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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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how bay area schools are already getting ready. also an off duty san francisco sheriff's deputy arrested on felony charges. investigators say he's accused of threatening to shoot people after a violent outburst at a house party. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes, san francisco sheriff's deputy who works in one of the city's jails. is now behind bars himself. he is being charged in connection with the drunken rampage at a party while off duty. our crime reporter henry lee is here now, with more details on what happened here, henry. well heather authorities say he smashed things while smashed at a party while off duty, but now it could very well affect his job. these photos from dominic varsities facebook page show a man who enjoys hanging out with friends but now bar said he's been charged with a series of crimes for his conduct during a potluck and an apartment in san francisco's parker said on thursday night what witnesses
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described as a belligerent rampage perhaps alcohol induced, authorities say varsity while drunk and off duty groped an 18 year old woman at the gathering. that's being confronted. police say he swung a guitar, ripping down a curtain, damaging a bookcase and scaring a reptile. he smashed this. lizard tank that had a bearded dragon inside of it, probably endangering the bearded dragon. that was smashed. authorities say. varsity also threatened to get a gun from his collection and shoot everyone. they were in fear for their lives, and they went running from their own house, thinking that they were going to get shot. san francisco police say a search of his home led to the seizure of three handguns, several magazines of ammunition and inert hand grenade. his arraignment tuesday was postponed. his family declined to comment. our city has been with the sheriff's office since 2018. he's now on paid administrative leave. he's worked at one of the county jails. obviously we all hold our staff to the highest standards being part of public safety and law enforcement deputies adhere to a code of ethics. san francisco sheriff
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paul miyamoto says he's withholding judgment for now, as usual. we always wait for the resolution on the criminal matters before we make any commentary or follow up with our administrative investigation. police officers are police officers 24 hours a day and they're expected to conduct themselves appropriately, ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says the off duty behavior is concerning. this type of conduct bags. the question. why do you like when you're on duty, argued this aggressive on duty. now the deputy is being held without bail at marin county jail and not the san francisco jail, where it is work. that's common practice now his attorney and the deputy's union declined to comment. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news. all right, henry. thank you. police have detained a person of interest who they believe is responsible for a violent threat at san francisco state university that shut down the campus today, the university president said late today. the threat was posted on instagram last night and then was quickly removed. she says
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the threat mentioned the person being armed and on campus students saw the post and immediately reported it to campus police. and early this morning university officials decided to cancel in person classes today. and students living on campus were told to stay inside their residential areas as a precaution. officials say that person in custody is not connected to the university, and it's unclear exactly what prompted the threat. him and first of all, very grateful to our students who alerted us so quickly because the post was posted so briefly. that we might not have caught it. i'm also extremely grateful to our university police department and our emergency operations center. i will just also add that the person who was detained is not affiliated with san francisco state university. and that's university president lynn mahoney. she also says the university will reopen for normal operations tomorrow morning. governor newsom was in oakland today taking a step to try to help increase the state's affordable housing supply. the governor signed 27
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housing bills approved by the state legislature. those bills expand and streamline affordable housing production. the bills also strengthen accountability for local governments. governor newsom says this is part of the state's unprecedented comprehensive strategy to try to tackle the housing crisis. this is unprecedented in u. s history, no state has ever endeavored to invest these kinds of resources no state has ever. committed to investing these resources with an actual strategy and plan to back it up. governor. newsom says the bills will create 84,000 units of affordable housing across the state. people living in one daly city neighborhood woke up to quite a surprise. this morning, a mountain lion had wandered into the backyard of a woman's home, and it stayed there for quite a while before then. disappearing the animal was spotted on callen boulevard at the intersection of warwick street, and that's near skyline boulevard. ktvu. rob roth spoke
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with neighbors as well as with california fish and wildlife officials today and. bob joins us now, with more some tense moments for folks in that neighborhood, robin. alex y amount line would pay a visit here to callen boulevard in daly city is anyone's guess. and it left just as quietly as it came. i was surprised. yeah here among the clusters of homes on kellen boulevard in daly city, this young mountain light wandered into cynthia louie's backyard early tuesday morning. it appeared to relax for a while. louise tenants spotted it first in a neighborhood alert went out just before seven. am concerned for ourselves. we're concerned for, you know the neighborhood and the neighbors next door to us, especially the one with the. the child care that would be the daycare that joyce perez runs. she started phoning parents immediately. i have to call him up and they do not come. there is a mountain lion next door. so the door i shut the door on my side. well,
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neighbours scrambled police, the fire department in california fish and wildlife sent up a drone to get a look. but they can't was gone. another drone went up one that can detect heat in case the mountain line was hiding in the bushes, but no sign of it again by 9 30 authorities gave the all clear my best guess is that. this is a young male mountain lion who's in search for new territory and food and who made a wrong turn in our residential neighborhood kind of got stuck and then. was able to find its way up. the 30 say this was the perfect outcome. the mountain lion left on itself. no people or pets were harmed. there have been other mountain lion sightings in the bay area, but fish and wildlife say no more than usual for this time of year, but the drought may be having affect their food resources are drying up, and they'll expand their search. scared. i'm concerned about my wife. doing the gardening and. i don't want to be surprised with seeing the mountain lion at the in my backyard.
