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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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one of us driving on his on three way. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. family and community members are mourning the death of the little boy who was killed just shy of his second birthday. investigators say jasper woo of fremont was caught in the crossfire of a shootout along interstate 8 80, our crime reporter henry lee, joining us now live and henry have authorities identified any suspects yet, alex. not yet, and jasper was just an innocent victims sleeping in his car seat when a bullet from the other side of the freeway came into his family's car. he just so tough? you know when, when you're supposed to go home, but instead, you know you went to the hospital, saying your baby's dad jasper wu was just weeks away from turning to. but instead of a birthday celebration, his family is planning his funeral after he was shot and killed on an oakland freeway driving through
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on the freeway and get shot. and all of a sudden, your baby. you know, it's just no longer there. carl chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, has been helping jasper's family, he says their nightmare began shortly after two saturday afternoon. the family was headed home to fremont from san francisco on south beach and 8 80 when shots rang out near filbert street in west oakland. and the baby you know was sleeping. you know, passage, i guess lived, you know. went through the shield windshield and just hit the baby. the california highway patrol believes there was a shooting on the other side of the freeway in the north. um lanes. the chp says the boy and his family were not the target. one of the bullets hit jasper who never woke up, and it's very sad because the baby can ever get to cry. and you will never see the biggest smile again. jasper's mother, who was driving the family's lexus is trying to be strong, but i know she's holding up pretty well. but uh but inside, i know she's crying like crazy. oakland police joins chp officers on 8
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18 year broadway where jasper's mother stopped the car. in a statement, oakland mayor libby schaaf said, in part to lose a 23 month old to gun violence is as heart wrenching in a sickening as it gets as a mother and as a mayor. i'm devastated by the totality of human loss and trauma caused by gun violence in our society. it could happen to any one of us driving on his on the freeway. the boy's father is flying in from china this afternoon. he has not met his son in person. yet because of covid and travel restrictions. there will be a candlelight middle tonight at seven, new york seventh and market in oakland live in the studio, henry lee ktvu fox studios are paying for that family must be is just unimaginable, henry. thank you. well unfortunately, bay area freeways have become a common venue for gun violence. experts say. many of the shootings are tied to gangs and then it can be difficult for police to solve the crimes. contra costa county took steps to try to deter highway shootings by installing cameras. let's talk
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more about that system with mary knocks deputy district attorney for contra costa county mary thank you so much for being here this afternoon. are these cameras working to combat shootings? they are heather holmes decrease in shootings, own contra costa freeways and the shootings that have occurred since the system has been operational have been solved within hours. well that's really tremendous work. remind the viewers at home how long this system has been in operation. the system has been fully functional since 2019 with all of the integrated technology, but components of the system have been up in functional sense about 2017. so we're going on a couple of years here in you say that the number of freeway shootings has dramatically dropped and that criminals have actually been caught. can you tell us a little bit about the data that is collected? and can you describe some of those cases that you mentioned in which. police and law enforcement. other agencies have been able to solve these crimes. yes
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heather, the freeway security network utilizes shot spotter technology on the freeways which gives law enforcement and alert to a shooting incident on the freeway within seconds. and it allows one force mint to respond to the fatal incidents within seconds, then being able to pinpoint the precise location of the freeway shooting, then we can go back through the system of, um. pan tilt zoom camera, video and license plate readers to identify suspect vehicles and witnesses in the area as well as to collect evidence, such as the casings along the freeway in the exact shooting location. do you think that other jurisdictions here in the bay area could benefit from the same technology? absolutely i believe that this technology can be utilized to deter and solve these freeway shootings as well as could be utilized to solve other types of. crimes such as organized retail theft.
