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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 29, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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are urging people to keep their new year's eve gathering small but one bay area family is going to great lengths to keep the party going. we know that everyone is vaccinated. we know everyone is boosted and we're testing everyone before the event. a surge in cases before
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the new year, but one family is using an at home pcr testing machine to avoid spreading the virus. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. here's a look now at the latest numbers in california. the test positivity rate has jumped to 11.2% on monday. that number was just 5.4% the state has recorded more than 10,000 new cases today. and there have been 42 additional deaths, bars and restaurants around the bay area are facing tough decisions , decisions as they see the numbers spike. some are deciding whether to stay open while others are canceling their new year's eve celebrations altogether. ktvu zach sauce joins us now from oakland after talking with some businesses, zack and good evening yet from staff shortages to people canceling their new year's eve reservations. those are just some of the challenges that bars and restaurants there's people who say they are facing as they decide whether or not to move ahead with their new year's eve
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plans. they say they're in a holding pattern, and some say they may not make a final decision until the 11th hour. we're definitely nervous. skylar hobson, his staff at club 12 20 walnut creek nervous amid the recent surge of covid-19 cases across the bay area just days before their new year's eve celebration, we're going to keep an eye on out. we still have, like three or four more days. for now, the team preparing for business as usual, i think new year's eve will turn out okay and hoping for the return of a favorite new year's tradition. we do have a champagne toast. we have a great dj event a much needed source of revenue for the club after being hit hard during the pandemic. our sales are down like 75% for the most part, all the required covid-19 protocols in place for the event. but if cases spike even more dramatically, our safety in the customer safety is absolutely more important than having new year's meantime, in oakland, the elbow room canceling it's new year's live concert with band the #### tones after watching
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covid-19. numbers rise. across the bay and san francisco bar moby #### in the city's castro neighborhood, also deciding to cancel its new year's eve festivities and closed through january. 1st as for restaurants , folks are going to try to do a celebration. um if possible, and let customers come in and safely dying and drink and celebrate, and thomas says the restaurants that are closing are largely folks that are having to shut down temporarily or because their staff is just not available to work there. testing positive covid or dealing with long term staff shortages and after a difficult year, she says, it's more important than ever to patronize them. you want to order take out to go. you want to, you know, go out and die and you want to sit outside, you know, bring your winter coat. um, you know we would be great if people could safely support our restaurants, restaurants like tor sap thai kitchen back in walnut creek. hoping it's new year's eve party will go ahead as planned, but fielding 20 calls from people
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who now want to stay home. yeah they just canceled something nervous, but someday have their symptoms like club 12 20. they're still hoping for the best and certainly for a better 2022. i'm hopeful, but that's what they were saying about 2021. and that bar on an owner bar manager rather as you could hear, hopeful, but clearly and understandably, very apprehensive about the future. as for the restaurant i spoke to in walnut creek. they say they'll make a final decision on whether or not to hold their new year's eve party sometime tomorrow. pronoun live in oakland's access. ktvu fox two news. yeah i hope think everybody's hoping for a better 2022. zack thank you. sonoma county says a significant number of new covid cases stem from recent holiday gatherings. public health officials say 40% of new cases have been traced to gatherings. they say they know of at least two outbreaks following parties were stable cohorts of fully vaccinated people. gathered indoors without a mask, resulting in almost 40
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positive cases, but the unvaccinated continued to be affected the most the number of cases among unvaccinated people in sonoma county has more than tripled since thanksgiving. well despite these numbers, one new year's eve event at a home in marin county will go on as planned. katie's brooks jarocz joins us now live with how the host are forcing their friends to sign up for a covid pcr test. hours before that celebration gets started. brooks that's right. heather health officials say you can't rely on symptoms or vaccination status to know if you're infected or not, which can put others at risk. that is why testing is so important, and this mill valley family is taking the testing to a new level. you never know how people will react. imagine getting this invite to ring in the new year. i have gotten so many positive responses. andrew angus says his family of six decided to go ahead with the big party at their mill valley home. but there are some ground rules must
