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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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currently in effect, firefighters say dry vegetation and a risk of lightning could start a wildfire. it's all hands on deck 4 24 hours a day until there's an end in sight, which is the rain. barrier of fire department say they're staffed up and ready to respond even though their resources are stretched thin. good evening,
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everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. the red flag warning went into effect at around five o'clock this evening, and it will last until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. as you can see, it covers the north bay mountains as well as valleys, along with the east bay hills and diablo range. we have live team coverage of the red flag warning ktvu is amber lee is in marin county. with how fire crews prepared for the fire weather first, though we begin with our chief meteorologist, bill martin, any sign so far of either thunder or lightning? oh absolutely. yeah the north bay. frank and heather has been going off the last hour or so we're seeing lightning, especially around rohnert park and santa rose up. the red flag warning. as you pointed out, is in effect. these are the areas. let's go right to the radar. the radar is what's happening, right? it's not a model or anything. and you see that some tropical moisture pushing in and then you see the lightning bolts. those represented obviously lightning within the last half hour and you can see most of the activity the east of us,
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but as we come in closer than getting texts all night from the area around petaluma got a lighting strike to south of santa rosa. we have numerous reports of, uh, of lightning and thunder and in this area offshore in san francisco right now this year is going to move into marin county in the next 10 minutes or so and could easily produce some lightning as well. this is variance. table air mass. let's take another look. i'll give you another vantage point and again, you can see how much moisture has moved into the bay area. not only that we do have like modesto lightning strikes out there. we had some lightning strikes me back this up. there's the livermore valley back this up. i think you're going to see some pops in here. no i think you are right there is yeah. so just east out, looks like about hamilton probably produce a lightning stroke there, and we can do the same thing up in the north. but if you want, we can take a look at sort of a time lapse look of the lightning as it moves through. through so manipulating this. um poorly, quite frankly, can kind of see there's a lighting strike, then again at 9 34 9 39, and they
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kind of stack up on each other right over so ronan parke appears to have been the hot spot this evening, and there's still more to come. the strongest dynamics get here around midnight or one in the morning, and that's still going to remain further north in terms of the strongest dynamics, but as we're seeing, and it's so often the case with these these air mass thunderstorms when you get some tropical moisture in here, just popping. all over it. of course, that's given cal fire fits are worried about obviously, fire starts. and what have you we do have amberleigh up in the north is she's going to talk to you next. but imagine she heard some of that thunder, especially petaluma and rhona park. lotta reports of that and some heavy downpours as well. so when i come back, we'll look at the current radar. we'll look at the forecast, and i'll show you that system as it tries to move out of the area late tonight, early tomorrow morning. all right, bill. thank you. now we go to ktvu is amberleigh. she's in fairfax. amber howard firefighters getting ready for tonight. fire fischel say it's all hands on deck. but there is
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a sense of apprehension here in marin county. tonight some people they tell me they've packed emergency bags in case they have to evacuate. so he in the small town of wood acre in marin county, a baseball field illustrates the impact of drought dry straw, you know, like, just waiting to, like, catch a fire. really this mom is watching her son practice but her mind on fire danger. it's definitely there in the back of my head and my son scared. i assured him like, even if it does happen, we'll just get out of their red flag. morning signs are up along a major thoroughfare. you're on constant alert. you just have to make sure that. everything's ready to go. this family enjoying a stroll, but say they're ready to evacuate if necessary. you know, we just love it. it's beautiful. it offers so much, but this time of year is scary now. nearby at the marin county fire, a headquarters crews are preparing hoses and other equipment ready to respond.
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fire officials say conditions are ripe for extreme fire behavior, bone dry vegetation and now the threat of thunderstorms. we're at a point now where we have, you know, almost two million acres burning, and it's requiring an extremely large firefighting force battalion chief jeremy pierce says some firefighters are working 40 plus days without time off within it. incoming lightning event and ongoing fires that are burning throughout the state that is really taxed all the resources throughout the entire state. it's extremely troublesome for us. still pierce says. there is enough staffing so there should be no impact on response. once times all of our stations are covered. all of our stations have all over our engines are covered. it's just. it's all hands on deck for 24 hours a day until there's an insight, which is the rain. i would like to be hopeful that this winter will be really rainy and things will go back to normal, but i don't know if that's really what's going to be happening.