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mary talk a little bit, though about the challenges for law enforcement whenever they are investigating, especially if freeway shooting. the freeway shootings were particularly challenging because enforcement would respond to a traffic collision to find that the victim had actually been shot. so in the perhaps 5 to 10 minutes of response time to that traffic collision, we've lost. witnesses suspect vehicles have left the freeways. and then again, it was very difficult to pinpoint the timing of the fatal shots so that we could then backtrack on the freeway to start collecting the gun casings, which are so critical to solving these shootings. so with these integrated systems, allowing us to, um, literally within seconds, respond to these shootings and potentially even, um. identified suspect vehicles, perhaps with the shooter hanging out the window, um or from muzzle flashes
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coming in hours of darkness. then screenshots can be taken of that vehicle and sent down to lot enforcement of freeway adjacent so they can start looking for suspect vehicles. really within moments of the shootings. yeah when time is really of the essence. mary you mentioned that you do believe that other jurisdictions should be looking at this system. do you know what they were efforts to expand? and are you there and contra costa county talking with your counterparts, let's say here in alameda county or other bay area counties. actually um, coincidentally this week, assemblyman jim frazier, who was critical to the success of the freeway security network and obtaining the funding, um, has been in discussions with the solano county district attorney krishna abrams. and she and i will be speaking about the contra costa pilot here and ways that perhaps we could bring components to solano county, and we have also been in discussions with alameda
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over the past few years. while our pilot has been operational. i know that when we first covered this system here at ktvu, there were some people who were concerned about privacy. what do you say to those? who may have questions about the data that's collected and privacy associated with the surveillance cameras. whether this was a concern from us from the very beginning, we wanted to make sure that different agencies such as the electronic freedom frontier, um and the a c l u that their privacy concerns were addressed from the beginning of the development of the system. so they were part of the discussions and various city council meetings and pittsburgh as well as in san pablo, and we have a very rigorous public record to act request. um system in place which prevents any, um. private citizens from gaining access to the information collected through the freeway security network
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and other law enforcement agencies can access that information only on a need to know basis and records are kept. of any accessing of the information. alright well, mary, we really appreciate you coming on this afternoon to talk about that security that surveillance system that exists there and contra costa county. uh hopefully something can be done to address the rising number of shootings here in alameda county. mary knocks contra costa county. thank you. thank you, heather. alright now we turn to our weather and hopefully you have that umbrella handy somewhere because wet and windy weather is on the way, with the new storm rolling into the bay area later on tonight live pictures here of the golden gate bridge and things getting darker and those clouds moving in. we started the day off rosemary with a lot of sunshine here, but clearly shift is underway and rain is headed our way. mm mostly clear, cold start, right. and then, as we got into the afternoon, we noticed more in the way of the high clouds and that live picture. they're showing you. they have thickened up quite a bit. we are looking at the rain moving
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in a little bit later this evening, maybe even have a few sprinkles out there already ahead of the main event. here's a look over san francisco where you can see a lot of overcast as well. so for your evening hours, not only the rain but we are looking at wind and a wind advisory that starts a little bit later this evening. let's take a look at storm tracker to and you can see green on the screen there. most of this is virga. it's up above, but most of it not actually hitting the ground just yet. it will, though. this next system with the center there right out of the gulf of alaska is stilled as tapping into that atmospheric river once again, and we are looking at anywhere from half inch of rainfall to in the south bay to 2 to 3 inches, perhaps over areas of the north bay and our coastal range. the wind advisory begins at seven o'clock this evening and notices for the entire bay area 25 to 35 mph winds. wind gusts to 45 will be a possibility later this evening rolling into tomorrow morning. there also is an advisory in
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the sierra for winter travel went to whether advisory started at four o'clock this afternoon. we'll go until tomorrow morning, all the way down to about 5 6000 ft. could see a few inches right there at about 5 6000 ft to 18 inches at the higher peaks, so that's some good news there as well. let's take a look at the future cast. when it comes to the rainfall amounts a little bit better here. you can see again south bay anywhere from half inch or so to 6/10 there for san jose, and then you get into the north bay 1 to 2 inches of possibility along the coast. and in the santa cruz mountains could see 2 to 3 inches or so as far as the timing on this as we get into the evening hours into the north bay first, there's seven o'clock noticed that heavier stuff is still to the north. as we get into eight o'clock, it's now over the north bay beginning to move into the central bay as well as along the coastline and then 9 10 o'clock. it's fairly widespread, so into the evening hours. it moves through during the overnight hours, which is good news for most of us will
