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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 21, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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there's still here. there actually was a car caravan that led into a brief rally. they're hoping to drum up support on both a local and county level. now, they say they need better resources to keep everyone safe in the classroom. an ultimatum has been issued and the clock is ticking down. oakland teachers say if they're covid safety demands aren't met by midnight tonight. they may vote to strike . we need to have written agreements. just, uh to ensure that those safety protocols those measures are properly communicated among the demands that there be weekly covid testing it all schools, high quality masks for students and staff and an adult covering each classroom when there's a vacancy. the oakland education association, which represents the teachers, says about 10% of teachers are currently out sick among them, tammy coleman. that have been identified. positive
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in my class i've been tested. but what about the kids who were in, um prolonged contact with my kids? students say their concern to don't want kids like students like me to have that worry that if we do one wrong thing, it could lead to our entire family getting covid. the oakland school district says safety is a priority and that there have been eight agreements with the union over the course of the pandemic, the most recent in july. their statement goes on to say, quote. despite the challenges we are all facing, we are very hopeful that the district and oiga will again find a way to reach an agreement. some parents think a strike is unnecessary. i think that district is doing their best. you know, i really appreciate everything they're doing. union members say avoiding a strike would be their preference to right now we are pushing the district to make a commitment to our families. we want to be able to keep schools open, but our community needs more. and we need it now. there
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is one final attempt at negotiation this evening, and the union president actually says that talks have been going well, if for some reason things fall apart, however, they are prepared to vote on a strike in the next few days. we'll send it back to you, christina for tonight, and thank you. you said the clark county there's now offering a limited number of free at home. covid-19 tests kits to county residents. 60,000 test kits are being made available to order online people who live work or 10 school in santa clara county can sign up for an appointment. to pick up four free tests. the county plans to have four dry through distribution sites starting tomorrow, with 15,000 appointment slots available. at home testing is another tool in our toolbox to help us, uh, fight the ongoing surge to help keep our communities safe and healthy. you can schedule an
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appointment through the website s c c free test .org. we posted a link for you on our website ktvu. com additional kits are being distributed through the county's outreach teams to communities that aren't able to sign up online. if california teenagers want to get a covid vaccination without their parents' approval, should they be able to get them? and that answer is likely to be yes and soon ktvu tom vacar reports on the proposed bill that already has a lot of legal horsepower behind it. kaiser family foundation study, released in december found 30% of parents say they definitely will not vaccinate their kids. state senator scott wiener says about one million californians aged 12 to 17 are not yet vaccinated against covid, which is why he's proposing a new law. senate bill 8 66, which will lower the age of consent. for receiving a vaccine from 18 to 12 to allow
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our teenagers to be able to protect their health, whether from covid or other serious diseases. and to ensure that our schools are safe. the bill includes other legal fda approved vaccines for that age group. opponents will be fighting against established legal precedents. 12 year olds can already today go ahead and received an hpv or hepatitis b vaccine without their parents being there, they can receive reproductive healthcare, including abortion and birth control on their own, they can receive mental health care co sponsor senator richard pan. md is also a practicing pediatrician, parent of teenagers. you know, i want my teeth my children to be able to protect themselves. weiner brought in teens who were in groups advocating team vaccine self choice. we deserve to protect ourselves and those around us from death and disability. and to so many of us
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that means getting vaccinated because they can't get the vaccine. fear and isolation, not going into me infect their grandparents, younger siblings or even themselves. potentially this in school, friends and family and someone who's 12 this past october. a lot of kids my age girl fast. we're exposed to so much that we're old enough to have a say so what something will benefit us school districts currently operating in an in person format, have experienced numerous outbreaks over the past two weeks, resulting in thousands of students being sent home for days at a time. and causing a significant degree of backsliding and quality of education. if passed, the bill would have affected january 1st of next year. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. san jose police provided new information on the series of events leading up to the deadly shooting by four officers wednesday night. the suspect who was killed as identified as 32 year old robert seth carter. ktvu south. a reporter jesse gary's live at police headquarters with more about carter's past and why
