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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 30, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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california. the steps hospitals are taking to manage the spread of the virus and the indoor mask mandate that is now been expanded across the bay area, plus with the big new year's eve fireworks display canceled in san francisco. we take a look at how businesses are responding as they prepare for smaller crowds along san francisco's waterfront and a local emergency declared in two counties over the historic snow in the sierra, the warning ahead of the new year's holiday. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm ali rasmussen for gasia mikaelian and mike mibach. the steep rise in covid cases in the bay area and across the state has some local hospitals taking measures to make sure they're prepared for an increase in the number of patients. statewide hospitalizations are up by about 300 patients from yesterday. 2 55 100 total, but they're far
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below the peak in january of this year before vaccines were widely available. and that's when there were more than 22,000 people across california hospitalized john, your health tells us they have canceled some elective surgeries that require overnight stays as a precaution , but so far they say they are not seeing a sharp upward trend. in hospitalizations, the latest data from the california department of public health shows the daily average of new covid cases is now above 12,000 . that's up from 10,000 just earlier this week. that's nearly 39 positive covid cases for every 100,000 residents in the state test positivity has also gone up to 12.9% just over from 11% the day before. the state is averaging 45 covid deaths per day. but these numbers again are still far below the average as we saw during the search in january. with rising cases of the omicron variant comes another change in the mask mandates for bay area counties. ktvu is amanda quintana explains what you need to know about the
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exceptions that were in place but are no longer there are no exceptions anymore. so anywhere you go into an indoor public setting. you have to wear a mask, vaccinated or not. they can say slight inconvenience, but i'm willing to like take that inconvenience. this group in joined breakfast after flying in from chicago says living in the bay area, they're already used to masking up everywhere. so this change isn't really much of a change for them were vaccinated. but we don't know who is and isn't and like i wouldn't want to put anyone else's family at risk. and so it's just i don't know, just like i wouldn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. i'm fine, which is like putting the mask on on december, 15th. a statewide mask mandate was put into effect for a month. it allowed cities or counties that already had their own mask mandate. to keep them. that meant sonoma, contra costa, san francisco, marin and alameda kept exceptions in place that you could remove your mask. if everyone was vaccinated in
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spaces like gyms and workplaces . those counties are now collectively rescinding those exceptions, not just because of the big jump in omicron cases, but because we're seeing more cases in vaccinated people we've seen at least two instances, holiday parties with fully vaccinated individuals and masked where great amounts of transmission have occurred in sonoma county data shows you're still more than three times as likely to get infected if you're not vaccinated at all, but doctors are urging even those fully vaccinated to get their booster shot now. even getting those with one and two of the vaccine will be highly effective . the whole reason people are getting sick with almost half of waning immunity over time with the initial vaccine series, doctor sundar e. mays says. we haven't seen an increase in hospitalizations, but she worries that could come in a couple weeks, she says masking, especially with surgical masks. and avoiding gatherings is the
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best way to stop this surge from getting even worse in the new year. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news of the new year's eve fireworks show in san francisco is canceled. some people are disappointed about that. ktvu tom vacar explains that with no crowds, bars and restaurants in the city expect fewer customers. and a drop in new year's eve business. despite having 84% of eligible san franciscans vaccinated and 55% boosted as well. the city by the bay has called off friday nights new year's eve celebration. we ran into longtime sports marketing professional pat gallagher. maybe it's overkill, but i sort of understand what the mentality is, and i think they get people are just afraid to make a mistake. and they sort of air on the on the side of maybe being too conservative. i'm bummed, to be honest, because i feel like in san francisco. we are so cautious and everybody is taking the proper precautions. one key factor, says laurie thomas of
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the golden gate restaurant association, is that many restaurant and bar employees are quarantining after having tested positive. for covid, but i understand the reasons given that there's a lack of workers that are going to be able to work and facilitate safely. another fear the aggressively spreading oh macron variant would potentially have tens of thousands of potential hosts in the crowd. fact is the bayside celebration draws people from all over the state and nation, some of which come from low vaccination places, or maybe unvaccinated themselves or could be carrying and unlikely but potential new variant. i look at it as a very smart move by the city. i'm really glad they did it. perry butler legendary restaurant tour from more than a half century has two restaurants in the city, another in luxembourg. and one coming to nevado. it's one of our busiest nights of every year. but we were nervous about it in advance
