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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 28, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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returned to s a p center tonight under a strict new vaccine mandate. i wasn't thrilled with the fact that you have to be vaccinated. there's no way around it. well fans attending tonight's preseason home opener against the los angeles kings had to comply with san jose's new vaccine mandate. good evening to you. i'm andre senior and for frank,
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and i'm julie julie haener. it requires proof of vaccination events of 50, or more people at city owned venues new at 10 tonight. ktvu is as a smith is live at the s a p center with more on how it went, as in it. while julie fans are asking a lot of questions as this is a whole new process, but they shouldn't be too surprised when they bought tickets it states. proof of vaccination is required. but not everyone liked it. i live hockey is back for san jose sharks fans who for the first time in months entered the s a p center with no capacity limits. there's nothing like being in the tank for real game. we've been waiting 19 months. offered the games to start back up really excited, but what some fans weren't thrilled about a new vaccine mandates. san jose implemented back on september 20th anyone over the age of 12, entering a city owned venue for a large event must be vaccinated. don't think that people speak forced to do them. it should be a choice. a negative covid test is not accepted. this 25 year old
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vaccine hesitant at first says o sharks games. it's just sad to be forced to do something like that. it's not how i would have chosen to do things, but. like we've been investing in. you know, we've already had the season paid for, so it's like. you know, we'd be throwing away that money. other fans supported the mandate. it makes me feel safer being in the at risk category. i went and got my third booster shot today to even be safer. not that it's in effect yet, but. no i just i want to protect myself as best i can. before tuesday's game, many fans were told to download the clear app, upload proof of vaccination there and show their health pass on their phones run around. they should have when you bought a ticket to send you a list of what you had to do. if you don't have to clear out and you have to go over here to the stable. those who can't download the app can show their actual vaccination card along with the photo id. simply showing a photo of your vaccination card won't work.
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this fan was turned away vaccine, but i don't so i guess we can't get in maths are also required indoors and there is a new bag policy limiting bag size. most fans willing to follow these new rules if it means watching their full of sharks in person. would i like things to be normal again with no masks and. and no limitations. sure, but you know, that's not the case in the world right now. well attendance at tonight's game was far less than a regular season game about 10,000 fans. it's unclear for solely because it was a preseason game or if concerns about the vaccine mandate or live indoor events played a role. julie all right, so just one more time. a picture of your backs card. not good enough. you have to have one of those mobile apps. you said it was clear the clear out. yes you have to download the clear out. they're really pushing you to do that. and yes you cannot show a photo of your
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vaccination card. you have to either download that app, which they highly encourage. or you can actually show a physical ca. okay good to know because i know a lot of people just take a picture of that vax card. put it in their notes, okay? as a thank you well, pfizer submitted data from its vaccine trials today for kids ages, 5 to 11 and plans to formally ask for emergency use approval in a matter of weeks. in the meantime, school districts here in the bay area are getting ready. the alameda county office of education is asking schools if they're interested in hosting a covid vaccination site for kids ages. 5 to 11 years old. as soon as the vaccine is authorized. we want to start getting those younger kids vaccinated. we know that their parents wanted schools wanted and it really is important to get us back to, um, something more approaching normal that we all know and love about our schools every day. the santa clara county health department is making similar plans. they're proposing mobile vaccine clinics at 42 different schools
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sites between now and november. well hundreds of thousands of people have now received a third dose of coronavirus vaccine. just days after the cdc approved the booster shots, according to the white house. more than 400,000 americans got a third dose of the fighter back seen through local pharmacies last weekend. and almost one million people have already scheduled their booster shots for the coming weeks. those over the age of 65 those with pre existing conditions or an elevated workplace risk are eligible for boosters. paid covid sick leave is set to expire thursday for hundreds of thousands of california workers, many who lack regular sick leave today, a coalition of public health officers from across the state called for an extension. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us now live with the details. janna. julie those health officials say that many of the workers don't get enough sick days to cover the 10 to 14 day covid-19 quarantine so without an extension of the special paid leave many people they fear might end up working while sick. has everyone doing
