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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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recommended giving pfizer vaccine booster shots to certain people who are at risk of serious illness. due to covid 19. the full agency could finalize this decision as soon as tonight. the panel said people over 65 nursing home residents and those with underlying medical conditions could get those third shots. they did not recommend them for frontline healthcare workers. the shots would be given at least six months after people received their second dose of the pfizer vaccine. no reason to think the vaccine doesn't work beyond six months. it's just not quite as effective. so you give a booster. you decrease your risk of spread. the white house is also hoping access to boosters will bring up overall vaccination rates. the u. s is averaging just over 750,000 shots every day. that's down from a high of more than three million shots a day in april, a state health officials say about 6.5 million californians ages are over the age of 65 will be eligible for a third shot. ktvu is christian
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captain tells us how bay area health care providers are gearing up to get those boosters out. the race to vaccinate is entering a new phase as the fda and now the cdc have given the all clear for booster doses of the pfizer vaccine, infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hong from ucsf, says the first booster doses are expected to go to people. over the age of 65 those who have serious medical conditions that could make covid more dangerous for them. the cdc recommendations, particularly around immunizations, generally trump everything else because they give guidance. it's a recommendation but historically speaking. public health jurisdictions, which are local usually follows cdc guidance right now, only the pfizer vaccine has been cleared as a booster. san francisco is one of the cities where a supplemental fighter dose is already being used for patients who received the johnson and johnson vaccine. medical providers are gearing up for a potential surge in vaccinations
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and ucsf example they've been preparing for long time to immunize healthcare workers again with a few chart. in the event that this gained approval so i would imagine that very, very short after the announcement, people can go out and start getting it. san francisco's department of public health also says it's ready to accommodate any surgeon vaccine demand. at one time, the city and county operated numerous mass vaccination sites as the number of people receiving the vaccine increased. the city was able to close many centers, instead using a distributed network of vaccine providers to make it easy for anyone looking for vaccine. the main takeaway is the same infrastructures, access points, strategies and teams that have enabled san francisco to achieved one of the highest rates of vaccination world are continue to be in place and we're ready to continue to serve. our doctor says the booster shot will likely work well for those who received fighter and those who received johnson and johnson. he also says the pfizer and moderna vaccines
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work in similar ways so people who received moderna could receive the fighter booster. however there's currently less medical evidence for how well it works. for those who received moderna first patients should consult with medical professionals to make sure they're getting the best advice for them. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. the discussion about booster shots comes as bay area vaccination rates continue to rise, according to numbers from the cdc of all eligible people, 12 and older more than 77% are fully vaccinated in alameda county. 81% in san francisco and more than 83% in santa clara county. those vaccination rates are all higher than the national average of 64% but in tube a area counties the vaccination rate is 90% or higher, and those two counties are marin and san mateo. we talked with a grocery store owner in daly city, who said he requires employees to be vaccinated. and encourages his customers to do the same. when
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you see you know your friends, your family trusted people in your community who have all been vaccinated. it kind of builds a sense of safety. supervisors in san mateo county say they're hoping to have a 100% vaccination rate in the next couple of months. next friday. a new vaccine mandate goes into effect in the city of san jose, but the city's police union says if it is enforced more than 100, police officers may walk off the job. ktvu is jesse gary explains how it could impact public safety. it's a huge, huge. problem this is a problem. we're going to work out and we have time to do it. san jose's police union and top elected official agree there is a serious impact, but the solution has so far eluded the two sides at issue. san jose's change in vaccination policy effective october 1st all city employees will be required to get covid vaccinated. as a condition of employment, the mayor says. it's a matter of public safety
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in the face of the delta variant. fundamentally we know the only pathway through this pandemic. is following the science. and that means. everybody's got to get vaccinated. i resigned on sunday, dave gutierrez spent a career in law enforcement. but after 27 years as both a full time cop and then reserve officer. he walked away over mandatory covid inoculation, my morals and values or a lot more important to me than money. they're not testing vaccinated people which we all know, vaccinated. people can still contact the virus. the police officers union says upwards of 140 officers out of a force of 1100 are prepared to follow gutierrez lead. if the city refuses to consider weekly testing as an alternative to vaccinations, impacts or catastrophic. the people are going to suffer are the citizens they are not overstating the case. this is the time that the p o a needs to be able to find common ground with those public health
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policies in the best interest of public safety, the mayor says negotiations continue and that the deadline will not automatically trigger mass terminations. our first priority is to respond to that 911 call. and we're going to do everything we can to keep everybody on board. the mayor says 84 police officers have applied for exemptions for medical or religious reasons and double that number of city employees have done the same. 91% of the fire department is vaccinated and 85% of the san jose police department is vaccinated while negotiations continue in the coming days, and perhaps in the next week. there is a rally at san jose city hall friday morning to show support for city employees who do not feel like they should have to get vaccinated as a condition of employment. outside san jose city hall, jesse gary ktvu fox two news, the golden gate restaurant association, says a majority of restaurants in san francisco saw a drop in business following the city's proof of vaccination requirement. that
