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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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oakland teachers threatening to strike over coronavirus safety protocol in the classroom. we want to make sure that we keep our schools open, but we want to make sure that those schools are safe for students. teachers say
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they want weekly testing at every school access to quality mass and a solution to staffing shortages. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and i'm andre senior. the district and teachers union are meeting tonight. but so far no agreement live coverage now from ktvu zambelli in oakland. remember the president of the teachers union says the district has until tomorrow night to come up with the solution. that's right . andre the union president, tells me the oakland educators association and the school district are meeting over zoom. the talks started about six o'clock tonight. i spoke with the parents and students about the possibility of a teachers strike. you can feel that the kids behind the student level is not as they used to be, because they need their teacher with them in the classroom ran, kaiser is picking up her 12 year old son from claremont middle school. she says. a teacher strike in oakland public schools over covid safety demands is unnecessary. i think the district is doing their best. you know, i really appreciate
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everything they're doing. kaiser's son tells me the school is offering rapid testing and masks. more than half of the class is empty. and the teacher . i feel like you're a little more calm about it because there's not a lot of students that she has to teach and deal with the oakland educators association, the union representing teachers says it wants a written agreement from the school district that addresses three core demands. weekly covid testing at all schools with extended hours up to six p.m. the highest grade mask available to staff and students and a certified adult in each classroom. if a teacher is out, we see ah! cafeterias and auditoriums being used as classrooms where we have 23. classrooms and one space we need from the district. written agreements to make sure that there's accountability and enforcement at oakland tech high
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. some students tell me there is only half the normal number of people in their classes, and they have mixed reactions to a possible strike. part of me is definitely in support of the strike, but also at the same time. i don't think, um, our school district or just our school is like prepared to go online. i missed school because i caught covid. this student says she got sick during winter break and now wears two masks. she says she'd like to see the district do more to protect staff and students such as weekly testing. everybody is making an effort to just try and get through our school year and try to finish it strong, especially i as a senior. the district and the unions say they are hopeful they can reach an agreement if no agreement is reached by friday. at midnight, the union president tells me teachers will take a vote this weekend and there could be a strike. early next week, but they are determined to negotiate through the night tonight, all eyes on what happens next to amber. thank you. meantime, in
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san francisco, health officials say covid cases peaked in the city. the light at the end of the tunnel is here. we may go through another tunnel again, but just know that there is hope, and there is like officials say case numbers have been dropping since january 9th when they top 2100 per day, on average, because san francisco vaccination and booster rates are high, most cases have been mild or asymptomatic. five deaths have been reported this month compared to 165 in january of 2021. it looks good with regard to making it through. we are likely to make it through this surge and come out in a much better place since hospitalizations leg infections . officials say hospitalizations will continue to climb for a few days, but nowhere near to the level where they will overwhelm san francisco's hospitals. there is more evidence tonight that people who received the johnson and johnson vaccine get the biggest immune boost from a moderna or a fighter booster. a new study of healthcare workers in the new england journal of
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medicine shows the m n r a vaccines provided the strongest immune response for someone who had the single dose j and j shot . but the study found boosting with any vaccine was better than not getting a booster at all. and you can get all the latest coronavirus developments on our website just visit ktvu dot com slash covid-19. new details tonight. in the case of a missing stanford nurse who moved to the bay area to help with the coronavirus pandemic, the alameda county coroner's office confirms a body found today is his ktvu is jesse gary spoke to a friend of the man who says he is struggling to understand what happened. friends say michael o'dell smile lit up a room. he was in oklahoma by birth, who found his way to the bay area to enter the urgent need for health care providers. michael was a great guy. um yeah, he was fun. he was in tuned, you know, with what was going on, he's just a big had a big heart for his friends. late thursday afternoon heartbreak for o'dell's family