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be sleeping. and then tomorrow morning, we started out the day with scattered showers. it could be a bit soggy out. there may be a little bit of urban flooding as well as on our roadways. and again. that will be, uh, something we see for the morning commute. meanwhile, temperatures outside right now 62 degrees in san francisco 59 in walnut creek, 64 in san jose. when i come back, i'll have a look at what you can expect temperature wise for tomorrow and better details on that wind advisory that begins at seven o'clock this evening coming up. okay seeing a bit rosemary. thank you. the san francisco police department says one of its officers has died from complications of covid 1947 year old jack nice was a 17 year veteran of the department and was most recently assigned to the park station chief bill scott put out a statement today calling nice, a widely respected colleague. and the police officers association called it a sad time for the department. there's no official word yet from the family or the department on whether officer nice was vaccinated. despite warnings, said 100 san jose police officers would quit over
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the city's covid-19 vaccine mandate, only six of the city's employees have reportedly chosen to remain unvaccinated. the mandate went into effect last month. under the new rules, those who decided to remain unvaccinated face a week of unpaid suspension and will be required to test negative twice a week at their own time and expense, according to the bay area news group. 95% of all city employees have submitted proof they are fully vaccinated. of the united states is now welcoming international tourists for the very first time in nearly two years, a travel ban put in place last year has now been lifted at san francisco international this morning. that meant lots of smiles, hugs and tears. we spoke with a number of people being reunited for the first time in more than 18 months. one grandmother told us that she is excited to meet her grandson for the first time in person after making do with video calls. two times a day sometimes, but looking at them holding a baby is different feelings. travelers must be
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fully vaccinated and show proof of a negative covid-19 test within the last three days. airport officials are also warning people in the bay area that they could start seeing longer lines at security. so be sure to allow plenty of time when traveling. a strict new vaccination mandate is now in effect in los angeles starting today, anyone going to shopping malls, restaurants, bars, gyms and other indoor spaces in l. a must verify their vaccinated against covid-19. the city of los angeles, says the rules will encourage people to get backs in ated and make business is safer for employees and customers. businesses that don't comply with the mandate face fines of up to $5000. well today marks three years since the deadly and devastating campfire in butte county, more than 80 people were killed. thousands of homes destroyed coming up next we'll hear from the mayor of paradise. about how the town is recovered.
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in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. help them solve a brazen attack that took place in a store parking lot. they're looking for a man who's sexually assaulted a blind woman ourself a reporter jesse gary live now forcing cupertino near the crime scene with more jesse. heather investigators say the crime took place shortly after the victim left this target store just off stevens creek boulevard here in cupertino, after months of no progress in the case. investigators are hoping showing his picture sparks someone's memory. shocking, disgusting. that was the two words i've described as investigators say the man in this target security video is wanted for sexually assaulting
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a blind woman in the middle of the day. the crime happened back in may near the intersection of stevens creek boulevard and north stelling road in cupertino. that's a horrible thing to do. being a blind woman and attacking her. just shows shows we're living in a terrible time. investigators say the victim was walking back to work after shopping inside target. the suspect, approximately six ft. tall and 20 to 30 years old. follows her and then sexually assaults her in a parking lot. it's a brazen attack, and that's why we've used our leads, and we want to reach out to the public to see if anyone has any type of information that would lead identity. sheriff's spokesman russell davis says a bystander saw the suspect grabbed the victim blew his horn and then gave chase. the suspect ran off. people with disabilities like this are easy victims of attacks like this, and then on top of that they become a victim of crime.
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so it seems to be like piling on retired fbi special agent kenneth gray says those who are visually impaired to try to stay in areas where there are other people. in this a target e reptiles, fox to safety is a key priority and the company does everything possible to ensure safety for guests and team members that includes sharing surveillance video with the sheriff's department in hopes it leads to an arrest. it's unfortunate that it occurred. but we're very fortunate there was a bystander there to stop the incident from a crane and from the runoff. the suspect was able to get away in a silver 2000 and 3 to 2000 and seven scion xb, but it had no front license plate visible to the security cameras. so, investigators say. the back plate was also not visible. there are colorful objects inside the car, such as toys, which make it a little bit distinctive search.
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investigative ask anyone with information about this man or the vehicle to give. the santa clara county sheriff's department a call we're live in cupertino this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. yeah jesse. i mean the quality of those surveillance images from inside the store. very, very good. hopefully someone will come forward jesse. thank you. the investigation gramps up following a stampede at a music festival that killed eight people during a travis scott concert in houston. coming up we'll hear from an e m t, who responded to the scene.
