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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the impact that she's had here in the bay area. and what's next for her district? and some bay area children got the wrong dose of covid vaccines. the mix up that's left a lot of parents with a lot of question. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. at the lower everyone. welcome to the four this afternoon. i'm alex savage. and i'm heather holmes. we have some new surveillance video showing a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store in concord. that's where as many as nine people using hammers to smash cases before escaping our crime reporter henry lee live now at the sun valley mall with the very latest henry. well, this video is short but shocking. it didn't take long for these roberts to invade the store, grab what they could and get out of there. surveillance video shows a group of young men using hammers to smash display cases cleaning out a jewelry store in concord. my god, it happened at
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iceberg diamonds inside sun valley mall at about 7 30 monday night, an hour and a half before the store closed. the intruders were all wearing mask and gloves and crowded into the store. the sound of breaking glass, let some of them all to report hearing gunshots, but concord police confirmed no shots were fired. workers tried to stop the robbers, but they were forced back by the men with the hammers. the robber stolen, undisclosed amount of jewelry. after the robbery workers clean up the mess the stores on the upper level of the mall. it offers jewelry rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. concord police released this brief snippet of surveillance video, hoping someone recognizes any of the robbers. you can see one of the men wearing a distinctive black hoodie with yellow gloves. another is wearing black and white gloves. police will be comparing notes with law enforcement across the bay area. you see, this case could be connected to others. shoppers we spoke to were concerned. i just couldn't imagine being the person working in there. and what about all the people that were around watching it? how did they get out of here? how did nobody see what kind of car they got in? how do they get away with that? boat scary? yeah just
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scared you like that happens? yeah, mike. it's broad daylight cameras everywhere. now this robbery is under investigation by the concord police is financial crimes unit. anyone with information is asked to give him a call reporting live in concord, henry lee ktvu fox studios. yeah, henry, as you mentioned him at that store is there on the second floor? that means that they had to spend some time inside the mall and get up and with the hammers. yeah those cameras were the weapon of choice. i mean, again. when they snatched these display cases, some people thought there was an active shooting, but luckily no good shots were fired. all right, henry lee reporting live for us there in concord, henry. thank you. this afternoon, the alameda county board of supervisors appointed wilma chan's chief of staff to fill her seat until the next election will match in was struck and killed by a car while walking her dog in alameda on november 3rd. the board president said he personally feels an asian pacific islander
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woman should take her seat in the interim, but chan's family advocated for chan's longtime aide and chief of staff, dave brown. her son spoke to the board this afternoon before the vote. i'm not the first person to point out to you that dave brown is a caucasian male. but looking past his race and gende, he is the most qualified person to fill the vacancy left by my mom's passing. he has the experience and knowledge to represent the district and understanding and compassion to continue the work seamlessly until next year's election. brown can't run for the seat since he doesn't live and vote in the district. so darren chan said this appointment will be free of any political agenda. a long time peninsula. congresswoman democrat jackie speier announced today that she will not seek re election. in a video message, speer said that it is time to come home and time to be more than a weekend wife, mother and friend. minutes after that announcement, we spoke with a seven term congresswoman during mornings on to here, says
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she's thought about retirement now for a while, and that she plans to say, active and involved in politics and her community. you give it. it's also time to pass the torch to another generation, so i am looking forward to coming home to being there for my husband and children and friends and also to find new ways to contribute to the community. so. there are more chapters in my life book, and i plan on writing those chapters with all the people who i know and love. now prior to being elected to the house in 2000 and eight here was a long time member of the california state legislature and a congressional aide. she says that she decided 43 years ago to dedicate her life to public service. that's when she was shot in guyana while working as a staff assistant for the late representative leo ryan. they were there investigating the jonestown cult community for more on spears retirement decision. let's talk now with david mcewen, political science professor at sonoma steak, david. thank you so much for being here. spear obviously has
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a very long political career serving at the county state and the national level. and never takes her seat. we'll have some big shoes to fill. heather no doubt. i mean, look, this is a political career that really spans from jonestown to january. 6th jackie has been someone who's been front and center on so many important issues for liberal groups, progressive groups for women. she was at the forefront of the me too. movement before the me too. movement was going, but even beyond that she's been if you look at the tragedy of her personal life, those five gunshots that she suffered on the airstrip there in guyana, you know she's on the tarmac there for 22 hours and swears to herself that if she survives that she's going to give her life. the public service. she does that she loses that first election goes onto the board of supervisors in san mateo county ultimately rises and obviously in congress. she's part of that kitchen cabinet inside group for nancy pelosi, and she's been there in that in that regard for the speaker, whipping up votes as democrats retook the house
