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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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11. everything's gone. i'm never going to see my brother again. a grieving sister is searching for answers. tonight after a hit and run in ballet, ho left her brother dead. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. police say the victim of that hit and run was in a crosswalk when he was struck and killed. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. it happens sunday night in valeo on sonoma boulevard at arkansas. man's family says that 29 year old connor walk ins and moved to california from texas looking for a new start new tonight, ktvu zambelli spoke to walk in sister. who is devastated by his death. he wasn't really sweet person. and it was loved. stevie watkins, who lives in texas tells me she was stunned when she received news that her brother conner was killed by a hit and run driver. i mean, devastating. it's my baby brother. everything's
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going. i'm never going to see my brother again. on sunday night around 7 15 vallejo police say they found conor watkins lying in the roadway at the intersection of sonoma boulevard at arkansas. police say this is the white sedan that struck the 29 year old while he was in the crosswalk and left the scene. connor died from his injuries. you left my brother to die. he was a person, watkins tells me they had a difficult childhood in texas, a single mother who couldn't care for them. she took her own life and corner was the one who found her. watkins says . these are factors in her brother's struggle with addiction. his dream of becoming a police officer became impossible. he left texas for california looking for a new start, but became homeless. how are you? the owner of this convenience store in valais hotels. me. connor started coming here several times a week last august, now stunned. he's been killed. i always see him
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come and get food and snacks. he would never have enough so i would always just give it to him, and we do always strike up a conversation. sam salis has corner told him about his journey and his dream of becoming a performance artist. came over here hitchhiked and he just got pretty much stuck out here and i found out his sister's name. sally tells me he'd lend his phone to connor so he could stay in touch with his sister that the two had hoped to help conor return home to texas or his sister had lined up a job for him. now their hopes for connor dashed because of a hit and run driver. i just want to know why. why didn't you stop? i don't understand. watkins tells me her brother had dreams of getting married and starting a family. carter would have turned 30 next month. his sister is now making arrangements to have his remains shipped back to texas. in vallejo, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. tributes are pouring
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in tonight following the death of former raiders coach and bay area native john madden. the nfl confirmed. madden died today at the age of 85. he was a pro football hall of famer and as a coach led the oakland raiders to a super bowl victory in 1976. he was also an innovative sports broadcaster and the man behind the popular madden nfl video games. former 49ers head coach steve mariucci shared his memories with us earlier tonight. we had some interesting production meetings in his bus, and that's where we got to know each other. um but then after that, after i got done with coaching, as you guys will know, we hosted the bocce ball turned the mad mariucci bought you ball tournament debate for 22 years and it was fabulous. and it was we raised that millions of dollars and had a lot of fun and became very, very good friends. and uh, you know, he's such a
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such a big personality. and uh, i just i don't know if there's anybody else like him. you know, and to think of that he was an icon in the coaching will never had a losing season and then in the broadcast booth, he taught people football and people enjoyed football more because of him. madden was such a prominent figure in the nfl and in bay area sports. he was often described as larger than life. i think a coach madden strutting up and down the sideline with his press pass, you know, coming out of his belt like he needed a press pass to get into three rivers stadium because the raiders against the steelers just a bigger than life images. a coach somebody big games in the 19 seventies were defined in the american football conference by three teams, the miami dolphins, the pittsburgh steelers and the open raiders. truly one of a kind one of the most special individuals the game of football has ever known. we're going to miss him. the nfl , says details on a memorial
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service for john madden are pending. well football greats are also reacting to madden's death. 49ers great jerry rice tweeted. this message today, coaching and broadcasting legend and loved by all, you will be missed. rest in peace. john madden. following the news, nfl commissioner roger goodell released a statement reading in part quote. nobody loved football more than coach. he was football. he was an incredible sounding board to me and so many others. there will never be another john madden and we walked forever. be indebted to him for all he did to make football and the nfl what it is today. our coverage continues at ktvu .com. you can find the latest developments right there on our homepage. now to the weather and a live look outside at the san francisco skyline, looking toward the bridge, no major rain just yet, but we are expecting another round of showers overnight here to tell us all about it is meteorologist
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roberta gonzalez. well, we have had the development of some snow falling in the far reaches of the north bay pretty much around humble county and also meant casino county. and napa county as well her life with a camera right now. mostly cloudy skies looking out over oakland, you can see the tribune building all brightly lit up and we can't see it because we do not have the development of any fog. as of yet, with the cloud cover. we are in the forties from 42 degrees in santa rosa 48 in san jose, after a high temperature today of only 50 degrees. okay smattering a rain showers early on again off again throughout the day today, upstream chorus center of low pressure that will be pulling through the bay area. but right now, the zero in you can see clear links still with a mixed bag of precipitation from rain to sleet to snow. we've had cal mountain at 4700 ft. actually that's a little bit lower, and they have been seen some snowfall there for the past