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the battalion chief says the demand on staffing has been ongoing since june, and that the objective of the cruise now is to keep every fire. they fight small so they don't have a major fire on their hands. frank amberleigh live for us in marin county. thank you and take a look at rained a little bit in the north bay tonight, santa rosa fire department tweeted out this video. they said. hopefully that's always see during this red flag warning, meaning just rain. no lightning now to the cal door fire. cal fire says containment remains at 53% tonight. footage released by cal fire shows this heavy orange smoke in the air. it's about 4000 firefighters worked to get a line around the fire. today some evacuation orders were lifted for areas of myers north of highway 50. more than 778 homes have been destroyed since the fire began 25 days ago. well, after burning for nearly two months
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that monster dixie fire is forcing some new evacuations. tonight people are being evacuated and remote areas and shasta and lassen counties. as this huge and stubborn wildfire just keeps growing. crews are working to protect the talent of old station in lassen county. the dixie fire has grown now to more than 927,000 acres. containment tonight is that 59% the drought in california appears to be getting worse by the day. ktvu is tom vacar tells us that 100% of the state. has now reached at least a moderate drought level. california's really big reservoirs are way below where their levels should be this time of year. shasta the biggest reservoir by far is only a quarter fool. oroville less than a quarter full trinity a third four new melanie's just over a third san louis reservoir 13 poultry percent. heather cooley is water research expert at the
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pacific institute. this is a tremendously severe drought. i mean, it's on the tail of another previously very severe drought. california's drought is getting worse and worse threatening people, farms, businesses, wildlife plant life, commerce, the environment, everything one of the things in particular that i have found surprising is how bad things have gotten, how quickly things have gotten this bad. 100% of the state is at the very least in moderate drought, but 94% is in severe drought 88% in extreme drought where water is inadequate for agriculture wildlife and urban needs almost half in the worst level of all exceptional drought where food can not grow. crop yields are low. orchards fail or are removed. wetlands dry up. tree death accelerates survival of native plants is low and much wildlife dies. professor daniel sumner is an agricultural
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economist at uc davis. it is dire, um. i never used the word crisis, so i won't now, but it's close. sumner says agriculture has been efficient and resilient in keeping the most profitable crops. and leaving lesser crops to others. we know none of that can continue year after year, but it's sort of when something hits just scramble and keep it going. significant rains are not expected until late november or december. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. keep in patient put. our patience is wearing thin. president biden announcing a national covid-19 action plan today and includes new requirements in six areas from schools to private companies. gateways jana katsuyama joins us now live with details and also reaction. janna heather, the president took a much tougher tone today. right now, the
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nation's covid search has resulted in 2.5 times more hospitalizations and twice as many deaths as. this time last year, so biden is focusing now on the 38% of eligible americans who still. are not vaccinated, president biden said thursday the nation must do more to stop the new surgeon covid cases, starting with the 80 million americans who are eligible but not vaccinated and distinct minority of americans supported by stink minority of elected officials are keeping us from turning the corner. he laid out a six pronged action plan that includes vaccination mandates. i will sign an executive order. there will now require all executive branch federal employees to be vaccinated. vaccine mandates also include federal contractors and more than 17 million healthcare workers at medicare or medicaid funded facilities, private companies with more than 100 employees will also be required to ensure workers are fully vaccinated or
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take weekly covid tests under an osha emergency rule. this is not about freedom, personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you be, area council president jim wonderman says. while they already have recommended their members require vaccinations, the federal mandate will help, noting it exempts smaller companies that might struggle with compliance, and i think it will help get more people who are reluctant to overcome their reluctance because their job is at risk. the plan also includes free booster shots starting september 20th more funding and support for covid prevention at schools that some governors are challenging. the department of education has already begun to take legal action against states undermining protection. local school officials have ordered some republicans such as south dakota governor christie gnomes say they'll take the administration to court. you see hastens vaccine law expert dorit reiss says legal challenges will likely focus on the lines of government authority in commerce. spending and