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ashleigh griffin says she was in her kitchen when she got the first hint. she might have covid-19. i was cooking some chili like sauteing onions, and i couldn't smell it. but my fiance definitely could. griffin was fully vaccinated last february but tested positive for covid 19. in july, the san jose state graduate student was working at a part time job to pay the bills. i knew i didn't have any sick hours available. griffin was fortunate thanks to california's sp 95. she got supplemental paid covid sick leave. allowing her to stay home and quarantine, but that paid leave expires september 30th in california and state lawmakers have not passed an extension on tuesday, officers from 21 public health departments held an online meeting. we are calling on our elected officials to extend california's covid-19 supplemental paid sick leave through the duration of the pandemic. to protect california's families. the health officers worry that the
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special covid sick leave is expiring at the worst time in this pandemic, forcing workers to potentially choose between staying home under quarantine without pay or going to work sick when we have fear of job loss and economic instability, that causes people to return to work, even during the infectious period. well the lack of paid sick leave has been a long standing problem for service sector workers. ucsf sociology professor kristen hark net is studying the impact of paid leave on the workforce and says in the pandemic, it is playing a critical role in workplace health and safety. half of these workers have no paid sick leave. whatsoever this is very problematic if frontline workers who are coming into contact with many, many customers every day during their shift, don't have the ability to stay home when they're sick. health officials say they are hoping state lawmakers might call a special session to extend the paid leave or that governor newsom
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might be able to issue an executive order extending it until the legislature reconvenes in january. there's also hope that congress might be able to take action on a bill this week that would expand paid leave, but really, they are running out of time. because it expires on thursday. joanna thank you. los angeles city leaders will reportedly consider a vaccine mandate that would be one of the strictest in the country. according to the l a times the city council will take up the issue tomorrow. the law would require customers show proof that they are fully vaccinated to enter a number of businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, museums, movie theaters, shopping centers and salons. exemptions would be available but those people would have to show a recent negative test and documentation of their exemption. los angeles county already requires proof of vaccination for indoor bars, wineries and nightclubs. governor gavin newsom was in oakland today, taking a step to help increase the state's affordable housing supply. the governor signed 27 housing
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bills approved by the state legislature. the bills expand and streamline affordable housing production. they also strengthen accountability for local governments. governor newsom says this is part of the state's unprecedented comprehensive strategy to tackle the housing crisis. this is unprecedented in u. s history, no state. has ever endeavor to invest these kinds of resources no state has ever. committed to investing these resources with an actual strategy and plan to back it up. governor newsom says the bills will create 84,000 units of affordable housing across the state. you attend tonight. san francisco police are looking for a hit and run driver who left a juvenile with life threatening injuries. the accident happened yesterday at about 2 40. pm at hays and golf streets. a boy riding an electric scooter was hit by the driver of a dark blue kia sedona minivan scene in these photos. police say the driver was a black man in his twenties wearing a light gray hoodie.
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also in san francisco sheriff's deputies behind bars and facing a number of charges tonight, including making criminal threats and sexual battery. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us now he's being charged in connection with a drunken rampage at a party while he was off duty. these photos from dominic varsities facebook page show a man who enjoys hanging out with friends but now varsities been charged with a series of crimes for his conduct during a potluck in an apartment in san francisco's parker said on thursday night what witnesses described as a belligerent rampage perhaps alcohol induced, authorities say varsity while drunk and off duty groped an 18 year old woman at the gathering. at being confronted. police say he swung a guitar, ripping down a curtain, damaging a bookcase and scaring a reptile. he smashed this. lizard tank that had a bearded dragon inside of it, probably endangering the bearded dragon. that was smashed. authorities say. varsity also threatened to get a gun from his collection and shoot everyone. they were in fear for their lives, and they
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went running from their own house, thinking that they were going to get shot. san francisco police say a search of his home led to the seizure of three handguns, several magazines of ammunition and inert hand grenade. his arraignment tuesday was postponed. his family declined to comment. our city has been with the sheriff's office since 2018. he's now on paid administrative leave. he's worked at one of the county jails. obviously we all hold our staff to the highest standards being part of public safety and law enforcement deputies adhere to a code of ethics. san francisco sheriff paul miyamoto says he's withholding judgment for now, as usual. we always wait for the resolution on the criminal matters before we make any commentary or follow up with our administrative investigation. police officer. errors are police officers 24 hours a day, and they're expected to conduct themselves appropriately. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says the off duty behavior is concerning. this type of conduct bags. the question. why do you like when you're on duty, argued this aggressive on duty.