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mandate went into effect on august 20th and since then, 60% of restaurants said that business had gone down. 52% said at least one employee had at least one conflict with a customer over providing proof of vaccination. but 79% reported having very few issues with customers, industry experts say in addition to the mandate concerns about the delta variant and seasonal business trends could be contributing to that drop in business. the looming end of eviction moratoriums has san francisco city leaders looking for ways to help local businesses struggling to pay their rent. the state budget analyst estimates commercial businesses in san francisco have racked up a total of $600 million in unpaid back rent due to the pandemic. supervisor ashes if i e says he's working with the mayor to set up at $25 million fund that would offer grants of up to $35,000. but for no fault of their own. because once in a generation.
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once in almost 100 years, pandemic forced them to shut their doors down. forced them to not have customers. but yet. they were still obligated under contract to pay rent. supervisor our supporters rather also want to require landlords to offer businesses a mandatory three year extension on their lease and to provide some rent forgiveness. the% commercial eviction moratorium ends next thursday. september 30th. statewide some californians may miss out on emergency rental assistance. that's because the first round of federal funding is only up for grabs through the end of this month. our investigative reporter brooks jarocz is joining us now to explain. it's up to the states, the state counties and the cities to make sure this money gets to those who need it, brooks. that's right, alex. we're talking lots of money here. $2.6 billion statewide. that's being distributed right now, and the clock is ticking in short, if california doesn't use it. there's a high chance will lose it. for 23 years, eight of
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flowers has called east oakland home a place she's raised for children and in some ways become the neighborhood nanny until the pandemic closed her doors just shut down. everything. the three kids that i was about to take in. i couldn't financial hardship was met with some emergency rental relief. but even now there's worry about the future. i think about it a lot. uh, i have a roof over my head currently. but i think about the ones that don't. you know and what they're really going through. it's a struggle. terrified frustrated, eviction defense center is just one of a handful of groups in oakland tasked with getting the federal funding and checks out the door. this is going to be 1521 $2.6 billion was made available to california 1.5 billion. the stain is tasked to oversee. the other 1.1 big counties and
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cities are supposed to put out. but for months, progress has been slow. there was no infrastructure in place to get this money out, so i always think of it as like. taking a huge tankard of water to the desert and saying, okay, get all this water to the people who need it. the state auditor's office warns the funds are at high risk of mismanagement. a looming deadline of september 30th to obligate the money or risk losing it more than 80% of the first round is committed, but the state could forfeit up to 337 million if it doesn't get the rental assistance out. i feel like right now it's a race against the clock. we need more money we need more time. and we need more bodies doing this type of work. my situation literally has been rent or food. latonya stelly lost her job and received help to make ends meet. so what would happen if you didn't have that rental assistance? i probably wouldn't have an apartment. i really
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wouldn't have any place to live. honestly she says. she's fearful of what will happen if the federal government claws back the unspent funds. it's so many more people there are on the streets every day, and it's so hardening to walk down the street and see these homeless camps popping up because it's too expensive to live here. one key tank away. there is still help out there. you can still apply for emergency rental assistance beyond the end of this month, congress passed a second round of funding as part of the american rescue plan now to find out where to go. if you're eligible and how to apply, just go over over to our website, ktvu .com and click on this story. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. hey, brooks i am sure it's a complicated question here. but your piece kind of begs the question of why there wasn't a better system in place to distribute this money to the people who needed it. i think part of the problem. alex's they just never had this massive amount of funds and then you're talking
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about not just the state, but then the state passing it along to other jurisdictions, large cities having to distribute that money on their own. it really did take many months. some people argue that it took too long or that it took nine months to get things set up. and now everyone's racing in these last couple weeks to get that money out the door. time is ticking, and we know that there are a lot of people working around the clock to try to get this money to those who need it important work being done with very little time left. brooks jarocz live in the newsroom. thank you. at least 13 people shot after a gunman walks into a tennessee grocery store and open spire coming up what we know about the investigation, and tonight a homeless woman from millbrae is on life support after being deliberately run over repeatedly by a man in a bmw. what prosecutors believe was the motive behind the violence. heated up again today, especially inland upper
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nineties. it's going to cool off as we head towards the weekend, so fire danger, relax a little bit, and you'll notice some of that smoke moving back into the bay area over the next couple of days. see you back here with the details. also ahead tonight, a distressing scene at an east bay lake after residents notice hundreds of dead fish what experts think maybe causing the die off. let's check on the roads here and you're taking a live look at conditions on the east shore freeway, interstate 80 coming through emeryville and into berkeley. boy. oh boy. pretty crowded there on this stretch of freeway. you are pretty backed up there if you're trying to get through ktvu news at six o'clock, we'll be right back.
