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california is now adding a covid vaccination to the list of required shots before attending class. hello again. i'm jana katsuyama in for christina, monterey senior. the new mandate will take effect once the vaccine is fully approved by the fda. ktvu never be alone is live in the north bay with the rollout and reaction that. andre seventh to 12th grade go first later. kindergarten through sixth win vaccine is approved for them. this rule affects some six million california students. score another first for california as early as spring. but by next fall at the latest students must be vaccinated against covid 19 to play sports or set foot in classrooms. rule kicks in when the fda gives full approval for shots among younger age groups already under emergency use 63% of kids 12 and older. have gotten the jab have a sophomore and i have
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a senior and the senior opted to get vaccinated and the sophomore didn't. and i didn't force it on them. i'm letting them make their own decision. none of this is easy, and i recognize there's still anxiety out there. governor newsom says vaccination for students and staff simply follows the data he announced the new rules at a san francisco school. but critics like this east bay father of two call mandates overreach. what else can we mandated? you know the governor who we elected to help run the state do a lot of things. he didn't let him to be our doctor. don't let them to make the medical decisions for our family and our kids. newsome defends the order as his most predictable of the pandemic, since children already get a slew of shots in order to enroll every parent has had this conversation. since they brought their kids into school, public or private. they have to be vaccinated. school districts are free to move even faster than the state and some have passing their own campus vax
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requirements. others will wait for details on how to provide so many shots and independent learning for those who opt out. i would encourage our families to get back some nated as soon as possible. we have over 33,000 students in fremont unified and we want to see each and every one of them be successful and with children at relatively low risk for serious illness. some experts say shots should come with a commitment to making their lives more normal. restricting kids lives should be. we should have an in point. we should have metrics for when the masks come off to it for when quarantines end a achievable vaccination rate of state 80. when the mandate begins school staff who have been able to take a weekly test as an alternative to vaccine will no longer have that choice. and although parents can apply for waivers for their kids, andre it's still unclear just how tough those exemptions are going to be to get. some parents want to take advantage of that. to be sure depth. thank you so much. meantime, state superintendent 30 thurman.
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applauding governor newsom for reacting or enacting a covid vaccine requirement for students. in a statement, thurman said, quote i have no doubt that today's announcement by the governor will lead to safer schools and safer communities. i look forward to working with the governor, his administration, school districts and school communities across the state to implement this important change. sonoma county's health officer today issued a health order requiring flu shots for healthcare workers. the flu vaccine requirement applies to all workers who have direct or indirect exposure to patients or residents. workers include nurses, physicians, technicians, therapists and pharmacists at facilities such as acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. workers must be in compliance by november 15th. anyone granted in exemption must wear a surgical mask or respirator while working in indoor settings. it's a nationwide the number of new coronavirus cases is on the decline. new cases of fallen to
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about 112,000 per day, a drop of about 30% over the past 2.5 weeks. hospitalizations are down to about 75,000. and the number of deaths has fallen to about 1900 per day from about 2002 weeks ago. the death toll from the coronavirus nationwide has now exceeded 700,000 ominous sign here. that's more than the populations of oakland hayward and conquered combined. health experts say the numbers are being driven by the rise of the delta variant and continued vaccine resistance in some areas of the country. approximately 70 million americans are on vaccinated. a new pill to fight covid-19, developed by drug maker merck could be available soon here in the us, allowing patients to receive lower cost treatments at home instead of in a hospital, mark is releasing data from a large scale clinical trial that shows its new drug cut the risk of hospitalization or death from covid 19 by half for some patients. other antivirals
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currently given by ivy or injection are more effective but also more costly. the pill works by interfering with the coronavirus is ability to copy its genetic code and reproduce itself. the company plans to seek emergency use authorization for the drug in the united states as soon as possible, and if it's approved, it will be the first oral medicine authorized to treat covid-19. the data are impressive. in the placebo group. there were eight deaths and in the treatment group. there were no deaths. that's also very important and very good news. merck has already begun producing the drug and expects to produce 10 million courses of the treatment by the end of 2021 more doses in 2022. our new 11. the san francisco symphony tonight took the stage for very special performance. so the reopening night event at davies symphony hall honored the resilience of the community
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during the pandemic program featured musicians, valley dancers and grammy award winner esperanza spalding. and much more. this is truly a sight of the whole, the concert hall filled with our orchestra, ending with all of you ready to celebrate the opening of our first life season with our music director esa pekka salonen. proceeds from reopening night benefit the symphonies, artistic education and community programs. the performances with the performance was recorded live and will air on the pbs show. great performances. in the east bay. the popular first friday's event was back in uptown oakland tonight for the first time in 18 months. ktvu amberleigh shows us the lively night on the town and also the challenges that organizers faced this year. yeah oakland, first fridays, and art and cultural festival is back, beating the drum in the uptown district for unity after an 18 month long pandemic shutdown,
