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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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historian connie young yu said her grandfather fled from the fire. she has consulted on several preservation projects in the city. all were very personal experiences. as i felt i knew the people who live there. of their hopes and dreams of lives that were destroyed. my grandfather never expressed bitterness for the hardships he and his kin suffered during. and from the market street fire to find it, but i felt all these years anger, annoying sense of injustice. and something unresolved. until now. jerry wang described how her father spoke before the san jose city council back in 1947 to plead for the preservation of the historic sanguine temple building. he was granted a short reprieve of three years.
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but sadly, we moved away and without him as the spokesman for this dwindling immigrant community. the city did tear down the building. so almost lost at the last standing remaining remnant of the chinatown in 1950. the temple was later rebuilt and presented to the city of san jose ceremony will be held tomorrow at noon to mark the adoption of the resolution at the circle of palms plaza on market street. well. san francisco's district attorney has filed charges against a 20 year old man for string of robberies targeting asian women. prosecutors say all sean garcia has been charged with seven separate robberies, all with a hate crime allegation. the reported incidents began in march with the most recent robbery reported just last week. district attorney chase a. boudin said today that quote those who commit violence or target our api community members. will be held accountable. number six tonight. a san francisco
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supervisor is planning to introduce legislation that would allow deputies to provide security at retail stores and commercial districts supervisor asha suffice, says the goal is to help prevent shoplifting around the city. under his proposed legislation, the deputies would be off duty and paid for by businesses using their services right now, only san francisco police officers have been able to work off duty as private security guards and staying in the city of san francisco sheriff's deputy who works in one of the city's jails, now finds himself behind bars. ktvu crime reporter tells us henry lee tells us he is being charged in connection with a drunken rampage at a party while off duty. these photos from dominic varsities facebook page show a man who enjoys hanging out with friends but now varsities been charged with a series of crimes for his conduct during a potluck in an apartment in san francisco's parker said on thursday night what witnesses described as a belligerent rampage perhaps alcohol induced, authorities say varsity while drunk and off duty groped an 18 year old woman at the gathering. it's
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being confronted, police say he swung a guitar, ripping down a curtain, damaging a bookcase and scaring a reptile. he smashed this. lizard tank that had a bearded dragon inside of it, probably endangering the bearded dragon. that was smashed. authorities say. varsity also threatened to get a gun from his collection and shoot everyone. they were in fear for their lives, and they went running from their own house, thinking that they were going to get shot. san francisco police say a search of his home led to the seizure of three handguns, several magazines of ammunition and inert hand grenade. his arraignment tuesday was postponed. his family declined to comment. our city has been with the sheriff's office since 2018. he's now on paid administrative leave. he's worked at one of the county jails. obviously we all hold our staff to the highest standards being part of public safety and law enforcement deputies adhere to a code of ethics. san francisco sheriff paul miyamoto says he's withholding judgment for now, as usual. we always wait for the resolution on the criminal matters before we make any commentary or follow up with our administrative investigation. police officer.
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errors are police officers 24 hours a day and they're expected to conduct themselves appropriately. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says the off duty behavior is concerning. this type of conduct banks. the question. why do you like when you're on duty, argued this aggressive on duty. the deputy is being held at marin county jail to avoid any conflict with san francisco county jail. his attorney and the deputy's union declined to comment. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. prosecutors say a former pinole police officer has been charged with a felony for recording himself having sex with a woman without her consent. 24 year old anthony vasquez is accused of recording the encounter using a hidden camera in his bedroom at the time in his home in hercules. prosecutors say vasquez was employed by the city of pinole at the time and has since resigned from the police department. investigators believe there may be more victims. anyone with information about this case
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should call the contra costa district attorney's office private memorial ceremony was held today in santa rosa, four sonoma county sheriff's lieutenant who died of covid-19. 40 year old bobby travelstead has been with important was with the department of 14 years and worked his way up from jail guard to watch commander at sonoma county's main potential facility. he was infected with the coronavirus in july following an outbreak at the jail. workers rights groups held a virtual news briefing today to call on the legislature and the governor to extend supplemental paid sick leave for covid-19. they say many workers in california will only have access to three paid sick days after the supplemental sick leave expires this thursday. workers' rights groups say that is not enough time to recover or quarantine. if someone becomes infected with the virus. there is robust evidence that paid family and sick leave is good medicine for families and for businesses with paid sick leave are essential workers can get the
