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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 29, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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long lines at testing centers across the bay area. we take a look at the challenges people are facing trying to get a test appointment as concern over on the crown cases continues to rise. plus the san francisco new year's eve fireworks display canceled for a second year in a row. the impact this could have on businesses along san francisco's waterfront, and he's just got a big heart and a big personality and i can't believe he's gone. celebrating the life of john madden obey area native and football icon. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm ali rasmus, infer gasia mikaelian and mike mibach . we continue to keep an eye on the rain and the weather conditions here in the bay area. let's take you outside so you can see this live picture of sfo right now. there are likely cancelations involved. anytime you have weather like this at
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sfo. there usually is to be sure to check with your airline if you're headed out for a flight. at any time today, but we have scattered showers throughout the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist roberto gonzalez and roberta i am not going to complain about the rain. we all know we needed but it'll be nice to get a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. i think it's just been downright fun. but it's been fun tracking these systems because i had the computer equipment that has just been nailing the systems, one after another, as far as the timing is concerned. so we'll share that information with you. but right now, let's share with you that patch 24 hour rainfall totals. these numbers just came in and predominantly. the rain fell during the morning hours 6/10 of an intervene in richmond half moon bay with nearly a half an inch of rain berkeley over 4/10 4, 10th easily and castro valley . there you have the total at st mary's in the east bay. the city by the bay san francisco approaching 4/10 of an inch of rain oakland with over 3/10 in san jose, 31 hundreds of an inch of rain and it's still raining.
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this is the frontal boundary. it is passing through the bay area right now and slicing to the south as it does, so it's making wait for the core of the systems is still move in. right now. that's a heavy sell of rain. that contains very heavy rainfall in throughout the central bay over the waters, but on california driving burlingame , we do have some pretty moderate to heavy downpours at this time. with the gusty winds, half moon bay has picked up nearly 1/10 of an inch of rain per hour. you saw about a half an inch of rain recorded already . therefore a flood advisory is in effect there until one pm for the low lying areas. alejo rain big sell heading towards rio vista and we do have that that 5 86 80 corridor moderate to light rain showers. union city, fremont, any kind of freeway you're going to be driving 8 85 80 the 2 38 slippery when wet. this is a scene looking out towards the cranes by the seaport at the port of oakland, where we do have the rain
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showers at 50 degrees. we're going to track the rest of the rain for the remaining portion of the day, talked about a drying period and also tell you when the next batch of rain showers are coming in ali, that's still straight ahead. all right, we'll be checking in with you throughout the show. thanks, roberta. interstate 80 and highway 15. the sierra are open in both directions right now, but it is very slow going on those roadways and the chp is strongly advising anyone to avoid those routes unless they absolutely have to drive there. there is more heavy snow on the way trees and power lines are in danger of falling onto the roadways without warning. that's part of the reason they want people to stay off those roadways. there's still a lot of areas that the snowplows have not even had time to get to yet. we've got crews working 24 7 to make sure people are safe. but our preference nevertheless is that if you don't have to make the trip, don't make it. now if you have to go to the sierra chains and snow tires are required at the chp is warning that even the main roads could
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be closed again at a moment's notice, depending on the conditions and whether there are any crashes there. now for the second year in a row, there will be no annual new year's eve fireworks show in san francisco . it was canceled yesterday due to a spike in covid cases. san francisco has a high vaccination rate with 84% of eligible san franciscans. fully vaccinated, but city officials say that the community spread of the omicron variants still poses a significant risk. vacation in from seattle. so that's one of the things we're hoping for. but we're here and told new years yeah. no usually hundreds of thousands of people turn out to watch the fireworks on the waterfront at the embarcadero. but again, that show has been canceled for new year's eve. we continue to see long lines of people waiting to get a covid test its sites across the bay area and at some locations. appointments are booked until next week. ktvu is american tana has more on what experts think is coming next and how leaders are working to prevent it. with the other variants. it was a
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much slower uptake like delta alpha, but this goes fast. dr peter tin hong infectious disease specialist at ucsf says that surge will likely continue into the new year. but the good news is that if you look at start africa, it's already signed to come down very dramatically goes in really quickly, but it also leaves very quickly and that's what i'm hoping will happen. the latest data from last week in san francisco county shows an average of 305 new cases a day. just two weeks before that, it was 81. it's a similar story across the bay area, and numbers are likely much higher. with so many people testing at home not being reported, but there is a silver lining. we're seeing people diagnosed with infection , but that's throughout the whole community, but not people. who are ill in the icu ventilator like one year ago, dr chin hong says hospitals are doing okay thanks to such a high
