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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 23, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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frank. well, tonight, a community center in concord connected dozens of families who recently came from afghanistan with other afghan americans to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday new tonight. ktvu sandra lee joins us live with. the additional way that community center is helping the families. heather organizers tell me tonight's event is a way to help afghan refugees feel welcomed in their new country. the celebration and introduction to american culture. major had a little bit early thanksgiving celebrations started with a prayer in arabic at nora islamic and cultural community center in concord. a night to connect afghan refugee families new to the united states with afghan americans. and how do you feel? what do you happy? price i see a lot of people. but i'm afghanistan, the community center has partnered with
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nonprofits, city and county officials to welcome these families by helping them transition into their new lives. introducing them to thanksgivin. it gives them some hope that it's going to be okay. one afghan refugees shared with me this video of the struggle to escape afghanistan in august eight days of trying to get into the kabul airport when you're drowning. you know, you just try to hold on everything coffee. yanni, his wife and three young daughters have been living in a hotel for the past three months in the east bay after arriving here from afghanistan, it feels great to have all my family and everyone here. it's. it's a blessing. organizers say each family was gifted $200 in cash and given a care package. some nice blankets. what can i get you? this retired lieutenant colonel with the u. s marine corps helps serve thanksgiving meals on this night. he says he served two tours in afghanistan. he tells me his mission is not
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over. he considers the afghan people family anytime you're with family. you're helping each other. you're working together, and that helps me personally knowing that we're connecting right? so is that connection that shared sense of community? these families say they're grateful. we all have to focus. to cherish each other love each other help each other. half eonni tells me after months of living in a hotel room, he and his family are moving into a two bedroom apartment tomorrow, a new home to start their new life just in time for thanksgiving live in concord. amber lee ktvu, fox two news. new video tonight of how police in walnut creek are now trying to deter retail theft. ktvu camera captured these barricades now in place in front of the nordstrom in broadway plaza, and the street is now closed to cars. city officials tell us they will re
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evaluate the street closure next week, but there will be an expanded police patrol in that area, the downtown area through the holiday season. on saturday, a mob of 80 people still between 100 and $200,000 worth of merchandise from that nordstrom store, and we also found barricades at valley fair mall in san jose. police. they're arrested two suspects tonight. who are trying to steal from the women's macy's at that mall. sanders, a police say the thieves took about $2000 worth of merchandise and tried to run away. officers on the scene were able to arrest them. both suspects will be booked for felony theft and burglary in san francisco district attorney chase a boudin today announced felony charges against nine people accused of participating in brazen thefts around that city. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live from san francisco and janna the increased police patrols in response to the recent crimes appear to already be working. yes heather, take a look behind. you can see they have set up a mobile command center here and that shift
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change. we saw some, like 20 police vehicles just lined up along this street. after we arrived earlier this evening, police chase down one man who they say ran out of macy's with, uh, stole some stolen merchandise today, the district attorney and police announced charges against. five people for stealing from the louisville aton store and talked about what they're doing to stop the stealing. police officers were on every block of san francisco's union square shopping district tuesday night, a full force response after the high profile smash and grab looting by 20 to 40 thieves at the louisville thanh and other stores. at a news conference tuesday, city leaders announced felony charges if you come to san francisco and commit these acts of violent crime, you will be arrested and you will be prosecuted. my office is personally going to follow each and every individual case, san francisco's district attorney chase a. boudin and san francisco police released the names of five suspects that officers chased down and arrested in the louisville thanh
