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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  November 10, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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we're just on telegraph avenue right outside the fox theater right behind me. see where this water is here? that is where the cleanup crews have just finished following that shooting, where a woman was hurt taken to the hospital by ambulance and we're told she is expected to survive her injuries. this all played out earlier. we're told by witnesses down this street. on 19th street. apparently there were a couple of car break ins and one of the owners went to confront the potential criminals, and at that moment pulled out a gun. there was gunfire exchange. the suspects by witnesses say, took off. and came heading toward broadway, and that's when a stray bullet may have hit a woman who is waiting outside here potentially to see the concert tonight. we did have several witnesses described hearing the gunshots, seeing what was going on seeing the shattered glass on the side of the road. several witnesses say that.
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to broadway and telegraph this area of downtown oakland is a spot where there are a lot of break ins, and in recent weeks there has been some violence. listen to how one witness describes what he heard and saw it today. there was a rapid fire, basically automatic rifle or something like that. and it turned out that it was just people acting up, shooting down, up and down the street. and. the woman i think got shot in their arms. several witnesses say that woman did have a bullet go through her upper part of the arm. we're told that here at the fox theater all time low, which was scheduled to perform tonight that concert has been canceled because of this shooting. police just wrapped up the scene here, but they have a lot more to do to investigate to figuly happened here. at this point. we know there are no arrests, but this did play out. in broad
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daylight just before 2 30 right here in downtown oakland. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. am brooks. i know that it's early on in the investigation. you mentioned that no suspects arrested. what about the recovery of any potential weapons that might have been involved? at this point. witnesses have only told us that they saw the suspect make off in a car and there was shooting from car to car. so at this point, no arrests and no the only evidence that we've seen left behind with some blood on the sidewalk as well as glass down 19th street. alright brooks jarocz in downtown oakland for us tonight, brooks. thank you. well, it was a dramatic morning and a windsor neighborhood today, a sheriff's deputy served a warrant at the home of the talents. former mayor want to show you now images from that scene since last april, investigators have been looking into sexual assault allegations against dominic for police. katie was tom vacar joins us now from the former mayors home
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with this major development top. criminal investigators now going through the materials that they got from this home behind me earlier today, and of course, they want to take a look at it to see what really is in that and. it's really sad because this man once had one of the north based really, truly brightest political futures. early wednesday morning, sonoma county sheriff's deputies served a search warrant on the home of former windsor mayor dominic for paulie. mr polly had been accused of numerous acts of sexual misconduct. in sexual battery by several women, the sheriff's office told reporters it had removed documents pertinent to its investigation. the accuser's attorney is a former longtime prosecutor and said such a search is ominous for football league for a warrant to even be granted. there has to be probable cause that there is. evidence that a felony occurred. or that that
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person committed a felony. so far, no official charges have been filed against him. as yet what april. the case has been under criminal investigation, i would say, also under civil investigations. miss correo also works with prosecutors on this case under the provisions of marcie's law, and it. allows a victim to actually have an advocate for them and their specific rights. if criminally charged, the former mayors freedom would be a great risk, but he'll also face great financial peril if accuses, succeed in civil court. where the standard of proof is not as rigorous as criminal charges. it's going after him for um, for the same types of crimes, but it would be on the civil path and it would be for like a tort. basically you must feel pretty confident that information you have is sustainable. absolutely there's also the potential that if others aided or abetted football, they could be dragged
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in criminally or civilly. if we find that there are other people that are going to be brought in or entities we will do so. the vehicles parked in front of the football home or not the ones reporters saw earlier as the scandal was developing, suggesting that it may be actually rented out to others and those others absolutely refused to make any comments. reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox. nonetheless, a big step forward in this investigation, tom. thank you. san francisco residents will be voting in a couple of recall elections next year as ktvu is christian captain, reports mayor london breed is throwing her support behind one recall effort. but holding off on another. san francisco voters have a busy year ahead of them. the san francisco board of elections has confirmed that those looking to recall district attorney chase a boudin and a separate effort to oust three school board members have enough signatures to get on the ballot in 2022. now san francisco's mayor, london breed is saying she supports the