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the deputy is being held at marin county jail to avoid any conflict with san francisco county jail. his attorney and the deputy's union declined to comment. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. san francisco's district attorney has filed charges against a 20 year old man for a string of robberies targeting asian women, prosecutors say oh sean garcia has been charged with seven separate robberies, all with a hate crime allegation. the alleged incidents began in march, with most recent robbery reported last week. district attorney chase a boudin said today those who commit violence or target our api community members will be held accountable. to be able to say sorry. port for to our community for what they have endured an apology to immigrants. san jose taking responsibility for the role the city played in systematic and institutional racism. and we are tracking some fire, weather and parts of the bay area plus a warmup headed our way. we'll have that we see you back here.
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comcast business. powering possibilities. my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. enforcement career and their families to take part in a web
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chat this evening, chief laurent armstrong said the department will support them as they make their way through the academy. he talked for a few minutes with participants about his history is an oakland native. his 23 years in the opd and his expectations for new recruits. i'm looking for people who want to come in and do the right thing. i want people to come in and treat people with dignity and respect but also know how important it is that we make this city the safe city that all of us want to live in, want to work in and want to have a chance to play it. earlier this month, the city approved an additional academy class. the department is hoping to rebuild as the number of officers has fallen below 700 for the first time in seven years. well, an early morning surprise in daly city, a mountain line hanging out in a backyard next to a daycare center, as rob roth explains that big cat disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived. power was surprised. yeah here among the clusters of homes on callen
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boulevard in daly city, this young mountain light wandered into cynthia louie's backyard early tuesday morning and appeared to relax for a while. louise tenants spotted it first in a neighborhood alert went out just before seven. am concerned for ourselves. we're concerned for, you know the neighborhood and the neighbors next door to us, especially the one with the uh, the child care that would be the daycare that joyce perez runs. she started phoning parents immediately. i have to call him up and do not come. there is a mountain lion next door. it's of the door. i shut the door on my side. well, neighbours scrambled police, the fire department in california fish and wildlife set up a drone to get a look. but the cat was gone. another drone went up, one that can detect heat in case the mountain line was hiding in the bushes, but no sign of it again. by 9 30. a authorities gave the all clear my best guess is that this is a young male mountain lion who's in search for new territory and food and who you know, made a
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wrong turn in a residential neighborhood kind of got stuck and then. was able to find its way up to 30 say this was the perfect outcome. the mountain lion left on itself. no people or pets were harmed. there have been other mountain lion sightings in the bay area, but fish and wildlife say no more than usual for this time of year, but the drought may be having affect their food resources are drying up, and they'll expand their search. i'm scared. i'm concerned about my wife doing the gardening and. i don't want to be surprised with us seeing the mountain lion at the in my backyard authorities are advising people in the area to bring their pets and pet food inside for the time being. there's always a chance to mountain lion could come back in daly city. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. some wild boars have destroyed a couple of lawns in lafayette, one woman posted on facebook that the pigs came to her house overnight and demolished her grass. this is at home in the burton valley neighborhood. another person in the neighborhood also complained of
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the board's getting bored at night and destroying their lawn while boards have been spotted in lafayette for years, the city of lafayette says it's reached an agreement with pgd on a plan to remove trees near gas transmission pipelines owned by the utility. the city council has approved spending $50,000 to hire an arborist and a pipeline safety expert to determine which and how many of the estimated 200 trees will have to be cut down. pg and e has been demanding better access. so it's pipelines for the past seven years. council members say they want to give the public at least 45 days to review the plan before it's implemented. the east bay mud board of directors voted today to approve the second reading of a new ordinance for customers who use too much water. the new ordinance would start finding customers in the stage to drought, which is most of california right now. now customers will be given a warning and a chance to lower their usage before being fined. every household will be allowed to use around 60,000 gallons of water in each billing period.