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officers say they had to fire the fatal shots dressing. andre robert carter had a long criminal history with five active felony warrants at the time of wednesday's shooting. the police chief says there were two separate gun battles between his officers and the suspect before carter was ultimately killed. this is an unfortunate conclusion to a series of crimes and violence. that without question. could have ended with additional loss of life to friday, san jose police chief anthony mata provided evidence and the narrative behind wednesday's fatal police shooting says around six p.m. a police helicopter spotted suspect robert carter in a stolen toyota camera in san jose. he drove a radically and into opposing traffic to escape responding officers police did not pursue and carter eventually made his way into santa clara, where police say he the woman at gunpoint. the driver exited the car. and ran away. as carter
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entered the new vehicle, carter was unable to drive off in the vehicle. and abandoned it. and re enter the original stolen. camera the 32 year old, then sped south into san jose's rose garden neighborhood and crashed into a car with two passengers inside. he got out and began shooting at officers and other motorists. a total of four police officers returned fire, ultimately killing carter. any loss of life is tragic. and we're glad. that there wasn't more injury or harm that happened. investigators say they found a nine millimeter ghost guns still in carter's hand, which they say he used in the attack, chief mata says, despite his department seizing over 900 illegal firearms last year, ghost guns remain a pervasive problem. that's something that not only an issue here in san jose, this county this state but throughout the nation. chief modest says his department is working with the t f to isolate
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ghost gun production and distribution before officers who used their weapons are on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of multiple independent investigations. we're live outside san jose police headquarters this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. all right. thank you. so much for that update. appreciate it. new information now on the deadly police shooting at san francisco international airport yesterday, the san mateo district attorney's office says the man who was killed was carrying two realistic looking air soft pistols. police were called to reports of a man waving to guns inside the international terminal. authorities say they try to use non lethal techniques to subdue him. but officers opened fire when the man started approaching them. we're told the replica guns did not have those orange tips that are used to distinguish them for real weapons. the california attorney general's office will lead an independent review of the shooting. an elk grove police officer struck by a suspected drunk driver early this morning
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on highway 99 has died, authorities say the officer, six year veteran of the force was riding a motorcycle on the way to work. when he was hit by a vehicle that was traveling in the wrong direction on the highway. jermaine walton of sacramento has been arrested on suspicion of dy in connection with the crash. the 31 year old has been booked in the sacramento county man jail and is facing several felony dy related charges. we're coming up vice president kamala harris in southern california today, announcing more federal funding to fight and prevent wildfires how the extra $600 million will be used, and many americans having trouble getting those free at home covid test from the government how bay area congressman eric swalwell is working to fix that problem, plus the big sports story now the 49ers in wisconsin tonight, getting ready to take on the green bay packers tomorrow in the playoff game. we go live to green bay and check out the pregame festivities there. snow showers in green bay today. meanwhile for us here at home
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and seasonably mild and windy, we have a wind advice for you to talk about. have a 49 years in wg
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ready for the big day. you're looking live inside lambeau field in green bay. right now, you can see it's covered in a tarp right now. tomorrow the 49ers take on the packers right on that field and madeliene o'neill is live in green bay tonight. madeline question is how cold? is it there right now. oh, it's called. we're used to it here. packers fans are used to it, but it's cold. i won't lie. obviously i'm wearing a jacket and hat inside. butter so tell us a little bit about
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what's going on there. uh sure. this is a pep rally right in a building in the parking lot of lambeau field. it's really been a party here now. 24 hours until kickoff, and fans here are ready to go. really? mostly it's been kind of a sea of green and gold. i'll show you but we have spotted some red earlier we saw a fan in a nick bosa jersey in the parking lot, and even some 49ers fans who came from california, braving it in here for the pep rally. their main observation like we were just talking about is it's cold. i think windshield when i checked earlier was about four degrees, but they also talked about how chill and easy going to atmosphere isn't here having no trouble making friends here, i'll let you listen to what one 49ers man who came from california told me earlier. yeah, they're nice. yeah very nice. everybody has been offering his drinks and everything. two blocks have you been to live for the first time
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being in green bay? lambeau? it's freezing out here. now this pep rally has had activities. games prizes. people writing down where they came from and taking pictures, so we've seen people from all over really from north dakota to arizona, even england and like i said some fans from california to so everyone really just having a good time out here. yeah, and the team were worried about how they're going to perform on that field knows, though some of them haven't played in those types of conditions before, but are some of the bay area fans are they able to withstand it? or they layer properly as you can tell us someone that lives in that area? are they properly dressed for this type of weapon? but it's something you have to get used to rights. all of us are pretty used to wearing a jacket. i've just seen 49ers fans and jerseys, so maybe a little bit cold in that way, but one told me one fan told me that they hoped that the cold weather would work as an advantage for the 49ers so something we will all wait and see you tomorrow
