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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 25, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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normal this thanksgiving with some transit traditions starting up again, and for some families that means looking ahead to christmas. some thanksgiving is done. we're like, okay, we can put the tree tonight. we're still full from lunch time. so we start decorating put on some christmas music put on decorations out, and it's just become a tradition for us. a
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busy christmas tree lot in san francisco this thanksgiving. good evening. i'm jana katsuyama and i'm heather holmes frank and julia role tonight. but with recent wildfires, heatwaves and those supply chain issues, your christmas tree could cost a lot more. live coverage now from kcbs amberleigh in the city and amber. higher prices, though, don't seem to be stopping many families this year. that's right, heather this afternoon and we've seen a steady stream of customers. it's thanksgiving , but people are already have christmas on their minds. you really feel like you're kind of like in a mini winter wonderland , a winter wonderland at clancy's christmas trees, a family owned lot operating in san francisco's sunset neighborhood since 1949 that evergreen smell is like. my favorite sort of memory coming in. this is great. it's festive . it's uh, you know, old miss christmas soldiers here attacks that comes to 1 55 61 already for many families visit here
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after their thanksgiving meal. is tradition. it feels like our own sort of homecoming. like we know it's thanksgiving. we're going to come to clancy's. we know they're going to be open and just kind of kick starts the season for us and just makes itk open saturday earlier than ever before, due to demand will usually wait until the weekend. yeah but for this year we're like we have time. let's just go get tonight. tyrone, i gotta thank you. owner stephen clancy tells me an extreme heatwave this past summer in oregon, where his family has a tree farm created a shortage sunburnt a lot of trees where a little bit higher elevation than a normal tree farm. so we're super lucky that we had very little burn compared to other farms. clancy family tells me they have much to be thankful for. they gathered with friends and employees for thanksgiving dinner under a tent on the lot celebrating while working. it's a tradition we've had. ever
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since i can remember. we're together. you know, we have a good time and customers say it's a treat to come here on thanksgiving. it's a change. everybody doesn't like them for two years, so it's festive mood. it's exciting. plan c tells me customers should expect to pay a few more dollars for per tree. and he says, for those looking for a tolerant tree to buy early , happy holidays, everyone heather holmes good advice there happy thanksgiving and boy and it is so nice to see people out and about smiling this holiday compared to last year. amber. thank you. of the salvation army delivered 4000 meals today to low income and homebound seniors in san francisco because of covid restrictions again this year, the salvation army worked with local catering business to put together prepackaged dinners instead of having a sit down meal. but what didn't change the traditional thanksgiving menu of turkey and stuffing and vegetables. seniors were also
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given a bag of groceries. the recipients really appreciate these visits from the salvation army volunteer. as it's often the only contact from the outside world they received that day. people need to know that they're cared for, and more importantly, salvage. sammy is always there to meet someone's need on the immediate what they need. we try to help someone needs to thanksgiving dinner. we want to help that we've been doing that for 60 years here. more than 600 volunteers delivered meals today throughout san francisco. volunteers in the south bay came together today to make sure those without a home could enjoy thanksgiving meal and that's ktvu is jesse gary tells us city team san jose says that it is the least they feel they can do for their community. although a holiday the kitchen at city team san jose is humming on all cylinders wasn't executive. uhh with the hotel company, and after 26 years, i wanted to do something different . executive chef reynold stewart leads a team of more than two
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dozen volunteers crafting a traditional turkey meal for the city's on housed residents. it's like the least you can do to help our community. it's thanksgiving. when you help other people, you help yourself. you know, you never know when you might be the person in need . starting wednesday. this crew cooks 60, turkey's £200 of mashed potatoes, £150 of mixed vegetables. and it slices of pie for dessert. they need as much protein as much volume of food as possible because this might be their only meal that today. normally, the less fortunate would come inside to eat. but covid safety protocols mean help must go to the masses feed their hungry. you know what christ said. you know, like it's like you feed. my people feed me too. you know, the delivery target is 4 to 500 housed residents in san jose, who are in need every day, but especially on a holiday. doesn't matter what church we go to a doesn't matter for city team first love. whatever
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organization that is doing it with the right heart. faith is an integral part of the work here at guadalupe park, one of several encampments in the city. it takes one person praying for you. one person reaching out and being willing to give and 11 years later, i've been restored with my family. it's a difference made in one life that volunteers and donors hope can be replicated in others. as the true meaning of the season takes hold one meal at a time. in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. well, we have some new information tonight about a burglary that we first told you about last night. los angeles authorities now say that five suspects got away with about $25,000 worth of merchandise. from the north struck at the westfield topanga mall in canoga park. police say they already had extra patrols at the mall when that theft happened. unfortunately we did have additional suspects behind that