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case. one was found with a loaded firearm. the charges we file include everything from looting, grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, firearm possession. commercial burglary and more. investigators say they're looking into links to massive organized crime networks. it is something that we're looking at and something we go after. this is not a problem. limited to san francisco. we are seeing similar crimes occur around the bay area and across the country. we've heard reports that at least four separate louis baton stores all across the country were hit in a similar fashion. san francisco officials say they plan to have a full police response through the holiday shopping season. tuesday night, several extra officers on patrol chased down a man running from union square's macy's store with stolen goods. had we not increased our staffing, we would have been there when the when this person ran out of out of the store and. may have most likely would have gotten away with it. the extra patrols are costing extra money in overtime costs. we are 400 officers short of where we
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should be. the police chief and mayor say they're committed to catching criminals by blocking some streets and increasing live monitoring access to surveillance cameras. we have provided the funding for hundreds of cameras all over the city. and police right now are in the process of submitting paperwork so they can access the security cameras now. meantime the police chief says that the mayor has been very supportive of all of these overtime costs, and it is going to be likely a big bill, just judging by how many police officers are out here. there are some discussions about whether to bring in san francisco sheriff's deputies to help with the security. in the meantime, there is a coalition that was announced today of five day area counties, including san francisco, san mateo, santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties to try and take a crack at all of these cases, heather i'm sure that increased police presence is welcomed by both retailers and shoppers there, janet. thank you. protesters outside the district attorney's
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news conference earlier this afternoon denounced rudy then called for him to be recalled from office next june. he faces a recall over criticism that his office routinely under charges cases and offers lenient plea deals. voters will decide june 7th supporters called boudin, a reformer and say that he should be allowed to finish his term. well the new survey shows that san francisco is the second worst city in the country for package thefts. according to the safe wise survey, an estimated 210 million packages were stolen in the last 12 months from outside american households, and in fact, 64% of americans say they have been a victim of package theft in the last year. with cyber monday now just days away, and more people shopping online than ever, experts recommend sending packages to other locations if you will not be home. denver by the way, is the country's worst city for package that. a serial shoplifting suspect in san francisco is out of jail and now wearing an ankle monitor, aziza
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graves is accused of more than 100 thefts from the target store at stones town galleria. the district attorney's office filed 128 charges, including eight felony counts of grand theft. prosecutors say she stole $40,000 worth of merchandise since last year, a judge just released graves to deal with a separate case in el dorado county. she's due back in san francisco courtroom tomorrow to face that long list of theft charges. the ceo of best buy, says theft by organized groups is hurting its profit margins. in a call with analysts, corie barry said the rise in crime is also traumatizing the company's employees, she said. they've hired security guards and are locking up more merchandise. and she told reporters, san francisco has been hotspot. one now to developing news tonight. one eastbound lane of interstate 80 remains closed on the car kenya's bridge because of this right here that you see a car fire. you can see the flames from the video posted to twitter. the chp says the crash
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happened just before nine o'clock tonight, the contra costa county sheriff's office was chasing a suspect vehicle when that car crashed into another car, causing both vehicles to become engulfed in flames. deputies chased the suspects, and we're told that some arrests were made no word yet on any injuries. a safety assurance from bart, the upgraded air filtration system that officials showed off today in the hopes of winning back writers. also a cult favorite beer is coming back what you need to know about buying the famous pliny the younger craft beer in person this winter. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000
