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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 7, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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recruit, killed while driving is speaking out tonight, they're calling for justice. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. the girlfriend and sister of 28 year old david wynn are pleading for his killer to come forward. hello again. i'm cristina rendon i'm andre senior , the young sheriff's recruit shot and killed tuesday, driving through the mcarthur maze toward the bay bridge. new tonight. ktvu zambelli joins us now after hearing from his loved ones. amber andre, his sister and friends tell me they're stunned by what happened to him. they describe him as a role model dedicated to serving the community and his country. he's very genuine. funny, caring. he was a leader barbara win tells me her brother david, when dedicated his life to public service and giving back he was ready to risk his life to protect others, no matter what she and david's girlfriend, shannon, istvan, say he was proud to join the alameda county
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sheriff's department. in june, the 28 year old shaved his head in preparation for his training as a recruit. he had also been a member of the california national guard since he graduated from high school, but it's dreams suddenly ended tuesday afternoon as he was driving home to san francisco after attending the academy in dublin. he was supposed to be honest way home. he said. he was on his way home. any hours had gone by. von says she went out looking for him and saw that the freeway was blocked off. she returned home to find the chp pulling up, barbara and i you know, met david had the hospital. and. do you remember what reality and what had happened to him? and she did not deserve at all. she didn't win had planned a future together. he had wanted many children. a lot of it is grief. in the other part of it is anger going to be
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honest. that is. why would somebody do something like that, when in his parents immigrated from vietnam to the u. s when he was two. he wanted to serve in law enforcement, in part to represent underserved communities. we come from low income. we come from baby. we come from the tenderloin. there's not a lot of people that come out of those communities. we were blessed. for now, his loved ones are holding onto happy memories, such as when dancing with his girlfriend's grandfather at a family celebration. his sister says she doesn't know why anyone would want to harm him. i pray that they find god and i hope you can come forward, not just for me and my family, but for the community the sister and girlfriend told me they're planning a memorial service for david wynn and a fundraiser. they say they want to carry on his legacy of helping others. andre christina. and or just a
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tragic, tragic loss for that family. thank you so much for that. report me, tom. police still have not found the shooter here, the chp asking anyone with information about this highway shooting or possible witnesses to call its investigation tip line, and that number is right there on your screen. 77. 917 44 91. police in south san francisco. we're investigating attempted homicide that wounded a 34 year old man. officers were called to the 200 block of south airport avenue around 10 50 last night. for a report of a person on the sidewalk who apparently had possible gunshot wounds. the victim was taken to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and is said to be in stable condition. no suspects are in custody. investigators believe the shooting happened during an altercation at a nearby homeless encampment. police in fremont are looking for an 18 year old who jumped out of an ambulance. police say sarov ponti was being transported to fremont hospital yesterday morning. when he arrived, he removed his restraints and ran toward
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waterstone apartments. police say ponti is several medical and mental conditions. he was last seen wearing a gray hoodie, light blue vest and blue hospital pants. anyone with information is asked to call fremont police. no 11 bay area leaders are calling on members of congress to provide emergency relief for restaurants in a letter san francisco mayor london breed oakland mayor libby chef and san rafael mary kate colin warned of a massive wave of restaurant closures if help does not come soon. the letter was also signed by 25 current and former mayors in other cities across the country. now in the letter, they say, quote the sudden emergence of the omicron variant is causing more strife for restaurants and bars. in such peril that they might not survive the winter without congress acting urgently to replenish the restaurant revitalization fund 86% of independent restaurants and bars that didn't receive grants risk permanently closing. lucas tapper in oakland is closing after nearly 20 years because of
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a struggle with the landlord over the rent that escape to use elissa harrington reports. longtime customers say they are going to miss that local hangout. them taking this away landmark. it has been a favorite in oakland since it first opened in 2000 and four lucas taproom on the corner of broadway and rest grand avenue. but by the end of the month, this uptown bar will serve its last drink where we're gonna go, according to published reports, the building's landlord was going to double the rent. the owners of lucas had been struggling with the landlord for years to come to an agreement. i used to come all the time back when i used their the open mic nights. so going to miss this place. it's just a great part of the community being able to see. like so many diverse people here and having the great food friday night, the bar was packed just hours after they announced plans to close some people told us they wanted to support the bar end its staff. after hearing the news, we saw a steady stream of people picking up to go orders.
