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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  September 20, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and e has upgraded sensors designed to tell more quickly when a power line has been compromised or might spark a fire and technology is setting off some false alarms, resulting in unnecessary shutoffs. ktvu tom vacar is in marin at a substation there with the look of the technology. that's in effect, tom. well frank. it's fair to say that what's going on with p genie in this case is very much an evolving work in process progress, so if there is an unnecessary shut off. that's got to be far better than the alternative of a wildfire. of some 25,000 miles of power lines that deliver your energy p genie has determined the 10,000 miles are in the highest of high fire threat zones on those lines. p genie has strategically placed automatic sensors. that will shut off if. the line shorts out. if something were to touch the line, it shuts off automatically and it doesn't
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provide a spark. it prevents a wildfire. lightning animal contact a branch leaning against the power line or a complete break from a falling tree or limb will cause the sensors to automatically decide if the line should be de energized. to provide maximum safety. they have tweaked those sensors increase the sensitivity, basically, so if there's a fault detected on the line, it shuts off faster and more often in recent weeks, this fast trip technology has caused at least five outages in the foothills and mountains between fresno and like tahoe. there have also been such outages. in west sonoma and marin as well as half moon bay and santa cruz that has caused some complaints. one of pg knees, goals is to essentially fine tune and adjust the sensitivity of each fast trip circuit breaker to make sure the actual fire risk in its area is matched. and so we're readjusting them every calibrating them. so they're not so frequent. but they are
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longer duration outages because these are high fire threat areas once tripped, the line cannot be re energized until pg and e crews have a close. look at the line. we are beating up the patrols to restore power and more quickly to finish those patrols. faster move more boots on the ground. this is now crucial because california has now entered the diablo and santa ana wind weeks. that will continue until early rains hopefully come. and that is the crucial thing. this is now the wind time some of the biggest fires. in fact, many of the biggest fires in california have occurred in this month and next month because of those winds that sometimes go 60 70 80 miles an hour. and of course that cannot be controlled even by the bravest of firefighters will keep an eye on all of this reporting live. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. alright, tom. thank you. hours after the red flag warning expires tonight. a spare the air alert will kick in. ktvu chief meteorologist
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bill martin joins us now with a look at the conditions tied to all of this bill. yes, we've got you know the winds as they die down. it's going to start to warm up tomorrow and the air starts to continues to sink, so we're going to get ground level ozone, which is coming from your cars on the community is going to give us a spare the error. concern for tomorrow. but in the meantime, that red flag warnings gonna get dropped, and yeah, i think we got away with it, you know, mounts angelina did have gusts up over 45 miles an hour. diablo had gusts up around 60 miles an hour this morning. the wind was at higher elevations, as we knew it would be. and fortunately, nothing really, you know, at least i haven't seen anything and he's fires sparked or anything like that. that red flag warning that's kind of to remind you the location of sand and get ready for these, like tom mentioned it. but until we get our first big rain any time it looks like it's going to go northeast wind above couple miles 10 15 miles an hour. we're going to be flirting with fire. weather watches, so which is fine. i mean, it's deserving considering. that it's you know, two years significant drought how dry it's been this
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last year. okay this is the model. we look at the contours. and you don't mean by country september the colors, right? i know. you mean you know that, but you can see where the wind is its offshore. you see a little bit up in the hills this is through tuesday morning, tuesday at right. and then you see the arrows shift come a little bit more onshore. so no more wind advisories for us, and it does appear as though we are looking at a situation where we're going to where we're going to see temperatures begin to warm tomorrow winds at the surface 22 miles an hour in fairfield, spare the air day tomorrow. probably see one again on could easily see one again on wednesday. i'll see you back here with the details on your forecast. all right, we'll see in a bit, bill. thanks. fire officials say a group of famous trees at sequoia national park were not harmed by flames from the knp complex. fire crews managed to protect those trees, known as the four guardsmen by removing nearby vegetation and wrapping fire resistant material around the basis of those giants to quiz. fire officials say their priority is to protect as many of those sequoia trees as they can. the main concerns and
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problems we're having in there is this cat faces and scars on the sides of this coy is catching on fire spend a lot of time mopping up those and making sure that those toys are all out so that we don't have any long term burning and we really want to protect them for the future. the knp complex began as two separate fires on september 10th. both were started by lightning. the knp complex has burned more than 23,000 acres so far. environmentalists are encouraged by some of what they're seeing happen in areas impacted by wildfires last year, coast redwoods are remarkably resilient. they're engineered to come back after catastrophe. and fire is just one of the catastrophes that they've seen. later in this newscast. we'll show you how some forest devastated by wild cars are making a comeback. plus find out why forest getting hit this year may have more of a
