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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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yeah. frank and julie, we've got a whole lot more in store at 11 30. that was just kind of a teaser. frank mallicoat is going to join me. but now it is time for the 11 o'clock news. all right, jason. thank you and next at 11. we want them to start preparing for possible outage. what do you need? absolutely need power plan ahead. you have batteries for your flashlights. another red flag warning takes effect right now, and that means some people in the bay area need to be prepared in case their power is shut off. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm frank somerville. some pg and e customers have been warned that they may be forced to deal with power outages in an effort to reduce the risk of sparking new fires. mm gauss caught up with firefighters tonight, and people who are preparing for potentially the worst. staffed
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up and on alert. santa rosa fire crews are keeping a close watch on the hills between sonoma and napa counties under a red flag warning until monday night, the red flag warning obviously for the bay area's the north bay mountains, east bay hills, but the really the highest priority or highest threat for the national weather service standpoint, looking at it. west does that napa sonoma county line for our area, specifically down to mount veeder. a few days of light showers across sonoma counties, lower elevations barely made a dent in the surrounding hills, which struggled to get even 1/10 of an inch of rain this past week. we had a lot of people that were very relieved that we had finally received some significant wedding rains. this is obviously. our fear and concern is that that was quickly replaced with high temperature. low humidity is in gusty winds that just drives out. a lot of that kind of progress received a really short period of time sunday evening. sonoma county was taken off of pg and e s list of california counties were planned power shutoffs were likely now 1200 customers in
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napa county and 800 in solano county are expected to lose power during pg and e s. p s p s event starting at five o'clock monday morning. we're looking at a p s p s event because we want to shut off the power before those winds come rpg meteorologists are looking at 30 to 40 40 mile per hour wind gusts and also with the dryness that we've had is the drought that we've been in the red flag warning. we take a lot of this into consideration. 40 additional firefighters and 13 extra engines will remain on duty across sonoma county until monday night. we definitely don't pay attention to just what's happening in our community. we pay attention. what's happening around it? to make sure that our community as a whole is better prepared. santa rosa fire officials tell me they expect the gusty winds to start at 11 p.m. tonight and go through tomorrow morning and possibly into the afternoon reporting in santa rosa m. a gas ktvu, fox two news. thousands of other bay area pg and e customers are already dealing with outages for a different reason. power started going out late last night when
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a rare mix of weather started marking power lines. whenever we had a long, dry spell like we've had dirt and dust and salt accumulates on the lines. um and when the first missed in light rain comes along, it turns out mixture in a mud and mud conducts electricity, and so it causes damage to the system and electrical outages. at the peak of the outages. 29,000 barry customers lost power mostly in the east bay, many say that disrupted their weekend plans. so i look out the window and the polls on fire, but just at the very top. it's just like sparking, and there's some fire at the top. but they put it up pretty quickly. this morning. we woke up and we did not have power. um and then we went out to do a few errands and return still did not have power. um, i. was moving today and had to gas up my u haul and all the gas stations were closed. about 6000 customers are still
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without power tonight because of this problem. tonight's red flag warning is not as severe as ones we have seen in the past. our chief meteorologist bill martin, is tracking the conditions. he joins us now with the latest. what are you seeing? bill fortunately, that is the case. it appears this. it's a red flag warning. it's important, but again, it's there's textures of these things. it's not a code five. it's more like a code one. it's not. you know, like a category and hurricanes five hurricane what it's big and important, but it's not giant and out of control like fires we are like red flag warnings we've seen in the past this low went through drop some rain. that was good, especially in the northern part of the state. but then the winds whip around come off shore and we get the offshore wind event, which is what's going to happen really, for the next month or so. every time a low pressure goes through. the red flag warning is now in effect for the areas of in the hills above 1000 ft, east bay hills, north bay hills and into the inland bay valleys. okay in east bay valleys as well. and one of things you can do is you can check the model and the reason i'm not super concerned about this is well, it always concerned i shouldn't say that. but i just don't want you to freak out too much, because
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when you look at where the model takes us see those oranges and by fairfield, this is the main event that contra those orange contours in calistoga. by clear lake and you see how quickly it dies out. so the sweet spot on this thing looks like it's about 345 and six in the morning, and it may be beyond that into seven or eight in the morning, but you see where it's. it's located, right? so that is going to be windy up there. they're going to see 30 40 mile an hour winds. but look at the rest of us in oakland and conquered and liver more right. it's not quite as robust in terms of the contours, so the other thing we can do is we can check the check the current wind speeds and this has this has been proven out. okay so santa lina, the winds are north and they have ramped up their coming up on 30 miles an hour now, right, which is to be expected. this is the time of night you would see it. atlas peak is still at 14. middle peak on western tamil pius is at 20 miles an hour. mount diablo is now at the 36 mile an hour, so that's real time data on nights when we have red flag warnings this time of night. typically i'd pope saint alina
