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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits. ♪ ♪ ♪ small decisions make a world of difference. ikea. causes flooding your homes in san francisco, and now cruz and homeowners are left to clean up the mess. all my tables and chairs that are inside. they all got a little bit of water damage. you see nothing but water gushing down the street we're thinking is like a flash flood or something. some people say about a foot of water rushed into their basements. good evening, everyone. i'm
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frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the water main break was first reported at about four o'clock this afternoon on brunswick at pope street. just a couple of blocks from mission street. we get live coverage now from ktvu jana katsuyama in san francisco and janna cruz just wrapped up their work in the past half hour. they did julian franken you can see right behind me that they put up this caution tape. that's because this is the area where the water main break happened. they said that they put in an eight ft section of cast iron pipe. this was a transmission line. they tell me that came from the sutra reservoir. and tonight there are residents who are still trying to mop up. it was a shock to neighbors. a sudden burst of water flooding the road from brunswick down to pope st. i just see this water gushing down our block. i'm like, what the heck is going on water from a broken pipe was flowing past parked cars and right into people's homes. one of our elderly neighbors, her basement got flooded completely. so then we decided to help her
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get a couple brooms, you know about the waters, firefighters and public utilities crews rushed to the spot, shutting ros along the 200 block of pope street were left with a mess, sopping wet floors, possessions in basements and garages soaked and needing to be cleaned from the mud and debris carried down by the water. i own up party rental companies, so all my tables and chairs that are inside they all got a little bit of water damage. jackie's armando says her family had just had their basement redone. they had about a foot of water inside here when i got here earlier i was up to here. this is the second incident after stern grove was flooded with water last month and sfp you see spokesman says the stern grove case was a broken air valve, he said. in this case, it appears the brunswick street incident was due to aging infrastructure. but 12 inch water main broke the water. main is from 1933, and we don't have an exact cost, but it's an
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old water. main residents say it is the second time this street has flooded because of a broken pipe, the same corner where we had to break before is something that needs to be, i guess surveyed and uh, make sure that. it's the problems don't become even worse. covid all lockdown ness everything up. you know, it's like people people are trying to struggle. people are struggling. people trying to get buys. please replace all the 100 year old place because this can happen like at any moment. honestly, like what happened today? damage now there as a pc says no. one lost water service tonight, but they are going to be sending a team back tomorrow. back your life. you can see where the sidewalk pavement has caved in. there's i also this hole in the ground on the streets of the paving crew will be back to repave that, and they say that inspectors will be analyzing this pipe section. to determine whether they need to do replacement of more of this line. yeah janet any idea about how many people or how
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many families were impacted by this broken water main? well, julie, it was at least one whole block along the 200 block of pope street. and you know, we just s basements. a lot of the assessment. i think it's going to be on how much water got into the wall, so there's still a lot of work for those people to do. but you know, one thing that's good is it happened in the daytime when people were awake or coming home from work, so they were able to address it immediately. yeah that is the one bit of good news and that no one lost water service. all right, janet. thank you. the chp is investigating a deadly crash in pacifica, where a car drove off of a cliff. that crash was reported at about 2 20 this afternoon on highway one near the tom lantos tunnel. authorities say the car went a few 100 ft. down and landed on the beach. the car and the body have been recovered. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. a city on the peninsula on the peninsula is considering proof of your shot your vaccine if
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you're dining outside, and if that new rule is adopted, it would be stricter than other cities like san francisco and berkeley that only require proof of the vaccine indoors. ktvu azenith smith is in millbrook tonight, and azenith smith one restaurant owner. you talked to says this mandate would hurt his business. yes, frank. he does not agree with the mandate yet. that councilman i spoke with says the mandate could protect seniors and young children who can't get the vaccine yet. and one medical expert i spoke with says this medic could erode public trust customers who dine or grab a drink in millbrae. be prepared. you may have to show your vaccine card even if you choose to sit outside, spoken to a lot of seniors, and you know, a lot of them are still concerned about the doubt of area even though there vaccinated. um, and they're afraid that around better. milbury councilman andrews fung is proposing idea of wednesday's city council
