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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  November 23, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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yeah a lot of developments in just the last 10 15 minutes or so that news conference wrapping up in just the last five minutes. this attorney saying that his office is taking the issue of mass retail theft very seriously and are leveling a slew of felony charges against nine of the people arrested in san francisco on friday night. we are announcing charges that my office filed against these nine separate individuals based on incidents from the last couple of days and we will be formally filing those charges with the court today. and we expect that these nine suspects will be arraigned, meaning their first formal court appearance where we will formally present the charges against them looting grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property firearm possession commercial burglary and more. two of the suspects had firearms in their possession when the police arrested them, so certainly learning a lot more details about what happened that night,
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including that there were a number of locations in san francisco hit at around the same time, the district attorney saying he's going to be working with other docs in the area, saying that this is a regional problem. at the same time, san francisco leaders. made a pitch today to encourage people to shop and dine in the city. the mayor in chief of police are saying that they're cracking down to keep the city safe for shoppers as we enter the holiday shopping season. san francisco's retail districts are preparing for the holiday rush, the owner of the eye home in the city's marina district, urging people to support their neighborhood businesses. thank you very much for everyone coming today and please don't forget to shop small shop local with us this season. thank you so much. mayor london breed joining in that call urging people to shop and dine locally, while the city addresses high profile incidents of retail theft like we saw friday, she says the city has responded with two hours of free parking in some parking lots around union square to encourage people to come out. and touting an increased police presence. i know that people feel a certain kind of way because there are a
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number of stores that are boarded up, but there's still showing up. there's still shopping and we are still there. we have. are police officers in those garages as well? the chief of police, saying his office is working with other law enforcement agencies to crack down on mass retail theft. we're going to look at every angle that we can from a regional approach to make sure that we get a handle on this. you know, as far as strategies the main thing we want to do is try to prevent these things from occurring, the chief saying changing traffic patterns around san francisco, including shutting down some streets around major retail areas is one way to prevent these from maneuvering their getaway vehicles in and out during a robbery. he also says it's time to revisit the cities policy of not monitoring live cameras, saying those cameras can provide critical information when it counts. if you can put that information out real time because you have a. the ability to access the cameras and the information. we are able. to broadcast. you know, this description of a vehicle is going in this direction. here's
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a license plate numbers. police did manage to arrest nine suspects following friday's mass retail theft in union square, the chief saying many of those arrested had previous interactions with law enforcement. the mayor in chief, agreeing that there needs to be consequences to breaking the law in this case and consistently to deter criminals. we have an issue with people repeatedly doing the same act over and over again. we have to figure that out. and we need to make the arrest. that is that's absolutely must. um we need to work with all parts of this system to make sure that people are held accountable. everybody we're going to come back to our live shot right now and show you the dozen or so protesters that showed up right at four o'clock, just as the district attorney's news conference was set to get away. these protesters calling for chase up boudin to be recalled. so clearly this case not just of interest because of the criminal aspects of it, but of course, the political aspects of it with district attorney routine facing a recall. in
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june. as a matter of fact, the news conference was set to take place in an outdoor courtyard. the protesters showed up in shortly after that they moved the press conference indoors. so a lot of developments to follow on this. my colleague jana katsuyama also working on this story with me as well. she's inside talking with the san francisco police as we speak, so we'll have more details on that tonight and, of course. we'll continue to follow on the story tomorrow when those nine suspects who are expected to be charged with those felony charges are expected to appear in court to be formally charged. for now we're live in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox news. alright christia. thank you for the update. the smash and grab crimes are part of a national trend. starting today. los angeles police are increasing overnight patrols at high end retail stores. police arrested three people last night following a break in at a nordstrom store at the grove in l. a according to police. a group of about 20 people used a sledgehammer and electric bicycle to smash the window to
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enter that nordstrom store ther. they stole at least $5000 in merchandise and caused $15,000 in damage, and we now know the approximate value of the merchandise stolen at the nordstrom store in walnut creek on saturday night. about 80 people poured out of that store just before it closed carrying stolen items in hand. police now say merchandise value between 102 $100,000 was stolen. three nordstrom employees were hurt. so far, at least only three people have been arrested and dozens more got away. well there was another store looted overnight. this time, a small business in downtown oakland was hit surveillance video shows a group of people storming into the prime 3 56 store here, 14th and webster streets. around 11 20 last night about 40 people broke into that clothing store and grabbed as much as they could before the alarm, finally scared them off. there have been as many there were as many as 15 cars involved. what's the odds
