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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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we see happening with the coronavirus these days is leaving some people feeling like it's 2020 all over again. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener , and i'm greg lee. and for frank somerville kobe 19 cases are surging, and that's beginning to impact large events from dance performances in the bay area to sporting events. across the country. the pandemic is forcing a new round of postponements or cancelations, and all of this is happening as holiday travelers start to pack their bags again. tonight. we're learning mass on airplanes may become the norm for a very long time. also tonight, president biden prepares a speech on coronavirus, the white house says. it will come with new steps to try to limit the spread of covid 19. we begin this hour with ktvu elissa harrington and look at how covid cases are beginning to force changes to events. alyssa yes, some people say it's starting to feel like 2020 all over again. but one
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medical expert i talked to said we have come along way since then. and he said, because of the high vaccination right here in the bay area. he expects most breakthrough infections won't actually lead to severe symptoms. video on instagram shows the mark morris dance group rehearsing for a show they weren't supposed to do at berkeley's other book called this weekend. but that performance was canceled because of a covid outbreak. in a statement, cal performances said despite robust safety measures in place, positive covid-19 tests were reported within the mark morris dance group during routine testing. that group is based in brooklyn, new york, has seen a wave of omicron cases leading to cancelations of some major events like broadway shows . hi i'm paul, right, and i'm hosting snl with charlie. saturday night live's sent most of its cast home and ditched his audience just hours before showtime goal from the eight.
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the nfl, nba and nhl have postponed some games in the nhl put a stop to cross border games between canadian teams and teams in the us, we're going to see this come to california, dr peter chin hong professor of medicine at ucsf, says. it's only a matter of time until oh, macron appears widely across the bay area. but he says this is very different from march of 2020. we probably get this period of time. when we are going to be really anxious. we will see cases rise, but i still feel confident that hospitals will not be deluged. there are now vaccines, rapid testing and mask culture. dr tin hong says the bay area's high vaccination rate should help this year is different. we have technology. we have tools that can make every gathering safer, so it just depends on whether or not people are going to do it for those who are vaccinated, he says. the best thing to do is get a booster and any holiday gathering should include mask wearing and getting tested. cal performances, said anyone with
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tickets to the mark morris dance group could get a refund or exchange. your ticket for different event live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, melissa. thank you. travelers may never be able to get onto a plane during the pandemic without wearing a mask, the president's chief medical advisor said today . he does not believe the pandemic will reach a state in which people can go without a mask in closed spaces, even with good air filtration. i think when you're dealing with a closed space, even though the filtration is good that you want to go that extra step when you have people, you know you get a flight from washington to san francisco. it's a well over a five hour flight. even though you have a good filtration system. i still believe that masks or prudent thing to do and we should be doing it. southwest airlines ceo contradicted doctor anthony fauci gary kelly told the us senate panel last week that he doesn't think mass add much protection on planes. kelly tested positive for covid days after the hearing. and in a
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letter to staff announcing his test, told them he supports the federal mandate. well the country is looking ahead tonight to a speech expect this week from president biden. the white house says the president will announce tuesday new steps being taken to limit the spread of the virus. the focus of that speech . the rapid spread of the macron variant biden is expected to deliver a stark warning to the unvaccinated fox news. alexis mcadams picks up our team coverage of the country surge of covid cases. it is just, you know, raging through through the world, really macron variant posed to become the new dominant strain in the united states as it continues to surge across the country, the highly transmissible variant coming just in time for the holidays. causing many americans to reevaluate their plans in new york, where they've had more than 21,000 daily cases for two days in a row cancelations have been swift saturday night live, canceling their live audience and musical guest this weekend,
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while the radio city rockettes have called off the remainder of their christmas shows this season, we're in for a world of trouble. i'm afraid in the next month or two. this is not one of those situations where we're just helplessly facing. the oncoming virus. we have things we can do, and especially those are vaccines and boosters and being careful about masking again and i know people are sick of hearing this, but the virus is not sick of us. it's thrown us a new curveball, and we've got to be ready to hit it. now hospitals across the country bracing for a big search in kansas and missouri hospitals, starting to delay surgeries in an attempt to keep up with the influx of patients. health officials also encouraging anyone who's not been vaccinated or receive their booster shot to do so. now we have so many people. in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated who have not yet been vaccinated, and that's going to be a real problem for a stress on the hospital system. meanwhile as the holidays approach thousands of americans searching for covid tests, they're being met with