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from 2018. it's very interestin, though, because what we're seeing here is a wave of strategic retirements by democrats. in lieu over and wake of what is likely to be a republican takeover next year. you have to place all of that, in the context of what's been a spectacular political career. yes, so let's talk more broadly about spears departure. she is the 14th house democrat to indicate that they will not seek re election. what does this pile up of retirement signal for democrats? right. we saw a pile up like this in 2018 by republicans before democrats nancy pelosi come back in to take the campaigns there and the midterms in 2018. we expect 2022 election to be contentious one but if you're kevin mccarthy, and if you're republican leaders and strategists throughout the country, while california delivered nancy pelosi back to the house with people like jackie speier raising money across the country, you're really seeing a red wave build and you're going to see more
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strategic retirements by democrats, perhaps not in california as we draw those lines but across the country. so pay attention to that in those swing districts that emboldens someone like obviously former president donald trump, but it really emboldened someone like kevin mccarthy and his leadership team, and republicans are positioning themselves to sweep back into the house next year, a long time between now and then, but that's what they're looking forward to. you mentioned this idea of redistricting here in californi, so i want to talk a little bit about a possible replacement for jackie speier. as you mentioned, the landscape will be very different in the next election. i'll do to that redistricting. i want to pull up now what the 14th congressional district looks like right now, david, but obviously the lines are being redrawn. yeah and if you look at the 14th now what you see is this kind of, you know, part of daily city, south san francisco down if you will into that san matteo region and parts of east palo alto. it's going to change a lot. it's going to be more compact in the new maps and in those new maps, it's also going to present some dilemmas. what
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do you do with the north and south end of that district? what happens for example to someone in the assembly like a mark berman or state senator like josh becker? what is scott wiener of san francisco? do he'll have part of that district? what does the county supervisor in san mateo county several of them will have a free ride? three of them don't run for reelection till 2024 so it's going to be in some ways a big shakeup, but this is really a bigger issue going on at this. jackie talked about this today kind of this generational change and divide that's going on with the democratic party. you're going to see this with speaker pelosi. you're going to see this with other democrats in the leadership. and that's what republicans are sensing as they move past the events of 2021 into the 2022 election period. okay so, david, we're just about out of time, but i don't want to let this moment get away from jackie spear. how do you believe that history will judge her time in office? look, she is a leader of progressive women on progressive issues and has been there at the forefront of those
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issues. whether she was with willie brown and the assembly or she was in the state senate, or she was with democrats in and out of the majority in congress, and that means she's not going away. she's going to be front and center. she's going to be out there talking about the vice president and kamala harris across the country. she has a role as a leader for progressives for women and for democrats that will certainly make her front and center on television early and often next year as well. i had the pleasure of working with the congresswoman on a number of causes in san mateo county and have to say everyone who was in attendance just was delighted by her also being in attendance. david mcewan really appreciate your time today. thank you. thank you very much, heather. we've now learned what investigators took from the home of former windsor mayor dominic foot poli. a search warrant was served at his home last week and, according to court documents, 10 items were remove, including two laptops. three ipads camera, a cellphone and a recorder. the investigation began back in april after several women accused police of
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sexual misconduct and sexual assault for police stepped down as mayor back in may and continues to deny those allegations. the palawan to woman accused of starting the fawn fire in september, and shasta county has been deemed mentally unfit for trial. alexandra starr, veneva was appointed a public defender and pled not guilty to arson charges. she was evaluated by two psychologists who concluded the 30 year old can't comprehend court proceedings and is unable to aid attorneys in her defense. the case is now on indefinite hold. if convicted of starting the fire, sor veneva could face up to nine years in prison. well, more than a dozen kids here in the east bay got the wrong dose of the covid-19 vaccine coming up how it happened, and why doctors say parents shouldn't worry too much. and coming up later. jury deliberations are underway in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse. why a raffle tumbler was used to help pick which jurors will decide his faith. at a barrier weather. we
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and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at covid-19 vaccine. it happened this weekend at a vaccine clinic at sutter health and antioch ktvu. christina and don't joins us now live with more on what happened here. christina heathe, as you can imagine. the parents of two boys were among those that received the incorrect dose are upset and disappointed. better health tells me the safety of patients is their top priority. they immediately review their processes to ensure this is not happen again. 14 children received double the dose of the pediatric covid-19 vaccine and they were supposed to get it happened at a set of health vaccine clinic in any of this weekend, officials confirmed. the kids were given 20 micrograms, or two thirds of the dose of what an adult would
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get instead of the recommended one third dose. i said our health spokesperson says in par, as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of cdc guidance in this situation. but the father of two boys who received more than the recommended dose tells me it was nine hours before they were contacted by hospital officials. his voice stayed home from school with stomach aches. on monday, the kids were back at school tuesday. i know that this is really frustrating for these parents, and i hope that this raises awareness and puts more quality. checks into place. dr monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease professor, explains that pfizer actually studied giving children in the 5 to 11 age group 20 micrograms during trials. he decided to drop the 20 not because it was really dangerous because they wanted to make the smallest dose possible, so it's not. i think getting 20 micrograms just once is not going to hurt anyone. sutter health explains. the pediatric vaccines in question were made with an incorrect amount of delia went meaning they were not properly diluted. after being taken out of vile and put into a