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be vax boosted and tested just hours earlier. for months. they've had a pcr test. er, unlike rapid antigen tests, it can detect genetic material of covid-19 at the very start of infection inside this kit. is a cartridge. this cartridge goes in the tester, which just a swab of the nose in it goes to the processing machine and about 20 minutes later, the results are in sent right to angus phone. a negative test means a pass as an official guest, and once they're tested, they're not allowed to go, you know, do a grocery store to go meet other people kind of lock things down, lock things down at that point and created of, you know as safe a bubble as we can for this party because in marin county, there have been at least five days of record setting case rates, the biggest spike among the unvaccinated, but health officials say everyone should avoid large gatherings altogether. this new
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year's eve will fuel more cases there will be more infections and you may not know you're infected passing along the virus , the medically vulnerable and elderly at highest risk of hospitalization were definitely recommending that people test immediately before possible entering a space where there's others gathered back at the angus house. safety is first and foremost, especially with a couple of kids who can't be vaccinated, which is why there's spending $75 a test for the 10 to 20 people they want to see to celebrate. thinking showing that we're doing it responsibly that that helps, you know, helps with my community under understanding that this is important to us, and that will impact people's behavior, maybe just lightly. andrew angus son is actually building an app right now to help understand any persons covid risk based on geography, age and vaccination status. he's been crunching a lot of data, and he's only 15 years old. the
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family says, discussing risks and decisions like having this new year's eve party helps them learn and think about how their behavior affects others. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news as you mentioned certainly going to great lengths for that party. brooks thank you welcome performances at san francisco's club benghazi are canceled through next week after a breakthrough covid case, but the gods see is the former home of beach blanket babylon. it's now showing dear san francisco, a high flying love story producers say despite strict protocols, a member of the cast and crew tested positive, prompting them to cancel performances at least through january. 7th. those with tickets will be offered refunds or exchanges. we have much more on how covid is affecting the new year's eve holiday coming up a little later in this newscast at 10 30 tonight, the concerns about the cancelations and the ongoing recovery for businesses all the area counties are now requiring people to wear a mask
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indoors. even if they are fully vaccinated. the change comes as covid cases rise due to the highly contagious oh macron variant. the state had issued a mask mandate back on december 15th. but several bay area counties had recently started allowing people to remove face coverings in certain settings where vaccination status could be proved. realized that omicron it doesn't care necessarily about vaccination status, making situations or gatherings indoors without masks, much higher risk. and with new year's eve on friday, some health experts say it might be wise to ring in 2022 in relative isolation. i recommend this new year's eve to really stay at home. if you can do not gather if you can. they're saying, if you're going to throw a party of this new year's, the unexpected guests will be omicron. the mandate takes effect after midnight early tomorrow morning. the state's mask order lasts until at least january, 15th a juror's
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handed down a guilty verdict today in the sex trafficking trial of dylann maxwell, the long time associate of the late jeffrey epstein. we learned tonight that her family is already planning to appeal. today's verdict. fox news alexis mcadams reports now from new york. going maxwell guilty of five of six federal charges the british socialite convicted of helping lure teenage girls to be sexually abused by her former boyfriend, jeffrey epstein. the verdict handed down wednesday. four days after the socialite 60th birthday following a month long trial in new york witnesses throughout detailing accounts of sexual exploitation involving girls as young as 14 in a video statement, u. s attorney damian williams wayne and on that verdict. the road to justice has been far too long. but today, justice has been done. maxwell acquitted on a single charge of enticing a minor to travel across state lines to engage in an illegal sexual act. before that verdict, the jury had asked for the transcripts of 14 of 33
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witnesses, but jurors never heard from maxwell herself. she declined to testify, saying quote the government has not proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt, so there's no reason to testify. her defense team, meanwhile, arguing that the six year old was a scapegoat for epstein's actions. as maxwell left that courtroom, she glanced at her siblings in the front row. we firmly believe in glen too innocent. obviously we are very disappointed with the verdict. we have already started working on the appeal and we are confident that she will be vindicated. maxwell facing 65 years behind bars. no sentencing date has been set just yet. in new york. i'm alexis mcadams fox news and for more insight on how maxwell aided and abetted epstein. we spoke earlier today with ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza. she was a buffer between epstein and these young women, some as young as 14 years of age, she cultivated them. she
