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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  October 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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because of power outages caused by the rain held bay area communities are getting ready for more powerful system heading our way. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and welcome everyone to the four on this wednesday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we begin with our wet weather here in the bay area. it wasn't a huge storm, but the bay area did get its first round of real rain this season. and it did cost some issues. drivers may have noticed some slick roads this morning, and there was at least one tree that fell onto a parked car in alameda and the rainy weather also knocking out power to thousands of bay area pg and e customers this morning. three schools, including oakland tech, lost power and were let out early today. cruz, though, have been making progress on restorations. but as of about two this afternoon, more than 5300 customers were still in the dark, most of them in oakland. a pg spokeswoman said, although
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the outage was whether related the exact cause remains under investigation, and let's give you a live look outside here, and that is downtown san francisco under gray skies right now, you can expect some scattered showers throughout the next couple of days, but the main event here in this series of storms is coming up this weekend. for more on that. let's check in with meteorologist mark tomorrow. we are expecting a soaker. come sunday, right? yes that that sunday system. alex is definitely captured the headlines already still a few days out, but that's something we really have to focus on as we head towards the weekend. now today's system some areas picking up pretty good rainfall for the month of october. some areas completely dry as you can see some of the rainfall totals. the focus for the rain has been up in the north bay, especially up in the sonoma counties. we take a look at the totals over the past 24 hours. standard rosa and kent field over an inch of rain, richmond and petaluma 240.17, or renda point. no seven oakland 70.3 san mateo barely measurable point on one and san jose is
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not even on this map here, but santa's they reporting dry conditions, at least at the airport. now this is a series of storms and significant rain, especially for the month of october could be record setting as we head into sunday, so it's hard to believe through monday, we could be talking about realistically accumulations falling within this range of 2 to 10 inches in the bulk of that rainfall will come sunday afternoon sunday night and into early monday morning. it is nice to see such an active weather pattern, especially dealing with drought and also the extreme fire danger. but you can see this is really helping us out, at least with fire. danger we're not talking about red flag fire warnings like last week. here's the satellite. as you can see the clouds and a little bit of some green. you can see some more development closer to monterey bay. but. even if you're not covered under the green here, we could still have enough moisture in the air to kick off some drizzle or a few sprinkles temperatures right now in the upper fifties to the sixties. definitely cool one out there. you can see our live camera looking out towards san francisco where we have some of
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the clouds in place and you can see what happens with the forecast models. still keeping those a shower chances, especially in the north bay for tonight and then into it tomorrow morning. this is your thursday morning and then into the afternoon hours, we begin to scale back on the coverage, but that is just is that in it in advance of another system that comes on board by friday morning, we'll talk more about that, especially that stronger one that moves in on sunday. we'll have more on that with your forecasting just a little bit. okay. we'll see you, then. mark thank you. all across the bay area communities are bracing for the rainfall. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joining us now live from marina green park in san jose, with more on how people and municipalities are trying to get ready, jesse. alex the skies are ominous here, the capital of the silicon valley, but no rain yet still preparations underway to mitigate the impact that wet weather can have. the middle of the work week sees a soaker from start to finish across the
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bay area, please mid october. if you asked me a month ago, i would have told you the earliest we can expect. rain is mid october boom right on time for region and state stuck in the throes of drought conditions. rain is good, but has the potential for bad as well. the big green comes and the water flow from both sides. the street come down to the corner. it would probably be floating so we want to make sure that nothing blocks the drainage, scratching of rakes to leaves and pavement is a seasonal soundtrack, as many residents clear storm drains of debris. most of the houses on the street here are pretty good. people uh, people have. have done that the gardening work that they need to do to keep the basic flooding from happening. municipalities have done similar work, but long before the first drops fell, san jose transportation department officials say crews cleared 91% of the 35,000 storm
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drains over the summer. now sand bags are in place and water pumps online in case rains turned waterways into rivers. the biggest reason a catch basin will clog is because it's full of leaves. and so when it's leaf drop season, we know that and go out to try and remove those thieves proactively to ensure that the drains are clearer. experts forecast rain through the end of the week to be moderate, but if the rain rate is higher than expected, it could cause problems, especially in areas damaged by wildfires so there's no root structure left to hold the soil in place, so when it rains, a lot of the soil will slide downhill, and that could be. just as damaging as the fire itself in the first place. and as mark tamayo just said sunday could be the day for that. so stay tuned to the ktvu weather app as well as ktvu on air online for all the latest information if you're out, and about at least here in san jose,
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you can call the transportation department. for information and to report if you see roadway starting to flood or problem with with excess water anywhere in san jose called the transportation department. we're live in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you now is the time to get ready before that heavy rain comes, jesse. thank you. but we are following some developing news this afternoon in morada. that's where a tree trimmer apparently fell from a tree and died. it happened on camino ricardo, just outside the morocco, a country club. now morada orinda. firefighters responded and pronounced that tree trimmer dead, the worker's name and the circumstances surrounding the fall were not immediately me immediately available will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates, but obviously a sad death being reported in the wake of our latest rainfall. alright we turn now to the coronavirus said in just the last couple of hours. the federal government handed down new guidelines that clear the way for those who received the moderna or johnson and johnson vaccines to get booster shots.