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syringe. we're told the 14 children may experience more arm soreness, fatigue, headaches or fever, but hospital officials say they should still get the second dose after three weeks, based on cdc guidelines. dr gandhi says it may be better to wait a little longer for the second shot and asks parents not to skip the vaccine altogether. don't let a couple of strength incidents that should not happen again. detroit you from vaccine, ian kid. so this is the first report of children here in the bay area receiving incorrect doses of the vaccine. but there have been reports out of virginia and texas last week of children receiving the adult doses of the vaccine by acciden. heather no doubt a lot of frustrated parents out there when you think of your child getting the wrong dose indeed. alright. cristina rendon live force this afternoon. thank you. some new developments today on a promising treatment for covid-1. pfizer has asked fda regulators to authorize its experimental covid-19 pill that reduces
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deaths and hospitalizations. studies indicate the pill cuts the risk of severe infection by almost 90% and pfizer has also agreed to allow others to manufacture that pill by creating a new licensing agreement allowing generic versions in 95 countries, more cities and states are now bucking fda guidelines and opting to offer vaccine boosters to all adults, including cal here in california. fox news. jonathan serrie has more now for us from atlanta. the race is on to get booster shots and arms. at least four states in new york city are now allowing everyone over the age of 18 to get a booster, hoping to contain a resurgence of the delta variant that's infecting about 85,000 americans every day. that goes against current fda guidelines, which recommend boosters only for senior citizens and others at high risk of infection. but others say boosters are the best way to contain the spread, and there's no reason to wait for the feds to give the green ligh, leading some to suggest the fda
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is moving too slowly. yes we need more boosters, by the way, which was still not getting. for everyone over the age of 18. they're going like a snail's pace with that. the push for boosters comes as overall vaccination rates are taking up. we're averaging about 1.4 million doses every day in the us and health officials say that bodes well for the upcoming holiday season. if you get vaccinated and your family's vaccinated. you can feel good about enjoying a typical thanksgiving christmas with your family. meanwhile the battle over vaccine mandates is heading west teachers and staff in los angeles schools are now required to be fully vaccinated or possibly lose their jobs, but many say they won't roll up their sleeves. it's not about not about this. this you know the science or vaccination? it's about giving people an opportunity of a choice of what i want to put in my body. and as for president biden's nationwide mandate that remains on hold following a federal judge's ruling last week. in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news.
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bulgaria whether the past few mornings have been dealing with lots of dense fog, dense fog advisories reduced visibilities tomorrow morning. while there could be some patchy fog, not nearly as widespread as this morning, so that's kind of a nice development leads to the fog, not impacting the commute as much for your wednesday morning. take a look at some of the current numbers with some of that fall, clearing temperatures actually, a little bit warmer across portions of the bay area. right now, you can see the current readings in the sixties towards san francisco and san jose conquered 64 fairfield 65 degrees. as we back out the maps right now we're showing you kind of a nice is actually nice satellite because it illustrates what's happening. you can see that that defined band moving across central california. that's a cold front and with that some drier eric kind of settling in so as result of fog clearing out this afternoon, so actually fairly nice afternoon out there as we coming closer, we'll go back in time. this was a satellite for nine o'clock this morning showing you all of the widespread overcast out toward the central valley over
4:19 pm
the bay area as well but things that you can't see as we put this into motion have been not clearing out nicely this afternoon. we are expecting for the most part fair skies over the next couple days. here's our live camera looking above san francisco as we head into your tuesday evening. still mostly clear skies, you may have noticed a few high clouds overhead as well. so we have some dense fog this morning, some higher clouds paying us a visit and overnight lows. once again, we'll have mostly cloudy conditions, but not widespread, dense fog. we could have a few patches. but right now, i'm not seeing any fog advisories out toward the central valley or the bay area. current actually, overnight lows will be starting out today in the forties and the fifties. here's the forecast model and into the afternoon hours. we're expecting clearing skies partly sunny skies mostly sunny skies. for tomorrow. temperatures will be in the sixties to the lower seventies. i am tracking a rain chance in the five day forecast, and we'll talk more about that coming up as another front approaches the bay area more on that with your full update. in a few minutes, mark. thank you. san francisco giants manager gabe kapler has
4:20 pm
received a big honor. he was named national league manager of the year today as expected, and that vote not relieving close. he received 28 of the 31st place votes. i need to talk with those two other members of the baseball writers association of america, kapler led the giants to their best finish. 107 wins. and the national league west. penn it he's the first giants manager to win that award since dusty baker did back in 2000, right. l deserved very well deserved no doubt about it. alright some u. c students may not have classes starting tomorrow we'll tell you why thousands of lecturers are planning to walk off the job the first to look at stocks, the dow added. 54 points the nasdaq was up 1 20. and the snp gained. 18 stocks closed higher today after a stronger than expected reading on retail sales the month of october.