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several hours. 2 to 6 inches of accumulation is anticipated. here we go with your wednesday morning commute. we have some vigorous showers that will be pushing through, not a lot in accumulation generally less than let's say 15 107 inch of rain showers, but these cells when they do push through could produce some snowfall. down at 1500 ft in the santa cruz mountains, making for gnarly morning commute lunchtime, more rain showers and snow showers in our local mountains. and then by the afternoon hours we begin to taper off of the precipitation will tell you exactly how much to expect and when the snow will end in tahoe, and that's still coming up in this newscast. we'll see in a bit, roberta. thank you. well, snow in the sierra is bringing joy to some people and headaches to others on this cold winter night with snowbanks towering more than a story. oh, hi. and conditions making driving dangerous. there are plenty of christmas holiday travelers who have not been able to leave the sierra and find their way back home. caltrans work through the night and today to clear the mountains of snow
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using rotary plows and graders and officials say they will continue that work tomorrow. hopefully those drivers won't be stranded. much longer accounts trance tonight announced that both directions of interstate 80 have reopened. westbound lanes were deemed safe just around nine o'clock tonight and eastbound lanes reopened earlier today. i weigh 50 also open. however officials are urging you to put off traveling through the sierra. unless you absolutely must search and rescue crews resumed their search today in the sierra for a skier who went missing christmas day. 43 year old rory angelotti of truckee was skiing north star he was reported missing after failing to show up that night for christmas dinner with friends. today. search crews within nevada national guard used a helicopter for an aerial search angela to works at a ski shop at the north star resort. authorities say his ski past was scanned at a lift at the resort. christmas morning. the ban on travel from eight african countries will be lifted this
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xfinity. a way better way to watch. omicron cases that were present in the us earlier this month. initially, it was believed oh, macron represented 73% of cases for the week that ended december 18th. but new data that has emerged prompted officials to
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revise that number down to just over 22. for the week that ended december 25th omicron accounted for 58% of cases, the cdc says. despite the revision, prevalence nationwide surge. president biden signed a proclamation today rescinding a previous order that restricted travel from eight countries in south africa. restrictions were put into place in november after the omicron variant erupted there. the us was criticized globally for the move. but president biden defended it, saying the idea was to give the us more time before it was hit by the omicron barry it today, president biden said the restrictions are no longer necessary to protect the public health and that ban will be lifted on friday on the ongoing surge of covid cases has forced san francisco to cancel his annual new year's eve fireworks show. san francisco has a high vaccination rate with 84% of eligible san franciscans fully vaccinated, but officials say the community spread of the
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omicron variants still poses a significant risk. traditionally hundreds of thousands of people turn out to watch the waterfront fireworks tonight. the cancelation was a big disappointment for some verification from seattle. so that's one of the things we're hoping for. but we're here and told new year's yeah. the show was also canceled last year because of the pandemic. well while the fireworks show is canceled, you could have dungeons crab in time for your new year's eve celebration. the delayed commercial season finally kicks off tomorrow in the bay area. new tonight. ktvu zack saw spoke with crabbers who say they are ready to go. fantastic that's the word that sums up how john barnett and other bay area crabbers are feeling just hours away from pulling in their first catch. we've been delayed here because of the whales being present state fish and wildlife. pushing the dungeon is crab season to the 29th to give whales in the area more time to leave the fishing grounds. but now that
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they're gone, we're ready to go fishing. compass the barnett triple checking all his gear and equipment on the amigo before his crew of two deckhands set off on wednesday from fisherman's warf fish hold is right here, and that's where we put the crabs. this boat here holds about £5000 of crabs hall of the bay area's treasured crustacean area. fish markets can't wait to see it will definitely help the public get more crabs in the grocery stores or in the markets and the culinary director of san francisco seafood destinations comas, practically giddy about the news wouldn't be able to buy fresh local close to here. hopefully abundant crabs will mean that we get the best possible crabs from the market and also, we're paying more reasonable price for it. supply jane issues have been driving up the price of dungeness crab crab they've had to purchase from other areas of the state. have big, beautiful bowl a crab that you just saw over there were basically given away here. still, gordon drysdale says, it's the fishermen who've earned
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the right to be truly crabby about this year's late start, sadly for them mm. they've missed both thanksgiving and christmas. so they're they're kind of getting the short end of the stick here in a good season, barnett says his deckhands can pull in around $15,000 for a month and a half work. barnett around $50,000 the crew now hoping to play catch up. if you fish the whole season, you will have lost a couple of weeks. grabbers now anxiously awaiting that first hall. it's good when you especially when you get the first load into the dock, cause you're kind of in rhythm and everything is that you can finally start to relax a little bit in san francisco. zach sauce, ktvu, fox two news update now to a story that we told you about last night authorities tonight arresting a man that they say stabbed a rideshare driver on christmas day. police say that 19 year old tristin matthew harden, attacked and stabbed the man after he drove him to shine low ranch regional park. around six saturday night , the rideshare driver was able
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to take himself to the hospital and is expected to survive. the chp arrested hardened tonight after spotting him walking on the golden gate bridge. bay area peaks see another dusting of snow, and it even reaches some low lying areas. we take a look right after the break. live look at san jose. it's 48 degrees after a high of only 50 unseasonably cool weather and the rain will talk about it coming up. also ahead tonight coming up. also ahead tonight the latest plan to everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st.