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we'll see. one of my first big snowstorms was in wisconsin. oh boy. all right. thank you so much. madeline miller reporting first live at lambeau field. madeline. thank you so much for fans heading to playoff games or sending a pretty penny or spending a pretty penny ktvu james torres explorers. exactly how much it costs to be a faithful to the bay on the road. the san francisco 49 ers entered the post season as the number six seed, so you probably weren't seeing any playoff games here at levi stadium. but if you wanted to watch them in playoff contention, not only are you paying for that expensive game ticket but you're probably also racking up hundreds of dollars in travel expenses to order confirmation of the seats. ross van prag saw the san francisco 49 ers in arlington, texas, the wild card playoff round against the dallas cowboys. i hate the cowboys more than any other team in the league, seeing the game winning plays in person, he says , was worth every dollar spent flights. 6 25. i believe rooms came about 200 bucks for three nights there and dave dave tickets for about 4 50 each he
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and his family through down and dallas spending about $1500, a person so rocked the depo jersey for this game. he bought airline tickets to green bay that night, a price tag of about $650, but family members called inaudible . once they kind of get to know who we're playing, they kind of jack up the price a little bit, they slowly go down until about mid week. travel experts say. that is exactly the play of airlines if there is a high profile event in a city expect to see demand and prices go up like you would during the holidays. that rate jumps higher in smaller cities like green bay , compared to larger cities like dallas. there's just generally more competition to play with when it comes to a city like dallas, and therefore although prices will spike on a high profile day like a playoff game, it's the pricing is simply not going to be as inflated. as a green bay, wisconsin, where you have fewer flights. in some cases, airlines are not flying into green bay specifically, but whatever the price tag, some of the faithful will go for it.
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i've never been to a 49ers playoff game would be my very first one. that's right. it's worth every penny. troy halter is a longtime fan driving to green bay from minneapolis, with tickets included he's budgeting about $800 and to sack some of the expenses. he's driving to lambeau field in the morning and driving home after the game. the hotels are booked. i mean, you can't find anything. unless if you're going to pay a premium price, a quick google search in green bay shows you would likely spend 2 to $300 a night if you book today, searching appleton about 30 minutes away from lambeau. and you can book three or four star hotels from much cheaper. with playoff games. you can only really plan to travel about a week in advance, almost guaranteeing your wallets will want to throw a flag. give you an average fan. you're going to find a way to justify the cost and find a way to make the cost of work for you. but for anyone on the fence about going to a playoff game in the future the experience, fans say, always over budget it will be worth
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every dollar. just make sure you count in, like all the cost of food and ubers and rental car because that stuff adds up quick. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. and to save money, travel experts say. try to book your return flight on a tuesday or wednesday. instead of a sunday or monday. you can usually spend around $150 on standing room only at most away playoff games and when it comes to hotels book is earliest possible covid protocols give you more flexibility on penalties in case you have to cancel ktvu facts to his home for everything. 49ers our pregame coverage begins at 4 30 tomorrow. and stay with us for special ktvu postgame show. vice president kamala harris returned to california this afternoon, the vp announcing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal help to help the state recover from wildfires and battle future ones after a devastating wildfire season throughout the west administration has made this one of its priorities are political reporter greg lee joins us now live with a look at
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the money ahead. that is headed here to california for wildfire efforts. greg christina, the vice president, said the nation has to be prepared to meet this challenge and get in front of it. the money headed to california as part of a national commitment to the issue, with dollars from the bipartisan infrastructure law. this is the best way to fight we believe is to focus not only on reaction but on prevention. vice president kamala harris returned to her home state to tout the administration's investments to battle wildfires included in the bipartisan infrastructure act. we are working with this funding to make sure that we are putting the resources where they are needed to address the unique challenges that fires present from a san bernardino fire station, the vice president announced. california will receive $600 million to recover from a historic wildfire season. more than 2.5 million acres burned last year. the u. s department of agriculture also putting a plan forward to rapidly increased force management over the next decade in 11, western states. $48
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million. for an approach to the country that is really about making forest healthier and safer. vp. harris was joined by other elected officials, including governor newsom and senator alex padilla. the visit included an aerial tour of damage from the eldorado fire in a briefing from fire officials seven million acres in two years. versus 12 million across the 20 year period, so we talked about the acceleration of fire behavior related to drought related to climate change the climate crisis. has almost everything to do. with what we are seeing in terms of the crisis of wildfires, funding to battle climate change remains tied up in a stalled build back better bill this week, president biden admitted it would take breaking up the bill to get parts past. but and also said he wants to travel more to talent. the administration's achievements amid low approval ratings republican congressman ken calvert panda visit writing.
