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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 3, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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organized retail theft we're seeing throughout the country and in california. it's unacceptable. and it's been called one of the largest retail theft bus in california's history convictions announced today in a multi million dollar scheme. also new developments in that deadly school shooting in michigan. the charges announced just today against the parents of the accused team. gunman. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and welcome everyone to the four on this friday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm gregory in for alex. a plea for help this afternoon from the family of kevin nishida , the security guard and former officer who was shot and killed in oakland right before thanksgiving. while protecting a television news crew. they're asking anyone with information, cellphone video or even the smallest clue to come forward and help oakland police solve initiatives. murder ktvu is tom baker has their public appeal. right very true. the interview
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began and ended with officer nash, cheetahs, wife and widows . same plea police only have one clue this white acura sedan, i kindly please ask if anybody was in the area. in the oakland community. in the area at the time that this incident happened that that they have cell phone footage that they please, uh, give it to the oakland police department. we're seeking to find the reasoning behind all of this until his retirement from active police duty. kevin nash's family never really knew much about his daily work life as he was a police officer. he never really talked about the dangers about it. like i guess he just never wanted us to worry like what he's putting at risk every time he goes out there. but they knew full well what his priorities were family. we're going to see the grandkids, um, our dinners that we have here. deciding what to cook. you know, he loved to cook. so on the
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helper. he's the cook. you never asked for anything in return. you know, he was always asking what i needed what we needed. um even at you know, however, although we are now you know you just never. you just asked us to you know, be happy work hard in life. and then there is this. the dog misses him very much, so it's really hard to see the dog . very sad as well. so about. ah, i always put her in his blanket so that she can still smell him. officer nishida, even in death still continues his care and concern for others by donating his organs, including his very skin. to a burn victim . he's the breathe protector. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. beloved by so many kevin nishida will be laid to rest next thursday noon service the san jose civic center. oakland mayor
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libby shot today unveiled more details about her plan to hire additional police officers. the city has 60 vacanze warm positions right now, the mayor's proposal would add two new police academies at a cost of $5.8 million. i believe that our proposals are complementary. i'm hoping that the council passes them both. and that will be taken up this tuesday at 10 30. yesterday council member shang towel who's running for mayor announced a plan to offer up to $50,000 signing bonuses to experienced officers and you just heard there. mayor chef says that she hopes that both of the proposals will be approved. mayor shafts proposal also cost for unfreezing 20 frozen positions within the department . she wants to use money saved from previous police academies that graduated a smaller number of recruits. than originally planned to fund her proposal. it was one of the largest retail theft rings in california but
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now guilty pleas from a group that operated in san mateo county are crime reporter henry lee is here with the latest, including a warning from the state attorney general henry. greg the break ins happened in san mateo county. but the tentacles of this ring extended to the tenderloin in san francisco and contra costa county. those who break the law and peddle stolen goods. they will be held accountable. and today. they are state attorney general rob bonta announcing the convictions in san mateo county of five members of an organized retail theft ring. the lead defendant, danny drago, is expected to be sentenced in february to six years in state prison. he and members of his crime ring. have pleaded guilty to felony charges, including conspiracy to commit organized retail theft. the law enforcement crackdown was dubbed operation pop for proof of purchase. laptops electronic cameras and other items were stolen in san mateo county, including from cbs pharmacies, investigators learned that a group in san francisco's
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tenderloin was selling the stolen property. two suspects operating a distribution warehouse in concord detectives identified a hierarchy of criminals who were purchasing and distributing stolen property. consisting mostly of retail merchandise, and electronic authorities seized $8 million in stolen property and $85,000 in cash. the guilty pleas come as law enforcement throughout the bay area continued to grapple with large scale thefts smash and grabs. luxury store shakedowns, the pillaging of department stores. the organized retail theft we're seeing throughout the country and in california. it's unacceptable enforcement, including local da's and the california highway patrol are working together to identify these kinds of thieves. this case is a great example of how organized retail theft rings are wreaking havoc across county lines. and how through collaboration. we can really do something to combat these crimes that are plaguing our community. authorities seize $1.8 million
