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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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on ktvu. fox news starts now. and more people out and about this thanksgiving the last year hello again, everyone. i'm heather holes and i'm jana katsuyama. frank and julie are off tonight with more people out on the roads and out celebrating. the chp says they are on alert with extra dy patrols. ktvu asma smith has more from san jose. that santana row restaurants were open on thanksgiving night by the looks of the crowds. many people skipped the traditional thanksgiving dinner. we didn't know what the world would be like the situation will be like right now. normally we host thanksgiving. this family is more comfortable outdoor dining than gathering everyone. we spoke to had a lot to celebrate. just really. thankful that we're all healthy. i'm a sophomore in college. my freshman year was kind of like online. so this is my first time away from family and after two months like being here is like. yeah, i miss i miss home food. i miss hanging out with these. my parents. chp wants to remind those who are out and about to stay safe on
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the roads this holiday, we have experienced three fatalities, collisions. one in unincorporated county wanted unincorporated contra costa county and we've had one in our jurisdictional area in the city of belmont. this is video of the crash on vasko road and contra costa county. chp says speed and unsafe turn violations are to blame for the crashes. it's already pretty early to have. three fatal collision, so we are very concerned as the day moves on into the evening hours, chp's maximum enforcement period is underway. all available officers are looking for impaired and distracted drivers during last year's maximum enforcement period on thanksgiving, 860 people were rusted for driving under the influence in california on wednesday, san mateo county sheriff's office had a dui checkpoint. chp says there will be more throughout the bay area this weekend, chp advises. picket designated driver used rideshare or be like this couple avoid alcohol. pepsi's like our that's big for us mind, that's
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the easiest and enjoy each other's company. we work so hard and we don't really get a lot of time to spend together. right and so we kind of use thanksgiving like a date night to be honest. thanksgiving weekend is typically one of the busiest travel times of the year . chp's maximum enforcement period runs through the weekend and ends on sunday in san jose. i'm adam smith, ktvu fox two news. new at 11 tonight. san francisco police are investigating a crash involving a pedestrian officers say a car hit that pedestrian around 7 45 this evening at fifth and king streets. pedestrian was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. police say the driver stayed there on the scene and that drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a factor. in the south bay. dozens of volunteers helped provide holiday meals to people who don't have a home team. san jose cooked a traditional thanksgiving meal for the cities and housed residents. they cooked 60, turkey's £200 of
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mashed potatoes and £150 of vegetables. and, of course, they had a little bit of pie for dessert. they need as much protein as much volume of food as possible because this might be their only meal of the day. when you help other people. you help yourself. you know, you never know when you might be the person in need. city team says their goal was to feed 4 to 500 people today and in san francisco glide memorial church just down a full thanksgiving meal with all of the traditional fixings today, i usually the activities happen inside the building into sprawling dining rooms. but for the last two thanksgivings they took the party outside. for hundreds of people were served a warm meal today, all that due to the pandemic, that meal was made possible, thanks to many faithful volunteers like gordon bronco. today, he carved turkeys at hams, but his involvement with glide actually goes back 40 years. and giving back to his community is a family tradition.