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support. they need to take care of their health and their loved ones. extra sick time fh of last year. it requires companies with more than 25 employees to offer 80 hours of supplemental sick leave, which can go toward quarantine or vaccine side effects. hundreds of thousands of people who have now received a third dose of coronavirus pecked seen just days after the cdc approved the booster shots, according to the white house. more than 400,000. americans got a third dose of the pfizer vaccine through local pharmacies last weekend, and almost one million people have already scheduled their booster shots for the coming weeks. people over 65 those with pre existing conditions or an elevated workplace risk are eligible for boosters. and according to the cdc, some people who received that third dose of the pfizer vaccine experienced side effects similar to those from the second dose. what's commonly hear fatigue, headache and a sore arm. the symptoms lasted
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for about one or two days. the cdc has not identified any unexpected symptoms, but say it will continue to monitor vaccine safety. a covid vaccine for kids is now one step closer to becoming reality fighters submitted data from its vaccine trials for kids ages, 5 to 11 today and plans to formally ask for emergency use approval in just a matter of weeks. ktvu is ali rasmus takes a look at what's next in the process and how several bay area health departments are already making plans to make it easier for kids to get these vaccines. we want to start getting those younger kids vaccinated. we know that their parents want it and the schools wanted and it really is important to get us back to, um. something more approaching normal that we all know and love about our schools every day, alameda county office of education overseas 22 different school districts, as well as all private and parochial schools in the county. they've asked schools to submit interest forms to let them know if they would like to host covid vaccination sites for kids ages 5 to 11 as soon as
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they're authorized. that's the first step for school districts is. if they want to host a clinic. get that in from interest form in so that we can get them scheduled with public health so we can get a truck mobile vax unit. um we can set up a clinic at their school sites. santa clara county health department is also making similar plans. in a presentation to the board of supervisors today, health and education officials outlined plans for mobile vaccine clinics at 42 different school sites between now and november. in anticipation of the pfizer vaccine being authorized for younger kids and in an email to ktvu contra costa county also confirmed its plans to quote offer clinics to school age children and their families, adding that. they're working with schools and healthcare partners on those plans. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. all employees at the vatican are now required to show proof of vaccination against covid-19 vatican issue the order today to all of its employees, including the highest members of the catholic church. they must show proof of vaccination
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or a recent negative coronavirus test by friday, and those who refuse will be deemed quote unjustly absent without pay. pope francis has recently made clear that he thinks vaccination is a moral duty. coming up supporting the restaurant industry and its recovery from the pandemic will tell you about the two bills on the governor's desk aimed at helping businesses for years to come, plus an early morning alert on the peninsula neighbors spot amount line wondering among homes. and fire danger comes up a little bit, as you would expect. we do have temperatures on the increase will look into that when i see you back here. and taking a live look right now at the conditions on highway 24 through lafayette on this tuesday evening. slow in the commute direction. they're heading toward walnut creek on the far right of your screen. ktvu news at six will be right back.
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the state's affordable housing supply. the governor signed 27 housing bills approved by the state legislature, the bills expand and streamline affordable housing production. the bills also strengthen accountability for local government. governor newsom says this is part of the state's unprecedented comprehensive strategy to tackle the housing crisis. this is unprecedented in u. s history, no state. has ever endeavor to invest these kinds of resources no state has ever. committed to investing these resources with an actual strategy and plan to back it up. governor. newsom says the bills will create 84,000 units of affordable housing across the state. two bills aimed at expanding outdoor street dining or on the governor's desk. awaiting his signature. now s ktvu jesse gary tells us the measures designed to help one industry may be hurting others. the change in seasons, is prompting some businesses to
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modify the new staple on many city streets, outdoor dining park, let's wow ultra dining is a great experience, and it's just a lovely thing for people and for families to be able to do tuesday via virtual news conference, state senator scott wiener and assemblyman jesse gabrielle announcing companion bills. to extend the outdoor dining experience beyond the end of covid. our neighborhood restaurants are the backbone of communities throughout california last year, covid-19 inspired health rules forced the closure of many restaurants and forced others to pivot to take out service. outdoor dining became a savior and the difference between serving and shutting down and for me it was i was able to bring people back to work to take care of their families. and that was and that was awesome. under the two pieces of legislation, senate bill 314 and assembly bill 61. californians would see street dining and park let's continue until 12 months after the covid health emergency ends or until 2024. the bill also direct