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from the defendant's bank accounts now. the four others implicated in the scheme were sentenced either to probation or jail terms ranging from a month to just under a year. reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news, henry we know the state has an organized retail theft task force, led by the chp and like you said, certainly has their hands full. i imagine this is the kind of crackdown they would like to see more of right? absolutely yeah. the da's bay area law enforcement as chp working together to go after these ongoing smash and grab thieves and mob groups who are caravanning in cars. all right, henry lee in the newsroom, henry. thank you. well as san francisco socialite who meant a lot to the city has passed away. charlotte schultz worked as san francisco's. excuse me chief of protocol for decades. she died after a battle with cancer. she was 88 schultz hosted foreign dignitaries in san francisco over the years, including queen elizabeth and pope john paul, the second among others. she advised several san francisco mayors on diplomatic matters and served on many boards, including
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the san francisco opera symphony and the ballet. shelters husband , former secretary of state george shultz, died earlier this year at the age of 100. governor newsom issued a statement on shultz's passing saying in part quote charlotte was the quintessential san francisco defined by her eye for the fantastic and the flourish and which she welcomed visiting dignitaries, foreign consoles and san franciscans from all walks of life. she helped make the city of san francisco the vibrant international city it is today. and san francisco mayor london breed. call schultz her good friend and also released a statement. and she says, we have lost our grahn dom. the bright lights of san francisco are forever diminished with the loss of charlotte, but her impact legacy and love will live with us for generations. an elementary school in corte madera experience that covid-19 outbreak after officials say to parents knowingly sent their
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covid-19 positive child and a sibling to school. it happened last month at neil cummins elementary school officials say the parents were notified the week of november 8th that one of their two children tested positive, but they said nothing. the school district in the north . they did not find out until november, 18th. as a result, school recorded eight covid cases, 75 individuals had to be quarantined. marin superintendent of school said the parents should be held accountable. for putting the community at risk, and no travel requirements go into effect next week for inbound international travelers coming to the u. s the guidelines come as the quan varying pops up in several more states boxes. phil keating has more for us. just as travel ramps back up. the omicron variant is fueling a wave of new restrictions beginning monday, international travelers must provide a negative covid test within one day of their outgoing departure. into the u. s
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president biden saying as of now , his administration is not considering any new measures for domestic travel measures that i announced yesterday are we believe are sufficient. to deal with the proper medical precautions to deal with the spread of this new barry in the new guidelines come as more than three dozen countries confirm omicron cases here in the us several states have now reported infections, including california, new york and nebraska. the cdc says it's also working to investigate suspected cases of the new stream in other states. many of these early infections have involved mild symptoms. there's every reason to believe. that if you get vaccinated and boosted that you would have at least some degree of cross protection very likely against severe disease director rochelle walensky says the delta
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strange still accounts for more than 99% of all infections, but adds regardless of the variant protection measures should stay the same. getting vaccinated if you have not already and getting a booster dose if you are eligible, the biden administration is also extending the mask mandate for airplanes, busses and trains. into mid march at the miami international airport. phil keating fox news. and coming up in just about 10 minutes. we're going to hear from dr marc galle, california's secretary of health and human services here, what he is saying about the best and worst case scenarios with the omicron variant. and also about the possibility of another shutdown. new charges tonight in the michigan school shooting that took the lives of four young people coming up. prosecutors lay out disturbing details to explain why they are charging the accused gunman, parents and the king tides have returned and they've arrived. just a bit ahead of schedule will tell you when low lying areas here in the
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hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ that left four students debt today, prosecutors announced charges against the parents of that 15 year old shooting suspect after the law enforcement announced those shortly after that announcement , law enforcement officials said the parents had gone missing and were considered fugitives. but a lawyer for the couple say the two left town for their own safety but were on their way back to be arraigned. fox's steve harrigan has more now from oxford, michigan. imperative we prevent. this from happening again. it is a rare case of parents being charged in the school shooting by their child, jennifer and james, crumbly, are facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter after their son, a 15 year old sophomore, allegedly brought a gun to his high school on