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my son's 31. he's been coming here for 24 years to volunteer. our daughter. not here. just had a baby. she came from over 30 years and my wife is here. and so it's a family thing, man. it's a family thing. major london breed alongside fire chief janine nicholson helped packed to go deals. they said it was nice to spend thanksgiving together after more than a year of covid protocols. people looking to buy a christmas tree can expect to pay a little more this year. tree farm owners say that a heatwave over the summer in oregon and wildfires have created a shortage. ktvu is amberleigh visited a tree lot in san francisco to see what customers can expect. do you really feel like you're kind of like in a mini winter wonderland ? a winter wonderland at clancy's christmas trees, a family owned lot operating in san francisco's sunset neighborhood since 1949 that evergreen smell is like. my favorite sort of memory coming in. this is great. it's festive
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. it's uh, you know, old miss christmas soldiers here attacks it comes to 1 55 61 already for many families a visit here after their thanksgiving meal. is tradition. it feels like our own sort of homecoming. like we know it's thanksgiving. we're going to come to clancy's. we know they're going to be open and just kind of kick starts the season for us and just makes itt opened saturday earlier than ever before, due to demand will usually wait until the weekend. yeah but for this year we're like we have time. let's just go get tonight. tyrone, i gotta thank you. owner stephen clancy tells me an extreme heatwave this past summer in oregon, where his family has a tree farm created a shortage sunburnt a lot of trees where a little bit higher elevation than a normal tree farm. so we're super lucky that we had very little burn compared to other farms. clancy family tells me they have much to be thankful for. they
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gathered with friends and employees for thanksgiving dinner under a tent on the lot celebrating while working visits tradition we've had. ever since i can remember. we're to. you know, we have a good time and customers say it's a treat to come here on thanksgiving. it's a change. everybody doesn't lock down for two years, so it's festive mood. it's exciting. clancy tells me customers should expect to pay a few more dollars per tree and for those looking for a taller 12 by early in san francisco, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. alright while some big retailers were closed this thanksgiving, others were open, hoping to lure shoppers back indoors this holiday season. many stores, including macy's old navy, and target decided to close this thanksgiving day is more people have been buying online during the pandemic, butr strategies to try to boost in store sales, and that includes black friday deals and extended
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hours tomorrow. best. michaels and walmart will all open at five. tomorrow morning. macy's is six targeted seven. costco gets a little later start with at nine a.m. opening. starting tomorrow, the british government will temporarily banned flights from south africa and five other african countries over worries about a new covid-19 variant. it has 30 mutations, the most of any strain yet identified. but scientists have not yet figured out if the variant is a greater threat, the world health organization called for a special meeting tomorrow to further study this new strain. while the team of scientists will be studying and giving us further information over the weekend will be more empowered. but of course, we are saying that from the experience of the last 21 months or so we almost can did predict how this is going to move. covid cases are already surging in several european countries as protests also against new restrictions continue to grow. planned power
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outages tens of thousands of people without power in southern california this thanksgiving a look at the wind that's causing concern. and today's thanksgiving message from the bidens how they are spending this holiday next. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ today, saying happy thanksgiving to all so much to be thankful
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for this year, but especially grateful for my love jen, siebel , newsom and our four little ones that are constant light in our lives. may your holiday be filled with gratitude, joy and plenty of time with family. and loved ones. president biden and the first lady also shared thanksgiving message today. happy thanksgiving, everyone. this is always a special time in america. but this year the blessings of thanksgiving are especially meaningful. after being apart last year. we have a new appreciation for those little moments we can't plan or replicate. the music of laughter in a warm, full kitchen, the thump of small feet making big sounds, the circle of faces crowded around our dining room table. glowing in the candlelight. you make you so proud every day to serve as your president and first lady and from the biden family to yours. happy thanksgiving. god bless you and may god protect our troops and their families. great
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together on the bidens are spending their holiday and then tuck. it made a stop today at a coast guard station at coast guard station, brian point where they held a virtual call the service members from all six military branches. to give thanks. the macy's thanksgiving day parade returned to new york city in full force today. yeah last year's parade was only televised. but this year, thousands of spectators were allowed to line the streets. they watched two dozen floats, thousands of marchers and 15 giant character balloons. participants were required to be vaccinated. the parade culminated with an appearance by the one and only santa claus. it's live and awesome, and there's everything here, it's the whole vibe of the city coming together. a lot of excitement out there. other events also made their return today, including the turkey day parade in chicago. and of course