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so beats and oakland based drum circle is getting people back into the groove of this monthly gathering. i hope they get the rhythm and the feeling the oneness to us all because we know one of us could do this by ourselves. first fridays cover a six block stretch of telegraph avenue and draw a large turnout saw some long time businesses closed over the last year and a half. you just never know. so i think there's a little bit of concern and we were happy to see that this is coming back today. you cannot find an event like this anywhere cone old, the nonprofit that produces the event, says it's been a challenge to bring it back, it says before covid, the city of oakland used to pay for the cost of police and fire. now organizers have to find sponsors to cover those expenses. people love this event because it is authentically oakland. we keep it real has the oakland vibe live entertainment includes a fashion show and a
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touch of nostalgia with the classic car show. 15 food vendors instead of 30. pre covid stands are set up five ft. apart for social distancing masks are recommended, but not required. well it's part of our culture, right and it's good to get back out here now that things are a little bit safer. impulse for outdoors. organizers hope the beat goes on for first fridays. relief that this integral part of oakland is alive once again, we all different colors different ages. sizes we come from all over the planet, and we get here and boom with. one, coto says. it costs $45,000 to put on this event. moving forward. it estimates it has enough funds to hold the monthly festival for 3 to 4 months, but that the event does depend on sponsors in oakland. amber lee ktvu, fox two news. at least 16
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million americans are now without health coverage coming up the coverage options that people here in california now have also ahead. the north bay beach resort that's currently for sale and who is in the market to buy it.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ beach resort in greenville, the property is selling for $3.7 million. the press democrat
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reports that county supervisor linda hopkins. recently did a walkthrough of that property and is now added the item to the board's agenda next week. the county already owns six public beaches along the russian river. the state eviction moratorium has expired in many bay area renters are worried they could be forced out of their homes right now alameda county and cities, including oakland and berkeley, still ban pandemic fictions but in counties, including santa clara, solano and san francisco, those protections have ended. statewide landlords must prove, though, that they have exhausted options for rental relief before evicting tenants. still, renters say they're fearful. landlords are struggling as well, probably and looking for the money that they do deserve, but. you know, we're struggling to. we don't want to be out on the street. we're doing our best to try to work with them. morgan zito. san francisco says he and his roommates were approved for emergency relief months ago but
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have yet to see a dime, tenant attorneys say. de should still apply for those funds. also today, free insurance for people without job based coverage has officially expired. the federal government had been paying for cobra health benefits since april as ktvu is, tom baker explains, as many as 16 million people may now be without coverage. people who have been enjoying the free federal cobra health insurance benefit for the last six months really need to get replacement coverage pronto. that's because that benefit part of the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan expired thursday night. professor janet kaufman is a health insurance expert at u. c s s institute for health policy studies and says there are real alternatives if their income is low enough. they will qualify for medical, uh and medical has no premiums, either, so they have a way to get. uh no cost
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insurance to qualify for medical. we did the math to show who qualifies single folks who make up to $17,774 can get it. families of two earning up to $24,040 can get coverage as well. a family of four making up to $36,570. families of eight earning $61,630 are also medical eligible. if their income is above the medical threshold, which is 138% of poverty. then they'd be eligible for coverage through covered california covered california. the golden state's version of the affordable care act can be very affordable for low income earners for folks who would be let's say, you know, below 250% of garbage. some of those have very low. you know $1 a month premiums. even those folks and families with higher levels of income will get discounted covered california subsidies which will
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still reduce your out of pocket costs, and says dr kaufman. the actual number of people cut off, maybe far less than the 16 million projected. some folks have probably taken jobs that where they have job based insurance, but many others are still unemployed covered, california says at least 138,000 californians have now become eligible. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. ceremonies took place in las vegas today to remember those who died in the deadliest mass shooting in u. s history. it was four years ago today when a gunman opened fire from his high rise hotel room on a crowd attending an outdoor country music concert. 58 people were killed. hundreds of others were injured. the gunman killed himself before police reached him, and the fbi
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says investigators likely will never know the motive for the massacre. portion of a beloved san francisco playground burned in a fire look at the damage and how much repairs will cost. at a barrier whether we are wrapping up warm to hot friday, and this pattern will continue into the weekend, we'll have the update coming up. a worldwide week of negotiations on capitol hill, with president meeting with lawmakers on friday. i'm although vera in washington with the latest on where talks stand onto historic pieces of legislation (background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life.