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tuesday, killing at least four of his fellow students and wounding seven other people. police say james crumbly, bought the gun just four days earlier, and there's no indication it was stored safely. gun owners have a responsibility. when they failed to uphold that responsibility. there are serious and criminal consequences. prosecutors also say the crumbles had plenty of warning that their son was potentially violent at a meeting just hours before the shooting. school officials expressed concerns about his behavior, including violent drawings and notes and internet searches for ammunition and just minutes after the shooting started. jennifer crumbly, allegedly texted. don't do it to her son. officials claim it all adds up to a pattern of negligence that crossed the line into criminality. the notion that a parent could read those words and also know that their son had access to a deadly weapon. that they gave him. is unconscionable
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. meanwhile vigils and memorial services continue here in oxford as the community comes together to honor the victims and comfort the families your apparent anywhere anywhere near here you're feeling for these families. the involuntary manslaughter charges carry a penalty of up to 15 years. in oxford, michigan. steve harrigan fox news. for more insight on this case, we're joined by ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza. cardo always appreciate your time. first putting the fugitive status for these parents aside. how rare is it to charge the accused gunman parents? and what are these charges mean? i mean, is this akin to negligence? well first of all, it isn't unusual. absolutely i've been practicing for over 40 years and i've never seen this before. i'm actually really excited about this case, because i think number one is going to be very difficult to prove. for the prosecution, but i like the message they're sending. and that's out to parents saying hey, hey,
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attention to your kids if there are signs that they may be violent, you better pay attention. you better get the proper people in to take care of that. and then, as you just heard, there was a note from the mother. another note from the mother that i read about. said that when he was looking for ammunition, she told her son in attacks. well i'm not mad that you did that. i'm mad. you got caught. don't get caught next time. what kind of messages that to send to a child, so it's going to be interesting, difficult but interesting, but i like the message. it's sending michael you said this could be difficult to prove. the prosecutor called the facts here egregious. but unlike california and michigan, the gun laws regarding parents and children are more lax, including safe storage. will that play a role here? absolutely it's going to play a role. uh second amendment people, not a problem with this. we should have a second amendment. not a problem with that, if that's how you think, but. if you want your children, your kids to learn how to use
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weapons to store weapons. you teach them. you take them to the firing range. you show them how to manipulate the weapon. you show them how to use it. but you also. tell them how to store it and how dangerous they are. in this case, it doesn't appear to be that so parents have to take some responsibility. and i think a lot of parents are gonna wake up and say whoa, wait a minute. you mean they could come after me for something? my son or daughter? does all of a sudden parents might be tightening up and paying a lot more attention . so, like i said, i'm excited to see how this case turns out because it will be difficult to prove in my opinion. also i like the messages sending attention to your kids. yeah michael. the prosecutor was pressed today by reporters about why the student was allowed back to the classroom. after teachers discovered some of those chilling drawings. here's what she said. and what the superintendent said thursday. let's take a listen. i'm not
4:18 pm
going to give you a political answer, and i'm not going to cover it for anybody. and i'm just going to say what i think. and that is, of course, he shouldn't have gone back to that classroom. of course, he shouldn't have no discipline. was warranted. there are no discipline records at the high school. yes this student did have contact with our front office. and yes, his parents were on campus. november 30th. michael we want to make something clearer. obviously everyone associated with this school. they are all victims. but after what was laid out today, do you think school officials could face any sort of legal responsibility here? well we all face some legal responsibility. anybody can sue anybody. i don't think they will be going after the school or the teachers, even though they might have made a very grievous mistake. and they should pay attention to that. so again, this case is sending messages,
4:19 pm
not only the parents, but the teachers to schools pay attention when you see things like this, knowing what goes on in our society and how susceptible children and teenagers argued the press, and they see. these types of things . why would you let him back into school? you know, take him away. but on the other side than the school says, wait a minute. then the parents turn around and say, why are you taking my kid out of school? and now we're going to sue you. it's a. dilemma that we have to solve. but in this case, the school should air on the side of caution. and when you see dangerous signs, you know drawings, kids writing very dangerous things things. they shouldn't be right. why would you let him back into school? look what's at risk for kids died. their lives were taken from them. seven others were injured. so i think think the school has to air on the side of caution. and never mind what a parent might do, you know, charge in and say, well, we're going to sue because you didn't
4:20 pm
let my kids back into school. well too bad. we thought that he might hurt somebody. and i think most people and most courts and most juries would understand that. like i said, a community still mourning as a lot of people will continue to watch this case, especially with the parents legal analyst michael cardoza. thank you for joining us, as always, welcome, take care. stay healthy. all right. we're talking about the king tides, and they have arrived a little sooner than a lot of people had expected. coastal flood advisories have been issued for low lying areas of the san francisco bay shore line and humboldt bay. the national weather services, the coast will experience and usually high tides and possible flooding through sunday, and as i mentioned the arrival did catch some people off guard today. in possession. a. we had walked by and i noticed the same area in the water was down about three or four ft. so this is kind of