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, gym and salon to verifyn vaccinated. whether they're indoors or outdoors has main reason to protect vulnerable people like seniors and children. he says he's gon support from restaurants like hong kong flour lounge, the biggest and most iconic restaurant here in the city of millbrae. with seating capacity over 400. there are 100% behind this mandate. i just think that it's a silly thing to do right now. i haven't heard of any other jurisdiction that requires proof of vaccine for outdoor dining. yo yo shwe, owner of wonderful restaurant called the councilman's proposal unreasonable. the owner says he's invested in plenty of safety measures him and his staff don't feel comfortable imposing mandates at the door. it's generally understood that outdoor dining is safer than indoor dining. there was a large study in ireland. that showed out of two rooms would be 2000 infections less than 1. looked like they were from outside. dr gandhi of ucsf doesn't support the mandate since transmission outside is so low, she worries
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such a mandate could affect public buy in on the vaccine i see that rationale for indoor. i think outdoor might be a little bit of an overstep. milbury's vaccination rate is similar to san mateo county at 92% councilman fang says another reason for the new rule to encourage everyone to get the shot this man visiting from montana supports it. i think the more that we can do ooh, that encourages or motivates people, uh to get vaccinated vaccinated, the better it would be. and tonight was the initial discussion and within the last hour, a lot of people spoke during public comment the majority of them against the mandate, and several council members expressed concerns wanting to wait and see what the county does next week. right now. san maket san mateo county does not have a vaccine requirement, so it looks as though this will not pass tonight. frank azenith smith and millbrae tonight azenith smith. thank you students in the west contra costa. unified school
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district may be required to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. according to ed source, the district will hold a special meeting next tuesday to talk about a vaccine mandate for all eligible students, teachers and staff. if passed the mandate would give students until october 31st to get fully vaccinated. students who choose not to get the shot will have to enroll in the districts. virtual academy fda emergency approval of the pfizer vaccine for children under 12 could come as soon as october in anticipation that we're in. the office of education has now set a tentative date of october 30th for a first dose. and the second on november 27th for kids in marin ages. 5 to 11 in marin, where 90% of people 12 and older are vaccinated. teachers are still excited about getting the younger group protected. what we know and what the science tells us is that as soon as we can get as many people as possible,
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regardless of their age level, fully vaccinated, that that's going to make, um such a difference in terms of how we operate and what mitigation strategies will be necessary. health officials say there has not been a surge in cases among children ages 5 to 11 in the bay area that's most likely due to high immunization rates in people over 12. governor newsom today went back to work after the recall. ktvu is greg lee tells us that the governor's focus is going to be fighting the pandemic. a return to business as usual for governor newsom. hours after beating back the recall, he visited oakland's melrose leadership academy to tout the state's school reopening policies. we want to keep our kids safely back in person instruction, it's critical to get more people vaccinated, and it's critical that we have face coverings and masks. the governor also spoke to students about the importance of voting tuesday night, californians voted for him to keep his job the no. one recall winning by a
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landslide. the newsom campaign nationalized the race, but covid-19 at the center. they got help from national democrats like president biden and used the ground game led by labour groups. millions of personal contacts were made, uh through the courts of this election, and, in fact, those personal contacts turned the tide of this election. labor and community leaders celebrated the win and their part in it. for republicans. the result doesn't temper any of their frustrations with the state's issues. what's important here is that. the problems california faces weren't solved by this selection. almost snus crime high gas prices wildfires, we wake up the next day committed not interested in addressing all of these pre existing conditions and challenges that the state faces and doing so head on with the special election behind us, it's hard not to look ahead to the 2022
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gubernatorial race. the california gop i don't really think as they singular face. candidates have come and gone. it's still a party that needs to focus on presenting solutions to voters instead of just complaining about the democrats. loyola marymount professor jessica levinson says the recall results put the incumbent on a clear path. all of the basics indicate the governor newsom will be able to fight off any challengers who would want to, you know, quote unquote primary him. a lot of that isn't necessarily because people just absolutely adore governor newsom but because of the math in california and because of the policies that he embraces. in oakland greg lee ktvu fox two news. here's a closer look now at the recall numbers. all of the counties in green voted to recall the governor. the majority of them you can see are in central and northern california, the county with the most support for the recall was lassen county with
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83% of people voting yes, and no surprise. san francisco was the least supportive with 87% voting. no. somerset county, just southeast of the bay area was split right down the middle with 50% voting. yes and 50% voting. no larry elder was the overwhelming choice for the candidate to replace newsome, but a democrat came in second overall, beaten out john cox and other republicans who campaigned heavily kevin path wrath is a 29 year old real estate broker from ventura. he also has a youtube page with nearly two millions of two million subscribers. he came in a distant second, but he did beat larry elder in one california county, san francisco to bay area. democratic lawmakers say it is time to fix what they call a broken recall system. state senator steve glazer of orinda chairs the california state senate elections committee. he and assemblyman mark berman of menlo park, say one question is