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and friends. the alameda county coroner confirms his body was found in fremont on the banks of the san francisco bay national wildlife refuge. hotel worked as a traveling nurse for stanford healthcare. friends say he arrived three months ago and love the area and his job. he left work early tuesday and hadn't been seen since. we have lost touch with them overnight, which isn't uncommon because his job is very demanding. and you know, he just cares so much for his patients when he hadn't shown up after work, they started looking for him, and they found his car in an unusual spot. odell's car was found at the dunbarton bridge toll plaza . friends say this isn't an area he frequented, but he did love hiking and fremont is just across the bridge and the bay from palo alto. what brought michael o'dell to this tranquil place? and what ended his life is still a mystery. in a statement. stanford healthcare says they are heartbroken to learn from authorities that the
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traveling nurse who was missing has been found deceased. we express our deepest condolences to the nurse's family and loved ones he was living with his best friend, uh, really working hard. making ends meet, just doing doing all the right things. the alameda county coroner will determine the cause of the 27 year old's death. o'dell's friends say it's too soon to talk of a memorial, but they ask everyone to pray for his family. in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu fox two news, a teenage boy from pleasant hill is still missing tonight. police have released a more recent picture of 15 year old brandon abbott. police say he left his home sometime between 10 o'clock sunday night and nine o'clock monday morning . he is described as five ft five inches tall and weighs £107 and has brown hair and hazel eyes. brandon's father says he was last seen wearing reddish brown sweat pants and possibly a vans branded sweatshirt. if you have any information, you're asked to call pleasant hill police. san francisco mayor
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london breed is defending her new ballot measure that would allow san francisco police to monitor live surveillance cameras. we have major challenges with public safety, and when i say public safety, it's not just really about theft . it's also about assault and the number of people who have been attacked on our streets. the number of people who have been robbed and assaulted and we want to make sure that we are using every tool at our disposal responsibly to keep the people of san francisco state privacy advocates have criticized the measure. but the mayor said went officers view live cameras. they must disclose it to the public. enter the board of supervisors. the measure goes before voters in june. the state attorney general says his office is now investigating this morning's deadly shooting at san francisco international airport. police say they were forced to shoot a man who they say was armed and acting aggressively right in front of the bart station at the airport's international terminal . ktvu is evan sernoffsky spoke
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with witnesses and police and has our report. shots police gunfire erupted inside sfo thursday morning, sending travelers diving for cover. it began just before 7 30 when officers received multiple calls about a man inside the airport's international terminal. right in front of the entrance. sfpd officers responded, and they found individual who was brandishing two firearms displaying aggressive and threatening behavior, spokesman doug yakel said. police confronted the man. within minutes, officers attempted several non lethal measures, including beanbags to subdue the individual. continue to advance with the two firearms that he had in his possession, at which time the officers discharged their weapons several times. an airport employee described the chaotic moments. just as the shooting unfolded, patrons will start coming up. that's what i start telling everyone go back. go back. they don't want us to come back. shooter shoot at us
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yelling shooter shooter after the shooting stopped, police and paramedics attempted life saving measures on the man, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. officials said. a bystander was hit by a ricochet during the incident. that bystander was treated at the scene and ultimately transported to a local hospital. with non life threatening injuries, as if petey spokeswoman grace get panned in, said the department has notified the california department of justice about the shooting in accordance with state law. the man has not been identified, and police are still investigating what he was doing at the airport. at this point. we know that the individuals armed with firearms, it's still under investigation on what type of pistols you know. these are what type of handguns. the shooting is also being investigated by the sand material, county district attorney's office and sheriff's office as well as the san francisco department of police accountability. police have not said what kind of firearm the man was armed with, but we should learn new details when the sfpd holds a town hall
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meeting coming up in the next 10 days. at sfo. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news tomorrow, san jose's police chief is expected to address a deadly police shooting. we told you about last night in san jose. police say the officers shot and killed a carjacking suspect who opened fire on officers. department officials say the suspect a vehicle in san jose and attempted to carjack another in santa clara. the suspect, then went back to san jose, where he collided with a vehicle at west heading street and park avenue. police say he got out of the car gun in hand fired officers who then shot back killing the man. today sandals. a resident glenn jones, placed flowers at the scene. man who dies. in any way like that, in gunfire and we've we've we've we feel for them. as a community. and specifically for the police officers. the police chief is expected to talk about how police successfully prevented any injury to officers