4:21 pm
unusual. the king tides occur in the morning. it will be followed by very low tides. hours later in the afternoon, the national weather service says the peak will be tomorrow. i asked him those astronomical tides as heather mentioned. i'm going to go continuing into the weekend. i'll have a look at where the advisory will be not only for your area saturday, but sunday as well. but first a look outside our doors where we had a lot of cloud cover this afternoon, and as a result, temperatures fell off dramatically in most areas. right back to well where we should be for this time of year because the last several days we've been above average, even record breaking at times alive. look there from ktvu across the oakland estuary, a beautiful view towards san francisco, where you can see the sun. is beginning to set. so here's a look at the advisory. it goes until sunday afternoon. at three o'clock, the shade of green indicates where we may see some low lying flooding at times, primarily through the morning hours. that's when we do expect the high tides. well saturday sunday, just like this morning. it includes san francisco all of
4:22 pm
our base short communities, so not only those low lying roadways and paths, but parks could also be impacted something to be aware of. and for the north based stretches into our valley locations. so for tomorrow, high tide expected to come into the morning hours once again and then low tide will be in for the afternoon, so that best time for flooding on saturday. will be 10 30 on sunday closer to 11 15. and then the afternoon is when we see again the low tide. outside of that the headline for today has been the cooler weather the cloudier weather and we are still cloudy outdoors in many areas with some. folks, not really seeing much of any sunshine today. 55 degrees right now in san francisco, 55 in oakland, 53 napa, 55 livermore and san jose at 55. you can see from the 24 hour temperature change down by 13 in santa rosa , this afternoon down by 12 and napa down by 12 san jose and down by 10 over hayward. not expecting a whole lot of change when it comes to temperatures for tomorrow. so how you felt today? likely how it's going to
4:23 pm
feel tomorrow? the winds are generally light out there under hazy skies. here's a look at tonight and into tomorrow morning do expect the low clouds and fog to fill in once again and then as we get into the afternoon. it pulls back, and we have partly cloudy skies and relatively more seasonable conditions. as far as temperatures go, i'll have a look at those temperatures what you can expect for the rest of the weekend and our first opportunity and maybe some rain coming our way. coming up. thanks for as married. welcome to omicron variant lead to another state wide shutdown here. roy california's top health official has to say confin
4:24 pm
4:25 pm
variant here in the us fully vaccinated demand. he traveled to south africa testing positive for the variant after he returned to san francisco and as we learn more about overgrown dr marc galle, california secretary of health and human services, joined alex michaelson on our political show. the issue is alex joins us now, with more on
4:26 pm
what dr galley had to say. hi, alex. hi heather. yeah reminder that dr galley is the governor's top advisor on these issues. he's the guy that is in the room when they make decisions about whether to shut down or whether to not shut down. there's still a lot. we don't know about a macron, but i asked him about the best and worst case scenarios. the best case scenario is that simply our bodies recognized macron. the vaccines work as well as they have on all the other variants and that we don't see a significant impact, especially on those who have been vaccinated. those who maybe have been infected in the past that we don't see a level of sickness, a level infection. and the level of transmission that we were worried about. before we had vaccines. the worst case scenario is certainly that only crown does, uh, does cause a level of sickness even among the
4:27 pm
vaccinated that we really have avoided with other variant. so if we see that worst case scenario, could we be seeing another shutdown? he says. no if everybody does their part. we are focused on is having californians do those things that we know work that is. get your shot. get vaccinated. get boosted as soon as you can. we really believe california is well poised to whether whatever covid throws at us, so we aren't even talking about what the triggers are around those sorts of restrictions that people were accustomed to early on, and, frankly, have grown tired of. so we're watching the scenarios closely and the situation closely. but right now laser focused on californians doing the things we have control over right now. he says heather that
4:28 pm
he's hopeful that the vaccines will do something against omicron. they're not quite sure how much yet but that they are encouraging people to still get their boosters so we'll talk more with him this week. we're also going to be talking with political strategist bob shrum on the left, and mike murphy on the right. about omicron and also the increasing crime that we're seeing in the bay area and what that will mean for politics in california. very important conversations this weekend. all right, alex. thank you. and you can catch more of alex's interview with dr galley again coming up this weekend. the issue is the issue is airs at 5 30 sunday morning. two young children are safe with their families tonight after a frightening kidnapping attempt in san francisco coming up, we're learning new details about the woman suspected of the crimes and your next bottle of wine just may cost you a little bit more house supply chain issues are posing new challenges. for local winemakers.