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whether a recall should be triggered by serious allegations of wrongdoing. they say the number of signatures required may need to increase. another concern is whether an elected governor should be replaced by someone with a small percent of the vote. there are some who feel like it should be a runoff. there are some who feel, um, make a very compelling argument that the lieutenant governor should simply step forward. if we recall was successful and subject that, uh, that acting governor to an election at a future date. governor newsom did not weigh in today, saying he would leave it up to the legislature. lawmakers say they hope to hold hearings beginning in the fall coming up here. hundreds of pg and e customers losing power once a week without warning at 10, 30 what pg and e says is to blame. and a significant cool down today, further cooling tomorrow, with some showers potential over some shower potential in the forecast for saturday night
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into sunday at first a vigil for a man shot shot and killed by an fbi agent in oakland. coming up after the break we hear from the man's family who says they want answers about what happened. nobody said anything to us, and killed by an
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east oakland earlier this week. say they want answers about what happened. and tonight they held a vigil. ktvu is amber lee was there. so amber? what are they saying? well the man's family tells me he was on parole, but that he did not deserve to have his life taken. they say they have many questions about what happened. he that believes in me. family and friends held a vigil for michael jonathan cortez, just outside a corner store on fruitvale avenue in east oakland, where he was shot and killed by fbi agent this is somebody that was basically my twit. he uh okay. all right. he was a good person. he was always smiling, the fbi says shortly before 3 30 monday. the afternoon. an agent shot court has whom they say was armed and that he was taken to the hospital where he died. the fbi
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says the agent participating on the u. s marshals task force was not injured. we just don't understand why this happened to him. we want answers. we want justice. i asked the fbi if the agent was specifically looking for cortez and why, but it declined to say in a statement, the agency wrote, the fbi takes all shooting incidents involving our agents or task force members. seriously. the review process is thorough, objective and is conducted as expeditiously as possible. under the circumstances. i heard the shot. i heard like a shot. go off boom. this young man, a friend of cortez tells me he was outside the store when he saw one man rushed inside with a gun drawn followed by others, he says he later learned that they are law enforcement. i didn't expect them to do nothing like that, because i wouldn't like, expect that none of that to happen when the customer come the owner of the corner store, too. tells me his son sold cortez, a beverage and beef jerky. shortly before the shooting
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inside the store, he says cortez is a regular customer who stays with his girlfriend in a unit above the business. i didn't feel good about what happened was actually is it's i think it's hurting, you know, he says his son was watching the surveillance camera when the man entered the store with a gun, and his son initially thought it was a robbery because the fbi agent was in plainclothes to see oil, wind beans to get killed. there's nothing the city. it's not a good feeling is. the store owner says law enforcement confiscated his surveillance camera equipment so he has not had a chance to see what was captured on video. i just want the people the officers involved to contact us immediately went answers. the family says cortez was on parole for a drug related conviction and that he was currently working for a supermarket with hopes of starting a food truck business. he leaves behind three children, frank and julie. amber i'm wondering. the fbi
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says that cortez was armed. what is his family saying? they said they don't know and that's part of what they want. more information. alright amberleigh live for us tonight. thank you. envelope oyster investigating a deadly shooting, authorities say officers responded to a report of a shooting about seven o'clock this morning on #### born avenue near wilson avenue. they say when they got there. they found a man in his twenties lying on the ground with a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene at this time. police have not released any information about a motive or whether they've made any arrests. all that five of california's national forest will be open to visitors tomorrow. the forests have been closed since august. 30th due to devastating wildfires throughout the state this summer, effective at midnight, emergency orders will be lifted to reopen the forest. that's two days earlier than originally scheduled. old force officials say they pushed up the date because of more firefighting resources. a change in the weather. and