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and bystanders when he speaks publicly about the incident tomorrow. i had to go around this guy anyone had to get past him. if i wanted to live a frightening encounter in the south bay between a woman and a man armed with a shovel new attend 30 by the victim fears it could happen again, saying the city needs to do more. and of course, we're waiting on the rain, but the weekend is just around the corner. now we're going to talk about some pretty warm daytime highs plus wins the next chance of rain. i'll see you back here with that. and it's been one year since president biden took office to look at his accomplishments and the challenges he and the de
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president biden and his facing a dip in approval ratings. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now and janet, you spoke with the political science expert on the status of the president and democratic party as they now look ahead to midterm elections. julie president biden's first year has ended with some big policy changes, as well as some big stumbling block so now moving forward, the president is saying that he's planning to take a new approach. president jo biden's approval ratings have dropped from 59% last summer to 43% now, according to a new
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associated press survey that the only president of the last 10 presidents who had a lower approval rate at this point in their presidency, was donald trump, who had 39% at this point, and so joe biden should be worried. uc berkeley political science professor henry brady says at the beginning of biden's first year he was able to get significant legislation passed, sending relief checks to families getting low 3.9% unemployment and seeing big economic growth. he got the covid relief act through last march, which is about $1.9 trillion, an extraordinary piece of legislation. then he got the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure act passed, remember. donald trump kept talking about infrastructure week and never got an infrastructure bill passed, but with the omicron variants spike in covid cases, inflation and the failure to pass voting rights bills and his build back better proposal. the president has faced criticism from progressive democrats who say his agenda isn't going far
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enough. and republicans who say it's going too far. biden has tried to do very, very big things and to do very, very big things. when you have 50 people in the senate is almost going to be impossible. i don't think i've over promised at all, and i'm going to case stay on this track. biden says he still plans to fight to pass big chunks of the build back better bill. the american public's in favor of lower pharmaceutical costs, work to try to deal with climate change with child tax credit with universal pre school education. as for voters now, i'm not gonna lie. i haven't really seen any changes that he's done in office that can necessarily be considered significant enough, i guess told my expectations that's been partisan for the last year 868 years, but it doesn't seem to have gotten any better, and that was the big hope in the big promise. that we saw with the election last year. i think that his intentions are good, but it's hard to get any of the things through that he can get
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through with presidential power alone. president biden says he plans to spend more time getting his message out to the american people, and that's something democrats are hoping might help them as they face a possible loss of majority control in the house. reporting live from the newsroom. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. alright vice president kamala harris is scheduled to visit southern california tomorrow. the vice president will be in san bernardino as part of the biden administration's efforts to showcase a bipartisan infrastructure bill. the president signed back in november, harris is scheduled to visit a fire station to announce the federal government will be giving the state $60 million to help it recover from the fire season. she will also highlight biden's wildfire prevention plan , which includes additional funding to more than double the use of controlled burns and logging to reduce vegetation that feed freed's fires. governor newsom was in southern california today to address all the looted packages that are now littering a stretch of train tracks in los angeles. look like
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a third world country. these images drawn images on the nightly news day in and day out. the governor joined cleanup crews and clearing the trash off the tracks. it's all left behind by thieves who have been recently breaking into cargo trains passing through the area , governor newsom says. in the short term, caltrans crews will help union pacific clean the mess over the next few days. longer term. the governor says the chp will coordinate with local law enforcement. to prevent theft on railways and organized retail theft as a whole. and just mark my words. this is not a one off. this is organized left. these are organized gangs of people that are coming out of these folks are arrested as if they're individuals that are not connected to the whole. and we need to change that. union pacific says it detains hundreds of people connected to theft every year, but says many end up being released. the company says it plans now to do more to secure cargo. last month's storms have allowed the state to
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release a bit more water to local agencies. the department of water resources says it will raise its allocation to a number of districts from essentially zero up to 15% 29 water districts, including three in the bay area were told they would get only in the state water to cover critical health and safety needs. the district says december storms helped raise the state's reservoirs, but more rain and snow are needed to get out of the drought. yes we don't have any rain to offer up right away. but we will see some changes towards the end of the month. the very end of this month early february. the weather right now has been nice. we had the big fog event this morning. dense fog advisories. we're going to see fall. we already seeing some fog out and vacaville. some fog up in sacramento, some fog out at the coast. some coastal fog. but tonight as these winds pick up, a wind advisory goes into effect. tomorrow morning early, but that wind will really scour that fog out. it should be out of there by the time you get in