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after that, they will be fined $2 for each extra 750 gallons of water used. or not, or whether and a big heads up tonight. the national weather service has issued a fire whether watch for the north, the mountains due to gusty winds and dry conditions. the fire weather watch takes effect at 11 tomorrow morning and last until six thursday night. let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin with more bill. yeah. audrey the fire weather watches something you're gonna see. until we get some significant rain in here. it doesn't take much to get a fire. weather watch these days, so get used to it until we get those big rains that usually show up. middle end of october for lucky, um, just very you know, a couple years of drought, right? it doesn't take much and so we're going to see some north winds northeast winds coming into into the play as we head into tomorrow morning. in through thursday evening. and yeah, you know, gust, maybe 2 35 at the higher elevations. it looks like again these these warnings or alerts comment a
10:20 pm
spectrum right? and so this is on the low end of the spectrum in terms of. you know, you know how robust the winds are going to be, but still nonetheless, two years of drought. you have to pay attention to these things. so north bay hills those areas in red temperatures today warmed up a few degrees. temperatures tomorrow about the same i suspect, so we're warming and with the warming pattern that we're under. fire danger also clicks in right, especially as we get towards the middle church friday and saturday, when temperatures will get close to 90 degrees again, not a heat wave. but it's two years of drought and we're dry and we're in the middle of we're not even in the middle. we're just deep into fire season. so with this pattern, which is started off warming today continues to warm. through friday and into saturday. we have fires to think about. we also have a little bit of way a surf along the coast, which indicates that there's storms out in the pacific that could bring us some rain soon. there's actually some of that in the long range forecast. i'll show
10:21 pm
you that when i see you back here. all right, bill. we'll see a little bit. thank you. new michelin star ratings were announced today after a year long hiatus due to the pandemic. one of the new restaurants on that list this year is birdsong in san francisco, south of market neighborhood. it was awarded two stars harbor house inn on the mendocino coast is also new on the list with two stars. and there are several one star newcomers to the michelin list in san francisco. they include the seafood restaurant avery sushi restaurant, the show to the nicu steakhouse french restaurant, oh, by claude led to weak and the fine dining neighborhood spot, marlena. all right, coming up tonight. another bay area. city bans flavored tobacco products. plus after 20 years, dennis herrera is leaving his post to san francisco's city attorney. next the department. he will now lead in the city. also ahead tonight, a man with autism who cannot speak has been missing from the east bay since thursday at 10 30, where loved thursday at 10 30, where loved ones are searching for him. can you see my wall of smiles?
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when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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flavor tobacco in the city. san jose joins more than 100 cities and counties across california and banning these tobacco products. critics say flavored tobacco was designed to get children and young teenagers to begin a very unhealthy habit. the ordinance also prohibits new stores that sell flavored tobacco from opening within 1000 ft of a school and 500 ft. of an existing retailer. today the city of san jose apologized to chinese immigrants and their descendants for the role the city played in quote, systemic and institutional racism. san jose was home to five chinatown neighborhoods as chinese immigrants poured into california over a century ago. in 18 87, arsonists burned down the city's largest chinese neighborhood, 1400 people were displaced in the hundreds of homes and businesses were
10:25 pm
destroyed. historian connie young yu said her grandfather fled the fire. my grandfather never expressed bitterness for the hardships. in his kin suffered during and from the market street fire. but i felt all these years. anger annoying sense of injustice and something unresolved. until now. a ceremony in honor of the resolution is set for tomorrow at noon at the circle of palms plaza on market street. to attend the san francisco public utilities commission approved a contract for dennis herrera to serve as its new general manager. under the terms of the contract reached today, herrera will begin his new job on november 1st. seven months after he was nominated for the position by mayor breed. herrera will leave city hall after 20 years of city attorney in that role he fought for marriage equality, challenged
10:26 pm
the trump administration and took on a number of water, power and sewer issues. in a series of tweets, herrera said , i can't wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work for all of the ratepayers. it's time to further diversify our water resources, boost our water recycling deliver a state of the art seismically strong wastewater system and by the electric grid in the city so we can provide all san franciscans with clean, safe and reliable. public power. the state's top utility leader, is leaving her post amid wildfire season the president of the california public utilities commission, mary bel bachir, announced her resignation today matches two year tenure ends at the end of the year. her term was set to expire in 2027. she leaves as pg and e is being investigated for the role it may have played in recent wildfires. and as the state deals with power grid instabilities. still to come tonight. desperate search for a missing actress man in the east bank. we're very worried
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because he's a diabetic on top of being mentally disabled, and he hasn't taken his his diabetes, bt's medicine where the man was last seen and where he could be coming up. next also had another day of testimony in the trial of elizabeth holmes after the break, the text conversations revealed today. between the former theranos founder and her business partner. and the warriors welcome back a familiar face from their championship seasons. sports director mark ibanez has the story a little later in sports. in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'.