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state beverage control to allow alcohol service outside. and the legislation eases some permit restrictions. for example, catering license renewals are increased. lot of this is really just about reducing regulatory relief and getting rid of some of the regulatory burdens the hoops that people had to jump through. while the hope is to help the reaction is mixed for this dry cleaner people sitting and eating a stone's throw from the front door puts them in range of his sign. it's a promotion. people see me. people see my sign. they love it. so any promotion is. good for business, right? a few doors down, the owner of a retail shop sees a loss of business because outdoor parking spaces are now used for eating. my customers are. like the privilege of parking right in front. there's the spot. i'm gonna come see you and they've been telling me for months. he there's no parking. i can't stop. there was broad based bipartisan support for both bills as each passed the house of the legislature. they both
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sit on the governor's desk awaiting his signature in downtown san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. okay we've got red flag warning in the central valley, which is not unexpected at all. with this low going through last night dropped some rain. we saw two half inch in some places in far far north bay communities far northern sonoma county point arena. fort break places like that. most of us all 405 hundred's but some areas marin, we're up near a quarter of an inch. so we got that, then the low leaves the high builds in this is what you get. so you get this red flag warning. the winds really? and if you've been up here if you can up 55 or up through red bluff, the northwest just get funneled and they get funneled between the coastal range right here and they get funneled between the sierra nevada range right here. and so there's a funny thing that occurs. that's where that red flag warning comes from, and it will last. it's basically on a last until tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening. about this same time. so something to look at. the
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trend here is for warmer weather right into the weekend, so temperatures are gonna warm up right into saturday. none of this unexpected pretty much what you would expect for this time of year. the temperatures aren't too hot record setting or anything like that. we're not anticipating any extreme fire conditions, so that's good news reminder that we did get a little bit of something. something last night. you can see it there when a lot but something and then you can look outside and see boy even today. i woke up this morning, my boy. it's fall, right? you get a little rain in the atmosphere. all the dust all the smoke. everything just gets washed out. and the first thing any of you imagine noticed this morning, especially for driving into work was just oh, my gosh. the air is so clean, probably from the cleanest air we've had in the bay area and months. when i come back, we'll look at the forecast the five day forecast and we'll be looking for long range for looking for some rape. i'll see you back here. we'll see in a little bit, bill. thank you. a beach hazard alert is in effect right now for some bay area coastal areas, according to the national weather service that includes ocean beach, montara, state
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beach and marina state beach. it's all because of a high risk of rip currents and high sir. authorities are now urging people to stay out of the water. and if you walk along the beach didn't don't turn your back to the ocean there, also urging people not to fish on the rocks or jetties. this alert stays in effect through 11 o'clock tonight. an early morning surprised in daly city, a mountain line hanging out in a backyard next to a daycare center. as rob roth explains, the big cat vanished almost as quickly as it arrived. i was surprised. yeah here among the clusters of homes on kellen boulevard in daly city, this young mountain light wandered into cynthia louie's backyard early tuesday morning. it appeared to relax for a while. louise tenants spotted it first in a neighborhood alert went out just before seven. am concerned for ourselves. we're concerned for, you know the neighborhood and the neighbors next door to us, especially the one with the. the child care that would be the daycare that joyce perez runs. she started
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phoning parents immediately. i have to call him up and they do not come. there is a mountain lion next door. so the door i shut the door on my side. well neighbours scrambled police, the fire department in california fish and wildlife sent up a drone to get a look. but the cat was gone. another drone went up, one that can detect heat in case the mountain line was hiding in the bushes, but no sign of it again. by 9 30 authorities gave the all clear my best guess is that this is a young male mountain lion who's in search for new territory and food and who you know, made a wrong turn in a residential neighborhood kind of got stuck and then. was able to find its way up. the 30 say this was the perfect outcome. the mountain lion left on its own. no people or pets were harmed. there have been other mountain lion sightings in the bay area, but fish and wildlife say no more than usual for this time of year, but the drought may be having affect their food resources are drying up, and they'll expand their search and i'm scared. i'm concerned about my wife doing the gardening and. i don't want
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to be surprised with seeing the mountain lion at the in my backyard authorities are advising people in the area to bring their pets and pet food inside for the time being. there's always a chance to mountain lion could come back. in daly city, rob rob ktvu fox two news. some wild boars are causing some damage in lafayette when woman posted on facebook pigs came to her house overnight and demolished her lawn. it happened at a home in the burton valley neighborhood. another family in that neighborhood also complained about the pigs destroying their lawn. wild boars have been spotted for years in lafayette. well still ahead. the former lab director of third dose was under cross examination today as he fraud case against elizabeth holmes continues, while legal analysts say one conversation revealed during court backs up the government's accusations of fraud plus senator dianne feinstein has been away from the senate for a week missing several key votes will tell you why and when she plans to return to the nation's capital
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person classes at san francisco state cancelled as the campus was shut down due to a threat posted on social media. what we know about the person police believe may be responsible.