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and they can be doing 60 miles an hour 50 miles an hour and they'll get up there. they're going to be 35 40 miles an hour, but it's just showing at a lesser, great so we'll keep our fingers crossed hope that it stays at this level. the red flag warning is now in effect. north bay hills. east bay hills in the inland bay valley. so keep your eyes open. keep your eyes peeled doesn't last long, not the red flag warnings so much as the wind event. it's an overnight thing should be dying down by 9 10 o'clock tomorrow morning for most folks who are noticing when most of you won't notice it. all right, bill. thank you. the knp complex fire in northern california continues to burn with 0% containment. it is now reached a small area of the giant forest in sequoia national park which is home to the world's tallest tree. that 275 ft. tall tree is now wrapped in protective foil at its base to try to protect it. firefighters are working to keep the flames from spreading further into the grove of ancient sequoias, the parks, roads, campgrounds, lodges and visitor centers are
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all closed and all wilderness permits have now been cancelled. fire is now burned close to 22,000 acres, but there is some good news tonight. you can see this is the latest emperor map and you can see where the fire perimeter is in relation to the job forest and you can see. that the fire moved up into the forest a little bit, but not a lot. the knp complex fire was started by lightning 10 days ago. so once again that red flag warning for several areas in the east bay remains in effect until eight o'clock tomorrow night. the national weather service says there is a threat to property or life in the east bay interior valleys. east bay hills and the diablo range. there are also warnings for the north bay, sacramento, plaster, yellow and center counties are continuing coverage of the wildfires around the state is available on ktvu .com. children. police
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in pleasanton say they have found the bodies of two people inside a parked car over the weekend. they say a man and a woman were discovered dead inside an acura parked on pimlico drive near interstate 5 80 yesterday morning. police say they don't know yet how they died. but at this point, they do not suspect foul play. investigators estimate the two had been dead for more than a week, and so far they have not been identified. tonight it appears there was a tragic ending in the search for a missing woman. law enforcement in wyoming have discovered a body and it's believed to be gabby petito. fox news, charles watson tells us that authorities say the remains are consistent with the 22 year old woman, but they haven't made a formal identification yet. on behalf of the fbi personnel and our partners. i would like to extend syrian sincere and heartfelt condolences to gabby's family, the fbi confirming a body found sunday and wyoming matches the description of missing 22 year old gabby petito. full forensic
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identification has not been completed to compare confirm 100% that we found gabby, but her family has been notified. potatoes family last heard from her in late august, she had been on a cross country road trip with her fiance, 23 year old brian laundry. their next destination was grand teton national park. the couple had gotten into a fight just days earlier, with police responding and telling the to stay apart for the night. gabby left the scene in their ford transit van. but it was laundry who would drive that van back to florida without gabby on september. 1st laundry, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found when investigators tried to speak with him on friday at his family's home. they told them they had not seen brian since tuesday. police spent the weekend looking for laundry and a nature park near his home where he may have gone that preserve covers about 25,000 acres of swampy, difficult to navigate terrain. though the body found
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in wyoming matches potatoes description. it has yet to be officially identified. authorities have not indicated a cause of death. charles watson fox news. in oakland. two more people were killed last night. five other people were wounded. it happened all in a matter of hours. a 28 year ran from stockton was shot and killed and three others were injured in a shooting. that happened shortly after two this morning outside a nightclub in the uptown district. police don't know yet if they were targeted or random victims earlier that night, there was a drive by shooting that killed a man outside of a house party near arroyo. vallejo park. in another part of oakland, police say a man riding in a car on foothill boulevard was wounded by a stray bullet at about nine last night and just before nine. last night a man from san ramon was shot and wounded during the robbery on seventh street near the main post office. 97 people have now been killed in oakland so far this year, and we still have what
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3.5 months to go. compare that to 71, who were killed at this time last year. in pittsburgh police say one woman died and another was critically wounded in a shooting this morning that women were found by police inside a car parked outside a 7 11 store on century boulevard. paramedics tried to save them. but one of the women died at the scene. the other was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police are now looking for surveillance, video and witness is in the shooting. no arrests have been made. operations are back to normal at mineta san jose international airport tonight after authorities say a man experiencing a mental health crisis breached security. it happened just before 7 30 this morning, police say a 22 year old man from brentwood. said that he had swallowed an explosive device and then he drove a car onto a secure area on the south side of the airport. no explosives ended up being found after he was arrested. the suspect was taken to the hospital for ingesting a large amount of some kind of
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medication. police say when he is released, he'll be provided with mental health services, and then he will be booked on a series of charges. airport officials say the incident did cause some flight delays this morning. have me back on my feet. i mean, whatever it takes. a barber from the south bay was hurting for business, so he came up with a whole new mobile barbershop. it's a story that will make you smile when you see who he is trying to help. and we're celebrating hispanic heritage month coming up. we'll help you experience one cultural tradition in san franci
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welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits.