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or asking for help. now they say he has mental disabilities that put his safety at risk. ktvx amberleigh joins us now live after speaking to them during their search. amber, tell us about it. andre family
10:30 pm
members tell me the man has been missing since thursday. they say he's autistic and needs his medication for diabetes. my cousin came up missing about thursday. his name ronald stewart. family and friends are looking for ronald stewart in west oakland. they say the 58 year old was last seen at this convenience store on 12th and market streets. thursday night around 7 30 just blocks from where he lives. he's from the neighborhood. you grew up here, relatives tell me he stays at this home with his mother, who is in her eighties and that he has wandered off before that they've been able to locate him in a matter of a few hours. until this time, we're very worried because he's a diabetic on top of being mentally disabled, and he hasn't taken his his diabetes medicine. family members say. stewart is autistic and doesn't speak. they say he's not violent, but it's best not to
10:31 pm
approach him. he's unlikely to respond to a stranger. stewart is being described as five ft. 10 and £180 were just very concerned. i don't want to be emotional. we just wanted to get him back home to his mom and. and get him the help that he needs. stewart was last seen wearing a white t shirt, grey shorts and slippers. been looking for him. if you guys see him he's thinner than this picture. family and friends say they've been pounding the pavement in their search. it was stand over by the. by the, uh by the donut shop sightings around the neighborhood have not panned out. we can't find him. we've been homeless camps. we've talked to the police. we've called the hospitals concerned that he may have been harmed since he cannot speak. he's gotta happen of just. grabbing somebody's door and just getting in the car. so uh, i'm fearing that he may have
10:32 pm
just got in a abandoned car or car that if someone he don't know. his family is asking anyone who sees him to call the number on the fire. that's 5102586. or contact. police oakland police tell me they're following up. on this case, andre. hopefully someone sees ronald stewart now alerts the authorities. amberleigh reporting for us live in oakland tonight, amber. thank you. meantime police detained a person of interest who they say may be responsible for violent threat at san francisco state university that shut down the campus today. the suspect was detained this morning, hours after the threat was posted on instagram last night. university president says the threat quickly removed was quickly removed and that it mentioned the person being armed on campus. that's a quote. students saw it and immediately reported it to campus police early this morning, university officials
10:33 pm
decided to cancel in person classes and students living on campus were told to stay in the residential areas as a precaution. officials say. it's unclear what prompted the threat, the university will reopen for normal operations tomorrow morning. the federal trial of elizabeth holmes continued in san jose today, the former lab director of theranos testified and as ktvu evan sernoffsky tells us, the defense tried to place the blame on him for the company's failures. dr adam rosen dorf continue to detail failure after failure inside the theranos labs from the witness stand tuesday. but after testifying for the prosecution, he was put in the middle of the defense's crosshairs. the lab director is the centerpiece for the prosecution, ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said much of the case will likely rest on his testimony. the defense is doing exactly what they should do, and that's to focus the spotlight on him and say that elizabeth holmes was
10:34 pm
not educated medically. under federal regulations. it's the lab directors responsibility to make sure tests are accurate and reliable rosen dorf conceded that holmes has no science or medical training. and he was the one in charge of making sure tests were working. but rosen dorf testified that he had concerns about numerous tests and brought them up to homes. elizabeth holmes knew that these blood tests or failing, but even after hearing his warnings poems and co defendant sunny ball. wani had a text conversation about raising hundreds of millions of dollars in investment capital from members of the walton family and rupert murdoch, in one conversation, home, said just finished calls. alice walton in for 50, confirmed 100 greg. alwani responded. awesome i was thinking today that they are not investing in our company. they are investing in our destiny. so total 100. holmes replied. 1 50 total
10:35 pm
rupert over 100. pinball wani said. awesome can't wait to learn about the conversation with rupert. former prosecutor michelle hagen said that exchange backs up the government's accusations of fraud. all that money came in after she had the meeting. with the lab director. and he put her on notice that they don't have proficiency testing, so she should have said something before she took in a pile of millions of dollars. the trial continues wednesday when this key witness will continue his testimony. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. a nightmare for newlyweds. they're priceless wedding photos stolen later tonight. the reward now being offered. alright we're warming up a little bit. as we go towards the weekend here, i'll have that with the five day forecast. see you back here. also ahead tonight, democrats taking a stand on a $3.5
10:36 pm