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- during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. has a prior criminal history. she's now under arrest, charged with kidnapping kidnapping attempt was forwarded thanks to a quick acting nanny, police say a 42 year old aaron williams of sebastian pool. snatched the 22 month old boy from the nanny on wednesday on lake street in the inner richmond neighborhood. williams ran off with the boy in her arms, according to the child's father than any chased the woman and caught her about a half block away and managed to get the child back. he says he was shocked by what happened,
4:32 pm
but grateful his son is safe. this is something that was done by. someone that was not well and something that's been on the streets for sometimes someone that isn't getting the care that they need. so i just really hope that the city you know our services can provide something for her completely. unprecedented right for us to imagine that our kids would be the subject of this type of crime. now the woman is believed to be homeless and suffering from mental illness. true also says police told him this was not her first kidnapping attempt. well a portion of interstate 80 and solano county is scheduled to close overnight this weekend. the highway will shut down from red top road to the sixth connector near fairfield cruz. what we were moving the bridge connecting eastbound highway 12. i 80 as part of the $740 million interchange project. the work is being done from 11 pm saturday to nine a.m. sunday drivers are being told to expect delays. economists are sharing their reaction to the november jobs
4:33 pm
report, which revealed the us added 10,000 jobs, many believe there is still a lot of uncertainty with the ongoing recovery do the pandemic and a new variant. fox's madeline rivera has the details from washington. the november jobs report is being called confusing by some economic experts. you had the household survey that showed some gains. but then you have the payroll survey that really sold the decline in job growth. on one hand, there's disappointment with only 210,000 jobs added far lower than the 550,000 that some analysts have predicted. and on the flip side , there's optimism, with the unemployment rate dropping from 4.6% in october to 4.2% the labor participation rate, which measures the proportion of americans who either have jobs or looking for one also went up slightly from 61.6% to 61.8% culturally. it's the biggest thing i've been worrying about his people permanently leaving the workforce, the biden
4:34 pm
ministrations trying to tamp down concerns, the biggest gains were seen in professional and business. services, transportation and warehousing. followed by construction and manufacturing. today's historic dropping unemployment rate includes dramatic improvements for workers who have often seen higher wages and higher levels of unemployment. excuse me higher levels of unemployment. critics, though, arguing the rise in wages isn't enough to keep up with the pace of inflation, which rose 6.2% in october. prices are going up even faster. some employers say fighting workers is still a challenge. yeah, i'd look at the restaurants i worked with, and i see how very, very different call it is to get people to come to work. some economic experts are also worried that the omicron variant could threaten the country's recovery by deterring people from going back to work and washington model rivera fox news. here's a look at how wall street responded. markets ended the week down as traders dealt with that mix november jobs report and updates on the omicron variant. the dow
4:35 pm
fell 59 points. the nasdaq was down to 95. the s and p finished the day down 38 points. a supply chain issues have been increasing costs all across the board, including for the wine industry. foxes giovanni luigi joins us now live from sacramento and giovanni you heard from a livermore wine maker who says getting glass bottles has been a huge challenge for his business. absolutely one of those challenges is just finding glass bottles to bottle the wine like this. he says that the increased shipping costs are causing issues and other wineries across northern california are facing the same challenges. they can't find glass bottles to a bottle. the wine ends. prices are also rising for those bottles. in northern california wine is pretty much the fabric of life close to 80% of the nation's wine is mean something like that
4:36 pm
. yeah here we are. yes it's been quite the journey for sure . almost two decades journey for phil long end his wife, deborah . degree in architecture what started in their garage in 2002 turned into a passion we just did. us roller coaster is a good analogy. phyllis faced many challenges over the recent years . now he's dealing with the rising cost of production. it's a it's a massive issue that supply chain. even on the national side. we're having a hard problem keeping up with getting the wine in the bottle because we're just not getting the amount of bottles at one point he was only paying $1500 for a container of bottles. now it's $12,000 that's close to 1000% jump. we've been actually lucky to even source. um bottles from other wineries, which is kind of unusual one. prices were up over 4% since 2015 and expected to rise even more next year and so as the cost of business and challenges of doing business. impact the wine
4:37 pm