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ktvu christian captain joining us now live from san francisco and christian. this will certainly ramp up the number of boosters being given out. yeah, just in time to health experts here in san francisco are encouraging anybody who's in one of those higher risk categories. those same people who got the very first doses of vaccine became available last year. they're encouraging them to get their boosters in time for the holiday season. when they first came out. it was a race to vaccinate. now, health officials from the federal to the local levels are backing boosters. the food and drug administration authorized booster doses for those who received the moderna or johnson and johnson vaccines. the fighter booster had been cleared for patients since september. now health officials say they're working to get those most vulnerable populations boosted. patients say they have their reasons for waiting. i did flew two weeks ago and i wanted to separate him because, kaiser said, you can do them together. but since nobody almost 71, i decided to separate it. it's part of a trend. san francisco health officials say they're seeing
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despite having an overall vaccination rate of more than 80. the rate for booster shots appears to be lagging. we don't have the numbers quite yet, but what we are hearing both from our health care systems, as well as our vaccine sites is that foot traffic is not exceeding expectations and so for traffic is down. there's not does not seem like there's a lot of demands. dr baba says the data point to diminishing effectiveness following the initial vaccinations. that's why boosters are so important, she says. it's imperative for those high risk groups to receive the booster shot, including those over 65 years old, those with compromised immune systems and those who have a higher risk of being exposed to covid-19, she says. the time for boosters is now before the holiday season arrives. and family and friends begin gathering even with boosters. it still does take two weeks for your immune system to get you back, boosted in terms of, you know, really protecting yourself against coded and actually, we do really think of halloween as the kick off to you know, the winter holiday season. lots of gatherings the booster shots say
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it's given them peace of mind. i got rheumatoid arthritis over 35 years. i take humira. which is a biologic. and it suppresses your immune system. so you're more yeah. you're more prone to getting something. the fda also authorized the mixing of boosters. so if you had moderna or johnson and johnson the first time around, you can get a fighter shot as a booster and vice versa. the hope is that it makes it easier for people to get boosted. sooner. we're live in san francisco christians, captain ktvu, fox two news. alright, christian. thank you. 28 million young children could soon have access to covid-19 vaccines as foxes. casey stengel tells us millions of child sized doses are ready to be shipped as soon as they're approved. the white house is preparing to roll out covid vaccines for one of the most vulnerable groups 5 to 11 year
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olds, health officials saying wednesday approval of pfizer's vaccine for that age group is expected now by early november. and they'll be ready with 15 million child sized dose is expected to be shipped within hours of getting the green light. the shots will be geared specifically to young children. they even come with smaller needles. and the biden administration says there are no lingering questions about the safety of this vaccine. the same vaccine technology has proven to be very effective with adults and adolescents. it's been tested and carefully run trials over the course of months, scientists say vaccinations are the best way to contain the virus, and the federal government is gearing up for a december 8th deadline. for all federal workers and contractors to get their shots that includes the airline industry, where staffing shortages are already causing long lines and flight delays across the country. a plan by southwest airlines to put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave was put on hold this week
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after a big demonstration outside the company's headquarters. some employees say they'd rather quit than get their shots we want to have, you know for your my choice freedom to make our own medical decisions. we don't want to be mandated to take an injection. the situation isn't much better with the t s. a the agency saying that about 40% of its total workforce has not yet been vaccinated. that's the latest from dfw airport. casey steagall, ktvu fox two news. after a month long search possible clues in the disappearance of gabby potatoes, fiance the human remains and personal belongings that were found at the nature preserve, where he was last seen. also the gunman in the parkland florida school shooting. pleaded guilty today to 17 council murder will have reaction from the victim's families and also tell you about the next steps in the about the next steps in the sentencing process.
