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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 23, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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too. considering that we just thought all that great rain in december and here we are in january with the more than 1000 acre fire. it just goes to show that the situation is very serious. firefighters maybe making progress fighting that wildfire burning near big sur but not fast enough for people
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in the area to encounter new complications tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm mike mibach residents who did not evacuate are now being told not to drink the tap water. that's right tonight. the wildfire is about 35% contained. it's up from about 25% this morning. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us now she got an update from cal fire and has the latest on the firefight. alyssa julie mike. the biggest change has to do with the amount of land that has burned earlier today. cal fire said that more than 1000 acres have been scorched in this wildfire. now they're using a better mapping system that shows them that that acreage is actually smaller. the colorado fire has burned about 700 acres , one structure has been damaged , and firefighters say the winds continue to create challenges. a dramatic sight along the california coast flames burning near the iconic bixby creek bridge in big sur, a rare winter wildfire dubbed the colorado fire has been burning since
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friday evening in monterey county. the terrain is extremely steep. it's very difficult to access. cecile juliet with cal fire said. flames continue to make wind driven runs. in this video posted to social media, you can hear wind gusts, whipping the flames, and this video shows the terrifying moment. a driver on highway one got trapped and had to turn around. a portion of the highway remains closed from gary potter creek two point, sir. fortunately the bigsby bridge is still intact. the fire has not burned it. it's a beautiful, iconic bridge. and so that's obviously very good news. the fire did burn right up to it, but did not damage the bridge. the area burning is rugged and not heavily populated. but about 500. people still had to be evacuated in palo colorado canyon, and people just need to really understand that it's no longer a fire season in california. it's a fire year. juliet said. big sur is typically the area in monterey
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county that gets the most rain in january should be a wet month . she said. the agency is trying to phase out the term fire season. it should be concerning to everybody because it just shows that we are in a new california the climate has changed. it's much more dry and the fact that we're having such a large fire here at the end of january really should be getting everybody's attention that they need to be prepared to evacuate pretty much no matter where they live throughout the year now. there's no word when the highway will reopen. the monterey county health department is now asking residents to boil water or use bottled water for cooking or drinking because of potential damage to infrastructure reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. alright, alyssa. thank you. we have an update now to friday nights. weather related outages pg and e. says thousands of customers are still in the dark tonight, two days after high winds knocked down power lines across northern california. a pg map shows the outages are scattered across the
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bay area, and at last check. nearly 2200 customers were without power in the east bay alone do attend. the united arab emirates says it intercepted two ballistic missiles targeting its capital city of abu dhabi. the u . a. e state run news agency says missile fragments fell right over the city. but there is no damage. no one has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. turning now to another developing story overseas, the state department ordered the family members of its embassy staff in ukraine to leave the country now, adding that all u. s citizens in ukraine should also consider leaving due to the threat of military action. from russia. fox news reporter david spun as the story from the white house. the big question at the white house. what are the intentions of russian president vladimir putin? this comes just one day after a british intelligence report warns that putin and his cronies are looking to put a pro russian sympathizer leading the ukrainian government in kiev. we know. for the past few months,
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russian forces have been showing incredible force at the ukrainian border with tanks and other military equipment, clearly taking an aggressive posture this weekend report from british intelligence claims russians want to put a man by the name of vladimir jovic on top of the government in ukraine , according to the uk intelligence report on saturday , reading in part, we have information that indicates the russian government is looking to install. a pro russian leader in kiev. as it considers whether to invade and occupy ukraine. what's interesting is just two days before on thursday, the us warned essentially the same thing with no serious noise made on an international scale. a treasury department statement on thursday reads. russia has directed its intelligence services to recruit current and former ukrainian government officials to prepare to take over the government of ukraine. and to control ukraine's critical infrastructure with an occupying russian force.
