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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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year, far more than last year. and once again, the top cop says it's time for all of this to end. shell casings and evidence markers scattered the ground outside the coliseum bark station as oakland police investigated the city's 1/100 homicide and the 10th over the past week, so many guns. so many senseless lives lost. the most recent killing happened at about 10 45 monday morning near the bus stop outside the park station on san leandro street upon our arrival at that location, fortunately, that gentleman. and also lost his life. at a news briefing, oakland police chief laurent armstrong asked for 100 seconds of silence to honour the city's homicide victims. if this is not a calling to everybody in this community that there is a crisis, i don't know what is. on sunday afternoon, a man was shot and killed on humbled avenue. earlier that morning, a man was killed and three others were hurt in the shooting on 17th street, near franklin in the uptown neighborhood, and late saturday night, a man was
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shot dead on legion avenue near 73rd avenue. residents say while homicides are disturbing. there are also upset about gunfire in the streets. this surveillance video captures the sound of gunfire near richie and me in east oakland early wednesday. it was the latest gang related shooting in the area. no one was hit, but residents are rattled. i'm very um uh, upset. i am emotional as with everybody else in the community, but i'm also, uh, i'm very angry. knock on wood. nobody's been directly hit yet. i mean, we had a stray bullet come in through my kids bedroom. off the way through inside to the bathroom while they were in the bathtub. oakland city council member lauren taylor says the city has added shot spotter devices and boosted patrols. but it is like whack a mole. we deal with one place suppress things here, and it pops up somewhere else. they're standing rewards for tips leading to arrests and any oakland homicide. anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police department
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live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news. all right, henry. thank you. the manslaughter trial for police officer officer from danville got underway today. a tiny group of protesters you see them there gathered outside the courthouse there in martinez. andrew hall is on trial for shooting vladimir are arboleda back in 2000 and 18 after the suspect led police on a slow speed chase through danville. authorities say arboleda was trying to pull between two police cars when hall fired at arboleda scar hall has plated, not guilty. he was initially cleared of any wrongdoing, but the contra costa county d, a brought manslaughter charges against him after he shot and killed a man armed with a knife last march. in this case that we can just see many places where let's say the system failed, you know, had he been charged? let's say just within a year of his shooting within two years of his shooting, andrew hall would be off the streets as he currently is now in his paid administrative leave, he would have been off the streets and unable to kill
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type rally. in that second shooting 32 year old tyrell wilson had a knife as you can clearly see their hall said he fired in self defense. the families of both men say they both suffered from mental illness. fire officials say a group of famous trees at sequoia national park were not harmed by flames from the knp complex. fire crews managed to protect the trees, known as the four guardsmen by removing nearby vegetation and by wrapping fire resistant material around the basis of the giant sequoias. the knp complex began as two separate fires on september 10th. both were started by lightning. the knp complexes borrowing more than 23,000 acres so far. and as of now, containment is at 0% a many homeowners around lake tahoe returned to their properties today to find nothing but rubble. we spoke with one man, he went back to his home on north echo summit road. he found his four bedroom,
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two bathroom cabin burned to the ground. he says he and his family spent most of their summers at the property for the past 10 years. he said he didn't realize his cabin was in danger until it was too late. it's devastating. it's it really is like a death in the family. he says the only thing he could salvage was a piece of pottery made by his daughter in the fifth grade. more evacuations have been downgraded or lifted in the areas near the dixie fire. firefighters with the me work sugar pine fire protection district posted pictures today from less than national forest. they're getting ready to head back home after a second deployment on the dixie fire. the fire is now 90% contained. it's burned more than 963,000 acres and is currently the states. largest single wildfire in the marine community of mill valley city leaders are concerned about mass evacuations from the hills if a wildfire should break out in that area. ktvu is. rob roth
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tells us about the evacuation drill that is planned for this weekend. it's a sign of the times throughout northern california, and it's certainly true for mill valley. the question is, what should residents do it for fire threatened this community of hillside homes with two way streets, some as narrow as 10 ft across so that as soon as someone stops or tries to go the other way, it's a traffic jam. these streets were. built around the turn of the century, when we still had horses and buggies or small cars, and since that time we've remodeled homes to be much larger. our latest theory right now is that we have two main roads in town. and both of those will be jammed up. that is why the mill valley mayor and other city officials are conducting experiments saturday, mill valley is teamed up with google researchers to organise an evacuation drill aimed at improving the evacuation response here. the drill will involve some 250 residents lining up on east blight dale avenue to create gridlock. then