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death of his fiancee, gabby petito. what appears to be human remains were discovered today at a florida nature preserved, authorities say they were found by a cadaver dog while searching a site. next system articles that belong to laundry. earlier today. investigators found what appears to be human remains. although, but personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to bryan laundry. these items were found in an area that up until recently have been underwater. laundries parents were also at the park today, talking with investigators, he is the only person of interest in the death of gabby petito. her body was discovered in a campground in wyoming last month, she was the victim of homicide. he's been missing since driving back across the country to florida. well the gunman in the deadly shooting at a florida high school back in 2000 and 18 today pleaded guilty to 17
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counts of murder. nicholas cruz appeared in court alongside relatives of the victims. and as foxes, anna iliopoulos tells us cruz apologized for his actions. to count one of the indictment murder in the first degree of victim luke hoyer. how do you wish to plead guilty? nicholas cruz pleads guilty to 17 counts of first degree murder and 17 counts of attempted first degree murder. for the 2018 massacre at parkland, florida high school. it's really sad for the parents. about. we need to hear him. we need to hear, like, uh, like as a community we need to hear like as a person. and go forward the guilty. please allow this community to skip the pain and emotional turmoil of reliving the attack through a lengthy trial crews will still have to face a jury for the penalty phase to determine whether he gets the death penalty or life in prison. wednesday's hearing was attended by a dozen of the victims relatives after
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entering his plea, cruz apologized. i am very sorry for what i did, and i have to live with it every day. and then if i were to get a second chance, i will do everything my power to try to help others. the valentine's day massacre killed 14 students and three staff members at marjory stoneman douglas high school 17. other victims were shot but survived. investigators say cruz was armed with an ar 15 shooting victims in the hallways and in classrooms during these seven minute rampage. he later fled, blending in with students and was captured about an hour later in a residential neighborhood. as for the penalty phase of this case, screening for prospective jurors begins next month. anna iliopoulos fox news. all right, for more now on the shooter's guilty plea in florida, let's get to fox reporter robert sherman, who was in florida for that court hearing today. robert good to have you here to talk a little bit m the gunman, nicholas cruz,
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apologized to the families during that hearing, but it doesn't sound like that set very well with the loved ones of those who were murdered. no it is not. there have been a few who have been outspoken and have said that they accept nicholas cruises apology that is a minority, though there have been a number of families who have condemned the remarks that nicholas cruz made you can even watch the court. the court proceedings themselves. you can see family members shaking their heads as they hear nicholas cruz say that he's doing this for them a number after the hearing said that the apology was not accepted, which is why they continue to call for justice. this was another step in a long and anguishing process. this goes all the way back to 2000 and 18. so for three years, these families have been living through this. it's one step. further closure has not been attained yet. but the ball is moving in that direction. can you talk about just this nightmare for these
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families to live through? as you said, for the past three years, it sounds as though many, many of the loved ones who lost their children during this massacre have really leaned on each other throughout this entire process. yes it's been a devastating process for a lot of these families and again, many continue to be very outspoken as to where they want to see this process. go here for nicholas cruz there have it is important to remember that that every single one of these counts of murder carries with it a potential life sentence, which is why you have seen the prosecutors and some of the family members call for the death penalty. in this case that remains on the table at this hour, and there's going to be a penalty trial, which we're going to start seeing jurors called and that process that selection process taking place. at the beginning of next month. january 4th is the official date there continue to be a number of families who say that life in prison is not enough in
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this case, and they want the death penalty. others have said that it's really not their place to decide and it will come down to the jury, which must be unanimous in order to hand down such a decision. yeah, well, we will see what the jury decides here during the sentencing phase of this trial. robert sherman live floor live force in florida. robert. thank you. well barry weather very unusual for this time of year in october. we talking about this much rainfall, but eventually the rainfall rates were well, it will really pick up, especially by the weekend today. those who one of those deals where it's committed to light shower activity, some mistress and drizzle not too much action in the south bay, but things will be changing, especially as we head toward the sunday forecast even as early as friday morning as our second system comes on board, but as we focus in on the thursday rain timeline, it looks like the bulk of the activity will be for the first half the day of the morning hours into the early port. one of the afternoon and then we scale back on some of the action by by this time tomorrow into into your thursday evening, and once again the bulk of the