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i think it's great that vice president harris is visiting the inland empire. it's just too bad . she's not planning to get a firsthand look at how californians are suffering under the many crises that have grown worse under the biden administration. vice president harris also touted the pay raise for federal firefighters included in the infrastructure act in the newsroom correctly. ktvu fox two news, chris thank you. in and around the bay area this afternoon. very pleasant when it comes to the temperatures were well below the seasonal average. but we've also got some wind to deal with more on that in just a moment, staying with this theme here of the 49ers and tomorrow's game. there's a look at what is expected during tomorrow's game . they do have a little bit of snow out there today, but tomorrow. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and dry. but the temperatures are the big issue. we're talking about 12 degrees at kickoff time and then by the fourth quarter, dipping down to about seven degrees, and with the wind chill factor, it could
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feel closer to 10 below. so it is going to be really rough weather wise for those in green bay. and of course, we will be rooting for our niners. how about a beautiful view of what's going here going on here on the west coast where we do have a nice sunset for you there, the official sunset just a few minutes ago, and we do have just a little bit of high cloud cover out there. we are incredibly dry due to these northeast winds, at least for this time of year. and you can see that dry weather not only for today, tomorrow the next day, but into the extended forecast talking about the winds because that's definitely a one of the headlines at this hour still never reporting wind gusts to 31 mph. we do have fairfield sustained at 20 in nevada reporting 20 notice. the winds are coming from the north and northeast so pushing up against the cars that are on the evening commute here, especially over those bridges that run east to west. as that wind is coming again from the north and northeast as we shift just a
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little bit. the winds not too bad right now a tracking very strong gusts in our hills. in fact, not diablo right now reporting wind gusts to 57 mph. did you notice that change? it just ticked up by a few. and then as we get over to the east bay hills, we've got 34 mph reported over oakland, north 23 over south into the north bay 28 . miles reported her mph reported over areas of the middle peak, so the wind advisory started this morning. the winds are expected to continue. to blow strong, perhaps even a little bit stronger in the overnight hours , and we do have a high wind warning the shades of purple and pink there over our higher elevations in the north bay. the wind advisory widespread from our north bay coast through our valleys and widespread for the central south bay is well the area that does not have an advisory right over the santa clara valley, san jose stretches over towards sunny ville saratoga. not included in this advisory, but for everybody else to expect the breezy conditions to continue that wind advisory doesn't expire until tomorrow morning. temperature wise, we're
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a lot warmer today because of the winds up by 13 degrees right now over half moon bay by seven along the east bay shore of oakland and up by five in santa rosa, look here as some of the numbers upper sixties right now in santa rosa. upper sixties at half moon bay, 66 reported in san francisco. a better look at the temperatures expected for tomorrow and the rest of your weekend coming up in just a little bit. rosemary oroczo bell is launching a business school. where you can take classes to become a fast food franchise ma unit housing or having trouble
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ordering those free covid test kit from the government, and lawmakers, like congressman eric swalwell have taken notice. it's imperative that every american has access to multiple test kits so that we can truly crushed the virus. swalwell assigned on a letter urging the biden administration to take a change to ensure everyone has access,
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he says, as long as you have a distributor, distinct unit number, you should be able to order the tests. the best thing to do is just get it done. get them out and let's crush this virus. get our kids back in schools. i'm not a home school teacher. i shouldn't be no parent should be. you know, in this environment we should be at work in our churches. our main streets. get rid of these masks. you know, as soon as it's safe and get this economy back open, and this is one step in getting us to that. swalwell says vaccines masking indoors and testing are important steps right now, and he says multi family homes are riskier for contracting and spreading covid-19 making it critical. everyone get those rapid tests. taco bell is launching a business school for anyone who wants to be a fast food franchise manager at taco bell business school will be based in louisville, kentucky, home of its parent company, yum brands. the business bought bootcamp will teach facets like critical
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thinking. business operations, entrepreneurship, financing, marketing and other skills in partnership with the university of louisville as an accredited program. the first class begins in february. and mcdonald's is adding its new mc plant burger in hundreds of locations, including here in the bay area, the franchise will be testing out those plant based burgers in dallas and san francisco area restaurants. the company says customers will be able to try out that new items starting on valentine's day. it is already been told in other restaurants in parts of texas, louisiana and the united kingdom. coming up to ukraine crisis continues as the u. s and russia agreed to keep talking what the secretary of state is asking the kremlin to commit to and growing concerns about safety ahead of the 2020 olympics. the security measures now in place for spectators. and several different studies published today found similar results when it comes to booster protection against omicron their findings after
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being.