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fewer visitors. already we've got a cool night out there tonight. temperatures in the fifties low fifties little breezy lot of fog at the coast and the things are changing. you notice it today. cooler today by 10 and 15 degrees in some places temperatures tomorrow with trend down a little bit as this low. kind of just pushes in, and this low is the parent low or the beginning of that opportunity for some showers on saturday night sunday, and it looks better and better. i mean, especially for these northern zones up around with and that's my big concern for me, is you thinking about you know, between calder and dixie and the fires up trinity alps and up around humble county. it's going to put down a lot of a lot of the flames. some of these areas are forecasting quarters to a half inch of rain. which would be magnificent, so fingers crossed on that. that's not till saturday night into sunday, and we have a long way to go before that happens. in the meantime, this is the highest from today, which were, uh, pretty pretty much cooler than yesterday by
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good. 6678 degrees. in some cases, tomorrow's temperatures a lot like these, but take off. maybe especially inland. take off a couple degrees. so there's low eighties turn into, uh, upper seventies. for the most part, we'll see some 81 82 zinc at 84 will not happen again tomorrow and livermore. so it's a cool mild day tomorrow. so that's your thursday friday it stays about the same saturday the clouds increase in saturday night. we got a chance for, uh, some showers in the north and then all day. in sunday, starting in the morning into the afternoon. we have an opportunity for some showers around here a bunch of fog out there right now. mild or cool overnight and a mild day tomorrow when i come back, i got the computer model. load up. we'll try to time out that rain, the rain chances anyway, and we'll look at the five day daly city has joined other cities and cemetery county and band single use, plastics at restaurants and other food facilities like food trucks and
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farmers markets. the new law goes into effect in october of next year. earlier this week, daly city leaders passed an ordinance that requires places where food is sold to not use plastic bowls, cups plates or utensils. instead they'll be they'll they'll need to be made out of. natural based materials like paper, sugar cane, bamboo or wood and disposable items like straws stirs condiment packs and napkins will be provided only when requested. the michelin guide is returning the famed michelin stars to california restaurants. later this month. the coveted awards were paused in california during the pandemic. the stars, which are typically given to fine dining restaurants, will be announced on september 28th. they are awarded on a scale of 1 to 3, the founders of stopping a p i hate organization are given a huge honor. plus tonight marks yom kippur. how bay area temples are celebrating. also ahead
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a p time magazine's annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. cynthia choi, mendoza, kulkarni and russell jong first launched the stop a p i hate coalition in san francisco back in march of 2020. it was formed in response to the growing number of hate crimes against asian americans resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. they say. since they began tracking data, there have been more than 9000 reports of racist attacks against asian americans. there are a number of other people with bay area ties name to that list, including tom brady, apple ceo. tim cook, vice president kamala harris and tesla ceo elon musk, as well as president biden,
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former president trump and prince harry and meghan markle also made that list today is the first day of hispanic heritage month, the san jose police department is celebrating by profile in hispanic officers, christian come. camarillo was born in san jose to mexican immigrants is now a sergeant and the media relations supervisor. officer rita perez is also said jose native. she says she's living her childhood dream patrolling the streets where she grew up. i love this job because we do have these moments where there are difficult moments and people need us in crisis, but then a lot of it's just speaking of people communicating, deescalating, um, building trust hispanic heritage month month was first observed back in 1968. it runs from september 15th through october 15. tonight is the holiest day of the year in judaism. that is because at sundown, yom kippur begins
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marking a time of atonement and repentance. this she eva herschel, my love uh, temple beth abraham in oakland celebrated in hybrid form, as you can see, some people were allowed to attend their outdoor celebration, while others streamed it online. it was a disservice to every victim who suffered needlessly at the hands of larry nassar. after i spoke up, why are public servants whose job is to protect getting away with this angry and emotional testimony on capitol hill from former olympic gymnasts who are abused by doctor larry nassar, and then completely let down by the fbi and homes and businesses in one north baytown inexplicably losing power once a week how pg and e is explaining the outages that causing so much frustration. also ahead tonight, a prestigious award for the giants brandon crawford. that story and a lot more later in sports and commuters are
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back on the roads but still avoiding public transportation. how transit agencies are slow to bounce back from the to bounce back from the pandemic can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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big headache for one town in the north bay during fire season. pg and e has program some lines to deactivate, if disturbed more tonight from kgb ktvu is deborah villalon, who's in marin county. deb what's going on there? well frank, there's been a half dozen power outages, the latest today. which prompted the owner of lagunitas market to give us a call looking for answers. lauren jones opened his market wednesday but locked up soon after when the power went out,
10:31 pm