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that the mob would actually, like? hit our shop? you know, being a small business, the local who takes care of everyone. um it being our first year writing, um our first year anniversary is like five days away. the owner says the entire business was ransacked, but that they do hope to reopen. oakland police are investigating that owner by the way, tells us this is the second time that his store has been hit. in just the past month. well also in oakland in early morning break in at a cannabis dispensary was captured on video as well. it was among several businesses that were invaded by a roving group of robbers over the weekend are crime reporter henry lee is live now, with the very latest on this case, henry. heather this video probably best captures a lot of the mayhem that kept police police busy in oakland over the weekend. now this breaking at the dispensary actually came after a sideshow right outside, all of it caught on camera. this is surveillance video showing intruders,
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looting, blunts and more cannabis dispensary at 66th and coliseum way in east oakland. they broke intohe business just before six sunday morning. kind of like pride up what they could lift it up as far as i can get, and then they. broken in. shop owner tuckey blunt says the invaders had the run of the place for several minutes. they didn't seem to care about the cameras. at least one invader apparently got hurt during the break in. i had blood. in that case over there, i cleaned up in cases. there was blood over there to her fingerprints. nearly a dozen burglars helped themselves to weed products, but some of it was left behind after they were scared away by security. blunt is in oakland native and next felon who's running a business in the same neighborhood where he was once arrested. i was safe for selling weed on the streets of oakland that i am selling illegally, and that's a problem that's crazy to even say, but. that's just the reality. i'm living in right no. he says he wishes he could reach out to the burglars to steer them away from crime. there's a song which other stuff you guys can do. we can teach all how to be in this business legally, instead of you coming to steal from it just to sell it to other
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thieves. you know what i mean? it just makes no sense. the unrest actually began with a sideshow with cars doing doughnuts right outside the dispensary. it went on for about 45 minutes. and after about 45 minutes, i guess they realized that the police weren't coming. blunt. some more is right here. let's hop over the gate blunts and more was among several cannabis businesses that were targeted by roving caravans of robbers over the weekend. some fired shots at police and security. police were also kept busy with other side shows across the city because i want to be clear that we're not going to tolerate this type of activity in the city of oakland, we are going to respond. oakland police chief laurent armstrong says officers will be on high alert, especially this saturday and sunday. we will have tactical teams deployed throughout the city. these these individuals that come to the city have been heavily armed from all throughout the bay area. these are not just people from oakland. chief armstrong plans to hold a virtual meeting tomorrow with cannabis owners to discuss ways to improve safely heather from large retailers to the small businesses. it seems no one here is immune, henry. thank you very much. a serial
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shoplifting suspect in san francisco is now out of jail and on an ankle monitor. aziza graves is accused of more than 100. thefts from the stones town target store. the district attorney's office filed 128 charges, including eight felony counts of grand theft. prosecutors say she stole $40,000 worth of merchandise since last year. a judge just released graves to deal with a separate case in el dorado county. she's due back in a san francisco courtroom tomorrow to face that long list of theft charges. well, now we go to wisconsin tonight, where a child has become the sixth fatality of the tragic crash. at a christmas parade on sunday. the suspect was charged with five counts of first degree intentional homicide. foxes madala rivera tells us some are questioning why the man was free on bail. despite a very long criminal record. as the driver in the deadly christmas rampage in wisconsin heads to court new video capturing the moment he was arrested by police. you're
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charged in count one with first degree intentional homicide. that's a class a felony, and that has a maximum possible penalty of being sentenced to imprisonment for life. this doorbell camera, capturing daryl brooks showing up at a stranger's home less than a mile from where police say. minutes earlier, he drove a red suv through a barricade and plowed into the crowd. i'll call over and i'll be waiting for it over here, but i don't know when it's coming and you call it please. i'm homeless, the unsuspecting neighbor let brooks inside and made him a sandwich. and when he noticed police driving around his street, he asked brooks to leave police arresting the 39 year old booking him on five counts of first degree intentional homicide with additional charges pending. at the time of the attack, brooks was fleeing from a domestic disturbance incident. he has a long rap sheet charged 16 times since 1999, including numerous
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violent felonies and was freedom $1000 bail just two days before the deadly attack. an amount milwaukee county prosecutors say was inappropriately low. there was no way. um that he should have ever been out on the stree. he kept getting let go and. able to repeat lots of crimes. not only this one because of brooks extensive criminal history, the waukesha d, a saying she'll set his bill so high he won't be able to get out of jail before trial. and waukesha, wisconsin. mala rivera fox news. still ahead at 5 30 to move today by president biden aimed at bringing down the price of gas nationwide. macy's unveils its famous holiday windows and union square today featuring animals that are up for adoption. coming up the changes the stories making this year and the new technology bart is installing on its trains to increase passenger safety when it comes to covid-19. and we're looking into that weather forecast for the holiday weekend thanksgiving. i'll have that when i return.