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activity up in the northern half of the bay area storm series those you can't see out in the pacific. so the first one that was earlier this morning, second one that moves in friday morning and then the one that we're really watching as the sunday to monday that will be an atmospheric river that will be linked to with some very heavy rain and look at those projected rainfall totals could be around two to over five inches. that is just for sunday. add into monday, so there's a lot of rainfall coming down within it with within a short amount of time that could cause some problems in terms of issues on the roadways out there just another hazards as well so something to keep an eye on rainfall expectations. we're not just talking about a few sprinkles, not just a quarter of an inch these numbers right on through sunday and monday. really adding up everywhere you can see the highest totals expected up in the north bay and the coastal hills of the north bed. look at this satellite. hard to believe this is october. we're talking about some rainfall coming on board. lots of cloud cover this kind of disorganized, just disorganized moisture moving into the bay area, so as a result, we still have the
4:21 pm
clouds of some scattered light showers and some missed and some drizzle. there's not a lot of coverage on the radar right now, but some green show enough so that has been changing a bit, so it looks like we'll hold onto those shower chances. as for tonight, here's a like debra looking out toward sfo this afternoon where we still have solid cloud cover. and keep the umbrella nearby. here's the breakdown for tonight. you can still see it's keeping things on settled the clouds. a few scattered showers. this is your thursday morning. you see what happens at least but this particular forecast model trying to bump up the shower chances tomorrow morning, and then things gradually move out. not completely dry, but the kind of training in that dryer direction by thursday afternoon and then this is friday morning is that second system comes on board. but once again, the one that's going to really be the strongest that moves in on sunday, we'll talk more about that, with your full forecast. coming up in just a little bit. saying earthquake prepared we're going to hear about tomorrow's statewide earthquake drill and why the great shake out is about much more than just drop, cover and hold on.
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california is encouraged to participate in the great california shakeout. i talked with north lorena jury of the state's office of emergency services about the annual earthquake drill and how you can prepare for and survive a major earthquake. the shakeout day is a reminder for all of us to be prepared some ways that you can prepare yourself and your family is download the my shake out from the apple store. google play, uh, make a family plan for sheltering in place. evacuating and reuniting, uh, time to check your go bag and stay box. make sure that you have everything in it that you'll need secure items in your home and workplace. take a look at the home retrofit, um, programs out there and, of
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course, great shakeout always reminds us to practice are dropped. cover and hold on. and if you're in a mobility, assistive device, lock cover and hold on. it's for building missile muscle memory so that you know how to protect yourself there's also something else that's taking place here in california, and that is, you know this early warning system, talk a little bit about that. the state has sponsored the my shakeout. it's under development by uc berkeley seismology lab. and the state has contributed towards its development. um it's one of only three out in the state that will give you an actual warning, um moments two minutes before shaking begins. there's a lot of earthquake apps out there. but be very, very careful that you are getting the my shake out from again. it's free apple store google play. we just talked about the mind shakeout. so anybody that carries a mobile device now can essentially carry the warning
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technology with them. um, in addition that the same shake alert system which powers the app. also powers automated actions that can take place. let's say you're in a school it can flashlights and put a message over the p a. if you're in a hospital in an operation room, you could potentially it could dim the lights or, um, uh, you know, again flash a light so that you know, the doctor knows to retract those. very sharp scalpel from the patient. um if you're if it's in a, uh, stay a fire station, it can automatically raise the door so that it that they won't experience buckling during an earthquake and prevent them from being able to get the vehicles out. when they need them. so there's a lot of different automated responses that can have another all part of the shakeout. technology don't just do this once a year.