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vaccination rate in the bay area and a culture of mask wearing but where we're seeing a problem is testing long lines of cars here at skywest golf course in hayward and at the drive up site at kaiser in san jose. and empty shelves rapid at home test sold out in pharmacies like cbs and walgreens. yesterday we had to close the site and 12 30 because we ran out of tests. that site. so our pharmacies are stretched. our county resources are being stressed after seeing the empty shelves himself. sam mattel county board president david canopus says he knew they had to make a change going from 5000 tests a week to 9000 this week counties throughout the bay area have to double down and double down because we're seeing a sixfold increase, six fold increase and people who are testing positive. and the only
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way we're going to meet demand is to make sure that we test people. the biden administration is promising 500 million free at home tests next month, but cannabis says they're needed now , but he knows testing can't be your only weight of protection. this is no time. no time. for people to be complacent. if you haven't been vaccinated now is the time no judgment. while all macron symptoms may seem like a cold or allergies, dr chin hong says, the risk of getting infected with covid should not be minimized. i just worry that the next variant may not be quite as mild as omicron again. amanda quintana, ktvu fox two news will change in contra costa counties mask requirements is now in effect. public health officials now required masks indoors at all public places without exceptions. now. previously people who were fully vaccinated and went to places
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where they verified their vaccination status. they were allowed to take off their masks in those limited indoor settings like gyms and other indoor venues. we're seeing many, many more cases, and they're almost all of the omicron variant. of covid-19. we detected our first case in our county officially understand her 18th. but um, wastewater analysis and other data leads us to believe that it was here. even before that. contra costa county health officials say hospitalizations have gone up since the omicron berrien was first detected in the county. two weeks ago. 38 people were hospitalized a week ago yesterday that number bumped up bumped up to 60 people hospitalized. marine county, alameda county and the city of berkeley, also announced today that everyone must wear masks in all indoor public settings starting tomorrow. icon legend coach just some of the words
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being used to honor and described the life of pro football hall of famer john madden ktvu joe fonzi has a look back at his life and legacy. john earl madden was born in austin, minnesota, in 1936. when he was in grammar school, the maddens moved to daly city. madden played baseball and football at jefferson high, but it was clear football was his future. madden played two seasons at colleges and mateo and then transferred to cal poly san luis obispo. he was drafted by the philadelphia eagles in 1958, but his playing career was quickly ended by a knee injury in training camp, his rookie season. madden returned to cal poly to get a master's degree, made his wife, virginia and then at 23 began his coaching career at allan hancock college in santa maria. in 1967. madden was hired as an oakland raider assistant and two years later at the age of 32 became at the time
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the youngest head coach in nfl history if you have it in you to be a head coach it doesn't make any difference if you 30 to 40 to 50 to 62 or 82, you can do it . madden inherited a talented team with a reputation for defying conventional thinking. they want to say the raiders are dirty. yeah, yeah, we're dirty. are you gonna do about the raiders were known as renegades involved in some of the most memorable and sometimes controversial plays in nfl history. there was the sea of hands game against miami. you never see a better game of this one. ladies and gentlemen, i tell you the holy roller against the chargers start on the most saving. unbelievable absolutely impossible. green are required. sadness on the field. he wants to know if it's real. they said. yes get your big butt out of here. he does. and, of course,
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the immaculate reception against the steelers. his past is broken up by taito tipped off. thanks harris has it and he's over from 1969 to 75. the raiders won division championships but couldn't win the big one. that all changed in 1976 from the rose bowl stadium in pasadena, california it is super bowl 11. this is bill king with the welcome, undoubtedly the biggest moment in madden's coaching career. was the team's 32 to 14 win over the minnesota vikings in super bowl 11. madden got a short victory ride that day were super bowl champions of super bowl 11, and they can never take it away from you. i'm joe fonzi ktvu, fox two news. there's still to come at noon. family seeking justice. what we're learning about a 29 year old man hit and killed by a driver in vallejo and the plea from his
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sister for that driver to come forward, plus will definitely help the public get more crabs in the grocery stores or in the markets. crab pots have been dropped here in the bay area as the commercial dungeness crab season gets underway. we take a look at when those first crabs
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jury and the elizabeth holmes
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case has resumed deliberations this morning at the federal courthouse in san jose. this is the sixth day of deliberations for the last two days. the jury has not sent out a note or ask for any clarifications on the law. but yesterday the judge held a 23 minute closed door meeting with two of homes, attorneys and two prosecutors. the transcript is sealed so we don't know what was discussed. but holmes faces 11 charges including wire fraud and conspiracy. well the long awaited dungeness crab season is underway here in the bay area, the porta san francisco announced that live dungeness crab sales direct from fishing vessels in fisherman's wharf will begin today at three o'clock. ktvu execs sauce reports on the excitement. been delayed here because of the whales being present state fish and wildlife. pushing the dungeon is crab season to the 29th to give whales in the area more time to leave the fishing grounds. but now that they're gone, we're ready to go. fishing compass, barnett triple checking all his gear and equipment on the amigo before his crew of two deckhands set off on wednesday