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gave them gifts. she tried to solve their problems, she told them, epstein. what give them money to help them and whatever problems they were dealing with at that young age and you could imagine it 14 how susceptible they are. about sort of coercion. cardoza says some of the charges carry a 40 year sentence, but he doubts she will do that much time. a local emergency declared in plaster county over the historic snowstorm in the sierra, the massive outages that the region is dealing with tonight. and we've dealt with some random last few days. things are changing around. we're going to dry out for a few days and then go right back into some more showers will look at the timing on that in just a minute. also ahead tonight. the commercial crab season started today. the crab season started today. the new way you can get fresh crab
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ the winter storm that is pounding the sierra with record snowfall. this is what it looked like and plaster ville just this morning, heavy snow and down trees and power lines have caused extensive road closures. travel complications and damage
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to infrastructure highway 50 and interstate 80 are back open but with chain controls, however, authorities are urging people not to travel through the sierra. unless it is absolutely necessary. the sierra snowstorm has knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers in the town of forrest hill in the sierra foothills, the weight of the heavy snowfall brought down many trees. several roads and driveways were completely snowed in a long time. residents say. they've never seen this much snow come in such a short period of time. the destruction here is just is mind boggling. this is the most destructive storm that i have seen in those 20 years. it was a similar scene in eldorado county off of highway 50. many people have been without power now since sunday, and her filling up gas cans to run generators, the genie says. there are roughly 49,000 people without power in eldorado, nevada plaster. and sierra counties. governor newsom says that he has directed the office
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of emergency services to monitor the storm conditions and coordinate assistance. he released this statement. quote i want to thank all of our emergency responders for working diligently through trying weather conditions. to keep our communities safe. i strongly encourage all californians to avoid making the situation worse and refrain from traveling on mountain roads until conditions improved. here at home. we saw another round of rain today. this is what it looked like late this afternoon on the golden gate bridge. you can see all the raindrops covering our camera lens and the showers created some wet roads for drivers. but the rain has since tapered off. let's go now to our chief meteorologist, bill martin for more on the weather built yes, julie, the range tapered off around here. the snow is slowed way down in the mountains after that has store iq run of storms went through there, right. 15 17 ft. in some places historic. we are getting a break. now it's going to get cold out there. they dropped. the winter storm warning a little bit ago like 10
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o'clock, and so that's down. so traveling up there's still dice. i guess that's what i'm trying to say is you go up there this weekend. the mountains lake tahoe. the roads are rough. i mean, it's going to be icy. obviously the they'll be clear as some extent, but they're going to be a lot of side roads that are not going to be accessible. just be real safe going up there and especially since we get back into some weather looks like sunday into monday, so if you're up there, you may want to get out of there early that rainfall totals today. pretty nice. i mean, not bad by the inch of some places, most about a half an inch. this has been a very productive weather pattern for us. we talked about it. we talked about weaker and a half ago and said, this is going to be really productive for the mountains, right? it's going to be good here, which it's good, but not off the charts. it's been kind of great. got way storm after storm, but none of those storms crazy in the mountains. it was mountains with just ridiculous amounts of snow. so here's the long range model. let's just see what happens tomorrow. there's tomorrow morning thursday morning. there's thursday
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afternoon, so beautiful day, mostly sunny, cold start. whence our friday morning. little valley fog friday afternoon, and then we get into saturday and if you look to the north and conduct a glimpse of those clouds, that's the next system, so we get a bunch of days of cold mornings. and then cool to mild days, but sunshine and then somewhere around sunday clouds come in. showers begin late sunday night into monday. something like that, so the next few days look good. cold morning , so when i come back, we'll get into the whole forecast. just in a few minutes, all right, we'll see you in a little bit, bill. thank you. the commercial crab season started today and crabbers were able to bring in the first pots of dungeness crab just in time for new year's eve. and this year, a new addition to the excitement ktvu is amber lee joins us now live to tell us about the new way people can get fresh crab. amber. julie the port of san francisco says it wants to make it possible for fishermen to sell directly to customers win win. it helps the
