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tv   KTVU News and Sports Wrap  FOX  September 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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two fires break out at homeless encampments just hours apart new surveillance video of a speeding car running a red light in oakland and slamming right into that minivan 10 people were rushed to the hospital, including six children. ktvu fox two news starts now. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener horrific crash in oakland that left several children in. injured police say a suspected drunk driver ran a red light and plowed right into a minivan. ktvu greg liggins obtained new surveillance video of the crash, and he joins us now live from the newsroom with more on what happened, greg? yeah julie, before we get to
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the money till we want to let people know it might be disturbing to some now. this happened thursday evening in the fruitvale section of oakland. now take a look on the right and you're going to see a pontiac g six. enter the frame and then slam into a honda odyssey that police say. was filled with kids. police say the driver was going about 90 mph in the bus lane before hitting the minivan on international boulevard and 38th. bystanders rushed in to pull kids from the smashed van, and we saw at least one person walk away in all, police say 10. people were transported to hospitals, including six kids in the van. two of them were actually thrown from the vehicle. we've seen a lot of accidents here but on this intersection, and that's probably the worst thing i've i've seen. in the van were taken to children's hospital and are reported to be in critical condition with head trauma. the driver of the pontiac has been arrested and
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is facing multiple charges, including wi fi standards are credited with stopping the driver from running away now, people in the neighborhood say the area is prone to accidents, and this crash is merely a symptom of a larger problem, and i'm going to have more on that coming up at six o'clock tonight. greg liggins reporting live in the newsroom for us tonight, greg. thank you. in berkeley two drivers were hit and killed on interstate 80 this morning after getting into an argument on the freeway. the highway patrol says the two drivers crashed into each other on eastbound lanes in the eastbound lanes near university avenue about 1 30 this morning. then they got out of their cars and got into an argument, and that's when an oncoming mini coopers slammed right into both of them, killing them. love. at the scene. the driver of the mini coopers stayed on the scene and is cooperating with authorities. a female passenger who also got out of the car after the initial crash was taken to hospital, but only has
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minor injuries. firefighters in san jose responded to two fires at homeless encampments today near mineta san jose airport. the first fire was reported at about noon at west heading street near the guadalupe river, followed by a second fire. about two hours later. fires come just days after the city notified people living at a section of the encampment that they had to leave. nowhere to go. yeah people with cancer. we have people with heart problems. everything. homeless advocates are pushing the city to open the santa clara county fairgrounds as a site to house the homeless. santa rosa police arrested a man who they say intentionally set a fire in a grassy field near the bay village shopping centre. police say it happened yesterday morning on marlow road, witnesses reported seeing the suspect identified as 43 year old. j. c led wicky. setting something on fire, dropping it into the field and then intentionally fanning the flames. several witnesses
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surrounded the man until police arrived. the fire burned about 400 square feet before crews were able to put it out. the recall election is now just two days away, and polls show governor newsom is expected to survive the recall election. voting is already underway. democrats and republicans both agree the key to winning. will come down to voter turnout and ad featuring former president barack obama ran all weekend long supporting governor newsom. anything can happen recall politics or wild animal, but nonetheless we would expect that gavin newsom and his team will do very well. and then the question will be, can they leverage that for national political gain and put him back on the national stage, moving forward? state republicans are downplaying the polls that are calling the election in favor of governor newsom. if the recall does succeed, the question becomes who will replace newsome? conservative talk show host larry elder is leading the polls. president biden is set to campaign for governor newsom in long beach
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tomorrow. it will be his first visit to california since becoming president. president biden will also visit the sacramento area to assess wildfire damage. but the white house says rallying support for the governor was his primary reason. for the trip. president biden is then scheduled to visit boise, idaho, and denver, colorado and a reminder for complete coverage of the california recall election. you can go to our website ktvu dot com. you can watch the returns live as they come in today, vita took another step toward resuming normal operations in santa clara county light rail service is now back on the entire blue line from bay point to the santa teresa station, the deadly mass shooting at vts maintenance yard in san jose shut this transit system down three months ago. the agency is now still working on fully restoring the green line. vita also announced that passengers will continue to be able to ride the light rail trains for free through the end of september. the free service was initially set to end today more