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from fisherman's warf. fish hold is right here, and that's where we put the crabs. this boat here holds about £5000 of crabs hall of the bay area's treasured crustacean area. fish markets can't wait to see it will definitely help the public get more crabs in the grocery stores or in the markets and the culinary director of san francisco seafood destinations comas practically giddy about the news to be able to buy fresh local close to here. hopefully abundant crabs will mean that we get the best possible crabs from the market and also, we're paying more reasonable price for it. supply jane issues have been driving up the price of dungeness crab crab they've had to purchase from other areas of the state have big, beautiful bowl of crab that you just saw over there were basically given away here. still gordon drysdale says it's the fishermen who've earned the right to be truly crabby about this year's late start, sadly for them mm. they've missed both thanksgiving and christmas. so there kind of
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getting the short end of the stick here in a good season, barnett says his deckhands can pull in around $15,000 for a month and a half work. barnett around $50,000 the crew now hoping to play catch up. if you fish the whole season, you will have lost a couple of weeks grabbers now anxiously awaiting that first hall. it's good when you especially when you get the first load into the dock, cause you're kind of in rhythm and everything is that you can finally start to relax a little bit in san francisco. zach sauce ktvu fox two news. well i feel for and appreciate the fishermen who are out there picking up those crab pots because it's a cold, blustery, windy out there and rainy again revert to not great environmental conditions for those fishermen out at sea right now, not at all, and it's not going to be for next week as well. we have a bit of a break coming, but then we have more rain. let's get to it right now. taking a look outside. it looks ominous look at the cloud cover and those clouds are lowering right now down to about 1000 ft
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in elevation. usually the clouds have to be about 600 ft for any airport delays. i checked him with oakland international, manetta and sfo and nobody's reporting whether related delays numbers are in the forties and fifties. in fact, it's much more milder today than yesterday when we topped off at only 48 degrees in san jose. other temperatures it is now 43 in nevado 42. 1 it creek. mid fifties and fremont through union city winds have been increasing fairfield through travis at 16 mph conquered clayton walnut creek reporting a wind up to 12 slight winds in oakland and across the bay to san francisco. the winds are now pretty calm and half moon bay and the rain has now tapered off as well. so this is the area of low pressure that is pounding up against the coast side. it has produced up to 6/10 of an inch of rain primarily just this morning, so you know, there's a lot of ponding on the roadways only 31 hundreds of an inch of rain in san jose. so
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this is beautiful. if you were to take a look at an area, low pressure and a textbook, this is what it would look like you have the core the center of the area. low pressure now spinning across the bay area. the frontal boundary is slicing across our region, and that's why we see these downpours around woodside and also cross the bay into l. a meter high street. well, it's just not advisable to be out in a about driving this afternoon. we do have a precipitation right of nearly 1/10 of an inch of rain an hour and half moon bay, and that's why we had that flood advisor in effect until one o'clock this afternoon. saint helena, saint alina 4400 ft in elevation. we have light snow falling now. 5 86 80 corridor. it's wet heading just about anywhere. 6 80 all the way into san jose wet in the rain tapers off. once you reach the silicon valley. we do have more rain in the forecast throughout the evening hours and then watch what happens. watch the clock ticked by absolutely nothing. we
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have clearing as high pressure nudges into the bay area and promises some drying out for four days, which means only about an inch of snow left in the greater lake tahoe area. blue canyon truckee not checking in at this hour because they just can't get to the reporting stations. too much snow more snow today and then dry skies and sunshine forward the new year in the greater lake tahoe area. we have highs in the forties and fifties. today the winds remain under 15 mph. tonight's temperatures thirties and forties. it's going to start getting colder at night because we're going to lose that cloud cover all the way through new year's day, but then by sunday partly cloudy skies and we're talking about more rain showers for next week alley. all right. thank you. roberta will still to come at noon. more canceled flights at airports across the country today how travelers are scrambling to find a way to get to their destinations. really matter for airlines, and their recovery is how they manage this crisis. what lessons they learned and frankly how they
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treat the passengers. whose plans have been disrupted. why the airlines and travel experts say kobe cases and bad weather are to blame and what
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cancelations and disrupted travel plans across the nation. david lee miller reports from laguardia airport in new york city. my boss is not really
