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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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of 200 robberies with one common theme. investigators say most of their victims or asian women, the arrest announced today resulting from a year long investigation. get those umbrellas back out. another storm system will be rolling through the bay area in just a few hours. how long the range will last this time? from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourte four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. and we do begin with our weather this afternoon. the pay area is set for another soaking . the latest round of rain is making its way into the north bay right now, and it will continue down south. now, this system is not expected to be as intense as monday storm, but the rain could certainly cause some trouble during the evening commute hours. for more on this system and what to expect tonight. let's get over to ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. hey, mark. hi there, alex. yes we have been tracking scattered rainer, some scattered rain
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across parts of the bay area all day long, with the main impact of the rain's going to move in later on this evening, but even if you're still dry, you probably have noticed the winds. it's been pretty windy out there increasing winds out of the south and we could have gusts topping 40 miles an hour in the short term for this evening, so rightful expectations. as you have been hearing about a quarter of an inch to maybe approaching two, which is not as strong as the recent event, but still this will produce some downpours, especially as you can see at the timing into this evening and then gradually backing off into a thursday morning. here's the satellite and the radar. you can see all the action really focused up to our north and gradually spreading to the south, and that will be the overall trend over the next few hours is becoming closer right now. here is some of the radar coverage out there, at least of the reports and santa rosa reporting some steady rain this afternoon napa some light rain to the focus has been up in the north bay's you can't see closer to napa. out towards st helena. as you move the map to the south and scattered rain showers out there nothing to
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widespread just yet. now the winds have been picking up. look at that conquered report gusting to 30 miles an hour. some more reports for you with sfo gusting to 28 miles an hour, so we are waiting for that rain too gradual spread to the south. here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. actually some hints of some sunshine here, but that will be changing rapidly. over the next hour or two. we'll talk more about this incoming front with more your forecast in a little bit. okay, seeing just a few minutes. thanks so much mark well, california's monthlong indoor mask mandate started today and goes through january 15th, but it is confusing for some. there are exceptions in some places while others nothing changes. ktvu tom baker shows us to bay area counties solano and marin, who will be most affected by these changes. even for counties not mandating mask wearing as of december 15th until january, 15th. they must wear them. marin county got to be essentially mask free because it's people earned it. through obeying the shelter in place
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mandates wearing masks, social distancing getting vaccinations , achieving low infection rates and having low hospitalizations . you was able to walk into. your local safeway or any local store around here without having to wear the mask here in murray county, but you go right over that bridge. it's a totally different story. marin county is justifiably relying on a proven spirit of cooperation. the majority of residents. we're already proactively continuing that indoor mask use, not 100% but a good majority, so we anticipate this will be an easy transition back for most residents. i think that's fine. you know, just i've got my i've got my mask here, and i'm happy to wear it if you know that's going to help. curb the virus. i know it helps. and i've been through a few of these. germ problems. it does help the to
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have precautions. on the other hand, solano county government never imposed mandates countywide, though some towns vallejo and venetia did. nonetheless the covid wrecked county has many proprietors such as we found here in fairfield, who believe in the month long state mandate. everybody had to cooperate. to keep using the mask and keep the distance and try to take care of each other. and i think we have to go along with this and i think we should, and i think it's good for business. because people then will come out and people don't use the masks. we're just going to be vacant all the time. one hang up stubbornness. some people don't want to use the month so it's kind of hard for the business. they keep going. the more resistance to the mandate, the longer it's likely to go on. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. so you might be wondering if california's new
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indoor mask mandate changes anything for you. ktvu cristina rendon joining us now live in the studio with a county by county breakdown of the impact. christine alex. we just heard from tom, about maureen and solano counties, keeping up with the changes about indoor mask requirements can be a bit confusing first, the state announced. masks would be mandatory at all public settings from december 15th to january 15th and it did clarify on tuesday the counties can continue to make exceptions for people in limited indoor settings for the rest of the bay area, though nothing changes the following counties have mask exemptions that can continue. san francisco marin, sonoma, contra costa and alameda. the local health orders in each of those counties say people and limited settings can remove their masks in spaces like workplaces, gyms and other spaces. as long as there are less than 100 people that space is not open to the general public. everyone must be fully vaccinated against covid and no one with covid symptoms are allowed in. our community is