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time how long it takes to clear the area by directing cars to nearby parking areas away from any fire zones. the theory is that by clearing the flatland area quickly, cars continuing to come down from the hills won't hit choke points that can be fatal. we've seen that that chaos on the roadway during other disasters within our community within the state of california within the oakland hills. within the city of santa rosa and the tubbs fire, google will be using its research and technology to help mill valley with its evacuation plan. what we're going to do is run that process. with a drill with real cars on saturday, time in and see how it works. and then compare that to, uh, give that information to google so they can run their own scenarios. to help us decide whether this is a really good idea. i think it's a great idea. i wish we did it every other month. mill valley is looking for more people to participate in the drill on saturday, people can sign up online by going to ktvu .com and clicking on the link. in mill valley. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. new information
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tonight on the efforts to fix the troubled millennium tower in downtown san francisco. work was recently halted on the $100 million project to reinforce the towers sinking foundation. after a report found the high rise was continuing to sink and tilt. engineers found the building had sunk an inch and tilted an extra five inches in the months since the work began. earlier on the four we talked to a san francisco supervisor, aaron peskin, who says the best engineers should be consulted on the matter to ensure everyone's safety. everybody in the business says that it is not in danger of structural failure or imminent collapse. but we do not want to have a florida situation in the middle of our downtown. it has to be taken various seriously. peskin says the new sinking warrants and independent review and says the san francisco building inspection department doesn't have the expertise for
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this particular situation. in washington, d c. democrats are scrambling to get moderates and progressives together with just days to go before promised vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. fox news madeline ribera has the latest on talks as the fate of president biden's domestic agenda hangs in the balance. congress is back in session and they have their hands full. all eyes are on house speaker nancy pelosi, who had promised to take up the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill by september. 27. the question is whether she'll follow through if the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package isn't finished, we're going to have to pass infrastructure and get on with it with the reconciliation process, but the divide between moderates and progressive democrats is getting wider. progressives have warned they won't back the infrastructure bill without reconciliation. moderate senator joe manchin, however, reportedly supports a pause on all talk of the $3.5 trillion bill. until 2022. now one
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lawmaker says the party might need more time to resolve its differences. sometimes you have to kind of stop the clock to get to the goal to make matters more difficult. democrats are also trying to avoid a government shutdown and possible default lawmakers have until the end of the month to fund the government, and they have to raise the debt limit by next month, too. which republicans say they won't help democrats do we're supposed to aid in the bet party lines spending, which even democratic economists say well fuel further inflation. i know that's not right late monday, house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer unveiled a plan to link government funding with an extension of the debt limit and they single piece of legislation. daring republicans to vote against it. and washington mother rivera fox news, the supreme court announced today they have set a date for oral arguments in a potential landmark abortion case. the justices are set to hear arguments on december 1st.
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the case centers on a mississippi law banning most abortions. after 15 weeks of pregnancy. the launch challenges the court's previous ruling on roe versus wade, and another case in 1992 that guarantees a woman's right to an abortion. before a fetus can survive outside the womb, which is generally around 24 weeks in texas, a doctor who publicly wrote about violating the state's six week abortion ban is facing at least two lawsuits and what appears to be the first legal challenge under the state's new law. both plaintiffs say they oppose the new law but want to clear the way for a judge to rule on its constitutionality. the new law allows private citizens to sue abortion providers in anyone else who helps a woman obtain an abortion. good news for those looking to get their young children vaccinated for covid coming up at 6 30 y pfizer believes it has a vaccine ready for kids under the age of 12 and the
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preparations already under way here in the bay area to administer those shots. it's a technology meant to help shut off power in a potential wildfire, sparking situation. up next to look at the new tech and the concerns that it's already creating. and i'm tracking the weather. we definitely going to warm up again tomorrow. it warmed up today. you can see the numbers behind me. but hotter tomorrow and then a bit of a cool down. i'll see you back here with that.