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happy. i'm supposed to be at work tomorrow. it's a familiar story for thousands of air travelers across the country, they become stranded as the omicron variant spreads quickly , causing major staffing shortages combined with bad weather, forcing the cancelation of more than 1000 flights on tuesday, it's the sixth straight day of disruptions with passengers reporting widespread confusion. disorganization at major airports waiting on the tarmac for actual hours, finally get off and we're looking around for our baggage, but they had a bunch of flights coming at the same time. more than 3000 flights were also delayed yesterday at the busiest time of the year for air travel. the cia is screening about two million passengers every day. on average , some experts say. new cdc guidelines shortening quarantine periods, covid exposure will help while others claim they should have been changed weeks ago. it really could have had such a tremendous impact, especially for the holidays, but industry experts say there's still lots of pent up demand for travel. and these disruptions
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won't have a major impact on the airlines moving forward, but will really matter for airlines , and their recovery is how they manage this crisis. what lessons they learn and frankly how they treat the passengers whose plans have been disrupted despite the fast spread of the omicron variant. the cdc says it is not considering a vaccine mandate for domestic flights at this time. in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. former senate majority leader harry reid has died, read served as nevada's single representative in the house. starting in 1983. he was elected to the u. s senate in 1987. he represented nevada in congress for a total of 35 years. his wife says reid died peacefully after a four year battle with pancreatic cancer. before his political career. he was a boxer and later became a lawyer. he was widely acknowledged as one of the toughest dealmakers in congress. he lived long enough to see the las vegas airport. being renamed in his honor. read
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was 82 years old. sonoma county authorities announced the arrest of a man accused of stabbing a rideshare driver on christmas day, investigators say 19 year old tristin matthew harden, attacked and stabbed the man the driver after he drove him to shiloh ranch regional park and windsor. around six o'clock on saturday night, the rideshare driver was able to drive himself to the hospital. he is expected to survive. the chp arrested hardened last night after seeing him as he walked across the golden gate bridge. still to come at noon. california becomes the first state to record more than five million covid infections that concern about the omicron variant that has led to long lines at testing centers across the state. plus it's beautiful. it's something we don't get to experience that very much. yeah, it's pretty awesome. the latest storm brought more snow to bay area mountain peaks. we take a look at the conditions today and the excitement, excitement among bay
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before 12 30 on this wednesday afternoon. a rainy wednesday afternoon river to gonzalez here to tell us about the forecast and what we can expect for the rest of the day and the week ali this is a radius part of the day. so if you don't have to get out and about and just don't do
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it, why it's take to take a chance out there it is what it sloppy. and we will continue to see the rain falling throughout the afternoon. right now, that's a pretty moderate to heavy rain cell from redwood city through east palo alto and palo alto, across the bay to the eastern portion of our area, alameda and oakland moderate rain falling at this time around highway 24 so rain has tapered off in half moon bay. just some light drizzle now, but rain was falling so hard that the national weather service issued a flood advisory for half moon bay. until one o'clock. so far about a half an inch of raid there doesn't take much the elevation in half moon bay 76 ft . above sea level. we have light snow falling around the far reaches of the northern mountains of the north bay, primarily around mount st alina. it's wet in the east bay along highway 13 5 86 80 corridor and, yes, we have more rain in the forecast that on top of what has already fallen throughout the morning hours, nearly 6/10 of an inch of rain in richmond, 231. hundreds of an inch of rain in
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san jose and smack in between just over a quarter of an inch of rain to 4/10 of an inch of rain. there you have that half moon bay total right now we have some rain drops all on the camera lens as we take a peek out towards boy 8 80 traffic moving very, very well considering the conditions out there. the current air temperatures are much more mild than 24 hours ago, and that's why we don't have a lot of localized snow at this present time. we're going to talk about this system. what is going to wrap up when the next one will move in? that's coming up ali a little bit later in this program, we'll check back with you again. thank you, roberta. well it's a rare but beautiful sight snow at lower elevations right here in the bay area, families take advantage of the short lived winter wonderland that many found right here on some of our local mountain tops . ktvu dominican tana shows us what it looks like near mount st helena. up on mount st helena wednesday morning. there was a bit of a snow and rain mix, but with temperatures just at or
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above freezing, wants the flakes got to the ground. they melted already. a different site from just a day before when we saw a good dusting of snow atop mount st helena, the bay area's tallest peak a bit on mount diablo in the east bay and what looked like about a foot of snow on mount hamilton's in the south bay snowman. actually could make a public you could go and not a person that gave angels the chance to make his first snow angel right there. his mom made the short drive to mount hamilton's from san jose. just random thought it comes the snow solid on the news and decided to make the trip. you've never been to the snow, so this is his first time. and it's close to home. so it's nice how you like the snow angel make it. it was a picture perfect view that santa