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suspect and crabbing number of high dollar value purses and flee from this location. nearby at the grove in los angeles. small officials say they are installing custom barriers to prevent theft. on monday around 20 people smashed the window at the north from there. and stole clothing bay area police department say they have extra staffing this holiday weekend to address the recent increase in violent crime. oakland police say they have several tactical teams around the city. to support patrol officers responding to armed caravans, illegal side shows and other crimes, and in san francisco, there are extra officers on hand, especially at union square. after the rash of brazen theft and shoplifting there last weekend. many bars and restaurants are open this thanksgiving night in the chp is reminding everyone to drive responsibly, especially after an already deadly start this holiday on barrier roads. ktvu azenith smith has this report. that santana row restaurants were open on thanksgiving night
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by the looks of the crowds. many people skipped the traditional thanksgiving dinner. we didn't know what the world would be like the situation will be like right now. normally we host thanksgiving. this family is more comfortable outdoor dining than gathering everyone. we spoke to had a lot to celebrate. just really. thankful that we're all healthy. i'm a sophomore in college. my freshman year was kind of like online. so this is my first time away from family and after two months like being here is like. yeah i miss i miss home food. i miss hanging out with these. my parents. chp wants to remind those who are out and about to stay safe on the roads this holiday, we have experienced three fatalities, collisions. one in unincorporated county wanted unincorporated coach cost county and we've had one in our jurisdictional area in the city of belmont. this is video of the crash on vasko road and contra costa county. chp says speed and unsafe turn violations are to blame for the crashes. it's already pretty early to have. three fatal collision, so we are very concerned as the day
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moves onimum enforcement period is underway. all available officers are looking for impaired and distracted drivers during last year's maximum enforcement period on thanksgiving, 860 people were rusted for driving under the influence in california on wednesday, san mateo county sheriff's office had a dui checkpoint. chp says there will be more throughout the bay area this weekend, chp advises. picket designated driver used rideshare or be like this couple avoid alcohol. pepsi's like our that's big for us mind that seizes and enjoy each other's company. we work so hard and we don't really get a lot of time to spend together. right. and so we kind of use thanksgiving like a date night to be honest. thanksgiving weekend is typically one of the busiest travel times of the year. chp's maximum enforcement period runs through the weekend and ends on sunday in san jose. i'm adam smith, ktvu fox, two news and
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more now on those three deadly crashes today, the first you happened in belmont and napa before sunrise this morning. the chp says a 41 year old san francisco woman died on highway 101 at ralston avenue in belmont in a four car collision about three a.m. then in napa, a 32 year old man was hit and killed by a car after authorities say he walked into traffic on state route to 21 around five this morning and then an hour later near brentwood. a driver died in a three car collision on vasko road. south of walnut boulevard . dozens of others have been injured in crashes this thanksgiving day. the chp is asking everyone to be very cautious as they drive this holiday evening. well, now we go to san jose, where officials there arrested a 43 year old man for raping a developmentally disabled woman and then holding her against her. will. the santa clara county sheriff's office took raymond dupont simpson into custody. in connection with the attack that happened yesterday in the area of monterey road and center road in san jose. he is
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being held on charges of rape of development, daily disabled person kidnapping as well as false imprisonment charges and he remains in jail on $210,000 bail. the mother of ahmed are very spoke today about being thankful after a jury convicted three white men yesterday of murdering armory who was black. his mother talked about the conflicted feelings that she had marking this holiday without her son. when when i walked this morning, i and my heart was heavy because this is thanksgiving. this is the second thanksgiving that roof but we're having without ahmad. but at the same time, i'm thankful because this is the first thanksgiving that we're having. saying that we finally got justice for my but again i mean, my heart still heavy professorship, thanksgiving and my babies start here. the jury found travis mcmichael guilty of all nine charges, including malice murder after he shot and killed our bury his father, greg mcmichael
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and neighbor william bryan were convicted of felony murder, among other charges, they all face a maximum sentence of life in prison. much more on thanksgiving here in the bay area coming up tonight at 10 30 . we catch up with people in san francisco's union square, who expressed gratitude on this holiday. appreciative of like the roof over my head food i get to eat and like the love that i gave him my family. at a burial, whether a beautiful thanksgiving with lots of sunshine out there this mild weather pattern it wants to stick around for quite some time will have your forecast update coming up. and also ahead concerns about a new coronavirus variant the travel restrictions now in place for some countries.