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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. leaders today over the u. s withdrawal from afghanistan. the chairman of the joint chiefs, the secretary of defense and the head of us central command, told the senate armed services committee. that they did not advise pulling all u. s troops the three knowledge they believe troops were needed on the ground to avoid the collapse of the afghan government. i am shocked to learn that your advice wasn't sought until august, 25th on staying past the august 31 deadline. general milley why haven't you resigned? it would be an incredible act of political defiance for commissioned officer. to just resign because my advice is not
10:39 pm
taken. president biden's military advisers to lawmakers at the recommended keeping 2500 troops in the country. negotiations in congress on two major pieces of legislation are coming down to the wire. democratic leaders are trying to hammer out an agreement on a $3.5 trillion social spending package. democrats need every vote in the senate to pass it. key moderates say they object to the huge price tag, but progressives say they'll hold up the separate infrastructure bill until there is agreement on the spending plan. i am doing everything i can to move the discussion forward on the reconciliation bills. democrats will not get bipartisan help borrowing money so they can immediately blow historic songs. on a partisan taxing. and spending spree. president biden is canceling a trip to chicago tomorrow to continue talking with congress as his domestic agenda hangs in the balance. lawmakers are also under a separate deadline to
10:40 pm
keep the government funded and prevent a shutdown at the end of the week. senate republicans again blocked a bill that would fund the government through december and raise the debt ceiling today, treasury secretary janet yellen urged congress to act now on the debt limit. yellen said that the treasury will be out of options for borrowing by october 18th and could default on its loans. she said. that could cause the financial crisis, even a recession. yellen noted that congress has raised or suspended the debt ceiling 78 times since 1960. well stocks were sharply lower on wall street today is bond prices jumped, the dow was down 569 points. the nasdaq fell 423 points and the s and p was off by 90 its biggest decline since may. tech stocks took the brunt of the selling here, along with communications companies, the u. s postal service is looking to hire 1000 people here in the bay area. the postal service is hosting a job fair this saturday in richmond ahead of a busy holiday season. the hiring
10:41 pm
event is happening from 10 a.m. to two p.m. at the hilltop carrier annex. there are 1000 job openings throughout the bay area, including contra costa, alameda and sonoma counties. some of the open positions include mail processing clerks and delivery drivers. when you get on those trains. it was well worth the wait to do it right. and after years of setbacks, san francisco's central subway is just months from opening. we'll take you inside for a look at the progress coming up next and take a look at tonight's gorgeous sunset in san francisco, the sky was a stunning pink and orange chief meteorologist. bill martin is back after the break with your five day forecast.
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so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.
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newlywed couple's wedding photos were stolen along with photography gear photographer ashton wilhite head her car broken into during an unrelated photo shoot at alamo square, home of the famous painted ladies last week. thieves stole her camera gear and computer equipment containing the digital files of the wedding pictures. the newlyweds from alabama say they are really sad to lose those irreplaceable photos. well tonight, we're
10:45 pm
getting our first look at san francisco's billion dollars central subway. the project broke ground more than a decade ago and as ktvu christian captain, reports after a series of delays and cost overruns, the system is now about 98% complete. above ground. the construction site for the new central subway doesn't reveal much, but under ground crews have been hard at work, digging a trench and stockton street station beneath union square and the deepest dig in the city. 12 stories underground for the station in chinatown, the this san francisco mayor of london, breed toured the new stations and rail line and said the new central subway will connect the city as never before. even if the project has met with delays. the stations are amazing the elevators the technology. everything came together and yes, it has been very challenging, and many folks have lost patience with this, but you know what? when you get on those trains. it was well
10:46 pm
worth the wait to do it right. essential. subway is now about 98% completed cruz making major progress since the last time we were able to see inside the dig in july of 2019. the new stations and rail lines are among the deepest digs in san francisco and the sfm to says that that led to some unexpected problems. those problems lead to unexpected delays. and cost overruns. we did not know the kind of soil that we were going to run into down here. we didn't know that we would hit an underground river. that we would have to contend with. so we knew some things. but we didn't know everything and that has resulted in about a 15% cost overwrite. the $1.6 billion project will eventually connect the cities southeast quadrant to chinatown and union square via the t third line in sfm to says it will be an important piece of the city's transit system. what this allows us to do is to deliver a lot more transit service. and a lot faster and more reliable transit service by putting it underground rather than having to contend with the surface of