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amtrak train was heading to oakland when it hit a semi trailer truck carrying a load of vehicles around eight o'clock last night. all of the vehicles came off of that vehicle. the truck had somehow stalled right there on the tracks at the crossing on market street and soto avenue about 30 people on board the train at the time. only the train engineer, though needed to be treated for minor injury. the train came to a full stop at the next crossing, where the engine derailed. crews used a crane this morning to get it back on the tracks. in san jose tonight. police are investigating a double shooting that happened just a few hours
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ago. police say two men were shot around 2 30 this afternoon on story wrote not far from the poke away apartments. police have a liquor store their cordoned off, but it's not clear if the shooting happened inside that business. investigators say both victims have been taken to the hospital, one with life threatening injuries. information is still preliminar. at this time. no suspect is in custody and no motive is known. police do say, though, to expect street closures in this area and, they asked also asked people to use alternate routes. two men face murder and attempted murder charges today and connection to last month's robbery and shooting of retired oakland police captain er. see joyner, marlon king and command breaking were arraigned at the east county hall of justice in dublin. they did not enter, please. a third man. joshua hails is in custody in texas. the robbery happened back on october 21st at west oakland gas station. surveillance video shows joyner surrounded by several men who grabbed his phone, pulled the chain off his neck. and stole a backpack from
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his car. joyner fired his gun, killing one of those suspected robbers. joyner separate several gunshot wounds himself and was released from the hospital just last week. the defendants are all charged with murder for the death of their alleged accomplice. three fishermen are safe after being rescued from a capsized boat off the marin county coast. the u. s coast guard rescued the fisherman this morning about a half a mile from tamales bay. their boat began taking on water around 9 30. the coast guard was notified in a rescue craft arrived about 30. minutes later, the crew found the fisherman sitting on the overturned boat. the coast guard says the fishermen were not injured. but had to be treated for symptoms of hypothermia. hundreds of workers are set to hold a protest at the san francisco airport tomorrow, which is typically one of the busiest travel days of the year. the protest is to demand affordable healthcare benefits for airport workers who are non union and union members of unite here local too. they are cashiers and food service employees in airport terminals
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as well as those who prepare food and drink served on the planes. they say they are being denied affordable family health care in the face of increased risk of covid-19 due to exposure to holiday travelers. sfo has not yet commented on the demand, but says the protests should not prevent travelers from freely moving through the airport. a bar today unveiled improvements to its air filtration system and all of its trains. officials there hope that this upgrade will help passengers feel more secure about their safety from covid exposure. this comes as bar tries to win back riders it lost during the pandemic is rob rock live for us now at the lake merritt bart station in oakland with more rock. heather bart. ridership has been increasing, but it's still way down from the pre pandemic date the days so it's trying to get those riders to come back. from inside parts maintenance garage and hayward tuesday, officials showed off the system's latest tool to help keep passengers safe from getting covid while inside the
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trains partisan stall these air filters called merv 14, an upgrade from the previous mourvedre filters. part says they're the highest rated filters in use by any transit system in the us, we need to be communicating with our riders. that it's safe from a covid-19 perspective that you can feel safe getting into a bar car. knowing that the air is clean, it's purified and that there's no threat of transmission. when you're in the bart system for bart covid safety is an important selling point as it looks to lure back riders who seem to have abandoned this system in favor of their cars. since the pandemic. we know there are people who used to write bart and are driving right now. and so part of it is just changing those commute patterns. they got into a new rhythm of driving in and we just need to convince him to come try us once before the pandemic more than 400,000 commuters road bart each weekday. now it's less than a third of that at 130,000 daily riders. bart says that ridership