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we are professional grade. gmc. shooting at a kroger supermarket. police say the gunman is also dead from what they believed was a self inflicted gunshot wound. the shooting happened this afternoon in colliers ville, which is about 30 miles east of memphis. call your bill. police chief said that officers and a
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swat team entered the grocery store going aisle to aisle to rescue the people inside. we know that we have quite a few witnesses were bringing in additional detectives, um, for people that were in the store. um, there were numerous employees that were working. i know. we found people hiding in freezers and in locked offices and you know they were doing what they had been trained to do. run, hide fight. so far. police have not identified the shooter at his motive is unclear. at this point. police say the victims were all taken to hospitals, some with very serious injuries. new details in the homicide case of gabby petito. today a wyoming court issued an arrest warrant for her fiance, brian laundry, but the warrant is not for potatoes death. instead the fbi says laundry will be charged with intent to defraud for one or more unauthorized uses of a capital, one bank card between august 30 and september 1st. the indictment does not say who. that card belongs to potatoes body was found near
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grand teton national park over the weekend. investigators have tracked down the man they believe purposely ran over a homeless woman in millbrae with an suv. he is now facing attempted murder charges. crime reporter henry lee has the latest on what happened. it happened in an instant, authorities say. 53 year old homeless woman, griselda joseph was walking near the starbucks and milbury when she was hit at high speed by a bmw suv early monday morning. but investigators say it was no accident. he saw her and he decided. you know what? i'm going to kill her. sam mateo county d a. steve wagstaffe says the driver didn't just hit her once header while she was walking. on the sidewalk and then ran over her backed up, ran over her three more times a total of four times the victim is now on life support at a hospital and her family's been summoned from out of state. san mateo county sheriff's investigators found surveillance footage and arrested the suspect. 23 year old garrett young, it turns out young works at the safeway
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across the street, where his duties include cleaning and collecting shopping carts. the woman regularly goes into the store. investigators say the suspect felt the woman had been mean to him for months, shouting at him for not cleaning the bathroom to her liking. he had had numerous occasions where she would yell at him, and he felt angry about it. you just didn't like him, authorities say young has a learning disability and autism. the safeway store hires individuals with special needs. even so, the suspect's been charged with attempted murder, and he clearly knew what he did was wrong. the facts of this case are pretty agree, gis. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says the fact that the defendant may be disabled won't absolve him of liability. in this case. there are plenty of people with mental defects that are law abiding citizens. so that will not be an excuse. a judge has since suspended criminal proceedings after the defense question their client's mental competency. that means he will now be evaluated by two doctors. the victims. prognosis meanwhile, is grim. if she does die, this will turn into a
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murder investigation. the defendants being held without bail in millburn, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. all right. a pretty warm thursday for you out there. temperatures today got up to 97 in antioch 94 dow out in the fairfield area. it's going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow by four or five degrees. and then it cools further as we head into the weekend, which is great, because we're in that time of year where you just hate to see extended heat and this is a good case of not seeing a couple days of pretty warm what we had one day of warm back on tuesday called on wednesday heated up on our heated up on thursday, and it's going to cool down tomorrow. so we've had sort of a little bit of a roller coaster, but either way. temperatures the next few days trending down what you want to see now, with its trend down and temperatures, we're going to see some little bit of southerly wind, and that's going to bring in smoke from that windy fire down around this koya big trees. in that is going to be a problem for us. tomorrow we have an air quality alert. i suspect we'll see a spare the air day eric quality