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from south africa and five other african countries over worries about a new covid-19 variant. it has 30 mutations, the most of any strange yet identified. however, scientists have not yet figured out if this variant is a greater threat. the world health organization has called for a special meeting tomorrow to further study this new strain. covid cases are already surging and several european countries
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as protests against new restrictions continue to grow. dozens of cargo ships and tens of thousands of shipping containers are sitting off the california coast tonight as president biden tries to address the supply chain crisis. william lodging us has an update from san pedro on some changes to address the problem. every puzzle, your roger shot who are the boarding time of 12304, los angeles managing america's supply chain begins here. these guys are all loitering loitering inside the control tower handling ship traffic at the ports of l, a and long beach if they're coming from asia. did normally takes two weeks to cross the ocean at 18 knots. officials hope the logjam here is over. shipping costs and container volume from asia is down, but it doesn't mean lower prices or more inventory at christmas. the gap. nordstrom nike all say supply chain problems are hurting sales. holiday goods are shipping right
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now at unprecedented rates again , 20% above the pre pandemic numbers because of that unprecedented volume, new rules for the c instead of ships racing over from china, only to sit offshore for a month. spewing pollution into the l a basin going forward. ships must wait 150 miles offshore until a birth is open. they can slow steam from their last port of call and come here and arrived closer to the birth time. that's a benefit for everyone. we have a massive backlog of ships and those ships are emitting pollution into this region, which is already home to some of the worst air quality in the united states. l a long beach is number one for smog changes off the water are helping as well. port officials say the threat of fines reduced the container backlog. 33. but labor is still type inside the seafarers union hall in san pedro. there's not a crewman insight. i can't say we're short because we got we
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got manpower, but we're looking for more. local officials are optimistic. things are still tough, but they're getting a lot better in a few months going to be a lot lot better. well that's yet to be seen. west coast dockworkers just rejected a contract extension and if they stop working gridlock, returns and with it, the price spikes and shortages that experts already say will extend well into next year. in san pedro, california, william larcenous fox news. i knew it. i knew it. 10 tonight. crews in los angeles are battling a massive fire in a commercial building. it broke out just after 7 45 tonight at the building there in south los angeles. fire officials say the blaze has caused the roof of that building to collapse. more than 100. firefighters are on the scene, trying to get a handle on the flames. there is no word yet on a cause. tonight thousands of people in southern california are still without power. on this thanksgiving night, southern california edison cut electricity to about 64,000 customers to prevent
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their equipment from starting wildfires. warm dry and windy weather and thousands still remain in the dark tonight. the strong winds actually started overnight, toppling trees that fell on homes, cars and power lines. thankfully though no one was hurt today. forecasters say those wind gusts reached up to 76 mph, an arrowhead spring in san bernardino county. now parts of san bernardino, los angeles, orange and riverside, as well as ventura county's all have power cut. and there was no word yet on when that service might be restored. and there were red flags. fire warning continues right on through a good portion of friday, and thankfully here in the bay area in northern california, we had those pretty robust october storms that moved into the region, producing that the significant rainfall so that's helping us out with fire season but unfortunately continues. in southern california as a strong offshore winds remain in place hide from this afternoon, though it did
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not feel like late november. take a look at some of the highesspots. right around 70 out toward morgan hill and mountain view. you can see oakland 63 at san francisco. nice 62 degrees tomorrow, pretty much sustained the same forecast mostly sunny skies. it'll be nice out there after a chilly start tomorrow morning won't be as cold as this morning but still cool start temperatures recovered nicely into the afternoon. lots of sixties. and a few spots right around 70 degrees. here's a satellite where you can see if you high clouds moving into a northern california look at the store track. it's hard to believe there is a storm track with the dry conditions here, but the real stormy weather is focused up in the pacific northwest. right now, we'll check in on some of the current numbers out there, cooling off into the forties for santa rosa nap up san francisco currently 56 san jose 50, and here is our live camera, looking out toward the bridge all the bay bridge traffic and also looking out toward san francisco. so lots of clear skies. we'll start tomorrow morning on the cool
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side once again. no frost advisories, but there's a chance we could have some patchy frost to a start up your your friday morning as you can see here, temperatures in the thirties and forties and then into the afternoon hours. it's brighter colors return lots of sixties and a few spots could be right around 70 degrees. by friday afternoon. the mild weather pattern wants to stick around into the weekend. we'll have more on that with your full forecast coming up in just a little bit. sounds good. thanks so much. how beloved tradition brought crowds back to new york city after the break, we'll show you highlights from the macy's thanksgiving day parade. but first, a happy thanksgiving message from some local firefighters. cal fire ccu tweeted a picture of cruise enjoying their thanksgiving meal at work today, saying, quote happy thanksgiving from the felton emergency command center . we're here to help in case of emergency. always on the clock, right? thank you to those first responders.