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authorities are advising people in the area to bring their pets and pet food indoors for the time being, there's always a chance to mountain lion could come back, alex quite a morning for folks in that neighborhood, rob, thank you. covid vaccine for younger children is now one step closer to becoming reality fighters submitting data from its vaccine trials for kids 5 to 11 years old today and plans to formally ask for emergency use approval in just a matter of weeks. ktvu zahle. rasmus takes a look at what's next in this process and how several bay area health departments are already making plans to make it easier for kids to get these vaccines. we want to start getting those younger kids vaccinated. we know that their parents wanted, um schools wanted and it really is important to get us back to, um, something more approaching normal that we all know and love about our schools every day, alameda county office of education overseas 22 different school districts, as well as all private and parochial schools in the county. they've
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asked schools to submit interest forms to let them know if they would like to host covid vaccination sites for kids ages 5 to 11 as soon as they're authorized. that's the first step for school districts is if they want to host a clinic. get that in from interest forman so that we can get them scheduled with public health so we can get a truck mobile backs unit. um we can set up a clinic at their school sites. santa clara county health department is also making similar plants in a presentation to the board of supervisors today. health and education officials outlined plans for mobile vaccine clinics at 42 different schools sites between now and november in anticipation of the pfizer vaccine being authorized for younger kids. and in an email to ktvu contra costa county also confirmed its plans to quote offer clinics to school age children and their families, adding that they're working with schools and healthcare partners on those plants. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. well, all employees at the vatican are now required to show proof of vaccination against covid-19, the vatican issuing that order. excuse me
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today to all of its employees, including the highest members of the catholic church. they must show proof of vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test by friday. those who refuse what we deemed unjustly absent without pay. pope francis has recently made clear that he thinks vaccination is a moral duty. financial incentives to get drug free and also funding for a new, sobering centre. coming up here on the floor. we'll talk live with state senator scott wiener about his plans to tackle the city's growing drug crisis, and san jose could vote later today to ban flavored tobacco products. why some people are opposed. at a barrier weather. the storm clouds with a little weak storm clouds have moved out of the bay area from yesterday. lots of sunshine today at a bit of a warming trend will have your updated forecast coming.
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drug markets are being flooded with counterfeit prescription pills and they're killing americans at an unprecedented rate. officials say. those fake pills are often marketed online and on social media, and they can contain lethal amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine. so far this year, investigators have seized around 9.5 million fake pills. that's more than the last two years combined. this alert does not apply to legally prescribed and legitimately dispensed pharmaceutical medications in san francisco. officials from both the city and state are showing their support for a bill addressing the meth crisis, which is now awaiting the governor's signature. state senator scott wiener of san francisco, authored that bill that focuses on the growing methamphetamine epidemic by offering financial rewards to addicts to stop using drugs. now separately, senator weiner also secured state funding for a sobering centre, which is set to open in the city on howard street. when they're at this meth, sobering centre. they're not going to be at this
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sobering centre sitting alone by themselves. there'll be people there to provide moral support to provide counseling to provide alternatives and to try and help them get back on their feet. state senator scott wiener joins us now live to talk about these two issues. scott i want to first begin with this center. it is the city's first hard drugs, sobering facility. how will it help the skyrocketing use of meth in san francisco? sure so right now we have a situation where people who are using math and other drugs are simply on our streets. they are, uh there. you know they're they're on the sidewalks their homes, but businesses, uh, sometimes causing problems. they're in distress. uh, and we need to get them help. and math in particular can cause behavioral health issues in terms of people, sometimes acting in a bizarre and aggressive way. uh
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and so when you have a location where they can just go there without judgement and get services and get help and ultimately go into recovery and have those services available. uh that is something we need to pursue because the status quo is not working. and so if we can get people inside, uh and interacting with people who can help them, that's a big three. okay so how do you get addicts to go to the center and explain a little bit more about what will happen once they're there? well um what? once word gets out that there's a place you can go. um and you can, you know, take a shower and you can get some perhaps some food. and you can learn about different ways that you might be able to, uh, stop using or use less or use more safely. people the word gets out. people to not everyone will go. but a certain percentage of people will and those are the people that we