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appears to be tied to the number of offices that are requiring employees to leave home. and appear in person. bart ridership is tracking with office occupancy. those that are coming back. they are taking the train, but we still see a lot of traffic, so there's a lot more work to do and winning back. those writers born expects more businesses to open up in januar, and it projects that it will reach 50% of pre pandemic ridership by next summer. but to us that is a success story, which says a lot about the pandemic. that 50% of pre pandemic by next summer would be a success. we asked part when it expects to get back to pre covid numbers. the answer. no one knows. heather alright rob roth reporting live for us there in oakland. rob. thank you. already taking a look at that weather out there temperatures today slightly cooler. we started off with a bit of cloud cover and a little bit of yes, a little bit of cloud cover around the inland areas this morning and then again this afternoon, and that dropped temperatures a few
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degrees over where we were yesterday. we did have some seventies yesterday although morgan hill wants to was 72 today 66 in santa rosa 66. in napa. nice day. tomorrow is about the same but a little bit warmer. i think we'll see a couple degrees of warming. i think santa rosa goes up to 69 degrees sound. rafael this up to 66. subtle changes, but nice of, you know, slightly, maybe above average for what you might expect this time of year. the story is that while the weather story the big weather story is pacific northwest british columbia. where they are already have had record setting atmospheric river events, and they're set up for a whole another string of that throughout the next week or so, so they're really going off the charts in terms of rainfall, subtropical moisture that far north that melts the snow causes all sorts of problems up in british columbia, and it'll get worse as we go into the next few days, so as you look at our forecast. you can kind of look at them because you can see we're underneath everything. look, look at that. those plumes going in thousands of miles of tropical moisture hammering
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north of seattle now, on friday, it starts to drift south a little bit. temperatures might cool look at that. next look at this next blog going in on saturday in the british columbia, so they are really. up against it, and it just continues. so that's going to be, i think in terms of whether stories i think british columbia could be huge weather story. i mean, in lieu of us having basically nothing to dry conditions with some valley fog. we had a little patchy valley fog early this morning. it was there. it didn't last long. we saw some out towards morocco. we saw some out in the valley. beautiful evening. there's sutro tower off in the distance. you can see an airplane right up here, right? and you just saw this beautiful out there tonight. no coastal farm. without the coastal fog. obviously, the beaches pretty pleasant today, mid sixties low sixties something like that. and as we go into the evening hours, the winds want to pick up now, if this weren't coming off on the heels of so much well, weather if this was november, like couple novembers ago, we would probably see some kind of fire, weather alert and what i'm
5:22 pm
going to show you is the model as we go into tonight. there's tuesday at five o'clock about now. and then you go. we're going to take you and see that bullseye just above vacaville there, so that's c level winds in vacaville 40 miles an hour, so that's pretty gusty. that means in the hills you could see 50 55 mile an hour winds. and then the winds die down pretty quickly, so really in that bull's eye if you exist in that bullseye, which concludes a little bit of napa through the early morning hours, you're going to be getting some pretty gusty winds. that's not to mention. that we won't see a little bit around here like mount diablo right now is already going 30 miles an hour or do nor so that north wind is, um, kind of the precursor. right that's the direction this one is going to come from. we'll check these tonight, but i think. by you know, 10 o'clock tonight, mount diablo is gonna be blowing 35 40 miles an hour, so not crazy winds but wind when we come back, we'll look at the complete forecast and get your thanksgiving day figured out. the federal looking forward to it. thank you. charitable groups are now kicking into high gear coming up where volunteers were
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busy today and again food boxes ahead of thanksgiving and the holidays are here, which means end of the year. tax planning is close. how you can get ahead
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touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. busy distributing thanksgiving turkey dinners at multiple locations now, ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary live at one of those sites in san jose. jesse, how's it going? julie good evening to you were at martha's kitchen here in san jose, and they are right now putting groceries into vehicles something we've seen all day now. earlier in the day earlier this evening, i should say they distributed about 400. thanksgiving meals and right now, for the next hour, they are handing out groceries. boxes of groceries, bread, milk, turkey, etcetera, eggs, all kinds of things being placed in the vehicles as they make their way off of locust and willow into
5:26 pm