spirits industry, consumers are going to see that on the shelves at their bars and restaurants, but despite those rising costs would give debra these glass hearts on valentine's day. one of phil's motivations to keep going. and she amassed this huge collection comes from his late wife who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2019. i designed this heart for her because it contained. hearts grapevines and grape leaves because it really truly represented. deborah nyse journey and what we did together starting out for fun, and now we're making wine commercially. another prices for beer and other beverages are also rising, primarily being caused by. a shortage of aluminum cans, glass bottles and once again those increased shipping costs here in sacramento, california giovanni luigi ktvu, fox two news, all right, thanks so much, giovanni. it is a popular show on netflix , looking at the drama surrounding a private zoo up
4:38 pm
next we'll hear from the oakland zoo about how the show tiger king is leading to a troubling new trend that's putting even more endangered tigers at risk. cloudier cooler day around the bay area this afternoon, and we're going to settle into this pattern for the weekend. better details on what you can expect details on what you can expect coming up. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds
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become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. ♪ mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. tiger king drew national attention to the exotic animal ownership all across the country , as well as the ongoing mistreatment and abuse of many of those animals. especially big cats season. two of the show just came out last month at the oakland zoo wants to educate the bay area about the ongoing issue. joining us now live is oakland zoo ceo nick de gea. thank you so much for being here . let's first talk about tiger king. how has it contributed to
4:41 pm
an increase in private ownership of tigers and other big gaps. well thank you for having me. you know, the issue here is a long standing one of cats in private ownership for many, many years. in fact, there are more tigers. an american backyard and there are actually in the wild. so this illegal trade illegal possession. you know, there are no federal laws against this, and many states have different parts, and in some states, there are no restrictions at all. so it's extremely troubling, not just the tigers. but many other species of our partner pito that we work with says there's been an increase and victimization of many other animals. leaners bear cubs. slots and many more so it's not just tigers. it's a much bigger issue of the illegal wildlife trade. okay, so let's talk a little bit about the concerns associated with having a tiger or the other type of animal that you just mentioned. as a pet, or perhaps that one of those roadside zoos. well the
4:42 pm
reality is they're not getting care. they're not getting the adequate quick care if any, at all, they're not fed proper diets. they're taken from their mothers at a very young age. oftentimes for profit. they're using these cats, you know, for photo opportunities people are paying 10 15 $20. this is the problem that they may be fun and cute photo. but what's happening behind the scenes how they're taking. being taken care of is really tragic. our tigers, for example, were owned by private couple in texas. they were put into teeny cages. they were confined for months. and eventually, once these tigers grew too large, they couldn't keep them so we actually were able to bring these tigers to the oakland zoo and give them the proper life, given the forever home that they deserve. right and obviously that was something that i think you know, a lot of people are excited to see or happy to see. sadly though, those tigers recently
4:43 pm
died were their illnesses related to the way they were treated as cubs. absolutely you know, when you're in that kind of situation, you know these roadside zoos that exists oftentimes there's inbreeding because i mentioned they're not getting the adequate nutrition and care and diet. so it creates these genetic predispositions that take place we need to have tigers in proper care, and these roadside zoos are just not doing it. you know when people visit zoos visit the open zoo. you're visiting an accredited institution were about 240 of those across the united states. but there are many, many more roadside facilities. that are not taking care of their animals , so it's really important that the public they understand and visit the right type of like oakland and others that are credited. and really not visit these roadside zoos and really push against them and contact
4:44 pm
their local elected leaders their congress people to shut down these institutions and that they know the difference. finally last year at the height of tiger king's popularity, a law was actually introduced called the big cap public safety act that would ban most big cat ownership. where does that bill stand now? yeah, absolutely. so we obviously support the big cat public safety act. it's really important. it has passed the house sitting in the senate right now, so really urging everyone to reach out to their state senators. to encourage their senators to push this passage to get to a final vote and act like this will prohibit types of institutions like tiger king. to restrict the possession exhibition of big cats. it's something that again here in oakland, you will always stand for and spikes for animal and animal rights. and so we are looking to received rescue tigers here in the zoo. hopefully in the near future.