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i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them.
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look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt. to a candidate for mayor of los angeles state representative karen bass announced on monday that she's entering the race
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for mayor of l. a boxer says she's worked with the congresswoman for years and says bass has exactly what it takes to be a great mayor, calling bass intelligent, experienced with compassion and toughness. bass wants to succeed mayor eric garcetti in 2022. he has been nominated to become the next ambassador to india. president biden headed to capitol hill today to try and press democrats to move forward with two major pieces of legislation. moderates are pushing back on n the $3.4 trillion spending plan. as madeline repair tells us progressives are holding up the bipartisan infrastructure bill in return. the president intervening in negotiations over the bipartisan infrastructure bill at the democrats. social spending plan on friday doesn't matter whether it's in six minutes, six days. or six weeks. we're going to get it done. the president appearing to lift the timeline that democrats initially set for the infrastructural legislation vote, house speaker nancy pelosi had hoped to bring it to the floor for a vote thursday
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night but delayed it over warnings from progressives that they take. the vote of the larger package didn't pass first progressives considering it a victory when the president said the two bills are linked. he would like to see both of them move at the same time, or at least have an agreement of framework. that would make a say both sides comfortable, progressives acknowledged they might have to make some concessions. moderate senators joe manchin and kherson cinema are calling for a smaller package mansion is pushing for $1.5 trillion, far from the 3.5 trillion progressives had wanted. we need to get this reconciliation bill and you know it's going to be tough, like we're going to have to come down and our number and we're going to have to do that work so. we're going to get to work and see what we can get to. republicans meanwhile, criticized democrats for the disarray. i think it's very clear that they're in damage control mode here. despite the high level talks, democrats still don't have a deal to move both pieces of legislation forward. which means there's still no set date for a vote
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and washington matter of era fox news. in oakland. small businesses led by people of color can now apply for $10,000 grants. today, comcast announced that it will be awarding 100 grants to oakland businesses owned by black, indigenous hispanic, asian, american and other business owners of color. to qualify, businesses must have 25 employees or less. comcast made the announcement at a virtual news conference in partnership with oakland and state leaders. while the pandemic hit our business is hard, the african american community and the by part community re remain resilient. in spite of the disparities in the inequities. applications for the grant must be submitted by october. 14th. barrier weather starting off october and a very warm, even hot notes temperature is actually the hotspots in the mid nineties and looks like we'll have this pattern stick around into the weekend. in
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fact, a few neighborhoods tomorrow could be just a little bit warmer. take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon across the region and as we are showing you some of the temperatures but across the region, san francisco in the mid eighties san jose 89 some nineties for concord, livermore in antioch, and some nineties up in the north based centre failed 95 degrees. you know, you made those temperatures warming up a bit each and every day since about monday, and here is the overall temperature trend for basically today. that trend will continue into the weekend to seventies eighties. and nineties by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. so here is your weekend outlook and essentially saturday will be the same as sunday with with regards to the temperature department, it's still warm to hot both days. when they're going to cool down well next week, definitely cooling things off, probably by tuesday and into wednesday. here's the satellite where you can see lots of low clouds and fog near portions of the coastline, especially from monterey bay, south. we had some patchy fog earlier today, but that has cleared out and current numbers for the 11 o'clock hour right
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now. san francisco 56. we have some sixties for oakland, hayward livermore 67 in san jose 68 degrees. here's our live camera above san francisco for tonight and completely clear. we're gonna have more sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow, so the fog is kind of a stranger. it's going to be a hot forecast out toward the ballpark. the padres and the giants. game two in this series for tomorrow. temperatures at first pitch tomorrow afternoon, right around 80 degrees, so we had this big area kind of disorganized area of high pressure offshore. that is kind of the main reason why we have this warm up here, the region and a week offshore flow. so with that, the beaches even warming back up into the seventies. eighties around the bay hotspots inland back up into the nineties, so hot tomorrow hot on sunday monday, a little bit cooler and then more pronounced, cooling by by midweek and bringing a few extra clouds as well. take a look at the numbers for your saturday afternoon as we show you. san francisco 83 santa
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rosa 96 lots of nineties well, inland, we'll check out some more neighborhoods with san jose 91. we had the spare the air alert and plays for tomorrow and also fire dangers elevated with this pattern, but we do not have a red flag fire warning on sunday. not much change a little bit cooler into monday and then more cooling by tuesday and wednesday, maybe a week from today. it's hard to believe with all this heat this weekend, maybe a week from today we could be talking about some shower chances here in the bay area, so it could have been interesting forecast next week this week, though, this weekend get ready for the heat. part mark. thanks well, it's san francisco fire destroyed a portion of a beloved playground near the ferry building. that investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire at suburban park late last night. officials with san francisco parks and rec department said park rangers were alerted and firefighters put out the fire around 11 30 last night. a second place structure was not damaged. however the entire play area remains closed. up next in sports. the giants wanting to
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clinch tonight, hoping for a win and a dodgers lost jason appelbaum up next with whether the stars align. before we go to break. take a look at this real cool site here. gorgeous sunset, a rainbow in the sky looking out towards san francisco from our roof camera here in oakland. you're watching the 11 o'clock news right here on ktvu channel two, and we will be right back. my new, better-than-ever cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier, juicier fillet, bigger pickles, more mystery sauce, and an extremely serious crunch.