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administration. claimed that this is beyond ashes part to regulate the workplace also is using a part to make the workplace safe, and some people might challenge it and say this goes beyond that, because it's not just about workplace. as part of the plan. president biden also announced more funding for covid testing and a doubling of fines for people who violate federal mask mandates on airlines and transportation centers. the plan also does have one requirement for companies to give paid leave so that employees can get the vaccine heather alright, jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight, janet. thank you, the mosconi center in san francisco today, welcoming its first convention since the start of the pandemic, mayor london breed held a ceremonial ribbon cutting. for the california dental association's annual conference. it is the first convention at mosconi center since the city closed the center to events back in march of 20 23,000 people are
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attending this weekend's convention in 2019. mosconi hosted 49 conventions and mayor breed has allotted $4.6 million in the city's budget to help the center recover. coming up a crossing guard in the east bay pushes kids out of the way of an oncoming car. sadly he ended up paying for it with his life how the community is remembering him tonight as a hero. also ahead. he's responded to many disasters, but retired bay area fire chief harold chapel, hellmann says responding to ground zero after 9 11 was one of the hardest. we're all very proud of what we did, but you know, everybody paid. physical price and mental price after the break he reflects on the lasting effects of september 11th 20 years later. of the 9 11 terrorist atts
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is this weekend. one of those who helped at ground zero, was the former fire chief in menlo park. ktvu is evan sernoffsky talked to him about what it was like and also what he remembers the most after all these years. everybody i talk to nobody would change going back for
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harold chapel home in september. 11th is a deeply personal time. he's the former chief of the menlo park fire protection district and was a leader with the federal urban search and rescue task force when 9 11 hit his team from the bay area scrambled to ground zero. a part of me wanted to go and a part of me. dreaded going because i knew exactly what that journey had on it, and it wasn't going to be a pleasant thing. he'd already been to the oklahoma city bombing site and would continue responding to disasters after 9 11 like hurricane katrina. but this day would be one of his toughest. his friend and fellow task force member. new york fire battalion chief ray downey was killed with 342 other firefighters when the twin towers collapsed. you know that that made it personal made it harder. uh it was a devastating blow. chapel homans team sifted through the massive debris pile at night. it race holding out
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hope they're going to find someone alive and you know, maybe as misplaced as that hope was. that's what drives your work period every but we all wanted to have that happen. the team did find solace and bringing closure to families. by your covering their loved one's remains, but the tragedy didn't end when their job was complete, he said. 70% of the crew members got sick in the months and years after some had pneumonia, skin legions, nosebleeds are worse. it was important work that we did. we're all very proud of what we did. but you know, everybody paid physical price and mental price and that's not to say that we're victims. it's just to say that you know you don't you don't get through one of these events unscathed. eight years ago, chappelle home and fell off a ladder and broke his neck. he now uses a wheelchair this summer. after 42 years of service, he retired from his job as fire chief in menlo park
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and two decades after the attacks of september 11th. he still remembers and honors all those who perished. 9 11 is a tough day. i mean, i know people said, well, let's make it into a disservice. yeah maybe it's a day of just remembrance right? because at the end of the day, it seems like a bunch of people forgot what this is about. in the south bay. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. 20 years later, there's a whole new generation of americans who have no personal memories of 9 11 on the four today we talked with a history professor at san jose state university about how she teaches the significance of that day. the way i teach 9 11 is it's certain oral history project. where i ask students after we talk about 9 11 to make it real for them to go find someone in their lives who have vivid memories about the event and to sit and literally interviewed them. for about 15 minutes. she also says students
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can connect the trauma of 9 11 to current events like the coronavirus pandemic. we have more coverage of 20 years since the september 11th attacks on our website and our news app, including how the heroes of that day are being remembered 20 years later, and east bay community is remembering a crossing guard who was struck and killed while on the job. he was able to push several children out of the way so that they could they would not get hit. getting his henry lee spoke to the victim's mother who says she's proud of her son and that he died a hero. what i understand from the community that he died, a hero gloria diaz says her son, ashley, was serving as a crossing guard in lafayette when he saw students in harm's way and made the ultimate sacrifice and you push the kids out of the way, but the cost but and went over him and drive him. it happened just before three wednesday afternoon outside stanley middle school, the same school diaz had attended as a child. d