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and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. different studies. all confirmed , you should get a booster boxes , jonathan serrie looks at the data published today. the cdc is highlighting three new studies that all showed the same result . three doses of either fighter or moderna's covid-19 vaccine offers strong protection against the r macron variant. it's the first real world data about how boosters are interacting with the strain. in one study, a third shot was shown to be at
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least 90% effective. in preventing hospitalizations during the are micron search and adults who got their boosters and still got sick were able to avoid intensive care 82% of the time. these reports add more evidence to the importance of being up to date with covid vaccinations. that means getting your primary series and getting boosted. another study found a macron reduced the vaccine's protection against covid related deaths, but it's still remains significantly higher compared to unvaccinated people. health officials say those results demonstrate the need to push for more shots in armed with just 24% of americans receiving a booster so far, get your vaccinations up to date. it is essential for your protection. the new data follow a different study that showed prior infection offered good protection against the delta strength, leading some to suggest the endemic phase of the outbreak. is just around the
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corner. we could get to this endemic situation where these viruses are kind of constantly circulating, but it's not causing nearly as much severe illness. a new model from the mayo clinic is predicting the omicron surge will peak before the end of the month. in atlanta . jonathan serrie fox news. new york once the epicenter of covid in the u. s is now seeing a drop in cases and the lowest positivity rate in more than a month. test positivity. it is about 10% now, after peaking at 23. a new cases have dropped 66% over the past two weeks. hospitalizations are down more than 20% in new york city, the daily case average is now below 20,000. the governor is optimistic these numbers will continue to drop over the coming days. hospitals in oregon are preparing for an influx of covid patients, with the state expecting the peak of hospitalizations to take place by this weekend or early next week due to the omicron buried health officials there reported a record 10,947 new cases today
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and more than 1000 people in hospitals with covid-19. that number is expected to increase by the beginning of february, overwhelming some hospitals, but officials say they are expected to not be a strained in the following weeks. there are growing concerns about safety ahead of the 2022 winter olympics, set to kick off in beijing, china in two weeks, china has already implemented a strict zero tolerance covid policy. this month. the country has even lockdown millions of people in their homes to curb the spread of the virus. the international olympic committee says it will not sell tickets to the games. instead it will invite groups of spectators who will have to go through strict covid screenings. nbc also cited covid concerns, saying it will not send any announcing teams to beijing. the chief medical officer for the u. s olympic team, says the entire team is now fully vaccinated against covid-19. none of the 200 plus u. s. olympians asked for medical exemption. that's significant considering an estimated 100 of the u. s.
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olympians at last summer's tokyo games were not vaccinated. the doctor credits the international olympic committee's mandatory 21 day quarantine period for unvaccinated athletes as a primary reason for team usa is increase in vaccinations. high level diplomacy in switzerland aimed at de escalating tensions over ukraine. secretary of state antony blinken met today with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov. russia denies it has plans to invade ukraine, but an estimated 100,000 russian troops are massed near the border, blinken said. if there is an invasion or cyber attacks, the u. s and allies will answer with a quote swift, severe response. we also know from experience that russia has an extensive playbook. of aggression short of military action, including cyberattacks paramilitary tactics. another means of advancing our interests aggressively without overtly using. military action. the u. s
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is sending up to $200 million worth of emergency military aid , and it is authorized european allies to send us made anti tank and anti aircraft weapons. russia has asked for security guarantees from nato, including a promise the alliance will not admit ukraine or any other former soviet nations as new members. coming up. president biden weighing in on current supply chain problems. what he says is the solution. in the nonprofit working to help underserved communities gets access to health care how the organization is changing the mental health landscape.