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long lines, some waiting for hours. it's been very long. everyone's just been waiting and waiting, and it's been really scary with the new variants, according to the cdc, 61% of americans are fully vaccinated in new york. alexis mcadams fox news. since all macron seems more transmissible healthcare leaders expect to see a surge of cases across california after the new year. we'll be watching medicals and we are again. you know, i do think macron is here. it's gonna, you know, start to really show up more and more and so really want the public to use all these tools. make sure you get vaccinated boosted where your mask get tested before and after any kind of gatherings or travel. make sure there's good ventilation. open the doors and windows. try to do things outdoors as much as you can. california's number of coronavirus cases jumped about 47% after thanksgiving, according to the department of public health, used the coronavirus section of our
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website to get pandemic updates each day. you can get there directly by going to ktvu .com/ covid. at 11 tonight. we expect to see california lawmakers crackdown on a major corporation tomorrow for alleged environmental violations. california attorney general rob vontaze office says. tomorrow's announcement will be made with the director of california's department of toxic substances control and the san joaquin county district attorney. however the office did not indicate which major corporation is involved. that announcement is expected to come at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. santa was a police say 17 year old was hospitalized today after being stabbed. it happened on the 4900 block of the alameda expressway . authorities say the teenagers, injuries are life threatening. no word yet on any arrests or a motive. the san francisco police department has solved a 43 year old murder case. police say they arrested and booked mark stanley person net for the murder of marissa ralph harvey, who was 15
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years old when she was killed during a visit to san francisco in march of 1978. her body was found not far from golden gate park in sutro heights park. but the killer was never found. that case reopened last year and thanks to advances in forensic science investigators were able to locate and arrest person at. the suspect was arrested in denver, colorado last thursday with the help of multiple agencies, including the fbi. san jose police are investigating an attempted robbery at the oakridge mall, police say a group of about 15 people went into the macy store about six o'clock last night and try to run off with merchandise. the group was confronted by store security. when one of the female security guards try to detain one of suspects. police say part of the group knocked her to the ground, kicking her in the head and pulling her hair 43 year old a beer hamid, who police say was not part of the group. was arrested after police say she tried to prevent police from catching the suspects. hamad was
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booked on resisting arrest and assault on an officer. suspects got away more than $1000 worth of merchandise was recovered. several of the states, leading cannabis companies hope banding together will get the attention of governor gavin newsom ktvu zach sauce reports. they have a letter out to the governor, warning him that the state's legal cannabis industry is on the verge of collapse. but it is an emergency. david goldman, who sits on the board of the san francisco dispensary green cross , adding his name to the hundreds of signatures already supporting this letter to governor gavin newsom and leaders in the state legislature posted to change .org the document stating, quote we need you to understand that we have been pushed to a breaking point . it's not just our dispensary, every dispensary. is facing this exact problem a problem, goldman and industry leaders behind the letter say, is directly tied to how the industry is being regulated and taxed in the state , leaving those playing by the rules unable to compete with prices being offered by the
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illegal underground market if we don't get in front of this tax issue, it's going, it's going to roll right over us. goldman's husband, michael cohen, sits on the leadership of the brownie, mary democrats of california, a group that advocates for medical cannabis patients worried that the illegal market could stifle the growth of california's burgeoning cannabis industry. we need to be careful. because because it is so mew, a situation that currently allows illegal suppliers to offer cannabis products that are reported to be on average 50% cheaper than those of their regulated counterparts and potentially dangerous the medicine isn't tested. and from my experience when we tested it was cannabis. it's often found to be high and pesticides, lowering the taxes to put it down in the illicit market, i think is an excellent way in the long run to raise state tax revenues from cannabis. a spokesperson for the governor's office, responding in a statement saying. the governor acknowledges the need to curb
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illegal sales. and supports tax reform, adding, in part quote, it's clear that the current tax construct is presenting unintended but serious challenges and he tax reform effort in this space will require actions from two thirds of the legislature and the governor is open to working with them on a solution. if we see the legislature of altering our taxes and making access more available in cities and counties throughout the state. and create more places for medical cannabis patients to consume legally in public, then i'll believe what the governor said. sex sauce. ktvu, fox two news. still to come days before christmas. the last kmart in california welcomes shoppers for the last time we'll show you the deep discounts and the tears plus you've heard about the redistribution of wealth we need . we disagree shin of incarceration. and we will catch up with former governor jerry brown in retirement. he weighs in on everything from crime to the pandemic. all right, get
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so you can get back doors for good. the once mighty retailers shuttered its location and grass valley today, customers were greeted with massive sales and empty shelves. kmart once had 2400 stores across the country. that number
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has continued to shrink since the company filed for bankruptcy . in 2002. there are narrow now only a handful of stores left in the continental united states. today's closing and grass valley was an emotional day for some longtime customers. why that's just really sad. wow maybe for christmas. they're gonna. wow memories. yeah my mom and all of us go christmas shopping here and yeah, it's just my memories. tough time of year for this. kmart is owned by sears, which purchased the chain out of bankruptcy. alrighty then we have some weather coming our way we'll be talking about that. it's going to be wet all week. we'll be talking about whether all week i know a lot of folks are off this week. obviously a holiday week for many, and it's going to be a little bit wet. a little damp. tomorrow's not tomorrow is going to start off like today and end up like today . tuesday is when the showers will start. i'll show you that in the computer model. these are the highs from today highs tomorrow will be. pretty close