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struggle, doing the same thing. incredibly there was yet another killing today in oakland after three people were killed over the weekend. it's the 1/100 killing in oakland so far this year. the shooting happened outside the coliseum bart station in broad daylight. our crime reporter henry lee joins us now in the newsroom, but the latest on what happened, henry. well frank and julie this is yet another daylight shooting on the streets of oakland right outside the bar station, and it kept another violent weekend. in the city. now, shell casings and evidence markers littered the ground after a man was shot and killed outside the coliseum. bart station, the male victim was shot at about 10 45 this morning in front of the station on san leandro street, where people are dropped off and picked up. have the name of the victim is not yet been released. oakland police have not discussed details about what led up to the shooting, so we don't know much about the victim or whether officers are looking for suspects. but oakland police chief laurent armstrong said the killing marks a grim milestone for the
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city. unfortunately this morning we got our 1/100 homicide. in the 7200 block of sandy andrew avenue. where we responded to a call of multiple shots fired in the individual suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. upon our arrival at that location. unfortunately, that gentleman and also lost his life. the chief began his remarks today with a moment of silence for the 100 people who have lost their lives in oakland. so far this year. there have been 10 homicides in the past week, including four since saturday. now coming up at six. we'll take a look at those homicides from over the weekend in oakland, and we'll also hear from residents who are upset about gunfire that erupts over and over in their neighborhood. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two needs all right, henry. thank you. well, pfizer announced today its covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective for children aged 5 to 11 and the company now plans to seek authorization from the fda to
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start giving those shots to younger children. senator county has already ramping up capacity at their mass vaccination sites, even though the vaccine for children. hasn't been approved yet by the fda. today though, dr fauci said that could have happened by later this month or early next month. ktvu is an rubin is in san martin tonight, where the county is about to open a whole new mass vaccination site. and. that's right. this is one of two new vaccination site santa clara county's opening and they're adding staff at all. five of there's the hope is that they'll be ready if and when the crowds start coming. in santa clara county. they're getting ready for the rush to things approval of booster shots for those 65 up and first shots for kids 5 to 11 both seem imminent. and so their staffing up and even opening two new vaccination sites like this one in san martin, every time we were super tired. we just think about what this could mean what
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this next big push could mean and how it could actually change how we live our lives, so we're very excited. we get a new adrenaline rush each time they say they're ready. there had been concerns that all the adults would be approved for boosters at wants something which now seems unlikely. county officials say a smaller number showing up for boosters is actually a relief. i'm optimistic that we would then be able to, uh, free at most of our capacity for children, and they say there should be plenty of appointments to go around as soon as shots for that younger demographic or approved. we're fortunate that we have more vaccine providers compared to what we had during the early spring time. we do expect that many people will seek vaccines from the private providers as well as from commercial pharmacies at walmart and pediatrics in san jose, they're already working on their vaccination plan, but i'm pretty certain that by somewhere around late october into early november will be doing some amount of vaccinating kids younger than 12. they'll be offering them at special clinics, and it will checks to the hope is to have
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lots of shots and arms before the winter holidays, but they say the first few weeks maybe chaotic and understand that we have enough. we're gonna have enough vaccine for everybody. we're going to get to you. um as you can just be a little patient. and crews have been out here all day, setting up this san martin site outside the county's animal services center. they say it should be ready to open up tomorrow, frank. and reuben live force tonight, and thank you. we drove. i am a gentleman with flapping the girl who's slapping her. what a 911 call suggests about a missing woman who is a social media influencer and her boyfriend before she disappeared. coming up. we'll have the latest on this case. also former police officer on trial charged with manslaughter coming up the protesters outside the court as the case begins also ahead tonight small two way winding roads and a lot of cars, a
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combination that could prove deadly in a wildfire. coming up the bay area town testing how to get everyone to sa
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my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt. another couple of hours here in the bay area and in mill valley city leaders are concerned about mass evacuations from the hills if a wildfire should strike up in the area, ktvu is rob roth joins us now he's live to tell us about the evacuation drill that is planned for this weekend. rob. julian new valley has lots of narrow, windy roads like this one. and the concern is having thousands of people trying to evacuate at once during a wildfire. it's a sign