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secretary of state anthony blinken was in switzerland late last week to meet face to face with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov. sunday morning. he offered this well, dana. i can't comment on specific pieces of intelligence. but, you know, we've been warning about just this kind of tactic for weeks, and we've spoken to that publicly and just last week we sanctioned for agents of russia . ukrainians in ukraine seeking to destabilize the government president biden spending the weekend at camp david, but according to the latest fox news poll on foreign policy, he has an approval rating of just 41% with the disapproval rating of 54. at the white house. david sponte fox news. to attend tonight. dozens of protesters converged on the state capitol today trying to send a message about pandemic related mandates . one protester who attended today's march against mandates rally said she's against a new bill being debated at the state capitol. it's called the teens choose vaccines act if it passes
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children ages, 12 to 17 with no longer need a parent's permission to get vaccinated. as a parent and a grandparent. i feel that the parents are the ultimate authorities for their children. when they're doing the very best they can, if our parents want help, of course, they can ask for help. but otherwise the decision making should lie on the shoulders of the parents and not on the state. today's rally lasted about three hours. anti vaccine protesters attacked officers and destroyed parts of a building in brussels. the building is used by the european union's diplomatic service. the demonstrators threw projectiles at the entrance and smashed windows, police said. the protests in the belgium capital during estimated 50,000 people, some traveling from france and germany to take part. protesters yelled liberty as they marched through the streets and video
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footage showed a police van being shaken. garbage cans and sections of metal fencing were also thrown at officers going downstairs into a subway station. police fired water cannons and tear gas to disperse those protesters back here in the bay area. oakland teachers are threatening to strike over covid safety protocols. they have set a deadline last friday at midnight to make an agreement with the school district. but that deadline has come and gone . ktvu is amanda quintana has the details on why the teachers union says it's going back to the bargaining table. the oakland education association, the union representing those teachers, says that it is meeting with the district today again and they say they have not come to an agreement. but they are making some progress in negotiations because of the progress that we have made on our core demands. um we feel like we are comfortable meeting with them again. jose padilla in elementary school teacher negotiating with the district, along with six other oakland teachers, says the two sides
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agree on many of the safety protocols needed to keep schools safe. but the district hasn't put that in writing. they're not willing to commit to us, you know, and because of that, because we want to make sure that these are solid commitments from the district that are going to last us through the end of the school year and not just last us for a couple of weeks, and then they say, okay, well, we've decided things have changed now. where do we want to the union has three core demands weekly covid testing at all schools with extended hours up to six p.m. the highest grade masks consistently available to staff and students and to plan on what to do if a number of teachers are out sick, something were seen in many schools right now we continue and continue. offering ideas and working with the district to negotiate with them. on what the plan what are different options for possible plans to keep schools as open as
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possible and to have as many healthy students going to school as they can. um while also recognizing if you know 30 teachers are out. it is not a safe place. the district says. it's come to eight different agreements with the teachers union during the pandemic, including measures on ppe e covid testing and contact tracing and it already passed out. 200,000 k n 95 masks to schools. it also says it has robust testing in place and has put at least two airfield traces systems in every classroom. but padilla says that's not enough. the reason that the district is doing these things is because they have been pushed to do that by the community. by parents, students, schools teachers, while the group has ignored it's friday deadline, padilla says that doesn't mean they're backing down. there will be a
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strike vote if we do not have our needs in place, so that that is going to be happening in the future. um but it's not something that we're doing this very moment in oakland. amanda chemchina, ktvu fox two news. fundamentally. their reasons why they can't eradicate this virus living with covid-19 forever coming up what doctors call a best case scenario for living with the constant spreading and variants of the coronavirus. and we had some record temperatures over the weekend. not so today. i'll let you know while warm, it's going to be tomorrow and when we might see some rain back and find out why hackers have their eyes on airpods. advisor im
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that the worst may soon be behind us when it comes to the macron variant, but dr anthony fauci is also talking about what covid looks like in the long run. ktvu zach sauce live in oakland, with reaction from doctors here, zack. yes doctor anthony fauci, predicting the cases of the omicron burying will peak around mid february and then come down and all this really opening the door for him to speak from more of a long term perspective about just what we can expect next. we'd like it to get down to that level where it doesn't disrupt us in the