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windy weather in the north bay hills and the east bay hills and valleys are creating dangerous wildfire conditions. fire departments in those areas are on high alert. the red flag warning went into effect last night at 11 and is due to expire at eight o'clock tonight. in the last hour pga announced the all clear for public safety power. shutoffs crews are now in the process of restoring power to the few 100 customers whose power was cut off in napa and solano counties. power is also being
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restored to the other northern california counties, where power lines were de energized all because of those red flag warning conditions. p genie is upgraded sensors designed to tell more quickly when a power line has been compromised or might start a fire. but ktvu is tom vacar tells us that technology is setting off some false alarms resulting in unnecessary shutoffs. of some 25,000 miles of power lines that deliver your energy p genie has determined the 10,000 miles are in the highest of high fire threat zones on those lines p genie has strategically placed automatic sensors. that will shut off if. the line shorts out. if something were to touch the line, it shuts off automatically, and it doesn't provide a spark. it prevents a wildfire. lightning animal contact a branch leaning against the power line or a complete break from a falling tree or limb will cause the sensors to automatically decided the line should be de energized. to provide maximum
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safety. they have tweaked those sensors increase the sensitivity, basically, so if there's a fault detected on the line, it shuts off faster and more often in recent weeks, this fast trip technology has caused at least five outages in the foothills and mountains between fresno and like tahoe. there have also been such outages. in west sonoma and marin, as well as half moon bay and santa cruz that has caused some complaints. one of pg knees, goals is to essentially fine tune and adjust the sensitivity of each fast trip circuit breaker to make sure the actual fire risk in its area is matched. and so we're readjusting them every calibrating them. so they're not so frequent. but they are longer duration outages because these are high fire threat areas once tripped, the line cannot be re energized until pg and e crews have a close. look at the line. we are beefing up the patrols to restore power
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and more quickly to finish those patrols. faster move more boots on the ground. this is very crucial now because we've entered the time. of the ferocious winds. the diablo winds the santa ana winds, which blood high speed, very often pushing fires far, far out of control. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. tom is right. that's the time of year. when we get those weather systems have come through the winds turn off shore like they did last night. last night was a pretty calm event. relatively speaking. like i said last night, right, you have red flag warnings, but there's a spectrum of them. there's a texture to each one, and this was a. kind of low on the spectrum in terms of danger, but it's still red flag warning. it's so dangerous. it just didn't encompass the whole bay area, and it was mainly higher and was mainly in the north bay and the winds really below 1000 ft were almost not non existent, but pretty light. well, that's and that's good. so tomorrow, the red flag warning has gone. it's going to be gone the next couple hours, actually. but these are the highs from today and tomorrow is going to follow suit. with these numbers coming up today's temperature's warmed. some
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places like 10 degrees, so tomorrow you're going to see temperatures warm again another five degrees or so. so temperatures coming back up as you look at the 91 conquer the 86 in vallejo, those will turn into. conquered by turned to a 94. vallejo probably turn to an 88 something like that. and it is false, you know, so you can really feel it out there now, um, got my geography all lined up for you guys. there's outlets peak, which i messed up last week, and that's up around the napa valley. and i'm pretty sure. gonna get in trouble on this one. i think that's mount bacca. is that right? that alice, i think that's not back over there. um, just outside the back of ill, so beautiful night. no fog at the coast. that's when i look at that picture, right? and that's one of the things when you look at that picture, you go it's fall right. it's fall. where's the fog? the texture of the surface of the ocean or the bay. you see how it's some areas are, uh, texture and some areas of flat glass. it tells you the wind direction. typically the flat glass area is being blocked by
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the north wind is being blocked by the hills up behind up by sandra fell there and so you're getting glass out on tiburon bay and. and richardson bay and on at the golden gate bridge. the winds are blowing out through the bridge right now. so you got an offshore wind? um, what we got here, huh? criminal trouble my computer day, but i'm good. okay their quality looks good, right? lots of greens. we will see our quality. um, tomorrow a road next couple. they just a little bit. those fires in norcal definitely. you know, god put out, not put out but got stunted. and so the smoke didn't didn't, uh, isn't getting in our position, but there's a fire in southern california down by the big trees that those easterly winds some southeast is going to draw some smoked back in this area. it is a spare the air day tomorrow i'll see you back here with that. bill, thank you. facebook and ray ban had rolled out their new smart glasses. ray ban stories, and already there are concerns that those glasses are a threat to personal privacy and security. they look like regular sunglasses, but they allow
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users to take photos and record videos with two barely noticeable cameras, a tiny led light meant to warn others. they're being recorded is barely noticeable. techcrunch reports that facebook's lead privacy regulator in europe is now calling on facebook to demonstrate the light is effective for its purpose. facebook says it will work to help users understand how this new technology works and the controls they have. in florida. fbi agents swarm the home of gabby pitino's fiance, one day after human remains were discovered in wyoming. more on today's developments still ahead, plus. several people are dead after a gunman opens fire on the campus of a russian university. i'm amy kellogg.