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of the times throughout northern california, and it's certainly true for mill valley. the question is, what should residents do it for fire threatened this community of hillside homes with two way streets, some as narrow as 10 ft across so that as soon as someone stops or tries to go the other way, it's a traffic jam. these streets were. built around the turn of the century, when we still had horses and buggies or small cars, and since that time we've remodeled homes to be much larger. our latest theory right now is that we have two main roads in town. and both of those will be jammed up. that is where the mill valley mayor and other city officials are conducting experiments saturday, mill valley is teamed up with google researchers to organise an evacuation drill aimed at improving the evacuation response here. the drill will involve some 250 residents lining up on east blacktail avenue to create gridlock. then time how long it takes to clear the area by directing cars to
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nearby parking areas away from any fire zones. the theory is that by clearing the flatland area quickly, cars continuing to come down from the hills won't hit choke points that can be fatal. we've seen that that chaos on the roadway during other disasters within our community within the state of california within the oakland hills. within the city of santa rosa and the tubbs fire, google will be using its research and technology to help mill valley with its evacuation plan. what we're going to do is run that process with a drill with real cars on saturday. time in and see how it works. and then compare that to, uh, give that information to google so they can run their own scenarios to help us decide whether this is a really good idea. i think it's a great idea. i wish we didn't every other month. mill valley is looking for more volunteers to participate in the drill. people can sign up online through the r link, which will put up on ktvu dot com. julie yes, rob. we've had so many big fires over the past
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few years. i'm just curious. why are they doing this now? and is this something that makes continue every so often. yes, well, mill valley conducts these evacuation drills yearly, and they've been teaming up with google to try to improve how they do it and make it more efficient. and see what works. and what doesn't work in google's been helpful making models and such to give them advice, and so this is, you know more of that. all right, so they hope that. this will prove to be more efficient for evacuations. yeah, everything we could do to keep people safe, rob. thank you. already looking forward to the work week. many of you have started it already and as we go into the next few days, well, tomorrow temperatures are going to warm up wednesday as the terminal equinox. we had that red flag warning. it's still off, but it's definitely just not long from being taken down. um do you notice here? i'll tell you what i noticed first thing. i don't see the glass out there on out in belvidere
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out in that area, so it's kind of there's a breeze here. the water's textured, so there's glass out there, which tells you the winds coming from the north general and it's getting blocked by these hills. so it's kind of glassy in here. in the north winds coming down or the northeast winds coming down through the oakland hills and blowing offshore that way, so you can tell a lot by looking at the water. you can also tell a lot by looking at the atmosphere, air quality not too bad today at all. as a matter of fact, we're looking at temperatures today that we're a little warmer and temperatures tomorrow we're warm still and we'll see more of this offshore flow. it's not going to be a robust red flag warning offshore flow. but it's going to continue and that's why temperatures tomorrow will be the warmest are going to be all week because the fog has been blown away from the coast. by that arrow. i showed you and then you get the air coming out of the upper atmosphere and sinking. it sinks. it warms right that's a little molecules of everything just gets started rubbing real close to each other, and it's. you know when there's not a lot of compaction, there's not as much kinetic energy, but when you compact, the atmosphere it warms up, so that's what's going to happen.
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it's happening now. actually as temperatures warm up about 10 degrees in some spots in the last two hours. so the heat will be on for tuesday. that's the top of the roller coaster if you will, and then temperatures kind of gradually cool down, so we have a nice pattern ahead. i didn't want to do that. but i did do that. so let's just see if i can get out of this that samir quality stuff that's nice to see the right the air quality that, um. temperatures as we go through the next couple of days. sorry about this. there we are good temperatures go through next couple days are going to heat tomorrow and then cool off a bit. after that there is the satellite loop and you can see that. but you do see on there is just you see a bunch of blue and that's because. there's big high pressure just dominating the landscape, and we've been fortunate. you know those red flag warnings that we looked at it last night. i hope you're with us. but you know what i always do on a red flag warning night. you look at up at mount san halina. an outlet speak and those areas and the winds last night were reasonable. they were 2030 miles an hour. there's been times 11 o'clock at night because he thinks these overnight wind events they happen late at night early in the morning. that's the dynamics of these things. these things get cooler and. air
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starts to sink more rapidly on that red flag warning for the hills for the north bay. the east bay in the valleys will be dropped in the next hour. president drop it sooner. actually the wind forecasts as we've shown you before. it's just going to continue to stay. you know i look for and this is contrast it's going to stay relatively reasonable this week and again like tom mentioned harnesses piece. you know these weeks these months or how until we get that first big rain, we sweated a little bit around here. we sweated a lot, especially after a two year drought. and you know, in the pacific northwest, they got an inch and a half two inches of rain, northern california an inch of rain. we really didn't did a lot of controlling of fires in northern california, washington, oregon with that rain that we got over the weekend. that was an atmospheric river. that was extremely helpful. and you know this is not a lot of smoke, because a lot of those northern fires have been put out. there's other reasons, too. but that's one of the reasons and not what we need is a big rain around here. two and fire season and that's not coming this week, unfortunately, but we're not seeing any other red