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things to get to their thanksgiving destinations. check out the traffic this evening on the 405 freeway in southern california. this was just after five o'clock tonight. this is between the sepulveda pass at l a x triple a predicts 53.4 million people were travel for the thanksgiving holiday, including more than 48 million by car. tomorrow is expected to be even busier than today. bart unveiled new improvements today to its air filtration systems in all of its trains as ktvu is, rob ross tells us officials say the hope the upgrade will win back passengers lost during the pandemic. from inside parts maintenance garage and hayward tuesday, officials showed off the system's latest tool to help keep passengers safe from getting covid while inside the trains part is installed. these air filters called merv 14 and
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upgrade from the previous mourvedre filters. part says they're the highest rated filters in use by any transit system in the us, we need to be communicating with our riders. that it's safe from a covid-19 perspective that you can feel safe getting into a bar car. knowing that the air is clean, it's purified and that there's no threat of transmission. when you're in the bart system for bart covid safety is an important selling point. as it looks to lure back riders. you seem to have abandoned this system in favor of their cars since the pandemic. we know there are people who used to write bart and are driving right now. and so part of it is just changing those commute patterns. they got into a new rhythm of driving in and we just need to convince him to come try us once before the pandemic more than 400,000 commuters road part each weekday. now it's less than a third of that at 130,000 daily riders. bart says that ridership appears to be tied to the number of offices that are requiring employees to leave home. and
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appear in person. bart ridership is tracking with office occupancy. those that are coming back. they are taking the train, but we still see a lot of traffic, so there's a lot more work to do and winning back. those writers born expects more businesses to open up in januar, and it projects that it will reach 50% of pre pandemic ridership by next summer. but to us that is a success story, which says a lot about the pandemic. that 50% of pre pandemic by next summer would be a success. we asked bart when it expects to get back to pre covid numbers. the answer. no one knows. at the lake mary part station in oakland. rob roth, ktvu. fox two news. the east bay regional parks is offering an alternative to heading to the ball on black friday. the park district is waving entry fees on the day after thanksgiving. and they're calling it green friday there. also some special events including guided hikes, the park district says it's a great opportunity to get outside and spend some time with family and friends. beer fans have
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something to look forward to this coming february, russian river brewing says it will sell its pliny the younger craft beer in person at his group hubs in santa rosa and windsor. the two week release starts february 4th. the event normally draws thousands of people to line up for the hoppy brew. last year, the famous triple epa was sold online only due to the pandemic. arriving other ski resort now pushing back at season how the warm weather is delaying skiers and snowboarders. in the holiday weekend forecast coming up right after the break. we'll look into the five day in which you can expect and a small business in oakland, one of the latest targets of looters, the massive targets of looters, the massive lost the story is now fac mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need
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night, owners say they made off with $60,000 worth of merchandise. as ktvu is, azenith smith tells us, it all happened in less than a minute. surveillance video counters, thieves stormed into prime 356 on 35 6/14 street in downtown oakland just before 11 30 monday night. 30 to 40 people bum rushing our shop with not enough items for all of them. the group donning hoodies and face masks, scene stealing high end and highly sought after sneakers like jordan's and yeezys, not to mention hats, clothing, whatever they could get their hands on. the store is no more than 1000 square feet. we got alarm. you know, we barricade everything as much as we can. but how could you stop the force of 40 30 to 40 people? that's a football team. maybe 15 of them at one time. we're just pulling on thi. the owners say the group pried open the middle gate, getting it off its tracks and broke windows. this video shows them
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outfront breaking in. seconds later, they're running in different directions, leaving in 15 cars. i'm just glad nobody was inside for that to happen, because if, like 30 people were rushing at us, that would be. crazy the owners estimates 75% of their inventory is gone. this is the second breaking in a month. they don't believe it's the same people. the stores owned by three high school classmates from alameda busses, you know, young business owners. i feel like we just want to impact our community. we want to bring all the fresh year to oakland because we don't have any retail stores here. this co owner suspects. the looting coincides with civil unrest across the country, one injustice or something. it doesn't go. our way is like this is how they're going to retaliate. i just know that it's a bunch of knuckleheads going around doing. doing this. the motive is unknown, unsure if the culprits are planning to resell or where the merchandise shoes average around 1 to $200. there's owner has this message for the thieves. it's not helping our community. it's not