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road today to talk about some of the projects that it will pay for, fox's mike emanuel tells us the white house says this is just the start and a vote on the bigger spending bill could be coming this week. this is a bridge has been structurally deficient for years, standing at a new hampshire bridge built in 1939 president biden touted his newly penned infrastructure deal as a necessary investment for the u. s and the economy. what it means you'll be safer to get to where you're going faster and you'll save money. this means jobs jobs for folks making these upgrades. the president's visit part of the administration's push to sell the american public on the need for federal spendin, including the next up $2 trillion social spending proposal covering childcare, education, healthcare and climate want to fight inflation. support build back better. the latest abc news washington post poll shows 58% approve of the build back better bill. still, the president's approval rating
4:24 pm
has taken a hit, slumping recently to 41. republicans critical of the president's push for more spending argue his plans are too costly and the $555 billion allotted to fight climate change does little to help the american people would hurt families badly. it will help china in a big way. democratic holdout senator joe manchin says he's also concerned about the price tag but is waiting to see what the full cost will be. once the congressional budget office releases its score on friday. let's see what the score is. let's see exactly what they're intending to do well, thanksgiving break ahead. house majority leader steny hoyer says he aims to have a vote on the social spending package by the end of the week. in washington. mike emanuel fox news more than 6000 university of california lecturers plan to walk off the job at nine u. c campuses, including u c. berkeley tomorrow and thursday. lecturers teach nearly half of all u c. undergraduate classes they
4:25 pm
accuse you see, officials have bad faith bargaining on a range of issues, including paid family leave compensation for online instruction and reasonable workloads. you see, issued a statement calling the plan strike grossly unfair to our students. lecturers at ucsf are not expected to strike. well a rally was held in downtown oakland today, calling for an end to deadly gun violence. that rally was organized the rally organizer. excuse me is calling for mayor libby shaft. the city council, community organizations and churches to all sit down together and work out a plan of action. organizer pastor nicholas alexander says the group should discuss racial disparities and other issues that young people are facing, which could cause them to turn to violence. i'm out here because i want to shootings to stop. i love my city. i love oakland. and with kids getting shot. it's time to put the guns down. so far this year, there
4:26 pm
have been 120 homicides in oakland. that is the highest number since 131 were recorded back in 2012. a jury is now deliberating the fate of kyle rittenhouse, who is accused of fatally shooting two people during a protest. authorities are getting ready for the potential for violence after the verdict is reached in wisconsin. coming up, we'll get a live report from kenosha. also a neighborhood in the santa cruz mountains. outraged one family is even planning to move why judge is considering releasing a convicted sex offender into that neighborhood, even though he has no ties to that community. wait e
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rittenhouse homicide trial over the past 12 days, prosecutors have argued written house was the aggressor when he shot and killed two people at a protest. but his defense team maintains he fired in self defense foxes madeline rivera joining us live from outside the courthouse in wisconsin, where rittenhouse himself helped to pick the jurors who will determine his fate. madeline. good evening, alex. and earlier today, the jury asks for jury instructions, specifically the portion that deals with self defense. the jury must decide whether kyle rittenhouse's use of force was justified. seven women and five men deliberating the outcome of kyle rittenhouse's double murder trial, determining if he acted in self defense, or if he was
4:30 pm
the aggressor and the shooting deaths of two men. during the unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, last year. those who will seal his fate randomly selected by the defendant himself, the jury asking the court for extra copies of the self defense portion of the jury instructions. but if they have specific questions about the case, the matter has to be discussed in open court. if you buy self defense, he's he's going to walk. and if you don't buy self defense, he's probably going to be convicted on the most serious council, the most serious charge. the now 18 year old is facing first degree intentional homicide, and if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. jo jo protesters on both sides mobilizing outside the courthouse. authorities around the city and state bracing for possible violence with hundreds of national guard on standby, but the kenosha sheriff's department releasing a statement saying at this time we have no reason to facilitate road closures and curfews or ask our
4:31 pm
communities to modify their daily routines. the jury can deliberate as late as nine pm, but will not be sequestered. if they don't reach a verdict. it's impossible for the jury to shield itself from all the public attention. and the jury has been dismissed for the evening. they'll return to deliberations. 10 a.m. eastern tomorrow. alex battling. can we go back to this idea that kyle rittenhouse was able to play a role in deciding his fate in the courtroom today? he blindly picked six juror numbers from that tumbler that we saw in your piece, and then those jurors were stricken. and the 12 remaining, we'll decide whether he is guilty on the charges is this standard protocol in wisconsin for a defendant to pick which jurors go? right there's been a lot of questions about that and usually a member of the court picks those names but a legal expert i was talking to earlier today said the most