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can help. so get inside a silver bullet. but you know, i know people who were, uh, addicted. and when there were places where they could go. they could get help. without judgment. they would go there. do these centers work? um yes, they do um, these are and again. these are very low barrier. bettors are sobering centers to place where people can go and just sort of hang out and chill out and come down. from their high and get any help that they need so they will work for some people. it won't work for everyone. nothing is going to work for everyone, but we want to try this out because. there are so many people who are in distress and, frankly spiraling towards death on our streets, and if we can help some of them with these centers that is a win. okay. i want to move on now, senator to your bill that's currently awaiting the governor's signature. and it is a radical idea would make
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california the very first state to pay people to stay sober. is this an effective way to get people to stop using drugs like math? yeah, it's a very effective way and it's actually um when people hear about it for the first time, they might think it's radical, but it's actually not contingency management. worse where you provide small financial rewards for people to get sober and stay sober. so, for example, i know someone who was addicted to meth. you would piano cup every saturday, and if it was a negative meth test, he would get $7. sometimes it might be a 20 or $30 gift card. this is a very, very low cost way might cost a few $100 over a course of a few months to help someone gets over and stay sober. we're not the first do this via the u. s. federal veterans administration. has been using. contingency management for meth addiction for a decade. so has the san francisco aids foundation to great success. it
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doesn't get everyone's sober, but it gets a lot of people. sober and so it is a proven, uh, method to help people on meth. i got sober and particularly because for math. there's no medical treatment for opioids. there are some pharmaceutical treatments. there's nothing for math. and so we have to really try every proven strategy. and this is one of the proven strategies. okay. there were some concerns, though, senator that this could potentially violate federal law, does it? we don't think it does. and the biden administration in its, uh, strategy around drug use and addiction actually lists this exact strategy. as an evidence based strategies sort of joe biden administration appears to be embracing this this strategy. we will want to get a waiver from the federal government to allow us to use medical dollars. to help funds
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this very cost effective. very very low cost, um, intervention and i'm optimistic that we will receive that waiver. people also really need to understand. when you talk about people who are using drugs and really in a bad place. one trip to the emergency room between an ambulance and the trip to the er can cost thousands and thousands of dollars from just one trip on one day. uh this strategy with financial incentives over a period of three or four months might cost three or $400. it is a very, very low cost i yield. way of addressing meth. matthews and meth addiction. okay before i let you go, critics might look at both of these proposals and say, you know what? it really doesn't go after the root of the problem, which is easy access to all kinds of drugs on the streets of san francisco. why not put the money that's being set aside. to open a sobering centre or to incentivize people not to do the drugs to really go after
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the dealers who are out there selling these drugs. well of course, we should deal with supply, but let's be really clear for many decades now. our focus has been on. supply and shooting, guns, supply and criminalization. and where has a guy in us? how much drugs? how? how much? the huge quantity of drugs that we've interdicted coming in from mexico or colombia or wherever else over the years, so many drugs that we've interdicted how's that gone? people are still using people are still getting addicted. people are so overdosing and dying. it's worse now than it used to be, and meth in particular where you can make it pretty much anywhere. so yes, worse. we need to deal with supply. but let's be clear that as long as there is demand, the supply will meet the demand and so we need to help people who are addicted. get healthy. that is
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the core of the issue, not arrest them and put them in prison. help them get healthy and use every possible strategy to try to help them. all right? state senator scott wiener really appreciate your time. today we'll wait and see what governor newsom does in regards to your bill. thanks so much appreciate your time today. thank you. today. city leaders in san jose are set to vote on a strict new ordinance that would ban the sale of flavor tobacco products this ordinance would force all retailers in san jose to stop selling those products, and it would stop new tobacco stores from opening within 1000 ft of a school. park community center or library. those who oppose the bill say this will hurt small businesses, but supporters say it's an important step for young people's health. the national weather service issued a beach hazard alert today for some bay area coastal areas. ocean beach, montara state beach and marina state beach are among the areas included in today's alert because of a