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and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. of athletes. a college football star who went on to play pro overseas and while he excelled on the field, he says, the stats
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were away to hide his trauma. trauma from experiencing gun violence on the streets of washington, d. c. with his experience in the in mind. volonte a psychologist and the community member, created in the streets nonprofit designed to connect underserved black communities to mental health services. the people trained to provide the services will people like volonte who are part of the community and understand the trauma? greg lee spoke to the founders of the organization in this voices for change segment. doctor prasad, i want to start with you. you've spent so much time in your career, trying to address racism and clinical practice for people who don't know. can you explain some of the inherent issues in this space in mental health? we often compare people to stand thirds that are established by dominant culture norms, unknowingly. and so without the cultural context that is necessary. we end up
5:40 pm
treating a portion of mental health issues that does not include systematic oppression. and what i've seen is that often times mental health practitioners are not trusted, and it is very rare to have representative providers in minority communities. our hope that in the streets is that we can offer people the opportunity to receive that training and get paid to serve from within their own community. latoya this is your community. you were a mom. you have your own children. yes speak to some of the trauma that your children and other children in this community may experience day to day. um credit much. it's a lot of trauma such as god balance. um it's not just that it's trauma going on into the homes like parents are having
5:41 pm
trauma. so that's basically my goal is to reach out to the parents. um because the problems need have also you described about turning your passion for football into your passion for this, and that that stems from the fact that you couldn't find a therapist that understood what you were going through. growing up here like the only way you think you could be a successful is whether you are entertainer or sports player, you know, so i took that that rolled on through my whole life, basically. um um . but the thing that really changed me, it's like my passion for football currently overseas , and i was able to see her. you know, a different reality. you know that that we're not usually exposed to hear i got into this work and you know, i passed that message to like, you know, let them know, like there is more possibilities to, uh to life, then. what d c shows you what would be your message to people ? you know, to men who look like
5:42 pm
you about the importance of taking care of the whole self, including the mind a lot of times we, you know, as black men we take on a lot of a lot of traumatizing. situations and, you know, tough situations and you know they tell us, you know, don't cry about it and you know, don't be, you know, don't be scared, but you know the and internally that's building up negative things that can manifest into you know. worst things that can happen in reality. um and, um, we if we take the time to process to relieve those things will be better equipped to take on the day to day of being a black person being a black man in the city of oakland, where we are. these are some of the same traumas that young people, especially young people of color are experiencing. so what would you say to others like you about creating safe spaces for these conversations? i would say to people in my position to really confront some of the normal
5:43 pm
practices in this world and to see beyond what already exists. sharing financial capital, social capital and inconveniencing ourselves to serve well is fundamentally important. i was looking for places that i can confined in someone, and i was always getting that's turned on me so basically trying to find someone who really you know, care if we have more comfortable, comforting environments, then folks can come out as themselves and really flourish. as you know, as humans, you know, and we have more of these spaces. more folks will have the capacity to do that. for more voices for change content. you can go to our website ktvu dot com and search voices for change and a reminder of the monthly show will return for its third
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season starting on february 27. coming up security guards stationed outside bedrooms, the controversial new rules that usc fraternities to prevent sexual assaults at parties and a new hires program will require your face skin. how facial recognition may become part of tax season every year. picture temperatures reaching in the upper sixties told of seventies around the big, arrogant this afternoon. we are getting pulled off. a lot of look there may be needed before started saturday. pretty well lost them, but other it's actually a reputable together to get the weekend expected
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your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes—
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and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. and protect against vision loss. taxpayers is here. foxes geri willis reports on the latest requirements from the irs to access your data using facial recognition. a new program being launched by the eye. ours will require you to scan your face and provide other personal data
5:47 pm
enabled in order to be able to access your online tax data. the irs hiring a third party company . i d. me as gatekeeper to verify filers identity, claiming facial recognition is the most secure way to file charles reading, irs commissioner saying this identity verification is critical to protect taxpayers and their information. the irs has been working hard to make improvements in this area and this new verification process is designed to make irs online applications as secure as possible. but taxpayer trust in the irs is extremely low. due in part to scandals like the targeting of tea party groups by the irs in 2013, leading some to question whether the information gathered by i'd me will be shared with the nation's largest tax collector or other federal agencies. i'd me says the irs doesn't see biometrics. it's simply confirmation that the person is legitimate. listen. we