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because for our own staff, and just everybody's well being. this thing is like wildfire and it'll it'll jump up and get you going to days time when you least expect it. hopeful for next year for sure, it's got to be better, right? well the fireworks party is off san francisco restaurants that can be open will be open, ready, willing and able to serve you so don't miss the city's lights. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. health officials in sonoma county want people to think small going into new year's eve . public health officials say 40% of new covid cases this week have been traced to holiday gatherings. they know of at least two outbreaks that happened. after parties in which everyone was fully vaccinated, but gathered indoors without masks, and that resulted in almost 40 positive cases in the county. they say that for tomorrow night and the coming weekend you should try to celebrate with people only in your immediate household. heavy snowfall has forced to counties in the lake tahoe region to declare local emergencies
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blaster and el dorado county officials say clearing roads and cleaning up record snow is a daunting task. this is what it looks like. in placerville. the weight of some of that wet heavy snow brought down trees and power lines, making roads across the region impassable. caltrans reports that interstate 80 and highway 50 are open right now, but anyone driving through must have four wheel drive. or drivers must install chains. the chp is still asking people to avoid traveling to the sierra at all. if they can governor newsom encouraged californians to do the same and avoid tahoe. in a statement, he said, quote i want to thank all our emergency responders for working diligently through trying whether conditions to keep our communities safe. i all califoro avoid making the situation worse and refrain from traveling on mountain roads until conditions improve. the governor directed the office of emergency services to monitor the road and weather conditions and help coordinate assistance. we spoke with the mayor of south lake tahoe and mornings on to the ninth today
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about conditions in that area and efforts to bounce back from this storm. the stuff we've gone through a long year, especially with the calgary fire and evacuations we had earlier this season, but our business communities resilient. our community members are resilient . and this is another storm that we know how to weather and once the once the sun comes out, and everyone can go out and enjoy the powder. mayor devin middlebrook says emergency crews and first responders have been working around the clock to provide supplies and restore power to residents dealing with those outages. he also encourages visitors to wait until the weekend. to head up to the region. well it is another day of flight cancelations and delays as airlines and passengers deal with 1/7 day of major disruptions. david lee miller has more from laguardia airport in new york. we just plan to get to the airport extra early this morning. we're entering 1/7 straight day of travel nightmares at airports across the country, and it's already looking like another tough day, more than 1000 flights canceled in the early hours and more than 800 delays.
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the majority of those flights disrupted due to staff shortages brought on by the crime variant in seattle, more than a quarter of all flights at ceatec airport have been canceled, and customers say they're tired, angry and frustrated, so it's a bad dash to get a new flight. there were no flights and they want you to reschedule is what's the fun of different airline that was like? no i'm not going to try to wait. it gets squeezed into different flights, so has canceled it. and then i bought a new flight. and with a micron spreading rapidly across the country, there won't be a quick fix. jetblue which is canceled 17% of its flights, is now planning to cut 1200 more through mid january. issuing the warning on thursday to give passengers time to rebook or reschedule their travel plans. alaska airlines has cut 14% of flights. they're asking passengers to hold off a non essential travel for now, and after a week that saw more than 6000 flights canceled. some stranded travelers say they're willing to consider other options. i don't know what i would do, i'd have to try to rent a car and travels 1300 miles across the country, doctor anthony fauci said on wednesday , the white house is discussing
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a vaccine mandates for domestic travel. process it is not needed at this time. in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. well, just a short time ago to california department of water resources held its first snow survey of the season and they had a lot of snow to measure coming up the status of the sierra snowpack after this last round of record breaking storms, plus and showing that we're doing it responsibly that that helps, you know, helps with my community, under understanding of this is important to us. one man in marin county, taking an extra and an expensive step to make sure his new year's eve celebration is covid free. the investment he made to test every one of his guests at the door. the rain has moved out and the beautiful sunshine has moved in , but tracking when the raindrops will return. we've got all that information as the news continues, right here on ktvu.