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higher risk of rip currents as well as high surf for more now on our current weather conditions let's check in now with our meteorologist mark tamayo mark. either heather. yeah, we have been tracking that. swell that incoming northwest. well, probably picking up. you probably noticed that change from yesterday to today, so this is not a high surf warning. this is not a high surf advisory become the lower grade. beach hazard statement just to let you know that we did a lot of energy out there and you should be extra careful, especially on a day like today, so we have lots of clear skies out toward the coastline. here's the overall pattern that's well coming in. out of the northwest and the wave heights today on the order of around 8 to 12 ft to the beach hazard statement until 11 o'clock tonight, and then the waves should back off a little bit as we head into your wednesday now onshore. we have elevated fire, danger all the areas in red here out toward ready and chico nevada city, sacramento. vacaville you can see how towards a lot of county we have a red flag fire warning with those breezy dry winds pick it up. that's in place
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until 10 o'clock actually eight o'clock this evening. but even though that expires, we're going to have elevated fire danger all week long especially as we head into wednesday evening into wednesday night. satellite remember, we had some showers yesterday across parts of the bay area where those clouds have moved out quickly leaving us with lots of sunshine this afternoon, but some breezy conditions as well. so you can see those the winds coming in. most areas you tracking on north to northwest wind this afternoon for your tuesday as we're coming closer right now, we will show you current temperatures. it is a war of one inland, not talking about any extreme temperatures as far as he conquered, checking in 80 san jose 76 looks like that san francisco site is missing. but i'm just checking out the current temperature right now. and right now it is actually 67 in san francisco. and you can't see some eighties up in the north bay for santa rosa nevado and in napa, beautiful live camera right now, looking out toward the golden gate bridge, the marin headlands. a few high clouds paint us a visit. this afternoon, but notice not much
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in the way of fog and the fog will actually be kind of minimal in terms of coverage over the next several days. current numbers as far as wind speeds, it is breezy to windy this afternoon. you can see sfo sustained. 22 miles an hour temperatures for tomorrow most areas will be a little bit warmer than today. 60 seventies and eighties and the warm up will continue and the five day forecast we'll have more on that with your full update coming up. interest a few minutes. for brian. we're asking you to turn yourself in. to the fbi or the nearest law enforcement agency. gabby potatoes family makes a public plea as new details about her fiancee's whereabouts emerge. we'll have the details ahead. ant
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massage parlors in georgia has pleaded not guilty to four other murder charges. robert long shot and killed eight people in three different atlanta area spas back in march. six of them were asian women. today. he pleaded not
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guilty to murder charges in fulton county. his attorneys say they need more time now to prepare their case long is already serving four life sentences without parole for the four killings that happened in cherokee county. also today, the man who killed five people at a newspaper in maryland received more than five life sentences without the possibility of parole. jared ramos used a shotgun to kill five journalists at the capitol gazette's offices in june of 2018. the sentencing judge said ramos showed no remorse for his crimes and has said he would kill more if he were ever released, the judge added 345 years to his five life sentences to make sure he is never released from prison. all the parents and step parents have gabby pitino thanks supporters today during a joint news conference, the family addressed reporters as new leads emerge about her fiancee's possible whereabouts. blocks. reporter jonathan serrie has more for us. gabby
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potatoes family faced the media more than a week after their daughter's body was found in a national park in wyoming, the 22 year old's parents and step parents holding a news conference today. thanking supporters and people who provided information about gabby's disappearance. people are inspired by her, um. it's hard to put into words, but it means a lot to me that she's touched. so many lives. already, social media has been amazing and very influential. and to be honest, it should continue for other people to the family's attorney called on gabby's boyfriend, brian laundry to come forward brian we're asking you to turn yourself in. to the fbi or the nearest law enforcement agency. the hunt for laundry is now in its second week, brian's parents told police their son went missing after driving to a swampy nature preserve, but so far nothing has been found. protesters returned to the laundry home today, demanding answers. meanwhile new leads
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are emerging about brian's possible whereabouts, including one given to dog the bounty hunter. he tells fox, a tip led him to fort desoto park. about 75 miles from the laundry home. brian and his parents allegedly stayed there earlier this month. there's a lot of little islands around the area where we're at that he could get to on a canoe. through their attorney laundries. parents have denied any involvement in their son's disappearance in north port, florida. john siri fox news. of area city with a dark past the apology being issued by the city of san jose today for each treatment of chinese immigrants more than a century ago. a showdown in congress over president biden's domestic agenda. i'm mala rivera and washington plus more on the battle between democrats and republicans saw the debt limit coming u
