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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 10, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home.
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where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits. mandates. another bay area city is now requiring customers show proof of vaccination at bars, restaurants and gyms. this last year and a half. we've just been really rolling with the punches at this point. you know, this is just one of the many things that we've had to adapt to. it is the first friday where anyone visiting certain businesses in the city of berkley is required to show their vaccination status is a second bay area city to do so following san francisco's lead. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes in tonight. for christina. anyone over the age of 12 must now show their card to go inside. restaurants bars gyms in theaters. katie's amberleigh joins us now live from berkeley,
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with reaction from both business owners as well as customers. heather were at spats. this bar and a restaurant we visited. both say business is slower than usual for friday night, but that it's too early to say what if any impact the vaccine mandate may have. playing pool at spats in downtown berkeley means having to show proof of being fully vaccinated starting friday. personally i like it because i want everybody be vaccinated. berkeley's health order mandates businesses, including bars, gyms and restaurants, providing indoor services to require vaccine proof from customers. spats posted a reminder on social media. the other ones were like wow. wow almost expressing like, really. orlando williams with spatz says there's been pushback with people posting negative comments. some are pretty harsh, you know, and i understand how people feel about it. um but
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what do we have to do as a business, you know, in order for us to stay open and operate my wonderful can i see ieds as well at lamarca restaurant. some customers tell me they were surprised to learn that proof of vaccination is required to dine inside. they told us when we showed up today, so we didn't know when we made the reservation. our first thought was our daughter is 10 and she hasn't been vaccinated. so maybe we can't go eat here. children under 12 are exempt, and so are people buying takeout or dining outdoors. still the owner is concerned that there may be a negative impact on business. we're all sort of nervous. this is our first friday. really enforcing it. these diners support the vaccine mandate. do you feel more comfortable coming in? you don't feel like the pressure that oh, maybe there's someone here who could have it if it's making us like safer and allows me to feel safer while i eat. i mean i think it's worth it. no cancellations so far. we're definitely looking at this weekend really carefully to see
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what the trend is. back at spats. we saw a group being turned away because someone didn't have proof of vaccination, and we're just trying to operate. we're just trying to stay open to survive through this as a business to see a better day business. owners tell me the pandemic has taught them to roll with the punches. and shift gears when necessary, heather everyone just trying to do the best they can hear. all right. amber lee reporting live for us there in berkeley. thank you. president biden, meantime, is defending his plan for federal vaccine requirements and calling out his gop critics. i am so, um, disappointed that uh, particularly some of republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids. so cavalier with the health of the communities when the president says his push to vaccinate more americans is aimed at keeping kids in school
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and protecting the economic recovery plan would mandate fore branch employees, federal contractors and more than 17 million healthcare workers at facilities that are funded by medicare or medicaid. some republican lawmakers call it a federal overreach. he's doubling down on things are going to be very destructive for the livelihoods of many, many americans and obviously going to be destructive to our constitutional system and the rule of law. the mandate would also make companies with more than 100 employees require their workers to be vaccinated or get a weekly test. well, a new study from the cdc shows that unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die from the coronavirus. the study tracked over 600,000 cases and found that those who did not receive the vaccine where 4.5 times more likely to get infected and 10 times more likely to be hospitalized. the cdc also found that the vaccine's effectiveness has dropped. since the delta
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variant emerged but its ability to prevent death and hospitalizations. stayed above 90% all the director of the fda center for biologics research and evaluation, said today that he is very hopeful that kids under the age of 12 could be eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine by the end of the year, and pfizer says it will soon file an application to vaccinate children between the ages of five and 11. gay tvs. tom vacar tonight tells us what this means. for families. if approved, the 5 to 11 age group represents another 29 million american children who will be eligible for the covid-19 vaccinations. our children will be so much work protected. dr john schwartzberg, u c. berkeley professor emeritus. is an expert in infectious diseases and vaccines, he says before there's any approval, emergency use or otherwise the vaccine will have to approve in itself safe. and effective in that specific age groups, all of the