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thanksgiving tradition. today the 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade was back in new york city. and there was no shortage of those giant balloons, floats, marching bands and performers. the parade was just one way that thanksgiving festivities looked a little more like pre pandemic times boxes. brian deanna's has more on the festivities, including the increase in travelers. taking to the roads and skies this holiday weekend. the 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade came back this year in full force. it's live and awesome, and there's everything here. it's the whole vibe of the city coming together. last year's parade was only televised and feature no crowds in the parade route was shortened. this year, thousands of spectators and families lined the streets mass required as two dozen floats,
10:24 pm
8000 marchers and 10 marching bands led the way for the real stars of the show, the 15 gigantic helium inflated character balloons standing as tall as 62 ft. this year's balloons included new editions like grow guru or baby yoda. from star wars and twist from netflix, as well as classics like snoopy, ronald mcdonald and the pillsbury doughboy. the event, culminating, of course with the one and only santa claus. the turkey day parade also made a triumphant return in chicago and runners in dallas and beyond, took part in annual turkey trots for millions of americans. it's the first time in two years that thanksgiving feels like well thanksgiving. sure, there are reminders we've got a way to go. the pandemic supply shortages and inflation. your thanksgiving dinner costs were up 14% this year compared to last year, according to the american farm bureau federation. triple a says it will be more expensive to drive back home. thanksgiving gas prices are at an eight year high. even the liquor industry is facing
10:25 pm
supply. hiccups. shortages are crazy. and so we're buying as much champagne as we can so that we can continue to fill ourselves still reminders of the true spirit of thanksgiving are priceless, more than 28,000 stah korea, away from their families celebrated with their fellow soldiers. so this is a family so i'm okay. i still feel the love and the spirit of thanksgiving. and a new york city today, an nypd officer received a hero's walk out as she was released from the hospital last night. she was shot in the arm twice tonight. she's home with her family. happy thanksgiving. in new york city. brian yannis fox news. here. coming up an epic surprise from actor dwayne the rock johnson. why he gave that man his personal truck. it's really cool. also for many today
10:26 pm
is a time for gratitude as well as reflection. we hear from bay area healthcare workers about what they're thankful for, as this pandemic continues. and there's a new high school football city champion in san francisco. joe fonzi will have that story later in sports, and this is the first thanksgiving for many refugees since fleeing afghanistan. how one family is acclimating to their
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ your smile on your face. dwayne the rock. johnson had a really special surprise for one california navy veteran this thanksgiving. thank you for your service, brother. enjoy your neutral. what the #### out of
10:29 pm
here, bro? oh my god. you do a lot of good for people, man. in emotional moment there is the actor shared this video on his instagram account, he treated a group of fans to a special screening of his new film, red notice, and during the event, he told the group, the store the story of one of the attendees. oscar rodriguez. rodriguez is a personal trainer who is a leader at his church and helps provide meals to domestic violence. survivors the rock gave rodriguez his personal custom truck as a gift. that is awesome. dwayne johnson is my hero. i'm just saying he's cool . alright many americans are treating this thanksgiving as a return to normalcy, with some families telling ktvu christian captain today that they are very grateful to be able to spend the holiday together once again. on
10:30 pm
a bright day around the bay area , people flocked to san francisco's union square, taking photos and getting into the holiday mood. adriana melvin says she woke up in a thanksgiving mood. we were we were in the hotel room, and i was just asking everybody in the room like. what they're thankful for, and mine was, you know, i'm just thankful that i was able to wake up this morning and see my family, so i'm very proud and bliss just really spending time with family on the holidays andm children. also getting into the spirit. appreciative of like the roof over my head, the food i get to eat and like the love that i gave him my family. i'm grateful for god. melissa higgins is from scotland, and she and her daughter miller are new to the thanksgiving holiday , she says taking a day for gratitude is a wonderful tradition. we are very grateful that we have each other. and we have a recover heads. we have our health. we will have food on the table this afternoon. and we
10:31 pm