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astro world festival at houston were eight people were killed him at a crush of bodies and happened while rapper travis scott was performing for more. now, let's go to matthew seedorf live for us in houston. outsider growing memorial there for those affected matthew.
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heather this all just so sad that we're seeing a lot of families here tonight, honoring the lives of those lost and those still injured, adding flowers memorial as you mentioned it is growing larger tonight. if you want to go ahead and take a look at this video. this is from friday night. outside the concert venue more than 50,000 people here for asked her world. it was just absolutely packed. and when travis scott was performing some people got out of control and started pushing closer towards the stage. we now know. eight people have died. the victims all between 14 and 27 years old. we're also learning of more than 12 lawsuits against the artist, the venue and the security crew. that was here and tonight. we're hearing from an e. m t for the first time that was working the concert. what he describes just unbelievable. almost fighting people is pushing them out of the way on. some people wanted to prevent medical care completely unbelievable. there like always a medic, block the medic. i'm like. really are you kidding
4:23 pm
me? people are actually dying, and you think it's a joke to like. stop the medics. ha ha! no. his it was. definitely the most intense thing i've ever been a part of. and tonight. six people are still in the hospital, including five in icu reporting live in houston tonight. matthew seedorf, fox 26 news. yes and matthew. we also learned today that the houston police chief said that he met with travis scott. prior to him, taking the stage to express his concerns about what he was seeing there at the concert. that's correct. he mentioned that he met with travis scott and said that he had never seen something like this in his whole career of police force. he's been employees a long time. he's the chief of police here in houston, so he definitely did voice those concerns well before the concert even started. all right, just a sad, sad turn of events there at houston. matthew. thank you. well today marks
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three years since the start of the deadly camp fire, which destroyed the town of paradise in butte county. that fire was reported at 6 30 in the morning on november 8th 2018. the campfire ultimately killed 85 people and destroyed more than 13,900 homes. it remains the deadliest and most destructive fire in california history. pg and e admitted the fire was sparked by its equipment in that area. for more. we're joined now by steve crowder, who is the mayor of paradise? mayor crowder appreciate your time today. let's start with what unfolded in your community here on this third anniversary of the campfire. how did people there? come together to honor the lives that were lost and the families who lost everything. well over the weekend on saturday and sunday. we had several different events. uh one was who are we just had a mural painted on one of the building. we had the artists there and. uh they were giving
4:25 pm
away daffodil bulbs, switches. our town flower gave the community a chance to come in. gather talk, reminisce. uh then we had hope plaza, which is going to be a big remembrance. uh with the waterfall and accept a whole lot that's going to be dedicated to the campfire. and then we had sunday. we had been silver car park that survived the fire. with music and again more remembrance and talking. um and then that evening we had our local paradise alliance church we had it was more of a celebration. we did remember what happened, but it was a celebration of our future. there was music and food provided and again, the
4:26 pm
community got a chance to gather and visit. there were games for the kids. so that's that's basically how we spend our third anniversary. let's talk a little bit about how your town is bouncing back three years after that devastating fire. obviously so many. homes and businesses were lost. but i was i was reading the paradise now is actually the fastest growing city in california, according to census data. how how many homes that were destroyed by the fire have since been rebuilt. and are you satisfied with the pace of the recovery? i think the recovery efforts going very well. we've got 1100 homes completed and keep in mind. we didn't really get to start until almost a year after the fire until all the debris removal was done. we've got another 2000 permits in the works that are in various stages would probably about 7000 population. now we, uh, the end of this time next
4:27 pm
year, we should probably be around 10,000. we've got some multi family homes that have been completed as well. so i think we're making tremendous strides in recovery, and i think we have a real bright future. i imagine there are a lot of people who lost their homes who are struggling for one reason or another, or a multitude of reasons to try to get back on their feet. what are the biggest hurdles that members of your community? are facing as they try to either rebuild their homes or to move back into a permanent place to live. uh well, the one of the biggest things that we're hearing is, uh we've got people waiting on the pg and e settlement, which is supposed to have been here some time ago. and um, i'm really disappointed in the way that's uh. going it is keeping a lot of people from coming back. uh insurance is an issue here. um those are are probably two of
4:28 pm
our biggest issues also material. we're having some issues, although about scott and a little bit better with all kinds of building material shortages and. uh and even contractors shortages. last month you posted about visiting the town of greenville that was also destroyed by the dixie fire, and you talked about being overcome with emotions. what was it about visiting another small community here in california that was devastated by a wildfire. well when i drove into greenfield, it just brought back every memory i had of coming back into paradise. the day after the fire, cal fire brought me up and it was the same look. the same gut punch feeling, uh, was it was just terrible to see. and i know the road that they have to go. it's a long road. to recovery, but i also know that
4:29 pm