10:47 pm
stockton street in the heart of chinatown. the sfm to says the project could be completed and ready for passengers by late spring. or early summer of next year in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. the red cross is looking for blood donors amid what it calls an emergency shortage of supply nationwide, the organization says inventory is the lowest it's been at this time of year since 2015 that's largely due to a 10% drop in donations in august as the delta variant surged. the red cross says it must collect 10,000 additional blood products each week over the next month. for the blood supply to recover donors of all blood types, especially type o and platelet donors urged to make an appointment at their local donation center. okay, little bit of a warm up out there today. and we saw temperatures back into the low eighties, mid eighties, so not bad at all. anyone in santa rosa 79 in sandra fell 70 in
10:48 pm
san francisco. temperatures as we head into tomorrow are going to be about the same or a little bit warmer. we've got that. uh fire weather watch in the hills, and i just don't want you to worry too much about a red flag warning is fire. weather watch probably turns into red flag warning tomorrow morning. it's a big deal, but i want you to notice these winds. okay so here's the forecast model here's tonight at 10. look at the contours. where's the wind? fairfield's got the wind right there at the yellow through the yellows up there, but you can see right and then there's some coastal wind. but that's onshore flow and through wednesday, so right now the models are suggesting not much of an event at all. i'm going to back it up again, so just so you know, it's when you see us covered in reds. that you've got to worry, and we're not seeing that at all. i mean you always gotta worry. i'm not trying to. i'm just trying to make it. you know, like i say these things come in a spectrum, right. these uh fire weather watches, and this is a low grade one based on the models that we're looking at now. there's no fog at the coast. it's clear it's fall.
10:49 pm
it's doing what you expected to do. there is the system to the north of us. that system is followed by a bunch of activity out in the illusion islands area, and so what that means is, um, whether it is beginning to come together. storms are being born like we saw just a couple of days ago. like we'll see and probably the next eight days. we have another system wants to come in here. but what we're seeing that's coming out of that. uh oh area. that big illusion low is what it's called, is the swell the surface swells waves, so we have a weather wave watch or a beach watch or a severe or am. where they call the beach hazard alert. its national weather service does it. it's not. it's not a major thing. it's just makes you aware of. oh yes, walls are getting bigger if i go to the coast tomorrow in a nice warm day, think about the waves and the potential for getting, you know, swept out to sea because every big enough to do that 8 to 10 ft. probably on the face is probably smaller than most places. so as we head into the next couple of days, the winds
10:50 pm
slightly offshore. i showed you the wind model so they're not big robust offshore winds. fog is not going to be a player for a while. so temperatures tomorrow. about where they were today, perhaps just a little bit warmer, and then the temperatures 85 in fairfield. 83. 9 yeah, this looks a lot like what we had today. united state tomorrow and as we head into the next couple of days, as you see in the five day forecast. we warm up. we keep warming up right through saturday and that of course, the wind goes away then, but the fire danger goes higher, right because you got high heat low humidities. i'll be back at 11 o'clock with updates. all right. we'll see you. then bill. thanks a groundbreaking ceremony took place today for the construction of the obama presidential library in chicago. the former president, former first lady michelle obama and chicago mayor lori lightfoot were among those who attended the historic event. the $500 million center will be built on the grounds of jackson park in the city's south side neighborhood. the presidential library complex will include a state of the art library, museums and several gardens. we
10:51 pm
want this to be a hub for in house fellows with real world experience to share. what's working and what's not in solving the big problems of the day. we envision. this is a place where residents and visitors from all over the world come together. and restore the promise of the people's party. the obama presidential library is expected to take four years to be fully completed. are coming up in sports. the giants try to keep winning without brandon belt. mark evans will tell us how it ended up next. then on the 11 o'clock news, cracking down on side shows new at 11, the city that now is imposing stricter punishments for people who attend or promote the illegal activity. is with you. tr
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