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duty when he groped an 18 year old woman swung a guitar ripped down the curtain and threatened to shoot people. our city has been with the sheriff's office since 2000 and 18. he is now on paid administrative leave. san francisco supervisor is hoping to curb shoplifting in the city with legislation that would allow deputies to provide security at retail stores and commercial districts. the deputies would be off duty and paid but and paid for by businesses using their services. you're watching ktvu news at 6 30. today we're getting our first look at san francisco's billion dollar central subway. the project broke ground more than a decade ago in tonight, ktvu christian captain gives us a look underground as we get close to the opening of the new central subway system. above ground. the construction site for the new central subway doesn't reveal much, but under ground crews have been hard at work, digging a trench and stockton street station beneath union square and the deepest dig in the city. 12 stories underground for the station in
6:30 pm
chinatown, this san francisco mayor of london, breed toured the new stations and rail line and said the new central subway will connect the city as never before. even if the project has met with delays. the stations are amazing the elevators the technology, everything came together. and, yes, it has been very challenging. and many folks have lost patience with this, but you know what? when you get all those trained, it was well worth the wait to do it right. the central subway is now about 98% completed cruz making major progress since the last time we were able to see inside the dig in july of 2019, the new stations and rail lines are among the deepest digs in san francisco and the sfm to says that that led to some unexpected problems. those problems lead to unexpected delays and cost overruns. we did not know the kind of soil that we were going to run into. ob down here. we didn't know that we would hit an underground river. that we
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would have to contend with. so we knew some things. but we didn't know everything and that has resulted in about a 15% cost overwrite. the $1.6 billion project will eventually connect the cities southeast quadrant to chinatown and union square via the t third line in sfm to says it will be an important piece of the city's transit system. what this allows us to do is to deliver a lot more transit service. and a lot faster and more reliable transit service by putting it underground rather than having to contend with the surface of stockton street in the heart of chinatown. the sfm to says the project could be completed and ready for passengers by late spring. or early summer of next year in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news in san francisco, officials with the city and state are showing their support for bill addressing the meth crisis, which is awaiting the governor's signature now. senator scott wiener authored the bill. it focuses on the growing methamphetamine epidemic by offering financial rewards to addicts to stop using drugs. separately senator
6:32 pm
weiner also secured state funding for sobering centre which is set to open in the city on howard street. when they're at this meth, sobering centre. they're just not going to be at this sobering centre sitting alone by themselves there'll be people there to provide moral support to provide counseling to provide alternatives and to try and help them get back on their feet. there is no word yet on whether governor newsom plans to sign the bill into law. tonight city leaders in san jose are set to vote on a strict new ordinance that would ban the sale of flavored tobacco products. the ordinance would force all retailers in san jose to stop selling the products and it would stop new tobacco stores from opening within 1000 ft of a school park community center or library. those who oppose the bill say it will hurt small businesses. supporters say it's an important step for young people's health. well after more than a year of hassling with the employment development department to get his unemployment insurance and east beirut for finally got his full
6:33 pm
back pain with the help of a senator, the state senator ktvu. tom baker, has more on the man's story and why it even got to that point in the first place. for 14 months. pittsburgh rufer william anderson had been hassling with the e d d for benefits rightly do him. to know ultimate success. he fought hard to correct several informational hurdles, the big state bureaucracy kept throwing at him every time they asked me to do something i would do it for him, and then there would be something else for me to do. and then i would do that for him, and then they would want something else, and it just kept going on and on and on. the hurdles include whether he was william or billy. whether or not he owned a business, which he proved he did not. whether or not he was making enough money to qualify for aid, which he did and whether the address he gave was really his address. i probably called e d. d. over 500 times with no exaggeration at least 500 times while leads get to him kept
6:34 pm
mounting, now upwards of $30,000. anderson savings, finances and credit have been exhausted. on monday. he got a crushing blow. they told me that i didn't make enough money so i can't get dvd. so it's a lost cause. so anderson demanded an answer. why are you telling me now? after all these things that i've done that i can't get dvd now why are you telling me that? and it was just like, click and it was he was gone. hung up on me. he then reached out to ktvu, and it was suggested that he called his state senator steve glazer, which he did. and before the afternoon was out that very day magically. the senator's office resolved anderson's case without him. and without his office and the help from him. i believe that i know i still wouldn't have it. in a written statement, senator glaser says this unfortunately we've had to intervene in more than 1000 e d cases this past year. because of delays. each case is a