4:32 pm
important thing is that those names have to be randomly selected, which is what in house did so there's nothing legally wrong with a process that was done this morning, and the judge also giving some detail about the process, saying that he's been doing this. for 20 years in his courtroom, alex, all right, and before i let you go, obviously we know that authorities there on the ground are preparing for the potential for civil unrest. the national guard on standby there in kenosha, are authorities worried about the potential for violence, no matter the outcome here, whether we see in a quick conviction and acquittal or maybe a mixed verdict. we were keeping tabs with kenosha county sheriff's department over the last couple of days, and they've had the same response every time saying that they are monitoring the situation right now. they haven't seen any intel to suggest that they are going to be experiencing any serious issues once this verdict is delivered, but of course, it always helps to be safer rather than sorry, and that's why they have all of those precautions in place. they don't have any road
4:33 pm
closures, curfews enacted right now, but again, they will be monitoring and trying to keep tabs of the situation should anything come up, alex and those deliberations continue first thing tomorrow morning in kenosha, wisconsin. madeline rivera live for us. appreciate it. thank you. the medical examiner testified today in the trial of three men accused in the death of our berry and georgia, dr. edmund donahue performed the autopsy are very was shot to death while out on a run and brunswick, georgia back in february of 2020. greg mcmichael and his son travis, allegedly chased are very in a pickup truck because they thought he was burglarizing a home, officials say. the mcmichael neighbor joined the chase and took video that shows one of the men shooting are ver. the medical examiner's at aubrey died due to two gunshot wounds at close range. and we're talking about the torso. gunshot wound. what was your revised opinion, having now seen the video as to the muzzle to target distance for this particular gunshot wound. uh 20 inches to
4:34 pm
three inches and what was his cause of death? donahue said that either gunshot would have killed are very and he doubted that medical help could have saved the man's life. in santa cruz county. there's outrage over the placement of a convicted sex offender who served his time in prison. a judge's ruling allows him to live in a home in a remote area of bonny doon on wild irish lane. kate abuse, as in the smith has reaction from that community. nestled in this heavily wooded area of bonny doon at 2400 square foot, two story home. these are pictures from redfin across from a playground and nearest school neighbors not happy about who's moving in. that's crazy. you know, it doesn't make any sense. it's insane, the idea that the state would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to house a sexually violent predator. this is where a santa cruz county judge says 69 year old michael cheek can live. back in 1980 cheek of concord visited santa
4:35 pm
cruz abducted and sexually assaulted a woman he met at seabright beach. he was convicted and later raped a 15 year old putting sexually violent predators into neighborhoods without notice or giving a voice to the community or law enforcement for their ability to monitor. is incredibly problematic cheek currently at atascadero state hospital, will be wearing a gps monitor the sheriff's office worries about limited wifi and frequent power outages. bonny doon school board president attended monday's court ruling and says the judges rationale chick has qualified for conditional release for two years, unable to find a home if this is rejected, cheek has asked to be released as a transient the way the judge framed it, it would be hard to say no, because he's waited so long for his justice, and that would be worse. in her opinion for society than this next door neighbor, joe brennan, with six kids is moving his 14 year old daughter walks past the house to
4:36 pm
the school bus. i don't think any reasonable parent would feel like that's okay. and i don't. it's unclear what will happen to wild irish private school. brennan runs it. a handful of students go there. i'm not going to put my kids in, uh, position where they have to. walk in fear every day. the district attorney plans to appeal the judge's ruling community members hope this decision is overturned in the santa cruz mountains. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. feeding a need is proving increasingly difficult for active duty service members coming up while the why those protecting and serving or having trouble putting food on the table as we head into the holiday season. at a burial, whether we have more sunshine in your wednesday forecast, but i'm tracking another front that could boost our rain chances later in the week. we'll have more on that with your forecast the full update coming