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as in a student were hit by a gmc suburban police and citizens pulled diaz out from under the suv and gave him cpr, but he died at john muir medical center in walnut creek. the students suffered minor injuries. the father of a girl who was saved happens to be a doctor at the hospital. he came to see me and he says, i know your son is dead, but thanks to him, my daughter's alive meeting very proud, but that doesn't bring my son back. ashley diaz worked as a clinical research associate. he was a foodie who enjoyed planning vacations. the driver of the suburban cooperated with lafayette police. i reached out to the registered owner but have not heard back. a growing memorial sits outside the school where parents paid their respects and lafayette police officer doubled as a crossing guard. all right, go ahead and cross guard. thank you. it's obviously the idea that could have been any of the kids, including our kids. our close friends kids is, um um it's heartbreaking. lafayette school superintendent richard whitmore also helped kids cross as the
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street. he says the crash appears to be an accident. we will take this experience double down with the city and try to understand what we can do better to prevent this kind of incident. the crossing guards mother was back at the hospital because her husband, the victim's father, may have suffered a stroke. so this has been an extremely challenging time for the family in lafayette, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. in mountain view. a police officer is credited with saving the life of a baby boy. officer dan garcia happened to be just across the street when the car came in on monday that the baby was choking. garcia ran over to find the baby was not briefing. 20 performed infant cpr for several minutes until the baby boy began to breathe again. the chief there in mountain view, said quote. i am so proud of the quick actions that were taken to help this little ist mountain view resident by the way, the baby has been released from the hospital. little and is now back home with this family.
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coming up here. the cable cars in san francisco or temporarily shut down. also partnering technology with basketball. how a star on the warriors helped teach kids in oakland about using tech in sports also ahead, the effort to get more children who are over the age of 12 vaccinated the bay area school district that wants to mandate vaccines for students participat and basketball comingr
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this afternoon in a workshop for bay area teenagers. the basketball decoded workshop brought high school students to the warriors practice facility in downtown oakland. they got to look at how technology fits in with the business of sports and other workshop focused on video, gaming and warriors forward want to scotto anderson talked with the students about how he uses tech to be a better player. breaking down the game. you know things like this you
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can track how high you should the depth of your shot. so it allows you to, uh, have a different perspective of trying to build muscle memory, right? because you know what your goal which our goal is, if you can actually deep about what you're trying to do, it's easier to do specialized technology also allowed him to come back from an injury two years ago. he found out he was pushing off harder on his right foot and work to improve his balance. that's interesting. the ohio days continue to battle for a ballpark at howard terminal on the waterfront near jack london square. today city leaders highlighted some of the issues that the team will have to address before building can begin. one of them deals with the height of the proposed residential towers. that could be part of the finished plan. the a's rendering shows towers along the waterfront that would be higher than any building currently in downtown oakland, with one high rise, reaching 600 ft. tall the other 400 ft.
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clark manus, the chairman of the oakland design review committee, wants those scaled down. so you would not you would expect to have height in the in the area associated with the ballpark, but the amount of height being asked for is very high. the other unresolved issue is the train tracks that run through the area design review committee members are worried about the safety of fans when a game lets out there looking at ways to have visitors avoid the tracks, perhaps using a gondola or something of that nature. san francisco's iconic cable cars are shut down tonight, i'll do two a power outage, transit officials said. it all started when a smoke alarm went off there at the cable car barn. the building was evacuated and firefighters responded and shut off an electrical panel ending service for the day cable car is only went back into operation last month. today's
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shutdown left many tourists disappointed when we come here. this was a must like it was on our checklist, and unfortunately, we can't take it like because it's not functioning because there's no serious so yeah, we are so disappointed about that. well, hopefully, those ladies will stick around tomorrow because the cable cars are expected to be back and service tomorrow. we're hearing so many people filled with regret at not getting the vaccine. many of them are even asking for the vaccine on arrival. they're feeling so sick. the problem is, by that time it's too late. coming up. we hear more about what i see you. doctors are telling us about the coronavirus and people who aren't vaccinated. also teachers in the south bay demanding some action why they say their district is not doing enough to protect them from the coronavirus and football is back. sports director mark even
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yes, we'll have the season opener that did not disappoint coming up later in sports and between our historic wildfires and beyond. going pandemic. firefighters experiencing tremendous stress at 10 45 the mental and emotional [music] [birds chirping] [music] [deep breaths] [music] can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm.