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data and scrutinize it very carefully and you know it will be scrutinized incredibly carefully. covid vaccines are a bit unusual in the sense that they were developed initially for use on the nation's most elderly and immune compromised citizens. because that's the group that covid was devastating. most vaccines are pediatric vaccines. dr margaret liu is a physician infectious disease expert and a developer of vaccines. both vaccines actually target kids even younger than five years old, even though most children in this age group do not develop serious covid complications or die. they're very efficient spreaders of the coronavirus and can cause others to become ill. that includes teachers, parents, grandparents, family members and others. but make no mistake. youngsters are not covid proof. there are approximately 500 children in the united states so far, who have died. of covid, experts
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say with child vaccinations, they believe that schools will be far safer for teachers, staff, parents and other family members. but figuring out precise dosage is a prime concern. infants behave differently to vaccines, then older children. then teenagers been young adults, but overwhelmingly youngsters respond very well. 5 to 11, for example. they're there already. make sure in their immune system and in fact, they actually probably have better immune systems, then those of us who were older, the next and last large group to be vaccinated upon proof of safety and effectiveness will be the nation's 19 million newborns to four year olds group for which most vaccines are actually created. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. and a reminder that you can get round the clock updates on the pandemic. just visit ktvu .com or be sure to
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download the ktvu news app. no 10 extra police officers are on foot spread out across walnut creek tonight in response to a shooting earlier this week close to the busy downtown area. ktvu sonoma gases live on main street and while the creek and emma you spoke to police and business owners about the recent incidents in the traditionally safe area, that's right, andre in response to two incidents that happened around here sunday night. the police chief tells me six additional foot patrols. are already on judy tonight and they'll be patrolling downtown walnut creek friday and saturday nights going forward, family friendly, charming and safe. that's the reputation of downtown walnut creek, now six extra police officers are on foot patrol friday and saturday nights to make sure it stays that way. well. last weekend, we had a couple of incidents of violence that has a community concerned, and our main goal is just to give everybody a feeling of safety sunday night around 8 40. police responded
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after a man and woman left modern china cafe without paying their bill. the owner flagged the couple down across the street. and received payment. but once the couple got into their black sedan and began driving away, the man fired three shots from a handgun out the front passenger window. no one was hit and no arrests have been made either police or utilizing security footage and asking for witnesses to come forward to help in their investigation. a pub owner across the street heard the gunshots. it's actually a very safe place. and um. for this for that to have happened. it's an anomaly and, uh, grateful that it doesn't happen every day that same night, four hours later down the block at dan's irish sports bar. a guard on duty, was arrested for assault after police say he inflicted serious injuries on a patron who tried to force his way into the bar. i don't necessarily feel unsafe, but i like to see a town, especially the core of any town thrive. businesses need to stay
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open, people need to feel. comfortable coming downtown, spending money and going some time. some more. police would certainly go a long way toward helping them. so i'm all for it. walnut creek police reduced downtown patrols during covid-19 shutdowns to 6 to 8 officers. the chief says he's working to boost staffing to match the bustling nightlife that's returned to the downtown in recent months. these officers coming in tonight and tomorrow will be on overtime, but our goal is to look at our staffing and try to bolster that where we can have also been. car break ins recently. a man i spoke with, said his car was one of five smashed in a parking lot off main street two weeks ago. he said he's pleased that there are more police on patrol tonight in downtown walnut creek, andre alright the work continues to keep the crime down in that area, and we thank you. meantime the city of oakland announced a partnership with chp today let me shaft and police people run. armstrong say chp officers will be patrolling streets where there are a lot of traffic accidents and dangerous driving. the chp
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will also help the police department. sideshow enforcement teams. the city of oakland continues to see violent and dangerous illegal side shows throughout our community. the statue activity has included reckless and unsafe driving, vandalism, property damage, physical assaults, gunfire and injuries. the new collaboration between the department at chp begins sunday. herschaft says she personally discussed the request for chp officers with governor newsom and he agreed to support the efforts of police in petaluma are investigating. after a 16 year old boy overdosed and dive. that team was found tuesday, unresponsive inside a residence on the 300 block of wilson street. an autopsy was conducted the next day, and authorities say that the initial cause of death appears to be fentanyl related. investigators say there was narcotics paraphernalia found near the boy's body when detectives ride arrived. further. toxicology reports are pending. looking well they re