have been very blessed with such fantastic friends that we have met since we moved to san francisco. rhonda vino says he's thankful that he and his service dog monster man can visit union square and share their joy with others. i'm gonna just thankful because you know, i've been disabled, you know, and. there are people out there that i really willing to help people with that have problems. you know kate thompson and the ren say this thanksgiving feel special. after the hardships we've all had to endure for the last year and a half. i think it's made us all take a step back and really assess our lives and what we're what's important to all of us. at least me and my experience has made me really assess what's important to me. i'm very thankful for my family and my friends and my partner like they've been very supportive emotionally. financially and she just everything. and that was the common theme this thanksgiving, a sense of gratitude for the small things and getting to spend time with one another in san francisco. christian caftan, ktvu, fox two news. healthcare workers have been hard hit
10:32 pm
during this past year, caring for covid patients and others through the pandemic. here's some messages from workers in the south bay about what they're thankful for on this holiday. i'm thankful for my friends and family. i am grateful and thankful for the great patient outcomes we have for the trauma patients we serve. thank you again for all you do, and this year i'm most grateful for is the and these were all employees from regional medical center in san jose. they have been serving coronavirus patients since the start of the pandemic and to all of the health care workers here in the bay area. we just want to say thank you so much for what you've been doing. throughout this pandemic. san francisco's glide memorial church dish out of full thanksgiving meal with all of the traditional fixings today is, james torres tells us volunteers played a big role once again this year, and they say it is important to get back. normally the thanksgiving activities. what happened inside the building at two different dining rooms? but for the past
10:33 pm
two thanksgiving celebrations, they've had to take the party outside lot outside the doors of the glide foundation's headquarters. hundreds of people are grateful to get a warm meal today, right down to the floor. it all started this morning from the work of dozens of volunteers. the people are hungry. and people need to be fed. gordon barranco is helping carve turkeys and hands today, his involvement with glide goes back 40 years. giving back to his community, he says, is a family tradition. my son's 31. he's been coming here for 24 years to volunteer. our daughter. not here. just had a baby she has. she came for over 30 years and my wife is here and so. it's a family thing, man. it's a family thing. slice it up . preparations took hours in the early morning before sunrise. organizers here say this is what kicks off their holiday season. hosting hundreds of people for a holiday breakfast and lunch in the restaurant industry for 40 years and i decided i wanted to
10:34 pm
give back change. change my perspective on things and i joined glide and it's just. it's good to serve a community, an francisco that needs as much as we can give him mayor london breed alongside fire chief janine nicholson helped pack to go meals, they say. it's nice to spend thanksgiving together after a year of covid-19 protocols, families and people all over the city people stopping people coming from other countries. it's the city is coming alive again. tables set for a thanksgiving lunch full of turkey centerpieces and peanuts art. people here say this is what thanksgiving and the holiday season is all about . this is the first traditional event that we have to participate in this wonderful we get more out of it probably done a lot of other people in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. and it's st anthony's dining room, also in san francisco's tenderloin, those in the work program cooked
10:35 pm
up holiday favorites, including turkey and dressing, and then teams of volunteers put together that to go meals. due to the pandemic. the thanksgiving meal services. st anthony's was also moved outdoors. people lined up on golden gate avenue to pick up lunch today, and i was among today's volunteers and boy, it felt great to put gratitude into action today. saint anthony's does such great work. it's been providing food, shelter, clothing and hope to san francisco for 71 years now. coming up a hard woman story of community that thanksgiving. how a town in north carolina welcome to families who fled from afghanistan. i'm grateful to be safe here. that fall for this first thanksgiving. i'm here with my family. adding whether we are wrapping up a beautiful thanksgiving with lots of clear skies for tonight, and the mild weather pattern returns in your friday forecast will have the
10:36 pm
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when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. the french city of calais after their inflatable boats sank. the majority of the victims were iraqi citizens. the tragedy is fueling tensions between the u. k and france over how to stop migrants from crossing the world's busiest waterway. the international organization for migration said it was the biggest single loss of life in the channel since it began collecting data seven years ago. a family who fled afghanistan after the us military withdrawal is now being welcomed with open arms right here in the united states to attend tonight. fox news jennifer griffin shows us how the family is adjusting to life here in america. this thanksgiving holiday. three
10:39 pm