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woman went missing a man in moab, utah, called 911 to report he had just witnessed potatoes boyfriend hitting her in public. we drove by and the gentleman with slapping the girl who slapping her. all of this comes as authorities yesterday discovered human remains in wyoming that appear to be those petito today. the search for potatoes boyfriend brian laundry continues as fbi agents searched his home in florida as former fbi special agent says investigators could have obtained a search warrant for the home early on. there was sufficient probable cause since he had her van in his driveway and had not reported
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her disappearance for 10 days. the county coroner's office says it will conduct an autopsy tomorrow to officially identified the remains in newport news. virginia police have taken a suspect into custody after shots were fired at a school. witnesses say the shooting happened inside heritage high school about 11 40 this morning. police say two students were shot, although their injuries are not life threatening. one victim was shot on the side of the face. the other was hit in the lower leg. police have not yet released the name of the shooter, but they say the shooter and the victims all knew each other. a student opened fire at a university in russia, leaving at least six people dead and 28 others injured. fox news, amy kellogg tells us police are now working to determine what led to that mass shooting. russian authorities are investigating a deadly shooting at a university, leaving several people dead. dozens more hurt. he started shooting when we were in the
6:24 pm
smoking area when we understood that he was shooting at us, we started running inside like a herd of sheep. he chased us like a shepherd to the entrance, chaotic scene unfolding on the campus of perm state university, roughly 700 miles east of moscow, authorities say. a male student dressed all in black and wearing a black helmet opened fire monday using a lot long barreled weapon at the time. approximately 3000 people were on campus the shots, prompting those nearby to hide and lock themselves inside rooms, some even reportedly jumping out of second floor windows. we locked ourselves in an auditorium and sat there quietly. didn't make a sound and waited to be evacuated when first responders arrived on the scene the suspect fired at them before being shot by police. he was wounded while being detained because of resistance, and then he was brought to a medical facility. russian firearms laws are very strict, but people can get permits for hunting weapons slaves films investigation is collecting profiling materials on the suspect. it is found that the suspect purchased a smooth bore
6:25 pm
hunting gun, which he was firing and may this year. motive has not officially been established, but reported. early in social media posts. the gunman said he was not religious or political but was consumed with hatred and dreamed of doing something like this for a long time. russian president vladimir putin offered his condolences following the tragedy and sent to officials to help assist in the wake of the massacre. in milan italy. amy kellogg fox news. to the white house is issuing a new rule for people traveling to the united states coming up on ktvu channel two news at 6 30. the new vaccination requirements starting on november 1st class. while most kids have returned to the classroom, the chaos of last year has some parents exploring other education options. look at how some san francisco families have found education programs. outside of the district's public schools.