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gave free haircuts at palo alto's via hospital is struggling tonight to stay in business. he was hit hard, like so many people by the pandemic, so he came up with a new way of going mobile with his business. ktvu is azenith smith shows us how he hopes to continue his great work. it's an odd to me, you know, it's uh i feel like. when i'm cutting here is nothing like having a job. it was at the age of 13. robert good. re fell in love with cutting hair first, his brother and then others right here. who is that guy here? who is that guy was a kid. it wasn't until he served in the marines during the vietnam war. did he realize
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even more the importance of a good cut used to clean as real good every week there after the marines, the louisiana native attended the san jose barbara college, he opened what he believes is the first multicultural barbershop in san jose. he also volunteered his time as a barber at the veterans administration and paulo alto. i wanted to give back that's how it is always helping out another veteran, then in 2000 and eight the recession hit, robert lost everything, ultimately getting housing through the homeless veterans reintegration program even worked at another barbershop in 2020, the pandemic hit. the shop closed because of the pandemic and. i decided to make a slight trajectory and i started playing it. on mobile barbershop, robert bob this van and customized it. this is my. tools to go directly to his clients, wheelchair and walker
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accessible. getting off the ground, though, hasn't been easy. i lost lawyer client healed. that i had for decades. nonprofits that partner with small business owners launched a go fund me to help robert with extra capital who doesn't want to help, robert. really i think robert is somebody that we're all rooting for a barber for 30 years, robert is now 71 more determined than ever to be successful and continue doing what he loves. there is a barber in new york. still cutting hair it at the age of 109. i think i love it. love barbering. it probably as much as he do in san jose i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. starting this wednesday, certain businesses in contra costa county will begin requiring proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test customers at bars, restaurants and gyms will have to show a vaccine card or a recent
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negative coronavirus test. workers at these businesses have until november, 1st to be fully vaccinated or they'll have to show a negative covid test every week in order to continue working. all right. we're gonna take you back to the canary islands. uh spanish island of la palma. this is a live volcanic eruption. julian frank showed it to you just a bit ago. the last time this one erupted. was 50 years ago and it when it erupted 50 years ago erupted for three weeks kept spewing lava 85,000 people live on the island. 5000 evacuated bunch of earthquakes led up to this. um and so they're just they're still having some earthquakes now, but we're looking at this talking about in the studio, and i think that i'm i'm okay. we can't get a number on the height of the lava flume that exhaust but that's got to be in the hundreds of feet. it's got to be in the hundreds of feet. so when you when you see the earth doing this, i swear it does all the time but it's pretty magnificent. i mean, not you don't get to see many live
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active explosive volcanoes, right? this is an explosive volcano, i think and decide. volcano they'd call it but just amazing. i mean, i've been staring at it just in awe. right look at the lava coming down the side of that thing. okay you'll be you probably know about it already. i just we just got the live pictures that we wanted to see him. um okay. we'll come back home. we've got temperatures outside that are on the mild side is going to be warmer tomorrow. the red flag warning is now in effect. the red flag warning will, um, expire most likely tomorrow, and it's going to verify late tonight and early tomorrow morning, so as the temperature trend warms, that's what we're seeing. that's because it's high pressure building in tonight. it's creating these pressure gradients differences are are allowing for the wind to come up. i've got some gusts up to 35 miles an hour on mount st helena out of the north, they could get up to 45 miles an hour tonight at the highest elevations. most of you won't notice the thing the folks in the north and the east bay hills above 1000 ft. i don't know about the east bay hills, but i think the north bay hills
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of brown sonoma, you might, um let's take a look at the model here, and this will give you an idea. um about two a.m. u c i the clock up top. see that red area up by calistoga. that's the wind event that that little bull's eye right? see how quickly it goes away around eight a.m. it's still stays windy. but it's right in here. here's the sweet spot. looks like it's somewhere between one am and seven am something like that. and then it's gone. okay so originally had looked like it was going to be a two day. red flag warning, but that's not the case. fog gets swept away from the coast temperatures warm tomorrow doesn't turn into a heat wave just gets warmer. we'll see some low nineties again and then temperatures warm again on tuesday and cool after that. fog at the coast. not a thing for a while. we're kind of this is sort of the first. you know, in my mind, this is being sort of the first official week of falling away. obviously the equinoxes on wednesday the tamil equinox, but in terms of, um the weather pattern to shift that few sprinkles. we had the wind event we're seeing tonight in the higher elevations.