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residents of grizzly flats returned home today to destruction from the massive cal door fire that's burning in three northern california counties. the fire started almost a month ago. it's taken a massive toll on the tiny town of grizzly flats, wiping out 650 homes. the post office the school thatchurch and the fire station. re population in the town comes as part of highway 50 has reopened from a three week fire related shut down. the highway still remains closed, though from 36 miles stone to sawmill road within a few miles of self like tom. the fire is currently burning an eldorado, alpine and amador counties and has now burned nearly 219,000 acres. as of tonight, it's 65% contained now to the dixie fire as of this evening. it's also 65% contained. the fire has now been burning for two months in butte. to hama, plumas, shasta and lassen counties. it's
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burned 1500 square miles. that's roughly twice the size of all of napa county, and that makes it the second largest fire in california history. the storm that passed through on friday helped by bringing a little bit of rain to the to the fire zone. but as the rainfall drives up, and high winds move in early this week, firefighters are working to keep the edge of the fire from burning structures in the grizzly peak carry yeah. and in southern california authorities have reopened all lanes of i five after firefighters made progress on a wildfire burning in northern l. a county. the route fire started yesterday in mountainous terrain near castaic. it grew to almost 450 acres and is currently 0% contained. no word yet on the cause of the fire. okay yeah, looking at the weather. it cooled off a bit this weekend, then temperatures today warmed up. so you might have noticed a few degrees warming today, and that's how it goes. tomorrow
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there is the fog along the coast and as we get into this week is going to be interesting. this area up here. that's a good looking system. right? that thing's going to roll in. come thursday friday, come into the weekend cool things off again and potentially bring significant or real rain to the burn zones of cal. if oranje, so let's keep an eye on that. that's towards the middle end of the week. but for us now we've got fog along the coast. we've got clear skies in that we've got that beautiful shot to show you right there. stunning good air quality you can see it, right? i mean, you're looking at the transamerica pyramid. um that's funny when i look at that, remember when that used to be the predominant feature in san francisco? it's rare. yeah because now sells for us comes in and now look at it think it's just like that's how it used to be the prominent bill identifies? yeah, it's beautiful, beautiful shot. okay, so. as the high pressure builds in out of the southwest. we're going to warm and we have today we're going to warm a little bit more tomorrow. um so it's gonna be similar to money is going to be a lot like today
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and then tuesday is not far off. but as we go through the towards the middle end of the week, we're going to see them version really stretch out. when that happens, it's going to cool off and maybe a chance for some sprinkles, maybe hope and now mainly for the north, bake dixie fire zones and areas up around trinity alps. but for tomorrow, here you go. that's your pattern. for sure. you know, inland valleys will see low nineties. these are the current temperatures which is nice when they had where they were last night by six degrees in livermore, five in concord, showed it twice i sold that i would like joe fonzi is in here. i don't you love that, joe. yeah nobody can hear you. but i'm just saying, i love that that shot everybody, because if i had that if i had a big 90 inch plasma would put it in my living room and put that shot up all the time. i think that's so beautiful. just reminds you where you live, uh, temperatures tomorrow. there they go, and little fog tries to form at the coast, but not much. and then you get the temperature forecast for tomorrow. 81 in vallejo, 91 in fairfield, 90 in antioch, 9 89 11 or tomorrow and then you see
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temperatures. here's that downward trend. right it's cooler, cooler cooler. and then a trough comes in. and maybe on saturday and sunday, we get a few sprinkles mainly north bay santa rosa sound center fell area, but i think those fires i think the dixie fires was going to get some some measurable rain, which would be great. so. there you go. that's five day forecast. we'll see you back here a little bit. all right, bill. thank you. in san francisco. the how weird street faire return to the south of market district today with electronic music, unique food and unusual art. there would usually draws up to 20,000 people to howard and second streets is typically held in may. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic and postponed this year for health and safety of everyone. but with eight stages of music and an expanded our tally and rows and rows of unique vendors, many people say they were glad to see the return of the fair this year. i'm excited to be
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back, always loved the show. i love san francisco and i love the people. this is a fun show to be at how weird street faire festival goes until eight o'clock tonight with mass and social distancing required. i love it. facebook plans to spend $100 million to help small business owners with a focus on women and minority owned businesses. facebook says they'll buy outstanding invoices and use their invoice fast tracked. graham to pay small businesses in a matter of days to apply businesses need to submit outstanding invoices that reach a minimum of $1000. the company estimates that the $100 million could help around 30,000 businesses. all right up next in sports 49ers start their nfl season with a great first half. they looked awesome. but the lions had an incredible comeback in the fourth quarter, and it all came down to one final play with just seconds. is left. joe fonzi will have
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family.