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clara county doesn't get often. it's beautiful. it's something we don't get to experience that very much. yeah it's pretty awesome is worth the 40 minute drive everything from home. so loving it, even though i'm freezing. it's definitely not as much snow as tahoe. but the drive was much easier for people who just wanted to take a quick trip without leaving the bay area and the best part of it all . this means more water in our reservoirs, says the snow melts. when you think about what really benefits the drought, snow is the best because it melts slowly over time instead of those rain showers where we just get a lot of water dumped all at once. so the snow is good news in middletown, amanda chemchina, ktvu fox two news. well caltrans says drivers are facing big delays in the tahoe area this noontime now that most of the roads to and from the sierra are back open, things are moving, but it is very slow going chains are required on highway 50 and interstate 80 in the sierra on all vehicles. except four wheel
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drives with snow tires. now, even though the chp is asking people to avoid the area, some folks are still trying to make that trip to tahoe desperate to get to the ski resorts. stayed in auburn from san jose, and then 80 didn't open up to a jet over here. tried to get up 50. we're on 50 for like three or four hours to get turned around. visitors heading up highway 52 the tahoe area are having to stop and plaster ville to grab a snack rest and fuel up drive that should normally take a few hours is now taking much longern trying to get to tahoe for two days. we're trying to get to heavenly trying to get to heavenly for a couple days. and the chp says the driving conditions get more challenging . the farther east you go. nevada's governor declared a state of emergency last night for the south lake tahoe area, and that allows the nevada state police to order cars to turn around and head back into western nevada until the weather
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and road conditions improve. many people who have lived near lake tahoe for their entire lives have said that they don't ever remember seeing this much snow so early in the season, at least not in the last 50 years, the snow has been falling for almost a week straight with a few breaks here and there, take a look at this time lapse video showing one man's backyard in south lake tahoe going from snowy two snowed in and just two days now this before and after picture on the left and right shows the big difference that 48 hours and a lot of snow can make u. c. berkeley's sierra snow lab says there have been more than 200 inches of snow. this month now to the latest on the coronavirus. california has now seen more than five million positive cases among our 40 million residents since the start of the pandemic, it's the first state to reach that number. new data out this morning shows that california is averaging more than 10,000 new cases per day. that's 31 cases for about every 100,000 residents. that's double from the number of positive cases last week, but it's still less than half of the national
12:36 pm
average of 80 cases per 100,000 residents. test positivity in california has surged above 11% up from 3% just last week. hospitalizations are up about 25% in a week to nearly 5200 people statewide. so far. the death rate, though, is not rising, averaging about 42 deaths per day. yesterday the u. s said a single day record of new covid infections with more than 441,000 people testing positive for the virus. lucas tomlinson has an update on the federal response to the spread of the omicron variant. right now. we're seeing a huge number of cases and we may even see more. the cdc director, saying what many americans already see for themselves, and that's led to long lines for covid testing around the country. this week, the cdc shorten their recommended isolation and quarantine period from 10 days to five, and that's led to some confusion today, dr rochelle walensky said most people simply cannot quarantine for 10 days and those who test positive are mostly contagious in the first
12:37 pm
few days, if you're only going to isolate for a certain period of time, we want to make sure you're doing so when you're maximally infectious business leaders hope this move will help ease staffing shortages. some argue the decision should have been made much earlier, only we had implemented these new guidelines 2 to 3 weeks ago. we now see football games being canceled universities being closed schools being, you know. referring back to remote learning. the biden ministrations ordered half a billion at home tests, but they are not expected until early january. i have young kids are gonna be back in school in new york city. i hope that kids are able to get tested there. and for that matter all across the country, with the u. s still battling the coronavirus. there's also growing concern from health officials about the flu. there's a growing number of states reporting high to very high rates of seasonal influenza. in washington. lucas tomlinson, ktvu fox two news, a plea for help from the sister of
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a man hit and killed by a driver in vallejo. the man was killed. and he was homeless after coming here from texas. looking for a new start. ktvu is amberleigh explains how the victims described as smart, funny and kind. he was a really sweet person. and it was loved. stevie watkins, who lives in texas tells me she was stunned when she received news that her brother conner was killed by a hit and run driver. i mean, devastating. it's my baby brother. everything's going. i'm never going to see my brother again. on sunday night around 7 15 fellow police say they found conor watkins lying in the roadway at the intersection of sonoma boulevard at arkansas. police say this is the white sedan that struck the 29 year old while he was in the crosswalk and left the scene. connor died from his injuries. he left my brother to die. he was a person, watkins tells me they had a difficult childhood in texas, a single mother who
12:39 pm