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really pull together and embraced wearing masks, and it really doesn't change. the rules remain the same. you know, we need to continue to be careful as we get through the holidays and the arrival vom across. the following counties don't have any exemptions at all. so if you go inside of a building in san mateo, santa clara now, but and solano counties now you do have to wear a mask. there are no exception. so really nothing changes. for most of the bay area. it is pretty much life as usual wearing your masks, with the exception of those changes that we heard from tom in marin and solano counties. alright. appreciate the breakdown, christina. thank you. the meantime, jpmorgan chase canceled its major in person healthcare conference in san francisco due to coronavirus concerns that conference in january will now be held virtually. the cancelation is another setback for union square, which was already reeling from mass organized retail thefts. last month, the bank said the conference will
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return to san francisco and january of 2023. the event began 40 years ago in his billed as the largest healthcare conference in the world. before the pandemic, roughly 9000 people attended that conference each year. unvaccinated. excuse me. google employees may face pay cuts or even losing their jobs if they don't comply with that company's vaccine policy. cnbc has obtained a memo that google sent to its employees, saying they have until january 18th to prove their vaccination status. or apply for a medical or religious exemption, those who do not comply. will we placed on paid administrative leave for 30 days after that employees will be placed on unpaid personal leave for up to six months before facing termination. and the los angeles unified school district is delaying its vaccine mandate for students until the start of the next school year. it was originally supposed to go into effect on january, 10th. the school administrators decided to push back the plant. after they
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found about 28,000 students have not yet complied when it does go into effect, unvaccinated students will be forced into remote, independent study. for more on the coronavirus, including a county by county breakdown of the vaccine mandate . be sure to head to our website ktvu .com. six men are behind bars and charged with hate crimes after police say they targeted asian women for robbery and theft crime reporter henry lee joining us now, with the latest on this investigation, henry. alex authorities say these six men were responsible for crimes across the bay area, terrorizing victims who were mostly asian women. surveillance video shows, however, robbery, crew block cars and stole persons belonging to asian women sitting inside, it happened over and over. unfortunately, these incidents. over 100 throughout the bay area were committed by certain individuals. but now authorities say they have arrested six men responsible for nearly 200 incidents across the bay area over one year period.
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all of you and your families. deserve safety. santa clara county d a. jeff rosen says the men have been charged with a variety of crimes as well as hate crime enhancements. they thought asian women don't use banks, and they also made some other ethnic slurs against asians, which i won't. repeat here. there is no doubt that these suspects believed that they could prey on these victims. because of their ethnicity because of their gender. authorities say the men look for victims near atms, casinos and asian markets, often grabbing purses from car seats, but sometimes smashing car windows. some victims were knocked over. one woman had $30,000 stolen from her, anthony robinson and thursday. blanks were arrested in september in the parking lot of top golf in san jose. authorities say robinson rammed an unmarked police car, ran a red light and then hit a car, seriously injuring a two year old girl and her father inside. while arresting cameron moody police say they recovered these two loaded weapons, one of them a ghost gun, the city of san jose stands together. to ensure the
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safety of people here in little saigon. we will not stand for hate crimes. here at all. authorities say the six men are equally culpable and that there was no ringleader per se. but one of the defendants if convicted, faces up to 95 years in prison reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news, okay, henry, thank you. all right. the sierra has seen a lot of snow over the past few days and more is on the way. the warning, though today about avalanches for those who plan to hit the slopes. also, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith accused of corruption. the allegations detailed against her in court documents filed by a in court documents filed by a civil grand jury. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. from the devastating tornadoes in kentucky and other states, the president toward the towns of mayfield and dawson springs
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today, he embraced survivors of the storm that ravaged the state over the weekend. at least 74 people were killed in kentucky alone, including eight people in a candle factory in mayfield. thousands of people have lost their homes, the president said the area will recover. we're going to #### we're gonna recover gonna rebuild. you're gonna be stronger than you were before. we're gonna build back better. president biden announced that the federal government will cover 100% of the cost of the recovery and cleanup in kentucky for the 1st 30 days. a picturesque winter scene in the lake tahoe area today. this week's storm dumped several feet of snow up in the sierra and even more snow is now on the way. but there is concern about the possibility of avalanches with all that snow foxes max gordon explains what causes avalanches and what you should do if you're caught in one avalanches typically formed when there's unstable snow
