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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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runs a red light and slams right into that minivan in oakland. six children were inside the van and were hurt. now, witnesses say the city needs to do more to crack down on reckless drivers. but i was driving too fast on that lane. and if he didn't hit somebody here, he would have probably hit somebody somewhere else. risk is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and i'm frank somerville. the crash happened on international boulevard and 38th avenue. six children were injured. two of them are now in critical condition. the driver was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and was later
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arrested. ktvu is greg liggins has obtained surveillance video of the crash. and he's here now with more greg. yeah, frank, but first, a warning some of the video and the story might be a. bit disturbing for some people now. while the severity of this crash may be rare, some tell us the type of reckless behavior leading up to it. is not. just after 8 30. pm thursday of pontiac g six going about 90 miles an hour in the bus lane, according to police ran a red light and plowed into a honda odyssey. we've decided not to show two kids apparently not buckled in being thrown from the van. we've seen a lot of accidents here on this intersection, and that's probably the worst thing. i've i've seen the horrific crash on international boulevard at 38 was captured by cameras at the business of gaspar gomez. bystanders rushed in to rescue victim. is pulling children from the vehicle. i think it's our duty. you know, you see somebody in need, and especially in that situation, you should help. at least one person in the red shirt managed
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to walk away in all, police say 10. people were transported to hospitals, six of them children in the van, including a nine and two year old thrown from the vehicle. they're reported to be at children's hospital in critical condition with head trauma. after hitting the van, the pontiac hit a jeep parked on the sidewalk, then came to rest. the driver appeared ready to run, but bystanders put a stop to that. so before you know, he had too many people that weren't going to let him go. some call the accent. in here, a symptom of a larger problem in parts of oakland lawlessness. some call it. but as exemplified in video, we captured a guy on a dirt bike wheeling his way west people drive like they don't have no license because they don't obey the law. they just drive like they want to drive gamez says cars have hit his building drivers use the bus lane like a highway and flouting road rules is common. the city has called in the chp for help, but gamez and others say more needs to be
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done to prevent future tragedies like this. maybe we have to ooh! or they have to start taking license plates, numbers sending out finds, you know, um i don't know something something it has to be a deterrent. oakland police say they've held 10 traffic safety operations in east oakland in the last year, the most recent being september 3rd. as for the driver, who crashed into that minivan well, he's been charged with d u i hit and run, reckless driving and driving on a suspended license, frank all right, let's just hope those kids are okay. greg liquids in our newsroom tonight, craig. thank you. firefighters in san jose responded to two fires at homeless encampments near manetta santa. as a airport today. the first fire was reported around noon at west heading street near the guadalupe river. followed by a second fire about two hours later. the fires come just days after the city notified people living on part of that
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encampment that they had to leave. this is a humanitarian crisis. if it was a city that had burned down, there would be red cross shelter set up right away to accommodate this. there's a fire right here. somebody just lost their home. nobody cares because they don't view it as a home. homeless advocates are pushing the city to open the santa clara county fairgrounds as a site to house the homeless were now just two days until the recall election and as the governor gets more endorsements from the white house republicans say they're working every day until election day. on tuesday. ktvu is james torres reports tonight from san mateo county. the recall election is now two days away. voting is underway, but both democrats and republicans agree. the key to winning this election will be all about voter turnout. protect california by voting no on the republican recall the latest presidential push to vote no on the recall this ad featuring former president barack obama
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ran all weekend long supporting gavin newsom, the chair of san francisco's democratic party, says endorsements like these, and an appearance from joe biden didn't california this sweet. are huge. president biden, uh, you know, has a unique ability to energize the base and that a lot of democrats, you know, we'll see his presence as a reminder of why they need to vote and why it's important for them to not take this election for granted. on the republican side, local gop chair john dennis says those endorsements don't mean much and as far as polls calling the election in favor of newsome, he says the election isn't over. till it's over we were out there, you know, delivering the message directly to voters not doing no publicity events that something we're calling people making hundreds of thousands millions of phone calls to folks knocking on doors and pointing out that this is important that we send a message to politicians have gotten out of control. political experts save newsome does beat the recall it could stay in his long term political career. now anything can happen. recall politics or
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wild animal, but nonetheless, we would expect that gavin newsom and his team will do very well. and then the question will be, can they leverage that for national political gain and put him back on the national stage? moving forward? if the recall succeeds the question becomes who will replace newsline conservative talk show host larry elder seems to be the popular candidate. would you feel comfortable having larry elder as governor? go absolutely absolutely. he has the support of san francisco republicans. the democrats, however, are hoping the recall doesn't make it that far recognized the national significance of this race. the reality is that. even though we defeated donald trump in 2020, we still haven't defeated trump isn't i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news president biden is scheduled to campaign for governor newsom in long beach tomorrow. it will be his first trip to california since becoming president. president biden will also visit the sacramento area to assess wildfire damage. but the white