6:35 pm
personal story of hardship. hopefully like you know which i'm sure it will because they said it would and because i could sure use that money. for the deeds. written response blamed complicated laws, regulations, judges and the federal government, saying it was like building an airplane while flying. it took credit for paying out $176 billion but failed to mention. that as much as one in every six bucks went to fraudsters. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. coming up. stocks plummeted today and in addition to the dow and nasdaq, ending the day lower, the s and p 500 saw its worst drop since may. we'll tell you why. a showdown in congress over president biden's domestic agenda. i'm mala rivera and washington plus more on the battle between democrat
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ceiling, yellen said the treasury will be out of options for borrowing by october, 18th. it's that point we expect treasury would be left with very limited resources that would be depleted quickly. a miracle would default for the first time in history. the full faith and credit of the united states would be impaired and our country would likely face a financial crisis and economic
6:39 pm
recession as a result. yesterday senate republicans blocked a bill that would raise the debt ceiling and fund the government through december. yellen said that congress has raised or suspended the debt ceiling 78 times since 1960 well, stocks were sharply lower on wall street today, as bond prices jumped. the dow was down 569 points the nasdaq off by 423 points. and the s and p dropped 90 points, its biggest decline since may. tech stocks took the brunt of the selling, along with communications companies. a battle among democrats is playing out on capitol hill as a boat deadline looms at issue the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and the additional $3.5 trillion spending package. fox news madeline rivera tells us. two democratic senators met with the president today about their concerns about the bills price tag. after linking the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and a $3.5 trillion spending package. house speaker nancy pelosi
6:40 pm
appears to be changing her strategy. pelosi says the house intends to vote on the infrastructure bill thursday, even if the larger social spending plan with progressive priorities isn't ready. the biggest issue being the top number. there was an intervention, as you know, in the past. week or 10 days of saying, well, we can't go there. moderate senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema calling for a figure smaller than $3.5. trillion the white house once again scheduled meetings with the two on tuesday to come up with a number. we're working good. it's unclear if enough progressives will vote for the infrastructure bill before the larger package passes. the latter of which republicans have slammed. i don't think the moderates can vote for this negotiations taking place as democrats face other showdowns with republicans, senate majority leader chuck schumer says they'll have a bill to fund the government but a move to increase the debt limit at a majority threshold object was blocked by republicans tuesday. bipartisanship isn't a light switch. the democrats can switch on. when they need to
6:41 pm
borrow money and washington mala rivera fox news. senator dianne feinstein is returning to washington denied after staying with her husband in san francisco. find designs husband 86 year old richard bloom was taken to the hospital for an undisclosed condition last week. and was reportedly in the icu for several days. senator feinstein has not voted since the state. the senate reconvenes on september 20th. her vote is critical for democrats to pass legislation without republican support. a groundbreaking ceremony took place today for the construction of the obama presidential library in chicago. the former president, former first lady michelle obama and chicago mayor lori light, but were among those who attended the historic event. the $500 million center will be built on the grounds of jackson park in the city's south side neighborhood. the presidential library complex will include a state of the art library, museums and several gardens. we
6:42 pm
want this to be a hub for in house fellows with real world experience to share. what's working and what's not in solving the big problems of the day. we envision this is a place where residents and visitors from all over the world come together. and restore the promise of the people's park. the obama presidential library is expected to take four years to be fully completed. alrighty checking out the forecast. it includes a little bit of increased fire danger for a part of the bay area. we'll look into that and the five day forecast. carl it's gonna ktvu as alex savage. now with a look at some of the stores are working on for the seven o'clock is overrun. ktvu plus, andre. thank you coming up tonight. we'll take a closer look at the crackdown on shoplifting in san francisco. we'll talk live with the city supervisor who is introducing new legislation. that would allow sheriff's deputies to work security at stores across
6:43 pm
the city. also tonight, the postal service is set to hire thousands of people here in the bay area. we'll have the details on how you can register. for an upcoming job. fair those stories and much more coming up tonight live at seven over on ktvu plus, but first after the break, the latest michelin guide announcements are out. we'll tell you about the new restaurants earning stars in the bay area.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. for a violent threat at san francisco state university that shut down the campus today. the suspect was detained this morning, hours after the threat was posted on instagram last night. the university president says the threat was quickly