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alert on saturday as well. so it's just going to be one of those deals where we're kind of getting rid of one thing getting really heat. but we're adding some smoke and you see, even see a little bit of smoke out there now. you also can see the fog coming in telltale signs that things are the coasts are kind of cool and you can. if you look around, you sort of see, particularly in the air tomorrow is going to be, i think more noticeable with a particular it so with that said temperatures tomorrow cooler by 45 degrees, and then the cooling really begins after that, but there will be an influx of smoke into the area starting tomorrow and really lasting through, probably at least saturday, especially in the south bay. so i'll see you back here. we'll have the full forecast in just a minute. we will see in a bit, bill. thank you. hundreds of dead fish have been turning up in a lake at a popular park in newark visitors to lakeshore park say in recent days, they've come across this unsettling sight of dead fish floating at the surface of the parks man made lake. there are big fish and small little fish, and they're all dead spread all
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throughout. there is an area right over there where there's like, filtered water coming through, and they're all huddled up there and there gasping for air. i stood there for about five minutes earlier, and i recorded little video. and during those five minutes i saw two of them just die. we reached out to city officials who say preliminary findings show the fisher dying because of a very low oxygen level in the water officials say they're looking into what caused the sudden depletion in oxygen. the city is currently implementing measures to add as much fresh oxygen jade oxygenated water to the lake as possible. california unemployment claims surged to the worst level in five months coming up, we'll break down the numbers and in berkeley, it is a proposal that could reshape the city skyline the plans for 17 storey apartment tower and where that could be located. proposing a 17t
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building across the street from the west entrance to uc berkeley. it's called the hub of berkeley and, if approved, would provide nearly 300 rental units and 10,000 square feet of commercial space on the corner of oxford and center streets. developers submitted their proposal to berkeley's planning department this month i hearing still has not been set. in oakland nonprofit that sued the city for failure to clean up and clear homeless encampments has now joined forces with other community groups trying to put pressure on city
6:25 pm
officials. neighbors together. oakland took that legal action last month for quote gross mishandling of oakland's homeless encampment crisis and for failure to follow the city's encampment management policy. today the community group announced it has partnered with the oakland compassion project. tiny logic and urban park cleanup to form an alliance. the idea behind the we deserve better alliances to put pressure on the city to better manage the camps and find more resources for those who are living on the streets. it is up to us as a community to make sure that we not only hold our elected officials accountable, but those that are tasked with the job of making sure people get sustainable resources. a city audit found oakland was not prepared to handle the massive growth of encampments during the pandemic, a city official told ktvu cleanups have increased from roughly 50 a week up to 75. but it is a struggle to keep up. unemployment claims in california have jumped to their highest level in five months.
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the u. s labor department says there were more than 75001st time claims for unemployment last week. that's up more than 24,000 from the initial claims the state saw last week nationwide another 351,000 initial claims were filed. that's an increase of 16,000 from the previous week. coming up on the ktvu news at 6 30. a vaccine mandate has now been approved for students in oakland's public schools when it goes into effect and the challenges in implementing it and later in sports scoreboard watching for the giants and dodgers as they continue to battle for the nl west pennant sports director marco van is with the extra inning action from both of their games, plus a mandatory evacuation orders are in place in shasta county, as a new wildfire exploded in size overnight. and now apollo alto woman is in custody accused of arson.