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house says rallying support for the governor is the primary reason for him coming here. president biden is that when set to visit boise and denver. and a reminder here for complete coverage of the california recall election on tuesday. you can go to our website ktvu dot com. you can watch the returns come in live as they happen. secretary of state anthony blinken is scheduled to testify before congress this week on the withdrawal of us forces from afghanistan. the first hearing will take place tomorrow before the house foreign affairs committee, followed by hearing before the senate foreign relations committee on tuesday. a group of 15 house democrats recently. sent a letter to blinken and homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas seeking additional information on how americans. permanent u. s residents and other vulnerable individuals who remain in afghanistan will be evacuated and in afghanistan today, the taliban announced some of the new social guidelines under the new, all
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male government, women will be allowed to study at universities, including for postgraduate degrees, but they will not be in the classrooms with men and they will be required to wear clothing that follows religious requirements. it's still not clear if that means they will be limited to the compulsory compulsory. headscarf. or all mandatory face coverings as well. taliban leaders also say they are currently reviewing what women will be allowed to study the body of a u. s. marine killed during a suicide bombing outside the kabul airport is now back at home. a procession was held earlier today as corporal alberto sanchez body arrived at logansport, indiana, people holding american flags lined the streets to pay their respects. state police and firefighters also paid tribute. sanchez was only 22 years old. he was one of 13. u. s service members killed in a suicide bombing at the kabul airport on august 26th corporal sanchez funeral is set for tuesday
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morning. this weekend. the nation marked 20 years since the september 11th terror attacks. president biden and former presidents clinton and obama paid their respects in new york at the site where the world trade towers fell. there were also remembrances at the pentagon and shanks. bill, pennsylvania, where former president george. w bush spoke. nearly 3000 people died in those attacks, including more than 401st responders here in the bay area, san francisco's fire department hosted one of the largest local 9 11 memorial services at oracle park, the bay area's muslim american community also organized a vigil in palo alto last night with the goal of bringing people of all faiths together on this tragic anniversary. then president george w bush was visiting an elementary school in sarasota, florida when he was told about the attack on the world trade center. fox news, jonathan serrie returned to that school 20 years later and talked with
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some of the children and teachers who are in the classroom that day about their memories of what happened. it was during a visit with second graders at emma booker elementary school that president george w. bush learned about the 9 11 attacks. 20 years later, those students now young adults remember vividly the moment. white house chief of staff andrew card whispered in the ear of the commander in chief, just from the expression from the president's face. uh, we could all tell, you know something was. something was going on to airplanes have crashed into the world trade center. we actually learned what the word terrorist was. you know that day, um, was explained to us. we learned that war is real lanzarote to brock, who works as a chemical engineer in houston, says 9. 11 taught him to work each day to strengthen relationships with family and friends, because tomorrow is never guaranteed to damian smith, a soldier posted
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at fort campbell. kentucky, says he was already desk. in for military service. but 9 11 underscored its importance. i definitely think about those guys everyday men and women, children, you know whoever lost their lives that day. um my family is constantly praying for you guys to damian keeps a copy of the text book he and his classmates used when they read to the president with the help of their teacher, kay daniels. i'm in constant contact with my students. since that time, there was a bond, a bond that was formed and it's never changed. miss daniels says she's not only proud of the men and women her students have become but proud of the children. they used to be. after all, it was their hard work, improving reading skills that brought the president to their school and solidified their place in history. and sarasota, florida. jonathan serrie fox news still ahead here. some republican governors are fighting back against president biden's vaccine
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mandate for businesses. we're also learning wanna vaccine for younger children could be approved details coming up. also ahead tonight, debris scattered and an apartment complex nearly leveled the explosion in atlanta that injured several people. a bit of a warm up today, a bit of a warm up tomorrow and then temperatures are going to trend down with a chance for some clouds and maybe even a little bit of wet weather towards the end of the week into the weekend. we'll check that out when i see you back here. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm,
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apartment building for people were hurt. two people were initially missing, but have since been found. the cause of the explosion isn't known, but authorities say local utility had gotten a call from a resident about a strong smell of gas shortly before the explosion. now that explosion happened in the city of dunwoody. that's an area about 20 miles north of atlanta. the white house believes this new vaccine mandate for thousands of american businesses. is the quickest way to boost the country's stagnant pace of new vaccinations. but opponents are calling it government overreach, which will make it more difficult to sway those still on the fence about getting a shot. fox news charles watson has the latest now from washington. it's no surprise president biden's announcement
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of a vaccine mandate has been met with resistance by republican leaders, governors say those who are still skeptical of the vaccine won't be convinced by the government, making it mandatory if they want to keep their job and i'm trying to overcome resistance, but the president's actions in a mandate hardens the resistance. the distrust is with government. this enhances the distrust. the president's order requires businesses with more than 100 employees. wire proof of vaccination or weekly testing. federal employees and contractors don't have the option of just getting tested. they must get vaccinated. republicans say the mandate is unconstitutional and they're already preparing lawsuits. regis overreach of federal authority and as we see what these rules are, we will be able to know exactly how we will be able to challenge them in court. the push from the white house is its latest effort to get the delta surge under control, which is currently responsible for about 150,000 cases. and 1500 deaths