6:46 pm
removed and that it mentioned the person was being armed on campus. students saw it and immediately reported it to campus police early this morning, university officials decided to cancel in person in person classes today and students living on campus were told to stay in their residential areas as a precaution. officials say it's unclear what prompted the threat. we acted with an abundance of caution. we have 3100 students living on our campus. we have another 10,000 taking courses. we have 2000 employees on any given day on campus, and with the lack of information, we exercised an abundance of car abundance of cautious to allow university police time to investigate. this this was disturbing and no, we're all still a little rattle. because you're in the midst of a global pandemic. so our students mental health has been hit hard, and we're going to make sure that we have the resources aligned to help them. president mahoney also says the university will reopen for
6:47 pm
normal operations tomorrow morning. well, today, the east bay mud board of directors voted to approve the second reading of a new ordinance. for customers who used to much water. the new ordinance would start finding customers in a stage to drought, which most of the state is in right now. well now customers will be given a warning and a chance to lower their usage before their find. every household will be allowed to use around 60,000 gallons of water in each building period before being fined $2 for each extra 750 gallons of water used. alrighty then we talked about that red flag warning in the valley. they've moved it over a little bit the national weather service and put it in the north bay hills, so we'll see a wet frank learning starting tomorrow morning through thursday evening in the north bay hills, so that's the marine county watershed that's north up north of bodega bay, up near the greenville area. up around atlas peak in napa. so extension there again. these
6:48 pm
red flag warnings come in spectrums, and this is on the low end. okay so it's there always dangerous. you're going to see a lot of these issues until we get those first range. these were the highs today. temperatures generally warmer than yesterday by a couple degrees highs. tomorrow will be a little bit warmer, still beautiful fall weather pattern out there. where's the fog? it's not around. it's not around because it's fall. i mean, typically, you know some of the best way that we get in terms of coastal locations. if you like sunny, warm beach weather is the fall season. beautiful sunset happening right now outside your window, or hopefully outside you and it wouldn't that be nice? there is the weather system to the north. it's a couple of them up there up and then, like i keep saying it solutions and they're sitting up there and they're generating swell. that's why the surface come up along the coast. that's why there is a beach hazard advisory. it's not a big deal other than i think, whether services just reminding you that the seasons are changing, and that throws bigger because it's been pretty small. i mean, we haven't had much surf around here for few months, and now it's come up
6:49 pm
to, you know, ocean beaches, probably. you know, eight ft. on the face something like that. they're not giant. but they're good size. okay and so as you look out at the temperatures from right now you see the heat in the valley milder around the bay with not much fog or no fog in the sea breeze, no sea breeze, essentially. temperatures are pretty much uniform across all the bay area microclimates. i mean, obviously there's a difference, but they're definitely a little bit more uniforms, so that low pressure is the reason that we had the sprinkles and showers last night. the high pressure builds in and we get that offshore flow. that's what triggers that red flag warning for the north bay hills and for the central valley from reading down towards sacramento. all exactly expected stuff. and then the forecast for tomorrow. you see, no. there um okay, so let's see we got here. so now we got the. temperature
6:50 pm
forecast for tomorrow. now you see it 85 up in the antioch area and 83 at nanny have pardon me in the five day forecast, so as you can see plenty of warmth coming our way. red flag warning will be in effect wednesday morning for the north bay hills. i'll see you back here tonight at 10. all right, bill. we'll see you, then. thank you. the new michelin ratings are out today after year off during the height of the pandemic. one of the new restaurants on the list this year is birdsong in south sanford or in san francisco, south of market neighborhood. it was awarded two stars harbor house inn on the mendocino coast also is new on the list with two stars. there are several other newcomers to the michelin list in san francisco. they include the seafood restaurant avery sushi restaurant, the showed up the nicu steakhouse french restaurant oh, by claude lee cloud leap too weak and the fine dining neighborhood spot, marlena. well, just about 10. minutes from now, the san jose sharks host the l. a kings for
6:51 pm
an exhibition game and will be the first time in more than 18 months that there will be no capacity restrictions. that s a p center. the team is sold about 10,000 tickets for tonight's game as of yesterday afternoon. the s. a p center's capacity for hockey games is about 17,600 people. fans headed to tonight's game must show proof they're vaccinated against covid-19. which the city began mandating earlier this month. master also required unless eating or drinking. coming up a big week ahead for the giants as they try to clinch the national league west title market banias is up next with sports.