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your car tomorrow for work unless you leave before seven. a.m. that's the plan. so when advisor goes in effect tomorrow morning through saturday morning, the strongest winds aren't really going to happen. until we get into friday, say. well there's eight in the morning there. let's about yeah, about friday in the morning 9 10 right in there. that's the strongest winds into friday evening into saturday morning early and the wind will be at higher elevations. the strongest winds are going to be up over 1000 ft most certainly. but you'll notice it's breezy, but it shouldn't be a real hindrance. not suspect that butt up high of amount. santillana and not diablo and up in the marin headlands in areas like that up above 1000 ft. you'll notice the wind. and on the tallest peaks we could easily see like on diablo. we might see a 65 mile an hour gust or something like that. that would be as we go into friday morning into sarah saturday, friday morning into saturday night. so with that said, that's our big weather story. there's not much else going on other than this high pressure that has been
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owning us. it's not going to bring us any rain immediately. it brought us the fog. it's bringing us a little fog tonight. but then, just like i said, by tomorrow morning early that wind scours up, fog out and we get back into sort of a fog free pattern with temperatures staying on the warm side like today, we had like 67 degrees in parts of the bay area. tomorrow is going to be just about the same. so another warm day we'll go looking for rain when i see you back here in a minute. all right, we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you, even with supply chain issues, the court of oakland hit a new record for import volume. last year, the port handled a total of two point 4,000,020 ft containers in 2021 that was the most in oakland's 94 year. history and 6% above 2020 totals. record import volume was achieved despite canceled voyages and work shortages that plagued ports worldwide, reports said. unprecedented us consumer spending drove last year's surge. heart coming up. the nfl releases a trailer for the super bowl halftime show, plus their
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morale 100. the niners headed to green bay today how the faithful sent them off. and later, a number of women assaulted on a running trail in the east made the arrest made in packed up andr
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green bay this afternoon as they prepare to face the packers on saturday in the second round of the playoffs. niners faithful where at levi stadium is to see there to see the team off. most fans, hoping a warm send off will help the niners defeat the packers in frigid temperatures. ktvu is an ruben has more go, naina 49ers load up and head out for green bay fans are ready to send them off in style. oh no. i got to sit my boys off to be able to say all right, all right. we're here for you. we're giving you all the support that you need. yes indeed. we will
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support them. let them know that we're there behind him. 100% all the way from here to wisconsin. and the fans know this kind of support makes a difference. boost their morale 100% and not just here, but on the road to many of these fans were there cheering in dallas last week and are hitting the road for green bay now. if we can deal with with with single digit degree weather like that, and they see us out there, man. we traveled that far for them. imagine how that bumps him up seeing all that red. wherever they go. we take over a stadium. of course, there's no lack of confidence in their team forces will be with the niners. it is all about victory. it's all about revenge . we need this. we got to get that super bowl and they're convinced bill get there that the packers are just another obstacle to overcome more than confident. i'm ready to buy super bowl tickets right now on a plane ticket and everything else that fans traveling to green bay. tell us they're packing lots of warm clothes, since temperatures are expected to be in the teens, or possibly even single digits by game time. game time, of course, is 5:15
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p.m. pacific time and you can watch it right here on ktvu at levi stadium and ruben ktvu, fox two news. well we don't know yet. who will be playing in the super bowl? but we are getting a better idea of what the halftime show we actually we do know who's playing in the super actually don't yet but we are getting a better idea now who will be in the halftime show? california. the nfl released a three minute halftime show trailer today featuring the show's performers, the star studded show will feature dr dre, eminem, snoop dogg, mary j. blige and kendrick. lamar jay z is producing the show. the super bowl is set for february. 13th at sofi stadium in los angeles. alright things got a little testy in the pacers warriors game tonight. jason appelbaum will have the thrilling finish later in sports and hundreds of thousands of californians left in limbo. over frozen disability
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payments, their frustration after the break and taking aim at an authorized testing sites popping up around san francisco at 10 45. today's action from the city attorney but at first, a woman attacked by a man armed with a shovel on a trail in the south bay. she tells us how she escaped and west oakland. that ie