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flag warning events, so there's just some of the surface winds we can look at. when i get back. i'll get specific with what you can expect for your tomorrow. bill thank you. weeks before gabby petito went missing a man in moab, utah, called 911 to report he had just witnessed potatoes, boyfriend hitting the young woman in public. we drove by in a gentleman with slapping the girl who slapping her. today the search for potatoes boyfriend continues as fbi agents searched his florida home. this all comes just one day after authorities discovered human remains in wyoming. that appear to be that of the young woman. fox news. jonathan serrie has the latest. fbi agents stormed the florida home of gabby potatoes boyfriend this morning, one day after police say they found human remains matching gabby's description. brian laundries, parents were removed from the home as law enforcement executed a search warrant. and
5:21 pm
for the first time, authorities called the residents a crime scene of holes in this case, the case right now that need to be looked at and the fbi restaurant cover all that 23 year old laundry returned home from a cross country trip earlier this month without gabby and then went missing last week. north port police centered their search for laundry on a nature reserve near his home. but today they shifted focus of former fbi special agent says investigators could have obtained a search warrant early on there was sufficient probable cause since he had her van in his driveway. and had not reported her disappearance for 10 days yesterday, authorities discovered what they believe are gabby's remains. in wyoming, a travel blogger may have given law enforcement a clue to gabby's whereabouts after discovering she captured the couple's white ford van on video last month. she shared that video with the f b. i got my gopro footage and lo and behold, gabby sand was on their days before gabby went missing. police responded to
5:22 pm
the couple's van after a witness says. they saw them getting into a fight today. fox news obtained the audio from that 911 call stopped. they ran up and down the sidewalk. he proceeded to hit her hopped in the car. and they drove off. the county coroner's office says it will conduct an autopsy on tuesday to officially identify the remains in north port, florida. jonathan serrie fox news. coronavirus vaccines could be a step closer for kids ages. 5 to 11 after one of the vaccine makers say their vaccine is safe coming up next, we'll talk with the doctor about how soon those kids could actually start getting those shots and coming up new at six. the u. s. supreme court is now set to hear arguments on what could be a landmark abortion case. mississippi is asking the high court to uphold its ban on most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. and while most kids have returned to the classroom, the chaos from last year. has some parents exploring other options. a look
5:23 pm
at how some san francisco families have found education programs outsi excited today that
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went okay. and i'm i want to get it soon. if it protects me more than i could be able to protect more people to. kids today talking about fighters announcement that they're coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective for children from ages. 5 to 11. ucsf infectious disease. doctor peter chen. hong is here now, doctor. this still needs to get approval. how long do you think until that happens? i was listening to dr anthony fauci talk today. he said he thinks by later this month or early next month. well frank. i think fighters expected to submit the data on the application formally to the fda sometime this week or next week. then it's up to the fda to really. the vote. human
5:26 pm
resources support of the data we think suddenly by thanksgiving or halloween that should result in an amendment to the u. s a. and then because there wouldn't be any problems getting vaccines, it should be very short order. before kids can get it into arms for the week of september. 9th 243,000 kids were infected with the coronavirus. will this vaccine be a game changer? i think it will be a game changer for multiple reasons. first is that kids just won't be getting infected or going to the hospitals strain the hospital system as if done in some states, not. so much, i would say, but certainly florida etcetera. secondly it's going to result in parents feeling more confident to send kids to schools. third we know that with delta younger adults, uh, some kids are the vehicle in
5:27 pm
which virus can get into the household. so that will also be diminished. and fourthly, they contribute to community and me immunity and we really can't get around delta without having as many people as possible immunized. if it is approved about 30 million kids would all of a sudden become eligible for the shot, but it would still be up to parents to allow their kids to get vaccinated. do you see that happening? or do you think a lot of parents would still refuse? i think it will depend on the region given the bay area's high vaccination rate in adolescence, i expect that that will extend into the kids under 12 as well, for example, in service isco more than 90. of the adolescents are vaccinated and other parts of the country will probably be 50% but i think what will be the driver over time will be mandates in schools. it's not uncommon to have vaccines as mandates in. schools and certainly some parts of california and new york already
5:28 pm
headed that way, whether or not the rest of the country will will depend on a lot of, uh, you know, political will community will. well, we can't get that approval fast enough. we're going to leave it there now, doctor, peter chin hong. we appreciate you talking to us as always. thank you. thanks so much, frank. already the new growth is this looks to be about. i don't know. eight ft. tall some of these trees in one year. wooded areas burned in last year's wildfires now showing signs of new life coming up why they may bounce back faster than areas hit this year. also the trial begins for a police officer from danville. who shot and killed a man in 2000 and 18 also ahead. the u. s government now taking steps it hopes will ease a migrant crisis developing at the us mexico border.