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that's it's game on for fall, and so it's coming fast and the days are going to start getting shorter here pretty soon as we get into wednesday's equinox temperatures this weekend cool off back in the low eighties. so it's a red flag warning but take it seriously, but it's not a code five or anything like that. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right, bill. we'll see them. thank you. a community festival in south lake tahoe over the weekend was organized to help victims of the cowl door fire. organizers of the event, say money raised from this festival will go to the barton foundation emergency response fund. back in may, the foundation donated $420,000 to help people who are impacted by wildfires. festival organizers say they hope to keep this work going. more than just what we raise here today. i think this event has a chance to expose the rest of the community, you know, or are out of town tahoe, visitors and community that
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might, you know, have a heartstring connected to tahoe and want to give back and so i think the trickle of donations and fundraising for this cause will continue after the event is said and done. this weekend's festival took place at lake tahoe ale works organizers have not said yet just how much money was raised. the stars came out in hollywood tonight for the 73rd annual emmy awards ceremony was held inside a tent in downtown l, a much smaller venue than usual due to the pandemic. the crown won for best drama. it was the first time a netflix show has won in that category. the series also won many of the acting awards, including best actress in a drama series. what love the end to the most extraordinary journey with this lovely family. um i loved every second of it, and i can't wait to see what happens next. ted lasso was the other big winner of the night. the series won for best comedy as well as
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several acting categories. the wind is a major accomplishment for apple tv, plus. the streaming service only launched less than two years ago. just a moment.
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that's a good taco. dude. it's a sandwich. [beep beep] it's a sandwich! it's a taco! ugh, not another taco guy. the new crispy chicken sandwich taco from taco bell. [bong!] is christien kafton takes us inside the mission community market. in the middle of one of san francisco's densest neighborhoods. the mission community market is an oasis of
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fruits, vegetables and prepared foods, celebrating the richness of the chicano and latino cultures. yeah kind of brittle them and try them out how much emanuel galvin from barletta selling massa traditional ingredient for mexican cuisine will end up making tortillas where access. clock hoyos to tell us other massive based food items, he says. selling here in the heart of the mission district is a way to share and celebrate his chicano food and heritage. that's why it chose to be this market here specifically in the mission was because there is a latino audience. there's a chicano audience. there's also a lot of new faces here that you know, maybe. chose this neighborhood because of its heritage. the blueberry and elder flower says lurches. do you still have that? yes richelle goldman sells traditional mexican pastry with a modern twist, keeping alive an important tradition passed down from generation to generation. my experience with handles. it was like we were gathering around my grandmother's house in mexico city. uh and at the end of that
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time would come around. someone would run out to the bakery and bring back you know, a bag full of bamboo, and everyone would grab their favorites. now she says the mission community market is allowing her to continue that tradition sharing, pandu say with those who want to learn and those who already know and love them, all the locals that you see coming through and. people coming up and saying, oh, we're so happy to see you here in the market because a lot of the bakeries had closed down during that time, so it just it helped me reconnect a lot of things that i think i was missing. customers say food is important, culturally and coming together to share those traditions and share them with others should be celebrated. this is, uh, a little. par or our culture that we are so rich, you know, but basically what do you say? you know the food. drink the music. you know, it's a big part of our culture. and it's not just
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prepared foods. the market is filled with the smell of fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables. polly arena has been traveling from watsonville every week to sell his organic produce here for more than a decade, he says, while he routinely sells at other farmers markets, there's something special about the mission community market. this is a unique market for us. it's like a family type market for you can see the kids with. their parents are so the kids when they leave the school, they won't buy. it's a secure market, though. and we really enjoy it with all the fresh fruits and vegetables. the mission community market is seasonal, running from three till seven on thursdays from march through november in san francisco, christian captain ktvu fox two news. and that'll do it for us tonight. thanks so much for joining us sports wrap with jason and
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits.
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one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, a touchdown up next on sports wrap. it wasn't a philly special, but a win's a win and better yet the 49ers are headed home to go with a quarterback that suddenly found his feet. look at our we have a running quarterback. the giants pennant pr


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