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at all. it's not the answer. destroying our community go forward to holidays and oakland. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. san francisco police are expected to release details tomorrow on the deadly shooting of a man that they say he was carrying a knife during a virtual town hall meeting tomorrow. the shooting happened following a 911 call to the cw hotel near the intersection of fifth and false. um the city south of market neighborhood last friday morning. police officers killed 41 year old jamal amani, but have not detailed the circumstances. that meeting is scheduled for three tomorrow afternoon. it can be seen on the sfpd facebook page, and there will also be an opportunity for public comment. okay we got some wind out there tonight. no fire concerns, really. considering that we've done so well with fuel moisture in the past couple weeks, three or four weeks. you see that bull's eye right up in north of vacaville that's forecast for tomorrow morning at about 78 a. m. that will be the strongest winds is pretty localized the
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winds, but it's pretty breezy in the hills right now, so we've got some numbers and around mount diablo that are already blowing up to 50 miles an hour mount st helene up to 50 miles an hour, so the winds are up high there blowing pretty hard. that keeps temperatures a little warmer than they might be. it also keeps the fog from having a much success and for me forming because the wind stirs that up again. most of the winds can be up higher. in fact, there's well there's mount diablo right ther, right shows 50 52 miles an hour, so i suspect we're going to see some sixties on some of these mountain pigs. what we got here 32 in mount st helene a. so it's not. too bad but it will pick up in about 34 am hours. the low pressure that moved through here brought some winds. now it's bringing warm air is that high builds in behind it and. it sets us up with dry conditions. everything's going to the north that that's an atmospheric river and you see the trajectory. you can almost see. it's like an arrow, right. that's the jet stream and it's pushing all that some tropical moisture. it will super high latitude they're
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gonna be looking at rain in parts of southern alaska and parts of british columbia. lots of rain and as a matter of fact, so that's a big story on the in the in the big scheme of whether this week you're gonna be talking about british columbia and the flooding concerns. that are that are occurring. they've already had issues with flooding, but they're going to get more as his next atmosphere was atmospheric river, which is the second in a very short amount of time for them so overnight lows down to thirties. right now we're already into the low forties. forecast highs tomorrow yellows or seventies screens are sixties. nice day. tomorrow will be a nice week. there you go. um no rain really in the offing. the next chance for rain really shows up. somewhere around that first week in december. looks good on the long range models, but it's still too far off to really say okay, so here's wednesday morning at eight a.m. there's wednesday afternoon thursday morning thanksgiving few clouds. few more clouds thursday. it's going to be beautiful, just a few more clouds and all the range states north and then the forecast highs for tomorrow, a
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little warmer than today by a couple degrees and then further warming. within the five day forecast. i hope you have the whole week off. i know a lot of folks do and just be safe. i think the valley fog is probably the big weather feature around here and that starts showing up on thursday, friday and saturda, especially in the inland bay valleys, at least in more in earnest. so be careful traveling through the big valley. i'll see you back here tomorrow. all right, bill. thank you. well dry weather is causing another sierra ski resort to delay its season sugar bowl in north lake tahoe is the third resort to postpone the ski season. it was set to open this friday, but with the mild and dry weather in the week ahead. the resort posted on its website that their winter season is now delayed. heavenly and northstar resorts also delayed the start of their seasons due to the mild weather. the owner of donner ski resorts, says it's too warm even to make snow. gets very, very cold at night, but unfortunately during the day it's been getting up into the upper forties and some days into the fifties. up here. we'll just have to see what happens this year. it doesn't look too promising right now.