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fishermen and customers. it's a new program with five fishes participating. it's simple. go to pier 47. yo live crab from the fish. we in the bay. excited customers appear 47 in san francisco wednesday afternoon for the first time in decades, consumers are now able to buy #### directly from fishermen off their boats. we love crowds. so whenever #### season comes around, we're always grabbing crab. we love to make it fresh from, you know the live craft and we do it, and it's a family tradition. right? thank you so much. thank you. and the porter . san francisco hopes it will become a new year's eve tradition on this day, the kickoff to a one year pilot program, adding dungeness crab to the list of species that commercial fishermen may sell to the public directly. it's a way to get people to come to fisherman's warf. the pandemic was was pretty pretty brutal for the businesses down here, and we hope that this may provide a little bit of economic recovery
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to the area. nice little offload here. this is video given to me by crab fishermen. that one is who went out on the bay early in the morning to bring in crabs to sell to the public 10 regular size. okay this day one has sold the crab at $10 a pound cash only. despite the rain business exceeded expectations. i was surprised at how many people showed up and supported us. that was really shocked. $60 wanna says there's nothing that beats getting crapped fresh off the boat on the ground on new year's eve, fresh craft off the boat will be sold here. up here. 47 from two pm to five pm and there will be a fisherman selling #### fresh off their boats every saturday, starting new year's day reporting live. amberleigh ktvu fox two news, amber, thank you. well six days of deliberations without a verdict in the elizabeth holmes trial. the next steps plus just feels
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like a gut punch during these challenging covid holiday times , a beloved holiday decorations stolen in the east bay why the item cannot be replaced. san francisco students will return to the classroom after the winter break. how parents are reacting to the district's plan.
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thieves who stole a 14 ft long line at holiday train display right from the front yard of a home homeowners. serena holmes says that her home security camera captured a wide van pulling up to her house on bio vista avenue shortly before seven this morning. now the cameras did not capture any other activity. but home says that she believes thieves were in the van and that they took the vintage train, she says the wooden lighted trade has sentimental value since it's been in her family for 40 years. yeah i mean, it's definitely sentimental. we looked at modern
10:24 pm
train prices and about $600 per car. so it'd be pretty pricey to replace, but it's more the sentimental value and it's a long train was about like, maybe , like 14 ft by three ft. tall, so it's somebody needed a van to take it. mom says she would like to have that train returned to her front lawn. no questions asked. the jury in the elizabeth holmes trial deliberated for 1/6 day today. now jurors won't head back to the court and till monday, meaning we will not have a verdict until the new year. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has been inside the san jose courtroom every day monitoring the case. it's been six full days and nearly 50 hours of deliberations , but still no verdict in the elizabeth holmes case. in the case of this magnitude, it's not unusual at all that they're out this length of time. there's been no signal from the jury over the past three days as
10:25 pm
reporters from around the nation eagerly await the decision. last week, the jury sent two notes to the judge one asking to replay recordings of homes talking with investors, the other requesting to take the jury instructions home, which the judge denied. holmes faces nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy for allegedly deceiving patients and investors in her former company theranos. the jury will ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said at some point the judge may check on the jury status to see how far along they are. keep in mind. judges want verdicts, especially in the case of this magnitude. they don't want to be retrying this case, the prosecution argued holmes knew her blood analyzers never worked. but still convinced investors to give her over $900 million homes, took the stand herself over the nearly four month long trial, saying the company was her life's work. and was a
10:26 pm
disappointing failure, not criminal fraud. they're not going to give a quick verdict here because of the holidays, or covid, or media coverage. former prosecutor stephen clark has been following the case. he said he's not surprised the jury is taking its time the government had a very strong and compelling case. but miss holmes and her team had an answer and a response. for everything. the jury just wrapped up its deliberations here for the entire week. they won't be back until next monday. january 3rd 2022. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. pleasant hill. police say they arrested a man after a fireworks explosion at a gas station last night. officers say the blast happened at about 11:15 p.m. at the arco on pleasant hill road. the incident damaged the back of the vehicle. officials say no one was hurt, and there is no other damage. i'm bummed. to be