the parking lot and around the building and again, this was this type of scene was played out all over the south bay today. the traditional football and turkey thanksgiving combo getting an early start outside levi stadium tuesday, more than two dozen 49ers players joining second harvest food bank for feast with the niners just to get back. get back to the community that comes to watch us and support us each sunday, monday and thursday when whenever that is that we play. for two hours, free safety jimmie ward and others handing out groceries and turkeys to 750 families struggling to put food on the table. not only is this meeting the needs of our clients, they need their groceries. it's also a way to kind of bring a sense of community like we get to live in the community where the niners are earlier in the day, healthy competition at presentation high school but offer a good cause. this turkey day celebration, eyes collecting and donating
5:27 pm
1000 turkeys ahead of the holiday, its helping hand that's needed even more since the advent of the covid pandemic pandemic just exasperates a lot of the challenges that many in our community face right like you talk about displacement. we talked about in our region abou, you know, people making money and the economy being good for some people, but it's definitely not great for a lot of our folk. alto noontime care for the community's seasoned citizens. as you get older, it's harder to take care of yourself and it's easier. to keep people healthy than it is to bring them back from the brink of unhealthy nou. part of that help is healthy turkey dinners distributed to 150. residents of the stevenson house senior housing site. and anyone else in the community, 60 and older i'm very grateful. not only that the convenience of just coming down and pick it up, not having to take the bus with the south based team in place and volunteers helping in all
5:28 pm
capacities. participants say the season of giving is on target to reach its goal. we know this year thanksgiving fictions are going to be about 30% more in cost than they were before, just because of inflation. and for that reason, social service organizations like this say that they could use donations, particularly monetary donations and volunteer years during the holiday season to keep all of this on track. we're live in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu fox news julie will head back to you up and over, jesse. quite the drive through there. how long are they planning on staying open tonight? they will do this, distributing the groceries until six o'clock, so roughly another 35 40 minutes or so and they hope to reach about 200 families. julian can see the need so many people in need this year, jesse. thank you. well speaking of holiday, giving our annual one warm coat drive is now underway. if you have a
5:29 pm
gently warm coat or jacket that you'd like to donate to bay area families, there are a lot of places you can take them to, and they're listed right now on your screen. the coat drive runs through december. 5th just visit ktvu dot com slash one warm coat for more information. driving to your holiday destination this year is going to cost you a little bit more coming up the move by president biden today that may help bring down gas prices, and house leaders gathered today in san francisco, where they say federal infrastructure funds will be spent here in the bay area. plus health officials are making a big new vaccine push as new cases are spiking up across the country. i'm phil keating in miami with the d
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to learn more about cost, reserves in an effort to try to address a spike in gas prices. but will the move help bring down costs and how soon gateways tom vacar talked with an expert and joins us now live tonight in san rafael? tom? the answer is, yes, costs are going to come down and when is reasonably soo, but not just because of what the president did. this is part of a much greater, more complex calculations. mat johnson was singing the tuesday fuel price blues navarro gas station. i can't afford it. you know, i'm on disability of work, part time and self car wash. um it's put
5:33 pm
them real hardship on me. relief is coming. 50 million barrels, the largest ever release from the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve. help provide a supply we need as we recover from this pandemic. in the wake of the arab oil embargo of the early 19 seventies, the u. s department of energy set up the strategic petroleum reserve, the world's largest known emergency stockpile of crude oil. currently 605 million barrels. the 50 million barrels from the reserve will take a month to get to the market. according to the white house. it will take time, but before long you should see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank high school of business energy economist severin borenstein says. it usually takes about 3 to 5 weeks to lead to lower prices at the pump, but this time the savings should come very quickly. the really good news is that oil prices actually topped out about a month ago and have been coming
5:34 pm
down since then. and i know that the president is doing everything that they can. it's an international problem. biden announced that china, great britain, india, japan and south korea. will also release some of their reserves to have a greater impact on lowering worldwide crude prices. that's the biggest cost in a gallon of gasoline. the total release could be closer to 100 million barrels, so that would be good. it would have a modest, very modest effect. the mere threat of this last week lowered crude oil prices about 5% but thanks to us production these days, the extra money for gas is largely staying in the u. s not going to opec, the u. s. is almost in balance between the amount of oil we produce in the amount of oil we consume. now every time the price of oil goes down by a dollar, you save 2.5 cents at the pump, so if it goes down $10 a barrel, you saved 25 cents.