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combined with terrain that's steep enough for a slide, usually at an angle of about 30 degrees or more. there also needs to be some kind of trigger either a skier going down the mountain or maybe a tree falling. according to this year , a avalanche center intense storms with heavy amounts of snowfall in a short period of time, increase the likelihood of an avalanche. that's what we've seen here in the lake tahoe area, and that's why there's been an avalanche warning over the past few days. the sierra appalachian center also issues an advisory everyday all winter long to get the word out about avalanche conditions, according to this year avalanche center the biggest clue that there could be an avalanche in an aret avalanche shooting cracks in the snow and collapsing snowpack. signs of snow. instability are also things to look out for when you're out on the slopes any place in the mountainous west with mountains and snow. you can have avalanches. last year, it was. we had 37 deaths in the united states. that was the worst year for avalanche deaths. and i think, over 100 years the folks at the syria avalanche
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center, see if you get caught in an avalanche and should immediately start trying to dig your way out because help might not arrive for a while. you should also skier snowboard with a partner. they can assist in the case of an avalanche in south lake tahoe. max gordon fox weather. well, this is the change what you would expect in december lots of snow in the sierra lots of rain here in the bay area, and that next system so far hasn't producing some scattered lights and moderate showers and made front still not in the area, but still enough to produce some rainfall across portions of the region, including. closer to with santa cruz. let's take a look at our live camera right now in santa cruz, where we have reports of some rainfall this afternoon, as you can see, looking out toward the looking out toward the ocean there. the pacific doesn't choppy conditions out there. winds have been picking up actually not to chopping the shot here, but theoretically, the wind should be picking up, especially in the coastline could be gusting over 30/40 miles an hour, so lots of cloud cover santa cruz potentially
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could get between about three quarters of an institute an inch of rainfall once the rainfall really develops. later on this evening and early tomorrow morning. now some of the expectations nice shot there. thank you. for that. with this system, rainfall could be on the order in general, about a quarter of an inch to maybe two inches for the coastal hills. winds have been picking up already. we could have gusts topping 40 miles an hour in the sierra. you have been hearing about it. another winter storm warning in place. no fault could be approaching two. ft and i was just taking a look at couch transit controls right now on interstate 80 already, so the winter storm warning in place. place until 10 o'clock thursday morning. now here's the breakdown with the rainfall expectations not nearly as strong, not nearly as high as the recent atmospheric river, but still, the coastal hills could approach two inches. the south bay place like san jose could be about a third of an inch. here is the satellite and the radar. the main action for most of today has been focused up to our north, but already some scattered rain showing up here you can see showing up in the santa cruz mountains and up
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with the north bay for santa rosa napa has becoming closer to napa looks like some heavier downpour is to attract this afternoon and that will gradually filled in as that rain moves from the north to the south of the next few hours. take a look at these wind reports out there. oakland airport that's augusta 31 miles an hour, so some fairly strong winds and these numbers will actually go up in the short term . here's a live camera at the golden gate bridge. it is still dry, but that should be changing over the next 1 to 2 hours here is with the forecast model thinks, as you can see, into the evening hours at seven o'clock and at 10 o'clock, the rainfall could be heavy at times for gradually moving to the south by early tomorrow morning, and then thursday, the chance of his shower primarily for the morning. we will grab actually clear things out by the afternoon hours. more rain clouds on the five day forecast would have more and that the active weather continues more on that with your forecast in a little bit. thanks so much mark well, the santa clara county sheriff's office tells ktvu that it has no comment after a civil grand jury formally filed
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accusations that could lead to sheriff laurie smith removal from office. court documents reveal. the grand jury accused the sheriff of seven corruption related acts, including political favoritism and improperly issuing concealed carry weapons permits. she's also accused of failing to cooperate with an auditor investigating a 2018 inmate injury case that led to a $10 million settlement. smith has been ordered to appear in court on january 12. more than a month after the deadly stampede at the astro world festival. the stage there in houston is now being dismantled. 10 people were killed when a crowd of fans surged toward that stage on november 5th. the youngest victim was nine years old. hundreds of people were hurt during all the chaos that stage remains standing as law enforcement agencies and attorneys collected evidence. more than 300 lawsuits have been filed against rapper travis scott and concert organizer live nation. the former minneapolis
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police officer convicted of killing george floyd has pleaded guilty to federal charges of violating floyd civil rights. derek chauvin changed his plea from not guilty to guilty this morning. shelvin will no longer have a federal trial that was scheduled for january but could face additional prison time. prosecutors are recommending a sentence of up to 25 years she opened was sentenced earlier this year to 22 years in prison for the murder of floyd. park lit problems in san francisco is the newly announced extension by the mayor, enough time for restaurants to make the required changes. a restaurant owner joins us live to discuss that and his ongoing please for federal health.