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effort to recall the school board members. they have become a distraction and that they really genuinely cared about our kids. they would get out of the way and allow us to move forward with people who understand financial management who understand the need to put children before anything before politics. school board president gabriela lopez says the mayor support for the recall follows a pattern of disrupting the education system and amounts to a power grab quote. her support of the recall adds to these patterns of disruption and is a direct benefit to the mayor's own ability to appoint three new members board vice president follow. mulligan also took aim at the entire recall process, saying, quote. i do not support the recall of any elected official recalls are not a function of a representative. democracy recall. supporters say they can't wait until the school board elections next november. they need to act. now kids can't wait another year they've already lost. one of here's one year is an enormously long time in the life of a nine year old so the way people who created this crisis i'm not going to people who can deal with it right. so
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we need better leadership for our students, and neither desperately if possible. we would love for the election to be held today. supporters of embattled district attorney chase a boudin are also casting doubts on the recall process. the stand with chase of website reading, in part quote, make no mistake. this effort to overturn an election is republican led and fueled by fear mongering and dangerous misinformation. and while the mayor has weighed in on the school board, she's reserving judgment for now on the district attorney. yeah i haven't taken a position on that recall. at this time, san francisco voters will decide the fate of those three school board members in february and the district attorney in june. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. the white house covid-19 response team says the vaccination program for young children is fully up and running, the team says more than 900,000 kids aged 5 to 11. have received their covid-19 shots since the fda and cbc approved it last week. the vaccines are available at doctor's offices, children's hospitals, health
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clinics, school based clinics and pharmacies. through pharmacies alone 700,000 additional appointments. are already on the calendar at local pharmacies. parents and families across the country are breathing giant sighs of relief. and we are just getting started. the biden administration says it has procured enough shots to vaccinate all 28 million kids in that younger age group here in the united states. governor newsom was in southern california today promoting covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots. the governor joins senator alex padilla at a vaccine and flu shot clinic in los angeles. the two talked about the state's ongoing efforts to increase vaccinations and booster rates. governor newsom says flu shots are also important as we start to head into the winter season. winter is coming. um, winter is here. and as we are want to be reminded and should be reminded. last year we had a challenging
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winter, particularly down here in southern california. we started to see around this time last year case rates. positivity rates. hospitalization rates icu numbers start to increase this year. just wanna remind people that we want to avoid the twinned emmick that is referred to by some and get that flu shot. according to the state more than 54 million doses of covid-19 vaccine have been administered right here in california, and last week about 726,000 boosters were given the most of any other state. uber facing a lawsuit over allegations is overcharging people with disabilities coming up tonight at 5 30 what the department of justice is now ordering the company to do modifieds practices plus. kyle rittenhouse takes the stand in his murder trial on mike tobin at the courthouse in kenosha. what he says happened that night. bay area restaurants, not enforcing vaccine restrictions now being fined
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hundreds of dollars per violation. why some businesses say they'd rather be fine, then enforce the mandate. alright, we're drying up and warm it up. temperatures are going to make it into the seventies as we head towards this weekend. i'll head towards this weekend. i'll have that after the break. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it.
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the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. rittenhouse testified he was acting in self defense when he shot three men during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin. as foxes mike tobin reports when prosecutors cross examine written house things got a little tense. emotional testimony from kyle rittenhouse as he takes the stand in his homicide trial, breaking down as he details what happened that night. there was. people
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right there. the defendant crying so hard. the judge called a break rittenhouse stepping away to compose himself written house on trial for shooting three protesters during the unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, last year, killing two and wounding a third. but written house says he was under attack, maintaining all shots were fired in self defense. didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. the now 18 year old testifying, he fatally shot joseph rosenbaum after rosenbaum threatened him chased him and put his hand on the barrel of rittenhouse's rifle. cheese scream. if i catch any alone, i'm going to kill you. if you blocks away, he says anthony huber hit him with a skateboard before rittenhouse shot and killed him. then he describes wounding gage grosskreutz after grosskreutz confronted him and pointed a gun at his head during cross examination. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking me. by killing them. two of them passed away,
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but i stopped the threat from attacking me. by using deadly force judge bruce schrader scolding the prosecutor over a line of questioning, saying he was trying to introduce prohibited testimony. you're an experienced trial attorney and you're telling me that when the judge says. i'm exploding this you just to take it upon yourself to put it in because you think that you've found a way around it come on the defense then requested a mistrial. rittenhouse faces life in prison if convicted. in kenosha, wisconsin. mike tobin fox news. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza told us earlier today on the floor that seeing the judge criticizing the prosecutor from the bench was an unusual move. actual judges, usually, especially prosecutors. don't come down on them. but what the minister bigger the prosecutor in this case did was so agree gis when he went after kyle rittenhouse about. first time you're telling the story.