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, turkey trots in cities across the county are almost two years of pandemic restrictions. many families are gathering for the thanksgiving holiday again. and ktvu christian captain asked people right here in the bay area when mayor thankful for this year. on a bright day around the bay area, people flocked to san francisco's union square, taking photos and getting into the holiday mood. adriana melvin says she woke up in a thanksgiving mood. we were we were in the hotel room, and i was just asking everybody in the room like. what they're thankful for, and mine was, you know, i'm just thankful that i was able to wake up this morning and see my family, so i'm very proud and bliss just really spending time with family on the holidays andm children. also getting into the spirit. appreciative of like the roof over my head, the food i get to eat and like the love that i gave him my family. i'm grateful for god. melissa higgins is from scotland, and she and her daughter miller are new to the thanksgiving holiday
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, she says taking a day for gratitude is a wonderful tradition. we are very grateful that we have each other. we have a riff overheads. we have our health. we will have food on the table this afternoon. and we have been very blessed with such fantastic friends that we have met since we moved to san francisco. rhonda vino says he's thankful that he and his service dog monster man can visit union square and share their joy with others. and i'm gonna just thankful because you know, i've been disabled, you know, and. there are people out there that are really willing to help people with that have problems. you know kate thompson and the ren say this thanksgiving feel special. after the hardships we've all had to endure for the last year and a half. i think it's made us all take a step back and really assess our lives and what we're what's important to all of us. at least me and my experience has made me really assess what's important to me. i'm very thankful for my family and my friends and my partner like to being very supportive emotionally. financially and she
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just everything. and that was the common theme this thanksgiving, a sense of gratitude for the small things and getting to spend time with one another in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. in san jose, the christmas in the park drive through light displays back and it opens to the public tomorrow evening. christmas in the park is now at lake cunningham in east san jose . that's a change from last year when it was held at the city's history park. this year's display is all custom made with about 140,000 lights. the show also has to light tunnels, arches and dazzling snowflakes. everything is synchronized to music, so you can listen to it on your car. radio admission is $30 per car. so we come tonight. high winds of power outages disrupt thanksgiving in southern california. look at some of the damage coming up after the break. the defense wasn't there . the tree would have gone through the room for sure. i would not be talking to you. i'd be talking about courtney. at a
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burial, whether a beautiful thanksgiving out there with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures, and this pattern wants to stick around for quite some time will have your forecast update coming up. there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
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tonight in a commercial building broke out just after 7 45 at the building in south los angeles. fire officials say that blaze has caused the building's roof to collapse. more than 100. firefighters are on the scene, trying to get a handle on the flames. there is no word yet on a cause. and tonight, thousands of people in southern california are still without power. this thanksgiving day, the southern california edison cut electricity to about 64,000 customers today to try to prevent equipment from starting wildfires. as chelsea edwards tells us, it's all because of
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the strong winds. i could've very easily lost my family. you could say, uh, because of that tree thanksgiving took on a whole new meaning for the embryos family this year goals, daughters and wife were asleep when powerful winds uprooted this massive tree on the side of their house. i'm glad that our fans stopped it because had the fence had. the defense wasn't there. the tree would have gone through the room for sure. i would not be talking to you. i'd be talking about corner. damaged his van. obviously broke some of the break. their biggest damage was great. right there under it . you can see my kids sleep right here. i mean, they're bed is right along the window. their self. the wild weather wreaked havoc on holiday plans throughout the southland. many in the inland empire lost power and i've seen it out for like five hours. on a holiday on a holiday. bruce quinn's thankfully stayed on this year, but his neighbors weren't so lucky. he says he jumped into help if anyone asked if they needed help. yeah. so would lisa