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the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body. that's why it's so important for us to have health insurance. and now, we can afford it. we've got a plan that covers the kids' checkups and my regular screenings. enroll by december 31st at county early today, there were captured children making snow, angels and families enjoying a rare snowball fight. sadly the
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only road leading up to the mountain was blocked later in the day, and the stone mountain could only be viewed from afar. the beautiful up there. man. hamilton's wasn't the only mountain in the bay area to be capped with snow. this winter day. mount diablo in the east bay was also turned into a winter snow park. snow also hit much lower elevations in some areas, including in napa county. as ktvu is tom baker reports the snow covered cars at a gas station to the amazement of some customers. how low can snow go? ktvu toward the bay area's dominant peaks to give you a look in the east bay. diablo's peak is 3800 and 49 ft. tall in the south bay mount him wilton 4200 and 65 ft high. and in the north bay mount st helena, the bay area's highest stands at 4342 ft. tall all of them, plus others were snowcapped, though the milk will come fast. local
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reservoirs will benefit somewhat in the shadow of mount st helena angwin in napa county population , 3200 was far more than dusted even at a mere 1749 ft. all along how mountain road this chevron station had cars laden with snow while the snow is wonderful here. the real message from all of this is this water. still a serious problem in california, but the snow is precisely why the boy family came all the way from sebastopol in sonoma county to robert louis stevenson state park on mount st helena on the napa county lake county line. closest place. you can find some snow, considering their home is 35, mostly winding miles away in sebastopol. their reason for coming was more than compelling. my wife and i aren't really cold weather people. and so this is the first chance they've had to get up and see the snow. this is our first time
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bringing them to the snow. and so it was close enough that we thought now is the time robert louis stevenson park up here on mount, saying halina isn't exactly like tahoe. but the roads are a heck of a lot better. yes definitely. it was consideration and tahoe is out, obviously, because of how crazy it is to get there. nonetheless, charles delight is a priceless site. it's fine. why is it fun? because you get to additional like and make a snowman, with the weather looking to more cold front rains next week, more snow is likely on tap. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. hellboy didn't that little girl just put a smile on your face so happy there. oh, she's going to be very happy with the snow that's falling now around cow mountain. let's take a look outside. right now. this is our live weather camera looking out towards the city of oakland, and all is calm. in it's cloudy, and the
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current air temperature right now is in the mid forties 42 degrees with areas of fog in santa rosa and light rain. it's 48 degrees in san jose, low forties and throughout the tri valley batch of precipitation now zeroing in on the north bay . in fact, it's been snowing for a couple of hours around carol mountain and again that elevation is roughly about 37 3900 ft. and as we zoom in clear lake has been seen just a mixed bag of precipitation and the former some rain, sleet and snow and their elevation is at 1400 ft, not expecting it to stick at that elevation primarily around 25 ft and higher north bay in eastern foothills. okay here we go. there's your commute tomorrow morning. it looks wet. around the central bay and then backing into the peninsula. we have more rain, spotty hit and miss showers. not a lot of cumulation, but again the light snow at the higher elevations around the senate cruz mountains like right there, alright napa in the mix of rain and snow in
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the highest elevation says well as we go through the day watch, you can tell that the senator the core of that cold front. is sitting right over the bay area drawing in that colder air mass as well. but watch the circulation of the precipitation around that core, so we know that that's it. it will start to sag in a southerly direction as it does so. it takes the cloud cover with it, and also that makes precipitation. so thursday . it's going to be a dry day, and the last cold front to the season will be out of here not to seize it. the week. okay the week alright. here we go. the snowfall totals bear valley, 13 ft, up to 18 ft and boreal and the snow is still on the fly. gordon lake tahoe area up to four more inches of snow down to 6200 ft and because the snow will be tapering off. the national weather service has downgraded the warning to now winter storm advisory, and by the time it's all said, and done up to eight ft of snow will line the rim of lake tahoe, thirties