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it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. deadly shooting at the coliseum bart station today. 100 people have now been killed in oakland so far this year. it's also the 10th killing in just the past week. the person was found dead at 10 45 in front of the station. so far, there's been no word on what led up to the shooting, or whether police have made any arrests in mill valley city leaders have teamed up with google resource researchers to devise a solid evacuation plan. in case of a wildfire. some mill valley streets are narrow and more than 100 years old. and a rush
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of exiting cars would likely lead to gridlock. so this saturday, residents will work with google on a plan that will map out exits and boost the chances of everyone getting out safely, and the u. s. supreme court is set to hear oral arguments in a potential landmark abortion case on december 1st. the case centers on a mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. mississippi's abortion restriction was one of several state laws intended to challenge the 1973 roe versus wade decision. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 pfizer announced today its covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective for children as young as five. the company now plans to seek authorization from the fda to start giving those shots. great views, and ruben tells us that santa clara county is already ramping up capacity at their mass vaccination sites. even though there's no exact date yet for when the vaccine for children will be approved by the fda. in santa clara
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county. they're getting ready for the rush to things approval of booster shots for those 65 up and first shots for kids. 5 to 11 both seem imminent. and so their staffing up and even opening two new vaccination sites like this one in san martin, every time we were super tired. we just think about what this could mean what this next big push could mean and how it could actually change how we live our lives, so we're very excited. we get a new adrenaline rush each time they say they're ready. there had been concerns that all the adults would be approved for boosters at wants something which now seems unlikely. county officials say a smaller number showing up for boosters is actually a relief. i'm optimistic that we would then be able to, uh, free at most of our capacity for children, and they say there should be plenty of appointments to go around as soon as shots for that younger demographic or approved. we're fortunate that we have more vaccine providers compared to what we had during the early spring time. we do expect that
6:31 pm
many people will seek vaccines from the private providers as well as from commercial pharmacies at almond and pediatrics in san jose. they're already working on their vaccination plan, but i'm pretty certain that by somewhere around late october into early november will be doing some amount of vaccinating kids younger than 12. they'll be offering them at special clinics and will checks to the hope is to have lots of shots in arms before the winter holidays, but they say the first few weeks maybe chaotic and understand that we have enough. we're gonna have enough vaccine for everybody. we're going to get to you. um, if you can just be a little patient and ruben ktvu, fox two news. we're talking with children and their parents in the lamb orinda area in the east bay about the pfizer vaccine, possibly being available in 545 to 11 year old soon and they all said they were excited about it. i'm excited today that the test went okay. and i'm i want to get it soon. i think i would just feel a bit
6:32 pm
more. safe with the shot, so just in case i do get it. there's no chance of me even getting sick at all being vaccinated as them to do a lot of their activities and play with friends and see family. so it's important for us having the vaccination will allow us to get back to a sense some sense of normalcy. so we're very excited where we've been waiting a long time for this. many parents say the vaccine would allow their families to expand their social bubble, which they've had to maintain, since their children haven't been eligible to get vaccinated. the coronavirus is now the deadliest outbreak in u. s history, passing the 1918 spanish flu. so far, the coronavirus has killed more than 675,000 people. that's more than the entire population of oakland and berkeley combined. and it's showing no signs of slowing down. right now. we're averaging about 2000 more deaths every day.
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president biden will ease foreign travel restrictions into the u. s beginning in november. foreign citizens can fly into the u s. if they have proof of vaccination and a negative covid test. previously non citizens who had been in certain countries were not allowed to enter into the u. s the new rules will allow people who have been separated during the pandemic to plan for long awaited reunions after school year like none other kids are now back in class. but for some families in san francisco, turmoil with the city's public school system has them exploring other options. ktvu is christian captain with more tonight on how some of those families have found options outside of the district's public schools. golden gate park is one of san francisco's treasures. and now educators from fog. city explorers are using the 1017 acres as an outdoor classroom. the idea started after rachel weiss took her daughter and a few other children out. for outdoor time during the pandemic. i mean, we
6:34 pm
have the first classroom here, right? we use nature as a teacher and as our classroom and so we're like, why can't we do this year round and then we did wise founded bog city explorers in the middle of the pandemic catering to some of the youngest students prekindergarten, transitional kindergarten and kindergarteners. as public schools were shutting down are going virtual. weiss was providing an alternative for her daughter and more than a dozen other students. with the pandemic hit. it just seemed like a good time to have. to open this up and start and it's been incredible. and i've learned so much this year. i think the kids have really grown immensely. there's been plenty of anecdotal reports of families leaving san francisco's public schools, some choosing to leave the city, others choosing private or parochial options. many parents in the district, expressing frustration with the district over how long it took to develop and implement a reopening plan. now san francisco schools are confirming that enrollment has
6:35 pm
dropped about 5% since the end of the 2019 2020 school year. city explorers has saved my ear families that enrolled, say the outdoor environment and ability for children to socialize during the pandemic, helped them to decide to enroll their children in fog city explorers. instead of san francisco unified we went through the lottery. we got into our a. and then on the first day of school decided we weren't going to do it because we didn't want to give him a virtual kindergarten experience. what are you working on its strong why says socializing and problem solving are just part of what her program offers. while it may look different than a regular classroom, why says these children are building a strong academic foundation of a wagon with supplies? books art supplies? um compass is depending on what the curriculum is for the weak the month. are depends on supplies that will bring with us to school. and so we have reading. we use white boards for doing sight words and for practicing writing. we have journals and each child comes to school. we.