months ago. johnny who served as a combat translator for the 82nd airb, did not know what would happen to him and his family after the u. s military withdrawal. today his daughters are getting something they never would have received under the taliban and education . everyone in the just come into my room and recovers. they keep asking. we want to go to school like we like school. we have a friend back school. we want to play with them. his daughters have been welcomed at their new school in weddington, north carolina, and embraced by the community where many of the soldiers he once served. alongside now live. these soldiers from the 82nd airborne helped him and his family escaped kabul in august in a moment that they pulled up, it got to be. so quiet like you could hear a pin drop and the girls get out of the car and they walked up. and, of course, they were smiling, beaming ear to ear and my families and kids
10:40 pm
just were waving and saying hello in their native language. they play soccer on the same team as the daughters of sergeant mike gerardo and his wife, sarah. johnny served as a translator from mike, who lost his leg and suffered a traumatic brain injury. both mike and johnny each have three daughters . now they are neighbors and their daughters are best friends there. girls went trick or treating for the first time and now have playdates after school . that was, actually, uh. first halloween and the united states . musta age seven and mushkin, age five, did not speak a word of english when they arrived at ray view elementary school. google translate doesn't have dari on it, so it's been an experience with that, so a lot of hand gestures pictures, but it's little things you know, to get them to understand. last week, mujao actually said a full sentence in english, her first sentence. i like pizza. moved i
10:41 pm
love pizza this thanksgiving. one afghan family has brought so much joy to this north carolina community who opened their hearts and help them start their new life in america. i'm grateful to be safe here. and that fall for this first thanksgiving. i'm here with my family at the pentagon. jennifer griffin fox news. coming up waging a fight against lung cancer help beria doctors say a new robotic technology could help save lives. stand we were treated with another beautiful sunset this evening. take a look at this. meteorologist mark tamayo is back with your five day forecast. boy. it was a beautiful thanksgiving night. we learn about covid-19,
10:42 pm
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like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. cancer for both men and women in the united states, and when it comes to saving lives. doctors say finding cancer early is critical and now new cutting edge to edge technology is helping in that fight, and a bay area hospital was the very first to bring that technology to patients here on the west coast. gate of his party in one got an inside look at how the system works, and why doctors say it's only one part of the solution.
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just playing a playstation game. i'm just driving my car from here to the yellow ball in this , so are the fight against lung cancer is waged by both humans and cutting edge robotic technology. john muir has the advantage of being one of the first centers in the pacific northwest to adopt this technology. dr wilson sai is director of the thoracic program at john muir medical center, and he's talking about the monarch system. a robot that is designed to find cancer in hard to reach areas of the lung. i'm really controlling a bronchoscopes, not by holding the bronchoscopes in my hand is what conventional we used to do. but it's like the video. it is a video game. it is the latest in a fight against a cancer that has taken far too many lives. currently, lung cancer is the number one killer of all the cancers combined. every year is about 240,000 new patients. diagnosed with lung cancer and out of this 240,000 patients about 135,000 patients would eventually come and die to their cancer. so that's a very
10:46 pm
high mortality rate when it comes to cancer. catching it early is critical, but dr size says the robot alone won't win the fight. it doesn't make sense to get something like this into hospital, they don't have a lung cancer screening program. because one is going to support the other, so john muir has two critical screening programs, and this is for the high risk population of patients with a history of smoking, who otherwise would not be allowed to get a ct scan because they don't have any symptoms. they're just high risk. and we've seen over 1500 patients, and some of those patients have gotten 2 to 6 scans each. the second one is called a pulmonary nodule program, and this also contributes to diagnosis a lung cancer early. and we've done over 6000 cases since 2000 and eight and this is anything suspicious that is seen is worked up. usually biopsies are done with the needle. but that gets harder when cancers are smaller, the biggest problem with as a fact that in about 20%
10:47 pm
to 30% patients you may actually damage the lung with the lung drops, and that brings us back to this remote controlled robot that sends a camera down your throat into your lungs without incisions as soon as i am, 1.3 centimeters or 13 millimeters away from that nodule the once this camera is sitting around from the nodule. then we take biopsy, forceps or biopsy instruments such as this one. where there's a little needle on the end of it, and we could actually. obtain tissue for diagnosis. that's where pathologist dr barry latner steps in time is of the essence. sometimes they're following you in so here, their patient is on in the operating room on the table and time is exactly of the essence. so we need to turn around a result as fast as possible improvements in imaging , we're getting smaller and smaller lumps and as a result, smaller and smaller biopsies to look at if the patient has cancer. it can be biopsied staged and treated immediately.