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write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. my new spicy tiny tacos, a spicy twist on my snackable tiny tacos. 15 for $3.50 or loaded for just a buck more. i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. everyone and welcome to our first football sunday. sports wrap the final score. the 49ers opener today in detroit, says one thing. the way the game went from. beginning to end is another story. quarterbacks jimmy garoppolo and trey lance would both see action in this one. and this is not the start. garoppolo was hoping for on his
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very first play from scrimmage, he and center alex mack fumbled the exchange. the lions recovered but were not able to get any points as they missed a field goal that did they had failed? on 1/4 and one on the previous series right back on the next possession, though garoppolo moved. 49ers have the detroit six and lance entered. it will always go on lance's resume that his first nfl pass was for a touchdown to trench your field land, showing poise in the pocket, then finding his open receiver and he'll get congratulations from the veteran on his return to the sideline. detroit's offseason acquisition at quarterback marin catholic and calcutta, jared goff, keeping it on the. lines next series. 13 play 82 yard drive, capped by this throw to his tight end t. j. hawkinson. 77 game early in the second quarter. 49ers hoping to avoid these were homes for him most. er didn't finish the game after leaving with the knee injury, sixth round draft choice elijah mitchell picked up the slack in the first pro
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game, mitchell pops 1 38 yards of the end zone. it was 14 7 49ers mitchell on his way to a 104 yard game after lions field goal the 49ers got in the end zone again, this time with jim michael hasty, squirming his way in from the three was 21 10 49 to 25 left in the half. and they got more. the lions are desperate to generate something, but instead, the 49ers generate some pretty good heat on golf. his pass is picked off by dre. greenlaw takes it back 39 yards of the end zone. it feels like the route is on with the 49ers in front 31 to 10 at the half, and they made it even more lopsided. early in the third quarter. the lines come with a big rush on garoppolo. he knows deebo samuel is in man coverage, and sammy makes a nice adjustment coming back to the past, then taking off on a 79 yard touchdown run, the longest in san. his career. yes rock the baby. this time. it's lance, who's happy on the sideline 38 to 10. san francisco game over right? not exactly. the lion's got the end zone on their next possession. they have the
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perfect play calls for 49 pressure golf on the screen to deandre swift. that's the right name for the detroit back as his 43 yard score makes it 38 17. the lions scored once more with the two point conversion for a 41 25 game after successful onside, kick the lions in business again, it's golf quintet cephas for six. another two point conversion made it 41 33 with 17 to play. 49ers now facing a 3rd and 12 at the one minute mark. this should be game over garoppolo to samuel has enough for the first down, but. loses the football. trey flowers punches it out, and the lions recovered. they have a chance to tie the game. well, that when you just can't have samuel, his teammates bail him out. finally on the fourth down play with just seconds to go, the 49ers put the pressure on golf and force an incompletion. 49ers get the win. but after the game, they weren't happy about the way they played down the stretch. 41 33 the final kyle, she had a hand. had to like a lot of what he saw, but not the way his team closed. any time
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you give a team a chance to get back in the game like that, you know, it starts with me and i know i can't became too concerned with protecting our guys as as opposed to doing whatever you take. i got to do to win. fortunately would pull it out. you just want to finish better than that. i guess you can find kinda. there's a relaxation a little bit on the sideline, i guess. and you know, some unfortunate things didn't go our way. but we found a way to pull it out. so at the end of the day, it's a win and we're happy with that. the other big bay area sports story on this sunday is the giants going for their seventh straight win and the sweep of the two city road trip? lots of giants fans populating wrigley field and taking advantage of a nice day in chicago. once again, they have the giants playing from ahead. they're happy to have warmer floors back off the injured list floors with the second inning single of justin steele. of course, buster posey. giants have a one nothing lead. john's got one more in the third than made it three. nothing here in the fourth, austin slater smashed the third knocked down by matt
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duffy. but by the time he recovers and throws the first boston later beats it out for a hit. florida comes home from third cubs weren't going without a fight, though, in this 11 run already in in the bottom of the fourth, and then he in half drove once a straightaway center and over the i v going 3 to 2 giants. but in the next inning, the giants got those runs back with one swim floors back basketball. he finds them bleachers and left with a bride on in front of him. home number 18 on the year for floors. it is 5 to 3. john's got six innings from logan web, but he didn't survive. the 70 can't blame web for this blew down the right field line by robinson. cherie knows that scores, david bought a giant leads 65 with three innings still to play with the bullpen came to the rescue. once again, tyler rogers came on with nobody out and struck out the side. we've got alfonso revis swinging with the bases loaded and three and two counts to end the inning. jake mcgee got his 31st save of the giants went 65. yes. dodgers won again