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sign up for your testing slot using this exciting spreadsheet . i have gotten so many positive responses. andrew angus says his family of six decided to go ahead with the big party at their mill valley home. but there are some ground rules must be vax boosted and tested just hours earlier inside this kit. is a cartridge for months. they've had a pcr test er, unlike rapid antigen tests, it can detect genetic material of covid-19 at the very start of infection with just a swab of the nose in it goes to the processing machine and about 20 minutes later, the results are in sent right to angus phone a negative test means a pass as an official guest, and once they're tested, they're not allowed to go, you know, do a grocery store to go meet other people. kind of lock things down, lock things down at that point and created, you know as safe a bubble as we can for this party because in
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marin county, there have been at least five days of record setting case rates, the biggest spike among the unvaccinated, but health officials say everyone should avoid large gatherings altogether. this new year's eve. we're seeing a lot of cases among fully vaccinated people. and so the best way to know that you're you're safe to join a gathering is to get a test, so we're definitely recommending that people, um, test immediately before, if possible, entering a space where there's others gathered back at the angus house safety is first and foremost, especially with a couple of kids who can't be vaccinated, which is why they're spending $75 a test. for the 10 to 20 people they want to see to celebrate. i think in showing that we're doing it responsibly that that helps, you know, helps with my community, under understanding of this is important to us, and that will impact people's behavior, maybe just slightly. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. new at noon
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, the state carried out its first snow survey of the season short time ago. and they say we are off to a great start. the department of water resources measured 78.5 inches of snow at philips station near sierra at tahoe. that's 202% of average for this date this time of year now. statewide the snowpack is at 160% of average. the water officials say the state still has some catching up to do to end two years of drought. even though rain and snow are currently above average. this drought is still far from over. most of our reservoirs are still below average in our groundwater is still recovering. we still have a long way to go for our wet season and we need more and more of these storms to keep coming through. state forecasters say they are hoping that this wetter weather continues so that the state will be able to catch up on the snow and rain totals. cold wet weather has arrived in southern california. it's causing some big problems on a major north south freeway. here's a look at i five through the grapevine
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this morning. that highway shut down due to snow starting around six o'clock this morning, and it is still closed. six hours later , drivers were being turned around at that passed before they headed from current county into los angeles. caltrans is advising people to find alternate routes. with that. let's check in with meteorologist roberto gonzales at the look at the forecast southern california finally getting in on some of this rain snow action. they can have it, right? yes, they need it. yeah all that activity that they are experiencing right now is what we've been experiencing for the past several days. we'll share that local radar for you momentarily, but boy we have nine hours and 35 minutes of pure bliss today, i'm talking bright sunshine before the sun sets at 4 59 and look at this. i mean, they can marvel at this beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge all across the world . really this is pristine. you can even see tiburon and sausalito in the background. it could also tell if you look very carefully. there it is. low tide , and it looks like the tide is
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moving out now. meanwhile, onshore we're talking about temperatures in the upper forties and fifties, it is 48 degrees in palo alto and in santa rosa, mid fifties and fair fell. gotta check that writing there. meanwhile, the winds have been liked under 10 mph, for the most part will be increasing later this afternoon. out of the northeast up to 15 mph ones just turned calm in san carlos, three mile per hour winds at sfo with the ceiling at 1900 ft. when i say ceiling that's roughly cloud cover, and whenever those clouds are about 600 ft or lower, that's when you get those delays and so far no weather related delays at sfo, manetta or oakland international airports. so we have a little bit of the inside slider heading towards the lake tahoe area in the former, perhaps some flurries tomorrow. that's it. that's about all but meanwhile to the south, you can see a little bit of that radar. here. you have it. paul. that energy we experienced yesterday is now over the southland and writing