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introducing the first ever, at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade, from gmc. get 0% financing on most gmc acadia models. or get 0% financing on most gmc terrain models. we are professional grade. gmc. for brian laundry, who was named a person of interest in the disappearance and death of his fiancee, gabby petito. the fbi says laundry will be charged with intent to defraud for one or more unauthorized uses of capital, one bank card between august 30th and september 1st. that indictment does not say who the card belongs to. investigators have charged a man with attempted murder after he allegedly ran over a homeless woman on purpose several times in millbrae. it happened monday on
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broadway near the safeway store, where the suspect 23 year old garrett young works. he has a learning disability and autism. according to investigators. the woman went into the store regularly, and young felt that she had been mean to him for months. today the cdc independent advisory panel gave the green light for the fighter booster shot. advisors recommended the extra doses for people 65 older those who live in nursing homes and those aged 50 to 64 who have underlying medical conditions. they can get the shot once they are six months past their last fighter dose. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the oakland unified school district has now become the first large district in northern california to require students be vaccinated. that vote by the school board came after a lengthy and emotional debate that stretched well past midnight. ktvu is. rob roth spoke with students and oakland school officials. at oakland tech high school.
6:31 pm
the plan to make covid vaccines mandatory for students to be allowed in class is drawing mixed reviews among the students just protecting all of us, and i think it's just safer for us. so it won't spread. we should still be able to choose whether we want to get vaccinated or not. it's still kind of forcing people to get vaccinated. the oakland unified school district board of education voted early thursday morning to require all students ages, 12 and up to be fully vaccinated if they want to come on campus. the board is allowing exemptions for personal beliefs, although the district still needs to define exactly what those beliefs will entail. the superintendent is expected to present details of the plan sometime in october, with the plan taking effect in january at the earliest. at the moment, there are no parameters set. as to what it's going to look like how it's going to be, in effect, how it's going to be enforced anything like that. those are things that the staff here at all usd will have to work out. vaccination is really the way that we get to herd immunity. and um, we just
6:32 pm
follow. it was urgent to take this step. school board vice president sam davis, who introduced the resolution says the district will need to launch an education campaign about the vaccine. but while alameda county has a fully vaccinated rate of 77% african americans and latinos have only about a 60% vaccination rate. such numbers could mean a racial divide between students who had come to class and those who would be learning remotely. we don't want this to be punitive. we really want to use this as a way to encourage. families to get the education they need to seek out doctor doctor's advice to get what they need. in order to get vaccinated. i stood on playing on getting vaccinated. i think that i might have to do distance learning. do you want to do distance learning? no i like staying here at school. the school district is planning on holding community meetings about all this. the first one is on monday in spanish, the second on tuesday in english.
6:33 pm
the meetings will be virtual. in oakland and rob roth ktvu. fox two news. two other east bay school districts are also considering similar measures for students. last night, piedmont unanimously approved a vaccine requirement for all eligible students. those who are not vaccinated could be barred from in person instruction. also the berklee school board appeared split last night on a proposal requiring vaccination or mandatory testing of students. the board debated but did not vote on the measure, and no date has been set for a vote. the school board president is now calling on state lawmakers to enact vaccine requirements for students, the mayors of the bay area's three largest cities are planning ways to move forward after the pandemic. mayor sam liccardo london breed and libby shaft participated in a forum this morning. they talked about racial disparity, affordable housing and health in the months and years to come so many of these disparities in health outcomes. match completely, both
6:34 pm
demographically and geographically. too low outcomes and housing security, educational outcomes. high rates of violent crime. uh poverty. i think that we need state intervention. because of homelessness and the issues around affordability in this entire state. um and i think that will make the difference and we need people who have the courage to make these hard decisions. i think all of us are pretty invested in housing first model of building as much permanent supportive housing as we possibly can. at the same time. we know it takes a long time. and it takes a lot of money, which may spur a local nonprofit organization invited the mayor's to participate in the forum, which is called moving forward together. stocks rallied on wall street today to reverse their losses. so far this week, the dow surged up 506 points that's about 1.5% the nasdaq was up 155 points and the s and p added 53 points. traders got some