10:48 pm
essentially what we've done is decreased the time and the duration of diagnosis staging and treatment from conventional 2.5 months to about 2.5 hours at the end of the day, the team here says it is about the patient. i do actually come in and show them this is the vinci robot. the robot had like, say hi to live a little introduction to a new approach using the road, but i think it's like it's decreases the length of stay for the patient decreases. surgical infections and also the post op pain. it may look like a video game. but when it comes to lung cancer, dr site says, every advantage you can get will save lives. i think this is going to be one of the groundbreaking technologies. that really helps us treat our patients and diagnosed or patients faster. and again that was claudine wang reporting doctor size says people have come from across the united states and even the world to john mirror to be screened by that monarch system. but again, he says, it is just part of a larger approach to using screening and technology to help fight lung cancer. and a quick
10:49 pm
weather update. we all know the beautiful thanksgiving around here in the bay area, with lots of sunshine temperatures after that cold start this morning, a nice recovery this afternoon and it looks like this will be the same weather story not only for tomorrow for your friday but into the weekend as well. so what's happening? where's the rainfall? as you can see, taking a look at the maps. we have some rainfall to show you it's just heading way up here up toward the pacific northwest. in fact, a place like seattle has some moderate to heavy rainfall in their forecast all weekend long. what about cal? calfornia well, there's a storm track and instead extended period of dry weather, so no rainfall for us just yet. maybe we'll see some changes as we head into december , but there's not one day we can pinpoint when we could say it's going to rain again here in the region, so of course we need the rainfall here in the sierra snowfall, but nothing is showing up just yet. we just have a few high clouds moving into a northern california there once again. is that storm track up in
10:50 pm
seattle for us right now, though , we have clear to partly cloudy skies. temperatures is cool out there. the cool spots back down to the forties and fairfield 45 degrees santa rosa 46 lots of fifties closer to the bay and here's our live camera, looking out toward oakland was still lots of clear skies and you can count on lots of sunshine for tomorrow. for your friday maybe a patrick use and fog well inland, but no dense fog advisories. no frost advisories . it is just chilly when you wake up tomorrow morning for your friday mostly clear and cold. here's a big area of high pressure that big ridge wants to build into into northern california. it's going to stick around, so we'll have the same familiar story each and every day with the weather forecast chile overnight with the possibility some frost as you can see here for this weekend, breezy for the hills, and it's a dry weather pattern that storm track is focused up to our north as you can see up and we showed you up toward the seattle they have the rainfall and their forecasts. but. no rain chances for us, and if you had to the south, you have the opposite problem. you have the really dry
10:51 pm
conditions and high fire danger . a red flag fire warning until six o'clock tomorrow evening for southern california. the winds will back off a little bit, but still breezy and that dry wind pattern remains in place. lots of sunshine for tomorrow, lots of sixties and a few neighborhoods approaching 70 degrees. for your friday afternoon. as we take a look ahead here, it's going to be the same old story each and every day. it's nice into your saturday. it's warm in the sunday in fact, sunday, probably one of the warmest days of the weekend, that means a few spots could be inching closer to the low seventies and just partly sunny skies monday to tuesday. hopefully we can track some raindrops here in the bay area, but at least for the travel up to the travel plans this weekend, the weather should not get in your way. looks like we'll have lots of sunshine andt outside all weekend long certainly looks good seventies can't believe that. thanks so much for yahoo well, coming up another thanksgiving tradition fans watching football games.