there is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully were an inspiration to them. um it's just a shame that another community had to suffer. uh what we did, and, uh i just hope that we learn that we've got to do some forest management to get rid of these fuels that are causing these huge buyers. well i appreciate you taking the time here on this third anniversary of the campfire. steve crowder, the mayor of paradise. thank you. thank you. all right. you see hastings college of the law may change its name after its founder, was linked to the killing of hundreds of native americans coming up next, we'll hear from one of the schools, more well known alumni. former san francisco mayor willie brown about his take on the potential name change. also delegation of california lawmakers laid out its plans about fighting climate change. we'll tell you, though, why there was a lot of focus on a noticeable absence at the u. n
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ proponents argue that the old names are intolerable about a nationwide racial reckoning. and now the border directors of uc hastings college of the law in san francisco agree that it too, is time to drop the name of its founder. joining us live this afternoon is willie brown, former state assembly speaker in san francisco mayor and you see hastings alum. thank you so much, mr mayor for being here. i want to first ask you if you
4:33 pm
were aware of serena's hastings legacy. no i was not at the time that i attended that university. there was never any discussion that get some guy named hastings, who had provided the first money for the university. and he had that name just like over both all at the university of california in berkeley, or some guy named bold hall who had a name and i'm not unusual where you give money to a university. and you give enough money, their name something after you. and in this case, that's all we knew. for those who came from the class of 58. okay so now that you do know of his legacy, how does it make you feel as someone who graduated from the law school? i would think that any one of us who graduated from law school if not all of us. would be totally shocked. because our training that that law school is totally
4:34 pm
inconsistent. with his heritage in his conduct. if it's all accurate, and i assume that it is he was a person. ultimately demonstrate demonstratively involved in genocide. of native americans in that obviously was inconsistent with anything we were exposed to educationally speaking at his stems and as trained lawyer. the obedience to the law. the respect for the law and the respect for the constitution was premier what he obviously did in his private life was dramatically contra to all of that. you're referencing that report that shows that hasting perpetrated genocidal acts against native californians in the 18 fifties in the end around the eden valleys area the law school's dean and chancellor who commissioned this report. said that it quote told a very disturbing and horrific story of hastings promoting genocide to his own benefit. so now
4:35 pm
there are efforts as you are aware to change the name of the law school. is there any name that you would like to see it be replaced with. well, i assume that they will simply do the same thing that was done over it. university of california law school at berkeley. it was originally both hall. it was the second of the law schools. hastings was the first of the law schools when they change that name. they changed it to simply the law school at the university of california in berkeley. it's the same here. they could do identically the same thing and get away from all of those who would love to have their name on the law school, but may not have earned it. and what about others who went to the school? have you heard from them? and have you heard that they, too share the same concerns? absolutely as a matter of fact, one of the most prominent donors at the university at hastings. joe cotchett class of
4:36 pm
about 1964 has been one of the main persons are. as part of an alumnus group activists alumnus group in the organization at hastings, and clearly, he has been leading the charge to get the name changed as a matter of fact. the law center couch at law center. he says his name camp stay on that center. if unless the name hastings is taken off, that's been the same attitude of most of the people. that i have spoken to our have called me. the vice president of the united states of america, camilla the arrows graduated from hastings as well and i suspect if she was asked her reaction would be identical. because she's probably more militant on the issue than most. yeah state senator scott wiener, who represents the district that includes you see,
4:37 pm
hastings is in fact looking at legislation to change the name willie brown. willie really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you so much. thank you very much for the opportunity. the second and final week of the u. n climate conference is underway in glasgow, scotland, five state senators from here in california are part of the more than 20 person delegation of california lawmakers and administration officials who traveled to the conference. today. the senate delegation shared with reporters what they've been up to if we reduced our emissions more than 20% per capita at the same time, we've grown our economy by 60% so again, that is a great example of for the rest of the world. at the same time, we're learning about new technologies. as senator gonzalez mentioned, for example, hydrogen, um the other countries are doing as senator later we'll talk about with offshore wind. nothing. this was the scene over the weekend as climate activists took to
4:38 pm
the streets of berkeley, joining marches that have been happening around the world. they're demanding stronger, more immediate action. when are we going to stop letting fossil fuel corporations co up the you know the negotiations? we can't even begin to have the conversation about the future. when every time we get together as a global community, we start on page one again. now those state senators faced several questions about who is not in attendance at the climate summit, governor newsom abruptly canceled his trip to scotland, citing family obligations, and he hasn't held a public event in more than a week. she cares deeply about this issue, and this is a big deal and this is a world stage. it's important but human beings, man, we're all human beings. something clearly is with his family. i don't think it's appropriate to further dig into it. the local health, the governor's staff, said he plans to participate in the conference virtually this week.