6:35 pm
reassurance from the fed yesterday, which signaled that it won't begin raising interest rates until late next year. democratic leaders in the house. santa senate say they've reached a deal on a framework to pay for president biden's $3.5 trillion budget bill. they are looking at an array of tax options targeting extremely wealthy people and businesses. meantime without congressional action, the federal government runs out of money in one week, but republicans say they won't help democrats to raise the debt ceiling. if they wanted talks, borrow and spend historic sums of money without our input, they'll have to raise the debt limit. without our help. how heartless can you be? you voted to spend these monies. because of covid valid reason. and now you don't want to pay for it. economists warn if the debt ceiling isn't raised, and the government defaults, it could push the economy into recession. new
6:36 pm
developments surrounding the crisis at the southern border. the u. s special envoy to haiti resigned today in protest of what he called the inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of haitian refugees who are camping underneath a bridge in del rio, texas. the white house says that as of this afternoon about 1400 haitians have now been returned to haiti. and fewer than 5000 migrants remain at the del rio camp that's down from roughly 10,000 days. that's 10,000 days ago, but the biden administration is pushing back on the special envoy's claims about inhumane conditions, adding immigration wasn't his purview. special envoy, foot head ample opportunity to raise concerns about migration during his tenure. he never once did so. there will be some change at the southern border. border patrol agents in del rio won't be using horses a temporary suspension issued by the department of homeland security after images showed agents on horseback. appearing to charge
6:37 pm
at migrants coming up tonight it was a call for cultural solidarity and exchange during a time of global conflict as we celebrate latino culture during hispanic heritage month, we are taking a closer look at diego rivera's famous mural that is now on display in san francisco. he's talking about thinking his hands into the dough of his own country. so now he's going to take these technological skills and sing the song of mexico. diego riverad
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
masterpieces that inspire and symbolize both struggle and unity. and as we celebrate hispanic heritage month, ktvu is brooks jarocz has a look now at rivera's last mural in the u. s created on treasure island during world war two and sf moma. you can't miss it. a mural standing 22 ft high spanning 74 ft wide and weighing 30 tons. so what you're seeing up here? is an extemporaneous on site invention. he vented this in seven weeks. he is diego rivera a mexican born artist with a passion for politics and his heritage. and he made socially engaged murals so murals that showed. um social and political struggles of the places he was in this work is pan american
6:41 pm
unity created in 1940 headlining the golden gate international exposition. art in action, so he actually painted the mural on treasure island in front of the life audience and with the help of local artists and assistance here from san francisco. probably was very close to the same technique. somebody like michelangelo. used in the 15 chapel, working on a scaffold in an airplane hangar. rivera depicts cultural creators from artisans to architects and inventors, those who've shaped north american society, the mural center san francisco as this place where cultures meet where mexico and the us comes together but drawing on his experiences. his focus was also bigger than this continent came here with a very specific agenda, and it's right over here. he's trying to get us into the war against the, one of the 10 panels, a warning over fascism and dictators like
6:42 pm
hitler, mussolini and stalin, surrounded by an appeal to overcome differences, using his education, experience and background to celebrate what unites us. and he has a really good quote that i love he's talking about thinking is hands into the dough of his own country. so now he's going to take these technological skills and sing the song. of mexico. this is the result. the marriage of artistic expression of the north and the south and this continent pan american unity right in our backyard some 80 years later. diego rivera, a man of unique style perspective and influence bridging barriers while leaving behind a legacy. in san francisco. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. already warmer today out there, but a cooling trend coming as we head through this weekend, some smoke back in the forecast as well. i'll see you back here with that and
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coming up tonight the largest climate bill in any states history has signed by governor newsom today. how he plans to use the $15 billion to combat wildfires drought and promote a more sustainable future.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ in shasta county. cal fire has identified 30 year old alexandra super never as the suspected arsonist. officials say she was spotted trespassing in the area where the fire started and was acting irrationally. the fire has exploded now to 1200 acres since it started late yesterday. right now it's 5% contained and there are mandatory evacuation orders that have been issued
6:46 pm