4:45 pm
we're very sad that our tigers after 10 years of incredible care that they had lived their life out, but we want to create a home for rescue tigers as well. alright really appreciate your time this afternoon. and thanks for sharing that message. appreciate it. thank you very much. all around the bay area this afternoon. i'm sure you notice a lot of cloud cover. you probably also noticed a lot cooler temperatures fell 5 10, even 12 degrees in some areas this afternoon. we're going to hang on to this pattern as we roll through the weekend giving you a live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary towards san francisco. a few peaks in the clouds there and you can see just the little bit of sunshine that has left. before it sets here in just a few minutes, giving you a look at the air quality out there. hazy skies may have noticed that as well, good, moderate air quality in store for the weekend . here's a look at what we're seeing out there right now. moderate air quality for the north bay, san francisco looking good over towards the santa cruz mountains, good air quality. for the central and south bay.
4:46 pm
generally moderate air quality. no spare the air expected for tomorrow. here's a look at the future cast. i'm going to roll your past the weekend and into monday morning because this is our first shot. it may be seeini roll you through, you're going to notice not much of any at all. we may see little bit of drizzle. maybe if you like scattered showers, so areas over the pacific northwest washington, oregon. getting some rain northern california but there it went monday through tuesday. it's already tuesday afternoon, most through the state and kind of fizzles out as it does so, if you like showers , a possibility on monday afternoon to tuesday, and then the next shot at some rain coming in on thursday, this one looks like it will be a little bit wetter, but you can see still not a major storm. at least that's what it looks like at the time. afternoon highs for today, we've got 55 degrees right now. in san francisco, low fifties in nevada 55 wanna creek as i showed you in the last half hour. definitely a drop in temperatures for most of not everybody today and then as we get going tomorrow morning, the
4:47 pm
low clouds and fog back with us once again 49 degrees to start your day in san francisco, 46 in concord and some of our cooler spots into the north bay chilly 42 for you, santa rosa. the winds are expected to remain light. so after days and days of above average temperatures, we're actually going to fall right back to where we should be for this time of year within a few degrees for most sixties expected for santa rosa, tomorrow we'll go 60 in san francisco, 61 in oakland, low sixties livermore as well as san jose, and into your afternoon highs for today. 58 i should say for tomorrow 58 a pacifica 60 over san francisco. lot of low to mid to upper sixties if you are just joining us coastal advisory for low lying areas inside the bay, as well as over areas of the north bay for the king tides that are back and will be with us this weekend high tide expected saturday morning as well as sunday morning. but when it comes to the temps will be right where we should be for this time of year and look at the extended forecast into sunday. may see a bit of a warm up. it's not going to be much, but we may get a
4:48 pm
little bit more sunshine early on just to some north winds that are expected to materialize. and then as we get into monday tuesday, dropping those numbers back just a little bit, increasing the cloud cover. maybe a few sprinkles late monday into tuesday, a cool day with partly cloudy skies on wednesday. back to you looks like a nice weekend ahead. thank you, rosemary. danville police have turned one of their patrol vehicles and a santa's sleigh to help bring some happiness to children in need there, holding a fill the cruiser toys for tots toy drive. the vehicle was parked in front of the costco store on astoria way. danville police say they reached out to the organizers of the u. s marine corps annual toys for tots program and asked if they could help bring some joy to some children this holiday season. i hope they feel like every every kid on christmas morning. they get to open up something really cool and they have fun with it. they have a toy or a few toys to play with, and they just feel that joy that every kid needs to feel on christmas morning. if you missed it. don't worry and police
4:49 pm
cruiser will be parked there in front of costco again next friday for people to come by and help fill it with toys. and speaking of toys for the holiday season after being sidelined last year, all because of the pandemic. caltrain is once again rolling out its holiday train. we took video of that festival train this morning in san francisco. it's decorated with more than 75,000 glittering lights. the special train will visit nine stations, starting at four p.m. from san francisco to santa clara county. tomorrow and sunday and again. this, too, is all in an effort to collect toys for kids this holiday season. that train will stop at the stations for about 20 minutes where you can enjoy singing with the carolers on board and the salvation army christmas brass ensemble. as well as take pictures with santa and mrs claus in return. they just ask that you please bring a new toy or a book coming up. it is the land of sunshine. hawaii is now bracing for a blizzard that could bring up to a foot of snow on its higher peaks. details next we need some of that snow
4:50 pm