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peraza. how is anybody gonna kick that? i definitely feel very bad for them. come cook your turkey and my oven. yeah in addition to power outages, some of her neighbors also suffered property damage across the street from my house. there's actually a big tree following the roads, closed police and everything, and it actually fell on top of my friend's car. for some, the aftermath of the wild winds meant altered holiday celebrations by food and over there and the jack in the boats and. mcdonald's for my kids? yeah, nothing. make a cookie. nothing i just told my what? don't open their preach for a little bit yesterday. don't open it like i normally open it to do those things like that we have to fix like the did it for the foundation at all? no, no to prove that on the city side, despite the damage and the trauma caused by the winds, the embryos family says they could not be more grateful for how their holiday turned out. this is a good example of thanksgiving and something to be
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thankful for. make sure that my family my kids are all taken care of, you know? chelsea edwards fox news. and fire season definitely continues in southern california. the winds peaked today. still a bit of a breeze for tomorrow, but backing off a bit in the friday forecast , but still high fire danger and still a red flag. fire warnings . just amazing. we're heading into the late november. we're still talking about fire season down to our south. taking a look at that red flag morning. it's in places you can see for all the areas in red closer to ventura county, los angeles, riverside. it's not offshore flow. they called it the santa ana wind and down in this portion of the california and the red flag fire warning in place until six o'clock friday, winds could be approaching 20 to 35 miles an hour. we had a bit of a breeze out there today here in the bay area, especially for the hills. but closer to the surface temperature is actually pretty mild, lots of sixties and a few spots close to the 70 degree bark out toward the mountain view. and in the morgan
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hill, here's the satellite if you high clouds approaching northern california, but no raindrops expected for us, it looks like this dry weather pattern remains in place. maybe as we head into it. december we could start tracking the possibility of some rainfall, but or at least for right now. there's not one day we can pinpoint. that's that we could say oh, range back in the forecast. current numbers out there. san francisco 56 fremont 48 degrees napa 48. we had frost advisories over the past couple mornings. no frost advisory for tomorrow, but still we have some pretty cold numbers to start off your friday. here's our santa's a camera where we have mostly clear skies and some cold numbers of death. he wanted to bundle up first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the thirties and the forties. this big area of high pressure wants to stick around into the weekend and into next week so as a result has becoming closer. we'll stick with the chilly temperatures overnight. but then into the afternoon hours, just like today, a nice recovery so breezy conditions in the hills. we have that dry weather pattern in the main storm trackers focused up to our north. a place
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like seattle for saturday and sunday has some pretty heavy rain the forecast for the upcoming weekend but for us, maybe just a few high clouds approaching the region. temperatures for tomorrow will be in the sixties and a few spots right around 70 degrees. it looks like this. this pattern will continue into the weekend. in fact, it could be just a little bit warmer by sunday. look at that number. if you want neighborhoods could be approaching the lowest seventies and then partly sunny skies into early next week, so i know we need the rainfall, but it's also nice to get outside this week and to at least to travel around or at least the rain will get in the way. that fact will be nice day to get outside for anything from saturday and into sunday, looking pretty good will be soaking up the sunshine. thanks, mark. well people in waukesha, wisconsin, are turning heartbreak into helping this holiday season, just days after a driver spent into the city's christmas parade, killing six people and injuring 48 more. waukesha is pulling together to help the victims and their
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families. michael hurst and his family were at the parade and just feet away from where others were hit. so now the hearst are working nonstop, creating holiday ornaments showing support for the place that he calls home. for each waukesha strong ornament that sold 100% of profits will go to the community fund as a way to help and heal. we wanted to find a way to give back to all the families because we were so grateful that. even though it was closed. our son wasn't injured. and the hearse are not alone in their efforts. tomorrow at least one restaurant there will be donating 100% of their sales to the washing community fund, the restaurant says to current and one former food server were hurt at the parade. while looking for a way to help the generosity flow this thanksgiving, please consider donating to our annual one warm coat drive. you have a gently worn coat or jacket that you would like to donate to bay area families. just participating ups store or big o tires. we also have collection
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barrels right here in oakland's jack london square in san jose santana row and at the westfield shopping mall in san francisco. the drive continues all the way through sunday, december 5th. we've got more information for you on our website at ktvu .com. and the 49 years playoff chances increased today. joe fonzi will be in to tell you why next in sports.