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voters casting their ballots ahead of tuesday's recall election and polls show governor gavin after the break t says real testament political future is yet to come and whether certainly a lot calmer than it was 24 hours ago, but what we expect for the weekend i'll have details coming up also ahead. king a stand against the texas abortion law debate area companies now offering to he [music] [birds chirping] [music] [deep breaths] [music]
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[train door closing] and a new poll shows a significant change in support for governor newsom ktvu jana katsuyama joining us now live with more on the pole and what you need to know if you still haven't voted yet. janna heather u. c berkeley's institute of governmental studies released the poll results today. it was very interesting. they surveyed 10,000 likely voters and found that 60% are saying no to the recall. that's an increase from 50% just six weeks ago. the poll also found 38.5% said yes. yes they want the recall, but it's going to succeed if it's going to succeed. this poll. needs supporters to have a huge turnout on tuesday, election day. thank you for voting. it's democracy in action. california voters friday came to the drive
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up drop off ballot box outside san francisco city hall to cast their votes. some say no to the recall of governor gavin newsom. i just dropped my belt off. i think we have to go through this because i've totally support gavin newsom. well, i just think it's ridiculous. the hundreds of millions of dollars we spend even just doing this recall others voting. yes we have a government that refuses to do the best interests of the. its citizens. um, we have to change until we get. to the people who will respect us governor newsom and his wife cast their votes friday in sacramento. the latest poll by uc berkeley shows his democratic base has become much more engaged in the wake of high profile support from vice president kamala harris, president biden and other top national democrats or republicans really needed was. for two things to happen. a lot of democrats to not vote and they needed a fair number of democrats who do vote to be sufficiently dissatisfied with
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newsome that they vote in favour and it doesn't look like either of those things are happening. we still remain bullish that this recalled tom del beccaro, chairman of rescue california helped start the recall crime. high cost of living gas prices, homelessness, those who the top issues in which people are concerned about he says the real test will be election day turnout. we had rescued california .org just received an additional million dollars in donations today, so we are very much engaged and getting out the vote, the u. c. berkeley polls showed conservative republican talk show host larry elder now with a large lead over the other replacement candidates with 38% support. elder campaigned friday in southern california. but some say elder has helped newsome the emergence of elder in some ways actually helped newsom in terms of giving him a foil, so it's not just a referendum on him. it's a contest between him and the specific other republican,
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the san francisco elections director says 46% of ballots in the city have been returned so far statewide 34% of the 22 million ballots have been turned in, according to political data .com. now if you haven't voted we've posted information on how you can find your polling place. you can go to ktvu .com and just click. on web links. heather we are in the final stretch. all right, janet. thank you. someday area based companies are now offering to help employees move out of the state of texas after its recent ban on abortions, salesforce ceo marc benioff has told his employees that he is committed to helping them relocate if they're concerned about the ability to seek reproductive care in texas and san francisco based public relations firm. both bar also released a statement saying that they've created the texas location plan. or they will pay for its texas employees to move the river fire in plastic county that burned 142 structures last month has been
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determined to have been human cost. cal fire has not yet said exactly what led investigators to that conclusion. but the agency did say the fire began august 4th in the overnight camping area of the bear river campground. cal fire says it's working to determine the exact cause now. the fire was contained on august 13th after burning four square miles. all right, so i wanted to take a look at whether tonight. obviously things have calmed down considerably from where we were last night but we had lots of lightning and certainly some stormy weather come through and even got a little bit of rain. not a lot we're talking about, you know, anywhere from about 2 1/100 of an inch to 4 107 inch, so nothing to write home about, but we are right now sandwiched between basically to pressure systems, high pressure and low pressure and. you see where that white arrow is? that's to indicate that part of what made things unsettled is that between those two pressure systems, we had some tropical moisture that was also dragged in because of course, this is the time of year when the tropics get very active now that has all since moved on, and we are left at the rather quiet evening out there tonight.