for people living in that area. here's a map to show you where this fire is burningcounty. it'g and five miles northeast of shasta lake. the knp complex fire continues to burn out of control into larry county. it is now burned more than 33,000 acres. the lightning sparked wildfire has been burning for 13 days in the sequoia national park. as ktvu is, tom baker tells us governor newsom toward the burn area today and used the visit to sign a huge wildfire and climate change response bill. governor gavin newsom came to sequoia national park site of the knp complex fire, which has grown to the size of san francisco. it's one of 10 major fires burning in california right now, in what is already california's second worst fire season ever, still, with months to go, traditions, lifestyle people places wiped off the map. that's what climate. is about
6:47 pm
something profound in extremist happening, and it's happening decades before. the scientists even believed, the governor says, think fahrenheit not celsius about ever rising temperatures. 80 degrees. i mean, that's that's the track. we're on. that's the inheritance. we're leaving to our kids. can imagine our grandkids he signed a $15 billion climate bill, the largest in state history, any state's history, so with that. let's sign this $15 billion package into law. the $15 billion climate bill has immediate and long term aims, which boiled down to just three words. future proof, california. an immediate concern. tackle catastrophic wildfires long term build a more resilient california of the future. the bill also includes immediate drought response. long term water brazilians. promoting sustainability wherever
6:48 pm
possible and community protections. those protections include dealing with many combined climate extremes, including extreme heat and sea level rise. the governor says there is no time left to lose, scientists had predicted, but predicted 10 2030 years from now. the new york times reports that over the last three months california's wildfires alone emitted more global warming greenhouses than any entire golden state summer in the last two decades. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. already looking at the temperatures from today, it cooled off well didn't really cool, often heated up in most places over yesterday, some areas along the coast for a little bit cooler, but you can see that 97 antioch at 94 fairfield temperatures tomorrow now will cool off a few degrees and we'll lose the upper nineties and go back into the low nineties in the warmest spots, maybe mid nineties so still very warm day. and you
6:49 pm
can kind of see some that smoke out there coming in. now we're seeing that, uh upper elevations. smoke coming in from the fires. the windy fire down around, um, sequoias down there, and that'll add tomorrow to an air quality alert the smoke, and it'll probably be a nasty little air quality set up on saturday as well. so let me back it up. here comes the smoke. here we are. tomorrow morning. see where it's in the bay area, so on black, so it's not the end of the world, but it's going to be yellows. if you look at the air quality reports, so, um and then look at the south bay in the peninsula it really favors into tomorrow night really favors. santa cruz, south bay, gilroy, morgan hill, and then you see the draws a line there. doesn't it interesting. and south bakersfield. modesto so air quality right where you're looking at right now. that's that's forecast for saturday, but that's that's the area that's going to be most impacted over the next couple of days. so. think about that. as you move around and again, a lot of us. it doesn't affect but i'm going to get a lot of correspondents from folks who
6:50 pm
it does affect and it affects a big time and it's kind of scary, quite frankly, especially if you have respiratory issues and. breathing is sometimes difficult. you put in some particular matter, and it causes inflammation in the lungs. and so, um, just if you have your one of those people, there's some things you can do. one thing you can do is probably go north. right if you want to take a quick hit up the mendocino or something. because i showed you the line that's about how far north the smoke is going to hang about marine county south, mainly in the santa clara valley but it'll be less smoked further north you go at least that's the plan forecast for tomorrow. looks like this pretty much you can see temperatures. okay i got some mike problems. 83 napa 82 in vallejo, 93 concord and then the five day forecast. there it is, and we'll see. i'll see you back here tonight. at 10 and 11. see back here, all right. that sounds good, bill. we'll see you then. high tech art exhibit opens in san jose tomorrow, offering an immersive experience into the mind and work of 19th, century painter
6:51 pm
vincent van gogh that beyond van gogh exhibit seeks to take people on a journey through sound light and color. van gogh's work is projected all around, and it's intermingled with music and narration. using the artist's own words. the exhibit is being held at the san jose convention center and runs through november 14th. tickets are being sold online and proof of vaccination is required. coming up in his first game back from the near disastrous injury in august. chris bassett wows in his return, but was it enough for the aids to end their losing streak? sports director mark ibanez is up next is with you. lt
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6:53 pm
6:54 pm
the oakland a's first, you know their slide of about a month. now you can trace it back to the day that chris bassett there ace pitcher was brutally hit by a line drive in the face back in chicago since then, nothing but trouble. just a little over a month later, he was back on the mound today great comeback story that did not have the. hollywood ending but nonetheless, a great story for chris bastard. it was august 17th. he was brutally
