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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 3, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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big sigh of relief for so many parents of young children here in the bay area, we'll take a look at the rollout of the covid vaccine for children ages, 5 to 11 and how to book an appointment. plus. i should be dead the way that the various wiped in my face. yeah, and right here. be incredible story of survival from the east bay woman who is recovering after being attacked by a bear that visited her vacation home near lake tahoe. the news at noon starts now. keep this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian the end everyone. i'm frank mallicoat him from mike this noon. well the first young children here in the bay area got their covid vaccinations this morning 28 million children across the country. marin el eligible for fighters covid shot after federal regulators formally approved it last night. ktvu sally rasmus has details on when and how
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soon parents can sign their kids up. for that vaccine. ali well, frank santa clara county has five county run vaccination sites where kids in that 5 to 11 year old age group can start getting their shots. some kids started getting their vaccinations there. nine o'clock this morning, but health officials say the best place to start to try and find an appointment is through your regular pediatrician's office. that's where 11 year old aton weinberger and his six year old brother rolled up their sleeves this morning, vaccinated at eight a.m. they were the first patients at east bay pediatrics. shoulder down to the ground with your feeding through to get fighters covid vaccine for kids, i think it just as an extra sense of, um. relief and we feel extra protection. and we hope that this is just going to help things move forward in a really positive way. we have over 3000 patients that need it, so we'll get. we'll get them all in and just will take a little time. people have been calling all week asking for vaccine and
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we're trying our best to get everybody in as soon as we can. um we were pretty sure everybody who needs a vaccine can get both doses before the end of the year. the different color vile for the 12 and over versus the 5 to 11. so it's easy to tell which vaccine you're giving to whom. health care providers from medical groups to county health offices to pharmacies and even school districts are prepared to roll out this vaccine to kids in this now eligible younger age group. it's our best chance to start moving towards a school year that looks more normal. than where we started opening school in a delta surge was not ideal. alameda county health is working with nine school districts to set up vaccination clinics at school sites from oakland to fremont deliver more and emeryville were considered the highest need districts based on either their vaccine vaccination rates for their covid case rates as more of our kids get back, they think the school year could settle into something closer resembling.
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other counties are doing the same thing. the first of several vaccination clinics at school sites in marin county already planned for this weekend and on weekends throughout this month, contra costa county's health department says it is getting 20,000 pediatric doses to administer. at their clinics starting on saturday, and while it may be hard to find an appointment initially, medical providers say parents should not worry in the coming days and weeks. there will be plenty of vaccine doses to go around. we should also mention that pharmacies like cvs and walgreens are already accepting appointments for kids ages. 5 to 11 years old live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. all right, ellie, thank you for that. and now that younger kids are eligible to get the covid-19 vaccine shots. some doctors want state officials to lift face mask mandates in our schools. in a letter addressed to the governor and other officials, the doctors say without an end in sight to face mask restrictions, some parents might not feel motivated. to get their kids vaccinated new at noon, students at oakland tech high school walked off
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campus today to protest the school's handling of recent sexual assault allegations. hundreds of students walked to oakland school district headquarters on broadway. the students say they're protesting sexual assault on campus and the lack of school enforcement they have. a list of demands for the school district, including a stronger policy to address sexual misconduct. survivors support systems and immediate, transparent investigations of incidents. said as a police have cleared the scene of another deadly collision overnight. it happened here that target shopping center on saratoga avenue near campbell just before midnight. investigators collected evidence for more than five hours. police now say one vehicle crashed into a tree and that a passenger in the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. we're still waiting on an update on the condition of the driver. an update now to a deadly motorcycle crash in san jose, police say just after 5 30 this morning, a motorcyclist was hit by a large truck at north 10th street in commercial street. republic services have santa clara county tells ktvu. it is aware
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that one of its drivers was involved in an incident in which a motorcyclist died. republic services says it is sending condolences to the victims family. to the east bay now where one person has been detained by police in oakland after allegedly making armed threats. sky foxx was overhead as police responded to a report of someone with a weapon this morning on 86th avenue in east oakland. not far from casselman high school just a few blocks off macarthur boulevard. a swat team was called in. the person was taken into custody. no word yet on that person's identity or the motive behind the armed threats. an east bay woman is telling her story of a harrowing bear attack last weekend in lake tahoe. ktvu is amber lee tells us what happened after she saw the bear grabbing for food in her refrigerator. before we share. this report will warn some of the images you're about to see might be disturbing. i was. bleeding and scared and
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screaming. and laurel rose hoffman kirsi of orinda describes being mauled by a bear early saturday morning at the family's vacation home in tahoe vista in north lake tahoe should be dead. the way that the various wiped in my face. and right here. her injuries include a deep laceration to the cheek that required stitches, puncture wounds, cuts and bruises all over her body. she says. she was treated at a hospital. the 66 year old tells me she is fighting stage four lymphoma and was isolating in her tahoe home when loud noises from the kitchen woke her up around six a.m. she says she found a large bear by the refrigerator. must have come straight at me. i have no, i have only a vision of the part it was. it was dark and then i'm getting torn up. von hoffman. kirsi says these are photos of a bear on her property just in june and that the animals often break into cars, but none has ever gone inside her home. until now, she
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says, she fought back by throwing a quote after bear, and it eventually left through
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