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as you can see, and tonight, you know, it's going to be a pretty mild night out there. partly cloudy will certainly have some patchy fog out at the coast and in our valleys in the overnight hours starting to get a little chilly in some of our valleys, and if you're up in the north bay in particular we could see some upper forties but for the most part we're looking at fifties around the bay this evening. so tomorrow, another pretty nice day. once we see the fog kind of dissipate, you'll notice that if you are inland, we're going to be a little bit above average. so santa rosa, as you can see, 83 84 would be normal san francisco. if you're at at the coast, you're going to be a little bit cooler, right? because you're gonna be under the influence of that low pressure. that's a little bit closer the coastal communities, so that's going to be 70 degrees for san francisco. 77 would be normal for oakland, but we're going to get just up to 71 tomorrow could see mid eighties and livermore upper seventies in san jose. so pretty nice day by any stretch of the imagining. nation. so tonight, we will be relatively quiet out there tomorrow. pretty nice day and then tomorrow when we get through tomorrow you'll see sunday. we're going to start to warm up of it. i'll have more on that when i come back. and just a
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bit, carl. thank you to bay area chefs have been named on food and wine's best new chef list. chefs list of 2021 there, gabby laid, uh chef at state bird provisions in san francisco and matt horne, owner and pit master of oakland's horn barbecue. putin wind 33rd annual list featured chefs from 10 different restaurants across the country. each shift on each chef rather on the list was chosen not only for their exceptional skills in the kitchen but also for implementing positive change. all right, congratulations to both of them. now we have two restaurants. we've got to go to. oh, yeah, right. all right, coming up tonight and update to this week's deadly police shooting in the south bay will have that for you also coming up. my sister took care of this place as if he was like my child beloved flower shop destroyed in a fire will say about the arson investigation now underway and later tonight, a look at the bay area home that soldfor $2 million over
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the asking price. the 49 ers kick off their season sunday at 10 right here on ktvu, and we're celebrating your fan pride and passion. shout out to your boy trade he every want to join in the fun, just shoot your video and share it at ktvu com slash red and gold or scan the barcode on your screen and go niners.
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for just $64.99 a month. plus, ask how to get a prepaid card up to $500. call or go online today to learn more. comcast business. powering possibilities. gilroy. police say a 40 year old david lopez, is a man who was shot and killed wednesday. lopez was wanted for attempted murder last month. police say he actually called 911 and identified himself. he claimed he would wait for police and that was that he was unarmed at the time, but he was intoxicated. that's what he told police in the 911 call, the department says. when the officer arrived, he told lopez to lie on the ground, and that's when police say lopez
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pulled out a gun and started shooting the offer. they are fired back. lopez was pronounced dead at a hospital to attend the santa cruz county sheriff is looking for a person who attacked another man with a knife today. authorities released this sketch showing a man who they say slash another man in the neck with that knife. it happened on sunday around one in the afternoon on keystone way near saint alban st. the victim is expected to be okay. he described the attacker as a man in his early thirties with sandy blond hair. it was wearing a black and red soccer jersey with yellow lettering. if you have any information you're asked to call the santa cruz county sheriff's office. a family owned flower shop that has been in san francisco and business there for 87 years is now a total loss after someone broke in and then set it on fire. okay diffuse. henry lee spoke to the business owner who says she is just heartbroken. gosh my checkbook. this is all that's left of frank's floral shop at 19th and irving in san francisco after someone broke
10:26 pm
in and set it on fire this person you did not have to burn down so that pill of alien has owned the shop in the sunset district for 35 years. she's well known for her personal touch from thoughtful flower arrangements to home deliveries to making sure customers get parking. i just took care of this place as if he was like my child. i people no new home much. i loved this place late sunday or early monday, someone used a crowbar to break into a back door. look for valuables in apparently started a fire to cover it up. this was show from all the way to the top. now talabani in is left with just memories of her work, helping customers through good times and bad. i just promise for young people and their weddings. when they grew up so much use to me. she got the call from holding the wall pizza next door. i'm sorry, sana. i'm sorry. so now your shop is on fire. pizza shop owner al adala, awadallah says he stunned. it's a horrible thing to do to someone like
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that. um, she's kid never hurt anyone. she's never done anything bad to anyone like she'd been so kind. during the pickup. and how could something so awful have been around the corner for her? aparna venkatesan believes she was the shops. last customer. she needed flowers for father's memorial service on sunday, when the store was supposed to be closed. richie drove in all the way. to open up the sharp so that the flowers could be fresh that day and not beginning to wilt at home, the san francisco police and fire departments are investigating. the shop owner tells me she's still delivering to some churches and close friends, but that's about it. henry lee ktvu, fox two news, california's victor moratorium just weeks away from expiring, the resource is available to help people behind on their rent and a group of people in the south bay are volunteering their time and energy to help the homeless. next. the reason that they're keeping their work secret from local authorities also later why brandon belt