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and they want to keep them. but are the new city regulations too much? joining us now is chef david may. felder k. fico in san francisco, chef always great to see you. after a lot of pushback , the mayor proposed postponing the deadline for owners to bring their park lets up to code. is the nine month extension enough time for people to make the necessary changes. well, it really depends on what we're talking about. if we're talking about just nine months in general to make changes in a vacuum, you know it could be for some people it could be for might not be for others. um you know, really, what matters is are we going to be able to take this 60 pages of added language? um, to something that should be relatively simple and create some modifications and also creates some simplifications. right um, as it is right now, i think around 70 to 80% of the park. let's that you see in san francisco would have to be altered now not everyone would be able to afford it. and also not everyone would be able to even modify enough to get in code. so you're talking about a tremendous amount of peoples. um
4:23 pm
you know, investments just going in the trash. okay so what do you make of these new requirements? and what would you have to do to comply? yeah listen, i think some of them certainly makes sense and some of them are about public safety . some of them are just arduous , overreaching regulation, as our city and state tend to do and really it's about parsing those and recognizing that some things are unavoidable, right? the idea of daylighting and being able to have safe corners so pedestrians don't get hit by cars. i think we all understand. is a necessity, but we need to become more creative with our solutions, right when you have a restaurant that has spent upwards of 70 $80,000 on creating a park lit that's nice for the environment. and that takes into account the aesthetics. um you know if the city is going to implement these these kind of mandates, then the city needs to do something to kind of make that restaurant hole and make sure that that restaurant isn't suffering. after times in our city, we
4:24 pm
legislate by using a stick and not enough by carrot, right? so there are a number of these things that i do think that we could be creative and make changes to, for example, a lot of these park. let's are going to have to remove any sort of lid or any sort of roof on top. now, that's something that i think we can kind of get around . if we're willing to be creative. if the fire department is willing to be creative with their solutions, like, for example, if we can put on latches to remove the roof in an emergency, nobody wants a fire in a building and for fire. and not to be able to get on the second floor. i think all small business owners at the end of the day, want to comply with the highest level of safety. but we need to be creative in the way that we go about this and restaurant owners and small business owners really need to be in the room when a lot of these decisions are beginning made that affect them the most. yes so let's talk about this. i mean, this additional cost comes as you and other owners. continue to struggle chef and beg for federal help. right and you're hitting the nail on the head that the problems for our
4:25 pm
industry just keep coming. you know, san francisco? i have been saying this for a while has been waging an all out war on small businesses for the past 15 years . every single cost every single tax. every single burden has been put on the backs of small business owners. now we have been put in this perfect storm of the pandemic that just keeps throwing curveballs at us that just keeps making life. a harder and harder and harder to dig out from. we've lost a tremendous amount of restaurants in the nation we've lost over 100,000 restaurants. um the federal aid that we're looking for is in the way of the restaurant relief fund, and we were promised that the amount that was put in in which was $28.5 billion was a down payment and that was promised to us by. you know, senator chuck schumer and a number of other. folks that are leading congress and what we're looking for right now is for the senate to, you know, to get together and pass a small
4:26 pm
business bill that would refill those needs and get funding to the remaining 177,000 restaurants that are waiting for it nationally. because as we've discussed, there are still so many challenges that you face. you've got the labor shortage you've got. you know you're not able to open fully supply chain issues, increasing your cost pricing. i mean, add it all up, and it's just so tough for you restaurant owners right now. yeah and you know, it's a you know, it's a thankless game right? because we are also forced to mandate all sorts of things that the government is putting on us. right. so we are at a place where with our guests coming in. we're already at an adversarial kind of relationship . we come in. the first thing we need to do is police whether they have been vaccinated. we are not able to appease the amount of demand that there is to go out after this pent up, you know, wanting to go out and enjoy themselves. then you add to that. you know the fact thato
4:27 pm
keep up with the amount of people that we have in the restaurant. then we have to raise our prices because the business models untenable at this point for all the reasons that you stated, plus some. and we're in a place where we could just really use a hand and that hand needs to come from a number of different places. first of all, it needs to come from federal aid. we need to get the restaurant relief fund refilled and i really implore anyone that's listening to call your elected officials today that are in congress, both the senate and the house and asked them to refill the restaurant really fun and thenlso call you know our local legislators, the mayor in any city or in and the state and let them know that you want to see. small independent restaurants get a hand and we need them to support us and they need to kind of come to the table and bring us into these conversations as they're creating legislation that affects us. yes well, you've certainly made a great case for your cause. really appreciate it. i don't envy you. but i love your food. thanks so much chef company for coming on today. thank you. thank you very much for having me. well. parts of
4:28 pm