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nationwide every day. right now, just over half of americans are fully vaccinated. in order to reach herd immunity. this number needs to be closer to 70 or 80% perhaps with a mandate on small businesses. eventually you get to something akin to 85% but it's going to be slow because this is going to get litigated it takes osha time to implement regulations you'll have to put in place guidance give businesses a grace period, something that would boost those numbers is the approval of a vaccine for kids under 12, a new. port says this could come by the end of next month. in atlanta. charles watson, fox news, amazon, walmart and kroger is will offer at home. covid-19 tests added discount beginning later this week. it's part of the biden administration's plan to combat the virus to make at home test more widely available and easier to get. the president's plan also includes a range of new measures, including requiring employers with more than 100 workers to put vaccine mandates in place or require
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weekly testing. france has joined. a growing list of european countries that's tightening travel restrictions on us tourists. starting today. only vaccinated americans will be permitted. will be permitted to enter france for a vacation travelers from the u. s who have not been vaccinated can only visit france for essential business trips, and they have to show a negative coronavirus test. two dozen other european union nations have similar rules in response to the surgeon covid cases caused by the delta variant. the trial of former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes is set to resume this week. a court hearing on friday was postponed because a juror may have come into cont. packed with someone who tested positive for covid 19. so far that jury member is not showing any symptoms and all of the jurors are vaccinated. the judge delayed the hearing until tuesday out of an abundance of caution and ktvu will be in the courtroom every day of the trial. you can find more coverage on ktvu dot com, where
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investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has been live blogging when court is in session, the evangelical lutheran church in america installed its first openly transgender bishop this weekend here in the bay area. the ceremony for reverend megan roar was held during a service at san francisco's grace cathedral yesterday. roar will oversee nearly 200 congregations in northern california and northern nevada. she said. their new role will celebrate all that is possible when we trust god to shepherd us forward, all right. i hope you had a nice weekend out there warmed up a little bit as we got into today. tomorrow i'll be a little warmer. still, we had a pretty cool friday and saturday as you know. help the fire situation out a little bit, and we have some cool weather coming towards the middle end more towards the end of this week coming up that could help us certainly help us from the north cal fires and maybe you can bring us a sprinkle or two. so you're looking at the satellite loop there. you're looking at it here, and this is the system.
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this little thing that's good looking stuff, so it's early, but that could bring us a little bit of sprinkle activity or something. as we get into saturday and sunday, i'll show you that on the model. the story around here today was mostly sunny and warmer by a good 56 degrees and some in some places. you see the fog out there now is you're looking at, um that's emeryville looking. yeah, that must be emeryville looking out towards san bruno gap. that's where the fog's coming in. you can see the fog kind of getting pinched down when it does that, you know, tomorrow is going to be another warm day because it's curving down like that just gives you an indication of the high pressure. okay so here's the model and this is long range ball, and this is not very granular. but it's very it's good at picking up big, long range pattern. so there's tuesday. here's wednesday changes. is coming. c that cloud band coming down. that's kind of cool friday. that's that's right. that's not bad. if that happens and it's something some some iteration of this will happen. i don't know if that would be the exact timing on that but this trough
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is destined for us somewhere around friday, saturday and sunday, and if you notice that brought out some showers in parts of the parts of the dixie fire zone, which is good to see so just rooting on the firefighters like i said before these fires don't go away until we get some rain. they just don't don't you know they may go 90% containment, but those fires, aren't they don't they don't walk away from those fires until it's rained. um. especially big fires like this. so here's the plan for tomorrow, right? and the story as we turn to the end of the week is we're going to see the marine layer really stretch out and cool things off. but tomorrow is another day like today, so we still have that i showed you that fog curving over we still have that kind of more warm weather pattern. and so the layout is like that kind of a nice little fall pattern. air quality is fine. i mean, not perfect, but pretty close, you know, for this time of year, and with all the fires that are burning temperatures tomorrow look like this. see the fog or look like these. and you'll see the orange colors and the reds come in red zone nineties, most of us tomorrow or in the
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seventies, eighties and low nineties, so life shot out there looks like there's a little wind cameras bumping around 91 in fairfield 90 in antioch 86 in santa rosa. 89 11. i hope you had a good weekend. um this week is going to be nice one and it's starting to and will continue to feel like fall as we walk on through these next week and coming few weeks. julie julie haener. i was watching football all weekend. i know you were, too and it was just it's fall, and it's not quite fall officially, but it's feeling like you can feel it in the evenings when the day light starts to turn into dark earlier and earlier, yeah. you can feel it, bill. thanks. we'll see you later on tonight. well today was the last day of the 31st annual autumn moon festival in san francisco. the celebration was held at grant avenue between california street and broadway in chinatown, san francisco police department, asian and pacific islander forum took the opportunity to distribute safety kits at the event, they say violence against asian americans continues to be a top concern among members of the community. the brussels based
6:23 pm
bus is all about safety. so in these packages, we have yellow assault. we have anonymous tip line, and they have a face mask for safety. it's all about bringing safety awareness. community festival featured food vendors arts and craft booths, live music, cultural performances and, of course, lion dancing coming up 49ers over the season with a bang on offense, but was it enough to hold off the lion's sports is. is next, then coming up tonight at 10 grocery stores prepare customers for larger bills will break down the finger pointing over who is to blame for price hikes on store oh! my new, bigger, crispier cluck sandwich.