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anointed himself team captain taping this? see you see right there on the front of his jersey are sports director mark ibanez will have all the details and continued problems with san francisco sinking millennium tower. why we repair work on the high rise has been work on the high rise has been on hold once again. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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housing market and ridiculous the housing market is here in the bay area home in san francisco, just sold for $2 million over asking all this home is in coal valley, and it's nicknamed treehouse in the sky for its incredible views and several decks. sf gate reports. the home went on sale in august for $3 million, but it needed some work. it also included a vacant lot that was
10:31 pm
listed for 500,000 as you mentioned the home sold for 4.6 million and while that vacant lot so for one million setting a record for coal valleyers in h bay are taking the homeless crisis into their own hands. as katie was an rubin tells us they are building tiny shelters for the homeless without any permits, and they hope officials will let them stay. volunteers come each week to this secret location to work on a secret project. so these are whether shelters that's what we're building out here, whether shelters for the homeless and they're building them with practically no experience, but this group from nonprofit feed the block felt it was imperative to take housing for the homeless into their own hands. they say the city of san jose simply isn't doing enough i feel like that is not just a feeling, but i feel like it is evident by, um many hundreds of house people that are around here, but city officials say they are making
10:32 pm
strides their operating five tiny home sites housing 400 formerly homeless individuals, and they say they're considering 1/6 location. as for this project, they say, quote encroaching on public land without a use permit is illegal. a better way to help is to do donate to nonprofits. the group says they won't be deterred. the need is simply too great, but we're not just going to let the city take them down if the city doesn't want them here than the city should be providing housing to the people who need it for this project, everyone donates their time. the materials are donated to each of the three shelters they've built so far as cost about $3500 hours of planning went into this, um, a ridiculous amount of work and dedication by our volunteers. the structures don't have plumbing or power. were, but they do have insulation and locks. the hope is to give people security at least for a while, is kind of reflective of something. i wish someone would have been able to do for me when i was almost these
10:33 pm
shelters should be complete in the next two weeks and ready for the first residents to move in. and when that happens, the group says they'd like to raise money and build some more in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. construction of new, affordable housing community in walnut creek is underway now habitat for humanity is building 42 affordable homes on the northern end of the city. the organization held a groundbreaking ceremony today the homes are for low and moderate income families typically priced out of the market. we spoke with the mother of two young children who is already making plans for what she'll do in her brand new three bedroom home. have a birthday party. have families over, um everything really. our daughter wants to color her room purple our son wants to have like everything must space and planets. they habitat for humanity runs on volunteerism. future residents must put in at least 500 hours of labor into construction, which is expected
10:34 pm
to be completed by the way by 2023. well, there is no indication tonight that california lawmakers will extend the state's eviction moratorium that is set to expire. fire on the 30th of this month. katie was jesse gary, though, tells us about one program that could help people struggling to afford rent during the pandemic would like to close. uh thank you, mr chair, even as assemblyman ash cholera sat in a committee hearing friday, the headline had already been written. there's no saving the state's eviction moratorium program. my understanding is that there isn't going to be a last ditch effort to extend it. some cholera, a strong proponent of the law, says there's no political consensus to keep the program. alive. currently tenants who are behind on rent due to covid 19 complications cannot be evicted. we're facing the subjection crisis and i don't understand why the legislature can't act to extend extend that they've done it twice before program. proponents blame lobbyists for property landlords. they argue
10:35 pm
their clients have been negatively impacted by the inability to remove non renters. in a statement late friday, the california rental housing association says. rental housing providers want to keep renters in their homes, not remove renters and will continue to work with renters on reduced rent or a payment schedule that works for everyone. south bay housing advocates say a federal government rent relief program will eventually make landlords whole again as part of the american rescue plan. we are able to not only pay backward rent, but we can also pay forward rent. we really do encourage people to apply. san jose deputy housing director reagan henninger says upwards of 27,000 households in santa clara county are behind on rent. those in need can apply for rental assistance until september three, while still paying even a small amount of their rent to remain eligible for help. i encourage everyone to, uh, find out what's available the local level we
10:36 pm
have put billions of dollars into rental assistance, and there's a lot of federal money that has been accessed yet residents should check with their local municipality or county government for programme details here in the south bay that be the city of san jose's main website, or you can go to housing dot c a dot gov. we're going to put all that information on our website ktvu. com in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. today, the state assembly approved a bill to decriminalize loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution. san francisco state senator scott wiener says the crime too often results in the arrests of transgender people as well as people of color is bill would also allow people convicted of that crime to ask a court to dismiss their conviction. opponents argued that the measure essentially legalizes the most dangerous form. of prostitution coming up tomorrow marks 20 years since the september 11th attacks, how first responders are paying tribute and the effort to keep
10:37 pm
new york city's saved from any future threats and we've got some cooler temperatures for saturday, but things change again as we head into sunday. i'll have all the details coming up in your extended forecasts. also ahead tonight why flights carrying afghan refugees [music] [birds chirping] [music] [deep breaths] [music] and there you have it— -woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow! -big deal!