5:48 pm
match of a selfie to the photo on your government id. it's called 1 to 1 matching it's what you do every time you unlock your smartphone. we want to be crystal clear that we do 1 to 1 matching we're not doing any type of surveillance programs or anything of that nature. he added that the only case in which information from the company scans might be shared with federal agencies is in the cases of fraud when a scammer is posing as a taxpayer. now, with monday being the first day that 2021 tax returns will be accepted. the irs is facing a critical tax season. just before christmas, the agency still had six million on processed returns from last year, and president biden has made moves to increase their workload by looking at digital payment apps. by june, facial recognition will be the only way to log into irs dot gov . that's where people check in on child tax, credit updates and online payment updates. it's a long way to go for an agency
5:49 pm
whose some of their processing equipment is 40 years old geri willis fox business. president biden is working to ease the supply chain issues that are driving prices up on nearly everything across the country. his administration knows it needs to get a handle on the rising prices or it could bring his party down in the midterms. this week, the president released $14 billion to the army corps of engineers to help with the supply chain backlog. my administration is going to keep using all the tools. we have to reassure our supply change, strengthen our economic resilience and make more in america because the end of the day this is about national security, economic security, and it's about jobs. the anger and uncertainty from store owners to customers could transfer to the ballot box in november and become a republican selling point. the latest ap norc poll found that 37% of americans approve of the way the president is handling the economy. around
5:50 pm
the bay area this afternoon. didn't really feel a whole lot like winter. we had temperatures reaching into the low seventies for some a lot of wind out there and that wind and not only driving our temperatures up but really drying things out giving you a live. look here, a beautiful sunset over the city of san francisco. there where we do have mostly clear skies. just a few high clouds outside of that, and that's about it. take a look at some of these numbers from today, 71 degrees reported in santa rosa 67 in san francisco 69 in oakland, and although temperatures are falling off a little bit still in the upper sixties and areas over bodega bay point raised right now in the upper sixties, we are looking for rain, not seeing any of that. we have been drive for the last couple of weeks. we're going to remain drives for your weekend and to start next week looks dry as well. what we did have was a system drop on the backside of california, very similar to the type of setup we see during the fall the fall that brings the
5:51 pm
fall pattern that brings the offshore wind. and with that the winds are cranking outside our doors today, napa reporting a wind gust of 31 nevada gusting to 24 in our hills. we're seeing anywhere from 45 to 50 mile per hour winds and take a look at how dry we are. this is a typical for this time of year. relative humidity, 20% reported over areas like los alamos road is santa rosa reporting 19% relative humidity getting into the evening hours. the wind advisory is going to continue. in fact, the winds could pick up a little bit more getting into the overnight hours. i'll stop it for you to three o'clock in the morning where you can see the shades of purples and pinks, especially along the coastline and up over our hills. really blowing strong. the advisory is expected to expire as seven o'clock tomorrow morning. so we are looking at a calmer day tomorrow. temperatures will fall off a little bit as well. you can see still in the sixties at this time, and then tomorrow morning, widespread forties in the forecast, we're going to be a little bit warmer due to the winds that will continue to blow
5:52 pm
into the overnight hours and then into the afternoon. winds will be a lot lighter temperatures will be a little bit cooler. 63 san francisco as well as oakland, and your extended forecast here shows you not much change into the weekend. we'll get rid of the wind advisory tomorrow and then we are dry and mild. for the extended forecast back to you. parties that most fraternities at the university of southern california can resume. but under new rules, security guards must now be posted at stairs and hallways that lead up two bedrooms at the frat houses as foxes. hell eisner explains, the new rule was put into place. following allegations of drugging and sexual assaults. do you look over your shoulder all the time? just wandering if you're okay. um yeah, i tend to be more cautious sophia lee and others. we spoke with you about the sex scandal on greek row that sent protesting students out into the streets. several fraternities were suspended by usc after allegations of students being drugged and assaulted on greek row last year . it is an issue that needs to be addressed. but renee idea and
5:53 pm
others aren't sure the new policy proposals the answer. that policy to prevent sexual assaults. fraternities have to prohibit guests from going into bedrooms during social events. they must also have risk and sexual violence prevention training. but to some students that idea of stationing security guards for frat parties on stairwells outside bedrooms. i think that's an invasion of privacy seems a little ridiculous that they have to have security guards outside the bedroom door is just to prevent that from happening. i feel like there are better ways to regulate fraternities. freshman president dole says start with teaching the meaning of consent. no means no. we didn't get a lot of responses along greek row where it's spring rush, but sophomore jeff van drank who was having lunch with fraternity brothers outside sigma k. he said new rules are needed to prevent another sex scandal. it's. it's horrible, and i hope that like that stops, but it's really up to the people that are at the parties and at the events that make the right decisions.