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sense of getting back to a degree of normality, doctor anthony fauci on abc s this week describing a best case scenario over society after the surge of the omicron variant is over, the nation's chief medical advisor says the world will likely never be completely rid of the virus. the goal is to bring it under control control means you're not eliminating it. you're not eradicating it, but it gets down to such a low level. that it's essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with, hopefully turning covid-19 into something which infectious disease experts say would be akin to the common cold or flu, and then we'll have to incorporate it into what we do with other respiratory pathogens and live with it, but exactly how covid-19 might be treated down the road. still unclear that we don't know if we're going to need, um recurrent covid vaccinations. dr gandhi says the hope is that once the omicron surges over enough of the population will have gained immunity to covid 19 to kickstart what's being described
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by health experts as the endemic what it means the endemic phases we take out the pandemic measures we take out asymptomatic testing. we likely won't be telling people to mask you can certainly mask if you want to, but that can't be mandated. still dr gandhi, making it clear i would not let down our guard yet that what dr fauci was talking about today we really do need it to be lower case is low cases for us to go to an endemic state health experts, including dr fauci, predicting that could happen by mid february, but i think it's a very informed and reasonable hope of where we're going to be in the next several months, but u c. berkeley's dr john schwartzberg cautioning how this virus behaves. this virus is difficult to predict in the past , and it may be still in the future, concerned about the potential for another variant to arise. very that is something far worse than delta and omicron . something that can evade are the immunity we get from a
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previous infection or the immunity we get from vaccines. then all bets are off, but describing that as the worst case scenario if we don't have another variant that is really problematic by the summer, we could really be a period where we're going to say, you know, we're living with this and we can realistically be much more relaxed. and both those experts stressing the fastest way for us to get to the endemic is for more people to get vaccinated. live in oakland's excess. ktvu fox two news. i think a lot of people looking forward to some lower case counts. across the country and then moving forward. all right, jack, thank you for that report. we do have an entire section of our website dedicated to pandemic related issues. you can get straight to it by going to ktvu .com/ covid. well if you missed tonight, sunset here is another look. our cameras captured gorgeous images of a very colorful sky over the bay and the city as the sun went down this evening. our
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meteorologist. our chief meteorologist, bill martin joins us now with a look at the mild conditions expected this week. bill it was beautiful out there tonight. julie it's been stunning. i mean all weekend, we had a record high in santa rosa yesterday on saturday of 76 degrees, so temperatures well above the average wasn't that warm today temperature and santa rosa today with 66. it was a little bit cooler. these were the highs and again like you say , jules. i mean, it's mild, mid sixties 67 morgen hill. these temperatures are going to pretty much follow suit again tomorrow mid sixties for most of us no fog to think about. really we've got very light winds, which is helpful for that's gonna continue right through this weekend and next week, so here's the model. it's that long range one and i do this all the time. just so you can see that everything's going to the north. but there's something that changes right here. see that undercut set area down in ireland the clouds that's kind on thursday friday, and that's going to chip away at that big
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ridge of high pressure to the point now again, this is next weekend. i know it's way out, but it will chip away at that to the point that the models are coalescing. and converging on a output of rain, potentially the first few days as we head into february and it looks like a series of wet events. so let's keep our fingers crossed for that this week, though. pretty much holding course with temperatures in the mid sixties for sure when i come back tonight at 10, we'll look at the latest computer model long range. one will look for the fog could be out there in many locations and then we'll check in on those swells that were so big the last couple of days. i'll see you back here a little bit. alright, we'll see you soon. thank you, bill. cruise ship that had been scheduled to dock in miami took a detour, reportedly because of an unpaid fuel bill. the crystal symphony is currently docked down in the bahamas of federal judge in miami issued an arrest warrant for the ship last week. its owners, allegedly, oh, a company more than $4.5 million for fuele reportedly on board, one of them posted on social media that they were being told. the change in