5:35 pm
hopefully that's the way it will head and keep going. reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox. two news. hopefully, but bottom lin, tom here it looks like it won't move prices overnight. but as your expert said, it will make a difference. thank you so much, tom. appreciate it indeed. members of congress say the bay area will get an economic boost from the infrastructure bill signed into law last week. ktvu salix savage joins us now he's in our newsroom with how much money will be flowing toward local projects. alex well, juli, it's a big investment here over the next five years, the bay area is set to receive at least $4.5 billion in guaranteed transportation funding. lawmakers say that money will pay to improve roads and mass transit as commute traffic returns to the bay area after the pandemic. here in the bay area. commuters pre pandemic spent 100 and three hours a year stuck in traffic for moving people from home to work to school. for moving products to
5:36 pm
market. transit projects from caltrain on the peninsula to highway 37 in the north bay and bay bridge connectors to europe. avoiding island could all benefit from that funding during a tour of the joseph p. mazzola training center this afternoon in san francisco. union leaders said the bill will help to support good paying jobs. it's job security. it's health and welfare security, its pension security, it means that they are going to be earning a living wage for a long, long, long time. but we're definitely going to create. good paying jobs for pipefitters and plumbers, and for everyone who is working to make sure that our young people have access to clean water. speaker pelosi said the bill also includes new spending to replace toxic lead pipes. california is set to receive $3.5 billion for lead pipe replacement, including at school sites, which speaker pelosi said
5:37 pm
today is a big priority for the health of students. julie. alex savage reporting live in the newsroom tonight, alex. thanks. marin county has the highest percentage of children who have received the covid vaccine here in the bay area since u. s regulators clear the fighter vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old. 40% of children in that age group in marin county have received at least one of the two fighter shots. other pay area counties range from 21% in contra costa to 26% in san francisco. new covid hotspots are emerging across the country just as we enter the holiday season. fox news phil keating looks at some of the incentives now being offered to encourage people to get vaccinated. health officials say a new nationwide covid surge could be unavoidabl. we're now averaging about 95,000 new infections every day. that's up about 20% from last week and the highest number since early october. more than 30 states are now seeing a spike with the northeast midwest and southwest
5:38 pm
getting hit the hardest. officials are now scrambling to get more vaccine shots into arms in new york city, a program offering $100 for anyone getting their shots at a city run vaccine site has been expanded to all vaccination centers. everyone who comes get vaccinated can get that $100 incentive. and this is going to keep moving us forward. there's also a big new push for vaccine boosters. at least 36 million americans have gotten boosters three million since friday, when the fda and cdc expanded access to all adults. and there's new evidence. the additional doses do not cause the rare heart inflammation that has been reported after the first two shots. the side effects are about the same as the other two shots with one exception. they're not seeing the myocarditis. meanwhile the battle over mandates is heating up again with the white house asking a federal court to reinstate nationwide vaccine requirements for all businesses with more than 100 workers.
5:39 pm
claiming it is the best way to stop the spread. the requirement will avoid disruptions in our view and our labor force because vaccinations help avoid covid the deadline for federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated was monday and the white house says about 95% of those people. got their shots. in miami. phil keating, fox news. he has been behind bars for four decades for three murders. but this man was innocent. and today he walked out of prison. a free man coming up why, he says he's not angry. also ahead. elizabeth holmes spent a third day on the witness stand in her criminal fraud trial coming up how legal experts say this is impacting her case and rehearsals are underway right now in new york city for the. big macy's thanksgiving day parade still ahead, the changes organizers are making this year.
5:40 pm
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involving her former company, theranos. she took the witness stand for the third day in the trial against her ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky was in court for her testimony and has the latest now from san jose. elizabeth holmes spent more than six hours on the witness stand. she got to tell her side of the story and explain the ugly accusations against her. so you're going to anticipate a witness at this level. is going to be prepared for the first time since she was charged with multiple counts of fraud. elizabeth holmes addressed some of the most allegations against her. they involve alleged lies, she told investors in her failed blood testing company theranos. it comes down in the jury's evaluating who they believe. former prosecutor michelle hagen was in court watching the testimony. she said holmes was sharp and focused on the stand. she's getting to explain to the jury what she did, and she's
5:43 pm
taking responsibility for certain things and other things that she's saying. other people were responsible for homes faced up to putting logos for fighter and shearing plow on studies theranos gave to investors. she said she never intended for people to think the pharmaceutical companies prepared the documents. i wish i'd done it differently, she said. on the stand homes also addressed modifying third party analyzers to do blood tests collected at walgreens. she said. the manipulations were inventions so there are nose could process a larger number of samples. she admitted she never told walgreens about it. her reason was it involved trade secrets. all bats are off. this case is now about elizabeth holmes and how she is going to do on the stand. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said holmes biggest test will come when the prosecution begins cross examination. i guarantee you they had mark cross examined her and quite a number of