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well into the san diego area later on this afternoon. in fact , even the high desert will be experiencing some rain showers and barstow very unusual. but we do have this snow not only at the grapevine but also the to hatch api mountains, so please keep that in mind as well. we have the bright sunshine today. the cool temperatures. clear skies for new year's e, but it's going to be downright frigid at midnight and our inland areas and then happy new year on saturday with lots of happiness and sunshine. we're taking a look at our storm tracker our future cast. it does clearly indicate that we've got absolutely nothing going on right now. in the tahoe area, it's about freezing and truckee. and we have all of our warnings and advisories. they have been canceled temperatures today in the thirties, but look at that overnight low from saturday to sunday morning, six above zero. we're going up to the fifties. today 52 degrees out of the forties yesterday was downright raw today. bright sunshine 52 degrees is still required jacket
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heading out the door. these numbers are a good 8 to 10. degrees below average tonight, 30 degrees in santa rosa, which means pets, plants and pipes. you need to protect them all 41 degrees around fremont through union city into new work. upper thirties around mountain view, extended forecast has called for this partly cloudy skies by sunday with a chance of rain by monday, ali thanks, roberta. well, still to come at noon, a 14 ft long holiday decorations stolen from a home in alameda. take a look. the police from the owners for it to be returned, since they say it has such sentimental for a skier missing r
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ski resorts since christmas day, the plaster county sheriff's office says 43 year old rory angela to skinned his resort ski pass to get on the lift just before noon last saturday. but there's been no sign of him. since then. angela is the general manager of the sure foot ski shop at northstar. ski patrol members say they'll keep looking for him, even though they realized the odds he has survived this long are quote extremely small. they're concerned. too much time has passed in. the frigid conditions are hindering that search and making the odds of his survival extremely low. a contractor hired to clean a florida zoo is in serious condition after he was attacked by a tiger authorities say the man was supposed to clean only the restrooms in the gift shop at the naples zoo. but he entered in an unauthorized area and may
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have been reaching into an enclosure to pit or feed the tiger. that's when the animal bit his arm, deputies recalled in and shot and killed the animal, an eight year old malayan tiger named echo the men killed by a shark and morrow bay has now been identified by authorities, friends and families say a 41 year old thomas butterfield was killed in the attack. butterfield was pulled from the bay after a surfer saw him face down in the water with his boogie board floating nearby. this happened around 10 40 christmas eve morning. he was pronounced dead at the scene. butterfield lived in sacramento and was visiting his mother in morro bay for christmas. his family describes him as a quiet man who loved the ocean and fishing. colin maxwell could spend decades behind bars after a guilty verdict in her sex trafficking case. and as alexis mcadams reports, more people connected with jeffrey epstein could soon face legal troubles as well. glenn maxwell could spend the rest of her life in federal prison. the former girlfriend of jeffrey epstein,
12:25 pm
facing up to 65 years behind bars after a jury found her guilty on five federal charges, including sex trafficking of a minor, an attorney for epstein's victims, calling yesterday's verdict a monumental day for justice. what is more wrong than the sexual abuse of little girls? dillane went to a summer camp for children and recruited and enticed these children and brought them to jeffrey epstein , where they were then sexually abused. the jury deliberating for about 40 hours before reaching its decision, the british socialite stoic as that verdict was read in court, maxwell's attorneys maintaining her innocence, saying they plan to appeal. we are very disappointed with the verdict. we have already started working on the appeal, and we are confident that she will be vindicated and more legal trouble related to this case is on the way maxwell still awaiting trial and two counts of perjury. meanwhile, a woman not involved in this trial, virginia jeffrey says she was sexually
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abused by britain's prince andrew on multiple occasions, one instance allegedly occurring at maxwell's house and london that lawsuit not expected to come to trial, though for several months there are other people to be held accountable and it'll be over #### or high water that the state doesn't prosecute other man. prince andrew's attorneys are expected to argue for a dismissal of jeffrey's lawsuit next week in new york. alexis mcadams ktvu fox two news our safety and the customer safety is absolutely more important than having new year's. bars and restaurants across the bay area monitoring covid case rates ahead of tomorrow's new year's eve celebrations, the extra safety precautions being put into place to make sure everyone stays safe. stay with us.