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itinerary was due to non technical operational issues. you attend tonight. labor industry watchers are reaching some of the same conclusions as to why california's workforces having more trouble than other states in recovering from the pandemic. ktvu is tom baker takes a look at where we are compared to the rest of the nation. america's work situation has improved greatly, and the president takes a lot of the credit record job creation. record unemployment declines record increases in the people in the labor force. i would argue that biden economic plan is working california, the nation's largest economic engine , still legs even though california's monthly unemployment rate declined from 6.9% to 6.5, the nation's number is far lower. at 3.9% in fact, the golden state is still more than 920,000 jobs away from pre pandemic work levels. now what
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of that is attributable to the jolts from the original covid virus, plus delta omicron variance with no assurance that we're finished with other variants that could pop up boomer's retirement. we saw height. spike in terms of retirements among boomers in california, and we have the usual suspects continuing to operate that is health concerns . the schools can't seem to stay open. and childcare, the mysterious wildcard, adding to all of that many working age people have simply an inexplicably disappeared from the available workforce. there is wide expectation that job seekers would come back and high numbers in september didn't happen. september it didn't have october didn't have november didn't happen. december hasn't happened yet. then there's the i quit factor voluntary quits, people voluntarily leaving jobs , highest level ever in california over 400,000 just within the month. among those
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working there's oh macron crown is certainly continue to have an impact in terms of its one impact it's having is clearly absenteeism, employers report. workers but not coming in. we're seeing that terms of data. depending on what comes in the coming days, weeks and months. it could take most of this year or even into next to recover all the pre pandemic jobs that were lost. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news some hotels are now turning to room service robots amid the nationwide labor shortage. the robot called the savvy yoke relay plus delivers beverages, food and other concierge services right to your room after the robot delivers those items, it will ask the guest to take a quick satisfaction. survey with tone sounds to acknowledge your responses. one los angeles hotels predicting use of robots in the industry will double by next year. this is about making sure that our girls have a chance to be
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successful and to compete to win scholarships, potentially go on and play professional sports beyond that. the ncaa new policy on transgender athletes, stirring up controversy coming up with the association wants them to do and later in sports. the san francisco 49 ers now know who they're going to be playing in the nfc championship game as the rams and bugs battle down to the last second, and drivers just can't seem to get a break at the pump coming up why prices are starting to go back up again. governing body for eaco
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determine the eligibility of transgender athletes. the policy , which also mandates hormone testing for champions is now being hotly debated. fox news is alexandria hoff has the story from washington. the ncaa will now allow trans athlete policies
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to shift on a sport by sport basis. previously trans women were overall eligible to compete if they could prove that they had received testosterone suppressing medication for at least a year prior that's the case for leah thomas, who has been breaking records this season on pens women's swim team. the new policy also requires hormone testing for championships. caitlyn jenner sounded off on fox news this week. listen in disappointed basically at the end to just kicked the can down the road. um and it's unfortunate i am out there to protect women's sports . jenner added that even void of testosterone, she's still outperforms women, south dakota governor christie gnome said on fox news sunday that she's pushing a bill to protect sports for biological women and girls. this is about fairness. this is about making sure that our girls have a chance to be successful and to compete to win scholarships potentially go on to play professional sports. beyond that usa swimming
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provided a lengthy statement on twitter. it reads, in part quote. we also strongly believe in competitive equity and like many are doing our best to learn and educate ourselves in the appropriate balance in this space. transact fleets like chris mosher have also taken issue with the policy change. he wrote in a statement that he feels it was rushed and provides no safeguards for trans student athletes. in washington, alexandria off fox news. protesters gather in san francisco why they're concerned about the future of the castro theater. i love this theater. i've been coming here for so many years. so it seems like it's the last of its kind coming up why, they say they believe the theater's new operator may not live up to the history. of the theater. also ahead. tax season gears up starting tomorrow, coming up the new technology demands the irs is putting on taxpayers and more on how law enforcement here in the bay area plans to honor the life of an lcr ito police officer.