and this is the sixth time and six weeks that they've cut the power onnnoued lagunitas is a small town in west moran, where day long outages started in august, often 700 customers at a time, schools, homes and businesses all knocked out. so we had to put everything away. jones always rushes to get his perishable, safe and a generator running preserving the food. but it can't power the store so employees go home, customers are turned away. revenue lost your heart just sinks. you just go. oh, god, and you don't know when it's going to be back on. people figured pg and e maintenance or tree removal was to blame. we'll be open in the morning, okay, but are learning selected lines in their cases circuit about a mile from lagunitas have been recalibrated and will deactivate. if disturbed actual causes of the outages. whether it be a bird or squirrel. they all vary but the frequency and duration is scum that we've implemented. the utility has
10:32 pm
sent customers emails about the new fast trip setting postcards also explain how the lines are more sensitive now for safety. we don't want the line to self correct itself and possibly spark a fire. so we've made these adjustments on dozens of circuits and high fire threat areas across the bay area. what's tripped. a patrol has to come inspect and repair, but sometimes no malfunction or causes found realizing the outages are intentional and ongoing. jones wonders about the future of this century old store. how am i supposed to run a business like that? how can i run this place? no doubt, people would rather lose power, then burned down. but unlike the public safety power shutoffs, whether need not be a threat, and there's no advanced notice, but that's going to be the new norm. when the polls control themselves. i'm going to turn themselves off that will. you don't even have an answer for that. i don't even know what we're gonna do about that. pg and e apologizes for
10:33 pm
the hardship and will return the effected lines to normal when fire season ends the problem, of course, frank, who knows when fire season will end? this is such an interesting case because you can see what pg and e is trying here, but then again, just like that, guy said, how are you supposed to run a business when you never know when your power is going to go up for with no warning? could pg and e possibly make the lines less sensitive? operations. it appears that it's something they can adjust because they're going to revert back to a less sensitive setting when fire season ends. but in the meantime this appears to be something they're just going to have to live with. and the timing is terrible, because these businesses on the way to the coast this is their busy see it summer season. people heading out to camp and sightsee. this is revenue of these businesses won't be able to make up, boy. you just have to feel for those businesses. gosh alright, deborah villalon live horse tonight, deborah. the city of alameda has a new fire chief. the city
10:34 pm
manager announced today that nick lovey will begin serving his chief on october 15th. he most recently served as the deputy chief for the oakland fire department for 21 years chief lobby has worked as an emt paramedic and a swiftwater rescue technician. he takes over for alligators. interim fire chief rick zom beck, who has served in the position since the beginning of the pandemic. john beck will now retire. it's been three full months since the state fully reopened, but the bay area is 27 transit agencies are still recovering from the pandemic. ktvu is tom baker has the details. the metropolitan transportation commission keeps an eagle eye on bay area transportation data in real time. very broadly speaking, we are now running at about 90% of pre pandemic levels of traffic on a year to come back, with some bridges and roadways still in recovery. we . this resettlif
10:35 pm
traffic patterns in years rather than months or weeks. but since the state officially reopened on june 15th, there have been no additional volumes of traffic ever since people got back on the freeways first. now they're finding their way back on transit that, said bart the crown jewel of the bay area transit system. was down more than 90% when the pandemic hit, but it's still off by 75% and our ridership is slowly starting to pick back up. you know, both during the week and then on the weekend, our ridership sexually picking up quicker, smart train still down by two thirds ace train's still down by 80% bus operators are beginning to see a pickup in ridership. since school reopenings have put many students back on buses so just within the last couple of weeks, the sf bay ferry fleet is still hobbled by half pre democrat
10:36 pm
ridership. golden gate has less than that. however weekend passengers are coming back strong. there's no question that the workplace itself has changed. many employees are resisting going back to their offices out of fear that public transit raises their risk for covid flu and colds. yeah, i think it's covid related. um first and foremost studies show that ride sharing services are also luring passengers away from public transit. as a safer alternative to transit and better than commuting in their own cars. we are making a rational, reasonable recovery and the signs are encouraging indeed, but there is a long, long way to go, mtc says speaker nancy pelosi was responsible for providing major pandemic aid. to transit systems. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. last hour, spacex
10:37 pm
successfully launched the first all civilian crew into orbit from the kennedy space center. signature thank you. so, deggans go pocket. the inspiration for crew is riding in spacex crew dragon capsule. the crew includes a u. s. air force veteran, the first black female pilot of a spacecraft, a childhood cancer survivor and tech billionaire jared isaac man who funded the mission. they are expected to conduct a number of scientific experiments during their three days in orbit. still to come here. the emotional testimony from us chimneys who say their complaints of abuse against doctor larry nassar when ignored by the fbi for a year, and perhaps some wet weather for the weekend, we'll look into that with the five day forecast next and later tonight, the actress that is now serving a three year prison sentence.