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but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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[train sound] [train door closing] safe from the coronavirus, especially since most young children can't get the vaccine. ktvu is asa smith is in san jose tonight, where some educators the this evening just spent demanded that safer measures be put in place azenith smith. frank. many schools are a few weeks into the new year and we're hearing about more covid-19 cases among schoolchildren. districts are now weighing their options on
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how to best protect everyone was like quimby oak middle school. in san jose thursday, a group of educators rallied. they say the evergreen school district is failing when it comes to planning and preparing them for covid-19. we still have a lot of confusion, so there's not clear communication around what happens when there's a positive. based in our classroom, and it comes to testing and quarantining, she says. schools have been left to interpret covid-19 guidelines on their own, putting kids at risk at the top of everybody's priority. right now, and any school district is the safety of our kids, the safety of our staff, the district superintendent says so far 18 positive covid cases among students and staff since the start of the school year because of the rise in infections mask wearing outdoors is now required with the health guidance the way that it is. it is a living document. things are changing our latest guidance coming from from public health was on september 1st to say it's a
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living document is true, but you should at least be up to date with where we're at the teachers concerns, comments new numbers from the san francisco department of public health showcases among people under 18. years of age remain low right now they make up 11.5% of covid cases. no san francisco children are hospitalized. no outbreaks have occurred in schools san matteo union high school district is exploring requiring children be vaccinated for extra curricular activities. that means if a student wants to participate in sports clubs outside of the school day or plays, they'll need to get the shots. we really feel like, um extracurriculars are our privilege, not a right. at a school board meeting thursday, community members expressed concerns about mandating the vaccine on their children. i understand that it was rushed through this vaccine, that's fine, but we do not have the dad of long term effects of this the unvaccinated. that's their parents choice, not theirs. they are just going to
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be kicked to the curb. and late tonight, the san mateo union high school district board decided to table that item regarding vaccine mandates for extracurricular activities until september. 23rd frank as the smith's life force tonight, as in, thank you. out of southern california in l. a. the school district there voted today to require all eligible students to get the coronavirus vaccine. all students, 12 and up. we'll have to get both shots of the vaccine by december, 19th in order to go to school in person more than 640,000 students are enrolled in the district. and 220,000 are eligible for the shot. school board members say they need to do whatever they can to keep students in the classroom. i think we also owe it to kids to return to a sense of normality in school to work towards a future where we're not quarantining thousands of kids where kids don't have to
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miss class to get tested weekly. well we're not spending over $5 million a week on testing that there could be going to music and the arts. students who are not vaccinated by that deadline will not be allowed on campus but will be allowed to do remote learning. the delta variant is causing an uptick in patients, mostly unvaccinated in intensive care units gave his rob roth heard from to northern california doctors who say this latest surge is taking a toll. program doctors working in northern california intensive care units say there's been a recurring theme. too many of their covid patients. we're hearing so many people filled with regret at not getting the vaccine. um many of them are even asking for the vaccine on arrival. they're feeling so sick, but by then, she says, it's too late to get vaccinated. walker was one of two icu doctors from center health thursday to share their recent experiences treating covid patients, they
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say, well, breakthrough infections do happen to vaccinated patients. there is a difference in the severity of the illnesses between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. those that are unvaccinated tend to be more severely ill, california public health records. as of last week, they area i see us were ranging from marin county is 53% capacity. to napa county's high of 96% the rest fell well, in between. it's just been a lot more difficult and challenging to take care of these families, not just from, you know a medical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint, it's taking on our staff, but some bay area icu user accepting covid patients from the central valley, where hospitals there have been overrun at times. doctors say that delta varian is the reason for the surge in cases and at the biggest difference between most of the covid patients they're seeing now. and the ones in the first few waves are their ages. this time, uh, the adult a variant, uh, the patients tend to be