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this is something that you can practice in your families in your classrooms. in your businesses every week, every month, several times a year. we need that muscle memory. we don't have earthquakes very often, but in the event of a damaging earthquake, you want to move quickly and you want and decisively. so take this seriously. do practice the drop or lock and cover and hold on. um do download the my shake app and do go to earthquake dot c a dot gov. to get a lot of information on how to prepare yourself and your family. and again, the great california shakeout is happening tomorrow from 8 30 to 11 a.m. and for more information on the event as well as the my shake app. just look under the web link section of our website ktvu .com and another thing that we talked about was making sure that you have a plan for your pets. you know they're part of our families as well. and so you need to make sure that
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whatever you know, go bag you have make sure you have food and everything that your pet would need as well, that is such an important reminder as we heard right there. you know you can't just do these drills once a year. it's important. you gotta you gotta do this all the time. aries. the big one potentially is coming. we just never know when it will happen, right? yep. the bay area mom accused of throwing drunken sex parties for teenagers appeared in court earlier today, we'll tell you about the action the judge took to protect the alleged victims and around the country. we are seeing more workers. quitting or even going on strike a conversation about why this may be happening. throws
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for teenagers, is now back in california and appeared in court today. shannon o. connor was arraigned on a number of criminal charges and will remain in jail. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz was in the courtroom as decisions were made to protect the victims. prosecutors asked for no bail, and the judge agreed. shannon o. connor will remain here in santa clara county jail, the district attorney's office, saying they have evidence that she could harm more children if she was released. o'connor appeared in the courtroom in an orange jumpsuit, her hands folded tightly and speaking with her attorney. right up until the hearing began. she was arraigned on 39 criminal charges, including child abuse, child endangerment, sexual battery and providing alcohol to minors. prosecutors say boozd
4:32 pm
condoms and encoura x between teenagers and sometimes even watch. the district attorney says the motive was sexual gratification. according to prosecutors, the secret parties typically happened under low scatters home but also on trips in tahoe and santa cruz. the judge granted 15 protective orders against the victims, including her underage son. o connor is not allowed to have any contact with any of the teens either personally, or electronic. li. district attorney jeff rosen says it took enormous courage for these children to come forward, saying they stand in sharp contrast. 20 connor's conduct. there's nothing cool about getting teenage children drug to then commit sexual assaults on one another. someone who does these things. is not cool. apparent that does these things is reckless, irresponsible and criminal. o'connor was extradited tuesday
4:33 pm
from idaho, where she now lives. when deputies arrested her. detectives say they found a dozen teams at her home. both of her kids are now in protective custody and then investigation is ongoing. the victim's families asked for privacy and do not want to speak on the case. o'connor would not return our request for comment. she does remain in jail without bail, and a plea hearing is scheduled for december. 17th. in san jose brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news netflix employees in los angeles staged a walkout today to protest a special by comedian dave chappelle, netflix transgender employee group. says the special is offensive to the transgender community and has the potential to lead to real life violence. netflix how dare you do this to your trans employees? oh, care you, man on your network deep,
4:34 pm
so disrespectful. of the trans experience. jokes are funny. the work stoppage comes a day after netflix ceo ted sarandos said that he supports the chappelle special this morning, netflix struck a more conciliatory tone in a statement that was put out today, netflix said in part. we respect the decision of any employee who chooses to walk out and recognize we have much more work to do both within netflix and in our content. in the wake of the pandemic. we're seeing more workers strike and others quid. it's part of an effort to secure higher pay and better working conditions for more this afternoon, let's bring in suzanne tehran, associate director of the labor occupational health program at uc berkeley. thank you so much for being here. why more strikes and labor action now? well the pandemic has really hammered home the many real risks that workers face on the job, and many workers are
4:35 pm
questioning how much they can or should tolerate in terms of the types of wages and working conditions that they labor under. covid-19 also has a sense of urgency, right? it's about life or death. it's about protecting yourself and your family or not. it's about having the resources you need. if you were to fall alienated to be off work. or not, and so we are seeing this moment, um of workers and unions and advocates really taking a stand and advocating for changes to better protect workers and get better working conditions. i think in this context, unions and worker organizations have been real resources have been providing workers with information offering vaccine clinics. um you know, getting benefits and connecting workers was important financial support as needed. and now it's really harnessing this collective energy for change as workers as i mentioned question the working conditions and want to have improvements. so you're
4:36 pm
saying the pandemic has lead workers to reevaluate their jobs and benefits? in what ways. well, i think some many workers at depending on the context are reevaluating their jobs and benefits others that never wanted that had a fear of retaliation and job insecurity and many of the low wage sectors or who were sort of have been talking about as essential workers over the past year, recognizing their value to all of our lives. are more sort of assessing how much risk as i mentioned there there needing to take and whether they're going to put their life on the line for the many very low wage that there. they're getting and so a lot of it. concerns that we hear from workers are still ongoing concerns even as we're in many ways, um at times thinking about emerging from the pandemic. i think that workers are still concerned about making sure there's uh enough and sufficient covid protections on the job that they have transparency and communication with their employer. we're hearing a lot