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5:32 pm
also signs of a rematch that's already underway. coast redwoods are remarkably resilient. they're engineered to come back after catastrophe. and fire is just one of the catastrophes that they've seen. state parks, senior environmental scientist joanne kebabs says these trees are akin to nature's skyscrapers, some stretching as high as 300 ft and have been in northern california for millions of years. ocean moisture and fog produced perfect conditions for these trees to live. she points to patches of rebirth nestled next to sections nearly burned from existence as an indication life has and continues returning to this forest there, one of the very few conifers that have the ability to re sprout. they can re sprout from but dormant buds along the trunks and out in their branches epic or make sprouting is taking place on much of the bark and many tree limbs. new tops. two trees can also grow as well as entirely new trees,
5:33 pm
as long as damage at the base isn't too severe. a little more than a year ago, the ccu lightning complex fire burned parts of santa cruz in san mateo counties, including most of this 18,000 acre park. but the path to rebirth and regrowth started almost immediately with indications the forest will partially replace what's been lost in the next century. the kmp fire is threatening to completely destroy california's renowned sequoia national forest, but the route to return to normal will be different for these trees. what the giants requests can't do is re sprout. not all of the trees in this forest coastal redwoods about 20 to 30% are douglas firs. this one is estimated to be between two and 300 years old and as you can see, it was destroyed last year by fire. now the douglas fir faces a similar hurdle, as do the giant sequoias. they don't re sprout there rely on seeds to produce new trees. so this is one of the seedlings coming up. and already. this is
5:34 pm
what that's about eight inches talk. cal oh, yes, contractors will soon complete removal of tens of thousands of hazard trees littering the forest floor. that work clears the way for a reimagined big basin that is slowly but surely showing signs it will one day be woods filled with green, not charged trunks and limbs. redwood trees are survivors, always green or always living. on assignment in big basin redwoods state park, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. some homeowners south of lake tahoe return today to find nothing but rubble. we talked to one man who went back to his home on north echo summit road to find his four bedroom, two bathroom cabin. burned to the ground. he says he and his family spent most of their summers at the property for the past 10 years. he says he didn't realize his cabin was in danger until sadly, it was too late. it's devastating. it's it really is like a death in the family. he says. the only thing he could salvage was a piece of
5:35 pm
pottery that was made by his daughter in the fifth grade. more evacuations have been downgraded or lifted in the areas near the dixie fire. firefighters with the me work sugar pine fire protection district posted pictures today from lassen national forest. they're getting ready now to head back home after a second deployment on the dixie fire. the fire is now 90% contained. it has burned more than 963,000 acres and is currently the state's largest single wildfire. use our website to stay up to date on the wildfires across the state. you'll also find a breakdown of areas impacted by the red flag, warning the manslaughter trial for a danville police officer got underway today. a few protesters gathered outside the courthouse in martinez. andrew hall is on trial for the 2000 and 18 deadly shooting of lattimer arboleda. after the suspect led police on a slow speed chase through danville. authorities say arboleda, who was still in his car, tried to
5:36 pm
pull between two police cars when officer hall fired arboleda scar. officer hall has pleaded not guilty. he was initially cleared of any wrongdoing, but the contra costa county d a brought manslaughter charges against him after he fatally shot an armed suspect, identified as terrell wilson last march. in this case, we can just see many places where let's say the system failed, you know, had he been charged? let's say just within a year of his shooting within two years of his shooting, andrew hall would be off the streets as he currently is now in his paid administrative leave, he would have been off the streets and unable to kill type rally. in that second shooting. 32 year old carol wilson had a knife and hall said he fired in self defense. the families of both men say they both suffered mental mental health issues. lawmakers in both the senate and house were back at work on capitol hill today, which just one week to go before promised to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. democrats are scrambling to get moderates and progressives on board for a yes vote. fox news, madeline
5:37 pm