6:36 pm
offer pencils, glues, scissors, any kind of like tools that you would find in a classroom we provide for them. some parents say they still value the city's public schools and many say, as their children aged out of fog city explorers. they will return to san francisco unified schools, and we will be sending our son to kindergarten this fall, and we got into creative arts. so we're excited about that. but this has been an amazing gift for us this year. why says even with traditional schools now reopened and kids back in public school, she will continue to offer fog city explorers as an outdoor alternative. honestly i don't think i can never go back into a traditional classroom again. if there's this is taught me anything, it's that, you know. outside is where kids learn best fog. city explorers is looking to expand its program with more children and more educators. and while it is a private school with tuition, they're looking to set up a tuition assistance program so that it can be offered to a broader range of families. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. the
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humanitarian crisis continues to grow in afghanistan. the united nations sounding the alarm as food and medicine are scarce following the taliban takeover. is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit mostly from haiti, have been removed from a massive encampment. the u s has begun putting migrants on planes back to haiti as they scramble to head off in humanitarian crisis at the southern border. in
6:40 pm
recent days, more than 12,000 migrants traveled through mexico and set up camp near a bridge in the town of del rio, homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas called it a challenging and also heartbreaking situation. the united nations food programme says 14 million afghans, many of them children are at risk of starvation now that international aid has virtually stopped. that's because most developed nations froze their direct aid to the country last month during the taliban would misuse the funds. fox news trading has more from kabul. the world food programme estimates 14 million afghans could starve without international aid, many of them unable to fend for themselves. they're too young. these are the children of afghanistan. baby idris was born the same week the taliban took control of afghanistan. his grandmother cradles him just feet from where he was born at a park in central kabul. at just 30 days old idris has never been to his
6:41 pm
family's hometown. we want to be safe in our mind should be clearer for and we want our children to be educated and go to studies. the situation should be better, not like right now. here in the centre, part of kabul there are thousands of internally displaced afghans. you can see these little children here. they made their way to the capital from the city of kunduz following the taliban takeover. now it's unclear what's going to happen to them. they desperately need aid from the international community, but there is simply not much aid coming into the country. yes you know that we have nothing to eat. we have nothing. we need someone to help us to provide food and supplies for winter. you can hear the desperation in the voices of these mothers. their children are starving and they have nothing to give them. these young afghans have never lived in a country not at war. their faces look tired. the kids around the world they're playful, curious and silk. good job. they are the next generation of afghans and like the place they call home. their future remains uncertain. so
6:42 pm
what? we are very poor people. we have nothing to eat. we need help. we are very unhappy with america, the united states and the world must find a way to engage with the taliban, even if only to provide civilian aid. it's a delicate position the world doesn't want to fund taliban efforts. but these children will starve without that money in kabul trade thinks fox news. and we are tracking in the weather is going to warm up further tomorrow temperatures back into the mid nineties and spots i'll see you back here with that. right now we go to ktvu as heather holmes with a look at some of the stories we're working on for their seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus well, frank boy. it was a rough day on wall street. we're going to talk live with the bay area financial analyst about what drove the markets to one of their worst trading days in months. and also look at china's role in today's steep declines. also covid takes the life of the man who became famous in the 19 nineties when he recorded the rodney king beating. what the man's family tells tmz about his vaccination status. while those stories and
6:43 pm
a lot more coming up live in just a few minutes on the seven over on ktvu plus, but first after the break showing signs of new life, the resilience of the redwoods and big basin state park after a devastating wildfire last year. to how woodey
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6:45 pm