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police are on the scene of a homicide. police responded to the 1400 block of center street around 8 45 on a report of a shooting. our photographer found officers collecting evidence on the street and the sidewalk and evidence of one victim. so far, oakland police have not provided any additional details that last night a man was shot on campbell
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and west in west oakland. he later died at the hospital. you attend tonight at san jose woman is calling on the city for help after she fought off an attack from a homeless man who was armed with a shovel while walking the guadalupe river park trail earlier this month. ktvu is emma costs tells us the encampment has been there for a long time. but some complain it has recently become dangerous. so i was on that trail. jacqueline who did not want to share her last name, was on her daily walk near the taylor street bridge on the afternoon of january, 8th when she says a man came out of his tent and attacked her. he took the shovel that was in his hands and he started swinging at me like the shovel was a baseball bat and he was hitting me with it. she blocked the blows to her face with her forearms before charging at the man allowing her to escape. her arms were bruised and bloodied. i was screaming at the top of my lungs during this ordeal, and i look up the trail and i looked down the trail and i realized, like no one is coming to help me and that's you
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know, i knew i had to help myself. i knew i had to go around this guy anyone had to get past him. if i wanted to live, she said san jose police responded within minutes and arrested the man. now she wants the city council to act before someone else gets hurt. from my perspective. it was like a frog being boiled alive that things have gotten so bad, but i didn't realize it because i see it every day. i think that we've almost become immune to the homelessness problem, you know, pre pandemic. this just didn't look like this. nobody wants to walk that trail. nobody wants to go to those parks. you know, i'm a father. i have a six year old daughter. i don't want to go to san jose parks anymore. scott largent lives in an rv at a homeless encampment just up the road from guadalupe river park. he says he no longer feels safe there because more people have moved in, and many of them are suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. i hear the screams, i hear yelling, you know if it sounds bad enough that somebody is in crisis i will call 911, the city of san
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jose began clearing out the 40 acre encampment by the san jose airport over the summer per federal aviation administration safety requirements. around the same time, more tents began popping up near largent. and along jacqueline walking route. you're just pushing the problem down the road, you know, and i feel like that's what the city did they just pushing the problem out. you know, like at some point, it could be somebody else's problem. it's not going to be somebody else's problem. we have to solve this problem now in san jose magus ktvu, fox two news. we reached out to the san jose city council and the mayor's office for comment, but have not heard back. livermore police have arrested a man they say is responsible for series of sexual batteries. police say the incident started on december 5th and all involved women jogging on a trail near east avenue and best a rope now on tuesday. police arrested willie richardson during a traffic stop when they searched his home. they say they found items
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linking richardson to the assault. 35 year old facing four counts now sexual battery on one felony. count of assault with intent to commit a serious sex crime. livermore police say they are working with other law enforcement agencies to see whether there are any more victims. you attend tonight. the senate judiciary committee took aim at apple today, google parent alphabet and amazon by approving the first major technology bill on competition, the american innovation and choice online act bans big tech companies from ranking their apps higher than rivals on their own mobile apps stores. the antitrust measure passed 16 to 6 in a bipartisan vote, but the bill faces a steeper challenge of getting 60 senators to support it when it moves to the full senate, so legitimate disability claims for hundreds of thousands of californians are still in limbo tonight. after the froze their claims. the state's unemployment department says a fraud ring is to blame for this. ktvu investigative reporter. brooks jarocz spoke to dozens of people who all say
10:34 pm
they have no idea when they'll be paid out. mothers selena maya just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. she had pregnancy complications in her doctor suggested and signed off on a disability claim, but she still hasn't seen any money. i mean, i already went through all my savings. i'm struggling. maya was working at a walmart warehouse, but says her recent claim is one of the 345,000 frozen by the state and flagged as potential fraud. want to go back to work already? i mean, it's only been three weeks that i had my daughter, but if i don't get any income, i don't know how my rent just this week , she received an eviction notice and blames california's employment development department. the head, says 27,000 medical providers who were targeted by identity thieves, and the state suspended the associated claims several weeks ago, but many claimants say they were never told they don't communicate with anyone at
10:35 pm