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you've never told it before you've seen everybody testified defense objects the judge sends the jury on says you can't comment on that. and alex. what this is doing? should have written house get convicted. there's an appeal issue. it was. michael cardoza said he does not expect the judge will declare a mistrial for the latest information on this must on this much watched case, you can always turn to ktvu .com or posting updates on the trial for you as they come in. today president biden traveled to the port of baltimore, where we talked about how he plans to get the backed up supply chain moving once again. the white house is trying to calm fears of increased inflation in a shortage of everyday items. now this comes as the labor department announced october is consumer price index. it was 6.2% more. than a year ago in nearly a full percentage point increase from just september. there is no quick fix. i wish if there were light switch that we could flick we would do that. the chair of the federal
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reserve is warning. we may not see prices come down until summer. at five tonight. contra costa county is issuing warnings and fines to restaurants that are not checking customers vaccination status. as we have reported, one big offender was in and out, but it's not the only one. ktvu cristina rendon live for us now in contra costa county, with details, christina. well heather, but records here in concord, just one of the handful of businesses that received a warning and a fine here in the county, and it's a really delicate situation when you have restaurants that are required to ask customers for proof of vaccination. in fact just a couple of minutes ago, we talked to some customers walking in who said they expect these restaurants to be the police. it's crazy. in contra costa county warnings and fines for violating the local vaccination verification health order have been given out. these restaurants received warnings in the past two months in an out locations make up a majority of the list. but local
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spots like huckleberries and conquered and mj's downtown cafe in brentwood, got a warning. both of those restaurants tell me they're in compliance and following all rules. things were also given at two in and out locations in pleasant hill san ramon, pittsburgh and panel ranging from $250 to $1000, but rutgers and conquered was recently fined $250. and lumpy is diner in antioch has been hit with three separate finds in the past two months for not checking vaccination cards. the fines started at $250 then increased to 501,000. the owner declined to comment. the county ordinances are meant to maintain health and safety of the public. jennifer chapman is associate dean at u. c. berkeley haas school of business. she understands some restaurants are choosing to defy health orders in the name of customer service. i do understand. that organizations feel the burden of having to finesse the enforcement of, uh,
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you know, somewhat awkward mandate asking people have you been vaccinated? on the other hand? we are in still the midst of this pandemic. it is not over yet. some restaurant owners feel that asking for proof of vaccination or a negative covid test runs counter to the hospitality environment they want to create and say, sometimes customers forget to bring their vaccination card. leaving their hands tied. while businesses are in the middle, chapman says they need to remember this isn't permanent. and a spokesperson for contra costa health services, says that they do not have plans to ramp up in force mint. in fact, they just feel that their primary goal here is to educate business operators and gain compliance that way. heather alright, cristina rendon live for us there in contra costa county, christina. thank you. already looking at the weather. we've got a pretty nice weather pattern up ahead. we've had lots of rain early fall early november and we're doing well for rainfall right now, and
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we're going to go dry. probably for the next 5 to 7 days is this big high pressure? becomes you know more apparent with the warmer temperatures as we head towards the weekend as well, so let's just push us and now so we're going to see tonight will be those clear skies and you clear skies and light winds. that's the valley floor. we have plenty of it last night. we could see dense fog overnight in those areas certainly the big valley right between reading and baker spill but also in our inland valley, especially the north bay and east bay valleys. so be ready for that. good this story will be that most of the rain. basically all the rain stays north. basically so, with that in mind, we're going to be in a pattern that will just be talking about fog and pretty much dry conditions for the next. 5 to 7 days. so this story is the dew point temperature is a certain number that tells you how much moistures available for fog to form and the temperature is the temperature. right so the dew point temperature we already know what that is tonight's going to be. i think it's going to be the upper 40. let's take a look at what we put in here, but the temperature once it reaches the dew point. fog forms, so we'll