4:39 pm
all right. we have been hearing the warnings over and over a closer look this afternoon at how the supply chain issues will affect gift giving and what you put on the dinner table this holiday season. a new star moving into the bay area with moderate to heavy rain and strong winds attached. i'll have a look at what you can expect for tonight and into tomorrow as well as the rest of the week coming up. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom.
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about rising prices and potentially popular gift items being in short supply. those concerns, of course them from the global supply chain problems and domestic labor shortage here in the u. s. from over, joined now by mitchell marks, professor of leadership at san francisco state university's college of business, mitchell. great to see you again. appreciate you taking the time. we are already hearing the stories about empty
4:42 pm
shelves in a lot of stores and shipping delays. how worried do you think people need to be about not being able to buy the gifts that they might have on their holiday shopping list? well, good to see you again, alex. uh i think people should be worried. uh they there is going there are going to be issues. and just worrying about it, however, is not going to solve the problem. it's not going to get gifts, uh, into into people's hands that you want to give them too. so i think it's legitimate for your audience to be worried about this. okay so do you think that people do need to start their holiday shopping even earlier this year? this is this is what a lot of people are being told if they want to make sure that that. that gift gets gets to the person that you wanted to get to. you need to start shopping right now. absolutely but it may be too late for certain gifts. so what i would do is even take a step backwards and rethink this holiday. this is not going to
4:43 pm
be a normal holiday season. anyone who thinks that covid is over that that supply chain issues are over. it ain't over its here. you've got to deal with it. and i think the best thing you can do is not just order early, but. get together with your family and say, look, this is not going to be a typical christmas. let's face reality. the covid is still here. let's maybe tone down expectations for this year. maybe instead of buying something. made overseas. you can find something at a local store that has things in stock. maybe you can make something. uh you know anything from constructing of little piece of furniture to knitting something in other words, there is going to be disappointment. you're gonna you're gonna especially if you have children who are hoping for a really great christmas or hanukkah. um then, yeah, i think the most important first step is to just reset expectations. and let people know we just it's out of
4:44 pm
our hands. we can't have the kind of christmas we might have hoped for. but look for things that are more local, and look for things that are more simple. that makes sense. tempering expectations. you know, obviously, though, for the holidays, people are looking for toys they're looking for electronic said. a lot of cases are there are there certain types of products that are going to be. most difficult to find because of the supply chain issues that we're seeing. there's exceptions, but a good rule of thumb is the more complicated the processing or manufacturing. they're more likelihood is going to be delayed. in other words, if a product like an automobile has so many component parts. versus something like an omaha state, which you know, just literally just a piece of meat. it's not processed. i mean, it's obviously it goes through a processing, but it's not like you're taking the meat and making an elaborate recipe out of it. so a good rule with them is that what you're looking for? requires multiple steps in processing. then then your luck
4:45 pm
is probably gonna be low and getting that lastly, before we let you go here. grocery prices also are on the rise here, and that likely is going to mean the thanksgiving meal this year and any other holiday meals are are going to be a lot more expensive. what is driving up? what are the key factors driving up the cost of food right now? a myriad of things, alex gasoline is more expensive. you know, people think. okay, all these ships that containers are out in the sea. well, once they get to the port. they have to be shipped by truck or rail. so energy costs are way up. um the labor costs are. um the supply and demand you know, the good old classic supply and demand but also what's contributing. here is the fact that. um again you go through these multiple steps and each step of the way they add a price to it. so that's why i got back to the point of trying to keep it simple. alright appreciate you weighing in here today, it's could be a little
4:46 pm