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says it is bringing peace and stability to the afghan people. this despite widespread reports of targeted killings and arrests, fox news got to look inside a prison in kabul that used to hold thousands of taliban fighters. they were all freed once the group entered the afghan capital, one of them now a top taliban. taliban intelligence official denies new reports about infighting between senior taliban leadership. everyone obeys the rule of the taliban emirate. there is no infighting. what we order here in kabul is implemented in all provinces that is propaganda of the enemy, experts say when the taliban
10:41 pm
says they are bringing security to the afghan people that comes at an exem has implemented shara law announcing that men and women can no longer work together. the us and the uk say they plan to help us trail yah acquired nuclear powered submarines and other advanced technologies. president biden announced the agreement at the white house today during a virtual call with british prime minister boris johnson and australian prime minister scott morrison. the partnership will allow the nations to share information on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity as well as defense capabilities, angry and emotional testimony from olympic gymnasts on cap it'll hill today as they detailed the abuse they received from disgrace. team doctor larry nassar. to be clear. i blame larry nassar and i also blame an entire system that enabled and. perpetrated
10:42 pm
his abuse. simone biles, aly raisman, mckayla maroney and maggie nichols joined lawmakers today to demand answers regarding the fbi's handling of the investigation into the long time team usa gymnastics team doctor, according to a report from a justice department inspector general. the fbi failed to act after first hearing of abuse complaints in 2015, and that allowed nasser to abuse more victims for another year. over the past few years, it has become painfully clear. how is survivors. healing is affected by the handling of their abuse. and it disgusts me that we are still fighting for the most basic answers and accountability over six years later and for this committee's mckayla, maroney said. at one point, she was talking to an fbi agent about
10:43 pm
horrifying details of abuse that sometimes lasted for hours at a time, and she was crying on the phone and says there was just dead silence. on the other end, she says, the agent finally said is that all? maroni says, those words were one of the worst moments of this entire process. you don't have to be a cop, a firefighter or a superhero to save innocent lives coming up. a man receives the highest award for citizens in santa clara county. how officials say his quick thinking saved lives. and chief meteorologist bill martin meteorologist bill martin returns subway has so much new i ran out of time in the last ad... so i'll take it from here. sorry steph. spokesperson refresh! refresh wait, what? subway® just upped their bread game with the help of some world-class bakers. lookin' at you nance. gotta refresh to be fresh. how many people are in this ad? that means freshly baked new artisan italian
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and hearty multigrain. hmm, that would go good with... seriously? i didn't even get to finish. ugh, see you next commerc...