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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. try my tasty tiny tacos was set for the giants to win their first division title in nine years, but those dodgers just won't go away. lamar way. junior honored as the willie mack winner this year is the most. inspirational giant before the game with the padres as we take it to the action bottom of the first scoreless full count to darren rough,
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whose goes yard look at the fan great catch by the fan out there and left. as the giants take a one nothing lead home run number 16 for rough later in the first. mike yes, rimsky with the check swing single. it's not pretty, but it is effective as brandon crawford's coming around to score from second. yes sometimes it's better to be a little lucky than good and yes, not known to smile a lot. he's smiling too. nothing giants top seven giants up three wil myers thinks he's got ahold of one deepest part of the yard. look at yeah, go up. and on the replay, you can see that he actually keeps the ball in the yard prevents a home run, and the shutout is still intact for the giants, no damage done for the padres as they maintain their lead. you're looking at camillo oval. and he is going to end the game right here. ha sung kim grounds out to short giants win it three. nothing that's their 106th win of the season that ties in all time franchise record set by the 19. oh, four.
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giants so lost by the dodgers would give the giants the west dodgers trailing 5 to 1 in the fifth, but the bases are loaded for trade turner and he comes through big time one of the biggest home runs of the year for the dodgers, a grand slam. as the dodgers stay alive in the west, and then in the seventh. they take the lead matt beatty solo shot to right center dodgers win at 86 so the giants will win the division with just one more win over the weekend or a dodgers los. as for the a's, they were closing out the season at the astros two great managers bob melvin dusty baker, with pre game lineup cards tied at one of the fourth when chad pinder is going opposite field that is a solo home run penders six of the season as up to one to the sixth. medals and doing damage. olson over arises his 39th home
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run of the season. the two run shot makes it 4 to 1 olsen has 111 rbs the a survival late rally by the astros to win at 8262 more games until their season ends on sunday. all right, it is time for our high school football game of the week as we take you out to danville. the undefeated monta vista mustangs, coached by former cal and super bowl winning running back c. j. anderson hosting the livermore cowboys, this one was all mountain vista, dylan devitt to max, or reach a dera. 22 yard touchdown mustangs up 27 nothing at the half more monarchist in the third, devitt dumps it off to rocco schramm. and look at him go! he rumbles in 27 yards for the touchdown 48 to 7. mono vista wins it all right, we'll take you out with this. our staff scours the internet in search of something a little different. check this out. blair conklin. he went to cal, once upon a time, shredding it on a little wave
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that looks like a river feed into the ocean as he sprays his compadre over on the beach, and that's all we got for tonight, folks. like five looking for a folks. like five looking for a way to just cat okay, your brother's lunch is packed. you're buying your own lunch. luke, alex, come on, let's go! there he is. last chance for the summer handshake. [ imitates explosion ] dad? come on, we're only halfway done. i need help. i was supposed to keep a journal all summer. it's due today. wow, first day of school, and you're already behind? [ groans ] i'm dead. all right, tell me how far you've gotten. okay. "june 21st -- found a stick." mm. "june 22nd..." that's it. that's it? it was a really cool stick. he's right. it looked like a snake. getting everybody out of the house in the morning can be really tough, especially the first day of school. from the minute we get up at 7:00 till we drop them off at school, it is go, go, go.


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