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insecure and food pantries across the country have seen a rising number of people needing help throughout the course of this pandemic. fox's chris tobago has more now on how the hunger crisis is really taking a toll on military families. i really don't want to put into words for many americans facing food insecurity every day can be a struggle. and according to feeding america, the struggle is especially real for military families. the nonprofit organization oversees more than 200 food banks nationwide and says as many as 160,000 active duty service members are having difficulties putting food on the table due to free the military life and the unique attributes of it. unfortunately they often find themselves for some period of time, either by choice or by circumstance, living off of a single income, and it's just very difficult to make that happen. experts say the issue has been impacting military
4:40 pm
families for years, but as amplified because of the pandemic. and feeding america says younger members are bearing the brunt with roughly 29% of the lowest ranking troops dealing with hunger last year alone. military families say it usually comes down to what they're paid really depends on the time in service, like i've only been in for five years. so. the longer you stay in, obviously, the more you get paid, so when you're when you're just starting out. it's a lot. tougher but heading into the holidays. ongoing inflation is causing the price of produce to skyrocket. they're rising costs that you're seeing at the grocery store. we see the same things that we beg just on a much larger scale and food banks themselves are struggling to supply those in need with enough to eat, forcing some to reduce serving sizes or eliminate more expensive items altogether. as many pantry staples are up by almost 10% chris demeo fox news. during this native american
4:41 pm
heritage month. we are focusing on the important work that's being done by the american indian child resource center. the oakland based nonprofit is a social services and educational organization that serves the greater pay area. for this giving tuesday. i spoke with the organizations education coordinator about their mission. our mission statement is to preserve and promote the cultural integrity of indigenous or native american children and their families. um, we are the only accredited licensed foster family agency that serves native american youth in the whole state of california. we're really proud of that work really proud of the social service team in the foster care team that we have. as well as our educational strands. talk about why it's so important the work that your organization does to help native american youth learn about their identity and their culture. oh absolutely. i think so many times our community is faced with this, like, um, just as
4:42 pm
thought of invisibility that were invisible, even though we're in plain sight, or this thought that native americans are people of the past. um because again, the clothes that we wear and the practices that we are, you know, participated on a daily basis like we're all right doing driving in cars and we're not you know, on horseback anymore, and so different things like that. i feel like the stereotypes have been perpetuated so much that if you don't fall under their those stereotypes often times you're not seen as an american indian within this community, and so our work to really validate people's existence to really validate the importance and the and the cultural connections that they have after their tribes to their languages, and to, um preserving that culture. what is you know? so important to that positive self identity and that positive self concept so that we don't have a community that, you know, just kind of lost and searching for meaningful purpose in this world in order to sort of guide your
4:43 pm
work as a nonprofit, you rely on the wisdom of native american elders, and that's that's a key component of what you do that sort of gives you a mission and a vision. absolutely a lot of our work is really, um, filtered through the voices and the experiences of our elders within our community. um the bay area has a unique history. you know, the it's the homeland of the aloni people. um. and in the night late 19 fifties early 19 sixties during the relocation area are era. excuse me. a lot of folks from different tribes came out to the bay area, and now we have 2nd and 3rd generation folks that you know, maybe from a tribe in montana or in arizona and new mexico or oklahoma, that is, you know, that are really identify with being from oakland, but then also also to identify with being a member of their tribe and really understanding like. membership of a tribe means that you're a citizen of a whole another nation and so really navigating. um those
4:44 pm
relationships between tribal folks and their tribe and then also just again finding a place where they belong. i here in the city of oakland, your organization has been around since 1974. can you talk a little bit about why? why the organization started in the first place. what was the need that was seen in the community that prompted this nonprofit to come about. our organization was founded by a group of nurses who were again you know how do support our community, and that means. i'm in overtime and move with the names of funny. community and bleeding written focused on education through thursday. the referendum. up. counseling to foster care work to do all kinds of, uh, better
4:45 pm
actually rooted at it. curriculum so that one, uh probable identity and making it like a hegemonic. platform for all folks to learn under but very really taking different components from different tribes that resonate with the youth that we serve it. you know, obviously, funding is always a challenge, right? i mean, you know, no matter what for any organization like yours, and especially during the pandemic. i imagine it's not much more difficult. how? how important and how much of an impact as community support whether it's financial or it comes in another form. how important is that to the work you do? oh, absolutely community finding community giving his is, i would say the most important stream one. it validates our importance by the community and to it allows us to have unrestricted funds that were able to use and creative ways to better serve our community. sometimes the grants that we write really are focused