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new cluck sandwich combo for $6.99. such a thing as a disappointing win, that's kind of what the 49ers got today in detroit as both jimmy garoppolo and trey lance, they were ready to go. they both saw action. obviously garoppolo getting the start. and how's this for a good omen? the first pass of trey lance's career goes for a touchdown, five yards to trent. sure, field seven 49ers. lance's only passed the day garoppolo says.
6:27 pm
nice job rookie to stop it too good. raheem mostert left. the game with a knee injury. he'll get an mri tomorrow. incomes rookie elijah mitchell, sixth round draft pick out of louisiana with 43 speed in his shows it off here. 38 yards for the touchdown flag was on the defense of the touchdown stands mitchell with 104 yards rushing on the day now, 21 10 49 ers. goff under pressure throws it right to dre. greenlaw is taking it the other way saying bye bye to the defense 39 yards for the touchdown. 49ers tack on a field goal. they lead 31 10 at the half, and they seem to put it on ice midway. through the third. garoppolo throws it up. deebo samuel comes down with it tough catch, and then he races 79 yards for the score, longest touchdown pass of grapplers career samuel career high 189 yards receiving niners were up 38 to 10, but give the lions credit. they fight back golf, dumps it off to deandre swift, who makes a
6:28 pm
move right there on jimmie ward 43 yards for the touchdown, but the niners still up 38 17 you figure it's garbage time until it wasn't the lions recovering onside. kick scored two touchdowns in 46 seconds. and yet the 49ers can ice it right here on this first down catch by samuel, but he fumbles it back to the lions and just like that a touchdown in a two point conversion would tie the game the lions down to the 24, but on fourth and nine golf under pressure, throws it away, and that's your ball game. the 49ers defense bends a lot, but doesn't break the 49ers escape 41 to 33. they will stay out east. to prepare for the eagles and philadelphia week two. there are cubs fans everywhere. same with giants fans, gorgeous. day at wrigley field giants looking to sweep the cubs top of the fifth giants already up, 32 and wilmer flores sends his 18th home run of the year over the wall left the giants get some pad, and
6:29 pm
they lead it five to now, 65 giants in the seventh. the cubs have the bases loaded, tyler rogers that submariner strikes out. alfonso rivas gets out of the jam. giants hang on to win 65. that's their seventh straight win and first sweep at wrigley since 19. 18 95 as they maintain their 2.5 game lead over the dodgers. how about the age taking on the rangers before the game? ace reliever jake beekman, clearly a green bay packers fan playing catch with chris bassett? scoreless in the third, isaiah kind of philippa slapped one to write off james kaprielian. one run comes in to score. mark canha tries to make the play, but the runner is saved. so it's two rangers. but the a's get some back right here in the sixth, down four. the one when matt olsen crushes the pitch over the wall to run shot arolsen, his 34th of the year. and it's 4 to 3 a's they could get no closer. you see the final out of the game here as the rangers
6:30 pm
win at 4 to 3, a's now 6.5 back of the astros 3.5 back in the wild card race, frank and theres many ways that policy can make that easier or harder. the cost of the california dream continues to soar the concerns from economists as they analyze the data, renters have just been hit a lot harder than homeowners because more renters are in the most vulnerable industries, the challenges renters and owners are facing in the covid-19 era, and what housing experts say could ease the burden just to really, uh make ends meet, uh, pay the bills, pay rent and just keep myself afloat. a chronic unemployment look at the troubling trend is the california economy rebounds. ktvu presents the cost of california. welcome to the cost of california. i'm greg lee over the next several weeks will dive deeper into four major topics. cost of living education


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