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most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ $3.5 trillion spending package. two senators are meeting with president biden about their concerns. with that huge price tag. there is also growing concerned about raising the debt ceiling and funding the u. s. government foxes. madeline rivera has details now from washington. after linking the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and a $3.5 trillion spending package. house speaker nancy pelosi appears to be changing her strategy. pelosi says the house intends to vote on the infrastructure bill thursday, even if the larger social
4:32 pm
spending plan with progressive priorities isn't ready. the biggest issue being the top number. there was an intervention, as you know, in the past. week or 10 days of saying, well, we can't go there. moderate senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema calling for a figure smaller than $3.5. trillion the white house once again scheduled meetings with the two on tuesday to come up with a number. we're working good place. it's unclear if enough progressives will vote for the infrastructure bill before the larger package passes, the latter of which republicans have slammed. i don't think the moderates can vote for this negotiations taking place as democrats face other showdowns with republicans, senate majority leader chuck schumer says they'll have a bill to fund the government but a move to increase the debt limit at a majority threshold object. was blocked by republicans tuesday. bipartisanship isn't a light switch. democrats can switch on when they need to borrow money. treasury secretary janet yellen sent a letter to congressional leadership saying her department will have limited
4:33 pm
resources if congress doesn't act on lifting the debt ceiling. by october. 18th in washington. mala rivera fox news. all right. for more on what will be a very busy week in washington we're joined now. by david mcewan sonoma state political science professor david always good to get your perspective here. let's start with speaker pelosi and the job she has in front of her. as you heard in the piece, she is shifting her strategy. she now says that this house vote on the infrastructure bill is going to happen thursday, even if there's no agreement. on that larger spending bill. why is she changing her approach and is this likely to be successful? right so, alex, you're seeing a couple of things here one. you're in real time. what you're seeing is that democrats are worried about holding together the biden agenda as we enter that september 30th end of the fiscal year period. that means that behind this thursday vote are a series of backup plans. you've got to look at keeping the government funded at least through early to middle of october. so you've got to push forward on this vote. you gotta
4:34 pm
push progressives on what's happening and hold to account if your speaker pelosi, those two democrats joe manchin and kristen cinema, the senators from uh, west virginia and arizona, respectively, so that means there has to be a backup plan because you may not have the votes on thursday beyond the $1.2 trillion package. and all that's at stake, as we talked about before is the future of the biden agenda, and for democrats headed to that midterm year. that's a tough, tough road to move that boulder up the hill. yeah absolutely. and now the latest challenge for speaker pelosi comes today. there's word that some progressive democrats are threatening to vote against the infrastructure bill. if moderates don't get on board and support that larger spending package. how can the speaker lineup the votes here, especially bringing in the progressive wing of the democratic party to get things across the finish line? yeah i mean, this is you have that narrow majority, right? you've got 3 to 5 seats that you can talk about, but really, if you're going to lose moderates and loose progressives, you
4:35 pm
don't want to bring that bill to the floor. so watch for what happens on the maneuvering because if the speaker has the pull that back right at the last minute on thursday, it means that the progressives in terms of putting that gun behind the door and threatening. what they potentially could do will carry us past that september 30th deadline. that means you're going to have to have a short term funding bill, and obviously what's going on with chuck schumer in the senate? they understand that the white house, though, has moved slowly in this regard is kind of pan off on this. well everything that's off to the side as republicans are not going to help on this, so we have the semi annual dance that we do on the debt limit. but it seems this time that things really are fundamentally different because there are going to be no republican incentives or votes to move forward on this. this is all going to be on the democrats, and that's going to be really tough because of the winnowing amount of time that we see the next day, two days and on this showdown over funding the federal government how much of a risk is there? really? of the government shutting down. well there's some risk in the near term, and republicans are okay with that because they feel
4:36 pm
that it hits the party in power. it hits speaker pelosi. it hits the biden agenda, and it's the biden presidency much harder than it does themselves. so in that sense republicans and when you're in the opposition in the house, you don't have a lot of power. this is the way that the push forward from that limited powerful limited power position. deduce some things that can push and pull democrats forced to progressives in the moderates there to go at each other, and republicans are happy to see that on the sideline, alright, so, as you alluded to here, you know the infrastructure bill is obviously you know, president biden hopes this would be his his signature piece of legislation that gets passed during his administration. president biden and the democrats, obviously trying to do it all, trying to keep the government funded trying to get the infrastructure bill passed. hoping to pass that much larger $3.5 trillion spending package. how much when you look at the big picture is at stake here for president biden and his legacy. yeah thank you very much. i mean, this is the democrats agenda and their 2022 midterm hopes if the
4:37 pm