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officer jared bernstein. yesterday hundreds of people gathered for his funeral officer. bernstein was killed earlier this month in a car crash on his 26th birthday. it happened while he was driving home from work on interstate 80 near san pablo. tomorrow's procession will depart from the wilson and crowds are mortuary at noon and proceed to the rolling hills cemetery in richmond. overpasses along the route will be staffed by fire vehicles and personnel to pay respect. tragedy has struck police departments in two large us cities. this weekend, two officers were shot and killed one in houston. one in new york. he's deadly shootings have prompted law enforcement leaders to pledge a new crackdown on violent crime reporter alexis mcadams has the story. another
10:30 pm
city mourning the death of a law enforcement officer this weekend . harris county, texas corporal charles galloway killed while making a traffic stop early sunday morning in southwest houston. he was shot multiple times after the driver he pulled over, got out and started shooting the gunman still at large, corporal galloway. did not have an opportunity to respond or even defend himself with this brutal attack. we cannot have people like this on our streets. i don't want to raise my family. my grandchildren in a county where this type of crime is running rampant, we better get intentional, intentional about locking up violent individuals. and leaving them. it's a place for him. that tragic loss coming just over 24 hours after another in new york 22 year old nypd officer jason rivera was killed friday night while responding to a domestic incident in harlem. his partner, 27 year old wilbert mora, remains in critical condition. the suspect, who has
10:31 pm
a lengthy criminal history, used a stolen gun, new york's new mayor says it's an issue that the federal government isn't taking seriously enough. we made it to isn't but us to have a gun environment in this country and in the city, where in a battle with a small number of people that believe they will hold our city hostage with violence that will not happen. funeral services for officer rivera had been set for friday of this week in new york. alexis mcadams fox news a large police presence swarmed into an oakland neighborhood today, officers responded to the area of 102nd avenue and international boulevard around 10 45 this morning after reports of an armed robbery video from the citizen app shows officers at the scene where they tried to get the suspect to surrender. police say the suspect tried to run away, but officers quickly contained that neighborhood and eventually took the suspect into
10:32 pm
custody. 10 police say they have arrested two people for kidnapping a woman in oakland and then holding her against her will at a hotel in south san francisco. last night, south san francisco police responded to a gas station where woman said that she was being held against her will by two armed suspects now, police say the victim pointed out the suspects in a vehicle in the parking lot. and then after negotiations, they say those to surrender to police investigators say evidence of human trafficking was located there at the scene. both suspects were arrested for kidnapping, human trafficking and false imprisonment. police in southern california say four people were killed and another wounded in what they described was a ambush shooting at a house party. police say multiple shooters opened fire into a home at the l. a county city of inglewood that happened around 1 30 this morning. officers have been interviewing witnesses and canvassing the neighborhood for possible video from security cameras in hopes of finding the people responsible. changes are coming to the iconic castro theater in san francisco. but
10:33 pm
not everyone is happy about what the future may bring. the owners have brought in a new operator with plans to renovate ktvu is greg liggins spoke with demonstrators today who say they're worried there could be other changes that are not so welcomed. for nearly a century, the castro theater has been the iconic repertory movie house in the san francisco neighborhood that bears its name. another planet entertainment recently struck a deal to take over operations. the company is known more as a live concert promoter , which has some concerns about the future of films here. they do not have a history. a film programming. a handful of cinephiles demonstrated sunday afternoon, urging the owners to promise they won't allow films and festivals to fade to black. there is the threat. that this might be replaced by concerts the way it's happened in the oakland fox and in other theaters that get taken over supporters want the continuation of inclusive cinema that reflects the neighborhood
10:34 pm
expressing their sentiment through words, both written and spoken. i love this theater. i've been coming here for so many years. so it seems like it's the last of its kind showing movies. while some fear that theater could transform into more of a music venue, the new operators have said publicly they intend to support films and festivals, along with music, comedy and lectures. in december , the castro hosted the premiere of the matrix resurrections. attracting throngs of fans. one business that benefited welcomes changes that bring more people because of the spillover effect . it will bring more revenue to small businesses. that are suffering here and the. neighborhood as many theaters struggle to survive financially . people recognize change is needed here for the castro to remain financially viable. they simply hope the old and new can coexist in the most important thing is that this spirit theater stays alive and as part
10:35 pm
of the community demonstrators say so far, the owners and operators have failed to properly communicate their intentions. so they are asking for public meeting where people can hear the plan and give feedback. greg legans ktvu fox two news, a shortage of school bus drivers has led at least nine states, including arizona, nevada. to ask the national guard to drive students to school officials say the driver shortage is just the latest example of the difficulties that employers are facing filling jobs during the pandemic. maryland is another state requesting the national guard and some schools in maryland have returned to remote learning due to the driver shortage, and some parents are staying home to care for their children. case counts of the omicron variant are dropping nationwide, despite the positive numbers, many schools across the country are sticking to a wait and see approach before rolling back safety restrictions put into place for the spring semester. fox news. charles watson has the story now from atlanta. sometimes this surge from a micron could be starting to fall