10:52 pm
joe fonzi has the highlights coming up next in sports. and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news. the busiest shopping day of the year is upon us at 11 what you need to know about black friday. evening, everyone y
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10:54 pm
thanksgiving. here's what's happening tonight in sports. two of the nfl's high profile franchises met on this thanksgiving day. two teams that don't play each other that often. dallas hosting the raiders with interim head coach rich beside his team, desperate to end their losing streak that had reached three games on their very first possession, the raiders struck on a big play. derek carr feels his way around the pocket. spots that opened the sean jackson jackson tightropes to sideline and goes 56 yards to the end zone. seven raiders after the raiders are taking a 24 to 13 lead midway
10:55 pm
through the third quarter, the cowboys tony pollard took the kick off the goal line. pollard has elaine down the sideline, then just turns on this speed the end zone. no one catches him on a 100 yard return back to one possession game. the game went to overtime tied at 33. after three penalties. daniel carlson was finally down the middle with a 29 yard field goal, and the raiders had ended the losing streak in a game that featured 28 penalties. 14 by each team. the raiders win 36 33. they're back above 506 and five dallas 74 you know you're heading home for buffalo at new orleans tonight, where a bills win would help the 40 niner playoff chances. this game was all buffalo, josh allen threw four touchdown passes. this one did dawson knox to get things started in the first quarter. the bills scored the 1st 24 points of the game. here's allen's fourth touchdown pass, allen doormat brita remember him , rita sprints to the end zone and a 31 to 6 buffalo when the
10:56 pm
bills improved his 74 while the saints are five and six. and detroit hosting the traditional thanksgiving day morning game where andy dalton started at quarterback for chicago and place of the injured justin fields. the lions were looking for their first win of the year. how does 73 lead in the second quarter until dalton through the jimmy graham at the goal line for 17 yards and scored 10 7 chicago, the bears took a 13 7 leaders the locker room but for the lions, well, that maybe they're still after their first win jared goff with the third quarter touchdown passage. 80 hawkinson, detroit. back and run by a 0.14 13, but it's been that kind of season. the lines find ways to lose the bears want an 18 play 8.5 minute drive 28 yard field goal on the game's final play. cairo santos down the middle alliance. experience the feeling they felt nine previous times this season there, oh 10 and one after falling 16 to 14. chicago is four and seven. well, it's been a san francisco tradition since 1924 to continue
10:57 pm
today as lincoln met balboa keys are stadium and the turkey bowl, the annual san francisco high school football section championship. perfect game of football and a perfect day for a little trickery on a lincoln punch. balboa's or in jail. carraway fields the ball pitches it to his teammate of andre black. black gets away from the tackle, and that has a lane down the sideline for 54 yards. it's seven balboa and that was the same score at the half. get. to third quarter now and on the fourth and goal play from the 27 ben know rory gets the ball to care away who breaks tackles on the way to the end zone. the buccaneers made it two point conversion. for 15, nothing lead. lincoln never got on the scoreboard. balboa's albert stein with the interception here and nice return the buccaneers win 21 to nothing there first turkey bull championship since 1985. head coach fred velasquez
10:58 pm
gets the gatorade treatment and a moment to reflect great game beautiful weather for the city of san francisco. great changes the ranks. now let's have balboa instead of lincoln at the repeat after repeat after repeat they believed came out with the w. and jake julie haener at fresno state at smart city today, an important mountain west game for both teams. it was julie haener and the bulldogs, who completely dominated hannah with lots of time to find out why i'd open jordan's mims for 45 yards in the score. the spartans trailed 23 9 at half times. julie haener was on the way to a huge dead. the bulldogs pull one out of the playbook. here, it's a reverse flea flicker. back to julie haener, who swings went out to jail and cropper. nothing but blockers and open space out there for proper on the way to a 29 yard score. julie haener makes his ktvu mom proud with a 343 yard, four touchdown game president state rolls to a 42 9
10:59 pm
winners. the bulldogs are now nine and three saturday. state finishes five and seven overall. three and five in the mountain west. well, the stanford women's basketball team continues to take on the best in the country and was a winner today, cameron brink had 21 points and 22 rebounds as the seventh rank cardinal knocked off fourth ranked indiana in the baja mar hoops pink flamingo championship tournament. in the bahamas. that's the first loss of the year for the hoosiers, both teams for and one stanford tomorrow we'll play 18th ranked south florida that sounds like a good place to be tournament. it sure does. thanks so much, joe. coming up next at 11. the pandemic made it to where we were all kind of isolated for a while. so now that everything is kind of opened up the world getting out talking have small gatherings. many restaurants staying open this thanksgiving, allowing families to get together while supporting local businesses. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now.
11:00 pm
and more people out and about this thanksgiving the last year hello again, everyone. i'm heather holes and i'm jana katsuyama. frank and julie are off tonight with more people out on the roads and out celebrating. the chp says they are on alert with extra dy patrols. ktvu asma smith has more from san jose. that santana row restaurants were open on thanksgiving night by the looks of the crowds. many people skipped the traditional thanksgiving dinner. we didn't know what the world would be like the situation will be like right now. normally we host thanksgiving. this family is more comfortable outdoor dining than gathering everyone. we spoke to had a lot to celebrate. just really. thankful that we're all healthy. i'm a sophomore in college. my freshman year was kind of like online. so this is my first time away from family and after two months like being here is like. yeah, i miss i miss home food. i miss hanging out with these. my parents. chp wants to remind those who are out and about to stay safe on the roads this holiday, we have


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