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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 19, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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area stores get ready for procrastinators on this last weekend before christmas. and more public health officials sound the alarm about the spread of the omicron variant both nationwide and globally. this is ktvu fox two news at six. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm greg lian for frank somerville. the national federation of retailers expects holiday shopping to break records this year and that's despite the rising rate of inflation nationwide. ktvu greg liggins joins us now he's live in walnut creek tonight, where last minute shoppers spent the weekend looking for that. perfect gift, greg. yeah indeed
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, the shopping here at broadway plaza is just now starting to wind down we did find some shopping procrastinators earlier today, but we also found a fair number of people who told us their shopping. it's already been done. crowds were sparse at walnut creek's broadway plaza sunday, though there were a few shoppers picking up last minute gifts. it was ken tasha's chance to buy for his wife. it was the only day that i had. without her . she's at dance class right now , so i'm getting the things i need to for her. lots of people were empty handed, possibly because their holiday shopping is mostly done. i was like, get ahead early, like two months, so i don't have to deal with it. outside i haven't done usually within last month and a half reports indicate many shoppers began buying earlier than normal because of concerns about product availability and shipping delays. the shopper from southern california says the supply chain crunch is evident where she lives. the
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wrecks are few and far between. there's just not a lot of merchandise, and a lot of the sizes are picked over already. and they were even a couple weeks ago, the national retail federation expects a record breaking holiday season, anticipating november and december sales to hit an all time high of between 834 and $859. billion despite concerns over coronavirus and high inflation. i was looking at certain things i didn't realize like how much it has gone up, and i was like, oh, i can't get that anymore. i am surprised just because of covid and everything going on like i feel like people are just still spending money, which is like a surprising to me. whether still spending or already spent many were out and about enjoying the final weekend before christmas in advance of the gift of rain. all of the bay area will soon receive. i'm enjoying the fresh air. it's beautiful out, i actually expected to be much more busy. and if you are one of those last minute shoppers, it is certainly time for you to get
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busy. only five shopping days left reporting live in walnut creek, greg legans ktvu. fox two news back to you, julie. time is running out. all right, greg. thank you. centers a police are investigating an attempted robbery at the oakridge mall. police say a group of about 15 people went into the macy's store about six o'clock last night. try to run off with merchandise. the group was confronted by store security. and when one of the female security guards trying to detain one of the suspects, police say part of the group knocked her to the ground, kicking her in the head and pulling her hair. 43 year old beer. hamad, who police say was not part of that group was arrested after they say she got very close to one of the officers trying to handcuff a suspect. they say she refused to back away. hamid was booked on charges of resisting arrest and assault on an officer. the suspects got away more than $1000 worth of merchandise was recovered. san jose. police say a 17 year old was hospitalized today after being stabbed. it
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happened on the 4900 block of the almaden expressway. authorities say that teens injuries are considered life threatening. there is no word yet on any arrests or a motive. the chp says to pedestrians were killed in separate crashes in santa clara county overnight. they happened in milpitas and san jose. about a minute apart shortly after one this morning, investigators say a big rig struck and killed a pedestrian on 8 80 in milpitas, near the tasman drive off ramp. around the same time. the chp says another person was killed after he got out of his car following an accident. it happened on highway 11 year tremble road in san jose. police say that driver never stopped in. that person was believed to be driving a mercedes benz c class. president biden is set to deliver a white house address tuesday with a stark warning to americans who remain unvaccinated. this is the omicron variant continues to spread across the country and the world. fox news. alexis mcadams has the latest now from
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new york, where cancelations have begun. it is just, you know , raging through through the world, really? how macron variant posed to become the new dominant strain in the united states as it continues to surge across the country, the highly transmissible variant coming just in time for the holidays, causing many americans to reevaluate their plans in new york, where they've had more than 21,000 daily cases. for two days in a row cancelations have been swift. saturday night live , canceling their live audience and musical guest this weekend, while the radio city rockettes have called off the remainder of their christmas shows this season, we're in for a world of trouble. i'm afraid in the next month or two. this is not one of those situations where we're just helplessly facing the oncoming virus. we have things we can do, and especially, those are vaccines and boosters and being careful about masking again and i know people are sick of hearing this, but the virus is not sick of us. it's thrown us a curveball, and we've got to be ready to hit it. now
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hospitals across the country bracing for a big search in kansas and missouri hospital, starting to delay surgeries in an attempt to keep up with the influx of patients. health officials also encouraging anyone who's not been vaccinated or receive their booster shot to do so now. we have so many people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated, who have not yet been vaccinated, and that's going to be a real problem for stress on the hospital system. meanwhile as the holidays approach thousands of americans searching for covid tests, they're being met with long lines. some waiting for hours has been very long. everyone's just been waiting and waiting, and it's been really scary with the new variants, according to the cdc, 61% of americans are fully vaccinated in new york. alexis mcadams fox news. the white house says the government is deploying additional health teams to states where hospitals are at risk of becoming overwhelmed. those states include colorado, new mexico, michigan, new york,