4:46 pm
in on a particular strategy and in particular, uh, you know, program. and so this gives us opportunities to really be creative with that funding to see other ways and how we can grow the organization and grow the services that we provide. i'm without restrictions, so community support is very, very important to us. alright. appreciate you taking the time manny liras with the american indian child resource center. thanks for doing it. thank you, alex. and if you want to learn more about the american indian child resource center, or if you would like to donate to the group, you can scan the q r code. that's right there on your screen or head to ktvu .com/ giving day. well, why there isn't about thursday, friday last week we've been dealing with that persistent morning fo, the dense fog near zero visibility impacting the commut. tomorrow should be a little bit of a different story as we kind of scale back on the fog coverage, and eventually we're talking about this. some shower chances returning to the bay area forecast, but as you can
4:47 pm
see, the plan will jump right into your wednesday forecast. we're expecting clearing skies some morning cloud cover some patchy fog fair skies into the afternoon hours and temperatures from the sixties. to right around 70 degrees waiting for the rain fall somewhat of a dry stretch. as we take a look at the storm track. you're probably hearing up in the pacific northwest with multiple atmospheric rivers over the past week for us, though, it has been a dry weather pattern up to seven days, and it looks like we'll probably tack on a couple more as we head into your wednesday and thursday at the next chance of some rainfall that will be late thursday night, but primarily into friday morning. here's the satellites that well defined. let's see right there. moving across the bay area. that's a front, ushering in some some drier air and as a result a little bit more of the way some clearing for today. well at least with the fog, the dense fog, but we've been talking about all the stormy weather up to our north and these are all the storm reports up in the pacific northwest. widespread and a lot of wind reports as well. so the main focus of the storm track has been up there, at least for us. it's kind of a stable pattern, and that allows the fog
4:48 pm
to reform. this was the scene this morning. nine o'clock you can see the central valley fog also covering the bay area, but then throughout the afternoon hours clearing skies, but if you high clouds paint us a visit throughout the afternoon hours coming closer right now, we'll show you something. current numbers. there's a bit of a chill in the air temperatures right now in the sixties san francisco 60 napa 61 in san jose, six. the four degrees. here's a live camera looking above san francisco. some of those high clouds approaching from the north and from the west and will continue to have some high clouds at least for the first half of tomorrow. so here's the deal front. this first one is moving to the sout. you can see it's over. basically moving out of california our next system offshore that moves in late thursday night, but primarily friday morning, less fog coverage tomorrow morning with behind that front, we just showed you were going to have that the dry wind set up. in fact, it could be a bit breezy in the hills. for tonight into early tomorrow morning, maybe winds around 30 miles an hour up in the north bay hills. but we are expecting clearing skies for your wednesday and then this
4:49 pm
system comes on board primarily, and a friday morning. we're not talking about a major rain producer in the bulk of this will be favoring the north bay into early friday. here's the forecast models. you put this into motion. it's showing you at least partly sunny skies mostly sunny skies for tomorrow afternoon, and then it's a thursday. we will definitely thicken up the cloud cover and we're watching out for the shower chances. by friday forecast ties for tomorrow, everybody kind of in the same area here, which temperature is no big microclimate sixties to maybe right around 70 degrees. we'll think up the clouds on thursday it could be tracking a few showers, and it's only a chance of probably better chance up in the north bay and friday, making plans for the weekend. it could be a bit breezy on saturday, but we are expecting more sunshine. and temperatures actually warming up a little bi, but at least the good news, the good development. we're not talking about that widespread, dense fog, at least for tomorrow morning. that should help us out for the morning commute. yeah, glad to see you moved on out. mark. thank you. the u. s coast guard rescued six adults and four children, including a baby from flooding in northwest washington state. this is video
4:50 pm
of yesterday's dramatic rescue near forks in washington's olympic peninsula. recent heavy rains led to extreme flooding and landslides. in that area. thousands of people remain without power. today many were also forced to evacuate their homes because of the rising waters. the governor in washington has declared a severe weather emergency in several counties. wow, those images really scary, grateful with the coast guard what they do what atmospheric river could have turned last month outside lands music festival into a muddy mess. with the shows did in fact, go on coming up. we'll see how crews kept golden gate park above water for thousands of festival thing and coming up tonight. new. it's 50 clock in the east bay city considers new measures to protect patients at its planned parenthood clinic. also tonight at five. twitter is rolling out a new feature in its effort to battle misinformation on the platform.