california are still cleaning up after that last big storm, and now more rain is on the way coming up here on the four we'll have more on the mudslides and the water rescues in southern california, and we'll show you the damage that was left behind there. and the difficult financial decisions for san francisco's public school system to avoid a potential state takeover. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how
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rain is moving into the north bay, and it will slowly be making its way down south for more on the weather. let's get over to ktvu tom vacar joining us live now from sonoma county, tommy, right along one on one their petaluma. are you starting to get wet yet? well we're getting what we would get. what for quite some time, but what you really have here is kind of an interesting, blustery, gusty squali situation, which is to say off and on range. now having said that the highway is not being bothered by this. it's going by at full speed, but later on, let's say 7 30 a right. i was looking at the models. that are available online. i was looking to models and this area is going to get smacked with some pretty good storm activity. rain activity with lots of rain, but right at the moment, it's kind of what you'd expect on the typical rainy day. and they're in is the beauty of this a typical rainy day where you get rain, but you don't get so much rain that much of it is lost and you get rain
4:32 pm
that soaks the ground, but anything that in dozens soak into the ground. goes to the places where it's needed most like the reservoirs, so it's an interesting situation, but i would say about 7 38 30 around here is going to be pretty stormy weather, but until then, it looks like it's going to be. at least not a terrible commute , going north or south on highway one on one near petaluma. tom are you talking about the fact that we did get a break the past day or so from from the rain from the heavy rain here that that's really important, especially up in that area. in those burn scar areas where you start to get the ground really oversaturated and you don't get the breaks built in between the systems. that can cause a lot of problems. sure, because the water then builds up in a situation like this, though the water comes, the ground is saturated, but it doesn't just you know, and none date everything around. and what happens is that it gets onto these areas, but it doesn't really upset them when you just get continuous range, especially on scar areas, or any kind of a muddy surface. then what you get
4:33 pm
is mud. and if that mud is sitting on the hillside that mud wants to do what anything on the hillside would do react to gravity and gravity brings it down, and that can be pretty disastrous. but right now, this seems to be a reasonably acceptable way to get rain. if we got it this way for the rest of the winter, a lot of our problems would be solved in we wouldn't have the kinds of destruction. we do see when we get too much alright. tom vacar live force in petaluma, tom. thank you. while a powerful storm system that hit us this week triggered mudslides and water rescues in southern california foxes christina coleman gives us now look. the cleanup is underway after a multiday storm drenched parts of the west coast. the system, bringing much needed rain to a drought stricken california on tuesday, but it came at a cost in these situations where we tend to see is that everything's okay until it's not the storm, causing flash flooding and sugaring mudslides and area scarred by wildfires in orange county of fast movie mudflow rushed through neighborhoods.
4:34 pm
and trapped some residents in their homes down my street. we actually had a ship and the whole shed came down with hate the heavy rain, triggering rescue efforts at the los angeles river where firefighters found multiple vehicles. fire department officials say no victims were immediately located . and in san diego, two people were rescued from a flood channel after spending 20 minutes in colder water. you hear the warning that the storm is coming? please stay around away from moving water. the powerful storm came from a so called atmospheric river. it sucked up moisture from the pacific ocean and dumps it as rain or snow. some residents say the water is desperately needed for the region. a u. s drought monitor currently classifies parts of california, oregon and nevada as being an exceptional drought, the worst category. it's great for the trees and thd everything but no no issues. we need a lot more. we need four or five more of these nights like this. forecasters say it's too soon to know what impact this
4:35 pm
storm had on california's drought in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. step forward today for proposed new reservoir in the south bay with a vote by the state water commission. the santa clara valley water district wants to replace the pacheco reservoir along highway 1 52, east of gilroy, with a much larger facility. that new reservoir could store more than 140,000 acre feet of water at a cost of $2.3 billion. the vote today means the project is still eligible for nearly $500 million in state funding. there are still many environmental and funding hurdles left to clear, though valley water told the board today they hope to start construction in early 2025 parents, students and teachers are bracing for big cuts to san francisco public schools next year. hundreds of teachers, parents and students all rallied outside of the board of education building. last night, the board voted for plan that includes $90 million in cuts, 50 million from school sites and 40
4:36 pm
million from central services such as rotc in college prep for underserved youth. the district says it faces a projected $125 million shortfall next year due to a sharp drop in enrollment. the decision allows the district to avoid a state takeover. you cannot have our district of bankrupt in that. what a state takeover beans. this was a really hard decision and a very painful decision. but the silver lion ng is we're going to retain local control. and that means things like equity can still be part of the decision making. so the silver lining is yes. we saved ourselves from state takeover. the district hopes to close the remaining shortfall by dipping into $35 million in savings and reserves. now three members of the board are facing a recall next year, in part due to the district's budget problems. concerns about a mass exodus from california during the pandemic may be overblown.
