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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  February 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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woman who vanished more than a week ago land a small bay area community trying to keep high density housing at bay gets a stern rebuke from california's attorney general. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening, everyone another homes , and i'm julie julie haener, friends and family of a missing woman from east contra costa county are trying to raise awareness about her disappearance. they organized a walk today that began where the missing woman's trail seems to end. ktvu greg liggins joins us now live in locally with more forest correct. yeah, indeed.
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oakley police are leading the investigation. in the case of 24 year old alexis gate. she has been missing since january. 26th now while police work on developing new leads, friends and family are working to keep this case on everyone's mind.
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♪ the land is such a great way of connecting us. and i just remembering thinking this is such a special moment and i am extremely thankful to be here with these people. i love sharing the places i hold dear to my heart with my friends. incredibly, no one was seriously hurt. it happened in bellevue outside bellville, rather outside madison early friday morning, authorities say the semi went off the highway and straight into the home. daniel covarrubias and two family members were inside, but we're not hit. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries
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but is expected to be okay. covarrubias says he was getting ready to go to work at the time and is still trying to make sense of what happened. i saw the trailer coming at my face. i was probably six ft. away from it. it's just sitting down, waiting for my car to warm up. it's scary, obviously coming at your face. but you know, you just got to be thankful that, you know. thank god. everything went well. the driver of the semi truck was taken to a hospital what was not seriously injured. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. the national security advisor said today. a russian invasion of ukraine may happen at any time. this comes as new russian military maneuvers had the white house working overtime for a possible diplomatic solution. box new. steve harrigan has the latest now from kiev, ukraine. new satellite images released sunday of russian troops stationed near the ukrainian border with belarus. nato says it is the biggest deployment
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there since the cold war. moscow denies that they are there for an invasion, saying they're conducting joint military drills with belarus to defend its southern border. ukrainians are not taking any chances. volunteers training sunday in kiev on how to use weapons and provide first aid. we used the seven afraid for myself for my family. i want to learn to defend myself and defend ukraine . i want to be secure and not to be afraid of occupiers. local partners you? you asked, meanwhile, has begun sending elite troops and equipment to poland to shore up nato's eastern flank. but the administration says they are not preparing to fight a full fledged war with russia. in ukraine more than 100,000. russian troops are currently gathered at ukraine's border. the white house's briefed lawmakers that a full scale invasion could come at any moment. you know, i would say the conditions are there. it's more likely than not. i think the news is being prepared. it's
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around ukraine right now, as we speak, while there's still hope for a potential diplomatic solution to the crisis, senior officials say they are prepared if russian president vladimir putin posed the trigger. we have been clear from the start about the steps that we are prepared to take and whatever action russia undertakes next, the united states is ready. us has sent more than $200 million of military aid to ukraine in the last two months, with some concerns. it's sending anymore might provoke the russians. in kiev, ukraine. steve harrigan, fox news a man is in custody tonight accused of shooting and killing a person and injuring four others at a hookah bar near virginia tech. police in blacksburg, arrested 24 year old jemele flint. he's facing one murder charge for the death of an 18 year old man and for attempted murder charges. university officials said that one of the injured victims is a student. those nearby reacted to the shooting. there were shots heard at the 7 11 here we
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contemplated whether we should stay or go, but we figured it was probably safest for us to actually stay at the bar until we heard more. the campus was on lockdown all night that shooting brought back some painful memories for students as nearly 15 years ago, virginia tech was the site of the deadliest school shooting in history. well during this ongoing pandemic. many people are able to work remotely, but that doesn't apply , of course to skilled laborers . when you're a carpenter, mechanic or process operator, you have to do your job in person. and as foxes, joy addison. reports of those workers are in high demand. hunter adams is one of about 8000 skilled labor students at lamar institute of technology in beaumont, texas. he and about 95% of his classmates already have jobs secured ahead of graduation from companies eager for tradesmen. they want me to go to school, so morning education and then once i finished get my degree, then i'll step over into a full time mechanic. nationwide there are
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over 600,000 trade apprenticeships like hunters, but we're playing catch up to a nationwide shortage that is increasing their demand. with the demand so high we're having students come in for a year, get the basic skills and then realizing they can get appointed right away, according to the u. s bureau of labor statistics, nearly eight million skilled labor jobs were lost from the labor force during the pandemic. about half have been filled. but about four million vacancies remain in industries responsible for most transportation, construction and mechanical needs nationwide. through the pandemic, we saw an unprecedented level of boomers leave the labor market walk out of the labor market. it was the great resignation. some took early retirement as some wanted to work from home or find less demanding jobs, the lamar institute of technology president says corporate donations and financial assistance stints helped cut costs for students investment