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see the current dew point temperatures now versus the real temperature. i know this seems like more information than you need, but it's kind of interesting. so you see 54 in santa rosa 54 napa 52 in. livermore that's the dew point temperature. so do you think in livermore? it's going to get the 52 degrees tonight. you bet it is. and when it's 52 degrees, fog's going to form does it get much colder than 52 degrees? not really. because once fog forms latent heat is released in the atmosphere stabilizes, so farmers like to use dew point temperature. they can tell if they're gonna freeze issues in the morning things like that, but we can use it to term indeterminate valley fog is going to form. so 63 degrees right now. in santa rosa dew point 54. it'll hit that easy, so fog thing in the forecast if it's something that you struggle with your community, just be ready for it. we are looking for dense fog advisories overnight, a real potential and then outside now really clear really nice. really nice weather ahead temperatures back into the seventies going to feel like spring or fall. yeah his fault,
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but it's going to feel nice. it's gonna be really nice and hopefully after the next five or six days we'll start to see some rain activity develop. but right now it's all about the pacific northwest. our weather story. is valley fog. if you had a last night, you're going to have it again tonight, and i think it's going to be really nasty in that central valley the next couple of days, so 99 corridor five and those those highways that go straight up and down the valley. game just give me nice weekend. i'll see you back here. little bit. sounds good, bill. thank you. thanksgiving meal may not happen for some families in need right here in the bay area as the san francisco marin food bank needs volunteers. to help deliver turkey dinners to thousands of families plus. the legal fallout continues following last week's deadly accident at the concert in houston at astro world. i'm casey steagall. we've got the latest coming up. and saturday's game between cal and usc postponed what we're learning about dozens of cal
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incident at the astro world music festival in the state of texas as casey stengel reports, more lawsuits are being filed right as we learn that the festival security plan did not have protocol in place. for a possible crowd surge. houston authorities continue their investigation into last week's deadly crowd crush at the astro world festival. dozens of civil lawsuits have been filed by victims and their families, many of them against concert organizers and the show's headliner, travis scott. we're on the process of being retained. every day every hour. and so it's an ongoing process that i think will continue to grow. multiple people were killed during last week's tragedy. others still fighting
5:25 pm
for their lives, including nine year old ezra blount. he was on his fath concert, his dad passed out as people began crushing each other, and azra fell to the ground. his condition hasn't uh, really changed. he still has the, uh injured organs. uh, heart. deliver belongs. the events operations plan included protocols for active shooters, bomb threats and severe weather but did not contain information on how to handle a crowd surge. houston's fire department was reportedly turned away by concert organizers when they tried to do a safety inspection before the event organizers telling fire officials safety would be handled by a private firm. it is about planning. it is about ensuring that. we understand, um, the best we can understand. houston police say they're also reviewing social media video from concertgoers now as part of this investigation, that's very
5:26 pm
latest from dallas. casey stegall fox news. former oakland raiders wide receiver henry ruggs is now facing more charges in connection with the d u i crash that killed a woman in las vegas rugs did not appear in person in court today, as prosecutors announced those additional charges. they include felony do you and reckless driving and a charge of possessing a firearm while intoxicated. also in court today, rugs attorney argued to keep his medical records away from prosecutors, citing privacy laws. rugs is out on bail. the judge today, said his preliminary hearing for december 16th. uber under fire by the justice department. we'll hear from a legal expert about the allegations. the rideshare company is overcharging and under serving disabled people and prayers outside of georgia courthouse being led by the reverend al sharpton. as the trial continues into the shooting death of amman are very. what one neighbor testified to on the stand today.