4:37 pm
coming up here on the four i'll talk live with the head of the california policy lab about new data that gives him more detailed. look at how many people are actually coming and going from our state. and how these migration patterns are playing out here in the bay area. at a burial, whether the rainfall is picking up in the backyard right now, we are expecting the rainfall rates to pick up this evening and some gusty winds as well. we'll talk more about this front moving in and more rain clouds in the five day forecast. full updates day forecast. full updates coming up. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels.
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4:40 pm
joined now by evan white, the executive director of the california policy lab. appreciate you coming on to heaven, california seeing a jump in what you call negative net domestic migration, but when you took a closer look at migration patterns during the two years before the pandemic, compared with the nearly two years since the pandemic, let's show people what you found. you found that the number of people moving out of california is up 7. and the number of people moving into california decreased 35% so this downward trend in population more about fewer people moving to california and not as much about people leaving. yeah, that's right. we looked at who was moving into the state and who was moving out of state, and we found that the biggest changes since the pandemic started had more to do with cal entrances than they did with cal entrance exits, which seems to be what people have been focused on. however that doesn't seem to be holding in the bay area. we see a lot more exits in the bay area to other parts of the country. um, so the barrier is a
4:41 pm
little bit different than the rest of the state. yes the bay area. this this trend has been, you know, played out in a more significant way here in the pay area. you found that the pandemic prompted a lot more people here in the bay area to want to leave the state. overall i think we have a graphic here to show the california counties with the largest increase in net move outs as well. call them per 1000 residents. san francisco leading the pack and along with san mateo, santa clara and alameda county's how has this trend played out here in the bay area? and do you get any sense about what's driving this what's causing people to leave? yes we are seeing much bigger, um, drops and entrances from other parts of the country into the bay area. so the 11 county bay area saw 45% drop in entrances from other parts of the country. that's pretty big. it also saw 21% increase since the beginning of pandemic and exits to other
4:42 pm
parts of the country. and those counties you mentioned are the ones that are sort of leading the pack. the question as to why this is happening. i think there's a little bit trickier. you know, our report really covers the what? and there's been a lot of speculation about the why, and i think it's really sort of. something that will have to continue to wonder about whether it has to do with high housing costs or whether it has to do with people who can be remote for work. i think there's been a lot of different, uh, different reasons that have put forth but from different parties . so we are report doesn't speak to that. but we hope that future research will. yes we're hoping for some of those answers a lot of speculation about what is prompting all of this. this new data also gives us a sense of where people are moving when they're leaving california. let's show our audience here. what the most popular destinations were for californians who have left during the pandemic here. you can see they're headed to texas , arizona, nevada, washington
4:43 pm
and florida. is it just that these are more affordable places in terms of the cost of living? or is there something else that might be causing folks to head to those particular states? yeah it's a good question. we're not doing exit interviews, so we can't really tell you that i would say those states that you showed many of them are just the bigger states in the rest of the country. and so you're always going to see those at the top of the list. i think the more interesting thing is that when people leave from places like san francisco that we're seeing a big change in where they go, and the biggest changes are in states like montana. and utah and west virginia, where we're seeing sometimes upwards of 100% change, meaning that it's doubling the number of people going to those places finally hear us as we wrap up. where do we go from here? what do you can you. ascertain anything from the data to suggest how much longer we are likely to see the bay area and california overall, continuing to lose residents when might think sort of stabilize. it's a good question
4:44 pm