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from the governor and from our legislature that l i t was one able to reduce its tuition by 47% he also says robots can fill some of the vacancies, though, will always need humans around. someone was still need the skill set to work on the computers, tradesmen say if at least 3/4 of these vacancies are not filled, the results of this shortage will be us. the consumer paying more for food, fuel and other essentials. in beaumont, texas. gioia addison fox news. a major study is raising safety concerns about a chemical often used in plastics and metal food packaging, researchers found the average american is exposed to levels of the compound b p a that are far above what is considered safe. several u. s. consumer groups have now filed a petition with the fda, urging the agency to impose strong new limits on the chemicals used. the fda is required to respond within the next six months. lawmakers in hawaii are
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considering a ban on those little plastic bottles of liquid soap and shampoo given out to hotel guests. the surfrider foundation of hawaii says a large hotel can use 300,000 of those single use bottles each month, and nearly all of them end up in trash cans and eventually, the state landfill. hyatt has already stopped using the small bottles and marriott has pledged to stop by the end of this year. well it is another record breaking milestone for the queen of england. today marks the 70th anniversary of queen elizabeth's accession to the throne that is the longest reign of anymore narc in british history. the 95 year old queen is spending a quiet day at her country estate north of london, four days of festivities to celebrate her platinum jubilee are scheduled for june. pope francis appeared as a guest on a tv talk show today, marking a new first for the pontiff. the pope was at the vatican being interviewed remotely by the host of a popular italian talk show based in milan. in the interview , pope francis reiterated his
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plea that migrants be welcomed and integrated in society. and when asked about russian troops massing along ukraine's border the pope didn't weigh in directly, but said war is always destruction. already i hope you had a good weekend. it's winding down now. we had temperatures today that got into the upper sixties again this week. as you know already you've already heard it's going to be dry again. we've got to drive forecast for the tell somewhere around the 18th or 20th of february. that could change. but right now it's 18th or 20th, and even that looks a little iffy. but in the meantime, it stays pretty warm out there. these are the highest from today. highs tomorrow we're going to be a little bit warmer. this whole week is going to be marked with lots of upper sixties and even low seventies and there is a chance, especially as you get down towards morgan hill gilroy , we might see an 80 degree reading pop in towards the middle end of the week, so we'll see how that goes beautiful night outside tonight again. you feel guilty now, right? i mean,
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because it's this is february and we're having insanely beautiful weather at the coast in the mountains everywhere and it's going to continue. and of course, we all know the importance of rain and snow and the water. we are water resource , and it's just not in the cards for us just next week for sure this high pressure is so dominant. like i say before this that high that's the pacific high in the pacific high. it's got a name because it lives there right about there all summer long. that's why we're dry all summer long. it doesn't live there in february. in january, but it house and it is and it continues to so hopefully something change. but in the meantime, we're back to where we were tomorrow morning. i don't think valley fogs much of a thing. i think frost is something you're going to bump into. i think you're going to find temperatures right down into the mid thirties upper thirties and the cold spots, but you don't need freezing to get frost. you know that tomorrow we're going to see greens. those are sixties. some yellows pop in there, too, and those are seventies. so pretty bullish on
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the potential for seventies tomorrow is coming. that model flipped around a little bit. so we might see more than a few seventies tomorrow, but the whole week is going to look like that temperature profile. 17 hayward tomorrow. 71 sandals, a 71 in morgan hill. pretty warm. i think we have a potential to see some off brand records. um this week as well. some cities like mountain view or something . cities don't have long record baselines. i think we could see some records broken this week with very dry conditions. i'm not seeing any big wind events or anything like that. just more warm weather, dry weather air quality not going to be that great and you know, it's been kind of a little sketchy yesterday, too. if you're out and about you noticed it on the base qualities got just the highest so powerful. it's got the inversion going and all the commute car junk from the afternoon factory stuff gets caught in this layer the layer we live in, and so it's a narrow layer. so we're getting all this air quality. not so good. when i come back tonight at 10 11, i'm
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got my fingers crossed the new models model runs throw in some potential for some rain, but right now we look dry for thehts as we get into the middle end of this week, you back here tonight. thank you. all right. thanks so much. bill c, then we're coming up the final round of the 18 pro and provided some drama are sports anchor joe fonzi is coming up next. also coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news. a new scam warning con artists have come up with a way to use legitimate famous payment service apps to cheat people out of money at 10. we'll people out of money at 10. we'll show you how to protect care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things!