the giants, and nobody cares because they want it. i mean, they had to run score out of bases loaded walk, two runs score on wild pitches at a couple more on just soft singles and their 103rd win ensues. anyway, the captain hats all over the yard. in order of brandon belgian is going to be out indefinitely with the broken thumb didn't matter in this one. anyway. first inning giants load the bases. mike is stransky at the plate, and he will draw the walk for cnn, the game's first run and a one. nothing lead for logan web just been a little bit shaky of late runs into a bases loaded situation here, and it's a brandon crawford do it yourself. double play ball. to get them out of trouble. brandon crawford's the most valuable player of the national league east coast bias, you won't get it, but that's
10:55 pm
ridiculous. now 11 in the sixth wilmer flores of the bed soft single to right, that's an rb single in the giants take a 21 lead and the captain of tennille are pretty happy about that. and after another bases loaded walk. brandon crawford continues to deliver, like i said, wasn't the hardest hit ball just placed nicely, and the giants built up a pretty good lead, but their bullpen got shaky they brought in and was this a gutsy mood by the manager camillo duval. all of like, 21 years old, but he gets the strikeout to end it. his first major league save 103rd win for the giants highest total for them since 1993 and the giants will take it 64. goodnight little baby. the giants are still rolling althought, they cannot distance themselves from the dodgers pado sag first inning trade turner how they get that guy. the nats
10:56 pm
just gave it to the dodgers. he ropes an r b. i. double mookie betts will score in the first inning to get it rolling. they never trailed. 21 is the final, but the dodgers are two back of the giants with five games to play. old idea hat, the oakland a's what are they going to be asking themselves all winter long? how did we lose 11 consecutive games? to the seattle mariners. that's the case. that's the reason they are on e. the tank is empty. chris bassett second start since he was hit by that vicious liner abraham toro with a fly ball. look at the throw from seth brown in center field right on the money, j. pete crawford is a gunner at the plate. and the a's keep the mariners off the scoreboard temporarily as they will finally put one up. they just continue to hit the home runs with nobody on base, and it happens here again. chad pinder
10:57 pm
goes deep. that's a solo, his fifth of the year and in the fourth inning, the a's leading one. nothing they couldn't add on. basket lasted three and a third. he leaves the bullpen with a situation i mean to seattle runners on board the used to be reliable. yusmeiro petite, gives up a shot down the right field line up the better. jake fraley. two runs are gonna score to one mariners at the time for to the final. like i said, 11 consecutive times. the ayes have lost to the mariners, and in fact they've lost 14 of 18 to seattle. that can't happen if you want to contend for the postseason. hey, golden state warriors first official day of training camp. and, yes, there is another story. besides andrew wiggins vaccination status. how about the return of that guy andre iguodala 37 years old spent a couple of years with miami after leaving the warriors. he's back for a second tour. and we'll see what
10:58 pm
he can do to help the warrior youngsters off the bench. remember he won the m v p of the nba finals when they won their first in the dynasty years. he was with the warriors six seasons and in fact. he thinks the warriors can be contenders. and here's what he expects out of this possibly last season for him. this year more than anything is, you know each day is going to be, uh, full of joy like i'm really looking forward to, um. in in the chapter whenever may end. uh, here, uh, underpaid, but we're gonna have some fun. one year 2.6 million. all right like to be underpaid like that. hey we got a little time. it is that point of the evening where we must check this out. now there are wild pitches in baseball. and then there are, um unbelievable. wild pitches.
10:59 pm
that is the wackiest pitch i've ever seen thrown. tyler alexander, the tigers throws it. into the stands. look at the flight on that thing that's that's an all timer right there, uh, threw it over the backstop the major leagues check this out. we showed you this little guy earlier, three year old. but never too early to get out on the water. he's got his life jacket on dad right beside, and he's water skiing already kind of a daring checking out. yeah dad looks ready to yeah, he looks ready to pounce into the water after him. yeah that is the sporting life right up next you'll be doing tricks. but julie is. totally against that one should like she got really worried watching that little tiny baby on the skis. she's a mom. i can't help but agree with her yeah, instincts kick in. yeah. alright, mark. thank you so much. appreciate it. next at 11. this truly is about
11:00 pm
saving lives and improving the quality of life for our citizens in polio. vallejo considers a crackdown on side shows tonight the plan to put the brakes on a growing problem. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. vallejo is going to hold not just drivers accountable, but spectators and organizers as well. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre senior in for frank. the crackdown won unanimous approval at tonight's city council meeting. new at 11 ktvu deborah villalon has been monitoring the meetings and joins us live from vallejo with the latest death. andre police chief shawne williams told the council he sees sideshow takeovers as street terrorism and he wants to discourage audiences from coming out. valeo like other bay area cities, has seen escalating side shows injuries and violence to take it to your neighborhood. do it in your own neighborhood. you know why you want


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