10:36 pm
somewhat younger last year we would rarely see somebody in their forties or thirties in the intensive care unit. um now it's a common occurrence. it's really really challenging to see these patients with young families at home. face timing with them with their children while they're struggling to breathe. rob roth, ktvu fox two news, california recall candidates are facing the final weekend before the election after the break a look at how many people have already voted thundershowers rumbling through parts of the north bay. we'll look at the live radar and the five day forecast when i see you next. also ahead tonight why the u. s. government is not recommending at afghan refugees. resettled
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and governor gavin newsom was campaigning in the central valley. civil rights leader delores huerta joined him in fresno in a final push to try to appeal to latino voters. former san diego mayor republican kevin faulkner was in los angeles today, where he accused governor newsom of enabling the defund the police movement as well as eliminating consequences for crime and criminals. and republican front runner larry elder was in glendale this afternoon. greeting first responders. a group of firefighters endorsed elder, most of them, saying that they are against vaccine mandates, and the election is not until tuesday, but already a lot of people are turning in their ballots, according to california secretary of state more than 6.8. million people have turned in their ballots. most of those are mail in ballots and 52,000. people have voted in person. not all counties have started in person
10:40 pm
voting just yet. all this means that voter turnout currently stands at 30.7. the justice department filed a lawsuit today against the state of texas over their new abortion law. attorney general merrick garland announced earlier this week that his office had been looking for ways to challenge what's known as the heartbeat bill. it bans abortions once a heartbeat is detected. typically around six weeks. today's lawsuit follows the supreme court declining a request by health clinics. to prevent the law from going into effect. the act is clearly unconstitutional under longstanding supreme court precedent. the supreme court will take up the abortion issue. in a separate case this fall, mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks is currently blocked by lower courts. a flight carrying at least 200 people flew out of afghanistan today and the first large scale evacuation since
10:41 pm
the us withdrawal. qatar airways flying from kabul to doha included a number of us citizens. it's unclear just how many americans were on thursdays flight. the state department believes about 100. americans remain in afghanistan. the taliban acting prime minister urged relocated afghans who worked with the u. s government to come home and guaranteed their safety upon return. cities here in the bay area are not on the state department list of 19 recommended cities where afghan immigrants can be placed after arriving in the u. s the state department's website points out. the city's here in california can be very expensive and that quote. any resettlement benefits you receive may not comfortably cover the cost of living in these areas. however immigrants can also choose to be resettled near family and friends who've lived here in the u. s mission is to help protect those who protect us. wildfires are taking a huge toll on
10:42 pm
firefighters, by some estimates. 300 firefighters take their own lives in the past year. coming up, but look at how fire departments are working to help firefighters take care of their mental and physical health. also a red flag warning of increased fire risk here in the bay area tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin has an is really taking a toll on
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firefighters both mentally and physically. last year alone, more than 100 firefighters committed suicide. many think that number is actually closer to 300. such a sobering statistic. ktv investigative reporter brooks jarocz found out what bay area fire departments are doing to try to help firefighters take care of themselves. fighting fire takes a toll on even the toughest with some shifts going for 24 hours away from their homes and families. at times for weeks. i definitely have had, you know, stress and anxiety that doesn't turn off when i go home, deputy berkeley fire chief david spriggs says his department recognized five years ago. the growing problems his comrade's face. even now, we have firefighters that have substance abuse problems that have. chronic depression. um ptsd, we have a large number of firefighters that are engage,
10:46 pm
actively engaged in managing those things by talking to counselors and peer counseling units, so it's very prevalent in our department. but talking about it is part of a change in culture now, beginning in the academy, a wellness program aimed at managing stress. our mission is to help protect those who protect us. dr sanjay schweig developed the lessons now taught at several west coast fire departments, he says. step one is recognition because repeated trauma anxiety and ptsd is part of the job that can build up, so the goal is to kind of have a safety valve on that and to be releasing the pressure on that system and to be vulnerable and to talk with each other and to seek care from a therapist or to call a national hotline. suicide among firefighters is high national. only 119 suicides in a single year. but that's considered a vast undercount because only 40% are actually reported the suspected