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vermont and new hampshire. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is the latest lawmaker to test positive covid-19 warren tweeted today that she is fully vaccinated and boosted and says her symptoms are mild. warren was on the senate floor last week before the chamber went on recess. she says she is tested often and tested negative just last week before getting a positive result. today osha says it will start enforcing the federal vaccine mandate for businesses in the new year. the band aid or mandate rather is for companies with more than 100 employees. osha says businesses that do not comply could be fined as early as january. 10th. on friday. the u. s court of appeals reinstated the mandate after a previous court halted it by issuing preliminary injunctions. the san francisco police department has solved a 43 year old murder case. police have arrested and booked mark stanley personnel for the murder of marissa ralph harvey, who was 15 years old when she was killed
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on a visit to san francisco in march of 1978. her body was found not far from golden gate park in sutro heights park. killer was never found. the case is reopened last year and thanks to advances in forensic science investigators were able to locate and arrest person that he was arrested in denver, colorado last thursday with help of multiple agencies. including the fbi. a unique and specially designed antique violin that was stolen in the east bay 35 years ago, is now being reunited with the lifelong musician who lost it. the violin was made back in the 17 hundreds and belonged to lowell davis before it was stolen from a car in martinez in 1986. recently davis's daughter, emily, gassed, and her husband spotted a violin online that reminded them of the one that was stolen years ago. when she sent her father pictures, he noticed the identifying markings that he had put on the instrument himself when he owned it. it was for sale and by the
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way, rtk in concord and after hearing the story of the stolen , treasured heirloom, the business owner agreed to sell it back to the family for $2500. what i suspect is that because that's so unique, somebody stole it. looked at it said oh, my god , there's no way i can sell this. it's too unique. somebody will notice and so they must have just shut it up. and like i said it away, it must have been like in a storage unit or something like that have feelings until it ended up wherever you bought it. wow. gas now plans to fly out to st louis in the next couple of months to place the family artifact back in the hands of its rightful owner. her father. gasoline prices continue to drop nationwide, the average us price of regular great gas dropped by six cents over the past two weeks to 3 41 per gallon. an industry analyst, saying today that prices have been falling for a month due to lower crude oil costs nationwide, the highest average price for regular great gas. right here in
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the bay area for 77 per gallon. the lowest average is in houston to 83 per gallon. in a stinging blow to president biden. democratic senator joe manchin says he will vote no on the bill back. better bill still ahead. why, he says it could do more harm than good. in california's jobless rate is slowly improving , coming up the one new development that could prove to be a setback. and we've got a rainy week coming your way. it's a holiday week. for many. we'll look into the forecast. have the five day as well. see you back here.
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some of the most common side effects include injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. president biden's $2 trillion bill back better legislation and that will likely all but sink the social safety net bill in the senate. the democratic senator says he has worked with the white house for more than five months to find a compromise but now says that bill could do more harm if it passes. the president has worked diligently. he's been wonderful to work with . he knows i've had concerns and problems i've had and you know, the thing that we should all be is directing our attention towards. the variant covid that we have coming back at us and so many different aspects in different ways. it's affecting
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our lives again. we have inflation that basically could harm. really harm a lot of americans, especially those who are emotionally needy and having a hard time struggling right now. so i think that's where our attention needs to be directed towards immediately. i'm surprised me that president biden has said mansions supported the bills. basic framework. white house press secretary jen psaki released a statement today in response to mansions remarks reading in pard inexplicable reversal in his position and a breach of his commitments to the president and the senators, colleagues in the house and senate. recent figures show the state's job market and economy is slowly rebounding. but some experts say there could be a new road block the omicron variant, as ktvu tom vacar tells us there is growing potential are growing. there is a growing concern about potential covid surge. that will derail some of that progress. despite a gain of 45,000 new jobs in november, reducing california's
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unemployment down to 6.9% from 7.3. it is still the highest. in the nation. national unemployment is well below that at 4.2% with several states now under 3% what worries labor lawyer mike bernick of the duane morris law firm and a former ed director. is the oh macron covid variant. well that's really the big issue for this week and going forward. um is what impact i'm a crown is going to have in terms of employment in our state . but macron has already slowed things down as many companies such as apple, google and lift just to name a few. are telling many employees to stay home. it should have less impact, then a number of the previous variants simply because the economy has moved so much over the past year and a half to remote work economy. in fact, the biggest job gains came from businesses that already had a lot of remote workers. but the losses of in