rivera tells us the talks are key as the fate of president biden's domestic agenda literally hangs in the balance. congress is back in session and they have their hands full. all eyes are on house speaker nancy pelosi, who had promised to take up the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill by september. 27. the question is whether she'll follow through if the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package isn't finished, we're going to have to pass infrastructure and get on with it with the reconciliation process, but the divide between moderates and progressive democrats is getting wider. progressives have warned they won't back the infrastructure bill without reconciliation. moderate senator joe manchin, however, reportedly supports a pause on all talk of the $3.5 trillion bill. until 2022. now one lawmaker says the party might need more time to resolve its differences. sometimes you have to kind of stop the clock to get to the goal to make matters
5:38 pm
more difficult. democrats are also trying to avoid a government shutdown and possible default. lawmakers have until the end of the month to fund the government, and they have to raise the debt limit by next month, too. which republicans say they won't help democrats do we're supposed to aid in a bit, party lines spending, which even democratic economists say well fuel further inflation. i know that's not right late monday, house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer unveiled a plan to link government funding with an extension of the debt limit in a single piece of legislation. daring republicans to vote against it in washington mother rivera fox news. former movie mogul harvey weinstein was back in the los angeles courtroom today to once again plead not guilty to 11 sex related charges. weinstein already pleaded not guilty to the same charges back in july after being extradited to los angeles from new york. the charges involved five women in incidents that took place over
5:39 pm
the course of nearly a decade. however this new amended grand jury indictment includes a sexual battery charge that had been previously dismissed by a judge. outside court. weinsteins attorney vowed to keep working to get the entire case dismissed. some migrants showing up at the us mexico border are heading back to mexico. coming up to us take steps to try to ease the crisis. also ahead tonight find out how pandemic era travel restrictions will ease during the holiday travel season, and parents get a warning
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5:42 pm
conditions in makeshift camps more tonight from fox news, caroline shipley. a stark message for the thousands of migrants a mass near the del rio, texas point of entry monday afternoon if you come to the united states illegally, you will be returned. homeland security has expelled thousands, mostly haitians from this makeshift camp along the southern border, but thousands more still there. many left haiti for south america after the 2010 earthquake, but in recent months fled to the us to escape the covid pandemic and worsening economies. we have been expediting repatriation flights, both to a range of countries. in south and central america, where people may have come from if they are can be accepted back and some back to haiti, republicans say the policies of the biden administration like halting deportation flights to haiti earlier this year are to blame for the current surge and the hundreds of thousands crossing the border every month. they don't seem to actually want to institute the rule of law. and
5:43 pm
enforce the law until things get to a crisis level president biden said. you're welcome to come here. we will not deport you. and that message was sent loud and clear. biden officials say social media is adding to the problem with false rumors that the u. s. is handing out humanitarian visas to haitians in need after this year's earthquake and political upheaval. in washington, carolina shively fox news. the united nations food programme, says 14 million afghans, many of them children are at risk of starvation unless they get international aid. and right now there isn't much aid coming into that country. that's because most developed countries froze their direct aid to afghanistan last month out of concern that the taliban would misuse the money. yes. you know that we have nothing to eat. we have nothing. we need someone to help us to provide food and supplies for winter. the us has announced the u s. has announced the plan
5:44 pm
to send almost $64 million in humanitarian aid to afghanistan. the money will be distributed through the united nations and independent aid groups that work in afghanistan. still ahead tonight. the u. s has a plan to make it easier to travel internationally later this year coming up how it's easing pandemic era restrictions, and it did warm up today it's going to warm further tomorrow, temperatures get back into the low and even almost mid nineties, so the warmest
5:45 pm
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beginning in november. foreign citizens can fly to the us if they have proof of vaccination and a negative covid test. previously non citizens who had been in certain countries were not allowed to enter the u. s. the new rules will allow people who have been separated during the pandemic to plan for long awaited reunions. certain businesses in contra costa county will start requiring proof of vaccination or a
5:47 pm