all with no warning notification of any kind. even to this day. albert martin has a similar story in operations supervisor for a construction company. he filed for disability in october and had to undergo surgery. come december 1st. he was cut off from his benefits. it's stressful. that's the best way to put it. it's stressful, and it's not share to us workers pay into it. but dozens tell ktvu. they can't get the money they need. eddie blames it on aggressive scammers, while promising our top priority is to quickly identify the legitimate medical providers in the mix and clear any legitimate claims that may be temporarily held up. hdd is also sending emails to impact in medical providers notifying them to validate their identity through i d dot me as quickly as possible, not fast enough for martin, who has since gone to governor gavin newsom writing a letter and begging for help. i
10:36 pm
am calling on you and your office to fix this matter. as soon as possible. please i am approaching ironi. the deed could not give us updated numbers on how many claims are still frozen, but it is identifying thousands of fraudulent claims. right now, there is also no timeline on when all those legitimate claims will be cleared. in the newsroom mind. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. us jobless claims rose for a third straight week, hitting the highest level in three months. the labor department says the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits increased by 55,000 last week to 286,000. in california claims were up by about 6100. analysts say the job market is being disrupted by the omicron surge, which has slowed the progress that was being made in the economic recovery. and the disappointing jobs. news did not help ease jitters on wall street. the dow dropped 313 points sliding deeper into the red for the year. nasdaq fell,
10:37 pm
186 points more than 500 stocks in the nasdaq hit 52 week lows today, including starbucks and t mobile and the s and p was down 50 points. it's further into a correction down 10. from its most recent peak. coming up at 11 a new way to detect covid. how a clip on device could tell you if you've been exposed. alright weekend just around the corner. now we've got your friday, saturday and sunday to talk about see you back here in just a minute first. so kyle rittenhouse asking for the gun he used in two deadly shootings. to be returned to him what he says
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the pandemic in 2020, ventura and los angeles county shut down all non essential businesses, including m o and gun shops. both counties had one lower court decisions that the businesses were not exempt from the shutdowns. but the ruling today overruled those decisions , the judge said the 48 day closure prevented citizens from their right to keep and bear arms. kyle rittenhouse has filed court papers requesting the return of property seized by police during his arrest. the list of items includes the r 15 style rifle that he used in two deadly shootings in kenosha, wisconsin. in 2020. he was acquitted of the killings in november. his attorneys say he wants to make sure the gun is properly destroyed. he is also requesting the ammunition and magazine for the weapon as well as the clothing he was wearing. a jury was picked today for the federal trial of three minneapolis police officers charged in george floyd's killing. the judge repeatedly stressed that fellow officer derek showbiz conviction on state murder charges and guilty
10:41 pm
plea deal with federal civil rights violation should not influence the proceedings. j king thomas lane and to tell are broadly charged with violating flocks constitutional rights when shopping pinned floyd to the ground with his knee there, also charged in state court with aiding and abetting both murder and manslaughter. in the killing that triggered worldwide protest violence and a re examination of racism and policing. at the end of the day. we need to be aware that the world is watching what happened in minneapolis, minnesota in the world is still watching what is happening with regard to this justice system. and whether these three officers will be held accountable. jerusalem ocean took just one day by comparison at shop in st trial, it took two weeks to pick pedal. are coming up the new study that examined the link between the coronavirus back scene and fertility. also more dry and mild weather is on the
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way. chief meteorologist bill martin has a look at your extended forecast up next. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. call 833-317-4673, vaccines affect fertility in men or women. the boston university school of public health looked
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at more than 2000 women and their partners. researchers say fertility rates were virtually identical between those who were vaccinated and those who are not. however they did find that contracting covid made temporarily reduced fertility among men. in san francisco, the city attorney is taking another step in his investigation into unauthorized covid testing site in the city. as ktvu christian catherine reports, the city attorney is now filed a series of subpoenas aimed at the companies involved. san francisco's city attorney served a pair of subpoenas to community wellness america and crestview clinical laboratories to companies tied to questionable testing sites in san francisco community wellness, setting up this covid testing site at 18th and delores streets last week with outdated clinical laboratory improvement amendment or clear licensing for crestview labs on display, the city compao clarify the licensing issues last week. we had sent a letter requesting information to them last week, they have been less
10:46 pm