10:27 pm
honest, because i feel like in san francisco. we are so cautious and everybody is taking the proper precautions. disappointment in san francisco after the city cancels the annual new year's eve fireworks show, but others are a little more understanding. the us is seeing a record number of new coronavirus cases when dr fauci says the latest surge could peak and coming up later in sports. he touched so many lives will preview the all madden documentary about the life and times of john madden and let you know when it airs again. right here on ktvu. also had the arrest in the east bay after two thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of alcohol in a smash and grab robbery. return tr
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the winter break, despite the current surge in covid cases, the sf parent coalition said in a statement. they're happy students will be back on campus as planned january 3rd, but they want the district to implement a test to stay policy. it allows students who have been exposed to stay in class if they test negative. rather than be forced to quarantine. the city department of public health supports the policy change. in a statement, health officer dr susan phillips said, we must do everything possible to keep students safely attending schools. there will not be any fireworks from above the san francisco skyline, this new year's eve. due to fears over the omicron variant, as katie's tom baker explains tonight, while many people including business owners are disappointed , others understand the move. despite having 84% of eligible san franciscans vaccinated and 55% boosted as well. the city by
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the bay has called off friday nights new year's eve celebration. we ran into longtime sports marketing professional pat gallagher. maybe it's overkill, but i sort of understand what the mentality is, and i think they get people. are just afraid to make a mistake and it sort of air on the on the side of maybe being too conservative. i'm bummed. to be honest, because i feel like in san francisco. we are so cautious and everybody is taking the proper precautions. one key factors has laurie thomas of the golden gate restaurant association is that many restaurant and bar employees are quarantining. after having tested positive for covid. but i understand the reasons given that there's a lack of workers that are going to be able to work and facilitate safely. another fear the aggressively spreading oh macron variant would potentially have tens of thousands of potential hosts in the crowd. fact is the bayside celebration draws people from
10:32 pm
all over the state and nation, some of which come from low vaccination places, or maybe unvaccinated themselves or could be carrying and unlikely but potential new variants. i look at it as a very smart move by the city. i'm really glad they did it. perry butler legendary restaurant tour from more than a half century has two restaurants in the city, another in roxburgh. and one coming to novato. it's one of our busiest nights of every year. but we were nervous about it in advance because for our own staff, and just everybody's well being. this thing is like wildfire and it'll it'll jump up and get you a day's time when you least expect it. hopeful for next year for sure, it's got to be better, right? well the fireworks party is off san francisco restaurants that can be open will be open, ready, willing and able to serve you so don't miss the city's lights. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. well. today the warriors and chase center announced new
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requirements to get into the san francisco arena, including that extra vaccine jab beginning on february, 1st fans will have to show proof of full vaccination. including a booster if they're eligible fans under the age of 12, who are not vaccinated, will need to show a negative covid test taken within 24 hours for an antigen test and 48 hours for pcr test. other requirements include basking, they remain in place. cruise ships are once again under scrutiny because of covid outbreaks on board. the cdc says 88 ships are now under investigation or observation, and it's still unclear how many cases are on the ships. but the cdc says they're not overwhelming medical resources onboard. cruz subs just started sailing again six months ago, but some lawmakers are calling for another pause. coronavirus cases are spiking across the country, reaching levels that we have not seen since the surge last january. but as fox news steve harrigan tells us tonight, the good news is that
10:34 pm
hospitalizations and deaths are not rising at the same rate. new case rates for covid have hit record levels in the us, although hospitalizations and deaths are rising at a much slower rate. the seven day averages more than 280,000 cases per day. the cdc says macron is now the dominant strain of covid in the u. s after revising an earlier estimate, they say the range of uncertainty is reduced as more data is collected. health officials say cutting isolation time for covid patients was necessary to keep society functioning. there is the danger that there will be so many people who are being isolated, who are asymptomatic for the full 10 days that you could have a major negative impact? and our ability to keep society running, the nation's largest nursing union says cutting isolation from 10 days to five days will endanger patients. cdc head says its decision was driven by several factors, including behavioral
10:35 pm