couldn't care for them. she took her own life and corner was the one who found her. watkins says. these are factors in her brother's struggle with addiction. his dream of becoming a police officer became impossible. he left texas for california looking for a new start, but became homeless. how are you? the owner of this convenience store in valais hotels. me. connor started coming here several times a week last august, now stunned. he has been killed. i always see him come and get food and snacks. he would never have enough so i would always just give it to him, and we do always strike up a conversation. sam salis has corner told him about his journey and his dream of becoming a performance artist. came over here hitchhiked and he just got pretty much stuck out here and i found out his sister's name. sally tells me he'd lend his phone to corner so he could stay in touch with his sister that the two had hoped to help conor return home to texas or his sister had lined up a job for him. now their hopes for
12:40 pm
connor dashed because of a hit and run driver. i just want to know why. why didn't you stop? i don't understand. watkins tells me her brother had dreams of getting married and starting a family. carter would have turned 30 next month. his sister is now making arrangements to have his remains shipped back to texas. in vallejo, amberleigh ktvu fox two news also in valeo. police there are investigating a deadly shooting. authorities say matthew allen was shot and killed by a woman. who he thought was trying to break into his truck surveillance video shows the victim's truck on bella vista way just before he and the woman started arguing. two minutes later, witnesses heard gunfire. allen's girlfriend was on the phone with him when the shooting happened. i was i heard was gunshots iran to his location as fast as i could. tried. to get him stay alive, and i couldn't do it.
12:41 pm
vallejo police say yolanda harris fired the shots and then took off in the victim's truck. allen died at the hospital. police say harris is homeless, and she has now been arrested on suspicion of murder and carjacking. still to come at noon. it's not only california that's getting hit with that winter storm. we take a look at the problems from the west coast to the midwest as storm cleanup gets underway. [crowd cheering] i'm not a coach, but i invested in invesco qqq. which gives me access
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skier who disappeared in the back trails of northstar ski resort 43 year old rory angela is an expert skier who works at a northstar ski shop. he never returned after skiing on christmas weekend. this morning , the plaster county sheriff's office tweeted out this photo of cruise arriving at northstar. they say crews were out until nine o'clock last night and resume their search this morning . plaster county sheriffs have brought in a blackhawk helicopter with infrared imaging. to help with those search efforts. other emergency responders offering aid include the tahoe nordic search and rescue team, along with tahoe back country, ski patrol and north stars patrol. no immediate injuries reported from a down tree that trapped a vehicle and blocked a peninsula road overnight. the san mateo county alert system notified people in the area that a tree fell, blocking both directions of state route 84. which is also known in this part of woodside road at montelena court. i ktvu news crude reports a vehicle was caught underneath that tree, but
12:45 pm
no one appeared to be hurt. people were diverted to portola road to bypass that cleanup. an area devastated by the campfire is now covered in snow. more rain and snow are in the forecast today for the town of paradise in butte county. it is already received several inches of snow since monday night. while the cold temperatures are keeping most people inside. there were a few families who ventured out to enjoy the snow. we are just below the snow line. so, but i saw a picture, so i just drove about five like literally. half a mile and there was snow so we just missed it. mm hmm. so we decided to come into town and play with it, huh? yeah. are you having fun yet? the public works department started sending out crews at 3 30 yesterday morning to clear the roads. they expect to be busy throughout the day, while snow will stop falling for the rest of this week, temperatures could dip below freezing levels. well, much of the country is looking like a winter wonderland . christie mayo has more on the extreme snow and low
12:46 pm
temperatures affecting several pockets of the united states. it's going to be you know, four or five days before we get above freezing against intense snow at extremely low temperatures continuing to slam several pacific and midwestern states. seattle is in the grasp of a dangerous cold spell, seeing its coldest day in more than 30 years monday asked thermometers plunged to 17 degrees, prompting communities to open warming centers for those seeking refuge . throughout this week, tent right down the street only like a block and a half away, and i'm not even willing to stay in it right now. it's just so difficult in california snow outside sacramento is proving to be a tourist attraction, with residents in the golden state driving further north to see the blankets of white. why is it fun? can we get two additional overflight and make a snowman but conditions around lake tahoe proving even more impressive, forecasters say tuesday's storm brought the areas snowfall up to more than 193 inches, breaking a
12:47 pm
record set in 1970, minnesota, also receiving a heavy dusting of powder this week. bringing out an army of shovelers and snowblowers a lot of talking going on other than a lot of granting and shovel and meanwhile, at least one person is dead in western wisconsin after snow and ice created treacherous driving conditions. travelers in illinois, on the other hand, saw less severe storms, with chicago getting 1/10 of an inch tuesday, its first measurable snowfall of the year. and while much of the nation is resembling a winter wonderland, the snowstorms are causing concerns for air travelers already facing extensive flight cancelations because of omicron christa mayo fox news many sierra residents are enjoying the snowfall, and that includes some furry four legged friends as well. videos of dogs playing in the snow are being posted and going viral on social media. one dog owner went out for a stroll this morning with a couple of pups. and they tricked and played and jumped through two ft of snow there.