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counties have now brought back indoor mask requirements with no exceptions. as of today, marin, san francisco sonoma and alameda counties along with the city of berkley, no longer have the exemptions that used to allow vaccinated people to go mask free in small indoor settings like gyms or workplaces. the statewide mask requirement will be in effect until at least january, 15th. bars and
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restaurants across the bay area are in limbo when it comes to new year's eve festivities. some are closing, while others are putting in new limits and restrictions. ktvu zach sauce has more on the tough decisions being made in the hospitality industry. we're definitely nervous. skylar hobson, his staff at club 12 20 walnut creek nervous amid the recent surge of covid-19 cases across the bay area just days before their new year's eve celebration for now, the team preparing for business as usual, i think new year's eve will turn out okay and hoping for the return of a favorite new year's tradition. we do have a champagne toast. we have a great dj event, a much needed source of revenue for the club after being hit hard during the pandemic. our sales are down like 75% for the most part, all the required covid-19 protocols in place for the event. but if cases like even more dramatically, our safety and the customer safety is absolutely more important than having new year's meantime, in oakland, the elbow room canceling it's new
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year's live concert with band the #### tones after watching covid-19 numbers rise. across the bay and san francisco bar moby #### in the city's castro neighborhood, also deciding to cancel its new year's eve festivities and closed through january. 1st as for restaurants , folks are going to try to do a celebration. um if possible, and let customers come in and safely dying and drink and celebrate, and thomas says the restaurants that are closing are largely folks that are having to shut down temporarily or because their staff is just not available to work there. testing positive covid or dealing with long term staff shortages and after a difficult year, she says , it's more important than ever to patronize them. you want to order take out to go. you want to, you know, go out and die and you want to sit outside, you know, bring your winter coat. um, you know, we would be great if people could safely support our restaurants, restaurants like tor sap thai kitchen back in walnut creek. hoping it's new year's eve party will go ahead as planned, but fielding 20
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calls from people who now want to stay home. yeah they just canceled or something nervous, but someday have their symptoms like club 12 20. they're still hoping for the best and certainly for a better 2022. i'm hopeful, but. that's what they were saying about 2021 zack sauce, ktvu fox two news. well despite the rise in covid cases , new york city is moving ahead with preparations for the times square new year's eve celebration this morning, organizers tested the city's iconic new year's eve ball. nearly £12,000 ball was sent up a 130 ft pole. to make sure all systems are go tomorrow night. the number of people who will be allowed into times square has been scaled back to 15,000, new york, police say those people will face some strict security screening procedures. stop. pedro's should expect to go through multi layer is screening process, including but not limited to nine nanometers. explosive trace contention machines, heavy weapons and explosive detection came out.
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people who do attend will also have to follow covid safety protocols, including wearing a mask and showing proof of vaccination. the san francisco fire department is dealing with the covid outbreak, the san francisco chronicle reports that have been as many as 60 cases this month within the department that includes at least 40 active cases right now. fire department spokesperson says the covid cases have not affected the department's operations. the san francisco fire department has about 1700 employees. students in san francisco will return to the classroom next week. despite this spike in covid 19 cases, the sf parent coalition said in a statement. they are happy students will be back on campus as planned, but they want the district to implement a test to stay policy. that allows students who've been exposed to stay in class and keep going to school if they test negative, rather than being forced into a mandatory 10 day quarantine and miss class. the city department of public health supports the policy change in a statement, they say, quote we must do
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everything possible to keep students safely attending schools. the san francisco unified school district is the largest in the bay area with about 57,000 students. thousands of people in el dorado county are without power and pg and e says it could be a while until it can restore electricity to them. it just doesn't seem right. that they can't get a live without power for a few days, and they do have a generator. but right now they only have enough fuel to last three or four more days. and there's no way for them to get more. another woman is upset that she'll have to stay in a hotel until her powers back on at home. they don't have the crew to come out and address this sooner than they need to contract with third parties or do whatever they can to bring as many forces in as possible to get this work completed in a timely fashion. the woman went on to tell us that the roads
12:35 pm