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repair work. the chronicle reports that city building officials have ordered work to stop until they can review an updated construction approach work with pause last month to after the tower sank. another inch crews have been working to fix the issue. the city's request came after a new report found that construction likely caused the building to sink. san francisco based twitter has signed a lease for office space in downtown oakland. the 18 story building located at 13 30
10:40 pm
broadway, and offers 66,000 square feet of space spread across four floors. the social media company says the broadway opening is planned for late 2022. it will be the company's third pay area location. twitter's headquarters are located in san francisco's mid market area. there's also an office on santana row in san jose. with the new york times investigations suggest that a drone strike in afghanistan killed an innocent man and nine others, including seven children that strike back on august, 29th was a retaliation for the suicide bombing that took place at the kabul airport that killed 13. u. s service members. the us military claimed the target was a planner for isis k, who was carrying explosives video obtained by the time suggests the man identified as omar e. ahmadi was loading containers of water. ahmadi reportedly worked for us based aid group that fights hunger in afghanistan. the pentagon has not commented on the report.
10:41 pm
flights of afghan refugees coming to the united states from the country were paused today because of a maysles outbreak among afghans who had recently arrived in the us the white house says the cdc recommended halting those flights from military bases in germany and qatar. operation allies welcome flights into the united states have been temporarily paused at the request of the cdc and out of an abundance of caution because of four diagnosed cases of measles among afghans who recently arrived in the united states. these individuals are being quarantined in accordance with public health guidelines, and the cdc has begun full contact tracing all arriving at the white house did not say where the measles cases were located. programs and sisters, uncles and aunts, loved ones and friends have had this celebrated birthday milestones with a hole in her heart. president biden they're delivering a message ahead of the september 11th anniversary. how he plans to spend the day
10:42 pm
honoring the lives lost in the attacks. also ahead, our meteorologist kyla grogan, will be back with the look at your be back with the look at your weekend forecast. oh! my new, bigger, crispier cluck sandwich. mmh. just tell me you're not going to go overboard with the marketing. no. you're fully clucked out, aren't you? try my $6.99 cluck sandwich combo. download the jack app today. it's another day. and anything could happen. try my $6.99 it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices.
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and an extremely serious crunch. i'm kind of a big fan. try my bigger, crispier, new cluck sandwich combo for $6.99. download the jack app today. september 11th terror attacks and first responders here in the berry bay area are already paying tribute to the lives lost. yeah. differently.
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officials rang that fire bill nine times today at a special ceremony in oakland to pay tribute to those killed in the terror attacks. firefighters police officers and city leaders attended that solemn ceremony at lake merritt of the 2977 people killed on september 11th 412, or emergency workers who responded to the world trade center. president biden delivered a special message from the white house today. no matter how much time has passed, these commemorations bring everything painfully back. as if you just got the news a few seconds ago. and so on this day, joe and i hold you close in our
10:46 pm
hearts. and send you our love. where people around the world that you'll never know. who are suffering through their own losses. who see you your courage. your courage gives them courage that they too, can get up and keep going. and president biden left for new york city this evening from joint base. andrews ron dennis tells us about the president's plan to mark the 20th anniversary of the attacks. memorial services nationwide mark 20 years since the september 11th terrorist attacks on saturday, president biden and first lady dr jill biden will begin today by leading a moment of silence at the 9 11 memorial in new york city. the president will then attend a wreath laying ceremony at the pentagon. and here in shanksville, pennsylvania, the site of the flight 93 crash. the president felt it was important too, especially in the 20th anniversary to remember to visit all three places, especially those
10:47 pm
communities into the family. members of people who lost their lives, and new york city is prepping for what they have described as a quote. elevated threat environment ahead of 9 11 services at the world trade center, mayor bill de blasio says there's no specific or credible threat at thiswed to t. massive resources will be deployed to protect all new yorkers and visitors. the ny pd has shown us time and time again. it's amazing ability. meanwhile a group of new york lawmakers are pushing a bill dubbed the 9 11 responders and survivor health funding correction act. the measure will provide funding for first responders, survivors and their family members affected by 9 11 related health complications. we need to make sure that people get the treatment that they need and they deserve. president george w. bush will be the keynote speaker at tomorrow's event honoring the 40 passengers and crew who died here in shanksville, pennsylvania. on board united flight 93. in shanksville, pennsylvania. brian yannis fox news and we have more coverage