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resort operators are hoping for some help from mother nature in time for the christmas season. well, san francisco state has awarded 10 full ride scholarships to young people who received a covid-19 vaccine. the winners were chosen through a drawing and will have four years of undergraduate tuition paid for by the university. some of the winners include seventh graders from everett and herbert hoover. middle schools attempt greater from phillip and sala burton academic high school and 1/12 grader from mission high school. coming up st mary's looks to open the college basketball season a perfect six and oh, and earn a trip to the maui invitational championship game. joe fonzi has the highlights and the rest of sports next. and first, a reminder of our annual one warm coat drive. it is underway. so if you have a gently worn coat or jacket that you would like to donate to bay area families, there are a lot of the spots where you can take them. coat drive runs through december. 5th
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gales acting like they just might be a basketball team worth paying attention to all winter after their first round win last night over notre dame, the gaels taking on oregon this evening in the semifinals of the maui classic. being played in las vegas. the gaels limited the ducks to just 15 points in the first half. they go in front by eight. as dan photo gets a tough to inside with a little more than a minute to play in the half foot to lead state marriage was 16. saint mary's, adding to that lead in the second half tommy cuzzi through traffic and reversing he has in front 31 17 cause he had 13 and now watch logan johnson. he anticipates the past makes this deal. he'll go all the way to the hoop. 11 points for johnson. the gaels
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went 62 to 50 there now six and no. they'll play wisconsin in tomorrow's tournament championship. stanford at home tonight, hosting the aggies from north carolina. a and t that cardinal expecting big things from this guy, freshman harrison ingram. runs the floor, then dishes to brandon angel. pretty good line for ingram 14 points. 10 rebounds. add three assists after this no look effort. stanford led by nine at the hal, then added on nice ball movement to max morel, who's all net with the three morelle came off the bench for a career and team high. 18 points, stanford empties the bench and his 79 65 when the cardinal is four and two santas, a state has won two games. both have been on last second shots tonight. the spartans trail northern colorado by a point. you see the time ticking down marin more takes matters into his own hands, driving the lane. jamming down the winning shot with four seconds left. that was two of more 28 points as the spartans 1 75 74. the warriors sporting the best record in the nba are back
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at it tomorrow night when the philadelphia 76 ers come to san francisco. this is a site the warriors are enjoying for the first time since tearing his hcl in game six of the 2019 finals against toronto. klay thompson today participated in a full team practice. it, of course, wasn't just the knee that thompson had to rehab in the last two years. he also injured his achilles requiring surgery before last season started. there is not yet a specific date in which thompson will return to game action. but, boy, is he ever ready? i want to win 1/4 ring and be able compete again. i just feel like i mean, the last two years, i feel like i have a lot of pent up energy to go out there. improve not to anybody else to myself. still one of the best so we have a finals m v p two times v p. d p o y champions. we got the core. we've got the youth. i just really want to win a championship again. i want to just. yeah that's it, by the way
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that d p o y is defensive player of the year draymond green and as usual, we like to leave you with something to check out on this tuesday night on the way out the door. the nba slam dunk contest doesn't happen till the oscar of break. but portland's greg brown would have a good entry with this effort tonight against denver food. watch this. you gotta slow it down to catch them between the legs. wow through the group effort blazers 1 19 1 10 winners and when we show you big place in soccer, we usually talking about goals. here's a big play that prevented one. this is 37 year old chelsea defender. go silver going bicycle to make us save after his goalie left the net. almost impossible. i know look about like he's going look forward. it's going and then, just like the timing on that backwards. chelsea four. nothing winner over who ventas so not unnecessary saved, but certainly a spectacular one. oh, did he hurt himself at the end? there was grabbing his ankle look like you might have there for a minute. well, that was a great
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save. all right. thank you. thanks everybody for joining us tonight. goodnight modern family tonight. goodnight modern family is next. we'll see you tomorrow. (telephone ringing) night. no. middle of the phone. i got it. get it. oh! my arm's asleep! my arm's asleep! phil, get the phone. oh! (beep) that's me. hello! hi. (grunts) yes, this is she. who is it? okay. oh, god. tell me what's happening here! haley has been arrested. what? (telephone ringing) phone! phone. i bet that's mama. i was just dreaming it was raining chickens! mitchell, answer the phone! (beep) look what i am doing. look what i am doing, huh? hello? hey, mitchell. i'm sorry to wake you up, but haley got arrested. oh, god. haley got arrested. that explains the chickens. it does. it adds up. what did she get arrested for? oh, she got caught drinking at some party. look, could you drive up to the college with us? i think we're gonna need a lawyer. yes, of course. and cam and lily can come over and stay with alex and luke. i'll guard them with my life. yeah, yeah. i hate to bother him. no, no, don't be silly. he's happy to do it. okay, we'll be over in a little bit.


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