12:48 pm
with that. let's check in one more time with roberto gonzales , looking at the snow conditions is going to be more snow for those pups in kids to play in in the days ahead. i just can't get over it. that is so cute. isn't it? very cute. my dog won't even get her paws wet from the rain. she won't go outside it all. she's a california dog. alright yes, we have more snow rain. you know what's interesting? i was just listening to that story. just a moment ago about chicago . 1/10 of an inch of snow. we've had more snow here locally. then chicago has think about that. step it outside right now. looking out towards the bay bridge. you know, the tower on the bay bridge stands 550 ft. tall so i use that kind of as a measuring stick for the ceiling level. it's still well above 600 ft, so we're not seeing any weather related delays at sfo, oakland or magnetic international airports were in the forties and fifties and much more mild afternoon across the santa clara valley. and comparison to 24 hours ago. so this is it right here. this is the last cold front of the week.
12:49 pm
i promise. the core is now whipping now to mendocino county . it's now over the bay area. it will continue to spin anywhere from light to moderate rain showers. here we have a heavy downpour occurring around the san mateo bridge and into the bay waters. it is definitely pouring around the east bay shore. freeway as well. highway 101 and we do have a moderate rain shower right now occurring around morada and that will continue for the next couple of minutes there. rain has led up in half moon bay, but already about a half an inch of rain there this morning alone. the elevation in half moon bay is about 76 ft. above sea level, so we have a lot of ponding on the roadways. a weather advisory. a flood advisory in effect until one pm snow in the high mountains of the far reaches of the north bay, primarily around mount st helene at 4400 ft. elevation we have moderate rainfall around that nasty 6 85 80 corridor that's definitely hazardous when wet san ramon also diablo and alamo with light
12:50 pm
rain showers we've seen anywhere from about 31 hundreds of an inch of rain in san jose to 6/10 7 inch of rain in the past 24 hours in richmond, i got to tell you, these are really decent numbers here and now what we're looking at, according to our future cats, which has been so accurate for the past 10 days is the core sitting over the bay area. watch the rotation that is the rotation of the precipitation around that area, low pressure, so it's going to dig to the south and then exit and we see the clearing beginning late night tonight into our thursday as briefly high pressure builds them for four days, so that means the snow is going to taper off. we've seen anywhere from 13 to 18 ft of snow around the resorts about an inch more to go at the lake level at 6200 ft. we still have a storm advisor in effect until 10 pm tonight. right now, south shore temperature in the twenties. the sierra forecast has called for a few flurries on saturday, but otherwise ban it's over with it is done. temperatures today forties and fifties. not bad at all, a
12:51 pm
little bit warmer than yesterday , but still well below average for this time of the year. now as we begin to clear out at night time, it's going to start getting colder. take a look at the temperatures over the next several days in our inland locations down to 30 degrees new year's eve. when people are out and about it's going to be sunny and bright as we welcome in the new year on saturday. ali that'll be a nice a nice change. even though we love the rain and the snow. it's nice to dry out just a little bit and clear up now. passengers returning from a cruise to the caribbean are expressing their anger after that trip was cut short because of covid-19. it was a bit of a nightmare. um it was i would say it was very frustrating, and i definitely did feel like i was sailing on a petri dish. i definitely feel like my christmas was ruined. the carnival freedom had just docked at the ports of miami after a group of passengers tested positive for the virus. the ship was supposed to sail to some popular resort destinations like aruba, but that was one of the stops that was canceled. because
12:52 pm
of concerns about an outbreak on board the ship. i've been to mexico on a number of occasions recently where we they didn't get allow us to get off the ship. they skipped the porter altogether. the freedom crew wore hazmat suits to deliver and pick up food trays at cabins. carnival cruise line, says some areas with limited medical resources like the island nation of aruba. wouldn't allow the ship to dock carnival sent apology letters and offered passengers $100 credit. still to come at noon apples, taking an unusual step to keep some of its best engineers the special bonuses being offered if an engineer stays with the company for the next four years.