6:55 pm
hit by that line drive today, back on the mound against the mariners, trying to stop a three game skid. he went three innings, gave up. only one hit at no run, struck out for through 48 pitches, congratulated by his teammates there, but in the sixth inning, mitch hanniger. from mountain view his 35th homer that's a solo shot for the mariners that ties it up jake dieteman at four apiece and the rest of the afternoon slides downward for the a's pinch hitter, luis torrance with a two run blast to left. and it's suddenly 64 mariners. nothing going right? the a's just haven't hit all series long in the ninth inning. matt olsen, however, does stroke his 38th home run, but it's a solo shot it guys on base 65 final. four game sweep by the mariners. that just can't happen. they have taken 12 of 16 from the a's and the story, however, remains chris bassett. it wasn't much in the
6:56 pm
mood to talk about his own personal performance is comments after the game were more team oriented, as usual for him. the last month has been terrible for us. um but it is what it is. i mean, i'm proud to be in oakland. a. i'm proud of this group, even though we have absolutely sucked last month, i'm still happiest #### to be a part of this group. for a little while. it looked like it was going to be the best today is for the san francisco giants. the dodgers were one out away from losing. the giants came back from an early deficit to lead in the late innings. as it turns out, no hollywood ending there, either. let's take it down to san diego, where brandon crawford accommodating the many giant fans who always seem to take over that stadium down there, a few autographs giants were down early for nothing. logan web didn't have it, but they fight back in the sixth. look at that laser off
6:57 pm
the bed of pinch hitter austin slater. that's the 17th. pinch hit homer for the giants this year. they take up 54 lead by the way that pinch hit record highs of major league mark in the sixth, though the padres come back to out. 32 pitch. trent grisham rides it over and out. oh jose quintana is better effort and it's a 55 ball game and then the next hitter next step has sung kim deep and god is not a home run hitter, but he does it there and it 65 san diego. tommy la stella, though, comes through late for the giants, wilmer floors had doubled himself. he scores unless stella's double. so we're 66 go into extra innings, dominic leone and then the 10th victor cara teeny at the plate. the winning run at third. tommy la stella desperation to the plates. and your ex and pro far into when it walked off san diego takes it 7 to 6 giants of
6:58 pm
a one game lead with nine to play because. the dodgers, who were down to their last strike, strung together three straight hits too tight in the ninth and then in the 10th. you've seen him do it. max muncy over rises 35th homer 75 dodgers beat the rockies up there. we got a little time, so why not? check this out. this kind of a cute play minor league baseball in buffalo. a beautiful golden retriever says, you know, and i just feel like frolicking right in the middle of this game and his name aptly so rookie because that's a rookie mistake, doggy. we loved him out there in the middle of a game. yeah hi loves gold. that's the players hard to get mad at that you can't complain. pretty cool. buffalo new york. that's the sporty life, guys, get it back to you. all right. thank you. goodnight, everybody. you. goodnight, everybody. thanks for joining us. t
6:59 pm
oh, hey, if you guys are free this weekend, i won a night of wine tasting from work. that sounds fun. mm-hmm. how come scientists don't win free stuff like salespeople do? 'cause we're not in it for the stuff. we're in it for the groupies. sheldon: personally, i find the notion of external rewards demeaning. i pursue science for the intrinsic joy of discovery. but you always say that you want to win a nobel prize. i also say don't contradict me in front of my friends, but that you don't remember. all right, well, let me know if you guys want to go. i would love to. i do enjoy the complexity of an aged pinot noir. i'm sure that would pair nicely with your fried nuggets of chicken. well, it sounds like a nice night. we should go. wine again? yeah, no, thank you. i like my grapes the old-fashioned way: in a juice box. well, i'm going. you couldn't stop me from getting a massage at the mall, and you're not stopping me now. i shouldn't have to see my girlfriend get groped in public by another man. and i shouldn't have to see my boyfriend
7:00 pm
riding on a train for children around the mall. the little choo-choo for toddlers? and now you know why i needed the massage. well, we're out. bernie can't drink 'cause she's pregnant. and she's pregnant because we had sex. and we had sex because... (laughs): well, come on. it's okay. you should go. you sure? of course. yeah, give her a break from, "well, come on." well, bernadette, looks like saturday night, it's you and me. me? how? why? well, it makes perfect sense. because you're an expectant mother, you can't drink alcohol. i don't like to. you can't have sushi. i don't like to. you can't go in hot tubs. i consider them vats of sweaty people soup. gee, sheldon, i don't know. oh, come on. roller coasters, caffeine, runny eggs-- i've been avoiding these things all my life. and now, because you're pregnant, you have to. the difference is she's bringing life into the world,


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