president's popularity has come down all of this summer really pushed down by afghanistan and what's going on, if there if they want to talk about trump if they want to talk about how things were while trying to pull out of covid while trying to push forward $5 trillion, a massive amount of spending, that really is the future of their presidency. the future of the agenda that is tough for democrats and republicans sense an opportunity here, even from their position of being in the minority, where they can sit on the side, push forward on this and really forced democrats to own this debt limit if it goes over. this is the three d chess game that mitch mcconnell is so has played so well in the past. they're doing exactly that this time, and they believe that time is on their side, which means democrats get no help. from republicans and that could portend problems with at least small shutdown, if not a temporary funding bill that we might see happen over the weekend, all right. we will see how the negotiations play out here as we move through this very important week in washington and a very important week for president biden and his agenda. david mcewan,
4:38 pm
political science professor at sonoma state university. thanks for doing it. thank you very much on this. san jose city council is expected to offer a formal apology and its meeting this afternoon to chinese american residents for the destruction of the city's chinatown more than a century ago. san jose was home to five chinatown neighborhoods during the gold rush era in 18 87, the city declared the largest one in public nuisance and approved in order to tear it down to make way for a new city hall. arson has burned down the neighborhood before that could happen. people were displaced and hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed. this apology comes as asian americans have faced a wave of violent attacks during the coronavirus pandemic. drivers waiting for hours just to fill up up next. what is causing gas stations to dry up in the uk? and a barrier weather lots of sunshine this afternoon and a bit of a warming trend really shows up in the five day forecast. we'll have that coming up after the
4:39 pm
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jumped. the dow was down 569 points. the nasdaq fell 423 points and the s and p dropped 90 points, its biggest decline since may. tech stocks took the brunt of the selling today along with communications companies. british drivers are facing another day of long lines at gas stations because of a shortage of fuel truck drivers. the truck hauling industry says it's short tens of thousands of truckers. this is all due to a perfect storm that includes the coronavirus pandemic, an aging workforce and a lack of foreign workers after britain's departure from the european union. so we can have had no picture literally on zero, but we've been driving around trying to get into school and trying to get better at the same time. the cause of his current problems is that
4:42 pm
panic buying episode. and the most important thing is for people to start buying petrol as they normally would. british authorities say the shortages are being made worse by panic buying. and they say there's plenty of fuel in britain, but it's just stuck in terminals and refineries. well once again, the nation is facing a severe blood shortage. the american red cross sounded the alarm about the desperate need for donations. joining us now is carried titan regional communications director for the red cross. thank you so much for being here. let's first talk about what blood donor turnout is, like right now. how low is it? so we're facing a severe blood shortage. as you mentioned in blood toner turnout has reached the lowest levels of the year, as many have delayed giving amid a return to the workplace or a return to end personal learning for their families. as well as the recent surge in the covid 19 pandemic because of the delta variants, so as cases spiked in august, the surge um you know, as the surge of covid
4:43 pm
cases spiked in august, our blood donor participation decreased by about 10% which means blood product distributions to hospitals have remained strong. but we're not meeting that need with the donations that are coming in in recent weeks, okay, so let's just explain it to the audience. how short is the supply right now? how much is needed to be able to meet hospital and patient needs? so right now, the red cross must collect an additional 10,000 blood products a nationwide each week over the next month for the blood supply to recover and to meet hospital inpatient demands. okay, so you're saying an additional 10,000? correct gosh, that seems like a really big uphill battle. do you think that you can do that? how likely is that? you with the power of donors. we believe we can do it, but it takes getting the word out talking to people you know, having loved ones have compensations with loved ones who may never have donated in the past just encouraging folks to make an appointment
4:44 pm
now, but also in the weeks to come to make sure that we're supplying the blood as it's needed, as as many folks may not realize blood cannot be manufactured, it cannot be stockpiled. and so it's the donations now, tomorrow and in the weeks to come that will help us meet that need okay. when we mentioned that number that 10,000 figure what does that equate to in terms of number of people who need to come in for donations? that's a good question. it equates to thousands of people. blood can be donated every 56 days, so just keeping that into account it creates a thousands of people every single day. the red cross organizes about 500 blood drives around the nation every day. in addition to our fixed donation centers where folks can go on a regular basis together, is there a specific type of blood that is needed right now? type o is the most needed type of positive and negative. it's the one that has reached for most often by hospitals, so we're especially in need of type o blood as well as platelet donations. okay and as we wrap up this conversation, your overall message to those who are watching right now.