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person conventions is a big threat. to those in travel, convention and leisure businesses big segment in our state over two million jobs, big segment for the bay area. dad slightly to take the bigger hits . if i'm a crunch continues to grow. so far, we've regained 70% of the jobs lost to the pandemic. yeah the overall returned to work still continues to lag, with the states still having more than 1.15 million jobs available, but still not taken. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. more travelers have been signing up for t s a pre check. but cybersecurity experts are warning of a scam that can steal your money and personal information. the scam comes from a phishing email claiming to be from immigration, visa and travel. asking you to renew your pre check membership. the email asks for your name, place of birth and passport number, which
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can all be used for identity theft. the site tells you to pay the usual $85 fee at the interview, but when you look carefully. it also asks for $140 through paypal, which experts say is a giveaway. the site is not real. if you're making an actual payment for some other government service, you're always going to have multiple other types of payment methods like credit and debit cards. the other side. the email is not real. it comes from a .com address. anything that comes from the government will come from a dot gov address. kentucky governor andy bashir met with some of those affected by the deadly tornadoes that swept through several states. those tornadoes impacted five different midwestern states earlier this month, kentucky was one of the hardest hit states. at least 77 people were killed there. the governor called what happened unimaginable and pledged help for as long as it takes to recover and rebuild. my commitment to you. is. we won't
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just be here this week and this month. but we will be with you every single day for however many years it takes to rebuild every building. every life. and get everyone as close as we can. two as if this didn't happen. if you're looking for some ways to help those affected, the american red cross is asking for any help it can get. you can donate money by texting red cross to 90999. donors can also put funds toward the kentucky tornado relief fund, started by governor bashir or the salvation army, among others. all right. take a look. snow is back in the sierra. the recent storm brought some much needed snowfall and a return of tourists from across the state storm later this week is also expected to bring more snow to the sierra. chp s reminding drivers on interstate 80 and highway 50 to be prepared for when road conditions worsen . they urge drivers to always
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check pertained controls before heading up to the mountains. let's check in now with our chief meteorologist, bill martin. with the look at the forecast, bill. it looks like we're gonna have a wet week ahead, greg. we've got plenty of temperatures that we're going to stay in the low fifties. look at today's highs. they were in the upper forties. a lot of cool air in the central valley with that really dense valley fog that hung out. after tomorrow morning that valley fog goes away, but it gets replaced with clouds, rain and snow in the mountains. so the plan here is tonight we're going to be just like we were last night with the valley fog kind of lingering around in the inland valleys. this week is all about rain and wind in the bay area and in the mountains. we'll call it significant snowfall over the course of four or five or six days. the pattern of the storm doors open. if you will were not staring down any, um, monster atmospheric river. but we are looking at a low that is going to stay fairly persistently put and that will continue to drive storms onshore so that the storm doors open if you will, and that this whole week will be characterized by
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that. current temperature is just in the mid forties. chili already right tonight. slow you're gonna get down to thirties valley fog. definitely a thing. there's a live picture right there out on the estuary. what we're looking at there is temperatures. tonight there will be 37 napa 39 in santa rosa and then value for now that low i showed you offshore will hinder the development of valley fog around much of the bay because it's close enough it blows up. that higher weakens the high pressure, which. valley fog, radiation, fog, fog, all the same thing it they need a needs high pressure. so we not low clouds over here. with that low comes in. it breaks up that inversion and helps rid us of the fog should be gone by tomorrow midday. easy i would suspect but then we'll have some clouds. and then by tomorrow night i think we've got a shot at some showers. so here we are monday morning. kind of cloudy day kind of like today and then here we are monday afternoon evening. cloudy mostly cloudy and then here comes this guy right, and it's coming around that low. so there is tuesday morning. tuesday morning commute
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wet tuesday afternoon commute wet. and then all into tuesday night into wednesday morning more and then there's more behind that, because it's sitting there. it's just like a conveyor belt and just throws keeps throwing stuff at us. these storms have the potential to change as they move on shore to so the idea there is that some could be stronger. some could be weaker right now. none of them seem extreme. but they're all seem productive and in the mountains of really, this is a pattern that has been my experience over all these years . that pattern like this can really drop significant snowfall in the mountains. significant snowfall. so maybe another four or five ft of snow up there by the end of this week. we'll see you back here tonight at 10. we'll update that we'll see you then. bill. thank you. one of the largest wildfires in california this summer has now been contained. the national park service says the knp conflicts fire was fully contained on thursday that fire burned through the sequoia and kings canyon national parks. a lightning storm ignited that fire back in september. the fire
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hasn't grown in weeks, but firefighters say there was still some activity in remote areas. park rangers say the fire burned as many as 3600 giant sequoias, which are some of the largest trees in the world. all right, coming up next in sports. one giant leap for the 49ers in their playoff aspirations. jason appelbaum we'll have the highlights from their wind against the fountains and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news. covid may change the way people travel permanently. find out what the president's chief medical advisor wants to see happen on every flight.