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i didn't even get to finish. allison mack has begun serving a three year prison sentence for sex trafficking crimes. mac pointed guilty in july two manipulating women into becoming sex slaves within a cult like group in new york. at her sentencing, she apologized and renounced the cult's spiritual leader. mac is 39. she reported to the federal prison in dublin more than two weeks before the scheduled starting date to surrender. a man from campbell was honored today with the santa clara county's medal of service award. police say his quick thinking allowed law enforcement officers to catch a man who they say was planning a mass
10:47 pm
shooting. ktvu is jesse gary has the story. so i'd like to invite mr mammadov to come up here. farouq mammadov could never have imagined a 911 call would lead to his receiving the highest award the santa clara county district attorney can present to a citizen. i don't really personally think i did much. i just feel like you know, the officers did a great job just after midnight july. 9th mammadov makes an emergency call saying he sees a man prowling in an alley on east sunny oaks avenue in campbell. he was looking in some uh, storage. areas that we have at my work officers bonnie brannan and scott berkovic arrived minutes later and arrested 32 year old wesley martin's. the recognition we're giving today is a perfect example of the partnership that the campbell police department has had with our community. investigators say martin's los gatos resident had to a ar 15 assault weapons, a nine millimeter handgun, body containing plans to commit
10:48 pm
violent crimes against jews and africa. americans and also. rounds of ammunition with inscriptions to a widow from the grim reaper. a good start, first of many and heard round the world i'm very glad that i called it in because i'm sure probably saved a bunch of lives and prevented a major tragedy from happening, the district attorney agrees, adding. everyone is on the front lines in preventing mass shootings and violence. you don't have to be a top. a firefighter or a superhero to save innocent lives. you just need to call 911 when you see someone armed and dangerous, the flowers will fade and medals are eventually overlooked, but officials say no price can be placed on the lives that were not taken due to a simple phone call. please
10:49 pm
don't close your eyes and ears to trouble. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. oh already taken a look at, uh what was tropical storm and hurricane nicholas. it is now just moving. barely along the gulf coast and is dropping a ton of rain like we talked about that a new orleans now, but it's moving up into the panhandle of florida and up into atlanta. just a lot a lot a lot of rain and like i said before, they've already had a lot of rain, a lot of rain from ida and other storms and so here they go continuing to get it. these are the current. uh are these are the highs that were logged today? the official national weather service highs that were logged today and you can see that they're cooler than yesterday by a significant margin. um certainly, by 567 degrees in some places, there's fog out there now, um it's kind of turning into a low cloud thing because the inversion is so deep. it's right it's
10:50 pm
pushing well in this, we're going to see a lot of fog and low clouds the morning hours. here's what the model does with this event. now we're here to thursday. i'm gonna take you through to saturday night friday. here comes saturday morning. see it coming in. this looks good, and it looks like some areas in the far northern california potentially could see half inch quarter inch of rain. maybe more. some of them all suggest more. that's far northern california. but listen, there's fires burning up there in oregon and washington. so this is really a really good thing. now as it moves out like that moves out, we're in a position where we're going to see those winds start to go offshore that little bit kind of go, and that's going to happen on monday night. into tuesday morning, and so we might see a fire weather advisory that could turn to a red flag warning. it doesn't look like a robust one looks like kind of low end one if it happens, but it would be nice to get a little bit of rain before that, right in case you know, they get things wetted down a little bit. looks like a dixie fire will get themselves some rain. maybe a quarter inch on these are the current
10:51 pm
temperatures and you can see. all the grain was cooler than last night at the green represents that inversion being stretched out and pushing inland, so that's what we got. we got a ton of green. we got a lot of england. cool tomorrow.'r two cooler. you can find some low nineties but you're going to have to go north and east and south and east into the central valley and out towards the edge of this year in nevada, so outside it is it's cloudy throughout the bay area, and that's how it'll be tomorrow morning when you wake up 80 degrees tomorrow morning or tomorrow. afternoon. pardon me in fairfield 81 in antioch. 81 in livermore. and then the five day forecast. you can see that we've got temperatures that are going to just kind of trend their way down as we go into the weekend, and so our best shot for showers is going to be saturday night into sunday morning. i think we will see something. i don't know if we'll see a lot at our latitude, but we will see something and anything. anything to increase. those few moistures is a great help. so that is the plan. i'll see you back here to love it.