10:36 pm
. the number of new infections decreasing 7% across the entirwa dramatic drop in th the epicentt wave. this data has doctors preparing for next fees where covid becomes an endemic disease that can be managed control means you're not eliminating it. you're not eradicating it, but it gets down to such a low level. that it's essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with all the variants downward trend is welcome news. a heightened level of concern remains at the nation's schools were more staff than ever or calling out sick as students navigating, often confusing set of new guidelines on testing and mask. virginia's governor, recently issuing an executive order to live his state's mask mandate in schools. but since individual districts will still be allowed to set their own rules that's put school boards in a tough spot of being the ones to make the final
10:37 pm
call. a lot of schools have built their preparations around the use of masks and whatever we want to say about the benefit that masks are providing. it's providing some benefit, and i think pairs are willing to tolerate masks in schools recognizing it's very disruptive to children. if there is an end date to it. about half of all teams in the u. s are fully vaccinated. that number is significantly lower, on average for the 5 to 11 age group in atlanta, charles watson fox news. it's about connecting to hearing aids and allowing people to hear better. but hackers are using the technology to spy on certain people coming up. a new warning goes out about people. you see what using airpods. and we'll take a look at the forecast for this week. no rain in the forecast, but some more of those warm temperatures all have the five day when i returned also the i r s working facial recognition technology. into this year's tax season routine.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe past two weeks to $3.40 40 cents a gallon. industry analysts from the lundberg survey say gas prices could continue to go up because of the rising cost of crude oil. nationwide the highest average price for a gallon of gas is right here in the bay area at $4.74 a gallon. the lowest average price is still in houston at $2.86 a gallon. we can start filing your taxes with the irs tomorrow and this year, major backlogs are not the only concern for taxpayers boxes. geri willis reports on the irs new plan requiring facial recognition in order to access your data. a new program being launched by the eye. ours will require you to scan your face and provide other personal data enabled in order
10:41 pm
to be able to access your online tax data. the irs hiring a third party company. i d. me as gatekeeper to verify filers identity, claiming facial recognition is the most secure way to file charles rettig, irs commissioner, saying this identity verification is critical to protect taxpayers and their information. the irs has been working hard to make improvements in this area and this new verification process is designed to make irs online applications as secure as possible. but taxpayer trust in the irs is extremely low, due in part to scandals like the targeting of tea party groups by the irs in 2013. leading some to question whether the information gathered by i'd me will be shared with the nation's largest tax collector or other federal agencies. idea me says the irs doesn't see biometrics that it's simply confirmation that the person is legitimate. listen we
10:42 pm
match of a selfie to the photo on your government id. it's called 1 to 1 matching it's what you do. every time you unlock your smartphone, we want to be crystal clear that we do 1 to 1 matching. we're not doing any type of surveillance programs or anything of that nature. he added that the only case in which information from the companies scans might be shared with federal agencies is in the cases of fraud when a scammer is posing as a taxpayer. now with monday being the first day that 2021 tax returns will be accepted. the irs is facing a critical tax season. just before christmas, the agency still had six million on processed returns from last year, and president biden has made moves to increase their workload by looking at digital payment apps. by june, facial recognition will be the only way to log into irs dot gov . that's where people check in on child tax credit updates and online payment updates. it's a long way to go for an agency whose some of their processing
10:43 pm
equipment is 40 years old geri willis fox business. and the irs is also warning taxpayers that it may face delays processing those returns this year as it deals with a backlog of returns from previous years. you may not want you may want to do a double take the next time someone walks by you wearing airpods coming up. tech junkie show us how hackers are using the devices to spy on people and ktvu achieve mineralogist. bill martin will return with the look at signs of change coming to our recent mild conditions.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe
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during an emergency. but it will help you and your family stay safe . fox news heather sullivan shows us what to watch out for airpods spying uses a feature called live listen, which is
10:46 pm