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backpacks with food and beverages, masks, clothing, personal care items. then with the help of the richmond fire department, the backpacks were delivered to homeless people in richmond and emeryville. this is the third year that sean car organized the backpack giveaway . he hopes to continue the tradition again next season. good evening, everybody. the 49ers down at levi's today beat up on an overmatched atlanta falcons team as they close in on clinching a playoff spot and two of the all time greats here,
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john taylor on the left patrick willis on the right, inducted into the edward debartolo senior 49ers hall of fame at halftime. after the 14 hours bubble. the opening kickoff, the defense comes up with the first of three goal line stand. you see jack waske start breaking up the pass on fourth down, tied at three in the second one. kyle used check pounds it in from six yards out for the touchdown. 49ers up 10 to 3 falcons tied up at 10, but just before the half. deebo samuel. we've seen this for five straight games, now a rushing touchdown for the wide receiver . 49ers up. 17 13th quarter now third nick bosa. we've seen this 15 times today. a sack for nick bosa forces the fumble. fred warner recovers and he is a defensive player of the year candidate without a doubt. ensuing drive. jeff wilson jr up the middle from five yards out first rushing touchdown of the season, he had 110 yards on a heavy workload. jimmy garoppolo . he was also outstanding today
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. 18 23 235 yards and this touchdown to john jennings that seals the deal pretty much late in the third. 49ers win 31 to 13 to improve to eight and six and they are a very solid six seed with three games to play titans this coming thursday on short rest in tennessee warriors forward andrew wiggins has joined guard jordan pool in the covid-19 health and safety protocols. wiggins and pool we'll both miss tomorrow night's game against sacramento, and both will have to produce two negative tests at least 24 hours apart. in order to be cleared to play. wiggins was outspoken against getting the vaccine before finally doing so in early october, saying it was his only option in order to play this season. all right. we've got college hoops for you. we are in las vegas for the pac 12 slash coast to coast challenge stanford taken on 17th ranked texas. second half stanford down seven when freshman harrison
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ingram, this guy is a player, 15 points and seven rebounds, nice spin move and the touch. but less than two minutes later, michael o'connell turns it over . marcus car finds christian bishop finishes with the dunk. texas takes care of stanford 62 53 stanford drops to six and four. how about cal cal at home? they're playing very well at haas. looking to make it three wins in a row, taking on dartmouth, who's lost five in a row. second half callup by five. joel brown crosses over split the defense for the layup. dartmouth kept it close. but when jordan's shepherd dr scores and he's fouled, that would put callup by 10 and the bears win by 6 61 to 55 to improve to seven and one at home. seven and five. overall usf arizona state dons legend bill cartwright and tempe, arizona to take this one in second half. dance up by two when khalil shabbas drives the lane gets the bucket and the foul. he led the dons with 20
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points. but here's your ballgame dons down, too. with 14 seconds to go, dimitry rooney is fouled while he attempts to three. rooney would go to the line hits the first two and then with ice water in his veins rattles in the third. that puts us f by one last chance for esu. inside of four seconds here. arizona state with the chance mary and jackson misses the three and the rebound , no good. usf hangs on escapes with the one point win 66 to 65 dons beat arizona state for the first time since 1977 and julian greg usf a very impressive 11 and one on the season. mary you see, baby? yeah thank you want to ask you really quick before you go 49ers closing in on that playoff spot? they have a short week this week. yes you know, four days or three days rest, and then they go to tennessee to play on thursday if they win that game against the titans, who lost today? they are
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probably going to clinch this playoff spot, either that week for the next bottom line. all right. thanks for joining us, everybody that will do it for us. we'll be back tonight at 10 us. we'll be back tonight at 10 and 11. goodnight. goodnight. everyone on their a-game! good energy! hello. i'm dr. sheldon cooper. and i'm dr. amy farrah fowler. and welcome to a special retrospective, where we will take a look back at the history of fun with flags on an episode we're calling... both: "fun with flags: behind the flags: a retrospective." (upbeat music playing) ♪ wondering how it all began? ♪ you'll need a good attention span ♪ ♪ for information and entertainment ♪ ♪ that's equally effective ♪ ♪ it's fun with flags ♪ ♪ behind the flags ♪ ♪ a retrospective ♪


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