10:48 pm
of 20 years since the september 11th attacks on ktvu dot com and our news app, including how the heroes of that day are being remembered two decades later. we'll turn our attention now to whether it was kind of a micro climate type of day if you are at at the coast as you can see low sixties just 63 degrees for our high in san francisco around the bay, though, is quite nice in the seventies, and if you headed inland, well, that's where you found temperatures like in livermore. where is about 86 degrees or 85 conquered, or even fairfield got up to 88 degrees. here is a live look outside in oakland. tonight's pretty nice night out there. you know, i wouldn't say we're entirely clear. there's certainly some clouds out there but not bad, right compared to where we were this time yesterday, everything that we were dealing with essentially has moved away now and you can see it's track to the north and the east. and all those showers and all that lightning activity now has kind of exited. they are still under red flag warning in the sierra until
10:49 pm
about 11 o'clock tonight, but here, of course it expired for us this morning. current temperatures right now 59 degrees in sanford. cisco kind of. sitting relatively comfortably in the fifties and sixties, conquered still at 70 degrees, but that's about the warmest spot on the map, so low pressure has been keeping us kind of cool. high pressure, though, is eventually going to start to move in a bit, but if you're out of the coast tomorrow, it's going to be mild again on your saturday and pretty much where we should be kind of seasonal if you head inland, but as you get into sunday, that's when high pressure is going to start to move in. it's nothing extreme, but it will cause us to warm up a little bit as we had into sunday so tonight pretty mild temperatures in the fifties if you're up in the north bay valleys could it down to those upper forties tonight. and then tomorrow, san francisco is going to be running a little bit cool. so average this time of year normal b 70. we're going to be at 66 notice. we bump into the seventies, though. sunday monday tuesday as i was mentioning with that little warm up is and we cool down a little as we get into midweek. these are the highs for tomorrow, all across the base again. very much of microclimate kind of day will have low sixties out at the coast of nice seventies around the bay, oakland about 71
10:50 pm
degrees. and then low eighties in the north bay mid to upper eighties as you head to the east bay a little fog in the morning, but they're going to get lots of sunshine and hey, if you're heading out to the baseball game can be pretty nice as the oakland a's take on the texas rangers, throwing out the first pitch at 17 p. m she does some sunny skies for that, when not bad about 10 mph temperatures. about 69 degrees, so a little bit chilly. probably want to take a jacket with you. if you are headed out, here's your extended forecast and again, you can see that tomorrow is pretty mild, and then we head into a little bit of warm up. but again, it's you know, five or six degrees inland. we're warming up to low nineties that sticks with us right into tuesday, and then by wednesday, we start to pull back again. that's when we'll start to get our marine layer going, but you know, compared to where we were yesterday, you guys, this is a very, very calm scenario. so happy to say that that's a little bit different. all right. kyla. thanks well, all of a sudden, the eighth playoff hopes have taken a turn for the better as they sprayed the ball all over the yard
10:51 pm
tonight against the rangers sports director market. bonnie is up next and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news restricting police departments from buying military equipment details on the bill that's now headed to the govern
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
in the vinyl room every which way but loose for the san francisco giants. i'll tell you what. i don't think i'll ever pay attention again to preseason prognostications. even vegas had the giants winning like what 73 74 games. how about their 91st victory today? the friendly confines? of wrigley field where it was quite a memorable day for chris fried back for the first time since the giants picked him up the former m v p rookie of the year he helped them to world
10:54 pm
series very emotional, but the giants were trailing one nothing of the sixth until lamonte wade jr dumps wanted to left field. he's got an r b. i single because he's out at second base from here to there, but it's a 11 ball game, going to the seventh inning one on for evan longoria ticket to ride his 11. month. two run shot the giants suddenly leading 3 to 1. and then the subplot begins to develop. look at the, uh icu brandon belt's uniform more on that in a minute, but first we're playing baseball, but you're about to see brandon make a basket. that's a two run homer at wrigley field. 51 and now the play of the game. just kind of tip. a cries with the giants do defensively. brandon crawford's tommy la stella with the bare hand right there on the pivot, and they turned a double play cubs had only two hits. brandon crawford is an m v p candidate,
