the first commercial flight since american troops left that country. it's comes as the taliban announced today that afghans who have left the country should come home even if they helped americans in the past 20 years more tonight from fox news, greg palkot at least 200 westerners flew out of afghanistan on thursday. the qatar airways flight mounted dojo from kabul included a number of american citizens. this is the first large scale departure of foreigners since the u. s. military's chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan last month. they move comes after secretary state antony blinken revealed earlier this week that about 100 americans are still stuck in the country. it's unclear how many americans were on thursdays flight. what we want to do is check all of
5:59 pm
the manifests on the ground and ensure we have the accurate number for all of you here at home. some lawmakers are slamming president biden for leaving afghanistan in the first place. i think it was a mistake to leave afghanistan. i don't think it's important on the 20th anniversary of 9 11, which will be this saturday to remember why we went there in the first place. meanwhile, china has announced we'll be sending at least $31 million worth of emergency aid to afghanistan. top taliban officials say they look forward to establishing good relations with china where we hope. for future. we work together for the building afghanistan and also, uh, afghanistan became a hub of connectivity. ah between, uh, probably china and other neighboring countries. the taliban acting prime minister urged relocated afghans who worked with the u. s to come
6:00 pm
home and promised their safety upon return in london. greg palkot fox news. risk is ktvu fox two news at six. all right now a red flag warning is in effect due to a chance of scattered dry thunderstorms, putting firefighters all across the bay area on alert. the red flag warnings come in its, uh progressive p four fire activity. the concern is that lightning strikes could in fact ignite a wildfire because of our extremely dry conditions. good meaning. good evening, everyone another homes in tonight for julie and i'm frank somerville. the red flag warning just went into effect an hour ago. it will last through 11 tomorrow morning. and take a look at the conditions in concord earlier today, you can see just how bone dry the conditions are out there, which obviously is part of the fire concerned, then farther north, that sonoma lake napa cal fire unit has announced increased staffing


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