bit more expensive across the board for the holiday season, but it can still be fun and it can still be a very loving holiday. we could sort of change our notion of the holiday shopping season. mitchell marks professor at san francisco state university's college of business, thank you for doing it. have a great afternoon. take care. an important delivery today that will help feed bay area people in need. this thanksgiving fosters farms delivered more than £8000 of turkey and a check for $10,000 to the san francisco marin food bank. the thanksgiving turkeys will be distributed in the coming weeks. the boom big says the donation is timely because it's seeing a staggering demand for food assistance. i think we have to keep in mind that even as the economy begins to recover that food insecurity in san francisco and the bay area is still a very serious problem. these are not just the ingredients for a thanksgiving meal. this is about ensuring the families don't have to choose between critical things
4:47 pm
like rent or food or medicine and food. and for this kind of incredible donation to come. right now to make a meaningful thanksgiving for our families and our communities. it just means a lot. today's delivery as part of foster farms. £64,000 turkey donation to food banks all across the west coast. as expected a new storm blowing ashore this evening. speaking of evening we have another 15 to 20 minutes before the sun will set. we do have mostly cloudy skies in and around the bay area, and here's a live look at san francisco. we started out earlier today, which is very thin highway clouds had some blue sky out there. that changed late afternoon and now you can see plenty of gray. over the city and most of the bay area as well. storm tracker to the center of the low well to the north and the gulf of alaska but tapping into that atmospheric river once again sub tropical moisture expected to bring us a good amount of rain. it's also going to bring us some wind and we have a wind
4:48 pm
advisory for the bay area that starts at seven o'clock this evening. you can see areas from the northern california all the way down to the central coast. it's just right there. getting ready to move ashore we do have a little a little bit of activity out there in the way of maybe a few sprinkles, but for the most part still virga, not hitting the ground. just yet. rainfall amounts anywhere from half inch over the half inch to an inch to the in the south bay to an inch and a half in the central bay. 2.5 possible over areas of the north bay and even more in our hills. the coastal range in the north, they could see 2.5 to 3.5 and could see up to 2.5 inches in the santa cruz mountains, the wind advisories for the entire bay area winds are expected to reach 25 mph at times sustained. and gusting 35 to 45 so when the brunt of this moisture moves through, that's when we do expect the winds to be at their strongest. here's a look at the forecast. little breezy out there right now, but not too bad. the advisory begins as we showed you seven o'clock and by nine o'clock a lot of color out there in the sense of 30 and 40, mile per hour winds, even 50. it looks
4:49 pm
like the higher elevations you can see right along the santa cruz mountains as well as our east bay hills and the diablo range getting into the evening hours, even a little bit stronger. it will work its way from north to south and then getting into about three o'clock notice. still very breezy. but the dark reds and purples are starting to let up and that will continue as we get into tomorrow morning with scattered showers and breezy conditions expected, but the advisory does expire overnight. meanwhile, at this time under mainly dry conditions, 60 degrees in san francisco 59 of walnut creek 65 in fremont. getting into the overnight hours not quite as cold as this morning. we'll have a lot more cloud cover in place and the humidity will be up 44 degrees to start your day in santa rosa 52 in san francisco, 50 and conquer. so, still a cool one out there. but this morning we started out in the thirties and forties it was there was quite the chill into the afternoon. temperatures are going to remain below average and on the cool side upper fifties for pacifica 62 in oakland, 62 expected in concord and then as
4:50 pm
we get into the extended forecast will be a drying out tomorrow afternoon and then on wednesday partly cloudy and dry but notice temperatures don't come up. until thursday, friday, and when they do, we've got some pleasant weather and store thursday, friday and into the weekend sixties at the coast upper sixties to low seventies around the bay and low seventies expected inland thursday through sunday. but again that system that's coming ashore going to bring us up good amount of rain and some wind over the next 12 hours or so back to you. okay, rosemary. thank you, boy. a lot of frustration among 49ers fans and players alike how some star players are now reacting to yet another loss this season. and the team's biggest challenge moving forward plus. we can have criminal justice reform. and affected violence reduction at the same time. coming up tonight at five o'clock how leaders in oakland are hoping to address crime in the city after another weekend of violence. also more members of
4:51 pm
former president trump's campaign team are being subpoenaed. why a congressional committee believes the meeting held by the team may have led to the violent january 6th riot at the capitol. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe.