6:52 pm
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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. tonight. it's a two horse race giants and dodgers end of the stretch. they go sound like about a horse track, but man, that is the situation and joe fonzi ready to set up the final week of play. final six games. giants dodgers here's joe. i'm now. hey, rocky. watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. see? nothing must leave. crystal. wrong hat. there's
6:55 pm
nothing really magic about the giants magic number of five. the beauty of being in first place by two games is the fact that no matter what the second place dodgers do if the giants win five of their six remaining games. they win the national league west. so who do the giants play in those final six games? it starts tonight with the worst team in baseball. the arizona diamondbacks are 50 and one oh, six. but nothing's automatic. terrible teams can salvage some degree of respect by playing spoiler, and just last week the diamondbacks managed to win one of three games over the dodgers. the san diego padres also have a huge role to play. the team picked by most at the beginning of the year to challenge l. a for the division title, plays the dodgers three times beginning tonight, and then three times against the giants to end the season. the padres are seven and nine against l. a and a lost six straight to the dodgers. they're also seven and nine against the giants. one
6:56 pm
other little item the earliest the giants could clinch the division would be thursday night, and to do that, they'd have to beat arizona starter madison bumgarner. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. well if you're a giant sand, this is just ridiculously nerve wracking. hey other subjects. the golden state warriors first did training camp today. and, yeah, there are other things to talk about. besides. andrew wiggins backs a nation status like the return of andre iguodala. on this first day 37 years old, spent a couple of seasons with the miami heat. of course, he was with the warriors for six years and three nba titles in those threes years. it's a better fact. in fact, he was the most valuable player in the finals. you may remember against lebron and. cleveland and he talks about what he expects this year. which could be his last with the worst. what do you expecting out of it? this year more than
6:57 pm
anything is, you know each day is going to be, uh, full of joy like i'm really looking forward to, um. in the chapter whenever may end. uh, here, uh, underpaid, but we're gonna have some fun. year 2.6 million like to be underpaid like that. have you been watching this alternative broadcast on the monday night football games last night, the eagles and cowboys it's eli and his brother, peyton manning, of course, and they talk about the eagles fans. alright you see some things you hear some things you don't usually get. a network television. have a look. so you go to philly. i mean, you're getting a double bird right away from a nine year old kid. i would give the bird i don't know. can we do that? can you be sure you can. you can blur that out, right? it's sorry. uh, earlier, get the double bird. yes that's
6:58 pm
frowned upon apologized. affinity buddy. i thought i was just that's what a nine year old did to me. i thought i could i could do it back. like i said, i mean, bernie was talking about the eagles, right? so he gets to pass on that one. both the brothers do. all right. we got some time. so let us check this out. it's never too young guys. start your kids. water scaler is andre and julie. he's three years old and dad. yeah keeping that eye on him is going to be fearless. by the time he's a little bit older to get up there, all right, and you need to check this out. you know that thing is going to be like. pizza parlors and that kind of thing and you see those claws. you reach it and you get. a prize. this is the human club person that sorry, real little kid right there, and i think she's even got something in her she's even got something in her job penny: previously on the big bang theory...
6:59 pm
dad, this is sheldon's mother mary. how do you do? nice to meet you. and, of course, mom. hello, my hateful shrew. hello to you, you wrinkled old bastard. (laptop chimes) hey. just got an e-mail from the u.s. air force. i'm just afraid if i respond, then they'll know i got it. dude, the minute you opened that e-mail, they knew you got it. i mean, they're probably looking at you through the camera right now. oh, god. i think someone's following us. uh, turn left here and see if he turns with us. why is he turning here? the restaurant's the other way. i don't know. he uses that traffic app. maybe there's an accident. oh, so follow him. oh, no! leonard, if you don't mind, i think i'm a little tired. i'm gonna call it a night. sure, dad. i'm a little tuckered out myself. well, i will see you all in the morning. would you like to share a cab? that would be fine. where are you staying? i'm at the westin. well, so am i.
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