available in the newest versions of bills and ipod. ios pc mag's max et says live, listen, boost sound from an iphones microphone. to help the hearing impaired or someone in a noisy space. it's about connecting to hearing aids and allowing people to hear better. it's as simple as going into settings tapping control center, tapping the green plus sign next to hearing and swipe down from the right corner of the screen and tap the ear to turn on live. listen. what's alarming are the many videos on tiktok and the internet showing people how to use it for spying. you won't be able to tell whether someone has turned live. listen onto their phone, but you may notice someone wearing airpods and leaving a phone near you. they can't hear a conversation up to 50 ft away. but how worried should we really be? eddie says . not too much, she says bad guys actually have easier ways to spy on us like long distance microphones, telephoto lenses,
10:47 pm
listening devices implanted in the area. someone getting onto your computer and installing a remote access trojan to listen to you. through your computer. you just rattled off. a lot of things are there's other things like problems out there are that was being used. remote access trojans are broad classification of malware that i would say are common, but not necessarily the kind of thing people encounter every day. we reached out to apple for comment. we have not heard back yet. we'll keep you posted, but to protect yourself from these forms of spying, first reported, if you discover that an iphone has been left near you and be sure that you do not click on links or download websites or apps from text messages or emails from people that you don't know, because it could be malware that could access your camera or microphone on your phone or your laptop. i'm heather sullivan. okay taking a look at some of the temperatures from today it was a warm one. we did see 67 morgen
10:48 pm
hill. we saw 66 in santa rosa. temperatures tomorrow are going to be right there again. another warm one might see a little bit of patchy costar valley fog. pardon me still have some slight offshore winds, but not anything massive, like we experienced on the weekend. on friday, specifically, 67 more gun hill will be about the same tomorrow . the long range model. i showed that to you just pushes everything to the north here. we are in san jose right now, and it's pretty clear we did have a little bit of air quality. at least not great air quality was , you know, kind of thick. you can see it today. if you're out and about you can kind of see like that layer. we did see the winds the other day. those have died off as this high has kind of moved away from the coast. and it's going to stay there. the high is going to stay there. and so you can see from this picture, the high having the high they're just sends everything right up over the top, and that's where we've been for 123 weeks unless we're going to be for another week. pretty much for sure. now as things
10:49 pm
change as we get into thursday and friday, we are going to see this area kind of undercut and that should start to weaken the high enough that we could easily see some rain in here by the following week. so this whole weeks dry. and then as we go into next week, we've got the potential for some shower activity, which is like the 1st 2nd 3rd of february. i know it's a ways off, but it's best we can do right now. we are still doing okay for rainfall were still above average in terms of what rainfall which is great bay bridge. nice nobody out very quiet. tomorrow is back to work there for many and you know, there won't be any fog really to worry about on the roadways in terms of getting around overnight lows will be on the mild side. not that cold again. we're still well above freezing 40 and alejo. 39 in an jac. so just enough that temperatures will seem chilly, but not so cold that you're going to need a big jacket for the entire day. if you're going to school or something like that, so tomorrow sunny san jose, oakland, richmond. san rafael 60 degrees for daytime high as we head into
10:50 pm
san francisco that said sunday, but it's meant monday. we'll make sure i'll take care of that. next show 65 degrees in santa rosa 62 napa. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow then and they will be about where they were today. we did have records. yesterday we saw 76 in santa rosa today. santa rosa was down to 67. then tomorrow, santa rosa's down to 65. so overall, it's been just a slight cooling trip surf along the coast. it's coming up. the swells are big right now drop. it was big. gonna drop down now it's coming back up. you most certainly will see some pictures from mavericks tomorrow. that'll be breaking. it should be really good day out there be safe along the coast. and i know a lot of folks happen to be out there today and i was watching. you know a lot of guys fishing men and women out there fish and crab and whatever. and i have to tell you, you know that tomorrow the intervals are coming way up like like 18 1920 seconds, which is very dangerous. so be careful if you're out along the coast tomorrow and again on tuesday, i'll see you back here at 11. all right, bill. thank you.
10:51 pm
tonga is getting aid from around the world as the nation grapples with the aftermath of that underwater volcanic eruption and tsunami flights from neighboring countries are landing on the island nation. australia is sending multiple flights carrying food and water, along with medical supplies and telecommunications equipment. new zealand and japan have also sent supplies and ships from the united states and the uk are expected to arrive soon. authorities say at least three people died in the natural disaster. coming up in sports, another wild finish to close out this weekend's playoff games as the chiefs and bills battle into overtime. jason appelbaum is here with the highlights coming up next and then on the 11 o'clock news people in pacific heights, waking up to unwelcome messages of hate. in their neighborhood.