4:45 pm
making appointment give now don't wait. if you're hesitant, we've got phone number that you can call you can call 1 800 red cross and just kind of talk through the process. you can visit red cross blood .org and see where appointments are available in your home in your hometown or in the neighbouring community, but we just encourage people to not wait to sign up for an appointment and to give now we, you know, we can't do it without volunteer donors. yeah i make an effort to do that at least a couple of times a year, and it really is very simple folks. so. thank you very much. carrie dayton of the american red cross, let's all step up, roll up our sleeves and tried to donate some blood. really appreciate your time today. thank you. thank you. well, barry a weather yesterday at this time we're tracking that little weak system moving into at least especially the north portion of the bay area. but even now towards san francisco, we had some measurable rainfall things, of course, the clearing out rapidly this afternoon and get ready for warmer temperatures, especially as we head toward thursday friday. added to the weekend are typical fall pattern is setting up so that
4:46 pm
means temperatures were tracking lots of seventies and eighties. take a look at the graphics right now we're showing you the overall temperature trend as you can see temperatures today on one of the cooler days. the week is actually fairly nice, though, but we will actually warm things up by thursday, friday and into the weekend. so i guess the headline it's an extended period of warm to borderline hot temperatures. you can't see england close to 90 degrees. around the base seventies and eighties and the coast, mainly the sixties and seventies. this really begins thursday and then friday, then also as we head into the first weekend of october, we've got to keep it on fire danger because by tomorrow night there's a chance we could be watching those dry offshore winds pick up and of course that is linked with an increase in the fire danger. here's the satellite where we have lots of clear skies, so our old system is moving out toward nevada out toward the las vegas. now as you can pick up, we have lots of clear conditions that northerly wind definitely ramping up over the past few hours, so it is breezy to windy, especially coast side.
4:47 pm
temperatures out there it is, on the at least in the eighties out toward concord and liver more oakland 73 san francisco with that missing temperature was 67 the last check and some eighties after the north bay for santa rosa nevado and in the napa area, here's our live camera, looking out toward this a beautiful camera images afternoon. i think this basically represents fall for us right with the fog kind of clearing out. we have lots of clear skies and just a few high clouds. of course, the only drawback and it's a big one is the fire danger. we have to keep an eye on that all week long, but we do not have any red flag fire warnings showing you the forecast highs for tomorrow. warm spots will be approaching the low to mid eighties oakland 72 san francisco 69 degrees in the coast mainly in the sixties. so this was a system that moved across northern california yesterday. kind of scooting out. to our east that produced the cloud cover and also at least sprinkles or a few showers. this area of high pressure wants to build in and this will be the source of the warming trend all week long and extended period some pretty warm temperatures right on
4:48 pm
through the weekend. we'll show you the forecast ties once again just to reinforce the warming headed our way forward tomorrow, as you can see the eighties. and eventually, those the eighties. you see, england could be close to 90 degrees as we head toward thursday and into friday. so it's a sunday forecast for your wednesday and we'll continue with that theme into thursday and friday. you can see the temperature breakdown. this really looks like fall temperatures inland, close to 90 around the bay lower eighties and the beaches, the coastline could actually be clear. and temperatures for the shoreline on track to reach the upper sixties and the seventies so it looks like we're winding up september heading into october with a classic fall weather pattern here in the bay area. thankfully we're not talking about strong offshore winds, but something i want to keep an eye in terms of those northerly winds picking up at least as we head into it tomorrow. yeah, it looks nice and warm heading into the weekend, mark. thank you. connecting people with basic basic healthcare services coming up on this giving tuesday. we're going to hear from the head of la clinica health center about how the organization is going above and
4:49 pm
beyond and keeping people healthy during these difficult times and coming up a new at five tonight it's been under construction now for almost a decade. today we got another look inside san francisco central subway, one, officials say it will really it will open transporting people through downtown.