. i don't think we can predict anything from what we're seeing right now. we're going to continue to track these trends and see whether they hold up when, when the pandemic sort of comes to more of an end. do people who are remote right now come back to the bay area, for example. walk, continue to watch this, but i don't think we can predict what's going to happen. all right. we're still the fascinating look at where people are headed and how many people are moving here to california. evan white, the executive director of the california policy lab at u c. berkeley. really appreciate you taking the time. thank you. thank you for having me on alex. well, barrier weather today you've either had no rain, some rain off and on or some heavy rain, but everybody experiencing least most areas reporting some stronger winds and the winds will continue to increase this evening and also the rainfall will intensify as the main front which is up to our north will gradually spread to the south this evening, so rainfall expectations not as strong as the recent atmospheric
4:45 pm
river event, but still it's not a weak system. we're thinking about a quarter of an inch that would be in the south bay, but maybe it's a two inches for the north bay coastal hills. and you can see with our timing. we're thinking the rainfall will let its heavier rainfall rates this evening into tonight and then into tomorrow. still some scattered showers but the overall trend we decrease the activity throughout the day on thursday, here's the satellite and radar pretty active all day long, the bulk the activity has been focused up in northern california, but that energy is beginning to slide to the south for the four o'clock hour, santa rosa reporting some heavy rainfall. and that rainfall at least that's steady rain becoming a bit more widespread up in the north bay for sonoma county and to napa county as well and this is gradually moving to the south, as you can see start to fill in closer to berkeley and oakland reports of some rainfall in santa cruz county as well so this will gradually move from north to south over the next 4 to 5 hours . been outside for a second today. if you have been outside for a second, you know it's cold temperatures right now only in the upper forties to the lower
4:46 pm
fifties, and we'll check in on some of those wind reports. we do you have a wind advisory out towards solano county until 10 o'clock this evening. went as we've been talking about could be gusting to over 40 miles an hour. and right now those winds haven't picking up out of a defined wind direction out of the south in advance of our front. here is our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge and the marin headlands and we are expecting that rain line to gradually move into san francisco already reports of some scattered rate, but we'll have more consistent rainfall this evening overnight as we skip ahead into it tomorrow morning. still the chance of a few showers, especially for the early portion of the commute. we're thinking five or six o'clock. overnight lows will be in the forties. most areas in the forties. so here's the breakdown with the rainfall. berg resetting the clock at four o'clock this afternoon. you can see at eight o'clock that rain line drifting to the south and then late tonight into early tomorrow morning, the focus will be in portions of the east bay and the south bay could be talking about some heavy rain downpours and then throughout the day on thursday, we still have the possibility of some scattered
4:47 pm
showers. best chance will be for tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours. we could have some sunny breaks but still the slight chance. of an isolated shower and that will set the stage for a cold pattern setting up. so here is the deal . you can see that wednesday system for today. more rain next week. it looks like the active weather pattern will continue and we could be talking about significant rainfall in the next week. here. is that front coming on board tonight, with the rainfall moving to the south and some gusty winds behind this throughout thursday and into friday, some cold air moves into the possibility some showers tomorrow morning but overnight lows, especially friday morning , and saturday morning. the cool spots could be sub freezing. and some of the inland valleys so we could have some patchy frost to a start off those two mornings forecast ties for tomorrow, mainly in the fifties. once again, the main event is for this evening into tonight, and then here is a look ahead your five day forecast. cold start friday morning to cold start saturday morning. we bump up the rain chances by sunday afternoon, and by monday we could be talking about the more rain and that rain could be
4:48 pm
heavy at times as we head into next week by tuesday as well, so it looks like we have some more rain in the forecast. hopefully we can identify those brakes as well. because definitely need those breaks, and hopefully we can fine tune that forecast, too. kind of highlight those of the stormy periods and the dry periods as well. yep. all right. thanks so much. appreciate it, mark. well it's been delivering meals to homebound seniors for decades, and the mission of meals on wheels has become even more important during the pandemic, how you can help in their efforts to help those five loneliness and coming up tonight at five o'clock the next time you eat out in oakland, you may be asked to pay a surcharge to help homeless people. how much it will cost you and how that money will be spent coming up in just a couple of minutes at five o'clock.