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. tonight following their latest loss here at home. sunday's game against the arizona cardinals got away from the 49 years and it did so early george kittle. and brandon aiyuk, both fumbling after catching passes, and the niners trailed at halftime 17 to 7 san francisco made some big mistakes on defense in the second half and just was not able to come back. they lost that game 31 to 17. i hope you guys are inspired to play because no, i don't want to lose every single game that's not fun and. so we just got to come back, work together, not point fingers and just take the sauce as a team, and i don't know something about playing home. we got figured out and get it right because these fans
4:54 pm
deserve it. you know, we're all in this thing together right now, and we got figured out. the 40 niners are now three and five at the midway point of the season. they have not won a game at levi stadium since the end of c championship game back in january of 2020. one of the most popular soccer players here in the bay area is hanging up his cleats for good. chris wondolowski scored the san jose earthquakes only goal in yesterday's match against fc dallas. that helped the quakes to want to one all tie for the final game of the season. it was the 171st goal of wondolowski's career, which is the most ever for major league soccer. instead of holding a news conference, though wondolowski announced his retirement on the field right after the match. thank you to the fans from the fall line. the epicenter the ultras to everyone in here. i can't thank you guys enough, you guys out in the world. wondolowski played his high school soccer
4:55 pm
at day lasalle and conquered and in college for chico state. he was drafted by the quakes in 2000 and five and he was named major league soccer's most valuable player in 2012. he was also a five time all star. u s government has recovered millions in cyber ransoms and is now offering millions more to catch cybercriminals and ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
4:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:57 pm
of dollars in recovered ransomware payments as part of an international investigation into cybercriminals boxes. caroline shadley tells us the two men indicted are said to be connected to attacks that affected businesses all around the world over the fourth of july weekend. u. s officials announced two major arrests on monday against alleged hackers affiliated with our evil, a ransomware group, they say has
4:58 pm
extorted millions of dollars worldwide. these attacks have targeted our critical infrastructure. law enforcement agencies, hospitals, schools, municipalities and businesses of all sizes. law enforcement leaders say they've recovered $6 million that the criminal organization had received from multiple victims. our message should be clear. if you target victims here, we will target you. the biden administration has considered ransomware a national security issue since may, when hackers attacked the colonial pipeline, causing a temporary shutdown that led to fuel shortages. are evil is also accused of targeting jbs, the world's largest meat processor and software company, could cia that became a gateway to hundreds of other businesses. the head of the fbi praised cassia for contacting law enforcement immediately and asked other victims to do the same. we can work quickly back from the intrusion to follow and sees the criminals money
4:59 pm
before it can jump through wallet after wallet and exchange after exchange. the state department is offering up to $10 million for information that leads to the idea of anyone in our evil leadership in washington, carolina shively fox news ktvu. fox two news at five starts now. now five. police are searching for a man who followed and sexually assaulted a blind woman and we have the video that investigators hope will lead to an arrest. we want to make sure this person is taken into custody. they should not be on the street right now, with communities accident broad daylight. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. the santa clara county sheriff's office says it is looking for a man who they say sexually assaulted that blind woman in a parking lot. that's right. and tonight they are asking for your help to solve this crime. ktvu is jesse gary is live in cupertino with more on what happened, jessie. julie. investigators say the crime took place shortly after
5:00 pm
the victim left this target store on stevens creek boulevard. after months with no progress in the case, detectives are releasing his picture to the public and hope jog someone's memory. shocking, disgusting. that was the two words i've described as investigators say the man in this target security video is wanted for sexually assaulting a blind woman in the middle of the day. the crime happened back in may near the intersection of stevens creek boulevard and north stelling road in cupertino. that's a horrible thing to do. being a blind woman and attacking her. just shows shows we're living at a terrible time. investigators say the victim was walking back to work after shopping inside target. the suspect approximately six ft. tall and 20 to 30 years old. follows her and then sexually assaults her in a parking lot. it's a brazen attack, and that's why we've used


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