5:44 pm
attorneys homes will continue her testimony when the trial resumes after the thanksgiving holiday. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news, amanda, missouri, was released from prison today after more than 40 years behind bars for crimes he did not commit. 62 year old kevin strickland was wrongly convicted of three murders. but he says he's not angry about the witnesses and their testimony that put him in prison. no hard feelings hurt off the system. they knew from day one. i didn't commit this crime. cannot give it to me. an. strickland says he would like to get involved in efforts to quote keep this from happening to someone else, adding that the criminal justice system quote needs to be torn down and redone. deliberations begin in the murder trial of three men charged with killing a model barbary in georgia coming up the
5:45 pm
last pitch to the jury today by the prosecutor. and the bases in san francisco's union square and veils its famous holiday windows today featuring animals up for adoption coming up, though the changes the store is making this year. i'm tracking some nice weather as we head towards the holiday towards
5:46 pm
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call scan at 1-877-212-7226. after being downsized last year by the pandemic. today performers were out rehearsing in front of macy's flagship store right there on west 34th street in new york city. the one key change this year. children under 12 will not be able to be in the parade, but there are no restrictions on children viewing the parade in person, organizers say the famous. the parade's famous balloons will be inflated tomorrow. holiday tradition has returned to the windows at macy's in san francisco's union square in a new way, people walking by can see the 35th
5:48 pm
annual macy's spc. a holiday window display a pets up for adoption. for the second year in a row because of the pandemic. there are videos of pets instead of the live cats and dogs. this annual tradition has helped more than 10,000 animals find homes. macy says it hopes to have live pets returned to the window display next year. well if you're headed to the mall for maybe a picture with santa claus precautions are still in place. masks won't be required to be worn by kids or by santa since most santas are vaccinated. however some will still be behind barriers. saint nick here kicked off the holiday season for shoppers at hillsdale shopping center in san mateo. so happy things getting back to normal. you know, it could be kids is missing out on, you know the little little things and you know, christmas is a big and i like everybody believe in santa. while many santas will still be behind those barriers, as i mentioned, other retailers may allow lap sitting in full
5:49 pm
contact visits, like the good old days will dry weather is causing another sierra ski resort to delay it season sugar bowl in north lake tahoe is the third resort to postpone the ski season. it was set to open this friday with mild and dry weather in the week ahead. the resort posted on its website that their winter season is now delayed. heavenly and northstar resorts also delayed their start of the season due to the mild weather. well, and you can see it's been a little warmer than average and typically this time of year around thanksgiving. they've been getting skiing going by making snow, but you can only make snow when you're below freezing in temperature right because you're blowing out water vapor, and that's freezes and if it's not able to freeze. you're not able to make snow, and so that's where we are in terms of ski season. same with squad are pacific was it palaces? palestinian tahoe? it's alright. yeah, they changed after years and years. okay so, yes, same with them. they're not opening either. so here's the deal. breezy in the hills tonight and tomorrow morning that high pressure builds in. like i said,
5:50 pm
pacific northwest they're getting they're getting hit and everything is going over the top of that h over the top of that big high pressure. you can kind of see it here. actually that really illustrates that nicely. doesn't as you look at you can see that. the trajectory of these things, and this is where it's heading right into their. if this was focused in our direction, it would be yet another atmospheric river. that would be massive. it's actually a little spooky this one now because it's the second one. it's actually it's going to be. it's the second big one to focus on british columbia in less than a couple of weeks here, and so they're saturated, ground saturated. they're not talking about snow. they're talking about sub tropical moisture that far north so they are going to have significant hydro problems. as you go outside and barking does lit up for the holidays. the camera was moving little bit, but i think maybe there's a little wind out there. we are going to see some wind late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we did. we did talk about that mainly. in the north and east bay hills, but mainly in the north bay hills more up towards lake berryessa. in those
5:51 pm
areas, current temperatures running about where they were last night. so you breaking even overnight lows. tonight will be a little cooler than they were last night. the fog shouldn't be much of a deal because. there's enough wind, right? so there's fairfield anti ac. i don't suspect you're going to see fog because the winds are going to be pumping down from the north northeast and that stirs it up and mixes up and makes it hard drives out the atmosphere. so with his dry out the atmosphere, you may have cool temperatures, but you don't have the high enough humidity to get yourself a dew point that is going to be reached. you're not going to get fog. so as you look at the forecast highs from others a little yellow areas in their represent maybe some upper sixties and low seventies that's tomorrow. that's wednesday. thursday is very similar to this not much different, really pleasant day. um and we need rain. yes, we won't rain gas, but we're gonna get rain. no and that's just the way we're enough to look at it for a while. so enjoy the holiday weekend drive safe as. you move through the central valley, especially as we get into thursday, friday and saturday when the valley fog
5:52 pm