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i've never been out to the san juans and things have really shocked me. i am so greatful to be able to experience it with my son, and to feel so comfortable. this will be something that we'll talk about forever. yep, it's go time with wireless on the most reliable network. ok, that jump was crazy! but what's crazier? you get unlimited for just 30 bucks.
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nice! but mine has 5g included. wait! 5g included? yup, even these guys get it. nice ride, by the way. and the icing on the cake? saving up to 400 bucks? exactly. wait, shouldn't you be navigating? xfinity mobile. it's wireless that does it all and saves a lot. like a lot, a lot. happening tonight in sports. there's always a new face to get to know on the golf tour, and this weekend, we were introduced to a 32 year old who picked up his first win. it's been a chamber of commerce week at pebble beach for the 80 20 pro am. after his round of 63 yesterday, jordan's speech seemed to be on his way when speech made this birdie pot on number 13. he had taken a one stroke lead. he later led by two, but it was tom hoagie who got hot down the stretch hoagie on the par 4/16
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the birdie and he grabbed a one stroke lead. hoagie would birdie four holes on the back nine. including this one at 17 that breaks right into the cup speech bogeyed 17, so all hoagie had to do was play it safe at 18. this shot was for party finished. a round of 68 hoagie had to wait for the other leaders to finish . but when it was over, he had two strokes went over speech, his first in seven years on the tour. stretch last year, the 49ers had to hire a new defensive coordinator when robert saleh was hired to be the jets new head coach this year, they'll need to hire a new offensive coordinator, mike mcdaniel has been hired as the new head coach of the miami dolphins. to the pro bowl. we go in las vegas, where being named in the game is a big honor, and the game has evolved into a flag football contest. kirk cousins to the 49ers. kyle used check for 14 yards and scored. don't look for contacted the goal line. nfc and fc tied at seven.
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well. there were seven interceptions in the game. cousins coming up hit here, by t. j watt five. and then the duck is picked off by the browns. myles garrett to 13. mat and he's to hand touched. jonesville keeps running all the way to the end zone. but the play was dead way back at the 35. there will be more contact this spring and seven on seven drills, but the fc was a 41 to 35 winner. second ranked stanford. women always high in the standings today, they face usc and first year coach lindsay gottlieb, formerly of cal in the nba. lindsay's seeing the cardinal take control of the game before stanford on the run here in the second quarter freshman kiki area often with a pretty move under the hoop, cardinal up by 18 at the half more dominance in the second half. anna wilson finds cameron
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brink for an easy to underneath. 14 rebounds. career high 26 points for brink, stanford wins 82 57 the cardinal 18 3 overall perfect in nine games in the conference this year. all right , looking good, joe. thank you. , looking good, joe. thank you. and th all right, saturday is the big day. a lot of people thought this would never come. i may have been one of those people. i may have been one of those people. wait, wait, are we talking about the wedding? -yes. -oh, yeah, i was definitely one of those people. and yet, here we are. now, we got a lot of family coming in tomorrow. i'm gonna need everyone's help. think of this as one of your comic book movies. there's a bunch of superheroes, each with a different task. like the new avengers. which one was that? the one you slept through last weekend. oh, that was a good nap. i-i think it's more like, uh, like lord of the rings, and you're the fellowship. uh, someone's got to go to gondor, someone's got to go to mordor, of shadow and blame. you mean someone's got to hold off the demon of shadow and flame. the ballarat? i mean, my mother.


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