negative coronavirus test starting on wednesday. people at bars, restaurants and gyms will have to show a vaccine card or a recent negative coronavirus test to be allowed inside. orders of these businesses have until november 1st to get fully vaccinated or they'll have to show a negative coronavirus test. every week. in order to continue working. more people are reading books during the pandemic, and barnes and noble is cashing in the chain is reporting double digit sales growth in books so far this year. that is compared to the same time period in 2019 before the coronavirus outbreak, the retailer says teens and tweens are helping to fuel this reading surge with some youth genres up as much as 500. consumer experts say industrywide u. s sales of books are up 12% so far this year through august compared to the same period a year ago. well. parents are already being warned to be prepared for a shortage of toys this holiday season. that's because of the global supply chain crisis and
5:48 pm
also labor shortages tied to the pandemic. and there could be big delays for the toys that are set to be shipped to the u. s from china and other overseas countries. retailers manufacturers, they may only get one full import of their supplies in trying to reorder get another supply from overseas may just be logistically impossible to get to get a refresh of inventory. many of the leading toy companies say they're doing everything possible to try to meet the demand this holiday season. but they say that may not be enough to prevent a toy shortage. so they're urging everyone to shop early if possible. man i just flashed back on being like, nine years old. if i heard that story i know i'd freak out or is apparent when your kids are that age. you're for this. oh, my gosh. yeah, that's terrifying. the idea of toys are going to get where they're supposed to be. um okay. so temperatures today warm up a few degrees warmer still tomorrow. these are the highs from today and you'll see that we had 93 fairfield 93 in antioch. 88 liver. more 91 in
5:49 pm
concord. um so it's i wonder if i wonder if christmas is like it was for us, because i think kids now can just get what they want on the internet. and, um, i mean, we only had one time of year two things went when he actually went to the toy store. the right way. yeah you can order online makes it a lot. that's a good point. interesting thought is because i wonder if kids are like that. edwin. is it like that for you? i mean, you don't know i'm just i'm just trying to figure it out. because i think when i was a little kid, man, christmas was that was the biggest deal of the year. it was a big couldn't you couldn't sleep all night? oh, my god. right so, yeah. anyway i think it's still that way for young kids, is it? i hope so. yeah, i hope so, too. okay so it gets warmer tomorrow. temperatures increase the red flag warning gets dropped in about an hour and we find temperatures. tomorrow warmer still, and then they start to cool off a little bit. so there's the big high pressure ridge. here's where the temperatures are now. we did have some wind last night. you know if you were up on mount diablo up in the hills you had like a couple of gusts up over 55 60 miles an hour so up high. that when wind
5:50 pm
advisory of the red flag warning verified, it just didn't get down that low. fortunately so we didn't have too many problems or fires. temperatures warmer today by 12 and napa warmer today by 11 and liver more. i always show you the departure from yesterday because. my old meteorology professor at our climatology professor cal orman. granddaddy always said, you know, it's all it's all about persistence with whether it's the direction it's going. in fact, you see warmer temperatures today. can be warmer tomorrow, right? that's if you see tomorrow. if i show you cooler time it just that's typically how weather works. as you know, so warm air as the air compressors and sinks, the high pressure is owning the area. and it's going to be enough that there's still an offshore flow. there's still fog, no fog at the coast. it's gonna have a heck of a time getting back there. we will see some bigger upper nineties in the eastern central valley, so to be pretty warm to hot there. but look at the coast all the way out to the coast. so if you're got the day off, and i seems like everybody has time off now, but if you get an opportunity that san matteo county coastline on a daylight tomorrow. be beautiful,
5:51 pm
pescadero. some of those places davenport, um and then obviously up north. i don't want to say places because people get mad when i tell people to go places, but okay, so there's the bay beautiful little bit smoke atlas peak off in the distance, you could actually see mountain back in the far distance. these are the temperature forecast numbers for tomorrow, and i think fairfield's the hot spot about 97. it's going to feel it's just a fall day, and we're fortunate because that red flag warning as it went out, like i said, it was a low grade event right? and so it didn't it's short lived. one point is supposed to last through today. and of course, we saw that go away pretty quickly, so we are in a pretty good little pattern. in terms of we're thinking about fire right until we get some real rain in here. there is the five day forecast and with that in mind just as fire still a concern just because it's not a red flag warning, so keep your eyes out. and if you pull off the side of the road, you know, you see people pull off and they get into brush or something like that. you know, you kind of want to not do that. because the car you know cars, the bottom of cars, the real hot and start fires, and this is the time of year. where we seek of car starts a lot.