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over allegations of overcharging people with disabilities. the lawsuit claims people were charged way time fees, but due to their disabilities, they needed more time to get to the vehicle. the department is asking the court order uber to modify its wait time for your policy to comply with the americans disabilities
5:30 pm
act. ktvu reporter henry lee live now in the newsroom with more on this lawsuit, henry. heather the doj is taking uber to court, saying it's charging wait time fees for disabled writers even when they may need more time getting to the car. a lawsuit filed by the u. s. department of justice says some people were charged by uber for unfair wait time fees due to their disabilities, though they needed more time to get to the vehicle. the department is asking the court to order uber to modify its wait time fee policy to comply with the americans with this abilities act. the justice department also wants uber to pay damages as well as a civil penalty. in april, 2016 uber began charging passengers wait time fees in a number of cities, eventually expanding the policy nationwide. wait time fees start two minutes after the uber car arrives at the pickup location and are charged until the car begins its trip. it's just easier to have someone take your door to door and so uber has made it convenient lift has made it convenient. earlier this year, ktvu spoke to a blind uber writer, the reverend albert macklin, who
5:31 pm
says he relies on uber as well as a seeing eye dog. disabled writers like macklin could benefit by the suit filed by doj to be able to just come out of your house and get in the car go from point a to point b a man and be able to get there safely. even with bart and with bus systems use it as an in between. in response, uber called the lawsuit surprising and disappointing. in a statement, uber said, in part, it has been our policy to refund wait time fees for disabled writers whenever they alerted us that they were charged. after a recent change last week. now any writer who certifies they are disabled will have fees automatically waived. we fundamentally disagree that our policies violate the 80, a. now over, also says they had already been an active discussions with the doj about how to address these issues before the lawsuit was filed, reporting live in the newsroom, henry lee ktvu fox to need we'll be sure to follow the next step in this case, henry. thank you. this weekend's big cal football game has been rescheduled after dozens of players and staff
5:32 pm
tested positive for covid 19. saturday's game against usc has now been pushed back to december. 4th. as at least 44. players and staff members have the coronavirus. this is the first major college football game to be rescheduled this season because of covid. still saturday's postponement is weighing heavy on everyone, including cows, athletics director. and i think for me this has been, you know, as hard of a time to navigate as i've ever had during, you know, an a, d, um. you know, to see our staff frustrated our student athletes frustrated, you know, it's just challenging. knolton says 99% of the football program is vaccinated. in a statement. berkeley public health blames this quote major outbreak on the team's failure to follow public health measures. such as getting tested and staying home when sick volunteers in the east bay are scrambling right now to save thanksgiving dinner for thousands in need. the league of volunteers in newark says it needs a 26 ft
5:33 pm
refrigeration drug by monday or risk losing 300 turkeys. for more than three decades, this group has delivered free hot thanksgiving meals to about 5000 homebound residents. but this year the refrigeration truck that they reserve back in august was cancelled. and we use it to store the and thaw the 300 turkeys, and then we use it as a refrigeration unit to store all the cook turkeys as we barbecue 20 at a time. and get them all carved up and ready to serve on thanksgiving day. organizers say the 300 turkeys are being delivered on monday and that they are trying desperately to find a truck. but at this point, nothing has been reserved a big donation to help families in need. this thanksgiving foster farms is giving £8000 of turkey to the sacramento food bank. is enough to feed about 10,000 people on the holiday. the san francisco marin food bank is receiving the same about in sacramento, the food bank ceo says this will make a major difference this holiday, especially with the rising cost of food. all of
5:34 pm
these things that we see on this table costs more than they did last year. it's going to be very difficult for wonderful families trying to put a good meal on the table, and this partnership goes a long way to helping do that. this year. the company says it plans to donate £64,000 of turkey to food banks up and down the west coast, including manteca said fresno and san diego. our annual one warm coat drive is now underway. and if you have a gently worn coat or jacket you'd like to donate to the bay area families just. take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. we also have collection barrels in oakland's jack london square, santana row in san jose and the westfield san francisco center. for more information, just head over to ktvu .com slash one warm coat. this drive runs until sunday. december 5th. we hope everyone out there. all right, a major settlement to tell you about in flint's contaminated water lawsuit. who will be getting the hundreds of millions of dollars plus. if you feel like
5:35 pm
your grocery store bill has been going up. you're not alone. i'm madison all worth in new york coming up. i'll explain why you can expect to pay as much as 20% more for certain items in the grocery store. but first we're just moments away from a spacex launch will tell you about the latest mission into space live from cape canaveral coming up.
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people harmed by drinking water contaminated with lead in flint, michigan, the state changed flint's water supply from detroit's municipal water. to the flint river in 2014 to cut cost the water was not treated and pipe corrosion resulted in lead getting into the water. money will be available to every child who was exposed to the water. every adult who can show an injury. some business owners and anyone who paid
5:38 pm
water pills a big announcement from the world's two largest emitters of carbon dioxide, the u. s and china promised to work together. to fight climate change. both countries pledged to work together to ramp up action, including stronger emission cuts to meet the temperature goals set out in the 2015 paris climate agreement. the deal was announced at the u. n climate change conference in scotland. china and the united states, said the partnership will be beneficial to the world as a whole. the united states and china have no shortage of differences but on climate on climate. cooperation is the only way to get this job done. china's climate envoy said the country would work to develop a national plan on methane and that both countries plan to do more to stop deforestation. alright happening now spacex is preparing to launch four astronauts. from kennedy space center heading for the international space station with more than £400 of supplies. reporter robert
5:39 pm
sherman is live. natural florida where the launch is just minutes away now, robert. yeah the countdown is on heather and you see that pitch black skyline behind us. it's not going to pitch black at 903 eastern time. that's when the launch is slated to take place, and when that iraq it goes into the sky. it will illuminate everything that you see behind us. it's really a sight to behold. it has been a rainy and muggy day here in cape canaveral, but the latest guidance we've received from nasa is that they are pressing forward with the launch and. we'll see if it holds all the way through 903 eastern time for this crew three. it has been a bout of bad luck. this launch has been delayed nearly two weeks. for the most part that's been due to weather although there was one minor medical issue involving one of those astronauts. that further delayed this whole process we often times get the question from folks. how exactly does whether impact these launches.