4:37 pm
of concerns around mental health issues, actually, not just the stress and the concern around getting potentially infected, but the way it plays out in increased workload, many workers and workplaces are suffering from increased work from team members. no, not being there or fast pace of work. or stress from facing harassment or violence when having to interact with the public and enforce mask rules or other guidelines. and, of course, the juggling that many workers have had to do not just in trying to maintain jobs, but also taking care of children and families and schools shutdown sort of how people are having to juggle so many aspects of their lives. while other systems are also closing or not, not as reliable as they have been, and all of those workers concerns really giving union some new momentum. the labor movement has drawn support from the white house just today. in fact, the vice president and labor secretary marty walsh announced some new
4:38 pm
guidelines to encourage federal workers. to join unions. federal agencies are now being directed suzanne to make sure that new hires know about their union eligibility and how to contact their union and existing federal employees will be reminded of that information more regularly. i want to take the opportunity now to hear more from the vice president. cause if folks don't know their rights. if they're not informed of their rights. how can they fight to protect their rights? how can we enforce those rights and all of this is just part of our broader strategy to make the federal government a model employer. and we call on all employers to make similar steps. okay the vice president says that the federal government should be the model. do you think that other employers will, in fact follow suit? well as we're looking at this moment of in many ways, reevaluating in some sectors what workplaces look like? i think it would be great for employers to think about how to
4:39 pm
yes, and follow suit in the sense that we know that any of the labor protections we have today are because of the labor movement. there is a union difference in jobs, and we know that there's better wages, better protections sort of union setting industry standards in that way across multiple other industries. but fundamentally one of the key values is that how unions give workers a collective voice on the job, too. they have a structure for it, and they give workers the protection to be able to participate. in many sectors without unions. there is a fear of retaliation, which, frankly, just silences workers, and we know that any workplace with a stronger safety climate and a positive sort of contribution of workers and employers working together. it's just going to be better in the long run for all aspects of a business or company. but that is the importance of the workplace voice having the structures to be able to negotiate with employers to know your protective to participate are very important
4:40 pm
elements and that's why, you know, um vice president harris called for the federal government to be a role model and encourage others is really pivotal at this time, and as we wrap up this conversation, obviously you believe this. this renewed interest in unions is a good thing. yes and i think it you know, as i mentioned it is about having the workers' collective voice and having joint actions and being able to take place and have control. many of us might be in workplaces where we do have a lot of flexibility and control and sort of take that for granted. but we have to recognize. that many many low wage workers that continued working throughout the whole pandemic. don't have that same flexibility and control and that's where having unions or there's also the model of workers center organizing in some sectors have been really important to advocate. where those workers and engage them in really taking action to protect themselves and their communities. suzanne tehran really appreciate your perspective this afternoon. thank you again for joining us. thank you. well, many of us
4:41 pm
already have the holidays on our minds and visiting family and friends who may live far away. we'll have a look coming up at what the best time is to book your travel plans, and we'll tell you about some of the covid protocols to keep in mind for this year's holiday travel season. at a barrier weather still track it some scattered showers this afternoon planning some more. at least a few scattered rain drops as we head into your thursday, but the real headline event in terms the storm that moves in on sunday. we'll talk more about that system with your full forecast. after the break. in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. holiday season after many people skip those trips to see family and friends last year in the midst of the pandemic, and with demand for air travel, especially on the rise. that means it is time to start making those plans for more.
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we're joined now by gabe sack. li, a senior editor at travelzoo gave great to have you on here. so the predictions are that air travel is expected to surpass. pre pandemic levels this holiday season. what does that mean, in terms of when we all need to be booking those flights? well alex, probably right about now. i think we got some clues. very important clues over the summer season. what? we saw some dates around memorial day around july 4th weekend, said some of these records that were surpassing pre pandemic 2019. numbers and we know that demand in the anticipation for travel is very high as we head towards get the holiday season as you mentioned, a lot of folks were bamboozled out of travel at the end of last year, and they're looking to make up for that in a big way. as we head to the end of this year so demand is up. prices really are not going to go down if you know where you're going. if you have specific travel days you've got to satisfy now would be the time to really start locking in some of this airfare. the airlines are starting already to ramp up the pass it er united announced just a couple
4:45 pm