10:52 pm
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the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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right, bring it up. bring it up. do you want it either? all i gotta say is man, i think we ain't done yet. i think here we go, baby. 93 what? don't drink. yeah because even everybody the 49ers ain't done yet. indeed after that gritty win over the packers last night, and earlier today, they found out who they'll have to go through next. to earn a trip to super bowl 56 . would it be tom brady and the bucks or matthew stafford and the los angeles rams? ella built the 27 to 3 lead, and then they saw it evaporate just like that , brady working his magic little over three minutes to go going up top 55 yards to mike evans. and now it's 27 20 rams, but they still needed to break to get the ball back. it came less than a minute later, cam makers
10:55 pm
looking for the first down to ice it, but instead it gets stripped by endemic ensue. and the bucks. lavonte david falls on it, and the bucks are indeed in business and suing dr fourth and one. here's the ballgame, leonard for net, bouncing it outside and scored the game tying touchdown. with just 42 seconds left on the clock. it's 27 all it's looking like a major rams implosion and yet another tom brady miracle. but stafford had other designs and with 25 seconds to go. he's looking for his favorite target. cooper cup somehow gets behind the defense for a 44 yard gain and well into field goal range. brady can't do anything about that. four seconds to go incomes. matt gay and there goes the game winner 30 yards out. ramsey escaped with a 32 27 win to advance to the nfc championship game for the second time. in the last four years. so for the 49ers, it's back to la for the second time in three weeks, and you may
10:56 pm
remember two weeks ago, so fi stadium was a sea of red as niner fans. they basically took over the place sean mcveigh said, actually caught him off guard today to try and avoid a repeat, i don't know how they're going to pull this off. but the rams put this out, saying that public sales to sophie will be restricted to the greater los angeles area. i'm laughing as i read it, and that orders by residents outside the area will be canceled without notice and refunds. no refunds. given good luck with that. if you like crazy finishes. doesn't get any crazier than what went down in the nfc playoff matchup today between josh allen and patrick mahomes and the chiefs was a rematch of last year's nfc championship game after the bill scored a touchdown and forth and 13 to take the lead 52 seconds later, mahomes finds tyreek hill over the middle. he's turning on the jets. he's one of the fastest players in the league. he kind of does the peace sign on the way in 64 yards to the
10:57 pm
score with 12 to go 33 29 kansas city 49. seconds later, alan josh allen gabriel davis for the 19 yard touchdown with just 13 ticks left on the clock bills retake the lead. 36 33 4 touchdown catches on the day for davis. but armed with two times out two timeouts, mahomes works his magic moves his team 44 yards in those 13 seconds that one to travis kelsey to get in field goal range. and that is when harrison bucker knocks down the 49 yard field goal to tie the game at 36. so we had over time, and you know, the coin flip is going to be crucial. because whoever gets the ball first they're going to score a touchdown. mahomes he's going to find travis kelsey in the corner of the end zone. game winning touchdown. you see on the replay that kelsey gets both of his feet in and it's 42 36 the final mahomes throws for 177 yards after the two minute warning and
10:58 pm
there was 25 points scored in the final two minutes of the game chief surrounded their fourth straight nfc title game, they will host the cincinnati bengals next sunday. clay thompson, a late scratch tonight with a sore knee for the warriors, who are hosting the jazz as their seven game home stand continues jordan's pool some shenanigans. he's in milwaukee, wisconsin native he lost a bet, so he had to wear 49ers chain. arriving to the stadium second quarter now pool little more comfortable on the court and shorts and sneakers, and he's breaking some ankles, drops jordan's clarkson and then knocks down the three and you know when he pulls off something like that the warriors are just going to have fun. you're not trying to make fun of anyone. but on the bench. they're going to enjoy it. a little bit. cool. scored 22 lead all warriors. third quarter curry just one of 13 tonight on threes, as his shooting slump continues, but nothing wrong with the layups. the hoop, the foul. curry with a quiet 13 points and six assists
10:59 pm
. workers up to inside of two minutes. pull the mist but calvin looney is bee sting inside with the rebound and putback, and then he's showing some yeah, some emotions out of cavan loony. he had 10 points, six rebounds tonight that put the warriors up final second of the game. warriors up by two. bojan bogdanovic. a good look for three. but it rims out the tap in no good, so the warriors escaped by the skin of their teeth. 94 92. they improved to 34 13 pac 12 hoops. cal number three arizona no contest frustration for mark fox, the cal head coach. he was ejected late in the first half. his team was down 23. they tried to stay in at jordan's shepherd the step back three. he had a game high 21 points. but this game was basically decided the opening tip. it's christian kalak. oh for the flush, and after beating stanford by 28 on friday, cal did a little better. they lost by 25. cal dropped nine and 10 arizona improves to 16 and one and i'll be up later on at 11 30
11:00 pm
with frank mallicoat for a full half hour on sports wrap. we're going to go deep into the 49ers matchup with the rams. guys around three this year. 19 g. i like it. all right. thanks, jason already next at 11. six tree mli offensive. um, and it's a continuing concern for the jewish community and for the wider committee. people are calling flyers left on doors in one san francisco neighborhood today, messages of hate. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm mike mibach new at 11 reaction to unwelcome messages left in san francisco's pacific heights, tying the pandemic to the jewish community. anti semitic flyers were found on doorsteps. they linked the jewish community to pandemic response. the anti defamation league has received a number of calls from people who found these flyers. the group says this incident reflects a broader trend over the past few years of increasing acts of anti semitism


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