wildfires this year will recover examining how areas that burn last year may help ktvu self care reporter jesse gary shows us what they're discovering at big basin state park. as highway to 36 wind its way into big basin redwoods state park in santa cruz county. there are signs of a firefight
6:46 pm
lost to mother nature. charred bark and down. trees abound. but there are also signs of a rematch that's already underway. coast redwoods are remarkably resilient. they're engineered to come back after catastrophe. and fire is just one of the catastrophes that they've seen. state parks, senior environmental scientist joanne kebabs says these trees are akin to nature skyscrapers, some stretching as high as 300 ft and have been in northern california for millions of years. ocean moisture and fog produced perfect conditions for these trees to live. she points to patches of rebirth nestled next to sections nearly burned from existence as an indication life has and continues returning to this forest there, one of the very few conifers that have the ability to re sprout. they can re sprout from but dormant buds along the trunks and out in their branches. epic comic sprouting is taking place on much of the bark and many tree limbs. new tops. two trees can also grow
6:47 pm
as well as entirely new trees, as long as damage at the base isn't too severe, a little more than a year ago, the ccu lightning complex fire burned parts of santa cruz in san matteo counties, including most of this 18,000 acre park. but the path to rebirth and regrowth started almost immediately with indications the forest will partially replace what's been lost in the next century. the knp fire is threatening to completely destroy california's renowned sequoia national forest, but the route to return to normal will be different for these trees. what the giants request can't do is re sprout. not all of the trees in this forest coastal redwoods about 20 to 30% are douglas firs. this one is estimated to be between two and 300 years old and as you can see, it was destroyed last year by fire. have a douglas fir faces a similar hurdle, as do the giant sequoias. they don't re sprout that rely on seeds to produce new trees. so this is one of the seedlings coming up. and already this is
6:48 pm
what that's about eight inches talk. carol oh, yes, contractors will soon complete removal of tens of thousands of hazard trees littering the forest floor. that work clears the way for a reimagined big basin that is slowly but surely showing signs it will one day be woods filled with green, not charged trunks and limbs. redwood trees are survivors, always green or always living on assignment in big basin redwoods state park, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. okay hope you had a nice day. temperatures warmed up beautiful fall day throughout the bay area. the temperatures today warmer than yesterday by a good five degrees or so. so we saw some low nineties 93 90 ac 93 in fairfield. those are the hot spots. temperatures tomorrow. we're going to get warmer i think those inland spots are gonna go into the mid nineties. probably beautiful shot outside what's missing in this picture? well, it's not really because it's september and the equinox is wednesday
6:49 pm
but was missing his fog, obviously, and you see a little bit of haze out there as well. i think. good air quality as we pointed out earlier, but i suspect that we're going to see a little bit of smoke from some of those fires start to filter back into the bay area is that easterly wind continues tomorrow. it's not a red flag warning, but the flow is an offshore flow essentially. so it's going to anything on the land, and he smoked that's left over even down around the sequoias down central southern california. um we're going to see it or we could see it again. it's not gonna be as intense because so much of that smoke. was coming from the trinity alps area and far northern california in northeastern oregon and dig up they got a lot of rain this i mean this area here all the way down into northern california. they got legit rain like couple inches of rain, which is enough. to really doesn't. i don't know if it puts the fire season away. what it helps a bunch and it certainly puts smoke down and gets containment on those fires. dixie fire got a big help from, um, from this particular when antelope fire got some big help as well from the rain 14 degrees warmer napa. that's the trend. it's warming up their sinking. fog is not
6:50 pm
going to form but we are going to see temperatures warming is that air sinks the offshore flow keeps the fog away and we find temperatures tomorrow that looked like these and they're going to be. nineties low nineties mid nineties super nice day, even at the coach, you're going to see seventies, most likely, so it's going to be pretty good that way to 89 in vallejo. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. yeah yeah, that looks good. 97 fairfield, and then it cools off after that. it's amazing to me all these years in the bay area. how. when it decides to become fall, it becomes fall, right? and obviously it's sun angle and length of day and what have you but it is always just like today and yesterday. oh, yeah, it's fall. okay, i'll see you all back here tonight. 10 11. we'll see them. bill. thanks the quest for the west coming right down to the wire sports director market. bonnie's is up next with what one of the giant star players is saying about