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others sat down for a drink to mingle and reminisce. the bar has been opened for 18 years, calls for another drink tonight since they closed and hopefully they can reconsider do something to give him another lease or something like that. we need all this. you know what i'm saying? everything closing. lucas taproom first opened here on broadway and west grand avenue back in 2000 and four closing date has not been set, but we do know it will shutter it's doors by the end of january in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. the combination of whether and omicron related staff shortages are causing continued flight cancelations and delays at san francisco international airport . not just today, sfl reported. 102 cancelations. that's about 11% of all flights. and close to 70 lease impacting about 7% of all flights. it is appearing to be a mix of whether related issues not only here, but in other parts of the country, along with those staffing related concerns, and unfortunately we really don't
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get a breakdown of how much is one of the other. well. the airport also says airlines are much more understanding than they used to be when passengers want to cancel or change reservations, so if a trip is not necessary, now, try to reschedule it. i'm just fearful that the last couple of years of his life you know is going to be pretty miserable frustration from family members amid new requirements for nursing home visits the new rules and why they could be hard to follow. and the new data that shows how the pandemic new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7.
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have gotten their booster shots , according to a new study. cal matters examined state data, they found that the bay area had the highest booster rate at 55. san francisco, san mateo and marine counties are all over over 50% but in several central valley counties only about 25% of eligible residents have gotten boosters, including san joaquin stanislaus and were said counties and you statewide health order forces strict guidelines on people visiting nursing homes. the requirements include tracking down a covid test as ktvu brooks jarocz reports, those with loved ones in nursing homes are concerned. this will make it harder to see them. not many moments go by that ozzy rome doesn't think about her father. he's 94 has cancer and parkinson's and
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living at the jewish home in san francisco. my dad's still doesn't understand that. i cannot just drop by and visit him because covid has been a concern for nearly two years, but now more barriers at nursing homes. do you feel like you've had a jump through too many hoops to be able to see your father? yeah because, um, again , the protocol making reservations, having proof of vaccination and a booster shot and now a new state health order requiring a negative covid test within hours before getting inside any facility, a tough task with testing, limited or loved ones waiting in long lines just increasingly looks like visitors are being targeted as unwelcome for reasons other than infection control. tony chicken tell is an attorney with california advocates for nursing home reform. he points out. healthcare workers are only tested twice a week. some are even unvaccinated and have exemptions. yet visitors are
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left with a long list of rules. and just make it equally applicable to everybody and not just the visitors because otherwise you're undermining your arguments that it's about safety in san francisco and l. a. the health departments have required nursing homes to provide rapid tests for visitors . but that's not the case in other counties, the training association that represents long term care providers. says it comes down to access to tests. i wish we had the capacity to do it and every one of these facilities there like i have to be the bad guy now because i have to tell people look, i can't let you in unless you test and i don't have a test and i don't know where to send you. additionally nursing homes are left to police. the new state policy. why isn't the government providing more test kits? the california department of health sentences statement saying. in part, the state has put millions of at home test directly in the hands of local jurisdictions. these additional testing supplies will continue to flow into the state in the coming days and weeks. cold comfort to
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those who want to safely visit their families, especially as time keeps ticking. i don't think he's going to be with us for long. and i'm just fearful that the last couple of years of his life you know, it's going to be pretty miserable. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. governor newsom was activated the national guard to help with the state's covid testing capacity. the governor announced tonight that he is sending 200 guardsmen to testing sites across the state that will serve as interim clinical staff at capacity for walk ins and help fill in for staff who are absent. some guardsmen were already in the bay area today. this is video, in fact, from the media community testing site, it is now doubling the number of testing appointments available each day. the governor says additional members of the national guard will be deployed next week. the u. s supreme court heard arguments today on whether the government can force the private sector to require workers to get vaccinated or face regular covid tests. the conservative majority seems
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skeptical of that mandate. but in a separate case, the justices seemed more open to requiring health care workers to be vaccinated. president biden argued the mandates are an important tool in defeating the virus. opponents say the government is overreaching written rulings could come within a matter of days. but turner says the fourth dose of its covid vaccine might be necessary. come this fall. the ceo of the company says that the vaccine likely has enough protection to get people through the winter. but its effectiveness will fail and that people will receive the two moderna vaccines and a booster may still need a four shot by the fall. the israeli government is already offering 1/4 covid vaccine dough through healthcare workers and those 60 years and older as the omicron variant spreads. pgd blamed for sparking yet another california wildfire how the attorney for the victims of the dixie fire is reacting to this finding. at a barrier whether the rain clouds moving