near her home are cleared, so it shouldn't be difficult to get a crew to her neighborhood to restore power. pjd officials say the restoration dates could change as they find out more about what's causing the various outages, but no word. yet on how quickly that might happen. the jury in the elizabeth holmes trial will resume deliberations on monday. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has been inside the san jose courtroom monitoring the case. that won't have a verdict until the new year. it's been six full days and nearly 50 hours of deliberations, but still no verdict in the elizabeth holmes case. in the case of this magnitude, it's not unusual at all that they're out this length of time. there's been no signal from the jury over the past three days as reporters from around the nation eagerly await the decision. last week, the jury sent two notes to the judge one asking to replay recordings of homes talking with investors , the other requesting to take
12:36 pm
the jury instructions home, which the judge denied. holmes faces nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy for allegedly deceiving patients and investors in her former company theranos. the jury will ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said at some point the judge may check on the jury status to see how far along they are. keep in mind. judges want verdicts, especially in the case of this magnitude. they don't want to be retrying this case, the prosecution argued holmes knew her blood analyzers never worked. but still convinced investors to give her over $900 million homes, took the stand herself over the nearly four month long trial, saying the company was her life's work. and was a disappointing failure, not criminal fraud. they're not going to give a quick verdict here because of the holidays, or covid, or media coverage. former prosecutor stephen clark has been following the case. he said he's not surprised the jury is
12:37 pm
taking its time the government had a very strong and compelling case. but miss holmes and her team had an answer and a response. for everything. the jury just wrapped up its deliberations here for the entire week. they won't be back until next monday. january 3rd 2022. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. police in alameda are looking for the people or person who stole a 14 ft. long lighted holiday train display from the front yard of a home homeowners. serena holmes says her home security camera showed a white van pulling up to the front of her house on bio vista avenue yesterday morning around seven. now the cameras didn't capture any activity of anyone taking the actual train. but home says she believes that the thieves were in that van. and took the decoration, she says the wooded light and train has been in her family for 40 years. yeah i mean, it's definitely sentimental. um we looked at modern train prices
12:38 pm
and about $600 per car. so it'll be pretty pricey to replace. but it's more the sentimental value and it's a long train was about like, maybe, like 14 ft by three ft. tall, so it's somebody needed a van to take it. mom says if the train is returned, there will be no questions asked oakland city council is taking new steps to help the homeless, including creating a new safe parking site near the coliseum, according to the bay area news group. the city council approved vice mayor rebecca kaplan's plan to spend $1.74 million for site at a city on blot on 66th avenue , safe parking and sanitation services would be provided for the hundreds of people living in rvs and other vehicles for a small fee on a sliding scale. so far, an opening date hasn't been set. the report also shows that oakland is applying for funding from california's home key program that funding would be used to establish transition transitional housing in the
12:39 pm
fruitvale district, buying two hotels that local organizations want to convert. to housing but also establish the affordable housing component of another development planned in west oakland. starting in the new year. it'll cost an extra dollar to cross all seven of the state owned bridges in the bay area. this is regional measure three approved by bay area voters in 2018. the first of the three increases went into effect january 1 2019. this is the second of the three increases. the final increase will be january one of 2025. the money generated is supposed to be used for transportation improvements across the bay area, but it is at a standstill right now because of the lawsuit filed by the howard jarvis taxpayers association to stop the toll hikes. regional measure three was upheld at the superior court level, and it was upheld at the state appeals court level. ah
12:40 pm
but the california supreme court has agreed to hear the case. we really have no idea when, um, that case will be heard. now. in the meantime, the $315 million generated so far by the toll hike has been set aside in an escrow account, john goodwin says, if the supreme court of california rules against the measure the funds will be returned to drivers. well, bad news. you didn't win the powerball jackpot. the good news . no one else did either. however just in case you want a smaller prize. here's last night's winning numbers. 269 33 39. th was 11. now. this means saturday night's jackpot has climbed to a huge $483 million with the cash value of four excuse me, 347 million bucks. we'll still come at noon. the new year comes with new laws here in california, up next, the new law that could affect the cost and availability of pork products, including bacon. the
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limited availability in select areas. pork products in california. voters approved proposition 12 back in 2018. it calls for more humane treatment of farm animals . reporter koco mcevoy spoke with pork producers and the humane society about what
12:44 pm
customers can expect at the grocery store. at the start of the new year, a new initiative goes into effect in california focused on improving living conditions for millions of pigs , calves and egg laying hens across the country, all because of proposition 12. passed by california voters in 2000 and 18, ultimately requiring farmers to provide cage free conditions and more space for the animals. that means come january 1st. any company that doesn't comply. can't sell their products in california. so why is it happening now versus nearly four years ago, when the proposal passed political consultant matt klink explains. it took a while to lead in one and most importantly, to give the hog producers and the people that grow chickens time to phase in california's requirements, while egg producers are largely expected to comply with the law, pork producers are lagging behind. it begs the question for