have a chance to take hold agai. so here are some clouds from this morning. this is the model this is tomorrow morning. this is tomorrow after or evening late afternoon, so there's wednesday beautiful that getaway days busiest, one of the busiest travel days of the year, right? so should be easy traveling that way. and then when? thursday morning. thursday afternoon, some more clouds and yet another weather system going into the pacific northwest. pretty much missing us hovers up there on friday, so the forecast highs tomorrow, little warmer than they were today. in places like santa rosa. maybe valet will be a couple degrees warmer conquered, and then temperatures will from there. continue to stay in the mid sixties to mid and upper sixties as we head into saturday and sunday, so no rain in the forecast dry conditions. valley fog after tomorrow and nice thanksgiving weather just dry bill back to sugar bowl. i was actually hiking in that area of the weekend. and boy, you were right. it is so crazy and so mild. um hopefully they can open up soon again. thank you. bill
5:53 pm
well, grammy nominations were announced today. and this year jazz musician jon batiste was the most recognized artist. is it the shoes? over? press he is so talented 11 nominations, including album of the year and record of the year, justin bieber judge, a cat in vallejo native her each had eight nods. billie eilish and olivia rodrigo both had seven nominations. the weekend surprisingly received three nominations, even though he didn't submit any music this year. well the season of giving is here. and with that the san francisco police department kicked off its annual toy drive in partnership with walgreens. starting today through december, 21st. you can drop off new unwrapped toys at one of 40 walgreens locations in san francisco. donations will benefit children in need. we know how important these connections are with families when you see officers on their
5:54 pm
bellies playing with children throughout this pandemic, doing derbies together. it's been an amazing time, and we just want to see that continues. this is the sixth annual toy drive in partnership with the police department and walgreens. last year, they collected 2000 toys, and they hope they can beat that this year. the fate of three men charged in the death of ahmad armory now lies in the hands of the jury. i'm lauren blanchard in brunswick, georgia. i'll have more from court coming up and coming up at six another retail break in caught on camera and a big setback to a small business in oakland. how the owner is feeling tonight
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
amman are very prosecutors made their final pitch to jurors this morning. foxes lauren blanchard has more now on what's to come. the trial over the shooting death of a modern armory is nearing its end, as the jurors now have the case you are considering the case of the state of georgia versus travis mcmichael, gregory mcmichael and william are brian. a georgia jury deliberating the fate of three men charged in the fatal shooting of ahmad armory. the 12 jurors will determine whether father and son greg and travis mcmichael, along with the neighbor, william roddy, brian, are guilty of charges including false imprisonment, aggravated assault, felony murder and malice murder. you must apply the law give you in the charge to the facts as you find them to be judge timothy walmsley, giving jurors their final instructions before deliberations. the panel received the case after a 13 day trial charged with proving beyond a reasonable doubt the state getting the final word tuesday morning, telling jurors that michael's and brian were
5:58 pm
the ones who approach the 25 year old as he ran in their neighborhood. you can't claim self defense. if you are the unjustified initial aggressor, meaning if you started it who started this. was no matter robbery. defense attorneys maintain their clients suspected are very of burglary feared for their safety, and we're attempting a citizen's arrest just outside the courthouse armories. mother says she's anxiously awaiting a verdict. we will get justice for, um, on. both. mcmichael and brian also face federal hate crime charges in our berries. death in brunswick, georgia. lauren blanchard, fox two news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. tonight at six. yet another retail burglary and again it is caught on camera as dozens of people storm in downtown oaklan. we had a mob of. about 40 guys come in break into our store. um
5:59 pm
they grabbed as much as they can, but i think the alarms scared them off. a store employee says the break in lasted less than a minute, but the burglars got away with a lot of valuable merchandise. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. this happened at a clothing store called prime 356. it's located at 14th and webster and it happened around 11 30 last night, and you can see dozens of people just filing into that store and raiding it. and making off with as many items as they can carry. police say as many as 15 cars may have been involved. one of the owners tells us this is the second time that his store has been hit in the past month. it's kind of just know about it right now. i don't really know how to feel. i didn't know that it would actually happen to us a small business. what's the odds that the mob would actually, like? hit our shop? you know, being a small business local who takes care of everyone. petrie is one of the three owners of prime 356
6:00 pm
and he says the store sells hard to find sneakers and clothing and believes that may have been why the shop was targeted. the stores first anniversary is just in a few days and tonight, san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin announced felony charges in connection with the brazen theft and looting in union square on friday night. bodine made that announcement around four o'clock this afternoon. ktvu is christian captain has more now on the charges being filed. san francisco's district attorney, says he and his office are taking the issue of mass retail theft seriously and are leveling a slew of felony charges against the nine people arrested in san francisco friday night. we are announcing charges that my office filed against these nine separate individuals based on incidents from the last couple of days. the charges were filed include everything from looting, grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, firearm possession, commercial burglary and more. the district attorney saying he'll be working with other days in the area, saying this is a regional problem. at the same time, san


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