5:40 pm
what does it take for a launch to be scrubbed? why does weather play such a role? we asked the experts earlier today here's what they had to say. just in case something happens with the rocket, the astronauts have to be able to safely pop their dragon capsule off the rocket and splash back down in the ocean, and the rescue forces have to be able to go out and get the astronauts so we want the weather to be good, specifically the wind and the waves along the atlantic coast along that as the rocket is rising above the earth in the space, we want the weather to be good, just in case something were to happen in the astronauts have to splash back down a little bit early. so there you have it and should the weather holds the four crew. three astronauts will be launched into orbit aboard that spacecraft. three americans, one german. it's been a busy week for spacex after. the crew to mission made splashed down in the gulf of mexico on monday. with that all now in the rear view mirror all attention is returning. here to the crew.
5:41 pm
three mission should this launch take place tonight at 903 eastern time? the expectation that the crew three gang will be docking at the international space station. thursday evening. heather and exciting time in just a few minutes. but robert what's the crew three's mission once they get to the space station. oh, they've got as you mentioned over £400 of supplies that are going up there. they're going to be conducting hundreds of experiments, many of these relating to the impact that space has on the human body. how certain diets impact an astronaut while they're in space. so all of that is being studied. we've seen that pretty consistently throughout all of these spacex launches. lot of science taking place up there, and a lot of data is coming back here to earth. yes and if tonight's liftoff is, in fact successful, it would count as the fifth human spaceflight spacex has achieved. to date, and it would be quite an achievement. robert sherman, thanks so much appreciate it. you got it. alright veterans
5:42 pm
day is tomorrow in santa clara county is honoring veterans and their five families. this entire month of veterans day celebration took place today it held your park and san jose. also as part of this month, celebrations and tributes, county officials are highlighting new ways for veterans to get help to apply for critical federal, state and local benefits. organizers say. this is one way to make sure veterans get whatever help they need. and have earned with their countless sacrifices for the country. veterans sacrificed, you know, and they sacrifice blood. they sacrifice sweat, and they sacrificed tears in their service to this nation, and we have these freedoms. and as americans, those freedoms sometimes seem expected. when they're not really expected there really a gift from the veterans to the american. people. through that blood, sweat and tears. santa clara county officials say the number of veteran disability claims that they have helped
5:43 pm
submit has increased by about 25% since this past summer at the white house today, the first lady promised to do more to show support for the children of veterans. dr. jill biden was joined by the secretary of defense. the secretary of veteran affairs and former senator elizabeth dole to recognize the struggles of children whose parents suffered the physical and emotional effects of war program, launched by elizabeth dole, called hidden helpers is designed to directly served those children. we must bring hidden helper service out of the shadows. let their light shine bright and give them the support that they need to survive. elizabeth dole foundation is teaming with the wounded warrior project and the biden administrations joining forces program to build the hidden helpers coalition. it is a call to action to help fill the gaps in support and services. the trial against
5:44 pm
former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes continues of the south bay coming up how both the prosecution and the defense made gains today in the courtroom and coming up at six another industry hit very hard by the supply chain crisis. how breweries are dealing with a massive aluminum can shortage. here. we got some valley fog to talk about for tonight the next couple of nights and warming the next few days. the five day forecast is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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released hundreds of pages of transcripts today of interviews conducted during an investigation into sexual harassment allegations made against former governor andrew cuomo. the transcripts included cuomo's interview with the independent investigators hired
5:47 pm
by attorney general leticia james. in that interview, cuomo denied many of the allegations, said he was careful in how he behaved around women. and said that several of his accusers had misrepresented what happened. cuomo announced his resignation on august 10 trial over the shooting death of ahmad are very continued in georgia today with witness testimony greg mcmichael and his son travis, allegedly. chased are very in a pickup truck because they say they thought he was a burglar. their neighbor, william bryan, is accused of joining the chase and recording graphic video of the killing. now today. another neighbor testified that he called police when he saw are very enter a house that was under construction. bend over out of breath, you know? wasn't tying his shoes, lacing them up. they never called me, okay? you didn't know if that man was armed or not? no, okay. police officer testified that greg mcmichael changed his story at
5:48 pm