than four forthcoming and we're now sending subpoenas so we can get more information to understand what's going on here . the subpoenas requests both companies preserve documents pertaining to one another, but we've been concerned about is that there are rogue testing operations in san francisco and beyond, where folks are not using appropriate and safe health techniques and gathering information crest. few labs responded to our request for information by email saying in part quote, we responded to the inquiry letter from the sf city attorney's office immediately upon receiving it, and we provided all proper licenses. and inform them that we do not have any site in sf or anyplace . further questions, says quote . the clear inspector from the california department of health has paid us an unannounced visit for auditing. he was pleased and confirmed our position. and he said he would discuss with the sf city attorney on our behalf. both subpoenas from the city also asked specifically for any documents concerning dr philip milgrom seen here in a youtube video on his professional website. his name is listed on
10:47 pm
documents that we have seen, so we want answers from him about his role. we also understand that he has been investigating the past by other state authorities. we have it. we have questions for him. i did call dr milgram and spoke with him briefly, he said community wellness is simply trying to help people and that he served as their medical director, which allows them to perform tests any further questions and he referred me to the ceo of community wellness, and we did reach out to that ceo into community wellness in general via phone and email. so far, we've not heard back at this point. this is not a criminal investigation. the city attorney says he's simply trying to investigate here to make sure that people aren't being defrauded or being tricked by a company that would be willing to do people who are desperate for covid tests. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. already taken a look at the long range model, as we often do is we often have the less 12 days or so since it's been dry, and i'm just going to show you through friday into
10:48 pm
saturday into sunday. obviously we're continuing in this dry mode and the jet stream set set up. it's the same one that was here last week and the week before that we're going to be dry, most likely through the end of this month and into early february. we should see our first rains. and we should continue with this pattern, dry pattern and seeing temperatures in the sixties like we saw today like we'll see you tomorrow, like we'll see the next day continued very, very mild. fog out there now i've got some fog showing up at half moon bay. some coastal fog. i've got some inland valley fog showing up in vacaville areas. i think you can see a little fog here on the bridge right now. yeah, you sure can. so we are looking forward to fog formation tonight. but by tomorrow morning's commute, i suspect we're going to see a lot of that far gone because we do have the winds that will pick up and when the winds pick up, we're going to be seeing that fog getting scoured away with the wind advisory late into friday morning into saturday morning. that's when the wind advisory starts. so tonight, patches of fog shouldn't be as robust an area in the morning as
10:49 pm
there was this morning. it should. by by morning, i suspect a lot of the fog will be gone. it might be a little bit left. most of it should be gone. so dew point are right where they need to be to get fog to form. you've got that 46 livermore temperature 43 dew point, so it's not far. three degrees away from fog formation two degrees away from fog formation and napa 45 degree temperature. dew point temperatures 43 when this 45 ambient temperature and napa drops two degrees, right. you're going to have fog formation, so it's already i'm sure we already have some fog in parts of the napa valley. the winds are relatively light right now, and that's why the fog is able to form but there are indications that some of the higher elevations like i, mount diablo, we're starting to see the winds pick up and indication that the winds are shifting. that's the north wind on mount diablo. and they'll start to clock offshore. they'll pick up and that fog should be blown out of here by sun up for most of us fingers crossed on that. in the meantime, though, it's pretty dense right on the bay bridge on
10:50 pm
the golden gate bridge. is pretty dense up and vacaville up and nap up in fairfield forecast overnight lows where they have been in the low forties, not much different than we've seen the last few nights and then patchy fog in the morning, but not much by time. warning comes around the breezes kicked up, the fog will be blown out and we'll see mostly sunny conditions and highs in the sixties. maybe even some low seventies, especially south down towards morgan hill. so we'll see how that all works out. but in the meantime, we're dry. continue dry right through this week into the weekend and into next weekend, most likely so, with that in mind, just keep your fingers crossed. looks like we'll get some rain in here soon. we're still well above average for rainfall, which is great news, but we certainly could use some help, and that shows up looks like the last couple of days of february. also of january. i'll see you back here just a little bit. well, thank you. no smiles tonight for dell fans. very emotional. adele posted video on social media today informing her fans that she had been forced to delay tomorrow's much anticipated las
10:51 pm
vegas residency due to covid-19 outbreaks among her crew and other problems. half my crew half my team at them with kobe. they still are, and it's been impossible to finish the show. and i can't give you what i have right now. we've run out of time and. i'm so upset and i'm really embarrassed and so sorry to everyone that traveled again. adele was set to perform a total of 24 shows through april 16th, the grammy award winning singer says she is working with her team to reschedule. coming up in sports, the pacers warriors game decided in overtime are jason appelbaum. we'll have the highlights and tell us if steph curry's performance was enough to escape with the win. then on the 11 o'clock news. four teenagers arrested for shooting at a bay area m
10:52 pm
when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them.