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today, which keeps the giants 2.5 games in front of second place l. a. games in the 2021 baseball season, running out in the eighties, playoff hopes can continue to fade the is taking on the last place rangers and jake dieteman, wearing his football loyalties on his head before the game again, the eighth just didn't have an answer for texas. isaiah keiner felisha goes up and sends james kaprielian pitch the opposite way in the right. one run scores. here comes john. here now is mark canha with the strong throw, but hernandez just got his hand in two game. there's one guy who stayed hot all year. we're oakland down 4 to 1 in the six, but matt olsen makes it a one run game with a two run homer number. 34 on the year for olson is 4 to 3 the ayes down to the last out in the ninth. joe barlow gets canada hitting chopper to third. hernandez hurries and makes the play the rangers hang on 4 to 3. the bad news is the a's are now tied with the mariners 6.5 games out of first place their three games out of the last wild card with the yankees
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between them and that final spot. when this special edition of sports wrap continues, we'll check in on the rest of the nfl, where several high profile players made their pro debuts ale
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seattle seahawks andy the best division in football this year, russell wilson and the seahawks opening up at
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indianapolis after the colts took a three nothing lead. wilson went down the middle of the field and look at the effort by tyler lockett to make an adjustment and holland at 27 yard score 7 to 3 seattle just before the half wilson throws for it all. it's locking on the receiving end again. this is a 69 yard score for 21 to 10 seattle lead well. and threw for 254 yards and four scores as the seahawks win 28 to 16. another mobile, nfc west quarterback kyler murray and the cardinals in nashville. that was a big day for murray, who runs away from trouble spots deandre hopkins in the back of the end zone, 10 nothing. arizona did curry adding to the arizona lead in the fourth quarter will throw off his back foot. christian kirk is they're hauling one in all out. willie mays four touchdown passes for murray as the cardinals joined the 40 niners in seahawks winning their opener 38 to 13. a warm one in jacksonville, where the saints hosted green bay because
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of hurricane ida jamis winston, now the saints quarterback with drew brees in the broadcast booth. winston gets away from trouble throws a jump ball that called in by jawan johnson. thanks in front, 17 nothing and how about this long 12 deonte harris for 55 yards in a score? not a good game for aaron rodgers, who sat out the game's final 11 minutes, new orleans rolls to a 38 to 3 wins. and here's who the 49ers see next week. first year coach knicks are running suryani and the eagles, who opened up in atlanta. jalen hurts, stands and throws to his former alabama teammate. last year's heisman trophy winner, devante smith puts the eagles in front 7 to 3/4 quarter. now it's jalen to jalen hurts to rigor hurts throws for three touchdowns as the eagles get off to a good start 32 to 6. over the falcons. a couple of debuts in jacksonville head coach urban meyer and number one overall draft choice. trevor lawrence jaguars into 14 hold against houston. but lawrence finds chris man hurt
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with his first nfl touchdown pass texas lead cut in half to 14 7, but the jags were no match for the texans from the shotgun. it's mark ingram handing off the phillip lindsay lindsay makes the corner goes in for the score. houston 37 21 winner last year. at this time, robert saleh was coaching the 49. defense. now he's the jets head coach. the jets in charlotte, where sam donald hooked up with robby anderson for 57 yards underscore sweet moment for those two former jets. and now the jets need to stop to keep the panthers from wrapping the game up when you need a big play, christian mccaffrey is a good guy to give the ball to. not only does mccaffrey get the first down, he gets down to keep the clock running 187 total yards from mccaffrey is the panthers win 1914. novak jugovic was one us open title away from becoming the first tennis players since 1969 to hold all four grand slam championships. djokovic taking on the neil medvedev in
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today's finals, with no less than brad pitt and bradley cooper joined the match in flushing meadows. tennis players can be temperamental from time to time, djokovic went out 46 in the first set, you'd have to say he's not happy with the development here in the second, you lost the second set by that same score. now it's medvedev in the far court at match 460.64 the score and this one as wealth. as medvedev wins his first grand slam title in straight sets, rod laver's 1969 ft of owning all four grand slam titles still safe, and here's a celebratory moment from the open. dylan alcott plays tennis from a wheelchair by winning the us open, holds all four grand slam titles, and he's also the gold medalist in the paralympic games. they're calling that the golden slam and i'll cut figures there is nothing nothing better than that to toast. and uh, maybe a makeshift hat as well. there you have it that djokovic lose. that was just a tough one for
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him going for that all time grand slam. six o'clock news continues right after this for what a
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe runs a red light and slams right into that minivan in oakland. six children were inside the van and were hurt. now, witnesses say the city needs to do more to crack down on reckless drivers. but i was driving too fast on that lane. and if he didn't hit somebody here, he would have probably hit somebody somewhere else. risk is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and i'm frank somerville. the crash happened on international boulevard and 38th avenue. six children were injured. two of them are now in critical condition. the driver was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and was later


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