10:55 pm
bone fide, no doubt about it. but back to brandon belt, this team is loose. they're playing it easy, and longoria put a big c on his chest meeting that he is the captain of the team. well the giants don't have an official captain. but brandon felt gives you all his reasons. why maybe he's the guy chance events when you're the awful you gotta do it. everybody else just follows along so. there's a there's a chance it was self proclaimed. actually, it was. and uh you know, like i said, people just they get in line when they know i was not gonna wear it, but everybody thought that i should so being the leader that i am i stepped up and did it. okay he is the alpha dog. and if you know anything about brandon belt that's just his tongue in cheek humor right there. like i said, this team is loose. as for the a's, i wouldn't call it a hot streak get, but it's a bona fide lukewarm streak at just the right time there right in
10:56 pm
it in the wild card, and they don't have a guy who's the captain of the team, but matt olsen, their first basement. well he was awarded the heart and hustle award given to the best representative of the team for major league baseball. and, yeah, he gets to work early tonight. he has scalding it with the bases loaded. everybody is going to score. he's got 95. rbs had four hits tonight, and it's a long single because he was thrown out at second, the fourth inning. starling marte, where would this team be without the new guys? marty with a rope little wind up with. triple for him and an r b as elvis scores. he had three hits. did marty and here's the other semi new guy. josh harrison cracks one cleanly to left. that's a two out two run single and put this thing way out of reach for the rangers. 10 5 is the final 16 hits for the a's that won three in a row there just one game
10:57 pm
back of the wild card right now. all right, no, raphael nadal and no roger federer. and of course, no doubt who you're going to see in the men's u. s open final, right? those guys not around you got your joker and that was inevitable, but with the unenviable task of trying to upend them, alexander, zero of germany, and the joker did not disappoint his supporters. they've split the first two sets. third set here, the joker up 54 slams a lazy return. he's all pumped up and why not? but he dropped, the force said. and here's the match point in the fifth. their f will go into the net to end his chances and the five set winner djokovic one win away now for a record 21st grand slam victory. and of course, the calendar year grand slam he'll take on daniel medvedev in the men's final on sunday and the, uh. finalist and joker
10:58 pm
is, uh, obviously the favorite we've got friday night at the videos. you want to see the ultimate out at harding park today and just all out trust here's an example. check this out. are you ready? oh that is phil mickelson giving you his famous flop shot with steph curry right in front of him, and he didn't even flinch. charity tournament put on by steph and his wife today out at heart and good for them and good for phil mickelson for not getting the yips right there, right. okay we've got some other stuff to check out but we will do that in about 25 minutes from now. yeah okay. okay we do as i here have something else. remember craig kimbrel reliever. he's been with a few teams. he's now with
10:59 pm
the white sox. he's got this weird thing. he holds his arm up before it makes a pitch. you tell me these guys do not imitate, uh, big leaguers. little kids. take a look at this kid out, boy. look at them. yeah he's imitating everything that is big league hero does wow. sounds very cool. that's pretty cool, pretty cute and he does it up right? and then we've got to show you the incoming freshmen for stanford kiki area fen. she's six ft one. she's from southern california. the stanford cardinal there already the ncaa champs, and they've got two people who can dunk on their team friend. believe me being the other one. so look out for the stanford cardinal women. uh, next year, they can slam it. that's the sporting life for right now getting back view. we'll see. we'll see. a bit. next at 11. it needs to be addressed and you know, people want to feel safe when they go out. extra police officers are
11:00 pm
out tonight at walnut creek after a shooting recently at a downtown restaurant. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, and police there in walnut creek, stepping up patrols tonight in response to that recent incident. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina, i'm andre senior the shooting happened last weekend outside of a busy downtown. restaurant new tonight ktvu zuniga says live on main street and wall, it creak and emma. you spoke to police and business owners about the recent incidents in this typically safe area. yes andre, the police chief tells me he's added six additional foot patrols that are already on duty patrolling downtown walnut creek and will be patrolling the downtown area friday and saturday nights going forward, family friendly, charming and safe. that's the reputation of downtown walnut creek. now six extra police officers are on foot patrol finding and saturday nights to make sure it stays that way. well. last weekend


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