science well, so it really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate. we have seen relatively low rates of isolation. for all of this pandemic, some sciences demonstrated less than a third of people or isolating when they need to tolerance is in short supply and testing lines across the nation. it's crazy. i've been turned away from urgent care places. appointments have been canceled for testing, and now i've been in line, so i'm really hoping this works so i can get back to work. washington d. c getting hit especially hard right now. new cases up 120% in just one week. in atlanta. steve harrigan, fox news dr. anthony fauci said today that the surgeon the covid-19 overcrowding, variant in the u. s is likely to peak by the end of january. the cdc says macron is now the dominant strain of covid in the u. s after revising an earlier estimate. penalty
10:36 pm
also saying today that people should skip large new year's eve gatherings because of the highly transmissible omicron very and he said, celebrating with a small circle of vaccinated and boosted friends and family. is a better option. coming up at 11 massive bonuses at apple why the company is reportedly surprising certain employees with up to $180,000 this year. it's going to be a cold one out there tonight. temperatures already down into the thirties and some places i'll have that forecast. plus the next rain headed your way. at first the right after the break when tesla ceo elon musk says spacex will be able to fly people to mars. asks, says hs
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10:38 pm
aerospace companies spacex might
10:39 pm
be capable of flying people to mars in the next 5 to 10 years must made that statement on lex fridman podcast. previously musk, the world's richest person. outlined a vision for life on the red planet that included a self sustaining company equipped with solar powered hydroponic farms underground or in closed environments to grow food. musk says that spacex has already begun testing prototypes of the starship rocket but needs just a bit more time to fine tune it. casino gambling in las vegas is now back to pre pandemic levels . nevada casino set a record in november reporting 1/9 straight month of one billion or more in house winnings. the nine month streak beat the previous record of eight consecutive months at more than 15 years ago. the news comes as the newly renamed harry reid international airport reported passenger traffic has ramped up to nearly nearly two levels reached two years ago. the airport handled almost four
10:40 pm
million arriving departing passengers last month, down about 3% from the same month in 2019 on wall street, the dow and s. a p closed with new records today, analysts say investors appear to have shaken off fears about increasing covid cases impeding an economic recovery. the dow gained 90 points nasdaq fell more than 15 and the s and p inched up six points. oakland international is in line for upgrades from the federal infrastructure bill. area. congresswoman barbara lee says the airport will be getting about $15 million from the measure. it will pay for passenger amenities, including gender inclusive facilities, more electric charging stations and improvements to airfield, safety, security and energy efficiency. the airport says. the upgrades will also bring jobs to the local community. more than 2000. people graduated today from the b to a bus operator program. vita officials, including the ceo, handed out certificates today at the headquarters in san jose.
10:41 pm
the graduate successfully completed nine weeks of intense training, where they learned to expect the unexpected. paying attention to traffic signals. pedestrians cars, um, being able to read the road is a vital key for success for bt operator. vita says the newly certified bus operators will fill a critical shortage of more than 70 drivers for the transit agency. not total increase takes effect in the new year, and the money is meant to make infrastructure improvements. how lawsuit is delaying those projects. also the rain is moving out. but what's next? in the forecast? chief meteorologist bill martin breaks down what we can expec
10:42 pm
when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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to smash a display case. alcohol at a cvs pharmacy and antioch police say the two ransacked the cabinet install about $2500 worth of alcohol before driving off. officers later tracked down their car as it was headed to pittsburgh. the suspects were taken into custody, police say, in addition to the stolen items , and they also found a gun starting in the new year, it will cost an extra dollar to cross all seven of the state owned bridges in the bay area. ktvu greg lee talked with the bay area toll authority about where the money is going, and
10:45 pm
why much of it cannot be touched right now. seven bay area bridges will see a dollar toll increase in the new year as part of this three part increased by 2025 approved by voters. just tell us what to expect. but. it's going to be really transparent to everybody because we're no longer collecting cash at the toll bridges. uh but just by way of background. this is regional measure. three approved by bay area voters in 2018. the first of the three increases went into effect january one of 2019. that seems like a whole other time ago, doesn't it? and this is the second of the three increases. the final increase will be january one of 2025. john how much additional money do you estimate has been collected from that first increase and what do you project
10:46 pm