of days ago. it's december scheduled the biggest. scheduled for them since march of 2020, so they're clearly anticipating demand for december and january. they're starting to load those schedules up and we're starting to see bookings. wrap up. even as we speak, all right, you know, under the best circumstances, holiday travel can can be a headache for a lot of us. but as you pointed out to me, the airlines are still trying to ramp back up right now after they scaled back significantly during the pandemic, we're talking about fewer flights, potentially staffing shortages as well. impacting our travel plans. how worried do you think we need to be about the possibility of delays? and cancellations this holiday travel season. yeah great point. i think that there is this anticipation that the issues around travel are likely to. as we head toward the holiday season. the official start date as far as the industries concerned is december 16th 17th, so from that date onward through the first week in january, expect load factions to be very high and to see news reports about pre pandemic records being broken as we head to the travel
4:46 pm
through the holiday season would be who's this to be very well connected. in other words, you want to be checking on your flight and the status around your flight. uh you know, several days a leading to your travel. it's not impossible that you might be booked on a separate flight. you know if it's within four hours of your originally scheduled flight, airlines can, in fact move you to an earlier or later flight. and you might get a text. you might just see a notice on the app so being very as well connected and aware of what's going on on the ground, and on the days leading up to your travel. i think it's going to be quite important. verifying things like your airline reservation. your car rental reservations. we know now that just because you've got a car rental reservation doesn't mean necessarily that a car will be there when you get there, so. yes there isn't the anticipation that we're still seeing some growing pains here alex as we rebound, and i know you have a warning about, you know, making sure you you have an idea about how you're going to get around. once you arrive at your destination. we heard a lot about how rental car companies they are also trying
4:47 pm
to build back up their fleets. we also have rideshare companies, many of them they're short on drivers right now. what what is some of the tips? you have to try to avoid some of those headaches where you're sitting there waiting for a ride somewhere. yeah listen, the fleets these these car rental companies run are certainly certainly thinned out this past smer. there better now. i don't think we're going to see them at 2019 levels. as we head toward the holiday season, i would say, certainly reserve your car asap. renting at an airport location is still your safest bet simply because fleets there are larger. but that said, yeah, we were seeing the surge in popularity around. uh services like turo to u r o, which is basically private parties renting out their vehicles. to ah to travelers. and so that's another option that certainly would not have existed pre pandemic that now has seen a surge in popularity as an alternative to car rental company. so i think. the car rental companies learned a big lesson over the summer season. i don't think the feeds will be back to where they would have
4:48 pm
been, however, so maybe it's a matter of first thing and care of how you're going to get from the airport to you know, to mom's house for that holiday meal and then figure out how you're gonna be getting around your destination. maybe you're driving there instead to have the security of an automobile with you. but at the end of the day, yeah, this is another area where we're going to be really sort of assessing the situation pretty closely throughout the season. we are all going to have to be flexible and extremely patient. this holiday travel season. all right, we have to leave the conversation there gave sadly a senior editor at travels who always appreciate your time. thank you. great to see you. thank you, too. my wife. better get on this flight. alright alright toward up lawns and big messes left behind thousands of dollars of damage all caused by wild pigs why experts saved the drought may be playing a role. also a man was involved in a hit and run crash and then brutally attacked ahead at five o'clock tonight. we'll tell you about the search that's underway for the people responsible. also tonight at five, it's difficult not only for normal drivers on the road
4:49 pm
during rainy weather, self driving cars really struggled to keep the right speed. with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them
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within the past few minutes, at least backyard, whether here in the north bay leaves a few more showers to talk about right now. so some areas not picking up rainfall, not not too much just yet, but area areas up in the north bay, picking up some pretty good rain over the past 24 hours, and we're still tracking a few showers right now into it tonight. we have a lot to talk about, because there's a lot happening in the pacific storm series setting up and it's kind of a disorganized pattern as we try to break things down for you right now. you can see today talking about the shower system. one system number. two moves in friday morning and then system three that what we're really watching that moves in sunday, especially by sunday afternoon, and it is sunday night that will also have some strong winds as well. so there is a storm track and you can see that is the atmospheric river that set to move into the region sunday and into monday and that could translate to rainfall just within that two
4:52 pm
day period from around 2 to 5 inches of rainfall so of course we really want the rain, but we might be getting too much within a short amount of time so watching out for that for the second half of the weekend. here's the forecast models. you can't see those numbers, adding up through friday. so far, the rain has been favoring the north bay not so much in the south bay, but we are expecting some rainfall first thing friday morning for the entire bay area, and then those numbers really going up by sunday and into monday and, of course with fire season. this is great news, because, as you know, this is the peak of our fire season, but it's nice to have at least these these these storms moving across the region, especially up in northern california. look at that satellite, at least for right now into tomorrow. there's no there's not really real organized system out there. it's just a lot of moisture being ushered in toward our coastline enough moisture to trigger those showers for tonight and into your thursday morning. here's another look at the satellite the radar, so we still the clouds in place and not everybody covered in the green, but we still have some scattered rain showers out