12:45 pm
some of these producers. while your competitors have been making changes, what have they been doing over the last three years, producers need to retrofit existing barnes or build new ones to comply if they want to keep selling in california, and if there is a bacon shortage in california guess what they're losing out on arguably one of the largest markets in the united states. michael for mika, general counsel for the national pork producers council doesn't see it that way. it's going to be a struggle for california families. maybe if you're you know if you've got millions of dollars your silicon valley billionaire or multi millionaire you can afford $36 a pound bacon, but i suspect you know, the vast majority of people in california aren't you know, aren't really in that category for mika says impacts will be felt at grocery stores, restaurants and food trucks, all scouring to supply pork carnitas trust. that are gonna be lined up outside your the super bowl stadium. where are they going to
12:46 pm
get the pork, every breakfast restaurants making people wanted to cook bacon at home for the kids for mika says the cost to retrofit or build new barnes is estimated at 15 to 17 million for farmers. it's going to drive family farmers out of business and lead to eventually far more consolidation and integration. the new law has already faced several lawsuits, but so far none have been successful in overturning it. so january of 2022 will likely bring major changes to the pork and egg industries for years to come. it may mean some increased prices in the short term, but the rest of the world has heading this way. and that was coco mcevoy reporting, the national pork producers council is petitioning the u. s. supreme court to hear the case. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled against the pork industry in a similar lawsuit in july. it's now time at 12 46 to check in with meteorologist roberto gonzalez. i'm enjoying this break from the
12:47 pm
rain, even though i'm not complaining about the rain. we know we need it, but it's nice to see the sun behind us here. it's nice to have it both ways, right? hey i was just listening to that story. we have a pork shortage. we've had a christmas tree shortage, right? we've had pumpkin shortage and we certainly have had a water shortage. so let's share with you just how much rain has fallen right here in the bay area in the last seven days. taking a look at those totals. they ranged from anywhere from just over five inches of rain and ken field. four and a quarter to the east and danville castro valley over 3.5 inches of rain, evergreen and the south bay approaching 3.5. oakland over three inches. san francisco approaching three inches of precipitation. santa rosa over 2.5. how about that? san francisco got more rain than santa rosa and san jose with a healthy nearly 2.5 inches of rain. so how has that assisted with our drought update. well, this is the official update by noah and just 10 days ago we were in extreme drought. we have
12:48 pm
improved now to severe drought, which, if we keep coupling that up with our ways to preserve and to help this water shortage, we may improve the more after the beginning of the year. to moderate drought because we do have more rain in the forecast for the first week of 2022. live weather camera with that bright sunshine. isn't that just glorious? honestly i never can get enough of that particular view temperature right n fiftiea few drifting clouds, roughly it. the winds are under 10 mph, but will increase later today to about 15 months per hour. you see even half moon bay with an onshore breeze at five mph. so we had a little bit of precipitation earlier this morning across the northwestern quadrant of the state of california, that sense has dissipated all eyes now on southern california. this is the system that we experienced yesterday at his closed the great vibe with snow and i took
12:49 pm
a look at a couch trains camera and we do have lots of fog there as well. we also have coming out of bakersfield heading towards the dispatcher. be mountains on your way to mojave and barstow. we have rain there right now. 41 degrees, but snow is anticipated at the to hatcher ppe. later on tonight, we have the bright sunshine with the passage of that system is high pressure builds in some cool temperatures . that was a cold front, so we have a lot of cold air that's being pulled into our area, which means it's going to be freezing away from the bay on new year's eve night at midnight , and then saturday lots of sunshine to welcome this is our. you could see absolutely nothing going on. at least until about sunday night. so that means the snow has tapered off and the great lake tahoe area a few flurries anticipated tomorrow, but that's about it. truckee is actually at 32 degrees, not checking in with the official reporting station. here's the forecast for tahoe. look at
12:50 pm
those overnight low temperatures saturday night and sunday. only in the single digits. we are going to be warmer today than that very damp broad day yesterday, only in the forties, we will climb into the fifties. but that's still 8 to 10 degrees below average. tonight protect your pets, plants. some pipes. we do have 30 degrees anticipated and qatari backing through santa rosa into hills berg and gern ville 39 degrees in oakland through alameda, 40 redwood city, and we have low thirties and throughout the tri valley, livermore, pleasanton, dublin, san ramon and in danville, mid thirties and morgan hill. here's your extended forecast. no rain for four days that we increase the cloud cover on sunday. mostly cloudy monday with the chance of rain by nightfall. have yourself a great day. thanks, roberta youtube. we are getting some new insight about the housing market here. in the bay area. fewer people signed contracts to buy a home in the month of november, sales of existing homes fell off by about 2% compared to october. analysts were expecting an
12:51 pm