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franchises met on this thanksgiving day. two teams that don't play each other that often . dallas hosting the raiders with interim head coach rich messages team desperate to find a end of losing streak that is that had reached three games on their very first possession. the raiders. struck on this big play . derek carr feels his way
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around the pocket spots it open to sean jackson, who had tightropes the sideline and goes 56 yards of the end zone. seven raiders after the raiders had taken a 24 to 13 lead. midway through the third quarter, the cowboys tony pollard took to kick off the goal line. he has a lane down the sideline. that's a 100 yard return. it was back to a one possession game. the game went to overtime tied at 33. after three penalties, daniel carlson was finally down the middle with the 29 yard field goal. the raiders had ended the losing streak. and again that featured 28 penalties. 14 by each team, the raiders win 36 33 . they're back above 506 and five dallas is seven and four buffalo at new orleans. tonight we're a bills win would help the 49ers playoff chances this game all buffalo, josh allen threw four touchdown passes this one to dawson knox to get things started in the first quarter. the bills scored the 1st 24 points of the game. here's allen's fourth touchdown pass allen to matt brita. remember him breeders sprints to the end zone and at 31 to 6 buffalo win
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. the bills improved his 74 while the saints are five and six. and detroit hosting the traditional thanksgiving day morning game where andy dalton started at quarterback for chicago and places the injured justin fields, the lines making a bid for their first win jared goff with the third quarter touchdown pass to j. t. j. hawkinson. detroit in front by appointed 14 13, but it's been the kind of season in which the lions find a way to lose the bears. one of the 18 play 8.5 minute drive, they line up for a 28 yard field goal in the game'n the middle of the lines experienced that feeling they felt nine previous times they are oh 10 and one after falling . 16 14, chicago for and. seven san francisco tradition since 1924 continued today and keys are stadium lincoln against balboa for the turkey bowl to determine the san francisco high school football section championship. perfect day for football perfect day for a little trickery on the lincoln pot. balboa's or in jail. carraway fields the ball pitches
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it to his teammate dave andre. black black gets away from a tackle, then has a lane down the sideline for 54 yards at seven. balboa. that was the score at the half third quarter now and on fourth and goal play from the 27 ben know rory gets the ball to care away who breaks tackles on the way to the end zone. the buccaneers made a two point conversion for 15 lead. they went 21 nothing there first. turkey bowl championship since 1985 j. connor and fresno state at spartan stadium today, an important mountain west game for both teams that was julie haener and the bulldogs, who completely dominated they pull one out of the playbook. here. it's a reverse flea flicker back to julie haener. swings went out to jail and cropper. nothing but blockers and open space out there for cropper on the way to a 29 yard score. julie haener makes his ktvu mom proud with the 343 yard, four touchdown game president state roles to 49 win the bulldogs 93 sentences. state finishes 59 overall, three and five in the mountain west. and we got also tell you that the stanford women were winners
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today over indiana forthright indiana down in the bahamas in a tournament there. alright congratulations to them and congratulations to ktvu zone, congratulations to ktvu zone, jake julie haener, right. we [ phil ] "oh, my goodness, those hands are cold." mm-hmm. "at least buy me dinner first." [ chuckles ] boom. "tell my wife and kids i love them." oh, my god. ooh. that's kind of dark, mom. what? [ cell phone buzzing ] quick. what's my favorite hospital food? um-- jell-o! [ chuckles ] hey, buddy. no, today's still good. good for what? who's "buddy"? yeah, just head on over to the house. whose house? who's "buddy"? okay. see you in a couple. [ beeps ] couple of what? who's "buddy"? - kenneth. - kenneth? kenneth! if i had a son, i'd want him to be like kenneth ploufe. you do have a son. when we first moved in here, he was the sweet kid who lived next door. mmm, the weird kid who lived next door. but phil always had a soft spot for him... because kenneth sort of looked up to him. i wouldn't say hero. and yet, you did. well, you weren't going to. claire's always had some issues with kenneth.


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