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and forties not as cold as last night due to the blanket of clouds overhead tomorrow. still seasonably cool forties and fifties about 51 52 degrees as our outside number so there you have it. partly cloudy skies thursday sunshine to wrap up 2021 we begin the new year with bright sunshine. have yourself a good evening. alright thanks so much, roberta. new reporting suggests there's a new plan to stabilize the sinking and tilting millennium tower in san francisco. the chronicle reports that engineers will install 18 piles to relieve pressure on the building's foundation and stop it from sinking. the piles would connect the building to bedrock the foundation rather to bedrock back in august, the work to fix the tower was halted because it was causing the seat tower to sink even more. the paper says the repairs could be completed by the end of next year. the jury in the elizabeth holmes case still has not reached a verdict after 1/5 day of deliberating today, the panel
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will continue deliberations for 1/6 day tomorrow morning at the federal courthouse in san jose. for two days in a row. there's been no signal from the jury as it discusses the 11 counts against holmes. she is accused of defrauding investors and patients in her failed blood testing company theranos her trial span nearly four months, leaving jurors to review hundreds of exhibits and testimony from dozens of witnesses. coming up after the break. we take another look at the look at the life of john madden, who as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. limited availability in select areas. earlier in the newscast, pro football hall of famer and longtime bay area resident john madden has died at the age of 85 different generations of people new madden for different reasons , the face of the madden video game. pitchman for products from
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hotels to hardware stores to light beer. but madden should be best remembered for his contributions to football as the coach of the super bowl, winning oakland raiders and super bowl 11. and then as a broadcaster who truly revolutionized the way football was understood and enjoyed on television graduate of jefferson high school in daly city college of san mateo, and then call cal poly san luis obispo. madden was inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 2000 and six considered the greatest honor for someone who either coached or played the game. we're coming off their biggest win of the season on christmas day, the warriors came out ice cold tonight, dug themselves a giant hole and then couldn't quite dig out of it against the denver nuggets. jordan's pool out of covid protocol but not suited up andrew wiggins was in uniform nuggets that by 24 at the half nikola jokic was tough problem for golden state all game. okay it's just too tall for two of his 22 points there, but the warriors held the nuggets to
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just 14 points in the third quarter, wiggins breaks up a pass that takes care of business himself. wiggins had 21 in his return to action. wars within five year in the fourth quarter , and steph curry makes it to curry, though just six of 16 from the field for his 23 points . could they pull off the comeback? they get to stop at one end. then it's curry to a streaking gary payton the second they are all tied with 14 to play. but it didn't stay tied for long. will barton will miss once twice but keep the ball alive both times finally gets his shot to fall the nuggets in front by two at 43. seconds left, the warriors need one more stop. they get it, they have a chance to tie again or take the lead. but yokich, the guy who lost the ball hustles back on defensive blocks, jonathan commingles shot a very warrior like final scores. they go down 89 86 the warriors 27 7 half gate in front of phoenix. in the west st mary's going ivy league tonight facing yale trying to stay undefeated at home. the
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gaels lead this game from wire to wire. logan johnson anticipates the past here makes the steel then runs the florida jammed down two of his 26 points. st murray's wins 87 60, the gales now 19 at home. 12 and three overall after the nhl's covid lay off the sharks back in action tonight against the coyotes, third period with santa's epic goal. alexander robonaut two logan couture for the goal. san jose in front 75, but the game went to a shootout. tomas hertl beats scott wedgewood to win it. the sharks are 16 14 and one they will play again on thursday, and it was minnesota against west virginia . tonight's guaranteed writebol in phoenix, minnesota, put a 69 £380 daniel layla at fullback gave him the ball scored in the gophers, 18 to 6 win. at 380 bills violently is their heaviest player in history to score a touchdown. that is one big man, and he drove that pile all the way to the goal line. i
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would not want to try to stop him, all right? show. thank you. thanks everyone for joining us. goodnight. goodnight. we'll see goodnight. goodnight. we'll see you back here tomorrow. oh! not so bad. haley: better than it looks from the outside. oh, drop the cool-girl act. it's perfect! so, it turns out our house has mold -- which is not a reflection on this excellent homemaker. anyway, we have to vacate the house while it's being treated. i got us the last room at a hotel nearby. i was a little concerned about the five of us sharing a room, but for one night? i don't know. could be fun. [chuckles] [cello playing] - watch it! - look out! haley, i need the wi-fi corner. get down. ugh, i need instagram to know there's still beauty in the world! - [blender whirring] - luke, you'll set off the dogs! - [dogs barking] - ugh! look what i got from the vending machine in the lobby -- a charleston chew. remember these? can someone please tell the nigerian family - to shut their dogs up?! - check it out! according to this wrapper, we can win tickets to the 2005 all-star game! i think i'm most excited about the night.


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