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out of the region for tonight in the weekend, you can plan on slightly warmer temperatures will have the update coming up. also ahead tonight new video of a sea lion trapped on the side of a san diego highway. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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performance on state assessment tests have declined during the pandemic, and it's katie's jana katsuyama tells us the dropping test scores worries local nonprofits trying to help students succeed. getting back to the classroom has been a boost to many students during the pandemic, who say they struggled with online virtual classes night. it wasn't learned nothing but since we go back, elaine stuff now. but the california department of education released new data friday only 25% of k through 12 . students took the standardized tests for the 2020 2021 year and
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performance dropped in english and language arts. just 49% of students met or exceeded the state standards in math that was less than 34% and in science. less than 30% met state standards. this alameda woman says her cousin is stress, trying to finish requirements and apply for college resources is just like harder to find. it's just more anxiety like adding to the stress of like taking the test. the state says the achievement gap is also widening. high school graduation rates statewide dropped slightly to 84% but fell more for african american and native american students during this time. we want them to be able to still keep their aspirations and dreams alive, the nonprofit oakland promise says. they see the struggles during the pandemic. they've given out more than 6000 kids to help students stay motivated and learn items like a white board, which a lot of our students needed. to do at home learning as well as a marker, a book talking about
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future career and how they see themselves. oakland promises also trying to keep students motivated to look long term partnering with the city of oakland to give $100 scholarships to every public school student, and they launched a web portal to make it easier for parents to sign up. if you have a family that starts out with a college savings account, they will have more tendency to think about college as a mindset and then prepare for that. the state also released data showing enrollment brought to 6.1 million as more than 160,000 students left the public schools yet another challenge for many of these districts. as they try and struggle through this pandemic in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news, hundreds of oakland educators called in sick today, prompting thousands of parents to come up with alternative plans for their kids. many of the teachers staged a protest in front of a school district headquarters in downtown oakland today from a car caravan, they called for improved safety measures to protect them from the
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coronavirus. specifically the teachers demanded the district give out nk 95, mass to students and staff, more sick leave and remote learning many schools say or, they say. rather, many schools are unsafe. principles out. case managers out teachers out. it creates an unsafe situation at our schools to have that little supervision at a time. that's this serious and dire. this is something that was approved. um it was unauthorized and it is technically illegal. it's not supposed to happen. the district says it's not considering remote learning, but it is in the process of giving out the mess and his granting more sick days to teachers and staff today. sick out force the district close 12 schools, but there is no indication the sick out will continue monday. well more bay area schools are deciding to go virtual because of the pandemic. just stay up to date with that by visiting our website ktvu .com a big win this
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week for victims of the massive dixie fire that burned for months in northern california. last summer. cal fire determined the fire was sparked by pg and e power lines in butte county. the fire went on to destroy more than 1300 homes. hundreds of fire victims are suing the utility for damages, and their attorney told us cal fire's finding help support their case against pg and e. they are obviously wanting to get on with their lives, which is the most important thing when you suffer this type of a tragedy, and the first step is to have this determination. then we litigate and ultimately we will get the damages that are necessary from pg and e. in order for them to rebuild their homes, uh, replace the items that were lost if they were renters and really move on with their lives. pg and e has previously said it suspected its equipment was to blame for the fire. the utility says it's working hard to stop future fire
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ignitions from equipment. at a barrier weather nice to track at least a little bit of rainfall across parts of the bay area. we were not ever expecting jumbo totals but still some measurable rain out there. especially up in the north bay. you can see the numbers half moon bay 0.16 san francisco about 1/10 of an inch. but look at san jose in the santa clara valley, not picking up much at all, just trace amount in this system. has already moved out. so there's no rain chance this weekend. at least that's our thinking. so here's the plan for saturday started out today with some patchy areas of fog. in fact, already regrouping right now. napa has lower visibilities with some fog making a comeback and then sunday, partly sunny skies . some higher clouds could be approaching the area from the southwest. here's a satellite and you can see that cloud mass to ourself down towards southern california that is our outfront that produced the rain showers today across portions of the region that has cleared out and right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies. dry weather
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stretch will continue. into the weekend, and it looks like on monday that slight chance we have been mentioning that might fade away quickly as well. current number is it is a cold night out there right now. santa rosa 40 degrees san francisco checking at 50 napa as i mentioned reporting some areas of fog already and san jose in the lower fifties. here's our live camera, looking out toward san francisco out toward the bay bridge, where we still have partly cloudy conditions, but even some fog can form around the bay itself. first thing tomorrow morning. definitely want to bundle up tomorrow. morning will be colder than this morning or the previous morning so overnight lows, the coolest spot starting at the weekend. in the mid thirties. up towards santa rosa napa lots of forties right around the bay itself, but it looks like this. this big h this big area of high pressure wants to build it and that will bring in the dry conditions this weekend. but whenever you have a stable pattern like this, it typically leads to a some fog formation. so that could be the case for saturday and sunday morning. sunday could be just a