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to this will be a little warmer tomorrow because that fog it's kept us so cool inland today. i mean, those are those are like overnight lows, but their daytime highs that valley fog hanging out in the central valley. really you know, kept it. cool this low spending offshore don't even have to point out. you know where it is . that thing is lifting out the fog or slowly will tomorrow so that we'll see more sunshine. so temperatures are warm up slightly. so it's tomorrow aboue have today, but slightly warmer and a little bit more sunshine, but a lot of cloud cover the valley fog will be lingering in the morning. as we said it will be on the central valley could be dense at times, temperatures will be on the cool side and then we get this guy comes in off shore. yep that's that thing . i showed you the spinner right , so it's sitting out there and it's going to stay put to stay in one place. it's like a conveyor belts going to bring around it from the gulf of alaska. storms are going to come in underneath it. they're going to come in. they're going to pulse in about every 8 to 12 hours. something like that. maybe 18 hours, maybe 10 hours, but they're going to speed up and slow down and they'll evolve . so what do we know? we know
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that the first one gets in your monday night into tuesday. and you know, cat quarter inch rain, half inch of rain, something like that, but that as we get down the road into wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday, they're going to be changing, right. they're going to get bigger. they're gonna get smaller, so things will change a lot, so i don't want to try to pinpoint anything. none of this is crazy stuff. this is just a good series of whether systems there's no atmospheric river. there's no pineapple connection here. there's nothing that we're worried about major flooding or anything like that. even the surface staying relatively small. forecast overnight lows tomorrow morning will be down into the thirties. there is the book uncle bay bridge. these are the forecast overnight. lois right here. 39 degrees in santa rosa. that is cool. look at the, um. look at the dewpoints. they're running high, so the fog will form range stars. temperatures tomorrow will be in the fifties range start late tomorrow night early early early. tuesday morning into tuesday afternoon. take the rain
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bill, thanks to washington, west virginia senator joe manchin says he cannot vote to approve president biden's $2 trillion build back better legislation and that that will likely all but sink the social safety net bill and the senate. democratic senator says he has worked with the white house for more than five months to find a compromise but now says the bill can do harm if it passes. the president has worked diligently. he's been wonderful to work with. he knows i've had concerns and problems i've had and you know, the thing that we should all be is directing our attention towardse coming back at us and so many different aspects in different ways. it's affecting our lives again. we have inflation that basically could harm. really harm a lot of americans, especially those who are emotionally needy and having a hard time struggling right now. so i think that's where our attention needs to be directed towards immediately. i'm surprised me that day. president biden has said mansions supported the bills. basic
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framework. white house press secretary jen psaki released a statement today in response to mansions remarks reading in pard inexplicable reversal in his position and a breach of his commitments. the president and the senators, colleagues in the house and senate. the national federation of retailers doesn't think inflation will be enough to hold back shoppers from breaking records this holiday season. ktvu is greg liggins caught up with some last minute shoppers today in walnut creek. crowds were sparse at walnut creek's broadway plaza sunday, though there were a few shoppers picking up last minute gifts. it was ken tasha's chance to buy for his wife. it was the only day that i had. without her. she's at dance class right now, so i'm getting the things i need to for her. lots of people were empty handed, possibly because their holiday shopping is mostly done. i was like, get ahead early, like two months, so i don't have to deal with it. outside i haven't done usually within this month and a half reports indicate many shoppers
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began buying earlier than normal because of concerns about product availability and shipping delays. the shopper from southern california says the supply chain crunch is evident where she lives. wrecks are few and far between. there's just not a lot of merchandise, and a lot of the sizes are picked over already. and they were even a couple weeks ago, the national retail federation expects a record breaking holiday season, anticipating november and december sales to hit an all time high of between 834 and $859. billion despite concerns over coronavirus and high inflation. i was looking at certain things i didn't realize like how much it has gone up, and i was like, oh, i can't get that anymore. i am surprised just because of covid and everything going on like i feel like people are just still spending money, which is surprising to me. whether still spending or already spent many were out and about enjoying the final weekend before christmas in advance of the gift of rain. all of the bay area will soon
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receive. i'm enjoying the fresh air. it's beautiful out, i actually expected to be much more busy. if you are last minute shopper, it is certainly time for you to get busy. only five shopping days left. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. here's a look at what joe and jason are working on. the 49ers get stingy on defense and take a big step in their efforts to lock down a playoff spot, and the warriors avoided taking key players through customs, but it wasn't enough to avoid covid and safety protocols will tell you the player. who's most affected by that. and if you just like a story that will make you smile, you want to see what tiger woods and his son charlie did today. it's coming up went well. it's it's coming up went well. it's 11 30. on everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st.