the new increase will bring in the following year. well, our expectations are that it will generate about $120 million a year. and as of the end of november, the amount that had been collected through regional measure three was about $315 million. as you said voters did approve this, but for people who don't remember explained to them where that money is earmarked to go towards the transportation projects it includes, right. that's um it's a great question , and it's approximately three dozen different projects all around the bay area, and these funds will be used to advance some of them. biggest priorities in the region. these include improvements to highway 37 in the north bay, extending bart. from the current terminus in berryessa. through downtown san jose up to santa clara, helping
10:47 pm
to advance the extension of the caltrain corridor. from its current terminus at fourth and king. to the salesforce transit center. more new bart cars, more unique cars, expansion of the bay area, very fleet, creating a direct freeway connector. from north londono. one to the richmond san rafael bridge in marin county. uh, and dozens of others. john now, obviously, you know, well, there's a bit of a hiccup here and ongoing lawsuit from the harvard howard jarvis taxpayers association. can you give us an update on that and how that is sort of tying up funds or maybe slowing these projects is at work? well it it certainly has slowed some projects without question. so, um. suit was filed against regional measure three and senate bill 5 95. so both we,
10:48 pm
the bay area toll authority and the california state legislature were served with lawsuits. that was some years ago now. and it is still making its way through the court system. so regional measure three was upheld at the superior court level, and it was upheld at the state appeals court level. ah but the california supreme court has agreed to hear the case. we really have no idea when, um, that case will be heard. again since the first increase in 2019 $315 million has been set aside in an escrow account, goodwin says, if the supreme court of california rules against the measure, the funds will be returned to drivers. another increases coming in 2025. all right. he's going to be cold night out there. it looks cold in san francisco. right now. city temperatures going to get
10:49 pm
us it looks and crannies like no, he valley is one of those slow microclimates knowing value get down into the potentially low upper thirties low forties tonight, which is pretty cool. you're going to see frost and some in the locations that you'd expect. temperatures in some places will go freezing and below, especially in that north bay. maybe a little valley fog. not expecting much, but there could be some patches not tomorrow morning, but they'll be more more opportunity for value of august. we get into, um friday morning. okay, so there's the system as it moves on the winter storm warning has been dropped. few scattered showers kind of and little bits and pieces here, but it's basically over and we are looking for temperatures to be a little warmer tonight and last night only because we got a little bit of a wind that little breeze right. you said 18 on our window and fairfield. 20 mile an hour. wind it happening bay. those winds actually will keep things just a little bit warmer, albeit you know these are the current temperatures. but look, you'll see there are a little bit cooler, according they were last night this time, so even with
10:50 pm
the wind temperatures are down a few degrees, so we are looking for some cold mornings the next few mornings, those winds died down a bit tonight in santa rosa gets down to about 31 degrees 33. in antioch in about 40 and redwood city, so it's cool next couple more. it's not just tomorrow morning, but it's a kid's head off to school on friday morning as you get ready to do whatever you doing saturday morning, it's going to be cold. um sunday little change. we'll see the clouds increase and then hopefully so sprinkles or showers show up sunday night into monday. another cold storm, though another kind of northern north of northern trajectory storm. it's interesting like it seems like it's been raining all lot a lot, just the last four days or so, but the actual accumulations are manager like today, half inch quarter inch an inch in some places, right, but it seems like more than that, because it's just been, you know, a long day. it's just but it's a really cold air masses with that cold air comes not as much water as you might want to want to get with the storm. so here we are. this is tomorrow morning. this is tomorrow afternoon. there's thursday. clouds over this year
10:51 pm
in nevada, traveling up there tough friday morning valley fog a lily see it in the valley and then friday afternoon, and then as we get into saturday, another nice day, so we are set up nicely with three good ones we got tomorrow. friday saturday really nice days. sunday gets a little bit less nice, but still good. and then sunday into monday, that's when we look at the opportunity for some showers. daytime highs tomorrow and the little fifties mid fifties 54. in the warmer spots tomorrow, but most of us will be just kind of mid and low fifties. i'll see you back here at 11. we will see you then. bill thank you coming up in sports. we will hear from 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo on his thumb injury and will he play this weekend? sports director marco van is has the details next and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news at home rapid test may respond differently to the omicron variant. the studies the fda says are currently underway.
10:52 pm
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making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday.