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look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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season slump and you figure tonight's a perfect night to break out of it within indiana pacers team in town missing their top four scorers. didn't happen for but how do you break up the doldrums of a long season? how about some home run derby at practice today? clay thompson going deep? nope. he's getting robbed. now to the action of the evening early on cavan loony, altering the shot warriors in transition clay, finishing with the reverse layup , but clay was over seven on threes, finished with just 12 points fast forward to the fourth warriors up by one, curry zips one into gary payton. the second he does what he does the big dunk over goga batat see as you see it again, but thats he takes issue gives them i guess
10:55 pm
not quite ahead, but more like a head nudge october and the radio called it ahead. kiss batat c is ejected. pacers up to inside of three minutes. look at stefan currie on this play tips the ball to himself over the defender and then takes it strong to the rack for the reverse layup. left hand doesn't get the call because steph doesn't get calls. but that is a very pretty bucket. and look at that face curry with 39 on the night it wasn't enough. the pacers just wouldn't go away. justin holiday gets free off the inbounds play hits the game tying three with just five seconds on the clock. we're going over time, and in ot, the pacers would go on a 10. nothing run kiefer sykes. he was defended by andre odula. good defender, but he blows right by him for the lay off 13 ties, 15 lead changes and the undermanned pacers pull off the upset. 1 21 to 1 17. the warriors have now lost six of their last nine games. now you don't have to be
10:56 pm
a college basketball fan to appreciate a matchup with the number one team in the land usf at top ranked gonzaga and a rowdy crowd up in spokane, washington, is the dans 20 square off. against the 15 and two bulldogs started the second half wheel shabbas. the steel he dives for it gets it to tamari bouvier, who makes the tough layup dons hung tough game high 25 points, but gonzaga pulls away. it's drew timmy timmy time slams it home for two of his 23 points. gonzaga wins by 16 78 62 the bulldogs there's 22nd consecutive win against usf st mary's looking to stay perfect at home in morocco with herb sendek and the santa clara broncos in town. fast forward late second half tight game, santa clara's pj pipes knocks down the three to cut the gaels
10:57 pm
lead to two pipes had 16 but with 45 seconds left, tommy cuzzi throws up the crafty little floater off the glass. geils go up by six because he had a team high 17 off the bench . st mary's win 73 to 65 to improve to 14 and four and 10 and oh, at home. jared haas and the stanford cardinal hosting the number three arizona wildcats. this one was no contest to cardinal just didn't show up. wildcats up 21 when umar below puts it in, plus the foul nice assist by pelli, larson ballo with a career high 21. arizona wins 85 to 57 to improve to 15 and one stanford drops to 10 and six at the 49ers travel to green bay today, arriving about two hours ago as they get ready for saturday night's divisional playoff game
10:58 pm
and some positive news to tell you about on the injury front defensive end nick bosa. he was a full go at practice earlier today, he's still in concussion protocol. but kyle shanahan says his status for saturday is looking good, and likewise for their leading tackler fred warner. was recovered from his sprained ankle. he's ready to roll and jimmy garoppolo so much talked about sprained shoulder has apparently healed up nicely over the past few days. this is a first for the san jose sharks . they went to seattle to play a hockey game take on the new franchise known as the cracking , which is a mythical sea creature and the sharks like seattle early 38 seconds into the game. in fact, alexander barb on off the steel taps it to tomas hertl. he stops it in 21st goal of the season. one nothing san jose, but the second period different story now tied at one, carson soucy avoids the teammates sneaks the puck in the five hole plast a downhill
10:59 pm
susie's second goal on the night, cracking up 2 to 1. later in the second, adam rasca, you're gonna see a hard hit on crackers. mark giordano. susie does not appreciate it, so they get tangled up. ref gets in the middle of it. rasca and giordano get the five minute majors. but when the dust settles the crack and come out on top final of 32 . all right, lots of folks talking about this amazing soccer comeback. tottenham hotspur taken on leicester city tied him up in the 95th minute and then a about a minute later with just seconds left on the clock. check this out. another twist. good bull from kind he's in. he's going to win the game. yes stay. that's fine. i don't believe it. anything questionable? flying dutchman? yeah the flying dutchman. that was a great goal and a great call tot. no hospital with a 32. when julie andre. that was
11:00 pm
awesome. alright jason. thank you. next at 11. he had such a big heart. every year. a big heart and just cared for everybody. we just hope that he's at peace, and we hope that he didn't struggle. friends left heartbroken and confused after a nurse missing for days is found dead. the 11 o'clock news on fox news starts now. body of 23 year old michael o'dell was found today along the bay in fremont. hello again. i'm andre senior, and i'm julie julie haener. he worked as an icu nurse for stanford ktvu jesse gary tells us friends say the oklahoma native moved to the bay area to help with the coronavirus pandemic. friends say michael o'dell smile lit up a room. it was in oklahoma by birth, who found his way to the bay area to enter the urgent need for health care providers. michael was a great guy. um, yeah, he was fun. he was in tuned, you know, with what was going


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