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our kids become the most important part of our lives. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enroll by december 31st. . he is enjoying retired life on his family's ranch in colusa county, but he is not keeping quiet. alex michaelson, host of our political show, the issue, is visited the former governor and asked him about his successors performance and some of the important issues facing the state. jerry brown and his dogs are taking us on a ride will never forget. make sure my foot is on the accelerator. like most of his life, brown is pedal to the metal. so this is all your property when we look out. as he traverses up the mountains of his 2500 acre ranch, about an hour northwest of sacramento.
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you feel totally at home here. yeah, i have enough elbow. yeah like that. exactly. on the day gavin newsom became governor in 2019. brown and his wife and moved out of the governor's mansion and into a home they recently built here. they call it mountain house three. this is mount nelson. one brown's great grandfather. august shachtman developed the first mountain house here in 18 78. it becomes a stage coach inn for horseback travelers. his grandmother ida lived here today. there are way more cows than people living nearby. it is rather conservative. most people here. voted for trump voted for the recall on that vaccinated, but. are certainly good news. so what do they think of you? i don't ask him that, but they're very friendly. almost all the power comes from solar panels. that's the well all the water comes from a well and rainwater 15,000
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gallons brown living completely off the grid. i'm very happy that i'm here. this is barry the best time in my life. no question. in 1974. brown became california's youngest governor ever when he was elected at just 36. he'd leave office in 2019 at 80 years old, california's oldest governor ever. he's now 83. i know a lot now. at 83 motorway was knowing 38 running for president brown is concerned by images of rising crime in california. you feel like there are not enough consequences right now for the crimes that are happening. that's what i think you've heard about the redistribution of wealth. we need a redistribution. of incarceration. brown is also worried about california's massive surplus forecast. it's very hard to split a lot of money in government without doing stupid things generational and transformational budget. what do you think we should do with this surplus now? it's very difficult to spend money well,
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particularly when you know it's not gonna be there in two years. we are going to we have to be. that's the history of california . the money flows in and then it goes away. arnold's wishing i had a deficit of 60 billion next deficits going to be just like that. we have no piers. what would your advice to governor newsom be? why show you spend that money? because it can. it looks okay now, but two years he's going to be re elected. i feel comfortable about that. and then i think that second term can be can be difficult. also the low year in and the more exposure to get, the more they get tired of you. brown is busy now is chair of the california china climate institute. and share of the oakland military institute, which he found it he doesn't spend too much time thinking about his legacy. but when pressed, here's his answer . i don't like to spend too much money, and i felt that way abouy climate, the environment. california is a beautiful state and to maintain the biodiversity
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, the beauty beauty showcased at this ranch when you see this, yeah, what goes through your mind? well. hey i never could imagine this. when my grandmother told me about i didn't know it was this beautiful. or. it's just it's a it's a part of california. jerry looks like he's doing all right , and he's 83 years old. we just looked that up and he looks really sharp and good for 83 years old. thanks for joining u
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion
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is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. back because awesome, baby, let's go. we don't hear much clamoring these days for a 49 quarterback change, thanks to a solid effort by jimmy garoppolo and are rock solid 49ers defense. 49ers move a notch closer to a playoff spot. jim was definitely inspired to play at a high level today, and he definitely inspired all of us. the sporting world hit hard by covid how it's impacting the warriors, the nba and the nfl. tiger woods returns to competitive golf, but it's his son who steals the show. sports wrap don't get all squirrely and


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