5:52 pm
and because everything is so dry, i will see you back here and just a few minutes, bill. thank you. u c s f any of children's hospital. oakland is set to begin taking patients tomorrow in a newly remodeled pediatric intensive care unit. and today we got to look inside the state of the art facility. the 20,000 square foot space is located on the second floor of the main hospital on 52nd street in oakland. there are 21 private rooms. this new icu is four times the size of its previous space and will serve as a place of care and comfort for families all across the bay area. as we continue to invest in oakland and secure the future of the children's hospital. this is an important day for us. so i want us all to remember what this commitment really needs for serving the community for serving our children, regardless of their ability to pay. the new pediatric intensive care unit has state of the art equipment and features works by bay area artists, including this 46 ft mural commissioned by the family of a former patient. one
5:53 pm
of the south bay's biggest communities, is having trouble breaking into the tech community coming up what's creating obstacles for latinos also ahead. coming up new at six the u. s supreme court now set to hear arguments on what could be a landmark abortion case. mississippi is asking the high court to uphold its ban on most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy, plus a look at the first legal challenges under the texas heartbeat act as a doctor who publicly wrote about violating the state's six week abortion
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
that's a good taco. dude. it's a sandwich. [beep beep] it's a sandwich! it's a taco! ugh, not another taco guy. the new crispy chicken sandwich taco from taco bell. [bong!] concentration of latin x people
5:56 pm
in the bay area. almost one third of the presidents are part of that community. but those numbers do not translate when it comes to one important industry high tech. as part of our coverage of hispanic heritage month. ktvu jesse gary has a look at some of the issues that limit participation among hispanics and some ways to possibly fix that. to some alex ontiveros uses mouse clicks and videos to combat a decades old south bay problem. it's the nagging, inaccurate perception. silicon valley high tech isn't fertile territory for the latin x community. i think there's always been a frustration in our community in the latino community. around the negative depiction of us hundreds of years before the advent of the silicon chip this valley is calling card was agriculture farm fields stretch from gilroy in the south. up north to land now occupied by tech giants. the population has always been a very big part of this region, and even today the latino population is close to 40% of this region. despite
5:57 pm
that large demographic footprint latin x inclusion in the high tech industry is paltry from a low of 3% to a high of perhaps 7% of the workforce. that's a catastrophe. you know, as someone who worked in the industry myself several years ago. i find it appalling that this number is this slow the reasons for lack of diversity in the tech industry varied but one of the common themes coming from most minority communities, including the latin x community is. it's hard to get hired if you don't see it as a viable career path, and it's hard for those who are doing the hiring to hire you if they don't see you or they don't see you in one of those roles. ron gonzales is a former mayor of san jose, but its roots are in high tech. he believes the key to increasing the number of hispanics working in high tech is increasing academic successes in the latin community. some higher education centers are doing outreach, and there's an emergence of professional support groups targeting
5:58 pm
students and new workers so that they have the professional networks they need to succeed. gonzalez says all of this translates into a deeper labor pool. they not may not necessarily graduate as computer scientists or like electrical engineers, but they're graduating with finance degrees. there. graduated marketing degrees. and high tech and i know high tech hires more than just engineers all to #### that brings us back to alex ontiveros, his silicon valley. latino profiles. hispanic success stories in a wide range of white collar fields, including tech. who have made a difference. it's positive reinforcement designed to spark interest in the mind of the next crop of workers and counter misconceptions in the minds of current hiring executives if they saw these folks. doing and achieving success in the tax base or in any space, you know, then they would be able to see themselves in those roles as well. the end goal is similar to his finished video product looks good, but
5:59 pm
there's always more to be done to make it even better on assignment in silicon valley, jesse gary ktvu. fox two news and a reminder here to see this story or any of our other stories during hispanic heritage month. just go to ktvu .com. this is ktvu fox two news at six. now at six gunfire near bart station in oakland one person is killed the 1/100 person to be killed in oakland so far this year. so much violence. so many guns. so many senseless lives lost. the shooting happened in broad daylight outside the coliseum. bart station. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener that the latest shooting comes on the heels of another violent weekend in the city are crime reporter henry lee joins us now from the newsroom with the latest henry. well, julia grim milestone reached today, 100 people have now lost their
6:00 pm
lives to violence so far this year, far more than last year. and once again, the top cop says it's time for all of this to end. shell casings and evidence markers scattered the ground outside the coliseum bark station as oakland police investigated the city's 1/100 homicide and the 10th over the past week, so many guns. so many senseless lives lost. the most recent killing happened at about 10 45 monday morning near the bus stop outside the park station on san leandro street upon our arrival at that location, fortunately, that gentleman. and also lost his life. at a news briefing, oakland police chief laurent armstrong asked for 100 seconds of silence to honour the city's homicide victims. if this is not a calling to everybody in this community that there is a crisis, i don't know what is. on sunday afternoon, a man was shot and killed on humbled avenue. earlier that morning, a man was killed and three others were hurt in the shooting on 17th street, near franklin in the uptown neighborhood, and late saturday night, a m


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