increase in sales in november, and those numbers are also down from a year ago, and they said national numbers we should say, according to the national association of realtors chief economist says that buyers may be getting a little weary that that low inventory may also have prospective buyers holding out for just the right home. well still to come at noon. fresh crab is now on sale in san francisco. and for the first time in decades, you can buy it straight from the boats. we take a look at how many crabs crabbers are fishermen are bringing in how many crabs fishermen are bringing in now that the commercial crab season is underway, sta half a million o
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
technical problems that could increase the risk of accidents. one recall applies to more than 350,000 tesla model threes from the years 2017 through 2020. what can happen is a cable for the backup camera can become
12:55 pm
worn out and failed to send images to the driver's main console. tesla is also recalling 119,000 model s cars made from 2014 through this year. due to a faulty front trunk latch that could cause the hood to open an expectedly. the company says it will fix both problems free of charge. well if you're looking for some fresh dungeness crab, just head to pier 47 in san francisco, you can buy it right off the boat this afternoon. this is what looked like a short time ago in half moon bay, a long line of people looking to buy fresh crab off just one boat that was selling it. ktvu amberleigh tells us about this new change that is exciting. both crab fisherman and seafood lovers. for the first time in decades, consumers are now able to buy #### directly from fishermen off their boats. we love crowd, so whenever crop season comes aroundg crab. we lo make it fresh from, you know the live craft, and we do it, and it's a family tradition. thank you so much. thank you. and the
12:56 pm
porters. san francisco hopes it will become a new year's eve tradition. on this day, the kickoff to a one year pilot program, adding dungeness crab to the list of species that commercial fishermen may sell to the public directly. it's a way to get people to come to fisherman's warf. the pandemic was was pretty pretty brutal for the businesses down here, and we hope that this may provide a little bit of economic recovery to the area. nice little offload here. this is video given to me by crab fisherman, matt oneness went out on the bay early in the morning to bring in crabs to sell to the public. 10 regular size. okay on this day, wanna sold the crab at $10 a pound cash only despite the rain business exceeded expectations. i was surprised at how many people showed up and supported us. i was really shocked. $60 wanna says there's nothing that beats getting crapped fresh off the boat you bought from the
12:57 pm
store who knows where it came from, or how long it sacked on new year' two pm to five pm and starting new year's dayhe public can buy fresh crab this way every saturday afternoon in san francisco, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. the owners of a small san francisco bookstore, creating the reading community they always wanted with a focus on central american culture. because i'm salvadorian american . and when i see our stories in books, i know that they're going to be there forever. so that just means the world. um and we have a rich salvadorian history , people and children should be proud of, so it's just it's very fulfilling. holly elias says going says, presenting more authors from different cultures, especially those who are not as well represented in mainstream bookstores, is a major goal of her luna's book press. we have to support small, independent
12:58 pm
stores, um, and also self published authors because i feel like there are a lot of great self published authors out there. but they just don't know where the market their books and the doors. you know, the big book stores aren't open to them. she goes on to say that kids get excited about reading and learning when they have books with images of characters and people who look just like they do. she hopes luna's book press will help encourage more authors from different cultures. one of the most anticipated broadway shows his canceled through next wednesday after its star hugh jackman tested positive for covid 19. my symptoms are like a cold, scratchy throat and a bit of a runny nose. but i'm fine. jackman is working on the revival to the music man. this production is one of several on broadway temporarily closed due to covid cases. another musical ain't too proud. the life and times of the temptations is ending its run next month. but new york's theater industry as a whole is still moving forward and opening shows. new york's
12:59 pm
theater and museums will keep the pulse running. so i encourage people to come out mask up. broadway reopened in september after a year and a half shutdown. well starting february 1st. there will be a new requirement to enter the chase center in san francisco. people will have to show they have received a booster shot if they're more than six months removed from their previous vaccination. anyone under 12, who isn't fully vaccinated will need to show a negative covid test taken within 24 hours or an antigen test test 48 hours. another requirement will include masking those masking rules will remain in place. a new study says kids may not sleep well enough at night after using cell phones in the evenings, researchers in spain say the electromagnetic fields created by those devices can disrupt sleep. the study looked at 9 to 12 year olds who used cell phones and tablets at night and during the day scientists found that the children who use cellphones for calls after seven pm got about 12 minutes less sleep. meanwhile daytime electromagnetic exposure did not
1:00 pm
appear to impact kids sleep habits. we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download our ktvu app. we'll see you again at four. dr oz starts right now. f. dr. oz: can holding it into long cause problems? >> to whether you go without meaning to. dr. oz: do you ever without sneezing or coughing? the 20 second bladder role. >>'s social media making you scan? dr. oz: the cure to the common scroll. ♪ >> my pee has a strong
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