4:50 pm
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wellbeing of underserved communities here in the bay area as part of our continuing coverage of hispanic heritage month, this giving day we're highlighting lick clinica health centers, which has dozens of clinics all across the east bay i talked earlier with the ceo jane garcia about how the organization has responded to the challenges of the pandemic. at the very beginning of, uh, covid. we were seeing positivity rates as high as 35% especially in the fruitvale. and it's not surprising right? many of our community members are essential workers. uh they had to go to
4:52 pm
work. they live in crowded conditions, and so we just jumped in, and we were fortunate that we were able to provide testing right away early on in collaboration with our counties and, um, are coming here in alameda county deputized us to also do tracing. so that was excellent, especially when you deal with a lot of immigrant communities. and i think we were very much, uh, trusted partner. they knew us. they knew our work. and um, took our phone calls when we called them. and i think for us one of the beautiful things is that not only were we able to do, uh, testing and tracing, but we were able to connect families to services. if they needed food. we often took it to their front doors, and we also connected people with housing opportunities and with whatever really, they needed, including. i'm talking diapers,
4:53 pm
talking, uh, first aid kits. yeah really good experience and it's you know, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. so it's kind of a perfect way to do that, to do it to be called right back into service. kind of the way we started. you offer what you describe as culturally appropriate health care services. you know, obviously, that to me means you will be able to help someone, no matter what language they are speaking. but what else? what else does does that sort of encompass. well i'll take the example of a diabetic patient and you're trying to talk to the patient about changing how they eat, but you have to understand what they eat in the first place, and then how they might alter that. but we've been tested, too, because our communities have been changing in a perfect example for us is the may that w a very big part of the food fail. and so there was some adjustments for us to make there, too, including adding that language capability and
4:54 pm
with people who understood the culture as well. um we also do a lot of work around. um aces, trauma informed care, and it's important to know where our community members have been. and what kind of trauma they had. might they might have experienced so that we can respond appropriately. you now have 35 different community clinics across the east bay. that means someone is not that far away from help if they need health care services, um, talk about the array of services that you offer to people. that's right. and we certainly focus our work on prevention. and i would tell folks don't call us when you need us calls ahead of time, so that when you do need us work phone call away, but we do concentrate on prevention. primary care everything from pediatrics, prenatal care to family care, but we do a lot of dental, including specialty care, endo dot x orthodontics. behavioral
4:55 pm
health, health education, so we really try to encompass all of that work. uh that is part of, you know, taking care of the whole body taking care of the whole family. and if you would like to support like clinica on this giving day just had two ktvu .com/ giving day. senators grilling top leaders of the military as lawmakers seek answers on the end of the war in afghanistan, um lauren blanchard in washington with more on what we heard during the hearing coming up. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
the u. s withdrawal from afghanistan. foxes lauren blanchard reports, the military leaders admitted they should have kept more troops or some troops, at least on the ground.
4:58 pm
those logistical success but a strategic. tell you, chairman of the joint chiefs general mark milley, defense secretary lloyd austin and the head of the central command general frank mckenzie, appearing in a public hearing of the senate armed services committee, at times, facing tense questioning. please don't tell me that we're not leaving americans behind. you left them behind. joe biden left them behind and frankly, it was a disgrace. the three acknowledging they believe troops were needed on the ground to avoid the collapse of the afghan government, but they would not say what they specifically recommended to him to keep boots on the ground. if i may. senator i can tell you 100% certainty that the military voice was heard and it was considered it was considered but not followed. correct i'm shocked to learn that your advice wasn't sought until august, 25th on staying. past the august 31 deadline. general milley why haven't you resigned? it would be an incredible act of political defiance for
4:59 pm
commissioned officer to just resign because my advice is not taken. general milley said the august 31st deadline was non negotiable. on the first of september more year of propping up a corrupt government. not going ta different outcome. senator tammy duckworth's says she wants to launch a bipartisan commission to look at all 20 years of the war as a whole to see where the us went wrong. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now. the stations are amazing. the elevators the technology. after a series of delays and cost overruns. we're getting our first look in more than two years inside san francisco's billion dollar central subway. that project broke ground more than a decade ago and we're now nearing the opening of the new central subway system. hello everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre senior in for frank tvs, christien kafton got a chance
5:00 pm
to go way underground and see the project first hand christian. yes, we are above ground now, but we're standing on top of that station can just see the top of it peeking over here behind us here. the sfm to has achieved what's called substantial completion and since june, has been running test trains and checking all the systems for the new central subway. that testing expected to take at least another six months. above ground. the construction site for the new central subway doesn't reveal much, but under ground crews have been hard at work, digging a trench and stockton street station beneath union square and the deepest dig in the city. 12 stories underground for the station in chinatown, this san francisco mayor of london, breed toured the new stations and rail line and said the new central subway will connect the city as never before, even if the project has met with delays. the stations are amazing the elevators the technology. everything came together. and yes, it has been very challenging


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