10:47 pm
number near 300 deaths a year. i do know people that have committed suicide in the fire service in our department. i know people that have come close, but have you got the help they needed? luckily by having that lifeline, a good support system, the training and tools to boost emotional fitness firefighters can take control of their mental health, but it can't stop there. physically the job takes a toll, too, with little or no sleep and backbreaking work. heart attacks are the number one killer of on duty firefighters, data shows more than half and with repeat exposures to toxic smoky air cancer risk is on the rise. double the general population, evan dent's protocols have to change and safety measures put in place. they understand the risks of what they're putting themselves into, and it just makes sense to try and provide this to all of them, schweig says. that also means caring for the body healthy eating on and off the job and constantly hydrating. these graphs show the positive
10:48 pm
results, improvements in sleep less signs of stress and reduce psychiatric problems, and we have the opportunity as a society to support them. and to lower the risk of death, starting with awareness and then taking action. i've seen a lot of people really struggle in this job, and i'm i'm just so happy that people are learning the tools to deal with it better than i did in my career. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. how alright if you're up in the north bay, you had some, especially in petaluma and rohnert park had some pretty interesting lightning and thunder this afternoon or this evening, and it's still kind of going on up there. let's come in a little bit closer here. we'll stop it up and you can see right in their few lightning structure in the last half hour out by winners and up by clear lake showers and petaluma right now, i can back this up and take it back. we're gonna go back an hour. so we go forward an hour. you'll see the light. there's one
10:49 pm
stroke there. it's not a lie, but it's something there's two strokes. three strokes for so mount st helena definitely attracted some lightning. there makes sense because that it, um the mountain itself actually pushes and destabilizes air. pushes it upward. i'll buy tracy eastern livermore. let's take these guys up five minutes. see what we got, and partly an hour. there it is lots out in the valley. livermore justice delivery more you may have heard that if he were out in the altamont area, and then you see another lightning strike, they're out by altamont again, so lightning is happening. it's not a ton of it, but it's enough and some areas you're like, whatever. but if you're underneath one. some of the cells are strong enough that you're getting some pretty significant or, you know relatively moderate rainfall. okay so here's what happens to this tonight this is the model now. this isn't the computer. this isn't the radar. this is. future radar and you can see what happens right around two a.m. the main dynamics come through and that looks like it
10:50 pm
wants to state of the north so further north so hopefully that thunderstorm activity we just experienced is winding down, and it kind of looks like it might be, but later on tonight, there's an opportunity for something further north up by healdsburg and up by you, kaaya will keep an eye on it for you. of course, this is going to be in the next three hours or so. so outside we go, and you can see we've got plenty of, uh, temperatures in the sixties was school night tonight. actually, temperatures generally on the cool side. now it has a lot to do with that onshore flow in the cloud cover, obviously. temperatures were running a little behind where they were last night at this time, 10 degrees cooler in livermore. of course that has to do with the cloud cover tomorrow morning's forecast. the those are the high clouds went away. fog stays at the coast and temperatures are mild compared to where they happen compared to where they have been. so temperatures are going to be more in the like this in the mid eighties operators tomorrow as opposed to the mid nineties or even low 100 like we had a couple of days ago, 81 in santa fell tomorrow. 70 out in the oakland area and 72 in hayward. so watching those thunderstorms
10:51 pm
he got under some boy, you know, it's always it always wakes you up, doesn't it? hopefully we won't have any issues from this activity we do are having a few lightning strikes back at 11. we're going to refresh that radar and see if we can find any new activity and we'll see you back here at that point. all right, bill. thank you. so, a travel website has named san francisco as the best city in the world for 2021. time out .com talked to 27,000 people and san francisco came out on top. they say an aggressive response to the coronavirus high vaccination rates and apple park let's and outdoor dining made the city the best place to live during the pandemic. amsterdam manchester copenhagen and new york rounded out the top five best cities, according to those 27,000 people. coming up tonight in sports fans treated to a fantastic football game tonight as the go tom brady opens the
10:52 pm
season against the dallas cowboys sports director mark ibanez is coming up next. then on the 11 o'clock news. it's been a long time coming night tours are finally back open to tourists on alcatraz will take a working body is with you.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