4:51 pm
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planning for preserving the grassy fields at golden gate park during the three day outside lands music festival after record breaking rainfall just days before that event. the grass was susceptible to major damage due to heavy use, but crews were able to limit pump out much and were able to limit the damage, pump out much of the water and then cover the ground with the mix of molten sand, and as a result, officials say, damage was kept to a minimum. that's good to hear. thanksgiving is nearly here, and one furry friend decided to get an early start on the holiday feast. it's almost a story you can't believe right, so a cat in turkey. needed to be rescued after it got its head stuck well in a can of turkey, the rescue what's got on camera? the stray cat was spotted with its head stuck in that tiny little tin can. firefighters quickly responded. and with a pair of fires after some careful cutting, the first responders were able to breathe a cat. oh, my goodness. he knows the
4:54 pm
office. hey, stop! hi hi. which get out get out. you talk about an unwelcome customer? yes this woman that you hear on the video was clearly shaken up after awhile site that was caught on video. this bear opened the door of a 7 11 store in olympic valley near lake tahoe and seemed to take no notice of the store employee who was yelling at it to get out. as the employee continues to yell, the bear just sort of looks around. it even triggers the hand sanitizer dispenser. good, you know, practicing good hygiene. the employee called 911 and emergency services did arrived and they shot at the bear with rubber bullets and it got away. but it returned to dig through the store's trash cans later in the morning. oh my goodness! he knows how to open. spot. an american journalist returns home after months in a burma jail.
4:55 pm
i'm greg palkot in london. i'm greg palkot in london. that's my story. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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4:57 pm
jail in burma this as dozens of other media members remain detained. foxes greg palkot has more. for a day at the moment, but i've been imagining so intensely for so long, american journalist danny finster arriving back in the u. s tuesday after spending nearly six months in a burma jail. he was greeted by his family alongside former u. s diplomat bill richardson, who helped negotiate the release. it's worth the effort. it's worth everything we did. mr serves as the managing editor of the online magazine frontier myanma. he was arrested back in may at yangon international airport and convicted last week of multiple charges. including spreading
4:58 pm
false or inflammatory information. he had been sentenced to 11 years of hard labor and was set to stand trial on further charges that carried a possible life sentence. we get a little setback, and then you realize well, you don't change your perspective and you're finished. you have to do that every day. burma's military government says fenster was pardoned, then freed on humanitarian grounds. richardson says he negotiated the release and face to face meetings with the army general in power. i said, let's find ways that your government, uh, can work together with the u. n agencies to help the people of myanmar burma military ousted the country's elected government back in february. since then, more than 100, journalists and other media personnel have been detained. the u. n says more than 40 journalists remain in custody in burma in london, greg palkot fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. it's
4:59 pm
also time to pass the torch to another generation, so i am looking forward to coming home to being there for my husband and children and friends. bay area congresswoman jackie speier announces she will not seek re election next year after spending decades in politics, including 14 years representing the peninsula. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. the political world is reacting to the news today that long time congresswoman jackie speier. will retire at the end of her term. ktvu is jesse gary joins us. now he's live in san mateo with reaction and a look back at her extraordinary career, jessi. have been shocked that jackie spears will not seek an eighth term in congress representing or least serving the area she has been in since the 19 seventies still settling in now there are thoughts of what's coming next, as many others contemplate the legacy she will leave behind. today i'm announcing that i will
5:00 pm
not be a candidate for re election to congress in 2022. it's time for me to come home after nearly 14 years influencing national policies, jackie speier announcing its her political end, i'm sad. i feel that she's done an awful lot for all of us. you won't see another jackie spear ever. i mean, this is this is a person whose life has been defined by tragedy and arise from that tragedy. catherine lorraine, jacqueline spear stepped into the national spotlight before being elected to office. she was part of the u. s fact finding delegation to jonestown with then congressman leo ryan. the 1978 trip was a last ditch attempt to free members of the jim jones peoples temple, former ktvu senior reporter bob mckenzie narrates ryan's assistant jackie spear, interviews the park's family. how do i both understand you say that you both want to leave jonestown shortly thereafter gunfire at the guiana airport. as cope


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