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
chance to speak with the ceo of meals on wheels san francisco about how the group's work has become even more important during the pandemic. the pandemic has challenged us in very unique ways, obviously is trying to bright light on what it means to be older and to be isolated, and many more people had to shelter at home to stay safe during the endemic. so but all of these things we were doing before the pandemic hit. we just are doing a lot more of it. so we've had to really be there is essential service during the entire endemic. typical homebound senior population, we also have stood up for the city to make sure that anyone quarantine at any age gets groceries or home delivered meals when their quarantine in the home and that means that we touched. over 24,000 people over the last year or so, just with that program and an additional 5600 seniors
4:52 pm
as well, so we've been quite busy. yeah you and you've certainly had to pivot like everybody else and sort of change your approach because of the covid crisis. i imagine. as you pointed out, there have been a lot more homebound seniors experiencing that those feelings of loneliness and of depression near when they're not able to get out as much as they would like. first for safety reasons. how does meals on wheels help to address those issues with the clients that you serve? that point is very, very much at the heart of our mission. yes we provide nutritious meals to people, but we're more than a meal as we like to say. we're that that check at the door that interaction that reduced isolation, but even more so, having actions behind that with social workers with volunteers. making sure that people are connected to a range of services that help them stay in their homes with independence and dignity. and so we're out there doing that every day, beating
4:53 pm
people but also understanding that we have to nourish the whole person. so the question is you talk about a lot more people reaching out and needing your your help here, especially over the past. almost two years now has meals on wheels. san francisco being able to successfully meet the need that's out there. absolutely we take our essential role very seriously. so we have. worked very hard to stand up to make sure that no one waits for services and even in a pandemic , um and that we're able to get food and supportive services to them right away. so what that's meant for us is a 15% increase in our daily senses of clients and we luckily been able to do that, obviously, with some. increased funds from government but also through philanthropy. now i imagine as we hopefully are moving toward the other side of this pandemic. you're your approach is likely to shift to
4:54 pm
how you operate on a day to day basis. what what is what is sort of a post pandemic world looked like for meals on wheels. how do things shift back to something resembling normal. well we like to cross thresholds. as we say. we like the idea of being able to go across someone's doorway. maybe change a light bulb. maybe visit for a moment, and we have obviously pulled back from that during the pandemic to make sure that people are safe, so we're looking forward to re engaging than that. we also have pulled him back from a lot of our volunteer interactions with our clients because of the pandemic. as well. we're looking to re engage in that fashion as well. so it's really about human connection and how we get back through the doors. i think you mentioned that you've made a delivery for meals and wells in the past, and you understand how valuable and important it is for someone who doesn't get to see a lot of people to have visitors. and we want to make sure that we can do that safely and to again nourished the whole person. and
4:55 pm
if you would like to support the important work being done by meals on wheels, san francisco here is how you can do it. just scan the qr code on your screen or had to ktvu .com/ given day. democrats say they're hopeful they'll get the president's social spending proposal passed before lawmakers head home for the holidays. mike emanuel in washington with more on where negotiations stand coming up.
4:56 pm
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visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. bill before lawmakers had home for the holidays. democrats say they are willing to work through the weekend to trying to get it done. foxes mike emanuel tells us one key democratic senator is still not convinced. what kind of progress president biden voiced optimism wednesday, telling reporters he's hopeful his climate and social spending proposal will still pass before the end of the year. house
4:58 pm
speaker nancy pelosi thinks it can be done even sooner. we're hoping that we can have this settled before christmas, but it's not a done deal. yet despite congress reaching consensus on raising the debt ceiling, the president's infrastructure bill in today's final vote to pass a new defense budget. the motion to concur is agreed to republicans say the nearly $2 trillion price tag is too much and risks raising inflation even higher. every single day brings new evidence our democratic colleagues should give the country. break the debate is only further fueled by today's movement at the federal reserve, announcing three interest rate heights to combat inflation in 2022, overall, inflation is running well above our 2% longer run goal. and will likely continue to do so well into next year. another hurdle sign off by the senate's parliamentarian. anything back from the parliamentarians just.
4:59 pm
procedurally there's not gonna vote on moderate democrat joe manchin, who remains a holdout, says he's still talking with the president members of the caucus and made it clear to the leader that we should stay through the weekend if necessary. rather than jeopardize time with our family christmas if nothing has passed today marks the final payout for the monthly child tax payments in washington, mike emanuel fox news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now. you know, just i've got my. i've got my mask here, and i'm happy to wear it. it's you know, that's going to help. curb the virus. another statewide mask mandate goes into effect. today we take a look at what that means for each county here in the bay area. good evening. i'm claudine wang in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. california's indoor mask mandate starts today and is expected to last 30 days . it means you'll need to wear a
5:00 pm
mask indoors whether you are vaccinated or not. so you may be wondering if it changes anything for you. ktvu is cristina rendon is here now with a county by county breakdown of the impact, christina says masks are mandatory in all public settings. from december 15th to january 15th like grocery stores , so that's going to affect counties like marine and solano . the state says county can continue making exceptions for people in limited indoor settings. keeping up with all of these changes can be a bit confusing. but essentially, the new mask mandate only applies to counties that did not already have an order in place. every county must either continue with their own indoor massacre requirements, regardless of vaccination status. or follow the state's updated guidance that took effect today. there are a few bay area counties that allow exceptions to the indoor basking rule. those counties are san francisco marin, sonoma, contra costa and alameda, the local health care safety will and limited settings can remove their masks in spaces like workplaces and jim


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