5:54 pm
and don't be a horrible person like that. but station security guards outside bedrooms. that's what it takes. and that's necessary precautions and that it is. i think it's one step closer to being more cautious and finding a solution which is better than not doing anything. coming off the entertainment world is remembering and iconic musician and actor meatloaf. we'll take a look at his long and influential career. and fanss
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
of legendary singer and actor meatloaf. tmz revealed today that the singer died after battling covid actually divorced and has a look at his memorable career. be gone on with the
5:57 pm
money he took to the stage like a bat out of #### entertaining for decades rock singer meatloaf has died at the age of 74 polling home. that team. meatloaf was born marvin lee a day but went by his nickname since he was a kid. the grammy winning singer was a performer since high school. i'm going back. around 1977 launched meatloaf into rock n roll stardom with his iconic collaboration with songwriter jim steinman, bat out of hell. in addition to the title track hits, which would go on to stand the test of time included two out of three ain't bad you took the words right out of my mouth and paradise by the dashboard light. in a bank in 1993. he and steinman made a sequel to the album bat out of hell to back into hell, which featured
5:58 pm
another smash. hint. i'd do anything for love, but i won't do that. that out of #### three the monster is loose, helena handbasket and braver than we are would follow from touring to las vegas residencies meatloaf brought his commanding rock opera style and theatrical storytelling to live shows. that music even went on to tell stories for him. bat out of #### was turned into bat out of #### the musical in 2017 among many acting roles throughout his career, where the 1975 original the rocky horror picture show and 1999 fight club, a family statement posted on his official facebook page says meatloaf passed away surrounded by his wife, deborah. his daughter's pearl and amanda and close friends, it adds. we know how much he meant to so many of you, and we truly appreciate all the love and support as we move through this time of grief and losing such an inspiring artists and beautiful man. from his
5:59 pm
heart to your souls. don't ever stop rocking. in hollywood. ashley devore kin fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. now it's six and you arrested last year's siege at the capitol obey area businessman identified in a tip. with the help of a youtube video. good evening. and thanks for joining us. i'm christina. where don't i'm andre senior new accusation tonight that a bay area residents took part in last year's invasion at the us capitol. new at six crime reporter henry lee. with the latest in the investigation, henry andre, this man in business owner now the fifth bay area resident charged in the case assigned at more than a year after the capital invasion . the feds are still going after those who took part. this tank. we have our coin, ornamental fish and the rest of our tanks. we have rainbow trout. he calls himself the big fish. kenneth armstrong, the third of pescadero, now the latest bay area resident reeled in by the fbi. accused of taking part in
6:00 pm
the invasion of the us capitol. armstrong his owner of oral barrels, farms in half moon bay , the company focuses on aquaponics, in which fish waste is used to grow plants in water. in court documents, the fbi said the identified armstrong with the help of this video on youtube, open source thing, and you've got to show you the good with the bad as well. and so one of the other mistakes that happens in aquaponics systems is improper management of pests or diseases. the fbi says it got an anonymous tip three days after the invasion that identified armstrong is a participant. agents later paid him a visit at his farm. authorities said armstrong admitted to going inside the capitol. the fbi says he was captured on closed circuit tv recording on his cell phone. the fbi also says armstrong wrote on facebook that he took some pictures and videos, saying the star spangled banner talked to some of the capitol police and then left the way we came in. authorities say these photos show armstrong walking inside the capitol and said they match pictures of him online. he may have been surrounded by like minded individuals that day


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