12:53 pm
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putin tomorrow as concerns grow over possible russian invasion of ukraine. the two leaders last
12:56 pm
spoke on december 7th. since then. russia has demanded that nato denied membership to ukraine. and other former soviet countries and roll back military deployments in eastern europe. russia has an estimated 100,000 troops gathered at the border with ukraine. earlier today, secretary of state anthony blinken spoke with ukrainian president zelinsky, stressing us support for ukraine's independence. oakland international is in line for upgrades from the federal infrastructure act. bay area congresswoman barbara lee says the airport will be getting $15 million for from the measure. it will pay for passenger amenities , including gender inclusive facilities, plus more electric charging stations. and improvements to airfield safety , airport security and energy efficiency. the airport says the upgrades will also bring jobs to the local community. california's minimum wage is set to go up again on january 1st. the minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour for employers with 26, or more workers for employers with 25 or fewer
12:57 pm
workers. the minimum wage will be $14. several bay area cities haven't even higher minimum wage , including emeryville at $17.13 an hour. sunnyvale and mountain view are $17.10 an hour well get ready to pay more to cross bay area bridges on saturday, tolls on the seventh state owned bridges will go up to $7 for passenger cars on new year's day . this includes every bridge except the golden gate. carpools and clean air vehicles that use fast track will still qualify for a discount during commute hours, an estimated $4.5 billion in extra toll money will fund projects for bart fairies, the capitol corridor and improving the supply chain. apple is taking an unusual step to keep some of its best engineers, company insiders told bloomberg news. as many as 20% of apple's highest performing engineers have been given stock bonuses. the extra shares are not part of the company's usual pay and bonus program. the gifts range in value from $50,000 to
12:58 pm
$180,000 worth of stock. but to get that full value, the engineers must stay with the company through the end of 2025. the move is seen as a way for apple to keep its best workers from leaving for meda, which has been apparently poaching some of apple's top talent. the sharks hadn't played a game in 12 days because of covid and the league's holiday break, but san jose and arizona scored enough to make up for that break. the sharks broke a 22 tie in the second period with redeems. she makes first goal of the season and seconds later, jeffrey vl scored his first nhl goal to give san jose a 42 lead. that's the two teams traded goals but ended up with a seven all tie at the end of regulation. no one scored in the extra period and the sharks one in the shootout with goals by logan couture and tomas hertl, who is just out of the nhl's covid protocol. final score. 87 well, nasa has some big plans for 2022 the top priorities taking the next big step towards establishing a
12:59 pm
permanent colony on the moon. artemus one is scheduled to take off from kennedy space center in florida next spring. circle the earth head for the moon, then fly 280,000 miles into deep space. and back to earth. that mission could take six weeks. nasa administrator bill nelson says the project will test the safety of several new spacecraft. it's happening. hardware has been built engines have been tested. astronauts are being trained, so we're right. at the point of beginning the artemus program back to the moon. artemus two is expected to send a crew around the moon in 2023 the following year. artemus three is scheduled to land on the moon. in finland. new technologies making recycling easier a new recycling plant on the outskirts of helsinki uses robots to sort through the materials that need to be recycled. the robots, machine vision has been trained to recognize 350 different types of waste. according to the european union, currently only about 38%
1:00 pm
of wasting europe gets recycled using these robots they hope to boost that increase up to 70% thank you for watching ktvu news at noon and dr oz is next. next. >> snap, crackle, pop.ext. next. they are the craziest, loudest chiropractor cracking videos ever. dr. oz: you just can't stop watching them. can these be dangerous if done wrong? >> then. >> the snacks everyone is talking about. >> a 2020 to two food trend list. -- 2022 ♪ dr. oz: these videos have millions of views online because of this sound.


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