6:51 pm
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a leader in the prevention, you, you know, ordinarily you win 97 games and you still have 12 left. you are on a smooth cruise and just about any major league season two at the very least, the division title, but as you know, by now, this is no
6:54 pm
ordinary season. the giants at first place by the skin of their teeth, the dodgers right on their tails, if you're not following it that closely he need to know the giants and the dodgers are off tonight giants in san diego for the start with three game series tomorrow night against the padres dodgers in colorado for a little rocky mountain high three games there. final couple of weeks. i think kris bryant of the giants just sums it up perfectly. i feel like we've been playing great baseball, you know, going on a win streak, you know, um, but they've just been matching us and that's annoying. it's annoying that both you know, both of us are playing good at the same time. you know, we just got to keep our head down and try our best not to scoreboard watch, just focus on winning our ball games and just rely on the experience of everybody in this clubhouse to get us through the rest of the season, hopefully on the top of the vision. you know
6:55 pm
they're all watching the scoreboard. no doubt about that. anybody who says different? it's not telling you the truth. hey frank. remember when you and i were growing up right? thinks major league catcher best in the business. got to be johnny bench, right? he was the guy top of the line. well one of his hallowed records broken today. this afternoon as salvador perez of the kansas city royals smashes one of his records with his 46th home run of the year. johnny bench back in 1970 of the all time record most homers by a catcher in a single season. johnny has 45 1970. that is also tightened salvador perez for the major league home run leaving this year 51 year record broken today, johnny bench some other day, alright football. it's just almost hard to believe it's just hard to comprehend what's going on with the 40 niners with regard to these
6:56 pm
injuries, another running back. joining the injured list today. john michael michael hasty was really getting a taste of some action. you know, raheem mostert is up for the year. jeff wilson probably won't be back till mid season. here's the look at the play of the fourth quarter, he fumbled and you can watch it really twisted his left ankle. that's a high ankle sprain, and then he gets drilled in the nfl. that is really rough sledding right there, and he'll be out for quite some time and then trace sermons, their top running back choice out of ohio state. first nfl carry. welcome to the league just gets blown up, fumbled the ball. they called it a penalty against philadelphia. he suffers a concussion. it looks like he's in the protocol anyway. so he is probably at the very least if he or this coming sunday against the packers, all right, one of the more positive notes with regard to this past week wide receiver jawan jennings
6:57 pm
hustle and worked his way onto the roster. after he was the 217th pick in the 2020 trap. that's the seventh round he hung around, worked hard. he came out of tennessee. his first catch is also his first nfl touchdown right before the half to get this victory started, and he knows he was not exactly the first option on that particular play for jimmy europe, alot. winning catch a touchdown was the last progression. this means the most from the from the very first time that i made the team, you know, it just means everything to me. that's what i wanted to do since i was a kid, and for kyle and 49ers organization, just. you know how the trust and being able to put me on the field? i gotta hold that end my bargain up and i'll let this team down. he's doing it so far. all right. if you follow baseball, you know, the padres were highly hyped part of the season. they have
6:58 pm
fallen apart in the second half of the year, and they're getting a little bit testy. two of their biggest stars in case you missed it got into it and the dugout this past weekend. oh, what's he saying? all right, that's manny machado and fernando. tatty status has been pouting a lot lately and machado more of a veteran just had it with him and padres of last eight out of 10. the tensions start to show alright, case you missed it. local product on the football field yesterday. badji harris. yeah look at that as a grown man straight up right there, throwing down john abrams right there. nausea also got his first nfl touchdown. yeah good for him out of acadia. yeah, that's the sporting life guys. see you later, everyone. goodnight, everybody. thanks goodnight, everybody. thanks for joining us.
6:59 pm
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