here coming up ahead of five. what's behind the somber looking skies all across the bay area probably noticed that today. plus oakland police experiencing a staffing crisis, according to mayor libby schaaf. details on her plans to try ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. police and firefighters cleared that 48 unit building it's called horizon west coast condo after an engineering report said its structural columns were compromised. some residents in the milwaukee suburb, waukesha say they were given just an hour to grab their belongings and get out. they expressed frustration with city officials over what they said was a lack of communication. world war two veterans getting a hero send off today at dallas fort worth international airport, the 63 veterans flying to honolulu,
4:53 pm
hawaii to mark 80 years since the attack at pearl harbor. they were brought into the airport on busses with a police escort. the airport also held the parade for the veterans and one of the terminals. how do you feel going on this trip? are you excited or anxious? it's just something good for me to do, baby. i'm 101 years old. incredible of the 63 veterans on the flight six are pearl harbor survivors. three of them are women and 12 are over 100 years old and one of the veterans on the flight. is the father of the pilot flying the plane. that pilot said she was honored to be the one to take the veterans on this journey. what a beautiful story and beautiful connection there. well a blizzard warning is in effect for sunday, not in the sierra or the rockies. but actually in hawaii want to show you now some time lapse video of the monarchy a summit area on the big island and you can see a several inches of snow already swept through. the national weather service says the area could see up to a
4:54 pm
foot of snow and winds. i looked at 100 miles an hour. each trialed in from every family. they were the glue. they were the special ones. 36 lives cut short the commemorations to mark five years since oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
people killed five years ago in oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire are keeping their memories and legacies alive. ktvu is deborah villalon shows us how people marked the somber anniversary. it's a grief forever. situation doesn't go away. emily grant chomps lost her son, alex ghassan, in the inferno of the ghost ship warehouse. he and 35. others enjoying music on the second floor when fire made it impossible for them to escape your children. were burnt alive
4:57 pm
and suffocated. and at times your memory. your imagination goes there wondering what your child felt like. it was a tragedy that moved thousands of people to attend vigils in the days afterward. one year later, people flocked to the charge shell of the warehouse determined that no one forget. at this five year mark, just a handful gathered on the sidewalk . emily grand chance one of them. i never got to see my son's body. um so in some way it's this is his grave gaza and was 35, a filmmaker who had moved from new jersey to oakland to be near his four year old twin daughters. many who died that night were like him creative, talented artists and musicians with so much to offer their loved ones don't refer to them as victims, but stars each child every family. they were the glue. they were the special
4:58 pm
once grand chances. the families became close during a few years of tumultuous court proceedings as they fought for justice, and they remain in touch, creating their own zoom link. and on youtube of virtual tribute included performances, photography and visual arts from some of those lost, accompanied by the voices of silicon valley choir. since the fire, emily ground chops followed her son's path moving from the east coast to west trying to heal. gaston's fiance designer had a rubrics died with him in the warehouse. they were happy. they came here to have fun. they didn't know this would be the last day of
4:59 pm
their lives in oakland, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. today's announcement should serve as a warning shot retails after rings beware. that is the message california's attorney general is issuing tonight after busting one of the biggest theft schemes in state history. good evening. i'm christine over jones and i'm andre senior. it was one of the largest retail theft rings we've seen in california and now guilty pleas from a group that operated in san mateo county crime reporter henry lee is here with the latest, including a warning from the state attorney general henry. andre and christina. the car retail and commercial break ins happen in san mateo county, but the tentacles of this ring extended to san francisco's tenderloin and contra costa county. those who break the law and peddle stolen goods. they will be held accountable. and today. they are state attorney general rob bonta announcing the convictions in
5:00 pm
san mateo county of five members of an organized retail theft ring. the lead defendant, danny drago, is expected to be sentenced in february to six years in state prison. he and members of his crime ring. have pleaded guilty to felony charges , including conspiracy to commit organized retail theft. the law enforcement crackdown was dubbed operation pop for proof of purchase. laptops electronic cameras and other items were stolen in san mateo county, including from cbs pharmacies, investigators learned that a group in san francisco's tenderloin was selling the stolen property. two suspects operating a distribution warehouse in concord detectives identified a hierarchy of criminals who were purchasing and distributing stolen property. consisting mostly of retail merchandise, and electronic authorities seized $8 million in stolen property and $85,000 in cash. the guilty pleas come as law enforcement throughout the bay area continued to grapple with large scale thefts smash and grabs. luxury


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