10:52 pm
we'll see them coming up in sports. could the giants overcomes some mistakes and keep their winning streak? live our sports director marco baniyas is up next and then. 11 o'clock news. a new look at just how deadly the coronavirus pandemic has been at 11 the new analysis that shows one in 500 hy
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
marquee. bonnie is with you. well you didn't think it would last forever, but at times, it sure felt like the giants were just incapable of losing literally 30 seconds ago. it's a final, they lose to the padres, 96 and. course the dodgers won. so the lead is now game and a half the positive note. brandon crawford receiving the annual roberto clementi award for community
10:55 pm
contributions, bullpen game tonight, and not often to the giants trail, but harley and garcia gives it up in the first inning, adam fraser with a shot, he's going to wind up with a double. two runs are going to score. and leon who got that mess started departs down five. nothing but chipping away the trail 73 in the seventh and stephen duggar ticket to ride make the water faucets run and suddenly there back in this ball game, and the inning continues brandon belt, just fire since he anointed himself the captain, but it's kind of an interesting play deep and, yeah, i think it's fair except what. watch the replay of this, the fan will reach out. i've never seen that happen before he's in felt territory reaches into fair torey, the empire's correctly after the replay, rule it a home run is 25th 75. but the
10:56 pm
giants had the two men on and two out situation. stephen duggar struck out to end the eighth. padres scored two in the ninth giants one in the bottom of the ninth. hence. the 96 final i mentioned the dodgers won and the giants lead is trimmed to a game and a half. wow 16 games left it is on in the western division to say the least. alright there is literally no lead big enough to be safe for the yeah, the a's bullpen. what can i tell you? i mean those fans. this is early in the game, and they look annoyed a fans and kansas city and the annual the nightly thing where they build up a big lead. elvis andrus here in the second inning with a base hit that's going to score mark cannon and tony kemp that gets things rolling, and they add to it. matt olsen what a great year he is having watched him hit a career mark here is 35th homer and his 1/100 and 101st
10:57 pm
rbs. he goes up oh, there with a two run shot. and the a's at one time build 12 to 5 lead in this thing. starling marta, who nightly contributes does it again shot up the middle that's going to score a pair and then eight have themselves a seven run lead. but you figured the bullpen, which is been absolutely combustible of late, gave it up. so get this bottom of the ninth inning. kansas city's within 12 10. andrew chafin, half his glove off his body. he gets the final out riot hearn rounded out. i'm not sure the a's one i'd say more like accurate that they survived. 12 to 10. not exactly a comforting victory. i think josh harrison's expression says it all. certainly some relief. i think that's what 49 are. fans would feel. if they could
10:58 pm
get through a game without a season ending injury happening to one of their guys. that was not the case against detroit. and of course, they're staying out there back east to get ready to take on the philadelphia eagles today they're in the greenbrier, west virginia getting set to take on the eagles that's number 13 newly signed veteran dre kirkpatrick. he's a defensive back, hopefully to take some of the slack away from jason red being out the rest of the year number 97 nick bosa, looking strong as usual. keep that guy healthy, along with jimmy g. the niners are favorite to beat the eagles, but they blew out atlanta. so who knows? here's jimmy g talking about his new surroundings this week. things just knowing the layout. like i said, knowing the layout is a big part of it. just with the scheduling and everything. it's a little bit different than what we're used to back home. so get in place to place. the bus drivers are awesome. those guys learn more about west virginia every time from those
10:59 pm
guys. they're fun time, but, uh, you know, just the familiarity with it, getting used to it and i mean out here, it's gorgeous. so you can't beat this. always the optimist. alright last night. frank contributed to check this out with the video. tonight it is julie, turn. check this out. this is what people running the show. all right. that is the astros mascot, the security guard appeared to be annoyed, and then he gets into it. julie was that a setup right there. i mean, look at him, just waiting for his moment. security guard that can dance in the master julie wins better than mine. move coming up there can we get to it? watch it here goes to support. uh that was just you need stuff that makes you smile. and that does that was worth the worth the way. good contribution, julie. thank you, frank. keep trying that. boy. i'm going to the competition. it's on. we'll get it back to you guys. all right. thanks.
11:00 pm
mark coming up next at 11. why such a small city? you don't expect these kind of heavy handed axe business owners in millbrae are reacting to a proposal that would require customers to show proof of vaccination, even for outdoor dining. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. millbrae considered a vaccine mandate tonight that would require proof of the shot even for outdoor activities. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville late tonight. city leaders, though, decided not to move forward with it. ktvu is asa smith is in millbrae with more on what happened as myth. well, frank tonight was the initial discussion and many people spoke during public comment the majority of them against the mandate, citing personal choice surrounding the vaccine, and many thought. it was overreaching. you know, i've spoken to a lot of seniors and you know, a lot of them are still concerned abo


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