police headquarters. the officer said mcmichael first told him that are very had been recorded by security cameras breaking into several homes. mcmichael later told the detective and intruder had only targeted one home that was under construction. in the beginning. i didn't understand why. god had places assignment on me. but that being said, is that. god would never fail. you right? during the break in the trial, ahmad are berries parents, along with the reverend al sharpton attorney benjamin crump and others held this prayer vigil outside the courthouse as they push for justice in the case. two witnesses took the stand today in the federal fraud trial in san jose. against there are nose founder elizabeth holmes, our investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky tells us both the defense and the prosecution scored points. during testimony about that failed blood testing company. the federal fraud
5:49 pm
trial against theranos founder elizabeth holmes started strong for the defense wednesday. former lab director, dr king shook dos testified under cross examination about his efforts to revive the struggling company after a scathing government audit in 2015. das said he worked to overhaul the laboratory practices, avoiding its tests and shifting the blame to former lab director dr adam rosen, dwarf in one meeting, he reassured homes with a quote from the film the best exotic marigold hotel. this is your first time in india. everything will be alright in the end if it's not all right. it's not yet the end. dust was followed by former theranos investor alan eisenman. he put $1.2 million into the company in 2000 and six he said. holmes made repeated false claims about their own asses revenues and its blood analyzers, including
5:50 pm
their use by pharmaceutical companies, he testified, quote. before i made my investment. i was told they had contracts with major pharmaceutical companies to me that put in additional stamp of approval on the company. eisenman will continue his testimony when the trial resumes on monday. now with regards to how long this will last, the prosecution signaled at the end of the day. that they may rest their case as early as next week. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and evan is also live blogging the elizabeth holmes trial, you can find his coverage on our website ktvu dot com. well this year for the first time, you will be able to buy dungeness crab directly from the boats at fisherman's warf in san francisco. the city's port commission voted to allow the sale of whole live dungeness crab from fishing boats at the war during a one year pilot program now it's not clear yet when the commercial season for grab will begin. it
5:51 pm
was supposed to start on november 15th, but that was recently put on hold by the department of fish and wildlife. alrighty big high pressure keeping us warm around here pretty noticeable today and it will be noticeable the next 5 to 6 days, and with that we have dense valley fog potential for the next few mornings, especially. as you travel through sacramento woodland, fresno, uh, modesto red bluff. reading those areas. you know the spots and then the range stays to the north. so. that high pressure that was pretty not much non existent the last three weeks, and that's why we got so much rain is there. it's what we it's fine for now. we just don't want to set up shop. permanently because that's kind of what it did. last winter, we had a ton of high pressure. it doesn't mean it's going to. i'm just saying it will get a few days of dry here. probably the next five or six days were dry, and that means we'll be talking about valley fog and. and
5:52 pm
things of that nature, but we will be definitely missing out on rain. you can see the clear skies outside. beautiful night chilly tonight, as you said, as we talked about upper forties mid forties and some places areas that don't get fog can get will get down into the thirties. san francisco tomorrow morning. this will work for oakland. two areas of dense fog. maybe a little coastal fog. maybe a little valley fog creeping in out of sandra fell, and then the afternoon san francisco 66 degrees oakland will be in the low seventies. a nice day tomorrow and really. tomorrow's what's thursday, friday, saturday sunday, yeah. all those days look good. they're all be very similar. there will be a few clouds. it's just fair weather stuff. it's kind of coming over the top of this ridge. it'll be just filtered sunshine, not much at all but partly sunny. partly cloudy, mostly sunny, that kind of thing, and that'll be over over the next few days, so there's a high pressure ridge and it's a stable environment, except what happens is that the storms are strong enough out in the pacific. they kind of override the high at the upper
5:53 pm
elevations. so it's high level moisture, so there might be a little bit of that, especially as we get into friday. so here are the current temperatures right now, 64 out in concord or fairfield, five degrees warmer and fairfield right now than it was last night, a little cooler in oakland. the forecast highs tomorrow. a little bit like today. not too bad, mostly sunny with a few clouds. lingering this temperature footprint will last for the next couple of days. we will see some, though impossibly mid seventies on the warmest day of the week, you'll see that in the five day forecast as we get towards the weekend, so as you look at the setup, it's dry. definitely drive for a while. and then you get into saturday sunday be the warmest days. few more clouds show up on monday, but again, you know if we hadn't had rain, i'd be bumming on this. you know, they haven't. five or six days of dry ahead, but we can enjoy it. we're doing good and we'll get something down the road coming back in. i'm sure. okay, i'll see you back here at six. beautiful weekend ahead. alright, bill. thanks. some americans may be breaking with. tradition this upcoming thanksgiving still to come. why
5:54 pm
the price of some groceries familiar with the holiday will be hard to come by this year and then coming up on the news. six changes to the way you buy dungeness crab. more on the san francisco pilot program, allowing customers to purchase directly from fishermen. in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today.