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and at genesys, tonight. i guess it's just never clear cut with the 49ers quarterbacking situation. we started the year this way. looks like we're going to end it two games left in the regular season. who's at quarterback. it might not be jimmy g, of course , is problematic thumb on his right hand, his throwing arm right injured in that game seems like ages ago against tennessee last thursday, actually and it's called the sprain, depending i guess who you talk to a sprained or broken bone, a torn ligament . whatever the case, it's put a big question mark as to the start against texans. on sunday at levi stadium, but one guy who thinks he's going to be at quarterback with the game starts is the quarterback himself in the end zone. yeah definitely. i
10:55 pm
think just i mean, you know, played the entire game with it, basically, so it's a it's really just about, you know, being able to grip the ball, do the things that normally do the bone. it's stable is what they're tied anything complete. they told me. drew brees had one, um, in the last few years or something, and his broke and that's why he had to get surgery. jimmy's isn't and that spot. it's stable, and that's why he doesn't need surgery right now. and we, you know, i think he's feeling a lot better today than he was a few days ago. that's why he's got a chance this week and with it being that case, hoping it only gets better with more time whether that's this week or the following week. meanwhile no question about it. the biggest story in football this year john madden the passing of a one in a million personality, the man, john madden rocked the sports world. this week. everybody connected with football in some way has been affected by his influence his humor his education to those who maybe weren't so familiar with the
10:56 pm
game the way he spoke in plain language. it touched everyone as a broadcaster after his coaching career and then with his famous madden video game and played by everybody, it seems growing up. and he had the admiration of not only the players who played for him, but those who played against him and knew of him. number 56 lawrence st john madden. looked into my heart and he realized what type of player i am of type person. i am and maybe everybody else didn't john madden. made me a better player. simple as that case closed. that's it. whoa! i was something when i hear that stuff. actually realized that. but i didn't realize probably. a little sampling from the all mad and
10:57 pm
special, which aired on christmas day and due to all the requests we've had. we're going to run it again tomorrow on channel two at eight o'clock that interview, by the way with coach madden was done last july. and lawrence taylor, just one of the many superstars you'll be hearing from. meanwhile golden state warriors man they have been smacked around by covid, as you know, in the past couple of weeks or so they're headed for denver. draymond green will not beyond that flight, and i guess you can't miss him if he's already gone, but james wiseman , the latest golden state warrior to enter the league protocol for covid, so he'll continue the rehab of his injured knee is still expected sometime in january. but he evidently will be in isolation for a while and obviously not traveling with the team. meanwhile this is the time of year college fans in particular get bowled over just one after another start with the alamo, bob stoops. returning as an
10:58 pm
interim basis for oklahoma, first time since 2000 and 17 oklahoma top 16 13 caleb williams deep for marvin mims, 55 yard touchdown, oklahoma and control 23 3 stoops. to get the gatorade bath after coming back. we missed you. 47 32 no lack of highlights in that one tough one for the ducks got the new era pinstripe bowl. it, says 66, maryland, taking on six and six virginia tech on a punt return in the first quarter, it is maryland's turkey. he still fielding it at the eighth, his god 92 yards. cheese it's ball cyclones quarterback block parties pass deflected and sometimes if you are ever alert doesn't help you because that one got returned, and then the cheese that ball gatorade bath
10:59 pm
instead of the other. all right now, let's go to yankee stadium and the pinstripe bowl. caroline 66 taking on 66. virginia tech. here is that punt return maryland's tahiti still fielding at the age he is god 92 yard punt return for the touchdown. that's the longest punt return in maryland history. maryland on top seven nothing. 54 10 is the final and that's the first bowl game victory. since 2010 lot of football stuff going on, and it's actually just beginning the big bowl games new year's eve day, so we'll see about that. that's the sporting life at this hour. get it back to you, julian heather holmes fully. we'll get to see those that men will get canceled because of covid. hopefully fingers crossed, mark. thank you. next at 11. this is the most destructive storm that i have seen in those 20 years. the snow has now slowed down,
11:00 pm
but there is a lot of damage left behind up in the sierra, including a number of power outages. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and the winter storm warning in the sierra has now been lifted, but local authorities are still trying to deal with all the damage left behind. hello again . everyone tonight heather holmes and for frank and i'm julie julie haener plaster and eldorado county's have issued a local emergency after heavy snow caused trees and power lines to fall, leaving tens of thousands of customers without power. charging stations have been set up where residents can charge phones, laptops and medical devices. longtime residents say they've never seen this much snow come in such a short period of time. the destruction here is just is mind boggling. this is the most destructive storm that i have seen in those 20 years. governor newsom says he has directed the office of emergency s


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