4:53 pm
there for this afternoon, and that will be the story as we head into tonight. here's a live camera kind of a cowboy. a lot of it look at dramatic scene here looking out toward the bay bridge towards san francisco. the low clouds have been dropping and as the result. looks like we have some lower visibilities if you are driving portions of the least across the bay bridge this afternoon into the evening hours, here's the forecast model. it keeps the showers around. especially for the northern half the region tonight into tomorrow morning. most of the activity for tomorrow should be for the morning hours into the early portion of the afternoon, possibly a break by san francisco oakland san jose by thursday afternoon, and there we go friday morning that second system comes on board that will generate some moderate to heavy rainfall friday afternoon. looks like it could be a chance to get outside for a break. and then we're watching saturday with the chance of some showers saturday, better chance up in the north bay minimal chances in the south bay. so that's kind of at the breakdown. there's a lot to track in time out, at least over the next 3 to 5 days. temperatures tomorrow should be a little bit
4:54 pm
warmer sixties and seventies. once again, the bulk of the activity should be tomorrow morning into the early portion of the afternoon, but we still have to keep that shower threat all day thursday morning rain on friday chances some showers into saturday better chance up to the north bay by especially by saturday afternoon. and then, of course, we're watching that system sunday to monday, heather and alex. it's still a few days out, so the lot can change between now and then. but at least at this this point. it looks like a very impressive storm system moving into the region sunday, and it's money, so it's time to get ready, clear out the storm drains and anything you can to prepare for that heavy rain. yep we've needed the rain, and here it comes. thanks so much mark appreciate it well. the drought, though, is being blamed for wild pigs heading into neighborhoods throughout the bay area. the owners of cedar mountain winery and livermore say, while pigs trampled through their property last weekend. and it could cost them $30,000 to replace the torn up lawn. cows are fairly common in this area, but not wild pigs. until now, the
4:55 pm
drought is forcing these animals to look for food in areas where there are more people. homeowners can file a wildlife incident report with the california department of fish and wildlife for assistance. still ahead. reality star paris hilton teaming up with bay area congressman ro khanna changes she's pushing for with programs aimed at troubled teenagers as she recounted her own painful memories. i was strangled, slapped across the face watched in the shower by male staff. called vulgar names forced to take medication without a diagnosis.
4:56 pm
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call 1.877.only.att. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. advocate paris hilton was on capitol hill today, teaming up with the bay area congressman to speak up for the rights of young people as foxes. mark merritt of the show says she pointed to her own traumatic experiences as a troubled teen
4:58 pm
and urge congress to protect children and what they are called congregate care facilities. reality tv star paris hilton embraced the spotlight on capitol hill wednesday, telling lawmakers about her personal experiences of trauma and abuse while to behavioral treatment center in utah when she was 17 years old. i was strangled, slapped across the face watched in the shower by male staff. called vulgar names forced to take medication without a diagnosis. hilton says she's not alone and that a lack of federal oversight at congregate care facilities has thousands suffering. she's urging congress to reform what she calls the troubled teen industry. it's clear that the state by state patchwork of limited weak oversight and inconsistent licensing requirements is not working. hilton says it's time for a federal bill of rights to protect young people and called for increasing research at best practices, closing facilities not up to code and expanding oversight at team facilities if
4:59 pm
passed, the accountability for congregate care act would also create a commission. through the department of justice to provide grants to improve such facilities. this is happening in our country. to our young people. and if it can happen to paris hilton in her family. think about all those people who can't be here today. lawmakers tell us they're glad to see hilton using her celebrity to bring this issue front and center. however it is unclear how quickly congress may act on capitol hill, mark meredith fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. national health leaders prepare for the next phases of the coronavirus vaccine rollout. federal regulators get ready to expand access to booster shots and also begin vaccinating children in the coming weeks. this afternoon, the federal government handed down new guidelines clearing the way for those who received the moderna or johnson and johnson vaccines to get the booster shots. good
5:00 pm
evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre, senior in for frank ktvu christian captain is live in san francisco and christians. this opens the way for a lot more people who've been waiting to get that shot. health experts are saying that this news came just in time. they're encouraging anyone who is in one of those high risk groups. those are the people who got those first rounds of vaccines when they first came out, remember how difficult they were to get. well health experts are encouraging those people to get their boosters in time for the holiday season. when they first came out. it was a race to vaccinate. now, health officials from the federal to the local levels are backing boosters. the food and drug administration authorized booster doses for those who received the moderna or johnson and johnson vaccines. the fighter booster had been cleared for patients since september. now, health officials say they're working to get those most vulnerable populations boosted. patients say they have their reasons for waiting. i did flew two weeks ago and i wanted to separate him because kaiser said, you can do them together. but since nobody almost


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