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. especially at the grocery store. i've noticed a big time reporter madison all word tells us how this year's thanksgiving dinner could be the most expensive in history. new consumer price index numbers are out, and they show that americans are paying 6.2% more today. than they were last year, and that's being felt across the board, especially at the grocery store, one of the
5:57 pm
categories that's contributing the most to this increase is protein. take a look at some of those numbers and those increases. meat prices are up over 14% bacon that's up over 20% fish and seafood up 11. and while wages have improved on average, americans are taking home 4.9% more in their paycheck. it is still below the inflation rate of 6.2% the economic picture is worse than analysts anticipated. the problems leading to inflation range from labor shortages to supply chain delays. those in the industry say. expect bigger price tags today. and through the holiday season, especially for items like your turkey. they're going to see a minimum of 10 15% higher, especially thanksgiving, and we're going to have shortages. so i'm saying to people by early don't take a chance. i'm being short, something special for your thanksgiving or christmas to come. not only are americans experiencing those higher prices, they're also having
5:58 pm
more trouble getting their hands on items. the picture that the grocery store shelves paint is not always accurate. this shelf right here. looks pretty full, but all you have to do is remove one box to just see the supply chain shortages up close in new york. i'm madison alworth fox business. this is ktvu fox two news at six and tonight at six. a woman injured after being shot right outside the fox theater in oakland. it was rapid fire, basically, automatic rifle or something like that. and it turned out that it was just people acting up, shooting down, up and down the street. and at this hour we do know the concert scheduled for tonight at the fox cedar is canceled as a result of the shooting. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. those shots were fired right around 2 30 this afternoon at 18th and telegraph avenue ktvu is brooks jarocz has been on the scene all afternoon and brooks doors at the fox theatre were set to open at 6 30 tonight. that's
5:59 pm
right. and now the gates are closed behind me. the police tape is gone and the police cruisers are gone. we're told that woman i just confirmed from some folks at the fox theater that this was a concert. gore who was coming here, either to get a ticket or waiting in anticipation for this concert we have seen over the last couple of hours. several concertgoers coming up. to those big black gates. you see there at the fox theater and being turned away. i mean, we're talking dozens of people that were coming out for this. this was all decided upon because the band. and the fox theater got together and said, given the circumstances of what happened here, it's best we don't have a concert. look at what happened earlier. this is some seen video where you can see the police tape is up. all the cruisers are there were actually told from several witnesses, not police. but witnesses say they saw a car is being broken into on one of thos
6:00 pm
coming out, pulling out a gun shooting at the suspects, the suspects returning fire and both cars taking off toward telegraph avenue. that is when several witnesses say that a stray bullet may have hit the woman who is now in the hospital. she's in stable condition expected to survive. but at this point now all these people keep coming out here to the fox theater, and they're very disappointed. take a listen. i was devastated. i mean, i was so excited. i was all pumped up and i saw nobody in line and the guy just told us it's canceled that. somebody got hurt, or i'm not sure, but i was devastated don't lose hope. you know there's good things in the world. you know, this stuff happens. but in the end, we all got to stick together. can keep the positivity. i just saw that there was nobody out here and i thought that was kind of weird because, like the doors are opening soon, and then i found out that the show was canceled. what did you think? when you
6:01 pm
heard that i was i was confused


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