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little bit warmer. and then there's that the weak system approaching are close on on monday. probably just a cloud producer for us and just a slight chance of a shower. here's the plan tomorrow morning . it's picking up on some of the fog, especially out towards the valley locations, clearing skies into the afternoon hours and then increasing high clouds by sunday afternoon monday, probably just mostly cloudy conditions highs tomorrow will be in the fifties. after that cool start saturday morning somewhat of a recovery into the afternoon hours. and we'll continue to warm up those numbers by just a little bit into the afternoon. on sunday, you can see temperatures warm up about maybe three degrees. there's that slight chance of a shower on monday. it looks like we'll have a quiet stretch released into tuesday and wednesday of next week, but the weekend is looking pretty good. nice to have the rainfall for today could celebrate the raindrops and we can get outside this week. yep good time to get out and enjoy the dry weather until it starts back on monday. we still do need it, mark. thank you. that's right. new video. tonight it was the lion trapped on the side of a highway in
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southern california. the animal weight animal made it onto the road this morning along state route 94 in san diego. a good samaritan was able to herd the sea lion to the side of the road with the help of the highway patrol and the seaworld rescue team eventually made it on scene and took it to safety as you see there. veterinarians will determine if the sea lions should be released back into the wild. jimmy garoppolo status for the playoff deciding game this sunday is revealed. sports director mark ibanez will have the update and what
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there's this feeling we chase... limited availability in select areas. like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. -have you ever seen somebody treated unfairly because of the color of their skin? -do you guys know what it means to have white privilege? -what is racism and what do you think about it? you're having a good friday night. you know, it seems like every week the question has been with regard to the 49 years. who is going to quarterback? well it
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would make perfect sense. then on the final weekend of the regular season, 49ers quarterback is listed as questionable. jimmy crop flow has been making some progress with that injured thumb since he heard it a couple of weeks ago against tennessee practiced much of the week. and from all reports, it's feeling a little bit better. i think that's going to be the decision. they're going to go with his experience , maybe 85% physical abilities over trade. lance's inexperienced but coach kyle shanahan is not telling everybody anything directly. no, i'm not deciding sunday morning would have any practice left. i know where jimmy's at today i nor trays out and our teams out and i feel pretty good about where we're at. so i'm excited to get to sunday really glad i have no press conferences after today, so once. once i survived this, i'm done talking about it. can't blame him for that. it's going to be jimmy garoppolo, at least given it a go. hey headline grabber, of course, the
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return of clay thompson for the warriors on sunday, but there's some nice sub topics to talk about. and at the top of the last gary payton jr young glove. barely made the roster out of training camp, but immediately proving his worth off the bench for the warriors. he's just been a demon on defense and on offense always seems to be in the right place at the right time and his salary last night. was fully guaranteed by the team surrogates a huge raise from about $350,000 to 1.9 million for this season, he found out about it in a different kind of way. after the gig last night, i orleans difference. was there a moment or time that you felt safe? physical cool. negative not a moment, or thomas was safe. um i guess i don't know if i still do, but i guess coach coach card. you know what he said so and just threw it and
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excited to be here and continue to help this team win right now. yeah, thanks for that guys. megawatts number two stanford women rolling behind lexi whole against oregon number two team in the nation. third quarter ducks of oregon. turn it over, fran. believe me in the open court goes to the bucket hard. she's fouled. it counts. cardinal begin to put it away their up 15 at this point, but lexi hull is the person outer limits jumper. she had 33 7 of 10 from 3 82 68, the cardinal undefeated in the pac 12 friday night at the videos. let us check this out. no. this is not a scene from the latest james bond movie. it's the british royal marines and their jetpacks . it's uh several different ways that this could be used, but one of them rescuing ships that are in the process of being. that's
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one of the things they've gotten store for these all in all the looks like a lot of fun. that is this sporting life for tonight. you guys have a great weekend, mark. thank you. and not mark. thank you. and not okay, lily. i got the list of what you need for your project. uh, glitter glue... okay. ...glitter dots... mm-hmm. ...glitter...paper. mrs. daniels says my projects have too much glitter. okay, well, she needs a mr. daniels, because a project can't have too much pizzazz. it's a report on the potato famine. i'm-- i'm sorry. do irish tears not sparkle? okay. okay. sorry. longinus, jotham. oh, hey. hi. oh, hi, guys. what's up? oh, nothing, just picking up supplies to make signs for the big protest. yes. oh, right. right, yes. mm-hmm. uh, uh, w-- and which big protest is-- we're picketing the jai alai lounge for obvious reasons. obviously. obviously. obviously, yes. what reasons, daddy? um, well, jotham, y-you tell her. it makes me so angry, i can't even say it out loud. so upset. all we know is the jai alai lounge


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