football fans been waiting for this not necessarily what you call flawless football but still didn't take away from the fantastic finish the super bowl champs and tom brady up against the dallas cowboys in the season opener down in tampa bay. let the flag fly. they want it last year behind that guy, tom brady 44 years old, still slinging it 379 yards. four
10:55 pm
touchdowns, unleashing deep fry antonio brown. remember him? raider fans. 47 yards 21 16 3rd quarter 21 19 bucks. brady anticipates the blitz. he's got rob gronkowski is old buddy, telepathic. they know each other so well. touchdown 28 19. but dallas ain't done that is back from that brutal ankle fracture. gotta murray cooper. remember him? raider fans touchdown 21 yards, so it's 28 20. six buccaneers leading 403 yards passing by the way for the man cowboys took the lead with a field goal too much time for brady, who let him down lickety split and ryan suck up 36 yards, seven seconds left. brady does it again, they sneak away. 31 29 winners complete crowd pleaser in the season opening of 49ers. they're hoping their game with detroit out sunday will not be that close. and please, can we
10:56 pm
finally talk about something other than the quarterback situation? how about hot? topic number two, the comeback of nick bosa. he had that brutal injury last year and has made according to all reports and astounding recovery didn't play in the preseason. still looking like a monster ready to go full bore against the lions. no pitch count for me. um i'm um just gonna go. uh whatever chris tells me i'm fully confident to play as many staffs as they need to. so mellow, so common in front of a microphone. put him on the field. it's a whole different deal. all right, the oakland a's might. snow that seemed like a big deal to straight winds, but for them right now, considering the way the past couple of weeks of god, they will take it, particularly against tough leam like tony larussa's white sox. i'll tell
10:57 pm
you what the play of the day was, though you think people still don't wear fanny packs about that gentleman up there didn't bring a glove, but who needs it? he's making that thing. still stylish second inning tony kept will sting one the other way down the line. billy hamilton usually plays out and center kind of boots. that thing around out there, jet loreal truck around all the way from first and camp winds up in third. it's one nothing. here's a key play 11 later, starlene martinez second after stealing the bag and #### on wheels when he found there, rinaldo lopez has tried to pick him off. i think he picked up the second baseman martel the way around the score. matt chapin. followed with a sacrifice flies. you look at the replay. tony's not happy he doesn't put up with stuff like dad, sean manaea best hair in baseball. he went seven innings, struck out nine give up only a run and wins his night that always in search of a local angle. how about this? the north bay's andrew von of
10:58 pm
the socks from santa rosa to the south based mark canha. nice catch the basket. catch right there. okay, get a kick out of the fan reaction right there, where they realize how close they were. actually entering the field of play, so to speak, 31 final two straight wins for the oakland a's still try to stay alive in the, uh, wild card race. alright it will be the u. s open women's final might have to change the title and call it the young, very young women's final. it will be a teenage final as a matter of fact, that fleshy meadow as arena several inca takes on leila fernandez, the 19. 18 year old canadian who's set that city on fire. third set 11 the decider. it's 44 19 year old fernandez will rifle it past have alenka and her family is digging that match point now, fernandez up 54 trying to put it away. return is long against
10:59 pm
her and leila winds onto her first ever final. 764664 is the line and she did it all in front of fellow canadians. steve nash, coach. of the brooklyn nets, and, uh, to line up that final for you saturday it will feature 19 year old fernandez against emma. rather, kanu wanted to make sure that i said that right? all right. we got some time, so why not check this out? international soccer argentina world cup qualifier against bolivia 14th minute leonel messi between the defender's legs and rockets, a shot with the left foot into the net and by doing so. so. he passes or equals the brazilian legend pele, and he would most international goals by a south american player. by the end of it, he had the hat trick. so three goals, three nil. they
11:00 pm
were it. that's the sporting life. and you thought hat trick was only true. and i did. i did. i had no idea. alright mark. thank you. okay, coming up next year at 11. my message to unvaccinated americans. is this what more is there to wait for? what more do you need to see president biden, saying americans are growing impatient with the pace of vaccinations, taking steps to require more people to get the shots. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now the new executive orders will cover millions of federal workers. hello again. everyone had their homes into. night for julie and i'm frank somerville. the order also applause too many private companies. ktvu is jana katsuyama here now with more well, franken, uh, heather. basically covid cases now are leading to more than twice the number of hospitalizations and deaths than thi


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